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Together We Rise/Alone We Fall

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When Diana knocked on the Ponce's apartment door, the last thing she expected was for this gorgeous blonde woman to open it. It made her pause. Why was her on Mike's apartment? Oh, she thought, it was Kally's mother.


“Can I help you?” The mother said, voice nice and kind.


“Yes,” she forced herself to stop staring at her. “I'm Professor Abrankhausen, from Allegro's Academy of Music. I'm here to help Kally with an assignment.”


“Right, come on in,” the woman smiled at her, and Diana was shocked to see it was genuine. “It's so nice to finally meet you.”




“I'm Carmen.”


“You are Kally's mom, right?”


Carmen nodded, and Diana left her to go to Kally's room. She needed to know why was that woman here. She was probably just a guest, it didn't mean anything. But there always was the possibility of them wanting to be together again. For Kally.


She had to choke down a sob. It would be what is best for Kally. She needed her parents together. And Diana? She was just a teacher that occasionally had sex with the father of a student. She would be quickly left aside, and Diana would help them. It was what was right.


“Professor, are you okay?” Kally asked her, a worried look in her eyes.


“Yes, Kally. Let's keep practicing.”


Unsure, Kally listened to her for once and put her fingers back to the keys. By the time Kally's practice ended, it was getting dark outside and Diana had to go home to a mountain of papers to grade.


“You did very well, Kally! You are going to nail this,” she praised. Kally beamed at her.


“Can my parents be there? I'd like for them to be there, together.”


Diana's face quickly darkened, but she barely let it show.


“Of course. Shall we take a break?” She swallowed, putting on a good face.


They went to the dining room, and Diana found herself almost crashing against Mike Ponse.


“I’m sorry,” he said.


“No, I'm sorry, Mike- Mr Ponse,” she corrected herself when she remembered Kally and her mother were around. “I wasn't looking.”


“Well, you are the guest here, so the fault is on me,” he smiled in that charming way of his and she couldn't help the little giggle that escaped her lips. She was immediately horrified by it. What was it with her behaving like a school girl around Mike?


“Anyway, it's time for me to go.”


“Wouldn't you like to stay for dinner?” Mike asked her right away.


She shot him a look that said ‘do you think that's wise?’ and stayed silent, gaping at him like she wasn't sure what to answer. All in her told her to run the fuck away from this situation. A dinner with her lover, his ex-wife and their daughter who oh so wanted them to be together? She'd have to be one uncontrollable masochist to put herself through that kind of torture.


Then again, Diana Abrankhausen had never been the best at putting her kinks in line.


“Alright, why not?”