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Shouto hummed as he looked out over the garden from his room. Among green shrubbery he saw a familiar mop of green hair that made its way around stopping every so often to smell the roses. 

A small smile graced the prince’s features as he watched the adventurer pick flora and fauna, storing them in vials, wrapping them in linen and stowing them away in his bag. Izuku often spent a lot of his time in the garden when he came to visit Shouto. He was a scholar for the kingdom, but he couldn't abandon his adventurous side. It was rare for a scholar to be able to leave the castle, but Izuku was a special case. 

Being the Prince’s lover had its perks after all. 

It had started off innocently enough, meaningless flirtations in passing. But the more time Shouto spent with Izuku, the more he fell for the man, and then one day, it just happened. Closing the distance between them after having a moment, electricity snapped and crackled between them as they passionately made out in the library of the castle. 

From there, their relationship shifted to something more physical, becoming lovers in twilight. But that was just the surface of their proclivities  Izuku was a free spirit, going where his heart took him as he did more research, he’d be gone for weeks and months on end. While they were lovers in the castle, they were not bound to one another by a title. But when he was home, that free spirit was tamed beside Shouto. 

In their open relationship, Izuku would more often than not share his tales of lovers he’d met in passing. Izuku had an affinity for blonds it appeared, as he heard through a very enthusiastic story about a barbarian king with ripped muscles unlike he’d ever seen, “all fire and raw passion!” Izuku had said dreamily. It was hinted that Izuku had seen him on more than one occasion. 

Shouto’s not quite the jealous type, he actually rather enjoys hearing of his partner’s pleasure, which brings him to the present. They have been together for a few years now, and while things have not stagnated in the slightest, Shouto wants to do something special for the man. 

He turns from his window and heads down to the main hall, passing his guards and into the adjacent dining hall where a majority of the staff can be found. Everyone stiffens at the Prince’s entry, chattering coming to a halt as they eye him.

“Carry on,” Shouto says cooly, and just like that everyone goes to what they were doing. 

Shouto spots the person he’s been looking for and approaches them. The group at the table is laughing, not paying attention to the Prince’s approach. 

Shouto clears his throat to let his presence be known, and the table straightens up, all sending him a salute.

“That’s not necessary,” Shouto says as he waves them off, “I came by because I needed to speak with you.” 

“Me?” A blond eyebrow is raised as the man in question points to himself.

“Yes you, Denki. May I have a word?” Shouto continues. 

The table all exchange looks, and Denki shrugs, “Ah, sure thing boss.” 

Shouto walks out of the hall with Denki behind him and pulls him into one of the welcoming rooms nearby. It’s got plush seating as one would expect and a small table. 

“Please, have a seat,” Shouto gestures to the seat in front of him as he takes his own. 

The blond eyes the prince warily but does as he’s instructed. 

As soon as he’s settled Denki breaks the silence, “Am I—ah, am I in some kind of trouble your highness?” 

“Not at all Denki,” Shouto waves off with a delicate hand, “in fact, I wanted to talk to you, I have a bit of a—proposition for you.”

“Um, a proposition?” The blond looks hesitant. 

“Yes, as you know, Izuku and I are in a ...relationship.” 

Denki slowly nods in agreement, “Yes…” he trails off. 

“I want to do something special for him, and I’d like to know if you’d be interested.” 

Denki’s slender eyebrow raises, “Is this that kind of proposition?” 

“...of a sexual nature? Yes.” 

Yellow eyes widen, “Seriously? Hell yeah! I’ve been waiting for a chance to hit it from the back! He’s fuckin’ cute! Have you seen his ass?” 

Shouto stares at him with a deadpan expression,”Yes? He sleeps in the nude. He prefers nudity over clothes so yes. I’ve seen his ass. Many times in fact.” 

“Ah, of course you have. Duh, that was kinda dumb,” he laughs nervously, “but yeah, sure! I’m game for that. What are you thinking? Time? Place?” 

“I...haven’t planned that far ahead. I’ll let you know, but this isn’t just about you having sex with him.” 

“Huh?” Denki replies with a confused look. 

Shouto goes on to explain their relationship dynamics to Denki who seems a tad apprehensive to the situation. So for the blond to understand that their relationship, he explains that there are no secrets between them, and that they have an open relationship. He also explains why he approached Denki and that he has noticed in passing that Izuku’s eyes linger on him more than others. After appeasing the blond, he explains in detail what he has in mind and Denki readily agrees with a million-watt smile.

“Oh man, this is going to be so hot!”

Shouto nods, “Yes quite,” as he stands up walking towards the door, “I will seek you out again when I’ve figured out what his itinerary is.” 

The two go their separate ways and Shouto heads to the garden to meet Izuku, writing in his notebook under the shade of a tree. 

“Izu,” he softly calls out. 

Bright green eyes and a blinding smile meet him, “Shou-chan! I was wondering when you’d be out! Please, sit!” He pats the ground next to him.  

The prince sits beside him, and the green-haired beauty leans up against him, continuing his writing. He softly smiles as he rests his cheek on Izuku’s fluffy hair.

“Izu, when are you leaving for your next journey?” 

“Ah, hmm,” Izuku pauses, “not for a few weeks. More research and reporting need to be recorded due to my current findings. I have a lot of information to compile and organize into a nice book to add to the library.”

Shouto wraps an arm around him, “Sounds like you’ll be quite the busy bee.” 

“Mm,” Izuku hums as he continues to write,”but you know I’ll always make time for you.” 

Shouto’s slender fingers reach for Izuku’s chin, tilting his face up to meet his gaze,“I should hope so.” 

He kisses Izuku gently on the lips, his fingers caressing Izuku’s jawline. It makes Izuku melt into his arms and hum into his mouth.  When Shouto pulls away, he kisses Izuku on the forehead and asks him to tell him more about what he’s writing. 

As Izuku starts to ramble about his newest findings, he starts plotting his surprise.

Over the next week, Izuku is entirely swamped, multiple meetings with other scholars, scribes, you name it he had a lot on his plate. That didn’t leave too much time for Shouto, and he was slightly peeved. It amounted to quickies during the day, but Izuku was always distracted. 

Completely fed up with it, he corners Izuku in the library one day.  

“Tomorrow, no books, no paper, no quills. Just bring yourself to my chambers.” 

Izuku blushed, “O-oh, okay. Are you mad? I’m sorry we haven’t been able to enjoy one another.” 

“I’m not mad, I just want to do something special for you. We’ve been together for awhile.”

Izuku shyly smiles, “Okay, you have my full attention. Tomorrow night. I’ll be ready. But okay, right now, I gotta go!”

Izuku kisses Shouto deeply before he sprints off to his next meeting. Shouto follows suit, only to find Denki; after explaining the plan in detail, he has the blond repeat it back to make sure he understood. It had been known that Denki wasn’t very good with directions. 

Plans are set into motion and Shouto finds his attendant and asks them for a few things to be brought to his room. He goes about his day, running into Izuku here and there and exchanging quick kisses. Izuku comes into his chambers that night for a night of lovemaking. It definitely makes up for some of the missed opportunities since Izuku’s return. Shouto wasn’t sure how much participating he’d be doing, so this was a nice warm up for tomorrow’s activities.

Shouto watched as Izuku fell asleep in his arms, planting a kiss on his unruly mop of hair before he closed his eyes and followed Izuku into slumber. 


Izuku was so busy the next day, he barely had a chance to eat. But, Shouto made sure he ate at lunch, and stopped by for tea time during the early afternoon. 

He finally got a breather only to notice the sun was setting, Hurrying back to his chambers, he flung his satchel to the floor and deposited notes and books haphazardly onto his table. He needed to hurry if he was going to see Shouto on time. 

After freshening up with a quick bath, he dressed in light sleeping garments knowing that he wouldn’t be wearing them for very long. 

Shouto greeted him with his soft smile at the door, taking his hand and kissing the back of it. Izuku could barely believe he and Shouto had became a thing, despite Izuku’s free-spirited nature. Shouto didn’t mind that Izuku had multiple partners and actually didn’t mind hearing about it. It only turned the Prince on, and made him perform even more spectacularly in bed. 

“Hi,” Izuku said dreamily after Shouto kisses him sweetly on the lips. 

“Hi,” Shouto replies leaning down to Izuku’s ear whispering, “I hope you’re ready for tonight.”

A shudder travels down Izuku’s spine, “Mm, what do you have in store for me, my Prince?”


Izuku blinks at the fine piece of silk in Shouto’s hands with a cocked head; before realization hits him. A devilish smirk crosses his face, “Oh? We’re going down that road eh?”

Shouto walks behind him, slipping the smooth fabric over his eyes, it feels cool against the skin, and surprisingly does well in blocking light. 

“I made sure the silk was woven so no light could shine through,” Shouto whispers against the shell of his ear as he presses soft kisses into his skin; his hot breath ghosting over Izuku’s skin sends a tremor through his body.

Oh, he thinks, sensory deprivation kicking in already. 

“You’re muttering again,” Shouto breathes over his skin. Izuku bites back a moan.

“Don’t be shy, you know how much I love to hear you Izuku.”

Hands are on his waist, pushing him in the direction of the bed. Lithe hands slide down his body, undressing Izuku as hot lips are pressed against every new expanse of skin revealed. The cool air is inviting to the blooming heat he feels. He’s picked up bridal style and laid atop Shouto’s down feather bed. He sighs as he sinks into the feathery softness. 

Izuku feels Shouto’s hands drift to his left pulling it over and over his head, the familiar silk fabric winding its way around his wrist. Izuku exhales and giggles, “Oh, we haven’t done this before.” 

“No touching for you. Tonight is about exploring your body.” 

With one hand comfortably secured, the action is repeated with his right. Shouto moves to his legs, propping up his knee to bend, binding his calf against his hamstring. Izuku’s dick’s been slowly hardening once the blindfold went on; but now with his legs immobilized his legs splay open without much force. Izuku bites his lower lip in anticipation. 

“Are you comfortable? Is anything too tight?” 

Izuku smiles at Shouto’s nurturing tone, “I’m okay Shou-chan. Everything feels perfect so far.” 

Izuku feels Shouto’s lips quirk up in a smile before kissing him deeply, “Good, just enjoy yourself.” 

Shouto pulls away and then there’s a dip on the bed, hands sliding over his splayed legs. They’re slightly colder than they were a second ago, and Izuku briefly wonders if it’s just that chilly, or if he’s just that warm from arousal. 

Hot breath warms his inner thighs as lips start to kiss and teeth nip at his sensitive areas. A hot swipe across his balls makes him jolt and strain against his bonds with a moan. He feels the hot mouth envelope him with a suck and a tongue that teases him. Shouto doesn’t usually perform on izuku, but Shouto did say to just enjoy himself.

The tongue travels up the length of Izuku’s shaft, making him squirm, mouthing at it and teasing him, but never quite reaching the tip. Izuku moans, back arching, when hot mouth wraps around the tip, swirling their tongue and slightly sucking on the head. 

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” Izuku moans out, his hips shallowly thrusting into the heat. Hands still his hips, indicating for him to knock it off. Once he stops, the mouth descends on him, making him cry out loudly. The set a rhythm bringing Izuku closer and closer to the edge, only to pull back. It’s torture, only able to focus on the feeling of the sensations that assault him. 

Soon the mouth pulls off of him and there’s a deafening silence as he feels the weight on the bed shifting, hot skin brushes against his own. The weight settles on his waist, his erection resting against a swell of flesh.

Izuku cocks his head at the position. Very peculiar. Shouto rarely bottoms as Izuku preferred that position, but once in awhile Shouto did want to be the one dominated in their relationship, bending to every whim Izuku had, and tonight it seems like that was what Shouto was craving. 

A hand reaches for his thickness stroking it gently as they guide themselves over Izuku’s tip. He’s flush against them, and the weight is bared down. Izuku sinks into tightness. There’s a soft exhale above him and a whispered “Fuuuck, you’re big,” and Izuku’s ears are on high alert. That didn’t sound like Shouto. Shouto rarely curses like that in bed if at all. 


Instead of a response, hands slide up Izuku’s torso, fingers swiping over his nipples before they roll, pinch and tweak them. Izuku’s initial alarm quickly dissipates as this new sensation distracts him thoroughly. Hips rise and fall over Izuku, the tight heat rocks slowly, increasing tempo here and there. They take their time thoroughly enjoying Izuku’s cock, soft moans and pants can be heard, but there’s nothing audibly loud enough to raise any more suspicion. Shouto wasn’t very vocal in bed to begin with, often stating that he’d much rather hear the sounds Izuku makes. 

The pace picks up quickly, pulling Izuku to the edge, Izuku’s lost in it, letting his orgasm build higher and higher, till lips connect with his in a kiss. 

It’s not Shouto. That’s not Shouto. 

Shouto’s lips are soft, pillowy almost, as expected of a Prince with a perfect complexion. But these lips, these lips are slightly chapped, not as full as Shouto’s. The stranger moans into his mouth, jostling the blindfold, it slips down a little affording Izuku a peek. 

Blond. He sees a flash of blond with a black streak.

Izuku lets out another moan, his mind racing, Shouto planned something, no, some-ONE for Izuku tonight. 

“Sh—shou-chan,” he stutters out when their lips disconnect, “where are you.”

He feels added weight dip into the bed. 

“Right, here,” Shouto leans into Izuku’s ear, “How do you like my surprise.” 

Shouto’s hot breath against the shell of his ear makes him involuntarily shudder; his low tenor voice vibrating along his spine. 

“Ah,” Izuku gasps, “I-I,” he pauses, “I love it! I just...who?” 

Izuku feels the blindfold loosen with a tug and his eyes go wide.

“Kaminari-kun!? AH!” He jolts when Denki slams his hips down even more. Izuku blinks a few times, he has to be dreaming. Denki was riding his dick. How the hell did Shouto know he had been eye-ing Denki?!

“You have a thing for blonds,” Shouto responds, “Your muttering really does get worse in bed.”  

Izuku chokes back a moan, as Denki continues to ride him.

“Surprise Izu!” The blond smiles between pants, “I’ve really been looking forward to this. Now, less talking, more fucking.”

Shouto climbs up the bed settling beside Izuku and proceeds to kiss Izuku and then glances back at Denki, “Don’t worry Denki, I didn’t forget you.” 

Izuku watches as Shouto’s hand wraps around the blond’s cock and pumps him, as he continues to make out with Izuku. Shouto pulls away after a minute, knowing Izuku’s body, very well. 

“Come Izuku,” Shouto whispers against his ear, “fill up Denki. He’s absolutely dying to have your come inside him.” 

“Oh, fuck yeah. Fill me up, wanna be dripping in your cum.” 

Denki picks up his speed, squeezing his ass. Izuku gasps, pulling on his bindings as his back arches as he comes inside Denki. Denki grinds down hard against him, moaning. Izuku looks up at Denki’s lewd debauched face as the blond licks his lips. 

He looks at Izuku with a wink, “I hope you’re ready for more.” 

Izuku blinks several times before looking down seeing Denki still hard and unaffected. He watches as the slim man dismounts him and widens Izuku’s legs. 

“Could ya hand me a pillow? Wanna make him comfortable.”

Shouto hands over a pillow to Denki who puts it under Izuku’s waist. 

Green eyes trail to watch the blond turn around and get on his knees, bending over and presenting himself for a show. He slides his fingers in and out of his stretched hole, scooping out Izuku’s come. He turns back around, and Izuku watches Denki smirk as he presses his fingers against Izuku’s entrance. He smears his cum around before he pushes in. Izuku gasps at the initial intrusion before remembering to breathe.

He can feel each stroke against his walls, fingers stretching as he pulls out. Izuku moans, and his legs shake. He looks at Shouto who is watching them both intently. 

“Hahhhh, oh god. Hnng, Shou-chan,” he gasps, “are you just going to watch?” 

“Is that an invitation?” 

“..What, ah, Denki yes! What else would that be Shou-chan?”

“Well, I do admit, I don’t like that you’re attention isn't on me.”

Shouto starts to disrobe, taking off his belt, pulling down pants and undergarments. Izuku’s eyes widen at Shouto’s cock, flushed red with excitement that’s not as apparent on his face. 

Izuku moans as his lover straddles his chest, “Sorry Denki, but I want his eyes on me.” 

“Nah, you’re running the show here, my Prince. I’m just here for the ride.” 

“Open wide, Izuku. I hope you have no standing meetings tomorrow, your throats about to be fucked raw.” 

Izuku’s eyes widen at that admission. Izuku loves Shouto’s dominant side, but he knows it only comes out when provoked. Shouto places his fingers under Izuku’s chin, his thumb on his lips.

“Open wide, baby.”

Izuku complies implicitly, and opens his mouth wide. Shouto slides his length past his lips against his tongue, slowly down his mouth till he hits the back of his throat. Izuku relaxes his jaw to let Shouto move freely. Izuku feels his spit collecting and tries to swallow, using his tongue to apply pressure on the underside of Shouto’s dick pulling out a low moan from the prince. 

Izuku feels so full on both ends, his entire body alight with pleasure. Tension leaving his body as he concentrates on the two rhythms pumping into his body. He looks up at Shouto, his gray and blue eyes glaze in lust. 

“So good,” he whispers, “you take my cock so good.” 

Shouto starts to thrust harder, Izuku gargling on his spit and choking on his moans. His cock continually hits the back of his throat, the rhythm breaking, he knows Shouto is about to come.

Hips piston into his mouth and a hand grabs his hair ripping him off of Shouto’s cock, Izuku glances as Shouto pumps his cock over his face, hot come spurting across his face. Shouto slides his cock over Izuku’s face smearing his come all over it and to his lips. 

Izuku instinctively opens his mouth licking Shouto’s tip clean in between moans from Denki fucking his hole. He refocuses on the blond after Shouto moves off of him. 

Denki grips his hips, slamming into him; hitting his prostate perfectly now that he’s the main attraction. Izuku screams in pleasure, feeling another orgasm arise. Denki wraps a hand around Izuku’s cock, pumping him; his thumb rubbing Izuku’s sensitive slit, Izuku continues to strain against his bindings, wanting to pull Denki away from him. 

The blond rips another orgasm from Izuku, painting his stomach white, dropping his hands back down to the pillow behind him as he catches his breath. Denki follows right behind him, filling Izuku’s ass full of come.  He collapses on top of Izuku, burying his face into a freckled shoulder, uncaring for the mess between them. 

When Denki pulls away, he kisses Izuku again. 

“Fuck, that was crazy hot,” Denki says brightly, “Thanks for having me.”

The two groan as Denki pulls out and off of him, Shouto is already on standby with a wet cloth to wipe Izuku, and directs Denki to where he got it on the credenza against the wall. Shouto undoes Izuku’s bindings on both arms and legs before he wipes Izuku down, pressing gentle kisses across Izuku’s face and lips. Shouto tucks him under the comforter keeping Izuku warm.

Izuku’s eyelids are heavy with exhaustion, but he tries to stay awake as he talks to Shouto. 


Shouto sends an innocent smile and reaches for something at the bedside table: a black leather notebook with an intricate red design on the cover. Izuku’s eyes widen. 

Shouto opens to a page bringing his hand to his mouth in a fist as he coughs to clear his throat. 

‘Fuckability Ranking at Todoroki Castle ’.”

Izuku shoots up, burning red as he makes to grab the notebook, “Shou-chan!”

“Oh? What’s this? There was a list?” Denki walks back over partially dressed, taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

“You were ranked rather high on Izuku’s list, ‘Denki Kaminari - beautiful blond bombshell that probably takes it—’

“Shou-chan! Please! That’s private! How’d you end up picking Kaminari-kun?” 

Shouto flips a few pages, “You had a whole section on ‘The Barbarian King’ . ‘Kacchan is probably the most beautiful blond I’ve ever met, and lord knows how much I love blondes with a big’ —”


Shouto snaps the notebook shut with a laugh, “Okay, okay, I won’t read all. But you don’t deny you love blondes, choosing Denki was a very easy choice in this castle. There are no blondes here.”

Izuku slams his hands over his face with a groan of embarrassment. 

“For the record though, I’ve been wanting to nail you for quite some time myself so…I mean, I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t want it and boy did I want it,” Denki says to placate Izuku. 

Izuku peeks between his fingers, “Really? The prince didn’t have to coerce you?”

Denki shrugs, “Nah, I mean, sure he was persuasive, but he was willing to share. Willing! And his lover no less! You underestimate your popularity level here Midoriya!” 

Izuku blushes, “Me? Popular?”

“Hey,” Shouto interjects, “your nose is buried in your books and notebooks . You didn’t quite catch on. You have your wishlist, and I’m sure there are many others that have you on theirs. I just happened to find one.”

Izuku’s eyebrow quirks up, “Umm…?” 

Shouto shrugs, “We have a lot of fun together. Without a doubt. But, I have to say, I think I also really enjoy watching you fuck and be fucked by others. So. I have a proposition Izuku.” 


“Let me help you check off your wishlist, and then you can rank them properly.” 

Izuku stares shell shocked at Shouto.

“Ah,” Denki interjects, “will there be opportunities to improve our scores?” 

“I think that's a question for Izu-chan.”

Izuku looks between the two still speechless, but when he finally picks his jaw back up, he swallows hard and nods with a bright smile. 

“Shou-chan, really?! And yes Kaminari-kun, I would assume taking an average of performances would be very fair. What do you think my Prince?”

“Whatever you want Izu, will be fine with me.”

Izuku grins brightly, “Great, when can we start?”