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ACT 6 ACT 6: Hacking To The Gate

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A young Chixie stepped onto stage in the dark, and waited as the spotlights began to click on, highlighting her presence there for the audience.

As she took a breath and waited for the back track for the song IGNITE began to play...

Our camera jumps back in time to a certain boat in 1939 in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth, zipping up to the hull of the boat as a Stargate Vortex punches a hole in its side.

Jaffa began exiting the Gate- gunned down in silence as our view briefly switches back to Chixie, tapping her foot idly, even as the DJ of the hour did the introductions.

"And now, we of the Veil are glad to announce and introduce to you an up and coming new talent- Chixie Roixmr! She'll be singing a cover of the Sword Art Online anime's opening 'IGNITE'!"

There was a brief round of applause, people unsure of what to make of the girl just yet...

And then finally, as the cue was had, and Chixie started to sing along with the music... It's not her younger voice we hear, nor the arrangement from that time, but instead, as time shifts ahead further ahead, we hear a future arrangement, and newer vocals from her older, future self.

[You Long to set the world straight-]

Our view returns to Ba'al finding himself with a shotgun pressed up against his face.

[But you will fail if you wait or hesitate!]

A far older Cassandra Fraiser yelled out something in silence as Chixie Sang.

[So Take Aim And Pull the Trigger Back!]

She squeezed the trigger- a flash of the Shotgun flared out- and crimson red splashed across green threads- as they rocketed forwards across time and space.

It spread rapidly- soaking into the threads as time itself was put back into order.

For a moment, the logo appears as a knot-work of stitches, before being soaked over in blood.


[There was a time, when I knew of love and amity...]

And then the blood soaked threads passed by a moment on Earth in 1994- as Joey Claire stared, watching on as the Stargate activated for the first time.

[But it faded like the warmth inside a falling tear.]

It continued forwards- past the rebellion on Abydos- and past the explosion of Khepri's battleship over the planet -And past the moment where Joey flung herself through the stargate in the Florida house to avoid being shot up.

[Is it a crime to see fault in our humanity?]

It drives past O'neill and Teal'c in Chulak's prison- and the fight that ensued to secure the Stargate for escape-

[Why do we create this cycle of hate, breeding more fear?]

-And then past the moment of the All Your Base crashing into the desert.

Younger Chixie gazed out over the audience of unfamiliar trolls, and continued to sing her debut performance while her future self continued to cover it elsewhen-

[There's a pain deep inside of me]

A young Jude offered his hand to a young, withdrawn Cassandra. And she takes it-

[And you're struggling to stay alive]

-Moments later, the blood flashes past them struggling to pull Davis Strider back into the control room as a bomb ticks down about to dentonate infront of the Black Hole connected Stargate.

[But if we last I know- we'll live to see a brighter tomorrow!]

Joey, Xefros, Mierfa, Dammek, Okurii, Callie, and Salazl stand infront of the Stargate on the Base, gazing at it with hope for the future.

[You Long to set the world straight-]

Joey swung her Laser sword- disarming Trizza of the Bracelet--

[But will fail if you wait or hesitate!]

In Parallel, a split screen later, The false Heiress Reenah Kraken in the past Abdicated by disarming herself of the Bracelet with Joey's laser sword.

[So Take Aim And Pull the Trigger Back!]

The Blood continues to soak through the green threads of the Cairo Overcoat- even as Lord English roared- standing on the mouth of his snake ship- CONSUMING the very souls of the ORI ASCENDANTS.

[Through every fear that you fight~~ ]

Jonas stands watching in horror as Daniel grabs at a live Naquadria core to disarm a bomb- and a split-frame later of Daniel ASCENDING serves as the transition to-

[You're giving life to a Spark of Crimson Red!]

--A laser beam shot down from Anubis' ship- crimson red, striking down at the Abydos Pyramid--

[It Burns Bright Just Waiting to Ignite!]

It strikes a suddenly appearing shield, and is reflected right back at the ship that fired it as a burst of emerald green lightning.

[As our impulses ring aloud- ]

John, Jade, and Argo stand along with Jude and Cassie as they watch Anubis' ship explode--

[This world's evolving to the sound- ]

--Serving to a transition to his ship over Earth exploding dramatically from Drone Fire as the Astro and Delta Megazords stand triumphantly alongside the Prometheus.

[Of a New Beginning!]

Younger Chixie takes a breath, grinning like a loon- as the scene transitions to her elder self in the far flung year of 2003, picking up with the next verse.

[It cries at last-]

The blood soaked threads continue along their path- 

[That relentless sound I know so well]

-Flowing past Joey's team as they recover the ARK OF TRUTH from the Denizen TYPHEUS.

[Always deafening but I can never pull away]

-And past their using it on CETUS. 

[The die is cast-]

-Past Ganos Lal being stabbed with a sword of fire-

[And you can't restart or change the past!]

-And the murderer being exploded via Mofang Tech Replicators VITRIFICATION, resulting in a crater with a blast of red sand.

[But if given only one more chance could you carve the way?]

-And centuries in Earth's past, Artoria Pendragon threw herself into a cryogenics pod to save her own life.

[I can feel it waste away inside]

-The blood continued on, past Replicator Daniel glaring across subspace at a Replicator Carter, and the one known as FIFTH.

[But the fire in me hasn't died]

-Past Ba'al laughing over a Galaxy Map as English's fleets were subject to his mercy.

[And I would rather sell my soul than watch it all slowly fade away!]

-And past Teal'c and Bra'tac made a desperate plea to the others of the Jaffa Rebellion.

[I'm Sick of being afraid- and living by these mistakes that I have made!]

The City of Atlantis rocked- and ASCENDED upwards through the ocean. 

[But I'll change that with these hands of mine!]

Kolya aimed his gun at Elizabeth Weir, and pulled the trigger. FLASH- Mckay yells in horror. Sheppard yells into his radio with rage.

[Believing in something more!]

Above the planet where Maybourne was king- a Time Jumper cloned itself through subtle, quick loops-

[I'll carve a path through that rusted doorway!]

-Daniel was beamed away while on the phone- Jonas was beamed away right before Mitchel's eyes-

[Still there's more that's still worth fighting for!]

The Ultrazord struck a pose as it burst out of English's TIME STOP.

[Our Battle cry is rising higher- ]

Within the power core- Joey Claire SUNG- and the Ultrazord shoved English's Mech into the Supergate.

[As raw emotion fuels the fire-]

The Jaffa on Dakara fought bravely against the Replicators-

[Piercing through the night sky!]

And Cassandra flew the DAEDALUS into the outer rim of a Black Hole to shake the Hatak chasing them.

In rapid fire- with events overlaid ontop of Cassandra navigating that death field- we see the Supergate Kawoosh destroying a Hatak- then Alternia explodes- The Dakara weapon fires, dusting Replicators all over- English being shoved through the Supergate yet again- Ba'al beaming away- and finally, the Daedalus escaping the Blackhole, and rocketing past the Stargate in orbit. 

[The shooting stars fall upon the darkness-]

We see Joey claiming the Tablet from the Toldemer Keep..

[Until the skies are pitch black and starless-]

Ford's eyes open- one clouded over pitch black.

[But when the world is reborn the curtains open wide!-]

We see Atlantis Take Flight to escape the Replicator laser beam-

-As a bahro raises the Tablet high, and smashes it against the nearest available hard surface-

-Glass Shatters as the laser grazes the Central Tower.

[You Long to set the world straight- but you will fail if you wait or hesitate!]

Lightning Flashes across a stormy night sky- forming briefly into the shape of a tree.

[So Take Aim And Pull the Trigger Back!]

Mordred joins SG-1 in the hunt for the Sangraal with determination.

[Through every fear that you fight~~ ]

Damara's Giant MirrorGate Activates with a Kawoosh- 

[You're giving life to a Spark of Crimson Red!]

Mordred roars- dragging Excaliber across the resulting rift in space time.

[It Burns Bright Just Waiting to Ignite!]

Ford is back stabbed by Medea- his powers rushing across the room just as the blood continues to soak into the threads of the Overcoat.

[As our impulses ring aloud- ]

Medea's Hiveship suffers a critical existence failure as the Daedalus obliterates it via Hyperbeam strikes.

[This world's evolving to the sound- ]

The full historical roster of SG-1 stands before the extraction ceremony of the last Goa'uld System Lord. 

[Of a New Beginning!]

As the older Chixie finishes her song, and the audience cheers, she remembers the same moment years in the past- of her younger self concluding her singing with an excited smile that just grew wider as the audience erupted into loud, rancorous cheers.

They liked her then! And they really like her even now, all these years later.

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DIASPORA DATE: 01/21/0007.

The ocean soared below the camera's perspective for a moment- before a shadow entered the frame- a humanoid figure with large, bat shaped wings.

With a Flap of those very wings- Music begins to play.

The camera pans upwards, revealing the CITY OF ATLANTIS as the destination of the figure flying towards it- Artoria Gray, her wings spread wide, occasionally flapping to maintain altitude.

Behind her by some ways- the two components of the Ruby Lancer Mecha flew in formation on either side of a Puddle Jumper.


Gray flapped her wings again- tilting to circle around the City, taking in the view with a faint smile on her face. 

All across the City, people were active and moving about, and she could feel each and every one of them as a whole. 

If she focused strongly, she could pick up individual thoughts or talk to them... but thanks to three stronger links taking priority at any given moment, the vast majority was easy to tune out. 


Gray lead a lap around the northern pier, gazing briefly into the sky where two of the planet's moons could be seen. The others followed behind- their shared link allowing them to keep pace with her.

She cast her gaze down at one of the exposed balconies adjacent to the Cafeteria- and she saw people gathering for morning breakfast.

Teyla sat with John, Argo, and Jade- in a high chair next to them was young Lizzy, and in Teyla and Jade's arms were their own recently born children. 


Nearby, at another table, Keller, Ronon, and Mckay were discussing something humorous, their laughter visible and their high mood reaching up all the way out here.

Tyzias, Barzum, and Daraya sat at another table opposite from Keiko, Mallek, Silica, and Minori. Two different sets of conversations were going on, but mingling.

Gray's eyes darted around the other areas- spotting her Lord, Waver El Melloi the Second, sitting casually opposite of Janet Fraiser as they ate their own breakfasts. 


Waver sipped at his tea, and glanced upwards, giving her a small wave by raising the hand holding the tea cup.

Gray grinned, and performed a stunt that would become the subject of the day's casual discussion- Was it a BARREL ROLL or an AILERON ROLL?

The Jumper, and two Lancer Ships performed the same end over end roll in response, prompting much applause from those watching it before the quartet went out of sight, circling counter clockwise around the city towards its West Pier.


Down at the edge of the city, Gray could see Jimmyy O'neill, Morgan Carter, Roxy Lalonde, and Callie Ohphee all casually enjoying the morning and fishing away without a care.

Gray laughed as Ruby suggested a flight course change, and she diverted into the city itself- swaying and dodging between buildings on the West pier. The Lancers and the Jumper fell into line behind her, changing formation.


They weren't the only ones getting such early morning flight exercise in, Gray noticed, as AR-9 was performing a game of tag with Armadn's Dragon projection and a Jumper.

Gray waved briefly at the Alternian within the projected Dragon as they crossed paths for a moment- sharing the same airspace in the gap between the Western Pier and the South-Western Pier. 

Armadn waved back, then had his dragon break right- out to sea- with his Jumper trailing behind. Gray broke left, with her teammates following faithfully.


With a flap of her wings to gain some more height- Gray began weaving between the buildings of the South-West pier, making her way inwards towards the center of the City.

Closer, closer... Closer still..


Then, they reached the center of the city, and Gray began to spiral upwards- circling around the Central tower with a slowly decreasing radius. 

The Lancers and the Jumper followed suit- circling around on much the same course without much problem.

Gray's eyes peered over the side of the tower where a burn scar was mostly covered up with repairs and changes- now gleaming golden-bronze against the side of the otherwise silver-gray tower.


And within moments, she passed over the top of Atlantis' central spire, and shifted down for the open hatch to make for her and her team's landing.

She landed without trouble- wings folding up loosely against the sides of her chest- and the others entered the Jumper Bay moments later.

Gray looked to her right hand as they began the landing process, and flexed her fingers for a moment. 

Then, she tuned her gaze upwards at the sky still visible through the open bay roof, and smiled. 



DIASPORA DATE: 02/01/0007.

Your name is Argo Lalonde, and you stop in surprise as you enter the Conference Room and find that the table has been replaced after being ordered to be swapped out last week.

"’Twelve Foot Long Mahogany, Piece of Home’ finally got installed?" you ask, rhetorically.

"Yeeep" John Sheppard nods from his seat at the table. "No Woolsey yet?"

"He got held up by Chuck about something," you answer, moving to take your seat next to him, and adjacent to the head of the table where Woolsey will no doubt take his seat.

Oooh. That’s not a bad chair. Nicer than the old conference room chairs. Did these come with the Table? You think they came with the table. Reminds you of Hammond’s old chair, actually. 

Hrm, wait. If you didn’t order these, then...?

"Morning," Ronon Dex says, sitting down across the table from you, next to Teyla Emmagan, who seems tired.

"Morning," you say to him, then to Teyla, "You doin' okay, Teyla?" 

"The last few nights, Torren refuses to go to sleep unless I am holding him and walking him," Teyla answers with a tired smile. "Thankfully, he doesn't seem to mind sharing a crib with Casey in the nursery."

You giggle, and say, "Awwh, they're already friends!"

"We're just lucky Lizzy's decided to be a protective big sister and not be jealous," John says, sipping at his coffee. "I was getting worried she was going to start getting demanding for our attention."

"Atleast there's that," you agree. "Though we might have to move to a bigger suite before long. Maybe something with extra bedrooms."

"The Ancestors did seem to have... issues with making large rooms for their living quarters in this City," Teyla agrees.

“I’m just lucky I grabbed a room with a shower,” Ronon smirks. “I still don’t know how some people manage it.”

“Oh, well, that’s all a matter of-” Rodney Mckay starts to slip into the conversation, having gotten a fresh cup of coffee from a nearby dispenser and moving to sit down next to John. 

“It was a rhetorical question, Mckay,” Ronon says. “I was being rhetorical.”

“Oh. Right. Fair enough.” Rodney goes to sip at his coffee. He winces. “Ooh! That’s hot!”

Almost simultaneously, Keller hisses from over at the coffee machine, and quickly slaps a lid on her cup before grabbing spare napkins and starts soaking up some spilled coffee that poured onto the coffee table in the corner of the room.

“Is she alright?” You ask. “She looks even more tired than Teyla- no offense, Telya.”

“None taken,” She says.

“I asked,” Rodney says. “Apparently she stayed up all night looking into Medea and Ford’s database for info on anything that could help save Ford and get him out of stasis. Fell asleep at her desk.”

“I thought Doctor Fraiser was working on that?” Ronon asks.

“Didn’t she return to Earth yesterday morning?” Teyla asks.

“Apparently some long lost Relative of Doctor Fraiser’s sent her an email and said they wanted to meet,” John says. 

“Yeah, and put me in a real bind,” Keller says, joining you at the table. She sits next to Rodney. “Would you believe that there are over fifteen different permutations on any number of Wraith enzymes that could promote cell regeneration?”

You nod. “I can buy that.”

“How about A hundred fifty?” Keller asks.

“...A bit of a stretch but sure,” you not.

“Fifteen hundred?” Keller offers.

“Nooo...” you gasp.

“Oh, yeah,” Keller nods. “Thankfully Janet already went through about 900 of them before she left, but it was still a hell of a lot to go thrr---” she yawns. “OoOoouUgh. Ugh. I need my sleep.”

“Don’t we all!” Woolsey says, entering the room and taking his seat. “Sorry I’m late, but Chuck had me checking off some last minute World Travel Requests that came through the system.”

He’s dressed in the same new style of Uniform that came along with Carter and Jolinar’s brief rule over Atlantis- but he looks so out of place. Less like the Lawyer he is and more like some random Star Trek Officer.

“World Travel Requests?” John asks. “Is that what we’re calling it now?”

“We do have three different means of crossing from planet to planet, Colonel,” Woolsey says, shaking his head and decaptchaloging several large folders of documents.

Hoo. This is gonna be a long briefing.

“Fair enough,” John says. “Anyone coming through we should be aware of since it’s ‘last minute’?”

“Apparently Mordred Pendragon and Cameron Mitchel of SG-1 are taking their vacation days off here,” Woolsey shakes his head. “Can’t imagine why Atlantis would be any more relaxing than Diaspora or Earth.” He coughs. “Anyways. Let’s get started, shall we?”

And on that system programmed announced cue, the Conference Room Doors trigger their closing protocol, making Woolsey jump in surprise in his seat before settling. 

“Alright, First of all, I’d like to congratulate you all on the success you’ve had dismantling what’s left of Ford and Medea’s organization- disogranized as it was.”

“Except for the fact Medea’s still missing,” Ronon says.

“Well, we don’t know if the teleport magic Miss Ayano saw successfully fired or not,” Woolsey checks a file. “For all we know she was still on the cruiser in orbit over... M2S-445 when it was destroyed.”

“Or stuck on Hoth,” Rodney jokes.

“Either way,” Woolsey says. “Until we have explicit eye to eye visual confirmation that Medea is still around, we’ll operate as if she’s Presumed Dead.”

“Speaking from experience,” John says, “that’s liable to come back and bite us in the butt, Sir. But... I can’t think of anything else to do except continue to dismantle everything she and Ford left behind.”

“Speaking of what they left behind, how is the matter of the rehabilitation of those we’ve been able to rescue from her clutches going?” Woolsey asks.

“Uh, well-” Keller coughs. “Well, I mean. It’s going well. With Kanaan as our willing test subject for the bulk of the work, we’ve been able to create a retro virus similar to the original one Doctor Beckett came up with, undoing most of the damage and mutations she did to some of these people. Of those with the lowest number of mutations, we’ve basically got them back to human and stable and ready to go home.”

“Without any lasting ill-effects?” Woolsey asks.

“None that we’ve detected so far,” Keller says. “Though, we’ve had a bit more trouble with the- ah... Unique cases? Multiple sets of foreign DNA are harder to work around. One girl- Victoria- got hit hard with Cow, Pig, Dog, Cat, and Lizzard DNA in addition to the base Wraith genomes. It’s a miracle she even looks human, honestly.”

“Let’s give it another week for observation on those cured, and in the mean time see if you can accelerate the worse cases to a better state,” Woolsey decides. “We’ll re-evaluate the situation then and make a decision.”

Nobody can really argue there- and Teyla just looks thankful that her people were spared the vast majority of torment in this timeline.

“Now then, regarding the situation with our friend in the stasis pod...” Woolsey moves onto another folder. “...What is the situation with Aiden Ford as it stands?”

“Doctor Fraiser’s been handling the research on finding a cure for the last few weeks since we took out Medea,” Keller says. “But due to personal family matters she had to leave yesterday and I’ve gone through the data. But there’s been a lot of data to sift through. Over fifteen hundred different entries for the type of solution we think could work to save Ford.”

“And have you found one?” Woolsey asks.

“...Maybe,” Keller considers it. “I’ve run a few lab tests that have given promising results, but I’ll need to consult with Doctor Fraiser when she gets back before either of us will sign off on saying it’ll work...”

“Alright,” Woolsey nods. “...But I’m sensing there’s a but coming?”

“The main problem is that Ford was near death when we put him in stasis,” Keller says. “I’m worried that any solution we come up with won’t be permanent.”

“And you’re saying the problem may never go away?” Woolsey asks.

“It’s a distinct possibility,” Keller nods.

“Very well,” Woolsey says. “Wait for Doctor Fraiser’s return to take up the subject again and make a decision. Until then, put the matter aside, and get back to your regular duties.”

“R-Right,” Keller nods.

“Alright... moving along then...” Woolsey continues on to the next folder. "What's the update on the situation with the Replicator Cloned AR-1?"

Rodney's turn to speak and hoo. Techno jargon babble babble.


This is going to be a long meeting...

"Okay, but all I'm saying is, Brain-To-Interface VR is probably the stupidest idea in the history of any kind of Virtual Reality technology to ever exist!" Gordon Freeman was rambling aloud, his thoughts much the same, as you hand him his lunch order. "It's all about the heads up display infront of the face. Doesn't matter *HOW* much latency or the screen door effect affects you, it's going to be the SAFEST VR tech in the history of VR tech."

[No nope nope no way! Mind Interface VR is a slippery slope to never knowing your reality! I'm never stepping foot near one of those things ever! I'm not locking myself into the possibility I'm stuck in some Combine torture scenario!]

Just behind him next in line was Major Lorne, who was rolling his eyes. "Sure thing, Gordon. But here's the real trick- Mind Interfaces let you actually train muscle memory!"

[God, Freeman. Paranoid much??]

"Mental muscle memory, sure," Freeman grouched... and then the two of them left the line, and you exhale slightly as their mental presence draws away enough for you to block them out.

Your name is Boldir Lamati, and you shake your head to clear your thoughts. Normally, filtering all of this is easy, but... normally you've got Diemen in close personal proximity to anchor your mind to.

Alas, Diemen is busy in a meeting with Richard Woolsey over the food budget right now. 

You'll just have to deal until he gets back.

Marinette enters the cafeteria for her shift- [Fucking Alya Just Leave Me Alone Please Please Please Just Leave Me Alone] -angry enough that her thoughts project across the room as easily as if she were standing right next to you. Damn it.

"Yo, Mari," Chloe intercepts- good moirail, best friend- "you look like you could do with some dough that needs punching. What's up?"

"Alya Cesare is what's up!" Marinette near about shouted. [Fucking Fucking Fucking FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!] 

You wince at how loud her thoughts are right now. 

"Er, Sorry, Boldir," Marinette apologized. [Oh god, I need to tone it down before the whole cafeteria hears me!] 

"It's fine," you say. "What's going on?"

Marinette explains: "Alya quit her News Host job in Paris and now she's trying to use it as an opportunity to get some kind of correspondence position here in Atlantis with some UK based News Company." [Why the hell would she quit being a news anchor for? It was her dream job! And more than that, It kept her busy! BUSY! BUSY BUSY BUSY and AWAY from Atlantis!] "And more than that- She told me after emailing me on the NEW Email Address I only gave out to my parents and this girl I used to baby sit for back in Paris."

"Geeze, that's insane," Chloe said. "How did she get your new email?"

"Hell if I know, but she probably hacked Mannon's emails, I'll bet!" [GOOOOD. Why can't she just leave me alone!?]

"We oughta file a restraining order," Chloe quips, "'Cannot be within one Galaxy of Marienette without being in violation.'"

"Oh, god, that'd be perfect," Marinette laughs. "Think we can do it?"

Fortunately, Marinette's anger subsides there, and you exhale in relief...

And then a spotlight of Anxiety appears- entering the Cafeteria.

[OhGoshOhMakerOhManWhatDoIEvenSayToThem??] Artoria Gray's thoughts are a whirlwind contained within that spotlight, and she looks... very nervous. Very anxious. Afraid. Scared. [Why Did it have to be my Parents AND Great Grandparents arriving on the SAME DAY!?] Gray's thoughts practically shout with a cry of frustrated, confused, and overall anxious anticipation as she steps into line to order her lunch.

You sense a thread of emotion fly to Gray from elsewhere in Atlantis- the mental equivalent of a direct message- you can't read its contents, but Gray visibly stops to take a moment to take a deep breath, and exhale.

Good, one of her teammates have got her covered there. Maybe you can let them deal with this and--

A phone dings, your only warning before- [OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!] Marinette's thoughts shout out before she harshly whispers- "Alya!"

You massage at your forehead. Good grief, This is going to be a long day.

Your name is Janet Fraiser, and you sit at a table in a coffee shop, waiting for your MYSTERIOUS RELATIVE to make contact.

There's a ding at the shop's door, and in walks a woman who... who reminds you of Jake Harley in his elder years before he died and was cloned into a teenaged body again. Physically of an age that seems in the range of 50s to 70s, with a gleam to her eyes that seems far too ancient and movements to her limbs were far too young.

And that's before you take in the fact her eyes are an all too familiar shade of green, and her hair is an all too heart wrenching shade of orange.

She looks around the Coffee shop, and then her eyes lock on you. A mix of emotions runs across her face, and then she makes her way over to you.

"Hello, Janet," she begins. "My name is Janet."

For a moment you stare at each other- silently... 

And Then, you both start to laugh. It takes you both a solid thirty seconds or so to calm down.

"And how long were you holding that one in, Cassie?" You ask as she takes the seat across from you.

"Since 1962," she answered.  

You can't help but wince. You knew it was coming, but, damn. Hearing it is...

"You know," you begin, "when we figured out that it was you and Cameron who were in the past, and that it was you who'd helped with everything with Roxy's family... we looked it up."

"I remember," she sighs. "And I remember finding her death certificate. Mine, really. I should have passed. Mordred and Cam... Well. I never thought I'd out live them. But my aging being what it is now..."

"How exactly did you pull that one off?" You ask. 

"Well, the answer to that is simple..." Quietly, her eyes pulse with a soft flash of light, and you can only blink in response. "I haven't been alone since 1929."

"How...?" you ask. "There's so much we don't know about what happened- and I never- none of us thought that you'd- Of course it makes sense that you'd have to fake your own death to hide the slowed aging."

Cassandra-Janet Freeman- chuckles- and there's a subtle change to her voice that's not the usual Goa'uld flare- but it's damn familiar. "Oh, Doctor Fraiser, that is a question, isn't it?" The one speaking now then says, "The real irony is, I cheated death twice over, it seems, by hitching a ride with Cassandra."

The cadence to her speaking, the slow shift in body language and posture, and the look she gives you is... it's too familiar.

"I suppose I should introduce myself with the name we're currently using as our alias," she extends her hand. "It's Redheart. Kathrine Redheart."

You shake her hand, as dawning realization forms inside your head. "Ka'turnal." Nirrti. "You're alive."

"In a manner of speaking," she nods. "It is a long and complicated story, but to summarize how we got here... My last host threw herself at Cassandra, saving her life at the expense of her own, and the near sacrifice of my own. I told Cassandra to run. She wouldn't let me die there. Offered herself to me in that moment." 

Holy shit. "Talk about history repeating itself," you say, stunned.

"Indeed," There's a shift in posture, back to Cassandra. "And it's a damned good thing I did take her when I did. Mordred took a staff blast to the leg as we went through the Gate. Without Ka'turnal's medical knowledge, amputating would have been a hell of a lot riskier than it was."

"That's..." you swallow.

"It's a lot to take in, I know," she nods. "We... we have a lot to talk about."


DIASPORA DATE: 02/03/0007.

The Apollo suddenly dropped out of Hyperspace early- far, far far too early for this route.

"What's going on?" Colonel Ellis asks. 

"Uhh.... That's a easy enough," Lieutenant Miyu Shinohara replies before reading from her console: "The Hyperdrive is not reading the space ahead of us as legitimate space-time for whatever reason, and is refusing to engage through it."

Colonel Ellis stared out into space for a moment, he couldn't see anything wrong, but... he knew how looks could be deceiving.

"Take us around the anomaly at sublight, scan the outer edges of this space time rift as we do so," he ordered. "I want to know exactly what we're dealing with here."

Casual travel to Atlantis consisted of a few different permissions depending on who you were connected to and why you were visiting.

Civilians normally had to file out a ton of paperwork to get cleared to go through the Gate- mostly to deal with being taken through Stargate Command's secure interior while the initial provisional planning work was being done to begin the process of setting up a secondary Stargate Site somewhere else on Earth. Even when THAT ambitious project was done, it was expected that Atlantis would still require about ten times the paperwork required to get a passport that would clear someone to go somewhere in Milky Way, and about only six times the paperwork to visit a planet in the Alternia Galaxy.

Most casual civilians would never clear the background checks unless they had a reason to be going that wasn't just of a touristy nature. 

Relatives of, and Members of Stargate Command usually got overlooked on most business and work related visits; and personal time for visiting friends who worked there generally just needed a a few okays from certain people once and again every few months. Usually, one of those people had to be the person who was to be visited.  

But as it so happened, Alya Cesare's last work visit to Atlantis had left her name on an approved visitors list, and that name had not yet been withdrawn from the security clearances.

And thus, without much fanfare, Alya found her next trip to Atlantis expedited without hassle. It helped that she was bundled into a group of other people who had family to visit on Atlantis, she supposed, and that she'd been visibly... not as excited or energetic as she was last time she visited the City.

After a brief layover in Midway for medical quarantine's sake, the whole group- no larger than six people- made their way through the Gate and emerged into Atlantis' Gate Room. One more than had been present in the SGC Gate Room when they left. An Alternian had joined them in Midway on their way to Atlantis.

Argo Lalonde once again greeted them- pausing to give Alya a certain apprehensive look- and then directed the group to follow them to the prepared quarters.
Alya settled down in her given room- ignoring the rest of the group- and soon made her way to Atlantis' cafeteria.

Marinette stood behind the counter, working away as per usual, same as she had been the last time.

Alya steeled herself, and made her way into line, and when Marinette gave her a calculating look, Alya said, "Can we talk when you're off work? I'll be in my room when I'm done eating until then."

Marinette considered it, glanced at an Alternian- Name tag reading Boldir Lamati- who nodded, and Marinette agreed. "Fine. But no more funny business, alright?"

"No funny business, I promise!" That done, Alya placed her order, got her food, and went to eat.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Lloyd Armadn?" an unfamiliar voice asks from across the Cafeteria- making your ears twitch upon picking up the name.

You are Akita Red, and you say, "Lloyd? I think your friend is here."

"Great," Lloyd sighs. "Alright, guys. Keep it cool, alright?"

You and your teammates nod- only you are the only one with a serious expression on their face. Maka and Soul just crack wide grins.

The "We make no promises!" grins. Oh, dear.

Lloyd stands up to draw attention, and you gaze over your shoulder in time to see a tall, Alternian woman with rather... ornamental horns atop her head start to make her way over. For a moment you almost mistook them as ceremonial antlers atop an old Samurai Helmet. 

"Hello, Lloyd," the woman smiles after approaching your table. Her tone of voice is almost... motherly? Hrm, weird. You'd gotten the impression Alternians didn't keep their parental ties until this generation. 

"Hey, Pyx," he answers. "It's been a while."

"Indeed it has," the woman nods. You cast a gaze over her clothing... where's her sign? You can't see any fishy fins so not a Sea Dweller, but it's... odd. There's no identifying mark. Her clothes are a strange mix of Cerulean, Rust, and White accents. But it carries with it more of that... Ornamental look. 

"Come here you!" And then the woman suddenly hugs Lloyd and he squeaks out as you audibly hear some bones creaking.

"Pyx! Breathing! Can't breathe!" Lloyd gasps out, and the woman lets him go with a startled "Oh, right! Sorry!!"

She seems genuinely apologetic. Super strength? ...Indigo perhaps? You heard it was a semi common caste trait for them to occasionally have increased strength stat.

"Everyone, this is Pyxxal, My former Moirail's Matesprit," Lloyd does the introductions, and you don't miss the way the woman glances at him with a small spark of sadness in her eyes. "Pyx, this is Soul, Maka, and Akita."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," 'Pyxxal' says, giving a short bow towards you.

"Likewise," you return the short bow as best as you can while seated.

"Sup!" Soul greets with a sharp toothed grin.

"Yo!" Maka gives a brief wave.

Pyxxal eyes Soul for a moment- "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"I used to be sorta kinda famous back on Alternia," Soul waves it off. "But those days of beating balls with table sticks are way behind me now. Now the only balls I'm beating with sticks with are training staves in the gym."

Lloyd facepalms at the implied innuendo, and mumbles, "Soul, come on! I thought you'd said you'd be on your best behavior!" 

You send him a sympathetic smile. 

"Lloyd, c'mon," Maka interjects. "We all know this IS Soul's best behavior and we should be proud he's holding back that much."

"Hey, it was either that, or I go full ego mode for ten minutes and none of us want that!" Soul offered with a lazy shrug.

Much to everyone's surprise, however, Pyxxal laughs. "Yes, I think I remember you now. 'Soul' Ehvans, number 42 on the DWMA Team?"

"Yeah, close enough," Soul waves it off. "You're not here to fangirl over me, now, are you? Pull up a seat! Let's talk."

"We bet you've got all kinds of embarrassing stories!" Maka leans into the table, grinning widely. 

"Makaaaa... Not you too!" Lloyd hangs his head in dismay.

You get the feeling this is going to be a long weekend.

>AKITA: 1st: Be the Gray Fox, 2nd: Steal Lloyd away!

Okay, first of all, Akita's transformation is into a WOLF not a Fox, and her primary fur color is white and not gray. 

Second of all, did you think we'd suddenly jump to Tamriel as a setting all of a sudden? Come on. Everybody knows its the GREY Fox and that the Grey Fox is impossible to be because nobody can get inside the Grey Fox's head while they're the Grey Fox because the Grey Fox is totally unknowable!

And Third of all... because I know what a Homestuckian Meme Attempt at a Scene Change looks like... You cannot be Artoria Gray because she is too currently paralyzed by anxiety to jump into the perspective of, so instead we will jump into the perspective of someone close to her instead.

Who will it be? Hmm... 


"Is my uniform alright? What about a dress? Should I wear a dress? Would I be over dressed? Under dressed? Aaaaahhh!!! I just don't know!! I should stick to the uniform!"

...And your assistant is fretting over family matters as she gazes at her own reflection in your office mirror.

"But- what if they don't get along? Oh- Maker- I don't think I could handle them not getting along!!"

You sigh, and... "Gray." try to interject for the tenth time the last half hour. 

Thankfully, this time, she actually stops and turns away from the mirror to face you. "...Yes, Sir?"

"Everything will be fine," you tell her. "We've known that once the point of time breaking off came around, we'd have to deal with this eventually. That everyone involved with ending that dreary alternate future has started having dreams of it just makes it more important to have these kinds of conversations early. Alternate Timeline deviations or not, they are all still your family. They will get along fine."

And you have it on good authority from those on Midway that Gray's Parents and those who in another time would be her great grandparents already get along fine.

You've told her this, too, but her anxiety over the whole situation keeps making her forget.

You stand from your desk, and move over to comfort her. Placing your hands on Gray's shoulders, you tell her once again. "Don't forget to breathe, Gray."

She closes her eyes and nods- then starts the breathing exercises. In four, hold seven, exhale eight.

"Remember, we've done everything that needed to be done at this point," you say. "The loop may have been messier than we expected, but it still went off just fine without and perceivable damage to our timeline. Things are as they should be. It is done."

"I know," Grey shudders, and then leans forwards- resting her forehead against your chest. "But... it's hard to believe that when I keep having nightmares about that last mission."

Sending Yeesha back in time to complete a loop. Nearly being blown up by orbital weapons fire.

"Some days I'm fine with it. I know its a dream," she continues, quietly. "Just a nightmare twisted wrong. Then others it's..."

You feel her right arm trembling beneath your left hand, and you glance down to see her hand clenched into a fist- visibly vibrating.

"I can still feel the heat against my skin, and it burns," she whispers.

You sigh, and wish that your assistant's wings didn't make giving her a comforting hug a thousand times more complicated than it should have been.

You settle for moving your right hand off of her right shoulder and place it on top of her head and giving her a comforting stroke or two.

"It's going to be alright," you tell her. "They're just dreams of old, forgotten memories. A year's worth of memories dumped within the time span of several days, sure. But... They'll pass in time."

She hums a nod of agreement.

"Excuse me, Assistant Lalonde?"

You are Argo Lalonde, and you look up from your work to see Lieutenant Amelia Banks standing at the door to the director's office.

"Yes, Lieutenant Banks?" You ask.

"We just received word from the Apollo that they've encountered a strange section of Subspace their Hyperdrive refuses to travel through, so thier arrival will be delayed by a few days as they navigate and examine the anomaly," Banks replies.

"Thanks for the heads up," you nod. "I'll make sure to pass it along."

And with that, the woman nods, and leaves, heading back to the Control Room.

You go about filing the email notifications to the relevant people, and are in the process of hitting send when Richard Woolsey enters from the other entrance, sighing tiredly.

He sits down at the desk without saying a word, removes his glasses, and covers his eyes with the palms of his hands.

You don't say a word, but fire off the emails you need to send out. Once that's done, you look to the man and ask, "Sir?"

"Yes?" he asks in turn.

"Word from the Apollo is they encountered a section of space-time their hyperdrives refuse to pass through and are detouring around. They'll be delayed for a few days," you tell him.

"Okay," he answers in turn. "That's good. Ugh." he slumps forwards, resting his head in his arms on his desk. "Why did nobody tell me a permanent Atlantis posting would involve so much walking and so many Stairs?"

"Because Weir, Mikari, and Jolinar all left me to do most of the usual desk based busy work?" you offer. "That leaves almost everything else administrative to be the stuff that needs to be done face to face, and thus... well. Lots of walking!"

Woolsey sighs, sits upright in his chair, replaces his glasses, and opens his laptop. "Yes, right. Well. Maybe we could trade places for a while while I rest my feet a bit?"

"Mmmmaaybe," you muse. "But I think the IOA'd take offense at you swapping roles with the Assistant and then try to replace ME with someone else who you'd then have to work under and do things like fetching coffee from the cafeteria, delivering personal letters and aaaaall the stair climbing that I'd have to do, too."

Woolsey got a horrified look on his face, and quickly says, "Okay, good point. Yes, let's NOT do that, shall we?"

"Yes, let's not," You chuckle, and get back to your work.

Honestly, some days it feels like you're the real backbone of Atlantis's day to day operations. 

But like HELL you're going to take on the title and all the implied replace-ability there in!!

Your name is John Sheppard, and you pause at the door to your own apartment- Lizzy clinging to your back like a baby koala- as you hear Jade's singing floating through the door, even with as quiet as it sounds like she's trying to be, it's still clear as day to you, being able to feel her voice in the breeze itself.

"A love that believed in infinity and the far side of the sky/ were shown to me by the freedom of our imaginations./ 'Finity' mercilessly recorded the passage of time/ leading to a choice that puts our future at stake, Hacking to the Gate..."

Ah. That song again. You wonder what brought it on to have her singing it?

You use the breeze to mute the sound of you opening the door and quietly enter the room. You find Jade sitting on a chair, peering into the crib that was Lizzy's not a few years back, quietly singing to Casey in the crib.

"I mustn't pretend that I never made a promise/ to all my friends back in the day./ So now I'll try to deceive time itself with the gadgets on hand./ And while I'll observe alone in solitude, I'll never doubt myself."

You can't help but smile as the door quietly glides shut behind you. Lizzy shifts on your back, trying to get a better view. 

"That's why I want to cross world lines with every passing second/ to keep on protecting your smiles," Jade sings, finishing the song, "And once again, into a time loop containing no sadness/ A swallowed Solitary Observer."

She looked up, still smiling, and gave you and Lizzy a wink and a finger raised to her mouth, all 'Sssh! The baby's sleeping' style.

You quietly made your way over, Breeze muting your sounds, and you joined her in looking down into the crib.

A tiny little baby, with skin only a fraction of a shade lighter than Jade's own, and hair as dark as and already was promising to be as unruly as could only happen when your hair and Jades gets combined. Though her eyes were closed, you know just how bright and vibrant and green they are, matching Jade's own eyes.

...And just like Jade and Daniel before her- Janet had confirmed little CASEY SHA'RE JACKSON had inherited the family bad eyesight. It sure seemed like there was nothing in their family genetics that would allow anyone to escape bad eyesight from birth. It was just one of those things, you guess.

Still, it looks like she has your nose, at any rate.

"She finally asleep again?" you ask, quietly.

"Mmh," Jade nods. "Nightmare must've spooked her real bad last night. That song was the only thing that soothed her back to sleep."

"Well, hopefully it won't come back again," you say.

"I'll fight it with sheep!" Lizzy chimed in, and while you're not quite sure she gets exactly the topic you're talking about in a one for one understanding sense... 

Well. She's got the right attitude, at least.

You are once again AKITA and you're getting serious second hand embarrassment here. Poor Lloyd. Pyxxal had been very... secretive and not very forthcoming about incidents from most of Lloyd's past, it seemed, but the few things Soul and Maka had managed to wring out of her were enough to make Lloyd excuse himself to the restroom before too long.

You made a similar excuse about half a minute later, and half went after him, and half actually had to go.

Naturally, Lloyd hadn't gone to the restroom, but sneaked away to a small balcony near the cafeteria. 

"You doing alright?" You asked. 

"Yeah, just..." he nodded, and sighed. "Wishing this was over with already."

"Is it the stories? Because I can ask Soul and Maka to stop digging for details," you offer. 

"No, it's not that, just- remembering too much of the old days," Lloyd shakes his head. "And kinda worrying that she's going to ask me when I'm coming back 'home.'"

You hear the sarcasm coating that last word, and you scoff. "Well, if she does, I don't think Maka will let her get away with it. Or Soul, for that matter."

Your teammates have grown fond of your friend, you've come to realize. Much as you've grown fond of them, lately. 

"And if you need me to scare her off with my shape shifting magic, just say the word," you offer as well.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," Lloyd smiles. "Now, I think I probably actually should head to the restroom while I have the chance away."

"Oh, same, definitely," you agree, and make your way to the women's restroom.

"Man, Gray's just all sorts of bundled anxiety today, isn't she?" Rhubee asks, lying on her back atop your bed and tossing a balled up towel into the air- catching it again moments later.

Your name is Kohiru Karren, and hum in agreement as you work on some PAPERWORK at your desk. It's all you can do to help soothe that feeling of a pair of tension-ed, anxious springs in the back of your mind- representing Gray and Ruby. "Yeah. But then again, so's Ruby."

You've all been sharing nightmares since time seemed to hiccup- your memories of another timeline bleeding over at night, and giving you far too much to work with to extrapolate a doomed world, and last night, your dream was of Gray's perspective of nearly being burned to death by Hatak cannon fire.

...Not a fun dream by any stretch of the imagination, really. 

This psychic link thing has been growing stronger since the four of you had your apparently alternate selves surviving in a doomed timeline for a year condensed down into who knows how many nights of nightmares and dreams.

Ruby decided to take the day off and confined herself to her room to try and relax. Rhubee is here with you, and you're both trying to remain as stable as you can for the other two.

This whole mental link thing is just... So Weird.

If you focus enough, you can just sort of see what's going on with Gray right now. She's talking with her parents, right now, and in the other room, Lord El Melloi is talking with Cameron Mitchel and Mordred Pendragon.

[I can't help but think this would've been easier if none of us remembered,] Gray thought towards you as soon as she picked up your passive observation.

[Yeah, but I get the feeling you'd have tried to ignore all of this anyways even if we didn't remember the other timeline,] you tell her. 

[Nnngh. You're right! Damn it...]

[You gotta deal with this whole time travel thing better than ignoring it, Gray,] you send her some comforting thoughts. [Just... remember we're here to help if you need it, alright?]

[...Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.]

You are once again Akita, and you nearly jump out of your shoes when you exit the rest room because Pyxxal is standing there, facing the door, as you open it.

"Hello, I'd like to talk in private for a moment," She declares- her tone of voice is that motherly "We're going to talk whether you want to or not" tone of voice.

"Can I atleast exit the restroom first?" you ask.

"Of course," she steps aside. "Let's walk and talk, if you don't mind."

You very much do, really, but she's not going to give you much ground to work with.

She's unzipped the outer layer of what you now guess is a jacket that she had on over the shirt she has on display now, because you can see the INDIGO SIGN across the black T-shirt underneath. It looks like a little house on a hill. 

It takes you a moment to review your mental index of Alternian Blood Caste Signs, and come up with SAGICER, the SIGN OF THE HOSTESS.
Blood Aligned, you want to say? Blood sounds right.

"So, I heard from Miss Albarn about how you and Lloyd met," Pyxxal begins. "Chained up and forced to escape in such a drastic situation brought up some... unpleasant memories for him, I can imagine."

"Suppose so," you offer, cautiously. "He mentioned a few things."

"Harumi?" Pyxxal asks.

"Yeah," you nod. Geeze, where is she going with this?

"Then you should know that Lloyd does not trust easily these days," Pyxxal says. "He cut us out when he came to Atlantis. Zhaane has been worried about him, as have I, and the others."

Oh. Good grief. You think you know what's coming next...

"That is why I have but one question for you," Pyxxal turns to face you, a narrow, speculative look to her eyes. "What are your intentions towards Lloyd?"

Yeeeep. Alright, let's see where she's going with this.

"...My Intentions?" You ask- fishing for information. "What do you mean, exactly?"

"What Quadrant are you pursuing him in?" Pyxxal clarifies.

...You can't help it.

You laugh.

"I don't see what is so funny," Pyxxal states with a frown.

"Look, Pyxxal," you tell her. "Lloyd and I have both made it very clear to the other that neither of us are looking for Romance right now. We're just friends."

"Friendship inevitably leads towards Quadrant Entanglement in my experience," Pyxxal states.

"Yeah, well, sometimes a guy and a girl can hang out and be friends without being Romantic," you say. "Doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just happened outside of your experience."

"That still does not answer my question," she states again. "I need to know what your intentions towards Lloyd are and if need be, I will put a stop to them."

"We're friends, and teammates, and that's it," you say. "I don't have any other answer to give."

And with that, you turn, and move to head back towards the Cafeteria.

"Where are you going?" She asks, shocked.

"I don't got time for this nonsense," you say. "If you wanna give someone the Nth Degree about romance, go talk with Marinette, Chloe, or Shirou. I'm sure they'd give you a-"

You don't get to finish that sentence. A hand falls on your shoulder, gripping tightly, near painfully- just enough to tell you that if you try moving more, she's going to probably squeeze your arm out of its socket.

"We. Are. Not. Finished." Pyxxal states, sounding angry.

"Oh for Cryin' out Loud," you mutter, then, a second later, you're dragged and hauled around towards a wall. 

"You will tell me what Quadrant you intend to settle in with Lloyd and you will tell me now!" Pyxxal demands before shoving you against the wall with a motion that has her hand leaving your shoulder.

Bad move, lady.

You spin out of the way before you hit the wall and draw on some of the raw Magic in the air around you- spreading your wings, and using them to gain some momentum as you leap backwards by a few yards to get some distance from this lady.

"Get Back Here!" Pyxxal yells.

"Like hell I am! Take my word as it is and leave it! I'm not interested in Lloyd romantically in any way shape or form! Got it?" you tell her, growling. "If it's a fight you want, then you're barkin' up the wrong tree here, lady!"

Then, Pyxxal decaptchalogues a fucking grappling gun from her Sylladex. "Come back peacefully, or I will force you to-!"

That's when intervention strikes in the form of a bubbly, green eyed blonde, placing a hand on Pyxxal's shoulder. Familiar facial structure-- Huh-- a relative of Gray's? 

"Hey, Pyx! Don't you know the rules here?" They ask, clearly spoiling for a fight. "No fighting in the hallways!"

"Stay out of this, Pendragon!" Pyxxal demands, and flexes her shoulders backwards with a powerful thrust.

You can feel the breeze shift suddenly down the hallways from the motion- and whoever the hell just got involved gets flung down the hallway. Your only saving grace towards staying put is your still extended wings.

Holy Shit- Indigo Bloods are STRONG.

Also. Pendragon. As in--?

You are now Mordred Pendragon, and you tumble to a halt on the floor as you try to figure out what the hell was that all about.

You pick yourself up off the floor as you watch that Alternian chick from Midway start walking her way towards a rather annoyed looking Wolf-girl Faerie. 

Geeze. Indigo Bloods are Strong alright. 

But, you're STRONGER.

You decaptchalogue Excaliber's HILT and tap its metal against the wall. The impact makes a nice, resounding, struck bell ring down the hallway.

Pyxxal stops in her tracks, and turns to look at you. "What do you intend to do with a sword that has no blade?"

"I dunno," you ask. "What're you intending to do with a Grappling Gun?"

"This is not your business, Pendragon," Pyxxal says. "This is between me and Akita Red."

"Oh, no, please, don't stop on my account," the Fae girl- Akita you guess- cracks a grin as she palms a Radio into hand. "Interfere all you want, Mysterious Hero with a Broken Sword!"

"Thanks," you grin, and aim Excaliber at Pyxxal. "So. Do you wanna back down and we can talk about this like civilized people, or should we take this to the Gym?"

"Here is perfectly fine-" Pyxxal declares- and then swaps out her grappling gun for a fucking circular, Z shaped sort of throwing blade. Moments later, a full set of Samurai Armor appears across her body.

Oh What the FUCK!? You call cheats! You had to leave all your cool toys back on Earth!

And then she leaps at you with a roar and Oh- FUCK!!!

You dodge out of the way and see the floor crack on impact. 

...You get the feeling this is going to be a pretty quick fight, all things considered.

You are Argo Lalonde, and your radio buzzes on the security channel- "Uhh... This is Akita of AR-9 reporting in a Brawl between an Alternian Samurai and- I think- Mordred Pendragon in the hallways outside of the Cafeteria? We're, uh... starting to draw a crowd here. Security, please?"

Oh. Damn it.

You facepalm. 

Of COURSE that woman had a second sylladex hidden on her somewhere.

"Security to the Cafeteria Hallways," you order. "Zats and Wraith Stunners only, please?"

Woolsey snores from his desk.

Geeze, he's tired out already, huh?

Man, he's not going to last a year at this rate.

Your name is Rhubee Xaolon, and you stare at the fight going on in the hallway right now.

Some Alternian chick in blue and red Samurai armor is fighting off Mordred Fucking Pendragon with an ever increasing arsenal of decaptchalogued weaponry.

Mordred, to his credit, is doing a damn fine job of evading being struck and blocking everything with Excaliber's broken hilt, but still, it's-

A Security Guard raises a Wraith Stunner and fires off a burst at the enraged Samurai- whose armor absorbs the blast easily, as if it weren't even there, Uh oh, you think you know that techno--

Another Security Guard tries a Zat- it, too, is absorbed. In retaliation, The Samurai decaptchalogues a volley of Throwing Stars that the Security Guards have to dodge inorder to not get riddled with sharp, pointy pieces of metal.

HOLY SHIT. Talk about Escalation!!!

You glance around at the rest of the quickly arriving Security Detail, and realize none of them really know how to intervene with a fight like this when KULL WARRIOR ARMOR is involved.

It's painted fancy, but that energy absorption is a very familiar trick.

"OH YOU CHEATING BASTARD!" Mordred yells- having noticed the same thing.

Samurai X here just draws a very long, and very blood stained sword and seems prepared to cleave Mordred's head off in retaliation.


Okay, fuck it, you see Akita back there drawing a knife and getting ready to dive into battle too.

[Guys, I'm about to do something fucking stupid so please don't yell at me?] Is all the warning you give before decaptchaloging your BATTLE SCYTHE and using your psychic powers to rush into battle and block that very dangerous neck slash attack with your weapon.

The Samurai growls- "STAY OUT OF THIS!"

"NOT A CHANCE!" You yell in turn.

Akita jumps into the fray with a howl- and tries to jab her knife into the Samurai's back.

Shit- why the hell is this going on today of all days?

Gray's face met both of her hands, and she whined- "Rhubee! Why!?"

The ongoing conversation between Gray's parents, Waver El Melloi II, and Cameron Mitchel came to a halt, and Mitchel glanced over and asked, "Let me guess. Mordred got in a brawl?"

Your name is Maka Albarn, and you stare at the brawl going on in the hallway.

Soul whistled sharply over the cheering, and rather confused crowd, that had formed on either end of the hallway to observe the ongoing fight that was doing more to damage the hallway than any of the opponents involved. "Wow, Lloyd, you never told us your friend was a Samurai. She's got some good technique there, if a bit unfocused."

"Glubbing damn it..." Lloyd groans, covering his eyes with his hands. "This! This is why I left Lopan!"

Akita almost gets her head taken off- but Rhubee darts in with a burst of petals and spins her out of the way- another flower planter gets shattered, dirt and poor plants hitting the floor.

"Geeze! What's her problem anyways!?" Rhubee asks, even as Mordred takes stage to delay the woman for a moment.

"She thought I was lying when I said I didn't have any romantic intentions towards Lloyd," Akita answered.

Oh. Well. That explains a lot.

"Pyxxaaaaaaaaaal!" Lloyd groans out again- sounding very, very tired of this shit. 

If the Samurai had any intentions of stopping in Lloyd's presence, she clearly didn't hear him, or was aware he was even here.

"Hey, wait, I have an idea," Akita suddenly exclaims. "When you do your speed thing, spin like a top and hook onto her armor! On my mark!"

"What? Okay! Got it!" Rhubee acknowledges, getting into position with her scythe, holding it out so that the sharp blade is pointed inwards towards herself.

"SWITCH!" Mordred yelps- and Akita rushes into the fray, switching in to block another weapon strike.

"XAOLON, GO!!" Akita yells- breaking a block and shifting her legs into wolf form slightly.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Rhubee starts to spin- and then accelerates towards the brawl with a burst of her psychic powers- hurtling forwards like a tornado of rust red rose petals.

There are SPARKS where the tip of that tornado are touching the ground. Holy SHIT you want to figure out how to do that for yourself! That looks amazing!

Akita kicks out and lands a blow against Pyxxal's chest- and she stumbles backwards, right as Rhubee's impromptu tornado attack smashes into her back with enough force to dislodge her helmet and send the Indigo blood hitting the far wall from the impact generated.

It doesn't take long for some random Security person to Zat her in the face before she can get back up.

"Hah." Mordred laughs. "Just like Vala and Jonas said. Head's always vulnerable without the helmet."

That's when Gray and Cameron Mitchel come running up to survey the aftermath.

"Hey guys!" Rhubee waves. "You just missed my awesome new spin technique!"

Soul laughs. "I hope she teaches us how to do that."

"Me too," you say in agreement.

"If anyone needs me," Lloyd announces, "I'm going to my room to sleep the rest of today off like the bad nightmare it's been."

Your name is Argo Lalonde, and you massage at the bridge of your nose as you look at the annoyed Alternian woman sitting in Atlantis' holding cell. Pyxxal Borrgh, Indigo Blood, trained in the ancient Alternian Samurai Artforms. 

...Accessory to the death of one Harumi Sylant on LOPAN last year, after she nearly destroyed a brewery in what you're now learning was an assassination attempt on Alloyd Armadn.

"So. Let me get this Straight," you start to summarize off of the events that Akita told you about leading up to todays... insanity, along with a thorough search of the guest quarters and confiscated equipment and clothing. "You came to Atlantis to try and find out if Alloyd Armadn made any friends, being his ex-moirail's matesprit, and figure out if any of them were like this 'Harumi' girl. And if they were, murder them to death with weapons you smuggled into Atlantis via a Sylladex you hid inside a hidden pocket inside your jacket. And when Akita refused to answer your questions, you turned to force. And when Mordred, and later the Security Team got involved, you escalated to Deadly Force. Am I missing anything?"

"No," the woman within the cell says with a shake of her head. "You have the gist of it."

"I just have to ask. Why?" You look at the woman sitting before you.

"...When Lloyd left, our group needed him the most," Pyxxal states. "He was the heart that kept us together. Without him... we've splintered. Zhaane is.... he needed his Moirail the most after that point but now... I'm afraid I've lost him. Harumi... she... killing her should have ended this torment for us, but it just gave us far more grief to deal with."

"And did you talk with Your Moirail?" You ask. "About any of this?"

"Neeaah has her own issues to deal with regarding her Brother," Pyxxal shrugs. "I didn't think it right to burden her with this, and now I've done worse."

You sigh. It's never easy. "You'll be transferred back to the Alternia Galaxy in a couple of days. After that, it'll be up to General Leijon to press charges or not."

"...Why?" Pyxxal asks. "I attacked your people with intent to kill. If anything I should be culled on the spot."

"Yeah, well, Akita's not pressing because Lloyd asked her not to. Mordred was just trying to stop you from doing something you'd regret, and Rhubee and the Guards were just trying to get you to stop wrecking the hallway," you say. "And my Boss? He was the one who approved you to visit among others." Not to mention he was asleep during the whole thing. "As it is, you're not a member of this Expedition, and you're not our problem if nobody is pressing charges. Hence, we're sending you back to Alternia."

"Very well," She nodded in understanding, and said nothing else.

You are Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and you knock at the door to the guest room Alya is staying in.

There's a moment's pause, before she opens it, and... God. Does your ex friend look tied.

"Hey, Alya," You say. "I'm here like you asked."

"Hey, Marinette," Alya begins. "Come on in. There's... a lot I want to talk about."

"Alright," you say, and enter her room as she steps aside.

"So, uh... Publicly, you know I quit my job back in Paris," she begins. "And, uh, while I've been looking into other things, the, Uh, I figure I should tel you that my attempts to get back here to Atlantis were mostly just so I could... I don't want to get posted here, actually. I just wanted to apologize."

"Apologize, huh?" You ask. "For what?"

"The shit show with Adrien, uh, what was it last year? Sure feels like it was a year ago, even if it wasn't," Alya offers. "That, uh. Wasn't his finest moment. Or mine, really." She sighs. "I didn't... entirely quit my job. I got fired, basically."

"You got fired?" You stare at her for a moment. "Seriously?"

"I was vouching for Adrien," Alya answers. "And I... I ignored a lot of complaints about him. I was already going to be on suspension for all of that. Depending on how things went here, I might've gotten through unscathed. But... Adrien fucked it up and I let him make an ass of himself in front of the Documentary cameras and... Yeah. I'm pretty sure they were going to fire me for that alone, and then that shit show about the IOA rep's husband murdering people because of MY REPORT? I..." She shakes her head. "I got offered to resign and quit, or be fired. I chose to quit."

That's... that's a lot to take in.

"They asked you to quit after a murder you had no way was going to happen???" You ask, astonished.

"Two bad publicity moments after another, it reflected bad on the studio, especially since it all tied back to Atlantis, too," Alya sighed. "I think the studio was under pressure from the President to fire me before I caused another intergalactic incident regarding Atlantis."

She chuckles, dryly, and you don't quite get the humor. 

"And yet," she concludes, "Here I am, just present IN the City and a fucking fight breaks out in the hallways. I'm like, a bad luck magnet or something."

You sigh. "No, that's just how things here in Atlantis tend to go, Alya. Some days are just..." you mime an explosion.

"How do you even stand it here?" Alya asked. "Just... two visits and one double homicide, and I'm... I'm ready to go curl up in my bed and never go outside again."

"I've got friends who are willing to look out for me and listen to me when I say what I'm feeling and don't just... ignore it, you know?" You offer, and wince as you realize the not so subtle dig you sent her way.

"Yeah, that's... that's fair enough," Alya sighed. "So I guess that's full circle." She looks you in the eyes. "Marinette, I'm sorry I was a shitty friend and hounded you like that. I'm sorry I didn't listen, and I'm sorry I put you on the spot and... And I'm sorry I keep forcing myself into your life when you clearly don't need me in it anymore. I guess I.... I was just trying to get back some of what we had back in school? You know? Some... sense of normalcy. To go back to the days before Aliens, and Time Travel, and Parallel Dimensions, and Quantum Space Fuckery, and- Oh. God. Hallway Brawls."

"No, I think Hallway Brawls were pretty common even back in school," you say. "Remember Alix and Kim and all their stupid dares?"

Alya blinks, and winces. "Yeah. I remember. Damn, how'd I block that out for so long?" She shakes her head. "Okay, yeah, just... cut that last part about Hallway Brawls, that's actually pretty normal, all things considered."

"Consider it cut out," you say. 

You both sit for a moment, and Alya sighs. "I'm not even going to ask for your forgiveness. I don't think I deserve it at this point, let alone could accept it even if you gave it."

"I'll be honest, Alya," you say. "You could've done a lot worse by me than you did. Atleast, even with Adrien, misguided as you were, you still wanted what you thought was best for me. Your heart was in the right place even if your mind wasn't, um..." How to put it politely?

"Malfunctioning on such a horrendous comprehension level it's a miracle I ever became a reporter in the first place?" Alya offered, and you wince at such a harsh statement.

"I was going to say 'firing on all cylinders,' actually," you offer in turn. 

Alya laughs- a somewhat bitter, but mostly actually finding it funny kind of laugh. "Okay, I'll take that."

All things considered. You're probably not going to forgive her any time soon, but atleast the air's been cleared between you two.

"Sooo...." Your name is Cameron Mitchel, and you, Mordred, and your, uh... Well she's not an ALTERNATE Timeline Great Granddaughter considering she's from your time line to begin with. But She IS the great granddaughter of alternate timeline versions of you and Mordred so... 




"Who here hates time travel?" You offer.

"Me!" Artoria Gray raises her right hand into the air.

"It's pretty annoying, all things considered," Mordred nods.

The three of you stand on a balcony, over looking the ocean and the reflection it has of two visible moons from above in the sky. It's a striking image that perfectly envokes the situation.

Two moons, reflected by a boundary of shimmering potential.

Two timelines, a reflection of what is and what was. 

Two potentials, but a single reality.

"The nightmares are the worst part," Gray says. 

"Tell me about it," Mordred agreed. "I've had some dreams every now and then, since I went into the Unending. Other mes. Other timelines... Ever since the split happened... I've started having dreams of that other timeline." He glances over at Gray. "Little things, here and there, but.... I think I remember you and your team helping us out of a jam."

Gray nodded. "We delayed two Goa'uld who were after you," she explained.

"I think I had a dream about that too, the other night," you say. "I thought it was just... crazy, though. Did you girls use the theme to The Good The Bad and The Ugly, or was I imagining it?"

"Oh, we definitely used that theme, alright," Gray nodded. "It was Ruby's idea. I think." She frowns. "The large details are there, but the small ones are... Just so much harder to pin down."

"Well," you say. "Given enough time, I think we can all put it together pretty well."

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you sigh in relief as your team steps through the Stargate back into Atlantis's Gate Room, dripping wet and covered in an unknowable, pink hued, sort of vaguely slimy substance.

"Welcome baaa--" Argo trails off from greeting you from having stopped midway down the stairs from the control room. "What the Fuck happened and should we blacklist P2R-K3Y?"

"You don't want to know," you say, sighing in defeat.

"And That'd be a yep on the blacklist," Mallek says, grabbing a handful of slime from his hair and tossing it to the floor before it got into his eyes. 

"Can someone get us some large wash tubs?" Tyzias asks. "And also, like, a couple gallons of soap and water and some privacy curtains? I don't want to track this shit through the city."

"With haste on both of those requests," Daraya says, removing her goggles so more of the unfortunate substance can pour forth out onto the growing puddle on the floor gathering between your feet. "Please."

"...I think I can arrange that," Argo nods, and quickly retreats up the stairs.

"Some days," you lament. "Some days just are total shit shows."

"Atleast we're not covered in *actual* shit," Mallek says.

"I wouldn't say what we ARE covered in is any better," Daraya comments.

"That said," Tyzias says, "I think we can safely say the Ancients are confirmed to have shitty taste in genetic experimentation."

"Is that really breaking news?" Mallek asks. "Like. To anyone?"

"Nope," you and Daraya agree, in echo of each other. Mallek only differs with a "Not at all."

"Glubbing hell," Tyzias lamented. "I am so tired of this exploring shit, some days."

"Yep," Daraya and Mallek agree, in echo of each other. You only differ with a "Same."

All in all, just another day in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 02/06/0007.

You are now Joey Claire, and you and your Matesprit, Mierfa Durgas, lay in bed together, relishing in the early morning sun gleaming through the window and warming the room.

Mierfa nuzzles her nose up against your neck, and you can't help but giggle.

The morning is young, and you're content with everything just existing as it is.

About an hour and a half later, you've both gotten up and reasonably dressed for breakfast.

"So, any plans for the day?" you ask.

"Mmh, not really, just helping Wanshi down at the caverns," Mierfa answers.

As per usual, you note with a nod.

"What about you?" She asks.

"Well, I've got a jam session with Xefros scheduled for later this afternoon, we're working on a new song," you explain. "Other than that, nothing much."

"New song! Neat!" Mierfa smiled. "Can't wait to hear it!"

"Me too," you laugh. 

And then the phone rings, and you answer it, and Okurii is passing along a message that Jude and Cassie will be coming to visit later today.

"Change of plans," you tell Mierfa after the call ends. "Looks like my Brother's coming to visit."

"That sounds like Fun," Mierfa smirks. "Hopefully it's just a social visit, though."

"Yeah," you agree. "Hopefully... hopefully it'll just be a social visit."

It Wasn't Just a Social Visit.

Jude had a heavy story to tell and so you and he went outside to the yard while Cassie stayed inside with the kids.

About an hour after Jude started telling his story, he finally got to the end where the Alternate Cassie told Janet Fraiser the big reveal-

"Wait, wait, wait," you hold up your hand- needing time to process. "Alt Timeline Cassie is Nirrti!?"

"Yeah," Jude nods. "And it's a doozy of a story they had to tell."

"Yeah, I got that part when you started talking about Ba'al erasing History," you say, massaging at the bridge of your nose.

Fucking hell, talk about an existential crisis.

You distract your mind for a moment by glimpsing into the living room with your guardian Arai Beetle to watch Cassie keep Penny and Toko entertained.

Your little girl is walking on two legs now, and you still can't get over it.

And to think she and Penny almost didn't exist because you and Jude almost DIDN'T EXIST is...

You center yourself, and start pacing around the yard.

Time Travel. Of course it would be time travel and all that shit... but what's worse is...

"Okay, so," you stop your pacing, and look to your brother. "Do you still have the Remote Dialer Device?"

"Of course I do," Jude nods. He decaptchalogues the item, and you suck in a sharp breath upon seeing That Device again.

"Good. Keep it with you," you tell him as he recaptchalogues it, 

"...Did we use it in Giza?" Jude asks- then- "Wait, no, don't tell me that. I'll figure it out if I have to."

"All I'll say is that you showed it to me," you say. "And yeah, that's it, alright."

"Figures that it'd be that simple of a time loop at minimum," Jude says, shaking his head. "Even if it wasn't used here for what it was meant to be used for, it still gets used in some time loop."

"It's gotta be one of those temporal fixed point items or something," you say, shaking your head as well. 

This whole thing is...

"Is it weird that I find it a weird that Pa hooked up with someone else in that timeline and didn't have us?" Jude asks pretty much out of nowhere. 

You can't help but laugh. "Jude, given all the time travel involved that wound up with your wife also being the matriarch of the Lalonde family in its own, weird, round about way? The fact that Mitchel and Mordred adopted a kid who could be considered to be our-" you pause to do the genetic math. Ba'al plus Artoria, equals a kid, who had the adopted kid with a guy who was... grandson? Grandson sounds about right and is as far as you're willing to stretch it. Grandson of your PA and CATHRINE LANGFORD, so...  One, two... "Great Niece, who wound up having a kid who had a kid who helped you BUILD that time macguffin in the first place is-"


Oh. Good grief.

That girl, Artoria Gray, is technically your great *great* grand niece. 

You and Jude both place both of your hands firmly against your faces in that moment.

"I really hate Time Travel," Jude laments.

"I hate it too," you agree.

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"That's not a happy sounding 'uhoh,'" Mckay says.

"That's because it's not," you say. "The Stargate's energy buffer is gradually building up a charge it can't get rid of because the Stargate it still active. Atleast point one percent a minute since the connection was first made." You frown. "I'll need to run some calculations, but it looks like the Iris is slowing the buildup."

"What exactly are we dealing with here?" You ask Orlin.

"It's a directly targeted energy weapon designed to overload a Stargate's superconductive materials over an extended period of time," Orlin answers. "Unlike the Attero Device, which caused a rapid build up of energy within the eventhorizon itself. The idea was to take the accidental power of the Attero Device and make it controlable, as a threat to be directed at Goa'uld who refused to co-operate... but for reasons Janus neglected to inform me of, the project ended up being canceled and scraped."


"Prometheus is heading out to Pegasus today," Tegiri says. "For the moment, as it's stationed at Earth, Delta needs to remain in Earth Orbit guarding it just in case of Goa'uld or English retaliation. At least one Megazord to guard the Supergate..."

"The Slayer should remain to guard the Supergate," Dammek suggests. "It's got the Attero Cannon, after all."


"Miss Morgan, Thank you for consenting to an interview."

"I feel it's time to set the record straight on certain things."


JOEY CLAIRE speaks, "To Shadre, beheader of Apophis, and leader of the Dark Carnival. We have your fleet on the ropes. Surrender NOW or forever be turned to ashes."

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing," Shadre counters.

"Fine." Joey remarks. "I'm giving you one more chance to surrender. Otherwise? It's your funeral, then,"

"You're way too fucking confident for that paltry amount of ships!" Shadre laughs. "You and WHAT ARMY are going to stop MY FORCES!?"

The Sovereign Slayer exited Hyperspace.

"I brought a Sovereign Slayer," Joey smirks. "What cards are in your pocket?"


"I suppose so. What can you tell us?"

"Thousands and thousands of years ago- one of our own- Janus- designed a weapon. He called it the Attero device. It worked- it destroyed their ships anywhere in the galaxy- but at a cost. A side effect none of us saw coming."


The Sovereign Slayer's mouth opens wide and belches out a beam of purple energy with a cry of "ZYUUUUOOOOON"! The beam strikes the open eventhorizon of the Supergate.

The Wormhole flickers- and boy does it flicker some more- and then some Alien Ship tries to exit the eventhorizon and gets utterly DESTROYED by emerging into the concentrated stream of energy targeting the Supergate. Another ship tries to come through moments later, suffering the same fate. And then another, to the same dead end.

As the Sovereign Slayer finishes discharging it's energy attack, no other ships attempt to come through. Not even after a minute of tense waiting when finally, the Supergate shuts down mere seconds later with a lurch that seems to have been MUCH too abrupt to have been a natural shutdown.


"It also exploded Stargates?"

"It also exploded Stargates. We shut the project down immediately there after, and most of us committed the treasonous energy pattern to memory so as to avoid using it in other projects in the future..."


"I keep screwing it up," Daniel says, gazing down at his feet. "I can't even find Janus' lab to make sure the Control Crystal for the Attero Device is actually destroyed."


Your name is Karkat Vantas, and you stand on the deck of the Delta's bridge, watching as the Hyperspace window whirls on infront of you.

The Delta Megaship drops out of hyperspace in the void between galaxies.

"Slayer arriving," Stelsa reports. "Visual transmission automated."

"On screen," you order.

...What you see is very disconcerting. A blinding white star of exotic energy that vaguely holds the shape of a Mofang cruiser.

And then the feed cuts to static as Stelsa reports:

"Energy wave peaking!"

"Brace for Impact!" You broadwave through the ship and to the Astro, and likely Prometheus as well.

And then you see a blinding burst of white light explode in the not too far off distance through the bridge windows- filling up the entire view of the Milky Way Galaxy, blocking it from sight.

It's one hell of an explosion...

And then the shockwave hits.


DIASPORA DATE: 02/09/0007.

The Apollo landed on the Southern Pier of Atlantis with a little less than the usual grace that a BC-304 could manage.

People actually felt the city Vibrate to a noticable, if small degree as it landed.

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you feel... well, nervous as you wait for the Colonel to make his way to you to report on the events that transpired.

The Appolo had been delayed for FAR longer than the initially projected "just a few days."


Colonel Ellis appeared in the Control Room without much fanfare, looking tired and grumpy. At his side was a tense looking Japanese-descented Lieutenant holding a moderately sized data storage device in arm.

"Colonel, Welcome back to Atlantis," you greet.

"Mister Woolsey," Ellis nods. "It's good to be back."

"We can talk in my office," you offer. 

"It's appreciated," he says, then, to the technician, "Lieutenant Shinohara, ensure that scanning data makes it to Doctor Entykk and her team."

"Yes, sir," the lieutenant  nodded, and headed off, a grimace on her face.

You and Ellis head into your office, and he grimaces as you sit down on opposite sides.

"I take it your delay was more concerning than expected?" you ask.

"You could say that," Ellis nods. "The first subspace rupture we encountered was massive- almost like a giant trip wire. It was vaguely cylindrical with an estimated radius of a hundred thousand kilometers, and stretched on for several hundred light years in either direction, and showed no signs of stopping."

"My God, that sounds..." you wince. "Artificial."

"Given the energy wave we observed when the first one pulsed off, we're pretty certain it is, but I'd rather have someone double check the data," Ellis says. "Something about this was ringing a bell, some long forgotten mission report I probably read, but I can't remember for the life of me. I'm hoping someone else will have a better memory. But if it's not something old like I think it might be..."

"You suspect it may be something new," you frown. "Also. First? You said that twice."

"My concern is that it's an experiment of Medea's. either to generate another rift such as the one she intended to create before, or it's meant as a weapon," Ellis says. "Because we encountered two more subspace disturbances just like that on the way back from completely different angles of attack."

"...Once is concerning, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action," you groan. "Damn it."

"Medea would have the motive for wanting to take out any of our ships in Pegasus," Ellis states his logic. "If not the Wraith, or some other new threat."

"What would have happened if the Apollo had been caught inside one of these disturbances?" You ask.

"We almost were, and the results weren't pretty," Ellis replies. "The last one clipped us on the rear and our hyperdrive nearly shorted out on us. If that had happened with us fully inside the disturbance... I don't think we would have been alive anymore to tell the tale."

You swallow, considering the disturbing news.

"This is not good," you say.

"No," Ellis agrees. "It's not."



DIASPORA DATE: 02/21/0007.

A large warehouse loomed in the middle of a quiet forest atop a very tall and steep hill, shadowed from above by the crimson light of a setting sun piercing through a purple-blue sky. 

Sometimes alien planets were weirdly pretty. But in this case, it lent an air of ominousness to the situation. The warehouse was covered in thick, fleshy, crimson vines, and there was no sound in this forest at all. Not a bird's chirp, or insect's buzz.

Frame all of that imagery behind the windshield of a hazmat suit, and you've got the beginnings of a horror movie.

Your name is JENNIFER KELLER, one of Atlantis' CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICERS, and you're huffing and puffing as you hike it up hill from the landed Jumper through the jungle towards the facility. AR-1 leads the way, also clad in Hazmat suits.

"Well, if this isn't a horror flick waiting to happen, I dunno what is," Sheppard remarks, nowhere near as out of breath as you are.

"Couldn't we have-" Mckay on the other hand is just a bit as winded. "Landed higher on the hill?"

"And land ontop of the weird vine shit that could possibly swallow our Jumper Whole? Sure," Sheppard replies. "But then we'd have to hike down hill and even further to get back to the Gate."

"Well, downhill's easier than uphill!" Mckay remarks.

"He's right on that, but I'd really not have to run or walk back to the gate in full hazmat," you say.

"Quit your whining. A steep incline never hurt anyone," Ronon grouches.

"I am merely glad that I am allowed field missions at all now, and am grateful for the exercise," Teyla states.

It doesn't take too much longer for you to finish climbing the hill and follow the path of cleared vines into the building. Vines cover every available surface, but the ones inside seem, dryer... almost as if...

"The vines look dead up close," you observe. "Atleast, the ones here do. They looked fresher outside." 

"Which just lends to the creepiness," Mckay remarks, to which you agree.

Sheppard clicks on a flashlight, highlighting a set of stairs downwards "Ehvans radio'd that his team found a lab in the basement that was the epicenter of this shit. Keep an eye on your feet and don't trip."

You descend into the horror movie basement waiting to happen, and soon enter a WRAITH TECH LAB that's been mostly overgrown by the dying vines.

AR-9 stands near an observation window, clad in normal exploration outfits rather than Hazmat gear. They all look freaked out of their minds.

"Oh thank God," Maka Albarn exhales. "You're here."

"What's the situation?" You ask.

"We found the body in a room downstairs," 'Soul' Ehvans says, jabbing a thumb at the window. "Looks like whoever it was had these vines growing out of them- they're dead, though, and so's everything else that was growing from them."

You peer out the window into the room below, and sure enough, at the center of all of this is a mummified looking corpse with a tight net of dead, decaying vines growing from their body.

"We managed to hack into the computers, barely functioning as they were," Alloyd Armadn states. "We're pretty sure it's Not one of Medea's labs. But... well. What they were researching here is just about as shady, if you ask me."

"And what were they researching here?" Mckay asks.

"Well, we theorized and then knew from Medea's database that Wraith Cruisers and Hiveships are grown- organic tech, after all-" Armadn says. "But... it looks like whoever was running this place was trying to super charge the process somehow."

"Are you saying these vines are a nascent Wraith Hiveship?" You ask, panning your flashlight around the room.

"Seeded into a person and grown from it," Akita Red remarks, grimly. 

"Hence, Hazmat request," Albarn concluded.

"Alright, I'll run some tests and see what I can find," you say.

You are now John Sheppard, and you're tense. Keller had gotten blood tests started on AR-9's members, but the portable scanners would take time to do that work, and so she decided to go into the once sealed isolation chamber and start poking around the dead body in the room that had caused all of this mess.

"Is anyone else getting sweaty, or is it just me?" Mckay asks.

"It's just you, and before you say anything, remember that we're in full Hazmat," you say. "Only way you're catching whatever it is is if you've got a suit rupture. Besides that, Ehvans' team has been here longer and isn't showing signs of symptoms."

"Okay, but what if-" Mckay's paranoia doesn't get that far, because the radios buzz, and Keller speaks:

"Guys? I think there may be a problem," she states, sounding worried.

You radio back, turning to look into the isolation room. "What's the problem, Doc?"

"This dead vine flesh is funky. I think its blood has been turning acidic as it decays," Keller hesitates, holding her knife  over the section of removed vines, leaving an exposed chest behind. "I don't know if I should risk cutting into the body or not."

You consider it. "Pull out, Doc. Risk to life isn't worth it."

"Alright," Keller nods- and that's when everything goes to shit, because the chest of the corpse infront of her suddenly explodes in all directions- showering the room and everything in it with a murky green powder.

"GAH!" Keller yells out- shielding herself, but too late. 

There's a small burst of air from multiple places on the Hazmat suit as whatever that green shit is eats through the material.

"Keller!" Mckay yells out in shock.

Your name is Tyzias Entykk, and you stare at the data that the Apollo had recorded from their strange subspace encounter not too long ago.

Concerning enough is ONE vaguely cylindrical expanse of subspace that the hyper drive refused to pass through before it suddenly vanished. That, more than it's sudden appearance, was the most concerning thing of all.

But three? At various different angles?

Well, that sure as hell looks like a reposition-able, or worse, multiple BEAM WEAPONS of some kind was fired off into space at a random direction each time- causing a subspace anomaly that the 304 class hyper drives refused to pass through- or nearly destroyed the Apollo itself with the last shot.

Placing each recorded beam in a cross section of the galaxy as a whole, and extrapolating in both directions for maximum possible length.,.. 

The beam's potential striking influence cuts in both directions like several large needles jabbed through Pegasus's Milky Way Galaxy facing arm- each one at a slight upwards angle through the center of the galaxy clear through to the other side.

There are numerous planets with Stargates that fall within those lines... and at least one of them had a Stargate that's now non functional. 

After directing a Puddle Jumper to investigate it from the next closest functioning Stargate... it was found there was nothing but a molten crater where the Stargate and a small, recently culled by Wraith settlement should have been. There were no survivors from the explosion.

"This is potentially very, very bad," you state for the record.

"Tell me about it," Mallek then swears, staring at the data before you. "This looks an awful lot like the kind of damage that would happen if a Stargate exploded."

"Okay, so," you massage at the bridge of your nose. "We're assuming this has to be some variation of the Attero Device. Right?"

"Obviously," Mallek agrees. "But we still haven't found Janus' lab to destroy the Control Crystal, so that leaves the original facility still intact. Maybe they revived it?"

"And made it mobile? No, we know that's not it," you shake your head. "If someone found the original facility and decided to build their own control crystal, or make a beam weapon out of it, they would have had a single, solitary place to launch from," you say. "But we don't see that."

"Right," Mallek nods. "The beams launch out from several different locations, and don't intersect on any one planet. Which means either multiple ships, or one moving weapon."

You work your jaw. "...This is giving me a bad feeling."

"Agreed," Mallek nods. "This is clearly someone trying to attack the Apollo and failing due to us having a failsafe in the programming."

"So someone's using an Attero based weapon against us," you frown. "Would they even know about the Stargate destabilization and explodification effect of such technology?"

"What if they don't care?" Mallek asks. "What if blowing up Stargates IS their idea, and they weren't aiming at the Apollo?"

"Take out one planet, it's a fluke," you muse. "Ideal for a test run... but blow up a bunch of them at once..."

"We'd notice," Mallek nods. "It's a miracle the Apollo didn't get directly hit. If they were trying to blow up Stargates... Damn."

"...Yeah. A miracle," you swallow. "The original Attero Device was designed to take out Wraith Hiveships and operated on a different frequency of subspace, after all. Even the Sovereign Slayer's main cannon wouldn't cause the 304 hyper drive to catastrophically fail, because we used the Wraith Hyper drive wavelength in its firing parameters.  We're lucky the first two attempts were picked up in advance by the safety sensors we designed in case someone came up with a similar device to interrupt our Hyperspace windows. If that third shot had actually hit dead on..."

"Yeah," Mallek grimaces. "If it were a Wraith only targeted beam, it wouldn't have affected the Apollo. The fact that those sensors got tripped is..." he scratches behind one ear. "Shit. Do you think some Wraith got clever and tried to turn our own weapon tech against us, not knowing we already knew about how it worked?"

"Maybe," you frown. "Or maybe it's not just directed at us."

"What, do you think someone's trying to take out Us AND the Wraith?" Mallek asks. "Especially after everything Todd's done to whittle their numbers down with the Retro Virus?"

"I'm scared that's exactly why they're firing this now," you decide, "We need to reach out to Todd and see if he's heard anything about Wraith Ships exploding in Hyperspace accidents recently."

Doctor Keller stands in one isolation room on one end of the city, the four members of AR-9 stand in another on the sheer other end of the city, and elsewhere in another isolation room far away from the other two isolation rooms are the members of AR-1, looking mightily concerned.

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you watch both of these scenes on video monitors as Doctor Fraiser brings up test results on a screen. 

"AR-1 is clear of contamination as far as we can tell, And AR-9 is half clear, but Maka Albarn, Akita Red, and Jennifer Keller's bloodstreams are riddled with a foreign particle," she explains. "We've run tests and found matches for it in Medea's database. It's definitely a derivative of the particles used to seed Wraith Hiveships and grow them, but... it's extremely hyperactive in Jennifer's case. I'd expect her to start showing symptoms within a day- whatever those symptoms are going to even be."

"Why is it more active in her than the others?" you ask. "And why are Ehvans and Armadn not infected?"

"If I had to guess, the infection was passive on Albarn and Red," Doctor Fraiser supposes. "Where as with Doctor Keller, it... Was very active. We've had Boldir, and a few other Alternian Psychics listening in, and they're picking up an active mental presence in them that isn't present in the other two."

"So the nascent Hiveship was still alive within the corpse somewhere and jumped bodies to the first one who got closest to it," you frown. 

"That's the most likely assumption," Doctor Fraiser agrees. 

"What are our options?" You ask.

"Given a lack of infection on Ar-1, Armadn, and Ehvans, I'm inclined to release them from isolation," she answers. "Albarn and Red have already agreed to take trial cures if I come up with something- and I've got a few ideas in mind already. If it works to clear the foreign particle from them, I'll attempt to give it to Keller and see if she's cured of it... but there's the time limit to consider. We may be working against the clock, here."

"If you're certain that AR-1 and Armadn and Ehvans aren't infected, and there's no risk to the rest of the City, then let them out," you decide. "But are we sure that purging this... parasite from Doctor Keller's bloodstream will kill it?"

"Given Aradia Megido caught a malevolent psychic hitchhiker around last Halloween, and exorcised it before it could cause us any trouble?" Fraiser has a grim smile. "I'm fairly certain that just severing the connection between it and Keller will be enough for Megido to perform a repeat of that stunt and exorcise it."

"Psychic Hitchhiker?" You ask. "I don't recall that mission report."

"I think it got bundled in with any number of minor, curtailed problems that get caught before they become something major," Fraiser answers. "Such as the Forced Ascension Machine Mckay almost was zapped with."

"Ah," you nod in understanding. "Those generally never make it to the IOA's tables, and I'm beginning to think they should."

"Good luck getting them to read them," Fraiser scoffs. "Prevented-before-they're-Problems never get as much attention as the Solved-last-minute-Problems."

You are Rodney Mckay, and your mind is in so many places at once now it isn't even funny.

Most of those stray thoughts are focused around various aspects of the KELLER SITUATION, but there's not really... much that you can do?

The MEDICAL DOCTORATE STUFF isn't your area of expertise, in honesty. Thus, the other situation.

The ATTERO-LIKE ATTACKS on the Apollo- those are AR-1's concerns at this moment.

You're in a Jumper along with Sheppard and all of AR-2, floating above a planet with a Spacegate, facing said Spacegate, and waiting for your contact to arrive.

And arrive they do- the Spacegate activates with a Kawoosh, and a lone Dart emerges through- the Gate shutting down immediately after.

The radio buzzes- and Sheppard puts through the transmission- a video broadcast.

"Well, this is quite the surprise," Todd begins on the other end of the transmission. "All eight of you at once? This must be quite important if you're asking me about Hyperspace accidents, alright. And it's not quite so... academic as you implied, is it?"

"No," Sheppard replies. "One of our ships was attacked with what we think was a beam form hyperspace disruption attack."

"Yes, you're aware of the Attero device and it's... hilariously infamous problem of Exploding Stargates," Todd stated- no doubt reading your minds for the information. "...Not just that but I sense there's something more. Mckay and I must talk after we're done with this dreadful Hyperspace Conversation."

"Oh, lovely," you grimace. 

"To start with," Todd begins. "Yes, my people have located the remains of a few shattered Wraith Hiveships with destruction patterns similar to what I remember from when the Attero Device was active. However, considering that the affect was precisely targeted towards those select Hiveships, I wrote off the Attero Device, because of its indiscriminate behavior. If it had been activated as it once had back during the war, I would already have been dead a dozen times over."

"But now you're rethinking it?" Tyzias asks. 

"Yes... I was rethinking it enough to meet you through a Stargate, after all, rather than by hyperspace. Now you're saying that this attack was targeted against You as well?" Todd asks- and you know he already knows that.

"Yeah," Tyzias says. "One of our ships was attacked three times. It was almost hit the last time. We knew about how the Attero Device functioned years ago, and programmed in failsafes incase we detected a similar subspace distortion actively aimed at our Hyperspace Window Frequencies."

"For the simple fact that you know the Attero Device existed and have yet to use it against us speaks volumes of your restraint," Todd smirks. "That you programmed in a countermeasure is incredible. We dabbled with such a thing, but felt no need to complete its work when the Ancients shut down their weapon of their own accord. Too many of their Precious Stargates were destroyed by it. Too many Innocent Lives lost."

"We figured as much," Sheppard says. 

"Alas, a shame we did not finish that work, perhaps we could have figured out a means of preventing more of these targeted attacks," Todd considers everything for a moment. "Unfortunately, I have no idea who would be behind these targeted attacks. There are not many in this Galaxy who would remember the horror of the Attero Device and think to use it against not just us, but you Lanteans as well."

"We were thinking Medea might have her hands behind it," Keiko speaks up. "But we're not even sure if she's alive or not right now."

"I have not heard one way or another," Todd says. "Now, about the problem regarding your dear Doctor Keller."

"You know who was experimenting with Hiveship growth rates?" you ask.

"I... have my suspicions," Todd grimaces. "As I'm sure you remember, some of my men saw the battle over the Replicator homeworld."

"Yeah," Sheppard says. "What about it?"

"...Before I was betrayed and had those ZPMs stolen, one of my men who betrayed me remarked about how..." Todd paused, and put on a tone of voice that sounded like he was quoting someone, "'Gloriously Incandescent' your humanoid form spaceship robots were."

"Ah, hell," Daraya grouches. "Don't tell me you think-?"

"More than think, I saw in his mind and caught a glimpse of him imagining a Wraith Hiveship that could perform the same transformative feat," Todd answers. "Given that I had three ZPMs, and we only confirmed the destruction of One with the Cloning Facility... I fear that Backstabber may have absconded with one of them with intent to create his own transforming spaceship robot."

"Ah, great," Daraya sighs. "It's the Mofang all over again."

"You bring a giant robot to a few space battles, of course the enemy's going to develop giant robots to counter," Mallek says with a shrug. "It's just basic law of escalation."

"I just had a crazy thought," Sheppard suddenly says.

"What's that?" You ask.

"...We Never Did Find Out what happened to the Sovereign Slayer when it got caught up in the Zillyum Rift Explosion, did we?" Sheppard asks.



Collectively, all of you in the jumper mutter out various expletives along the lines of "Oh Crap."

"Well Now," Todd chuckles. "That's an amusing thought. You all being hunted by your own weapon!"


DIASPORA DATE: 02/22/0007.

Not about half an hour after Keller's hands started to slime over with some weird substance, she had grown tired, and gone to bed in the isolation chamber.

Within a minute, red vines began growing everywhere at a rate that definitely seemed accelerated- because within two minutes, the whole isolation room had been grown over.

About five minutes after that, internal sensors detected the vines piercing the floor and ceiling and reaching for nearby power conduits.

That had been just about three hours before current- just past midnight on Earth- and you are Janet Fraiser, and you're about to give Maka Albarn a test injection that should purge the Wraith Hiveship Seed Pathogen from her bloodstream.

The power to the entire city had been cut off, ZPMs pulled entirely, with only Naquadah generators powering essential systems and locations such as the infirmary.

You take a steeling breath, and look to Albarn. "Are you ready?"

Albarn glances to the teammate at her side- Ehvans- and when he gave a  reassuring smile, she nodded. "Give it to me, Doc."

With some quick applications of restraints, to ensure she doesn't hurt herself with violent convulsions, you inject her with the cure.

It takes effect almost immediately, and the feared convulsions occur. Her heart stops in the process for thirty seconds while her body continues to convulse... And when the convulsions stop- her heart restarts.

A quick test of a fresh blood sample shows that the treatment worked, and she's clear of the disease.

You're about to give the treatment to Akita when you get radioed from the Control Room, who are reporting that the entire building the isolation chamber Keller is in has been overrun to the point that its exterior is already overgrown with vines.

"Wait," Akita raises her hand. "It's possible that I may be able to get through that mess and give Doctor Keller the cure before its too late."

You work your jaw. "Alright. Just how do you plan on getting there, then?"

A grim flash of a smile, and then she looks to Armadn. "Lloyd? Care to give me a lift?"

Several Jumpers emerged from the top of Atlantis' Central Tower, and took formation...

One of them opened their back door, and moments later a green dragon burst into existence somewhere in the skies above the top of Atlantis' central spire.

Moments later, a small figure exited that Jumper, and landed atop the Dragons head. And once secured, the dragon roared, and charged with ramming speed towards the overgrown building.

It was a sight that was beautiful to behold in the late sunset glow of New Lantea's twilight hours. Just the bright green light of the dragon, and the crimson glow of sunset reflecting across the unlit towers of the City of Atlantis...

And then, the glowing dragon crashed into the overgrown building, piercing a hole straight through the vine covered exterior, and was not seen again.

"Wait here," you are AKITA RED, and you advise Lloyd to stay where he is as you push further into the building.

You marshal past vines that have grown through raw metal and stone- the D'ni stone masons are going to have a field day replacing all of this- and find the isolation room, resembling less that and more... well... the interior of that lab this whole mess started in.

"Keller?" You call out, gazing at the bed in the center, more an altar now. "Doctor Keller, are you here?"

A voice Booms in your head from the room itself- [She Is Gone. All that remains is I.]

But- you hear Keller's actual voice speaking different words- "I- I'm here..."

[Do Not Believe it. VESTIGES OF A SHELL!!] The Nascent Hiveship yells out- but it does nothing to attack you.

Not yet, at least. With the pathogen still inside you, it's not going to attack. Not yet. It sees you as one of its own.

"Don't worry, Doc, we're gonna get you out of there." You say, approaching the table. Fortunately, it looks like Keller's head and neck are still exposed.

"I- I can't feel anything below my neck," Keller says.

[She feels nothing! NOTHING!!!] The Nascent Hiveship declares.

"B-But I think i kinda feel my heart racing way too much?" Keller continues. "Oh, god- this thing's growth rate is too much for a human to-"

You jab the first needle into her neck, and inject.

Keller screams- and the Nascent Hiveship roars- [NOW YOU DIE!]

Tentacle like vines begin to warp towards you at speed--

But you're quicker on the draw, decaptchaloging the second needle and jabbing it into your thigh.

"No!" You bark out as the vines stop mere centimeters away from you, and Keller starts to jerk in position, held restrained by the vines. "Now YOU Die!"

And then the freaking convulsions strike you, and your last thought is that you wish you had something to restrain you instead.

Your name is Aradia Megido, and your eyes snap open. "EVERYONE! NOW!"

Your gathered group of Alternian Reaper Psychics reach out and grab the bundle of Psychic energy that hitch hiked to Atlantis through Keller, and you begin tearing the thing to shreds- obliterating it down to nothing and erasing it from existence.

The screaming will probably give you a headache for a few hours, but damn, if it doesn't feel good busting this ghost.

Yes, in fact, as you'll later tease Tagora, BUSTING MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD.


DIASPORA DATE: 02/23/0007.

"I've been thinking," Tyzias spoke up suddenly in the middle of eating her salad at lunch.

"Oh?" You are Daraya Jonjet, and you raise an eyebrow. "Bout what?"

"Parenting, mostly," Tyzias answers. "About whether or not I'd be a good mother."

You make an 'ah' sound. This is about the whole F.R.A.N. thing.

"Come to any decisions on that?" You ask.

"If I switched from Offworld Travel to Desk Jobs- which, honestly, I think it'd be safer staying on base anyways what with the risk of Exploding Stargates- I think I could pull it off," Tyzias pauses. "But, I dunno if I'd be able to do it alone."

You try a mostly serious, slightly cloaked in humor reply, "Well, you'd need me to make the grub in the first place anyways, so obviously you wouldn't be doing it alone."

Tyzias smiles at you. "I was hoping to hear you say that."

"So... Are we going to try it?" You ask.

"I think once a request to shift more to desk duty goes through, yeah," you nod. "Plus, I've got a trip back to Diaspora soon on my schedule, so... what better time to try than then?"

"It'd certainly be pretty close to the caverns," you nod in agreement. "So... let's do the parenting thing?"

"Let's," Tyzias nods.

You get the feeling this is going to be the start of a rather long adventure.

Your name is Jennifer Keller, and you open your eyes to the familiar ceiling of the regular Atlantis Infirmary.

You raise your hands, and see no slimy substance or weird vines growing out of them, and giggle in nervous relief.

"Welcome back, Jennifer," Doctor Janet Fraiser hovers nearby.

"Thanks, Doc," you say. "That was... not fun."

"Tell me about it," she shakes her head. "Akita and Lloyd had to barge through the side of the tower to get that shot to you before it was too late."

You vaguely remember the distant visual image of a green energy dragon smashing into the side of the Isolation Room Tower, and Akita charging through the vines to inject you with the cure.

You don't really remember too much else, though. You think you'll be happy blocking the rest of those memories out.

"How're they anyways?" you ask.

"Akita took the cure moments after she gave it to you, and the Entity had no hosts to go into, so the combined might of about five or six Alternian Rust Blood Psychics exorcised it into oblivion," Janet smiles. "I heard from Aradia that it screamed, cursing like only a Wraith could to its last breath."

"I normally don't want to hear people suffer," you say, closing your eyes for a moment. "But after what that thing just put me through, I'm glad." You can't help but open your eyes again and look at Janet. "Does that make me a bad doctor?"

"No, it makes you human," Janet pats you on the shoulder. "Now get some rest. You've been through a lot."

"I will," you nod.

With that promise extracted, Janet turns and goes to tend to another patient...

Holy shit- "Ford?" You stare at the man, lying on a bed.

"Oh, right," Janet turns back to you and gives a smile. "Working on the cure for you, Albarn, and Akita gave me the breakthrough I needed to keep Ford stable when we pulled him out of stasis."

"Has he woken up yet?" You ask.

"Not yet, no," Janet shakes her head. "But, we're seeing improvement in his health and brain waves, so it'll happen any day now."

"Good," you relax back into bed. "That's great news to hear."

Janet nods, and tends to the man.

You can't help but sigh in relief. At the very least, the living hell you went through was good for something.

Now if only you could shake the feeling that life is about to get a thousand times harder the minute you're cleared to get out of bed.

Your name is Argo Lalonde, and you stop as you enter the admin's office- seeing Woolsey standing with his back towards you, as he faces out the window, gazing down at the Stargate.

You cough.

He doesn't hear you.

You cough louder.

He still doesn't hear you.

"Excuse me, Mister Woolsey?" You ask.

He shakes his head, finally hearing you, and turns around. "Ah, yes?"

"I have the proposed budgets and requested resources from the Science and Translation departments for you to look over," you tell him.

"Oh, right, of course," Woolsey nods. "Just place them on my desk. I'll get to them later."

You nod, do so, and then move to stand next to him. "Pardon me if you feel it's not my place, but is something the matter, Sir?"

Woolsey glances at you, and then turns his attention back to the Gate. "I felt like I was not in control over the situation at all, yesterday."

"Oh?" you ask, raising an eyebrow. "From my perspective it seemed like you had a firm grasp on the situation."

"That was less my having a firm grasp on the situation, and more the experienced personnel of this City having a firm grasp on the situation," Woolsey clarifies. "I just listened to people who had already made up their minds and let them go ahead and do it because I..." he trails off.

"Because you what?" You ask.

"I can't trust the rules," he says. "In my time at the IOA, the rules have changed a thousand times over. But I'm a man of honor, and integrity- that's what I've told myself since the beginning. If I can't trust the rules to work with me, rather than against me..." he shakes his head. "You know that a proposed IOA protocol would have had me ordering that was infected be shot before I ever was supposed to consider a risky drug threapy? And the only reason that didn't go through was because I'd shot it down back when I was still working as a member of the IOA. Before I got shoved over here for 'being on your side' too much for the IOA's liking."

You work your jaw as you consider the implications of that. "That's... harsh."

"The IOA was meant to provide Oversight, like the NID, to keep the Stargate program and other military projects from overreaching. Civilian Oversight. That was the idea. But the MINUTE Monroe bought his way into the Committee, things began to change, and now it's as corrupt as the NID ever were with the Trust running the show, if not more so. And when we do manage to get good people installed-"

"It doesn't last because the good ones get punished or hurt," you frown, remembering the Midway incident. 

"Exactly," he sighs. "I'm not here by choice. I'm not even sure what they expect me to do except fail and get replaced by someone else! What do I do to solve any of our problems? Especially now that there's this risk that the Sovereign Slayer wound up in enemy hands, and the Wraith are trying to build transforming robot ships. Plus, the idea that Medea is out there, somewhere, plotting..." 

"It's a lot to think about, Sir," you say, "But... you do the best that you can. That's how Weir's legacy has held up. She did what she could until the very last. Mikari did what she could until the very last. Jolinar and Sam did what they could until the very last." You pause as he turns to look at you, a lost look in his eyes. "I don't know what kind of leader you'll be, or how long you'll be in command here, Richard Woolsey, but if you want my advice? You do the damned best that you can until the very last."

He nods, "Thank you, Argo. I appreciate the thoughts."

You nod in turn. "Any time, Sir."

He turns back to stare at the Stargate for a moment, and then nods, and returns to his desk.

"Alright then," he says with a quick adjustment of his glasses. "Let's get to work."

"Let's," you nod in agreement.

Chapter Text

A much younger Keiko Ayano throws herself through a Quantum Mirror.
An older Keiko narrated, "That place was weird. Like, it was always overcast with an orange light even though the sky was deep, night time blue, and there was never any sun in the sky. Just stars everywhere. The plants were neon blue or orange, and... it was just weird!!"

We see Keiko survivng day to day in the Hunting Grounds.
" I... I grew complacent. I Stopped keeping watch of my surroundings and I let my guard down when I went to take a shower in a waterfall... I got ambushed by a nasty looking werewolf."

Keiko lifted her shirt, revealing a multitude of scars. 

"I almost died right there. If someone else didn't save me."
A whirl of scents and sensations- prime among them pain- swirls through your mind as you come back to the land of the conscious.

Sunlight streams through a curtain of vines into your face, and you squint upwards, realizing they're suspended by a rough cave shape of rocks that looks way too artificially shaped to be natural.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you realize you're lying flat on your back in a bed of hay beneath a rough hide blanket.

You try to move, only for a surge of pain to run across your whole everything.

"Oh! You're up," greets a purple haired, crimson eyed wolf girl wearing a similar dress to the one you are. "I wasn't expecting you up so soon."

"It's not the worst pain I've ever felt... uh..." you draw a blank on her name. "Sorry, what was your name again?"

"Yuuki," the girl says, sitting down across from you. "I didn't quite catch your name either, actually, in all the rush."

"It's Keiko," you say.

"Keiko, huh?" she smiles.

"So... how did you get here?" You ask instead.

Yuuki closes her eyes, and you can watch her wolf ears twitch. "I stumbled on an experiment the King's men were performing. They tore open a rift and I fell through, winding up here."

"Where is 'here,' exactly, anyways?" You ask.

"...Right," Her ears fall to the side. "This is the Hunting Grounds. It's where people come to hunt for eternity, if that's what they want."
Your name is John Sheppard, and you look in surprise to see that Rose has brought back with her the Werewolf fae from the other other world connected to Keiko's futuristic Ancient Apocalypse universe, the one all the ZPMS seemed to have come from. Touya, that was his name, and he was... was... what was it Jude had said he was again? Cu-Sidhe? A wolf-faerie, as close to a werewolf as your mind can think of... and probably Rose came to the same conclusion too.

Well, that's an idea, at least.

"Annnd... yeah, that's as textbook of a case of an unstable magic empowered werewolf if ever I've seen one, alright," he says, staring at Jade. "Freshly turned, right? When was she bitten?"

"Bitten?" you shake your head. "No, she just turned, suddenly."

"...Oooh, natural latent gift, that's rarer," Touya winces. "Add in... what is that, Gravity Magic?" Joey nods, and he continues, "Yeesh, that's a double whammy."
Your name is Mallek Adalov, and you awake in the middle of the night (Okay, more like, 1:43 A.M. according to the nearest clock) to the sound of Keiko growling next to you.

"Keiko?" You ask, snapping fully awake when you recognize that's a lot of pain and frustration in those growls. "What's going on?" You sit up, and look her over.

Keiko's kneeling in bed, clothes discarded and patches of fur rippling across her limbs and body. There one moment, gone the next.

"Ffff..." She snarls. "Fucking Moons! I'm barely- nngh!- keeping it in check...!"
A jumper flies in towards the Daedalus, crashed into a moon's surface as Gordon Freeman remarks in narration:

"It's a dimensional clone of the Daedalus." 

"Bodies?" Your name is Jennifer Keller, and you feel a little sick to your stomach as you hear the news.

"They're pretty mummified, so they've been here for a while," Keiko reports over the radio. "Probably even before life support shut down, if I had to guess. It looks like they both went werewolf and clawed eachother to death."
"Oh, well. That's not good," Sheppard remarks.

"Obviously," Ronon quips in return. "There's no hyperdrive."

Your name is Rhubee Xaolon, and you snort at that exchange despite the uneven keel of the sight before you.

The main control room for the Hyperspace Drive and Power Core is tilted at the usual uneven angle. Staring through the window to the Hyperdrive itself?

...There's a perfectly spherical section of grassy flatlands that *looks* like it's severely tilted at a bad angle, but... it's actually level with what should be the ground below the ship.

After a few moments of staring, a sphere of light engulfs the oddity, and when it vanishes, the grasslands have been replaced with a dense section of pine forest.

A small figure in a very futuristic, almost skin tight spacesuit collapses onto the floor, apparently not having taken into consideration the idea that gravity might have been restored when they were re-materailized.
You are Rhubee Xaolon, and you're staring at a human, alternate dimension version of yourself.

"First Lieutenant Ruby Branwen, Guild of Maintainers Remnant Squad!" The girl salutes as she introduces herself to everyone- gathered now properly in the Engine Room. "Reporting for Duty, Sir!"

"Why don't you tell us what happened, Lieutenant?" Sheppard asks. "And start from the beginning. The Ship's missing a lot of its memory."
Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you have a splitting headache as you try your best to focus your entire everything on keeping from transforming out of your spacesuit.

"Colonel Ozma!" A voice shouts- Rhubee? No, Ruby Branwen likely- sounding shocked and angry. "What are you doing!?"

"It is as you said you yourself when you threw the Amulet into the rift, forcing me to chase after it, Lieutenant Branwen! 'I am doing what needs to be done!'" A man's voice yells in turn. "I call forth the armies of Hircine to-!"

"Now!" Tyzias's harsh whisper is as loud as a shout to your ears.


And suddenly, the pressure inside your body ceases to build, and begins to relax. You gasp for breath.


PCH-BWAM! And then the high pitched howl of Ronon's power blaster fires off- Glass shatters- followed immediately by that of several quick blasts of a P-90 and the man's sharp cry of pain.

You get to your knees, and then to your feet and peer out the window into the hyperdrive chamber. It takes you a moment to realize that the window itself is gone, and that the blur standing on the edge of the frame is actually Karren, pointing her Pink P-90 down into the room below, and a rather blurry, grey haired man, wearing what you can only guess are Daedalus Commander BDUs, lies on the ground, bleeding out, if not already dead, going by the massive pool of red.
Medea stomped through the snow back into the wrecked remains of that crashed Puddle Jumper.


Her plans had been so thoroughly ruined. But... but... She was going to make them PAY.

And pay they would.


DIASPORA DATE: 03/03/0007.

The bearded teenager sneaked quietly towards the old, dilapidated house in the middle of the woods in the deep dark of an Alien Planet's Night. There were EIGHT MOONS in the sky- which was just an absurd amount of moons for any planet to have visible at the same time, really.

The beard, of course, was obviously fake to anyone with two eyes- because the teenager was not a male, but rather, a girl pretending to be her ESCAPED CONVICT FATHER for the purposes of PERSONALLY BENEFICIAL CRIME. That much was obvious from the first line of the Alternian title of the film, "In which our Earth Born heroine dresses up as her Creepy, Bearded, Convicted Murderer (but presently escaped and at large) Father to commit crimes that benefit her and her quadrant mates while framing everything on the man she loathes the most." You're not going to list the rest of it.

It was something of the main gimmick of this "SPECULATIVE FUTURE MOVIE" - one of the first of its generation, a collaboration between the NEWLY REBORN ALTERNIAN GALAXY MOVIE EMPIRE and Earth's own HOLLYWOOD. 

The teen waited by the back door of the house, and sure enough, out came an Alternian boy with a grimace on his face, and two large and fluffy DOGS on LEASHES.

Their eyes meet for an extended moment.

And then the Alternian boy gave the bearded teen- his Moirail- no mind at all, and instead went out to walk the dogs.

With a slow exhale of breath, the disguised teen sneaks into the house, and makes their way past mold ridden walls, ash covered floors, and a kitchen table that was home to far, FAR too many emptied alcoholic glasses. 

There was one that was shattered on the floor near an overturned chair, next to an equally shattered ash tray with still smoldering contents chilling on the grime tiled floors.

The beard-masked teen decaptchalogued a ZAT GUN- which looked nothing like the actual Zat Guns you've seen, and rather more like a "Sleek, Futuristic Re-imagining" of such a device- and made her way into a living room home to at least a dozen cats.

The teen idly pet one of the cats on the head- her eyes darting around trying to find her target.

"What's with all the cats?" Ronon asks, quietly, yet loudly around a mouth full of popcorn.

"It's an old trope back on Earth," Mckay answers, even as the teen quietly makes her way towards a bedroom door. "'Crazy Old Cat Lady,' usually meant she was home alone all the time and her only friends was the army of cats she tended to."

"The meaning here's probably a bit different, though," John says. "Considering the last hour and a half of plot, at any rate."

"Sssh!" Jade hisses as the scene cut outside, briefly, showing the Alternian boy- a Bronze Blood- commune with the cats inside, calling them to exit the house in mass like a wild wave of felines.

"They care about the cats!" Keller coos. 

The beard wearing teen enters a bedroom, and there on that bed sits a woman- old, human, and blatantly drunk off of her ass. 

"Hello, Grellod," the teen speaks, making her voice sound as old and as gruff as she remembers her father sounding when she was a teen. "It's time you paid the piper for what you've done to ruin Ventus' life."

The woman stares at the teen- her eyes widening in fear as the Zat gun is raised, and then opens her mouth.



"Man," your name is Argo Lalonde, and you can't help but scoff as the woman hits the ground, and a lit cigarette hits the floor. "They really tried to up sell the power of a single Zat Shot there, didn't they?"

The teen knocks some flammable looking papers off of a table onto the ground next to the lit cigarette. She's visibly disgusted, and honestly, so would you, after the life these kids have led. 

It's not enough, though. She grabs a lighter from a nearby stand with a gloved hand, forces it into the unconscious' woman's hand,

Flick- Clink- FWOOSH.

The lighter falls into the lit pile just the same.

The teen makes her way out of the house as the lighter sets a larger fire than the cigarette alone.

Ashes lingering on the floors ignited instantly for a second round. The nicotine fueled mold growth burned with all the power of countless years of second hand smoke.

The teen exited the house, and made her way into the forest where her Moirail and all the animals that had lived in the house now stood, watching, as a house went up in flames, and with it, countless years of bad memories.

For a moment, the girl removed her fake beard, and stared at the house with something akin to satisfaction, grim as it was.

Then, she put it back on, gazed at her Moirail, and gave a nod.

He nodded in turn.

The unspoken plan would be followed.

The girl made her way out through the forest, past a house with a security camera on its front door, and then back into the forest where she ditched the Disguise, and made her way back to her own house. 

She climbed up a vine trellace into her bedroom, and had barely settled in when her cellphone- resting, charging on the nightstand, rung.

She answered, and Her Moirail exclaimed, panic in his voice- that he'd just called emergency services because his house was on fire.

The teen girl ran down the hall to inform her mother... and the rest, as they said, was history. The credits began to roll.

"What?" Jade stares at the screen. "That was it?"

Ronon scoffed. "Dumb plot. They should've just fed her to a Wraith. And then shot them both."

You look towards him and say, "I dunno, I thought it was sweet."

"But that was it?" Jade asks. "But- but- that was it!?"

"You're talking about a bank robbery worth over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to pay off a Kismesis' medical bills, and sabotaging a land mogul's car's breaks so he crashed into a lake so her Matesprit's farm wouldn't get bulldozed," John says. "Ending it with a petty act of arson and murder is pretty fitting, all things considered."

"At least they saved the cats?" Mckay offers. "They're not irredeemable monsters!"

"I think ending it there works fine," you say, "gives them plenty of plot to work off of when it comes time for a-"

And then, on screen, in the midst of the fancy credits, it states, "Taylor and her Quadrant Mates will Return in 2005."

"...A Sequel," Keller finishes for you. "Oh, god, we have to wait for 2005 for the sequel!?"

"See, they were setting up for a part 2 the entire time!" You say.

"I guess that works out," Jade muses.

"I can't believe they're leaving us hanging like that!" Keller throws her hands at the screen. 

"I still say they should've fed the woman to a Wraith," Ronon restates.

"I would've thought you'd be more generous than that?" Mckay states.

"I know an irredeemable monster when I see one, Mckay," Ronon answers. "Only good they're for is Wraith Food. And you know how much I hate the Wraith. Hence, shooting them both while the Wraith's feeding on her."

"...You raise a valid argument," Mckay relents.

You see a look in Ronon's eyes as you glance his way. It's the look one has when committing to a particular course of action.

You get the feeling it'll become relevant sooner rather than later.



DIASPORA DATE: 03/07/0007.

It happened in a forest, outside of a small house not too different from the one that had been set abalze in the movie, on P96-237. It happened, and it happened fast.

One of Ronon's old Satedan buddies who'd turned Wraith Worshipper emerged from behind a tree, along with a trio of Wraith grunts, armed with stunners.

However the man had survived his last encounter with Ronon did not matter, because Ronon took a swipe through the air with his bare fist- and four blasts of deadly energy shot out and struck each target square in the chest with a resounding PCH-BWAM!!!

And that was the mission report.

You are still Argo Lalonde, and you stare at three nearly identical mission reports detailing the encounter.

Very fast, very clinical, very ruthless.

The only report missing from the bunch was Ronon's own report. 

Woolsey had started making it mandatory for each member of a team to file reports, rather than just team leaders. It was... slow to catch on, to say the least. Even so...

Reading the same thing three times over was just...


When you were expecting Ronon to do something after seeing that movie, you weren't expecting, well...


Still. It's a better outcome than you were expecting.

"So... You've got everything?" Your name is Rodney Mckay, and you stare at your Replicator Cloned alternate self standing with a backpack on his back and a load of other goodies in his sylladex.

"Yep," he answers. "I think that's everything. And even if it's not, the Unwritten's not taking proper flight for another few months, so, it's not like we'd be out of contact with you forever just yet."

"Alright, well," you hesitate. "Do some good out there, alright? I'd be there to help see it through, but-"

"Yeah, I know, Atlantis needs a Rodney Mckay," he answers. "And there's two of us. Well, two of our teams, so. It'll be better this way, right? We can't build a bridge back to our dimension from here, so we'll hitch a ride on the Castle Ship that travels to other dimensions! Maybe we'll luck out and find ours again."

"I hope so," you say. "I just feel bad that we couldn't help you guys more directly, after everything you did to help us out."

"Hey, it's no big deal," he states. "You and I have different paths to walk. Some are just... longer than others."

"Tell me about it," you nod. "Just... be careful, alright?"

"Will try," he nods. "But, ah, you know our luck, right?"

Your name is John Sheppard, and you watch as Aiden Ford struggles to walk across the room adjacent to the infirmary that had been set up with mobility rehabilitation equipment. Minori is observing his progress, too, though in the more professional sense than the purely friendship based sense going on with you.

There's a determined look in the Aiden's eyes- both perfectly normal and nothing strange about them what-so-ever- as he carries himself from one end of the room to the other.

He's Aiden Ford through and through as he should have been. No Wraith Enzyme pumping through his veins, no intentions to take over the universe or whatever... and no memory of the last few years at all. Boldir's looked at him. Barzum's looked at him. Hell, even Mierfa came to visit for a few hours to take a look at him.

As far as anyone can tell, Aiden's memories end with him going over the rails with a Wraith clinging to him.  

It's a grand and total reset of who he was- whatever the hell Medea did to him, it was probably pretty similar to what happened to Michael. A total undoing of everything.

Rule Breaker, Keiko and Silica told you, was rumored to have become Medea's title because she was so good at breaking MAGICAL and MYSTICAL CONTRACTS as well as of the verbal ones.

It stood to reason that if she was targeting something specific- like powers and the knowledge of how to use them- and had the time to properly prepare, then other memories associated with that time would become undone just the same. Of course, none of that was helped by the fact that among those missing memories were any hint or clue as to whether Medea would try again with her insane schemes.

Nor did it help matters any that, from Aiden Ford's perspective, he'd been flung forwards in time from that day when the Siege had happened.

Hearing about what had happened to him was hard on the man, making his stubborn ascent towards recovery all the harder.

This was the third time today he'd attempted walking the room, and it was far too fast for anyone's liking. He simply was pushing himself too fast and the strain was obvious. But so far not even Doctor Fraiser had been able to stall him with concerns over his health.

That much didn't change, you suppose.

And thus, the Lieutenant finished the walk for the first time today, and nearly collapsed when he had no more bars to support him. But he grinned.

"Alright, that's good progress for today!" Minori began, moving to support him. "Now take a break and let your body rest, Ford!"

"Alright," he relented, that satisfied grin not disappearing. "I did what I wanted to do today. I'm good for resting."

Minori sighed in disbelief, glancing your way. Your cue. 

You bring over the wheelchair, and say, "Nice Job, Ford."

"Thank you, Sir," he nods.

Soon, you've got him in the chair, and are wheeling him back to the Infirmary.

"Sir, about what happened-" He begins for the tenth time today.

"Ford, we've been over it. What happened happened, and it's not your fault. You baiscally got body jacked by a couple dozen hundred alternate selves at once," you tell him.  "It happens."

"But after I caused you all so much trouble I-" he tries THAT argument again.

"Ford- Aiden- listen to me, alright? None of us blame you for what happened. We know it was the Wraith Enzyme, and then Medea messing with your head. It's. Not. Your. Fault." You tell him that for what feels like the tenth time today. 

"...I'm not sure I feel that way, Sir," Ford says.

Soon, he's back in bed, resting, and you talk with Minori.

"Well, I can't say that any of this is good for his physical or mental health," she shakes her head. "I knew we should have held off on telling him what happened until he was better, so he didn't push himself, but..." 

"Ford didn't want to wait," you remind both yourself and her. "He knew something was off, and wanted to know what it was. He'd have dug into it the moment he was able to walk on his own."

"Well, regardless, with that done, I have to get ready for another off world trip now," Minori smiles. 

"Ah, Tagora's diplomacy team visit another world take five?" You ask.

"Yeah," Minori nods. "A world that got hit heavy with a sudden onset case of Zillyum Lycanthropy."

"Ouch," you wince. "And here I thought we were done with all of that."

"So did they," Minori sighs. "It's weird and concerning, but that's why we're going to help set things up."

"Well, good luck with that," you say. 

"Thanks!" She laughs. 

A bird sat atop the branches of a tree, observing as the Stargate within M9C-8UA's forest activated, and through it stepped an oddball team of five- Yuuki, Minori, Touya, Aradia, and Tagora. 

Its gaze followed them as they walked down the path, not even blinking, unnervingly...

After all, its vision was not constrained to its own headspace, but was being shared, and projected into a crystal orb resting within a tent on the outskirts of the rather run down looking village that the team were walking towards.

An observer smiled, and with a raise of his hand, gave the signal for men armed with Wraith Stunners to move to intercept.

Tagora spoke near constantly as they made their way through the forest, and the bird continued to observe, quietly. Indeed, the silence in the forest would have been glaringly obvious to the point of everyone noticing if not for Tagora's rampant talking. As it was, it was fortunate that both Cu Sidhe's ears flexed as they came to the realization there was something off about the sounds.

Yuuki took a moment to sniff the air, and she scowled. "Hey, guys? Anyone smell something off?"

"Off?" Tagora asks. "Like what?"

"Like... I dunno... something..." Yuuki sniffed the air again. "...Alfeheimish."

Touya sniffed the air as well, and scowled. "Yeah. I think I smell it. Something's off. And it's quiet, way too quiet..."

The others came to the realization, and glanced around the forest.

"...I think we should retreat to the-" Tagora never got to finish his sentence because the men dispatched exited from spatial warps of a peculiar purple hue, aiming their Stunners and firing off before anyone could react.

You are Aradia Megido, and you groan awake as you recover from being stunned.

You're lying on your side on a muddy piece of ground, and you feel all squishy in places you shouldn't be squishy, and cold all over in ways you shouldn't.

You peak open one eye- Mud? You're lying in mud?

Your eyes snap open fully and you glance around, for information. 

You're stuck inside of a large, rectangular cage made out of giant metal spikes that seems to have grown out of the ground,  and you have been literally stripped of all of your gear and equipment down to your underwear because CLEARLY someone is being savvy and learned not to take chances with missing Sylladexes.

You've been moved somewhere else, that much is clear, because the SKY is a different color.

Everything is lit up in a brilliant shade of orange light, despite stars being visible in a deep blue sky, and a shockingly mundane number of moons- just two. One larger one and one slightly smaller one- both hued blood red.

"Nnngh... what happened?" Minori whimpers, wakening from the stunning.

"We got stunned and stripped," you answer, sitting up for a better look. Similarly stripped are your TEAMMATES, and the cage is comfortably holding all of you without too much trouble.

"Oh, lovely," Tagora growls, likewise probably as awake as you've been- not making a noise until you're sure the others were up. "I hope they know that uniform was custom tailored and treated it with respect."

You pick yourself up from the mud fully to your feet, even as Yuuki and Touya groan awake.

"I doubt that, Tajek," you tell him, moving over to a cage bar and trying to get a decent look at your surroundings. "I don't think they plan on treating any of us with respect."

There are rock walls all around that are covered in glowing neon orange and blue mushroom plants, and there's... Hrmf. There's a nearby river that's practically electric blue and...

"Oh Fuck," Yuuki swore. "It's the Hunting Grounds."

"You've Been here before?" Tagora asks. 

"Keiko found me here, once, years ago," Yuuki answered. "Oberonn'd opened a rift, I stumbled through, and got stuck here. She brought me back to Aincrad, and Alfheim through that."

"Lovely," Touya growls. "I was hoping to never see this place in person, you know."

"I think we've got bigger problems," Minori says, gazing out the cage in a different direction. "Look over there."

You all move to look where she's pointing...

"Oh fuck, is that what I think it is?" Yuuki asks.

"It's the Daedalus," you swallow. 

"Or atleast some version of it," Tagora answers, gazing on at the top of a large mesa in the distance that has the clear outline of a BC-304 resting atop it. "I think that's the version from New Lantea's moon."

That's when they heard footsteps through the forest, marching towards them.

Within moments, villagers armed with Wraith stunners and a pale man with pale, white hair emerged into view.

They were dressed very similarly- bare chests, wrist and ankle wraps, and fur-skin loin cloths. The various villagers- male and female alike-  wore their bare chests with pride- showing smooth skin marred only by tattoos of a nature that envoked imagery of Wolves, Deer, and Hunting.

In Stark Contrast, the pale man with pale hair had a chest that was marred with round, angry red pock marks. It looked like he had been shot in the chest with concentrated bullet fire. Adding to the insanity, the utterly pale and slightly yellowed look to his skin made him look like a walking corpse. 

His amber eyes peered over the group in the cages, and then, he spoke. "Well. I suppose this answers whether or not Medea managed to connect us to the right dimension or not." He spoke softly, yet, with a firm tone that spoke of military discipline.

"Who are you?" Touya demands. "And why the fuck did you strip us down to our underwear for!?"

"Why? I needed a closer look at your uniforms," the man said, casually, as if it were no big deal. "As for who I am. I am Colonel Ozma, Commander of the Daedalus."

"You're supposed to be dead," you state the obvious, gazing at the man, and trying to spot signs of Lycanthropy...

"Oh, for a few minutes, I was," this Colonel Ozma states, gazing at you in turn. "However, when my corpse and spirit were returned to the Hunting Grounds, my Lord Hircine revived me, and gave me a new mission."

"And what kind of mission is that?" Tagora asks.

"It's simple, really," The Colonel smirked, revealing rows of fang filled teeth. "I am to take the un-controlled Lycanthropic Masses of your Dimension and bring all of them all under the wing of my Lord's domain." He then looks to Yuuki, and states, "And that includes the Cu Sidhe of Alfheim."

The hours went on... and a scheduled check in from Tagora's team on M9C-8UA was almost missed. They were late, infact, by only three minutes.

"Atlantis," Tagora's voice came through the radio. "This is Diplomat team, reporting."

Woolsey and Argo made their way into the control room, and Woolsey radioed back, "This is Atlantis. What's the situation, Mister Gorjek?"

"We have a bit of a situation," Tagora spoke, "The Villagers are a bit un-trusting. The Lycanthropy's made them jittery. We may need backup in the form of another diplomat."

"I see," Woolsey nodded. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes." Tagora continued, "Apparently there's a man here who recognized our uniforms as Atlantis make, and said he was a survivor from the Daedalus. Said his name was Major Jaune Arc and that he knew Lieutenant Ruby Branwen and wondered if she made it or not. At any rate, the Villagers trust him and refuse to negotiate with us further until he knows she's alive."

Woolsey hummed in consideration. Argo gave him a look, one with a very stern frown that said 'don't do it, this could be a trap.'

Woolsey took that into consideration. "I'll see if Lieutenant Branwen wishes to speak with the villagers, if she does, I'll add her to another wing of a diplomat escort."

On the other end of the connection, a female figure clothed in a blue robe spoke into a pilfered radio with Tagora's voice. "Understood, we'll hold down the fort until they arrive."

And with the appropriate sign offs, the crystal ball on the table showed the Stargate shutting down.

With a switch back to her usual voice, the Undine Fae Witch Medea began to laugh.

"Something's off," Argo states. 

"I've read the reports," Woolsey said. "Is it possible one of the crew was separated from them?"

"I don't know," Argo shook their head. "But we're not just sending Ruby in blindly."

"I agree," Woolsey nodded. "I think it would be for the best if we sent Miss Gray as the diplomat, and Karren and Branwen as the guards. If we leave Xaolon here to use their psychic link as a radio incase something goes wrong..."

"That's pretty smart," Argo agreed. "But I think we need to send someone else, too."

"ARGH! COME ON!" Minori yelled out in frustration as another magic spell fizzled out.

"This Cage blocks Spell Casting," Touya sighed in defeat. "That's Medea, alright. She probably designed this thing knowing she'd capture a bunch of Fae for doing whatever she wants to do to them."

"This sucks," Yuuki kicked at some mud, sending it flying out of the cage. "I hate this!"

"Jaune Arc?" Your name is Ruby Branwen, and the name fills your heart with sorrow. "He's worse than dead."

"And you're sure about that?" Argo Lalonde asks. 

"I'm as sure as I can be," you answer. "He was one of the crew members left behind when they went Werewolf in a whole different dimension."

"We're not... triggering this blatantly obvious trap, are we?" Your Alternian Twin asks. 

You, her, Karren, and Gray were resting in the gym after a work out when Argo arrived with this disturbing news. 

"There's a possibility that this is Medea's work," Argo says. "We still don't know where she went when she escaped with that busted down Jumper. It could have been to wolf world in that other dimension."

"Besides," Karren chimes in, "if this is a trap, they're using our people as bait. And if they're not and this is legit? What's the harm in going?"

"There are too many reasons for us to not go," Gray says, a determined look in her eyes. "And like it or not, we're probably the best shot at getting everyone out in one Linkable shot."

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you find yourself... conflicted, and feeling the most disconcerting DE JA VU you've ever felt in your entire life.

You're sending a team into what could very well be a trap.

Your mind reels as you recall the after action report of Hammond sending in whole SG-teams to rescue a team that was under fire. You'd called it walking into a deliberate trap then, even if it wasn't quite as cut and dry as you'd pretended back then.

And here you are about to do the same damned thing early into your carreer.

The gut instinct of everyone involved says that this could be a trap. Yet, it's not confirmed.

What do you do?

...You can't risk a repeat of that day on P3X-666. Not if it costs you your already tenuous position here in Atlantis. The IOA would turn around and turn your own logic onto you faster than-

You take a breath, and you get on the Radio, "Argo? Can you bring Lieutenant Shinohara to my office?"

Your name is Aradia Megido, and you feel antsy as another group of scantily clad wolf-folk approach your cage, this time accompanied by a woman wearing blue robes that could barely be called that- given the long open sides from the shoulders down past the hips, and the neck hole that stretches clear down to the waist.

There's a lot of skin there, exposed in a weird ass way that you're pretty certain doesn't actually expose the ass because you catch a glimpse of her reflection in a nearby pool of water and see the back is fully closed up. 

Minori, Touya, and Yuuki all hiss upon seeing the woman's face- or rather, her pointed ears.

"Ah, I see that you all recognize my appearance," the woman smirks. "No matter. It saves me the trouble of introductions."

"Let me guess," you gaze at her. "Medea the Rule Breaker?"

"Oh we are so done for," Tagora winces as the woman laughs.

"You won't get away with this!" Minori yells. "When Atlantis realizes we're late for check in-!"

"I've already spoken to them," Medea speaks- but this time with Tagora's voice. "They're sending more diplomats to 'help negotiate.'"


"Because you were the easiest one to imitate with the limited voice sample I got when you exited the Stargate," Medea answers, with her own voice again. 

"Oh. Well.." Tagora's rage simmers down. "I guess that makes sense..."

"Now, then," Medea drew her wierdly shaped knife with her right hand. "I do have some business to attend to and I'm not just here for chit-chat."

"Whatever it is you intend to do with that knife, it's never going to work!" Touya began to posture. "We don't have any magic contracts for you to break!"

"Oh, I think you'll find you're quite wrong about that," Medea smirked, and her knife began to glow as she intoned, "[Rule Breaker,]" and then continued on, "Now, then, it's time for me to make some thralls."

"T-Thralls?" Yuuki backed away from the cage wall. "No way! You can't force us to serve you! Cu Sidhe Lycanthropy doesn't work that way!"

"No, it doesn't," Medea 'tsk'd, and tapped the knife against her lips. "What it does do, however, is create two distinct physical makeups and switches between them magically, and what Rule Breaker will do to you is break that switch and force you into your wolf forms until I decide to release you."

"You'll have to touch us to make that work!" Touya likewise backed away from the cage walls. "So come in here and try it!"

"Oh, dear, whatever shall I do with a too large cage?" Medea 'tsk'd again, and circled around the cage to approach the far wall away from the rest of you. She waved her free arm through the bars as if trying to grasp them, showing how futile it was for her to reach you..

Damn it, if you were closer to that part of the cage you could grab her arm.

She withdrew it, and slapped her free hand against her palm.

"My, what a tactical blunder!" Medea said, voice faux in shock. "Not." And then she tapped Rule Breaker against the metal bars of the spike cage- and a web of magical electricity filled the cage.

It struck all of you without ready or evident harm- and it didn't hurt. 

...Not for you, Tagora, and Minori, at least. But for Yuuki and Touya? They began to SCREAM as their transformations were forced through, and they fall to their hands and knees.

Medea laughed. "Oh, and good luck controlling your wolf forms when your rational minds are ALSO locked away with your human forms. Toodles!"

And then she walked away.

"This just got a thousand times worse, didn't it?" Tagora asks as the three of you back away from Touya and Yuuki- rip, snap- oh, great, there goes the rest of their clothing. You're starting to suspect you understand why these Werewolves stripped you down so much when they captured you.

"Best case," Minori swallows. "They bite us and we all turn Werewolf and get stuck like that."

"What's worst case?" Tagora asks.

"They kill us and eat us?" Minori offers.

"Ooh, not so fun, that one," you wince, watching as Touya and Yuuki's transformations finish, and two snarling werewolves pick themselves up to their feet. "Let's seriously hope it's the best case and not worst!"

You are now Minori and for several long, terrifying moments, you hold your eyes closed tight and wait for the pain of claws or teeth to rip into your flesh.

Then. A tongue licks up across the side of your face.

You open your eyes, and see that Touya's wolf form is just... sitting there next to you, a concerned look in his eyes.

"What the shit?" Tagora asks. "They're... docile??"

Yuuki yips what you recognize as an affirmative 'yep.' 

You look to Touya, and ask- "Did... did she lie?"

Touya shrugs his shoulders, and tilts his head. A 'Dunno, It didn't work completely' if ever you saw one.

"I..." Aradia swallows. "I think Medea either failed to divide their minds because she didn't understand how the magic worked..."

"Or?" You ask.

"Or she fucking lied to terrify them and make them lose control on their own," Aradia glances out into the forest, trying to catch any sign of Medea at all. "...Either way. Whatever she wanted to happen, didn't."

"It failed, Medea," Ozma growled.

"Of course it failed," Medea snapped back. "I told you that Fae Lycanthropy doesn't work like that."

"You sure acted like it did to them, you lying witch," Ozma countered.

"I only read off the script you told me to, you ungrateful Pup!" Medea countered. "At any rate, it half worked! They're stuck in their wolf forms now. I just have to refine the technique further."

Lieutenant Shinohara, Miyu, was not what most people would call a sharp shooter. In fact, her record with standard fire-arms had earned her a rather negative score on most shooting ranges. 

What, then, it may be asked, was the reason that the Japanese-American woman had come to Atlantis? Well, primarily, she didn't. She was a member of the Apollo's regular crew, and her ability to fire standard guns of any kind didn't diminish her ability to fire OTHER types of heavy weaponry.

Infact, it was her incredible spatial awareness and ability to track firing arcs of massive explosive devices- grenades, rockets, missiles, you name it- that gave her a position in the military that had her anywhere near Atlantis to begin with.

That said, the Apollo was grounded for the time being, and she had nothing to do.

Woolsey's decision to send her along as a diplomat's bodyguard escort team was... Well. It was simply put, a case of "In Case of Emergency: Blow it all up."

After all, without a dedicated Pyromaniac like Polypa Goezee, or Daraya Jonjet available, she was the next best bet.

(And Daraya was decidedly unavailable. Her and Tyzias were on "Shore Leave" back in Diaspora visiting around with Tyzias' moirail, Barzum.)

It's with those thoughts in mind that you, Rhubee Xaolon, watch your team head through the gate with an extra teammate.

You feel the connection stretch across the galaxy as they travel through the wormhole... and arrive safely on the other side.

[I'd feel better about all of this if I'd gone with you,] You state for the record.

[Someone has to stay behind to serve as the warning flag if something goes wrong,] Karren reminds you. 

Gray continues, [And if it does, you get the Lancer prepped for combat. I'll try my best to pull it to us when the time comes.]

[I know, I know, I know the plan!] You gripe, staring at the Stargate as it shuts down. [I just would feel better if it were me there and not Ruby. She doesn't even have super speed!]

[No offense taken, by the way,] Ruby states. [It is true!]

You are now Kohiru Karren, and you try your best to focus on the surroundings while your new 'teammate' blabbers on about her pet puppy FUKAJIROU and how adorable he is. Which you don't doubt, but is this kind of thing the right conversation to be having in a case like this?

[But really,] Rhubee sounds nostalgic. [I just kinda miss the days when Karren and me were the diplomat bodyguards! Remember that Karren??]

[Yeah, I remember,] you agree with a nod she can't see. [I also remember us getting a house shot up, a playground torn up, and an- an ice cream shop, wasn't it?]

[Something like that!] Rhubee sounded not so sure herself, but agreed anyways. [Man, what a crazy day that was!]

That's when there's the sound of a twig snapping.

You all stop.

[Shit,] Gray swore. [I don't like the feel of this...]

"Ahaha... I just realized how quiet this forest is," Shinohara remarked nervously...

Portals ripple open and men armed with Wraith Stu- 

You're suddenly Rhubee Xaolon yet again, and you jolt in position as you feel your teammates stunned and rendered unconscious.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK!" you shout into the air. 

Everyone in the Control Room turn to look at you with concern.

Oh, but it gets worse- your bond with your teammates suddenly stretches AGAIN. And it stretches SIDEWAYS compared to how you're used to with Stargate Travel.

No, this was more akin to a LINK.

They've been pulled into a whole other fucking DIFFERENT DIMENSION.

Your name is Ruby Branwen, and you come to in a wooden cage suspended over a large stone pit- stripped of most of your clothing save for your under shirt and shorts. Geeze, it's cold up here.

You're not the only one suspended high up above this stone pit. Your internal mind link tells you that GRAY and KARREN are to your left and right respectively, which leaves the strange connection you can feel dragging up and to the sideways zoneward direction (Eh??) is Rhubee off in Atlantis...

She feels so very very far away. You can't hear her thoughts.


...No reply.

[Gray? Karren?] You check- and the other two start to stirr, if their mental reactions are anything to go by.

"Yooohooo!" A voice cries out from opposite you.

You twist around and gaze across the stone pit- no, it's an arena you're now realizing. There are wooden cage doors scattered through the walls near the ground... and there's arena seating scattered about... 

"Hey! You're awake, aren't you??"


You glance across the way, and realize that Lieutenant Shinohara is in the last cage. Lovely.

"Yeah?" You call back across the way, sitting up. "I am. What's going on?"

"I dunno!" Shinohara calls out. "Was hopin' you recognized this place. Some other dimension it looks like. Lookin' familiar to you yet?"

You gaze around. Unfamiliar sky. Unfamiliar surroundings-- Wait. Fuck. "I see the Daedalus from here."

"What!? Really!? What's it doing here!?" Shinohara... oh, Shinohara, you shouldn't ask that.

"I don't know and I don't want to know." You mentally poke Gray and Karren. [Hey! Wake up! We're in trouble!]

"Ah. You're awake, Lieutenant Branwen. Perfect."

And then you go stone cold as a man steps out of a portal near an outcropping above you. You already know who it is by his vocie alone.

 "C-Colonel Ozma!" You gaze up, seeing the familiar, scowling face, and the myriad of bullet scars on his chest. "You're alive...!"

"No thanks to you," he kneels down, speaking with an almost... frigid tone of voice. "Do you know how many hoops we had to jump through to deliver that Artifact to Lord Hircine, just to have you snatch it from my hands and destroy it?" He asks, somehow keeping his tone of voice level.

"No," you snarl back at him. "Just how many, huh? How many did you have to jump through?"

"...You really don't remember do you?" Ozma's stern expression turns confused, softening. "That's a shame. I wondered why you'd turned on me like that. Someone changed your memories, didn't they?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" You ask- desperately trying not to let on that you have severe, major holes in your memory.

"How do you think so many of our crew got turned while only a few were spared?" Ozma leans in close. "I'll give you a hint. We were spared because we were ALREADY IMMUNE."

"Liar," you glare at him- trying not to let his words get to you. He's just trolling you. He's trying to make you doubt. Trying to make you-

"We'll see who's the liar when Medea is done with your friend with the Bat wings over there," Ozma states, and you turn your head in Gray's direction.

Medea stands next to the cage as a few women-guards drag her out of the cage.

[GRAY!] You yell. [WAKE UP!]

She groans, but she's still out of it from the Wraith Stunners. Damn it!!!

Medea just laughs as she opens a portal, and steps through it- the women drag Gray through it moments later, and you feel her string of connection dart across the realm you're in to somewhere else in it.

"An interesting girl, that one," Ozma observes. "She has the stench of two timelines within her genetics. A Living Paradox."

"Leave Gray out of this," you turn on him, glaring. "She hasn't done anything to you!"

"Oh, that's true," Ozma smirks. "But we can tell she's something special. There's a link of some kind between you and the other girl here with her. We intend to exploit that for our own ends. A mental connection- a true hive mind. It will make subjecting the Lycanthropes of this dimension all the easier. It's quite fortunate that you walked her into our paws, Ruby Branwen."

You swallow. 

"You really should have just stayed on Atlantis," Ozma tosses a torn piece of fabric into your cage as he stands and leaves. You catch the piece of fabric, and see it's a part of your uniform. 

The Atlantis Logo stares right back at you- Pegasus-in-Chevron. 

You swallow again. Fuck. Fuck fuck fucking fuck.

What the fuck did you even DO on that Ship?!


DIASPORA DATE: 03/08/0007.

You are Artoria Gray, and you awaken in a state of being strung up starfish like with every limb. Arms, Legs, Wings, you're just... pinned and restrained to a large circular stone wall in a large tent. You're suddenly very aware of how little clothing you're wearing because of how cold the stone is against your back. 

Medea sits in a lounge chair, legs crossed, just silently staring at you. 

"Shit," you grimace. "Don't tell me... You want to use me for wild experimentation and the like?"

Medea smirks. "Well, aren't you a sharp one?" She stands fully to attention. "That's what I'd say if I actually had intent to harm you."

"I don't buy that for a minute," you say, straining briefly against your restraints. "Not with the way I'm strung up like some wild animal about to get skinned."

You really hope this doesn't end up in an Esher Scenario.

She smirks. "The restraints? Insurance you don't attack me. Your state of dress, however, is Ozma's doing. He wants me to use your gifts to make a network for him to hive mind control every werewolf in a dimension at once. Please." A scoff- and a chuckle to boot. "As if I'd give a man I'm about to betray That kind of power." 

"You're pretty brave for saying that," you say. 

"Not really, we've known the other was about to backstab the other from the moment I accidentally teleported into this accursed dimension," Medea says. "Beyond that, I've also enchanted this tent to produce the sounds of very unpleasant torture as we speak, rather than this pleasant conversation that we are having."

"Okay, say I believe that," you narrow your eyes at her. "What's your game plan here?"

"Well, first it was going to be to use Ozma's little religious cult here to my advantage, make them my servants," she frowns. "Then I realized that they worshiped what basically counts as an Elder God in ancient Alfheim lore, and that said Elder God already tried once already to take over a universe using Ozma as a patsy. Believe it or not, there are others seeking to keep it contained in this eternal hunting ground. I've had it up to here!" She throws her hand far up above her head. "With Gods! Thinking! THEY! CAN!! CONTROL ME!!!" 

She stands to her feet and storms over towards you. She leans in close, and you can practically smell the desperation on her breath- it has the scent of booze and liquor. 

You wince, but wisely keep your mouth shut.

Medea hisses, "So listen well, little girl. It's in all of our best interests if Ozma gets what he deserves and dies today. You WILL help me shut this down and Bury Ozma For Good. I didn't set out on this journey of conquest to rule like these Wolves want. I set out on it to right the wrongs set against my Ultimate Self that Fate, and other Deities like Hircine have made against me. Mark my words, I will rewrite history to my benefit, and one day, it will involve erasing these Meddling Deities from existence, but so help me. I will NOT allow them any measure of a foot hold and I will NOT be the one to help them achieve it."

"Prove you mean it then," you say. "What happened to Tagora Gorjek's team? Show me them. I might believe you and be considering my abilityto help you. With whatever it is you want my help with. Tell me that, and show me Tagora's team- that's my deal. Got it?"

Well, this wasn't the negotiation you thought you'd be coming into, but... Damn it.

Medea considers it. 

Then, she smirks. "Fine. If you agree to help me, you'll be the center stage ritual components for a handy little spell of mine- a test run for my little... Fate Problem, as you might call it." 

You start to protest when she gives you a LOOK. Disapproving in a nutshell.

 "Oh don't give me That Look. You won't DIE," she states. "if anyone DOES manage to die today, it'll be undone. And If anything, you'll all come out ahead in the long run." 

Medea holds up Rule Breaker- manifesting it from thin air. It's strangely shaped blade gleams in the odd lighting. It makes the SPEAR within your powers resonate oddly. It could be VERY bad if she used it on you.

"Inorder for you to do what I need you to do, you'll be taking Rule Breaker from my Past Self entirely. I won't have the MEANS to do anything Ozma's cult wants from me. I won't be able to open the rift that connects this dimension to yours- I won't be able to open any rifts, for that matter. Not with the magic I've BEEN using. Ford's powers will come in handy for my own escape, in that regard, not that I intended to use them for this originally."

"So... you're saying that if I help you stop Ozma here and now," you summarize, "I get that Knife of yours?"

"Indeed, you, will," Medea smirked. "Rule Breaker is one of many tools in my arsenal, but it is one of the most powerful ones of all. My past self will be able to make due without it for a time. Though, be warned, little girl, I WILL be coming to collect it again when the time comes that I need it again."

"Not if we destroy it first," you want to say.

But. You don't.

"Fine," you say. "I've heard you out. Now show me Tagora's team."

"Very well," Medea says. "I owe you that much, at least."

[Girls, did you get all of that?] Gray's voice asks within your skull. You get the impression that she's being taken along a dirt road alongside a river by Medea.

[Yeah,] your name is Kohriu Karren, and you can't help but feel useless strung up over an arena pit like this. [I got it. Talk about a double cross.]

No, what's worse is the slowly growing crowd of barely dressed people- at least the ones who aren't wearing anything have gone fully Wolf Mode and are howling from the stands in anticipation.

[I've got the sinking feeling we're about to become the main attraction for probably the worst arena fight in the history of arena fights,] Ruby remarks, glumly. [As if that weren't bad enough, I still don't know what the hell I did to piss Ozma off so much, or if he's even telling the truth about...]

[It'll be alright,] You say, looking her way. [We'll get out of this. Somehow.]

She smiles, though it's a faint one. [Thanks, Karren.]

Your name is Aradia Megido, and you look up as Artoria Gray is brought over to your cage by Medea.

"Oh no," Tagora whines. "Don't tell me they actually sent reinforcements?"

"They did and we are them," Gray smiled- somehow confident? Hmm. Interesting interesting...

How very interesting.

The Cage suddenly changes in front of you- a small bar sinks into the ground just long enough for Gray to be shoved into the cage and be locked inside with the rest of you.

Medea smiled, oddly, and rather warmly said, "Now don't forget our little bargain, Girl. You do as I ask and give me your mental links, and you all get to go home free after the Sacrifice."

"Remember what I asked," Gray states. "As we discussed, if someone meddled with her memories-"

"Yes, yes, Ozma wants me to use Rule Breaker on her anyways to check regardless," Medea rolled her eyes. "I know the plan. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get to that. Enjoy your reunion." 

And then she teleports away with those same purple rifts.

"What the hell is going on out there?" Minori asked, getting to her feet much to Touya and Yuuki's whining displeasure, having been bundled around her as they were.

"It's a long story, but the short version is we're breaking you guys out," Gray answers. "I made a Deal."

"I hope it's a good one," you say, as you hear the roar of a crowd nearby.

"Me too," Gray sighs. "Me too..."

You're once again Kohiru Karren, and you're really unnerved by the growing crowd of people coming to watch what's sure to be a blood bath of some sort.

An outcropping of stone extends out from somewhere in the stands, and once it stops, suspended far over the center of the arena, a portal opens, and Ozma steps out of it.

He throws his arms out wide, and roars- "WELCOME TO THE FANG PIT!"

This... this is going to be bad, you swallow.

[OhMakerOhMakerOhMaker] Ruby panics- [I'm not ready for this. Medea's here.]

You glance her way, and see that Medea has approached Ruby's cage much as Ozma did before.


[Easy now.] Gray sooths her. [This is part of the plan.]


[Are you sure that this is really THE plan!?] Ruby asks. [She's saying she's going to stab me with her fucking knife AND TURN ME INTO A WEREWOLF!?!?]


[If there's a memory enchantment on you, she's going to break it,] Gray states. [She knows she has to do this or else she doesn't get what she wants from us.]


[Wait WHAT?] you double take. [Seriously!? How does that equal Lycanthropy??]


[No- I get it-] Ruby says- panicked still. [I just- Shit! I wish I knew if we could trust her!]

Ozma swung his fist through the air, and a grinding noise could be heard from below.

[I know,] Gray said. [But we have to take the risk.]


[Arc!?] Ruby turns to gaze into the arena- you hear her voice cary over audibly as well. [Oh! SHIT! That's Jaune!]

A blonde haired, very muscly man exited from a gate. He strikes some poses, showing off his physique. Ugh.

[I can't hold this off anymore!] Ruby exclaims. [I'm telling her to get it over with!] And then you hear her shout- "Quit Grandstanding and get it over with!"

You watch as Medea actually looks remorseful for a moment, then jabs her glowing knife at Ruby's forehead.


The searing roar of pain travels along the line for a moment before you hear the metaphorical unlocking of a very, VERY large mental box.

Ruby's screaming starts the moment the pain stops.

But you've got more problems to worry about than that- a moment later- Shinohara screams as the bottom of her cage drops out, landing her smack dab in the arena.

The roar of the crowds drowns out any other noise you could hear in that moment.

Champion Jaune Arc smirks, and then transforms without any delay, becoming a massive werewolf with golden fur. How massive? He grew atleast three sizes in height instantly.

What the fuck kind of Lycanthropy is that.


A magical hologram appears in the air above him- a series of five dots- four orbiting a center one.


And then one of the dots starts flashing red as the Behemoth roars- and lunges towards Lieutenant Shinohara.


Chapter Text

Niacdoial has been helping create a new version of the Great Big web of Everything for Stargate Alternia! Please give a big round of applause for all the work done! It's a heck of a lot of coding to make it viable and I'm seriously impressed. This is in no way complete, I should note. There's still quite a few missing group connections and the like and I really need to go through the whole story and make notes for updates for the next version at some point.

Just looking at this whole thing is pretty daunting to say the least. XD

There's a reason I've been dreading doing an updated version by myself. I swear, the more condensed ones look like planetary continental maps rather than actual webs of connections. The family tree ones are much more linear and straight forwards, but... bluh.

Because while I'd like to share every version of this current draft that there is (I was provided with four versions of this 3.0 draft alone!), Rendering issues when uploaded to wordpress took a lot of the readability there out of it. So, today I'm only going to be posting two of the drafts here due to those visual rendering issues that came from re-uploading those PDFs onto my site. Until I can sort out how to make the spread out ones more readable in their upload, the condensed versions will do for now because these more condensed versions are highly more readable compared to what was happening with the spread out ones, even if there's some minor text overlapping issues in some places. Seriously, none of the word bubbles were readable in the spread out version for whatever reason when I uploaded them, which kind of defeats the point! :/

But enough about me complaining about Wordpress glitching things up, we've got the two condensed versions here for your observation and consideration today.

Version One - Compact Without Groups

Version Two - Compact With Groups

I'm seriously in awe of the work that's gone into this, and once more, I'm sort of afraid of my own story for how complex it is. ._.;

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 03/08/0007.

Your name is John Sheppard, and you swear as you finish checking the village on P96-237 for life signs with the scanner and the breeze and a good old fashioned spot check. You look to Armadn, nearby. "Anything?"

He shakes his head, "This place is dead."

"This is Sheppard," you radio, "Armadn and I aren't finding anyone. Anyone else got lucky?"

"We've got nothing," Ronon answers over the radio- and you can spot him a bit aways away, with Albarn at his side.

"This village was abandoned some time ago," Teyla states, from somewhere you can't see. "I suspect any recent activity here was made in an attempt to lure us in."

"I gotta agree with that," Ehvans chimes in. "The only thing fresh around here was some food cooked on a fire recently. Everything else- even the beds haven't been used in a really long time."

"I may have something," Mckay reports. "Akita picked up a scent that lead us to a tent on the outskirts of the village, and I'm picking up some trace elements that seem similar to a dimensional rift that was recently opened inside of it. Around the time that Gray's team was taken, if I'm reading the decay right."

"We'll rendezvous there," you say. "We'll see if we can get that portal open."

It's a wonder Woolsey allowed you to step through the Gate at all after this last bit, let alone with AR-9 as backup.

You'd be tons more comfortable with a couple more squads of Marines at your side, though.

You arrive at a very lavish tent that looks very recently set up compared to the other tents and structures in the village. There's a table with a crystal ball sitting on it.

Naturally, you and Armadn are the last ones to arrive, because you were the furthest away.

"Folksy," you state.

"Yeah, it's quaint alright," Albarn gazes at the crystal ball. "Almost reminds me of one of those Psychic Tents you run into at a carnival."

"'I'll See the future, if you pay me a hundred bucks for fifteen minutes,'" Ehvans quips. "I'd sooner trust the Blind Seers on Diaspora to give me a better fortune."

"So, chances Medea's involved skyrocketing?" You ask.

"Fairly High," Akita nods, grabbing at an open journal and holding it aloft. You recognize the Fae Script before she even states that's what it's written in. "There's something more, though. I've been reading it and come across something concerning."

"What's that?" Ronon asks.

"It mentions her attempts at escaping the planet she got stuck on after escaping the destruction of her Hive, and arriving onboard the Daedalus," Akita states. "And that's where she met one Colonel Ozma."

"That would be the Alternate Daedalus we encountered on the moon," Teyla surmises. "Which means that Colonel Ozma survived being shot and dimensionally displaced to who knows where."

"Great," Ronon smirked. "Means we get another chance at killing the bastard."

"Not so great," Mckay scowls, waving his scanner through the air. "I'm not finding any way to open the rift from this side. If there's a generator powering the connection, it's from the other side. And it's shut off right now."

"Makes sense they'd close up shop with everyone they intended to kidnap, well, kidnapped," Armadn mulls it over. 

"It may not be a technical device," Akita speaks. "It might be a magical one."

"You mean Rule Breaker?" Albarn asks.

"Yes," Akita nods. "The knife may be keyed to the spell."

"So you're saying they're stuck there then?" You ask.

"Possibly," Akita nods.

You are Ruby Branwen, and you look up as you see an outcropping of stone extends out from somewhere in the stands, and once it stops, suspended far over the center of the arena, a portal opens, and Ozma steps out of it.

He throws his arms out wide, and roars- "WELCOME TO THE FANG PIT!"

[This... this is going to be bad,] Karren gripes, but you've got bigger concerns.

Medea steps out of a portal and kneels next to you much as Ozma did earlier.

[OhMakerOhMakerOhMaker] you panic- [I'm not ready for this. Medea's here.]


"Hello, my pet," Medea speaks. "It's time for me to use Rule Breaker and turn you into a werewolf as you once were, as Ozma requests." 

[Easy now.] Gray sooths you. [This is part of the plan.]


As appreciative you are of knowing that, IT'S NOT WORKING.

{Are you sure that this is really THE plan!?] You ask. [She's saying she's going to stab me with her fucking knife AND TURN ME INTO A WEREWOLF!?!?]


[If there's a memory enchantment on you, she's going to break it,] Gray states. [She knows she has to do this.]


Medea scowls at Ozma's declaration. "Hrmf."

[Wait WHAT?] Karren double takes. [Seriously!? How does that equal Lycanthropy??]


[No- I get it-] You say. You're afraid, but you get the plan. She has to maintain her cover. Damn it-  [I just- Shit! I wish I knew if we could trust her!]

Ozma swung his fist through the air, and a grinding noise could be heard from below.

[I know,] Gray said. [But we have to take the risk.]


"Arc!?" You turn sharply to stare into the arena. 

A blonde haired, very muscly man exited from a gate. He strikes some poses, showing off his physique. Oh God. OH Fucking HELL. You recognize that cheezy ass grin on his face!! You RECOGNIZE that POSE.

[Oh! SHIT! That's Jaune!]

Damn it! DAMN IT.

[I can't hold this off anymore!] You decide. [I'm telling her to get it over with!] And then you turn to Medea, and shout, "Quit Grandstanding and get it over with!"

Medea actually looks remorseful for a moment, then pushes Rule Breaker's tip against your forehead.


And then all you know is PAIN.



The crimson liquid burned down Ruby's throat as she chugged it, and then slammed the empty beer can onto the table. "Look, Jaune," she spoke, gazing at the man sitting across from her. "I get it. I really do. But... Fucking hell! You have the worst timing!"

"We both lost Pyrrah and Weiss on the last world," Jaune griped, crossing his arms. "It only makes sense that we'd-"

"No!" Ruby shook her head, and stood from the table in the Daedalus' cafeteria. "Look. I get it. You're mourning. I'm mourning too. Doesn't make it right to get drunk and have a fucking one night stand just because you can't stand to mourn alone. I'm sorry, Jaune, but I can't do that. Not tonight. Not so soon. We all have our own different ways of grieving. This is mine. The answer's no."

And with that, she stormed out of the room, ignoring how Jaune called out after her.

She stormed down the hallways until she came to an observation window- through which the rolling waves of a Hyperspace window drew past.

She leaned up against the railing- took in a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.

"Your name is Lieutenant Ruby Branwen," she narrates to herself. "You've just lost a teammate, a partner, a soul mate... and now probably just alienated a friend who could use your help in mourning but has the stupidest idea ever of how to go about it." She shakes her head. "What are you even doing here, Ruby?"

"Second Person narrative, hm, Lieutenant?" And then another figure steps up beside her.

"Oh! Colonel Ozma!" Ruby stood to attention. "Sorry, I was just-"

"It's fine, I understand the grieving process," the Commander of the Daedalus raised his hand and gave a kindly smile. "I just found it an interesting choice of self narrative."

Ruby frowned, considering it for a moment, then said, "It just felt right, Sir."

"I suppose it would," The Colonel nodded. "We'll be landing at our next destination soon. After that, it's smooth sailing on to Pegasus."

"Are you sure about that, Sir?" Ruby asked. "The Link Drive's dropped us into only the Maker knows how many parallel dimensions as it is."

"Doctor Velvet assures me she has but a few adjustments to make to the jump drive," Ozma states. "We Will Arrive At Our Destination."

The sound of shrieking and the roaring of the Audience brings you back to the present moment. Your whole insides feel... unstable.

You peer down into the Arena Pit and... And... Oh. Oh God. Jaune. What are you doing to that poor girl!?


"Jaune!!" Ruby yelled, yanking the man away from his victim. "What the fuck are you doing!?"

"Get off me, Ruby!" The blonde snarled- baring teeth and fangs. "It's her fault we're stuck on this rock with that godforsaken werewolf magnet!"

He tried to shove Ruby aside so he could get back to the cowering Doctor on the floor of the Engine Room, but she refused to move.

Instead, with a surprising burst of strength, she shoved the blonde to the floor, and then drew her side arm- aiming it level at his face. "Stand Down, Major! That's an order!"

"You don't out rank me!" Jaune yelled.

"I may not, but you're CLEARLY out of line and under the influence of this Lycanthropy virus!" Ruby said, not wavering in her aim. "So Get The FUCK Out of this Room or I will SHOOT YOU DEAD."

"FINE!" The man snarled, much more beast like than man like, and stormed out of the room.

Ruby Branwen waited for him to leave, and then slammed and locked the doors shut with a few swift key strokes to the nearest console before she turned to the woman on the floor.

"Hey, Velvet? Are you alright?" Ruby asks, checking on the girl who was normally so timid as a rabbit and would never hurt anybody intentionally. 

The Doctor was shell shocked, her eyes darting every which way, as if waiting for the enraged Major to come back to start something. ...Her arms and hands were covered in blood, as seen as she slowly raised them up with growing horror in her eyes.

"...I..." She hiccuped. "I think this virus isn't just air-air b-borne, R-Ruby... He- he scratched me!"

Ruby swallowed. "It doesn't matter. We'll fix this, Velvet." She glanced at the hyper drive controls, and narrowed her eyes in determination. "Just tell me what we need to do to get us to Atlantis."

Velvet's eyes blinked- something getting through the shock of being nearly mauled by the turning Major. "...Colonel Ozma isn't taking us to Atlantis."

"...He's not?" Ruby asked, shocked. "But- Why!? Where are we going!?"

"I- I don't know, but..." She shook her head. "It was him changing the coordinates on us every time we've tried jumping that's set us off course. I just- I just realized it when Major Arc--"

The Doctor convulsed- and it was quite evident that she was in pain from the expression on her face. 

"O-Oh god- My tailbone just-" She doesn't get a chance to finish the sentence. There's a jolt- and her face starts to shift away from humanoid.

"Velvet, there's no time, Tell me what I have to do!" 

Jaune Arc roared as he stood, a bloodied mess, over the Lieutenant he'd just mauled savagely. He began posing for the roaring of the crowd.

"Well well," Ozma laughed. "Color me surprised. The sacrifice is still alive." He clapped his hands, and Medics emerged from portals to retrieve Shinohara's still twitching body from where it lay. "We'll take a few moments to, ah, clean up the mess. In the mean time... we'll move our next two contestants into a cage together so they can share a few last private moments.


The bridge to the Daedalus was quiet this time of night on the planet- a stark contrast to the howling hoard of Werewolves that were outside the ship. A howling hoard that just kept growing by the hour. 

Only a few people left onboard the ship were still immune... If barely. Ruby could feel the wolf coursing through her blood like mad. Itching, waiting to be unleashed, and... and.,..

It was a miracle that her minor exposure to what Jaune had done to Doctor Velvet had made it a slow and steady progression rather than the rapid onset pace that she'd seen elsewhere.

She began systematically searching the bridge for the Black Boxes- only for the sound of footsteps approaching to cause her to hide.

Colonel Ozma entered the bridge- with the damned Werewolf Magnet in hand. Why was he--??

"Secure the Black Boxes, and have them beamed out into space the moment we arrive into the next dimension," Ozma ordered. "Can't have scavengers wondering after what we were caring, after all."

And then Several Werewolves entered the bridge after him- in full obedience to the man wielding them like a... a...

The wolf within her smelt something in the air.

Something she'd missed before as a human.

The wolf within Ruby raged.



He wasn't even from HER DIMENSION AT ALL! His strain of Lycanthropy was vastly different from the one affecting her! It... It...!!!!

It was of no surprise as Ruby's world turned red and she felt a brief burst of pain as her body transformed instantly.

The look on Ozma's face showed that she'd caught him completely off guard.

The Wolves under his control were quickly wounded, and forced to flee on their own- unknowingly soon to trap themselves inside of an elevator.

And moments later, Ozma was forced to flee without the device in hand.

Ruby groans awake, and you can't help but sigh in relief.

"Ruby?" You are Kohiru Karren, and you shuffle over to check on the girl. "Are you okay?"

"Memories are coming back," She groans. "How long was I out?"

"About six or seven minutes," you answer, helping the D'ni girl to sit up.

"Damn it." She muttered. "Shinohara?"

"Mauled, but alive, barely," you spit out. [Gray? How long until we go after these bitch ass wolves?]

[When you and Ruby are out in the stands. That's when we'll make our move. The magic around the cage is already nearly weak enough we can break out,] Gray answered. [Just sit tight for a bit longer.]

"Great," you mutter.

[Ruby?] Gray asks. [What do you remember?]

"Well. I'm a werewolf apparently, and didn't know it," Ruby answered quietly, aloud, and in the mind link chat, staring down at her hands. "I can feel it itching to get out again, now that I remember being one..." She closes her hands and eyes, and takes a deep breath. "But I'm not one of Ozma's. I never was. And now I know why my memories were jumbled so badly, too," She opens her eyes. "Let me show you what happened next."



"Oh, Ruby, what have you gotten yourself into now?" The spectral voice of a dearly departed partner awoke the blood-red furred Werewolf who was guarding the Werewolf Magnet from her dreams.

"...Weiss?" The girl inside the wolf asked, staring out from far and away deep within those wolf's eyes. "Is that you?"

"Yes, no, it doesn't matter does it?" a flicker of light condensed in front of her into the form of a woman with long white hair, done up into a braid. Her clothing was impossible to see, made of light as it was. "I could be a figment of your imagination for all it counts."

But she was real. A real Ascended Being who manifested then in front of her. Not that Ruby would realize that at all during this time.

"I missed you," Ruby whined, mentally, and as the wolf.

"I know, I've missed you too," The woman knelt down and put her hands against the sides of the wolf's head. "But you have a job to do, Ruby. A mission to finish. Velvet told you what to do, remember?"

Ruby gazed down at the device in her claws, and she remembered.

"I remember," she nodded. 

"Good." Weiss leaned in, and kissed her partner on the snout.

With a flicker of form, the Werewolf was back to being Ruby Branwen, and not a Werewolf. She stretched out, clad in the tattered remains of her uniform, and grimaced. "Ugh... That transformation really does a number in on the clothing, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does," Weiss chuckled. "Nothing I haven't seen before, though! Heh... Still." She frowned, musing. "You'll need armor. And life support."

"Yeah," Ruby nods. "I'm going to have to vent the atmosphere for the entire ship once we're in space."

And so they went to the Suit Armory- and Ruby quickly removed her torn uniform for the power and protection of a Maintainers Suit.

As Ruby hesitated to put on the Helmet, she looked to Weiss once more. "Are... Are you sure you're not real and not not a figment of my imagination?"

Weiss giggled. "It doesn't matter either way, Ruby. You have a job to finish."

Ruby sighed. "I know, I know..."

She put on the helmet.

Weiss vanished from sight, but her voice remained.

"Come on, Branwen, let's kick that Colonel to the curb for what he did to our crew," Weiss's voice sounded as if it came over the radio now, even though it was still as clear as day.

"Hallucination Weiss, I love it when you speak my language!" Ruby grinned beneath her helmet, and set out for the Engine Room.

She arrived without hassle, and began priming the controls for the engines to rev up the Link Drive and JUMP to another reality.

"Ah, crap, it wants coordinates," Ruby swore. "Ugh, what was it Velvet said again? 5G-4T7 something or 5G-47T something?"

"Four Seven T," Weiss said, quoting the Doctor directly, and not knowing she'd slurred out the wrong first three digits of the number sequence in a fit of transformation induced pain.

"Right, Right," Ruby began punching in the code as Weiss narrated it off.

It would have been correct if not for those first three digits being swapped around. An ALT instead of an ATL, as it were. A common mistake anyone could make in typography, really...

The Drive began to power on.

And then...

The Daedalus JUMPED, and it wound up in a rapidly decaying orbit near a moon.

The crash that ensued sent everything tumbling, and caused the Dimensional Linking Drive to rupture something fierce.

"Ruby! Ruby!!" Weiss called out, trying to get her friend to awaken again, dazed from tumbling in the jump and hitting her helmeted head against a piece of equipment. The helmet was as good as jammed. "Oh Wake Up you lovable idiot! Come on!"

But she wasn't waking up, and Ozma stumbled into the Engine room, snarling, hair disheveled, and looking ready to tear up even a child with his bare claws.

He spotted the Werewolf Magnet device on the floor, and laughed. "All of that... For nothing!"

He made to move for the device.

Weiss made her move instead. "I'm sorry, Ruby, but I need to borrow your body!"

And then the body awoke under the control of a different mind. 

The fight that ensued was rapid, intense, and it wound up with a choice piece of dialogue being uttered.

"What are you doing, Lieutenant Branwen!?" Ozma growled. "GIVE ME THE AMULET!" 

Weiss answered for her partner with her partner's voice, "I am doing what needs to be done!"

And then she flung the Werewolf magnet into a rift in the engine room.

Ozma roared, and leaped after it... and moments later- the rift suddenly changed to a completely different setting.

What happened next was something of a hybrid act, With Weiss guiding Ruby's body to perform the actions that needed to be done while editing her partner's barely conscious memories of the event to go in a vastly different direction. She had to erase her interference. She couldn't let it be known what she'd done to alter the course of history or the OTHERS would intervene.

She removed the Black Boxes and beamed them into space.

Then, knowing that some day, someone would come to find this ship, she set everything into low power, and rigged the Asgard transporters to store Ruby Branwen in stasis until the day came that she would be found and retrieved.

You are once more Ruby Branwen, still barely in control over the wolf itching to escape and FIND YOUR PARTNER, but... you feel so vaguely... WHOLE again?

Weiss... somehow when she got left behind, she... she...?

[Ascended,] Gray filled in the term. [She Ascended. She Ascended and followed you through who knows how many dimensions just to help you stop things in the end.]

[If she's still around, I want to shake her hand,] Karren stated. "God... that's just..."

[Romantic?] Gray offers.

"I was going to say stubborn, but that works too," Karren offered. 

You can't help but laugh.

And... and the Wolf feels settled as you laugh.

YOU feel settled.

Oh, sure, you're ready and raring to rip into Ozma and give him what's coming but- 

You feel IN CONTROL.

"Alright," you get to your feet. "Let's show 'Colonel' Ozma why I should have his Rank instead!"

"You got it," Karren grins, a savage, savage grin.

You are now Artoria Gray, and as the magic around the cage fails- the metal spikes flash crimson as cracks run through their surface, and then shatter into tiny, charcoal like pieces. 

"Let's get going," Aradia takes the lead. 

[Ruby, Karren, we're on the move,] you tell them.

[Okay, we're just being taken out into the arena now,] Karren answers.

[Good luck!] you send.

"Medea should have left our gear near here," Aradia says as she looks around for the spot you told them about through your original psychic communication ability, and not the version that's working through the bond you have with the others.

"Right there," You point at a hollow in a tree, and within moments, you find your pilfered clothing and gear, including your Sylladexes.


Your name is Kohiru Karren, and you glance at Ruby as she takes off her clothes and starts to transform. It'd be a beautiful process if taken in isolation, but under these circumstances...

You'll have to appreciate the beauty of such a thing later. When you're not dealing with shit like surviving the Hunting Grounds.

Ozma scoffs, and even without him yelling, you can hear him gripe, "Well, it looks like Medea's memory hack worked after all." 


Five dots appear in the sky, and Ruby doesn't attack you. Instead, she just sits down on the ground and raises a leg to scratch behind one ear with her foot like your average Wolf Lusus.


"You want speed, eh?" you ask- and burst into a run.

Finally- for the first time since you arrived in this damned dimension, the magic that was suppressing your speed powers is released.

You hit the edge of the arena in seconds, and start running along the walls.

If you had Rhubee's fancy petal effects, you'd imagine you'd be leaving a massive trail everywhere behind you, streaking along as you go.

But Nah. You're fine being such a fast speedster nobody sees you coming.

Well, almost nobody.

[RUBY, NOW!] you abruptly change directions by jumping off the wall straight at your partner in this fight who launches into the air to meet you.

She holds up her clawed hands near her chest, and you flip around so your feet line up to match...

You'd like to imagine that a SWEET CATCH text popup flashed above and blow you as Ruby caught you by the feet, and then THROWS YOU UP UP AND AWAY from herself- throws you straight for that bastard Ozma.

You flip around in midair- and catch a handy dandy slow-mo look of shock on the bastards face as you come flying in feet first to crash into his center of mass and--- BOOP! Off the platform he goes, flying down into the arena as you transfer almost all of your momentum into him.

Time resumes its regular flow as you land atop Ozma's platform- and everything is silent as the man hits the ground with a loud grunt.

Then, the Audience ROARS in applause- they didn't see that coming, not one bit.

AND YOU DON'T STOP for longer than it takes that second to process, and re-align your course.

You TAKE OFF AT A RUN, and RACE down the long stone arm of the observation platform.

You trust Ruby to hold the bastard off, and maybe even finish the job this time.

But, that doesn't matter, at the very least. You have your own job to finish and that's FINDING the damned RIFT that leads back to your dimension.

You are now Ruby Branwen, and Ozma roared- transforming into his own wolf form before you could land a blow on him.

He starts to evade your blows- he's not leaving much to chance this time around.

He's not even bothering to snarl any coherent words at you! What a rip off!

You don't bother giving him the luxury either, then!

You are Aradia Megido, and Medea steps out of a rift as your team finishes gearing up, for the most part. Yuuki and Touya are still stuck in wolf form, after all, so someone captchalogues their gear for them.

"You must hurry," she begins speaking to Gray. "There is not much time. I think Ozma suspected you might betray him. He's sent men to the Daedalus to secure the portal back to your world. You need to take Rule Breaker and head to the Ritual Site and activate the spell I showed you before it's too late."

"Alright," Gray says, accepting the blade as Medea hands it over out of thin air. "We'll do that. What about you?"

"I'm going to the source of all of this," Medea had a determined look in her eyes. "I'm going to confront Hircine and probably die trying, so I'm counting on you to Perform That Ritual."

And with that, she steps through a portal, and vanishes.

Gray glances down at the gleaming blade of RULE BREAKER in hand. She shudders, and then grins as she orders, "Let's go."

"Right behind you," you nod in agreement.

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it! You just can't get a break! Ozma's spent the last year or so in this dimension training- you can tell! He's just slightly faster than you! You can't catch a break!

[I wish I had something to give me an edge!] you snarl into the link.

[I think I've got the thing!] Gray says, and then--

Ooooh. You feel all tingly as you get the mental equivalent of a GROUP POWER UP.

You hop back and away from Ozma for a few breaths of room, and grab behind you as if you were drawing a knife.

Sure enough, RULE BREAKER manifests inside your grip while ALSO being held in Gray's grip.

Ozma hesitates- and for the first time since transforming, speaks, "[Where Did You Get That!?]"

"[Wouldn't You Like To Know!]" you counter, and lunge with a swing as you push the knife to give you an edge in speed and strength. "[RULE BREAKER!!!]"

You're Kohiru Karren once more, and you slide to a halt for two reasons.

One, That JAUNE wolf guy is standing guard outside of the Daedalus's entry hatch.

Two, You JUST got that Tingly Vibe too, and really, just in time.

"You're not getting back to your world, Troll," Jaune declares. "Even if you could speed past us, you've got no way of taking us down without a weapon."

"Heh, funny thing about that." You reach back for the combat knife you usually have on you, and draw RULE BREAKER instead. "Who said I was Unarmed?" You ask, before speeding at them, ready to deal some damage.

Your name is Rhubee Xaolon, and you wake up in the middle of the night to a weird tingly sensation, and Gray's voice returning to your mind. [Rhubee! Get the Lancer Ready! NOW! And Bring a Co-Pilot! I need two more anchor points from the City of Atlantis to make this work!]

[G-Got it!] You rush out of bed, quickly captchalogue-changing clothes into your flight suit, and rush for the Jumper Bay with SPEED.

[Karren?? What the hell is going on?] Rhubee's voice interjects, and GOD, if you weren't already glad enough to have an impossible magic knife to hear your long time partner's voice.

[Oh, nothing much,] you casually flick some blood off of the knife, before rushing away from the pile of bodies you just put into the ground. [Just doing some paradoxical house cleaning, like always, it seems!]

[I just ran into Argo Lalonde while trying to get the Lancers online,] Rhubee says. [Should I draft them to synch with me as a Co-Pilot?]

[Gray? Is that safe?] you ask as you blur into the Daedalus' halls, and begin making your way for the engine room.

[Should be!] Gray answers. [Even if it isn't- No! YES! Yes, bring them. Argo'll do better than fine! They'll help me do my own damned ritual instead of Medea's!]

[We're not following Medea's plan?] You ask, rushing up an opened, and hollow elevator shaft. 

[Like Hell I'm following her plan through to a T! If I did, she'd REMEMBER all of this, and I am NOT letting her know that her spell worked, or failed, or whatever! We're doing our own shit like we always do! And that means I'm booting Medea out of her own spell!]

You arrive in the engine room, and take out Rule Breaker. [Alright, I'm here. Shall I begin the show?]

Ozma roared as Rule Breaker plunged deep into his chest and separated HIM and his WOLF FORM into two separate entities. Ozma himself, looking suddenly very ghastly pale and weaker than he did before, and a spectral werewolf form.

"What the-?" Ozma barely managed to whimper out before there was an explosion in the heavens above you, and a massive, towering being who looks like a Were-Deer instead of a Were-Wolf falls from the heavens- pursued by a glowing ball of blue light that's rapidly absorbing vast chunks of the opponent into itself
Hircine, you presume, is the giant deity being eaten, and Medea is likely the one doing the eating.

Geeze, and you thought she was overpowered with Rule Breaker. But now she's trying to... to... The term MANTLING comes to mind for some damned reason.


"Here goes!" Karren jabs Rule Breaker into the Control Console. "[RULE BREAKER!]" [Portal's Opening NOW!]

A rift in space time suddenly opened above the village on P96-237- and AR-1 and AR-9 turned their eyes upwards, gazing in shock at the celestial event that just transpired.

"Well, that's not good," Sheppard remarked.

Atlantis' Stargate connected to P96-237, and within the Ruby Lancer in the Jumper Bay, Rhubee cries out- [GATE'S OPEN!]

At the ritual site Medea had prepared and hidden away, Artoria Gray spread her wings, holding RULE BREAKER to the heavens, and cried out- "[RULE BREAKER!]"


And suddenly, the Ruby Lancer landed in a kneeling pose next to the Daedalus.

Karren zipped inside, and the Mecha tore off at a running pace mere moments later.

"Here!" Karren handed her Rule Breaker to a rather stunned Argo Lalonde, who took it in stride, and said:

"Man, this is the craziest dream I've ever had!" Then, they laughed.

The Lancer slid to a stop briefly near the ritual site, and Argo departed from it to fly down towards Gray, and Tagora's team.

"What do you need me to do?" Argo asked.

Gray smirked.

Medea laughed as she finished the process of absorbing Hircine's might and began to grow in size, similarly starting to match the felled Deity in appearance as well.

"Ahahah! Woooo! What a rush! Who needs the power to rewrite time when you can hunt and fell the Master of Hunt--"

And then the Ruby Lancer's burning fist slammed into Medea's face, sending her sprawling into the mountain side.

Aradia, Argo, and Gray held onto Gray's copy of Rule Breaker- the Original- and Gray channeled the might of the SPEAR that ENDS WORLDS within herself through the logic breaking weapon. Her wings spread out as she then channeled that power into the others.

Argo's wing spread as they added their own power to the mix as well. Then, Aradia followed suit- her butterfly wings vibrating excitedly.

All three of their eyes glowed golden- with crimson gears flashing into being in place of the irises- spinning not clockwise, but rather Counter Clockwise.

And together, they shouted once more for show- "[RULE BREAKER!]"

For a moment- Reality froze.

The vast computational powers that be slowed to a grinding halt as a series of requests were made at a vastly higher priority than they should have been made with.

A checklist was run through.

Is the aftershocks of this choice enough to create a SPLINTER, DOOMED TIMELINE?

NO: with a brief computational estimate, variables and key plot points were unchanged. Events would be proceeding similarly enough, and the Timeline would not split into doomed and undoomed realities.

Is this choice enough to create a whole PARALLEL INSTANCE OF REALITY?

Calculations ran: Were Medea to continue on her course in this reality, by Mantling Hircine... Would she properly become Hircine and her own goals would be merged with his, allowing both of their planned destinies to conclude?

A brief simulation of the brawl between Medea and the Lancer played out- ending in Medea's defeat, and forced expulsion of Hircine's essence, allowing it to eventually reform in the original's image. The Mantling process would be subverted. Medea and Hircine would proceed as separate individuals and their plans would not be merging.

The Answer, Then, was NO.


The calculations ran. But... it seemed the answer was NO. Because the calculations ran, and completed without throwing up error messages.

The processed data was confirmed. In comparison of the recent TIME BREAK that Ba'al had created, it was nowhere near as severe, and, in fact, was practically a recorded phenomenon within the machinations of reality. The ANCIENTS had created a similar ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL in their experiments with TIME TRAVEL, when they created a TIME LOOP MACHINE many centuries in the past. 

The Users of the ADMINISTRATION TOOL: [RULE BREAKER] were requesting a restoration of the MOST RECENT UNIVERSAL BACKUP, with a CONTINUITY OF KNOWLEDGE being maintained across chosen individuals. 

This could be accomplished with ease.

In addition, a TRANSFERAL OF OWNERSHIP was being requested by the TOOL, RULE BREAKER itself- no longer content to be held within Medea's grasp. 

Multiverse Stability was predicted to stabilize overall by 16.8% should the transferal be approved, and thus, it was.

All of this happened within the span of a frozen second, and then...

From a different perspective, it looked as if the section of string from a certain point was copied- becoming a discolored orange ghost of the rest of the green thread.

The Backup was restored- and that copied section was suddenly all that remained.

It was condensed down into information packets, and slotted into place at the exact moment of Backup Restoration, providing the Experimental Variable requested to alter the day's events.

In the process, Rule Breaker was placed on a FUNCTION REQUEST COOL DOWN- a request of this nature would not be allowed to transpire for another 618 YEARS of In Universe Time.


DIASPORA DATE: 03/07/0007.

"Jaune Arc?" Your name is Ruby Branwen, and the name fills your heart with sorrow. "He's worse than dead."

"And you're sure about that?" Argo Lalonde asks. 

"I'm as sure as I can be," you answer. "He was one of the crew members left behind when they went Werewolf in a whole different dimension."

"We're not... triggering this blatantly obvious trap, are we?" Your Alternian Twin asks. 

You, her, Karren, and Gray were resting in the gym after a work out when Argo arrived with this disturbing news. 

"There's a-" Argo suddenly trailed off.

For a moment, you swear you saw orange glowing ghostly outlines of yourselves approaching, and then merging with---


And then the MEMORIES Returned.

Rhubee grabbed at her head. You felt woozy. Gray whimpered, and Karren- Karren started to laugh?

"Oh Fuck," Argo breathed out. "What the fuck just-? Did we actually just do that?" 

Gray holds out her hand, and a ghostly, paradoxical copy of RULE BREAKER flickered into existence. "Holy shit. I think we did!"

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you find yourself... conflicted, and feeling the most disconcerting DE JA VU you've ever felt in your entire life.

You're sending a team into what could very well be a trap.

Your mind reels as you recall the after action report of Hammond sending in whole SG-teams to rescue a team that was under fire. You'd called it walking into a deliberate trap then, even if it wasn't quite as cut and dry as you'd pretended back then.

And here you are about to do the same damned thing early into your career.

The gut instinct of everyone involved says that this could be a trap. Yet, it's not confirmed.

What do y---

The DE JA VU returns in full force like a sledge hammer to the back of your head- and your own voice yells out- "Don't Be An Idiot!!!"

By the time you recover from the dazzling headache that comes with a whole slew of other memories inserting themselves into your head, Argo Lalonde has taken to the City's Intercom: "This is Administrative Assistant Argo Lalonde Requesting Everyone who just got a major sense of De Ja Vu to report to me IMMEDIATELY. This is NOT A DRILL. We have a Time Loop Situation, I repeat, Time Loop Situation. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!"

Your name is Aradia Megido, and you feel... On edge as Medea taunts you from the other side of the cage.

"Now, then," Medea drew her weirdly shaped knife with her right hand. "I do have some business to attend to and I'm not just here for chit-chat."

"Whatever it is you intend to do with that knife, it's never going to work!" Touya began to posture. "We don't have any magic contracts for you to break!"

"Oh, I think you'll find you're quite wrong about that," Medea smirked, and her knife began to glow as she intoned, "[Rule Breaker,]" and then continued on, "Now, then, it's time for me to make some thralls."

...That doesn't feel right.

"T-Thralls?" Yuuki backed away from the cage wall. "No way! You can't force us to serve you! Cu Sidhe Lycanthropy doesn't work that way!"

"No, it doesn't," Medea 'tsk'd, and tapped the knife against her lips. "What it does do, however, is create two distinct physical makeups and switches between them magically, and what Rule Breaker will do to you is break that switch and force you into your wolf forms until I decide to release you."

Something isn't right about this-- it's almost like you can feel... 

"You'll have to touch us to make that work!" Touya likewise backed away from the cage walls. "So come in here and try it!"

Time just sort of...

"Oh, dear, whatever shall I do with a too large cage?" Medea 'tsk'd again, and circled around the cage to approach the far wall away from the rest of you. She waved her free arm through the bars as if trying to grasp them, showing how futile it was for her to reach you...

Slowing to a halt...??

You see a flicker of orange light standing near Medea- another version of you, beckoning you over with her left hand, while gripping something tight in her right.

You were just about to think that if you had the time to cross the cage, you would...

And you DO.

You stand, ready to grasp Medea's arm, and then the other you MERGES and Time RESUMES.

You GRAB Medea's arm and wrench it to the side- she shrieks in surprise and drops Rule Breaker as if shocked by it.

The Knife doesn't land on the ground, however. It doesn't land at all.

Somehow, even despite your arms never moving as you pin and wrench Medea's arm back against yourself and the cell spike walls, the blade winds up in your right hand instead.

Almost... Almost as if it'd never left.

The Memories come back to you then as instinct guides you to shift your right arm's grasp and JAB the damned knife's blade into Medea's left shoulder- "[RULE BREAKER!!]" You yell- and that's when things get weird.

Weird how?

Weird as in there's a massive explosion of magic that erupts straight out of the wound instead of blood- all glowing blue, almost liquidized, pure Zillyum- spraying out and-- And--

And the Cage bars suddenly explode into nothing behind you as you yank the blade out and FLIP-SLAM Medea into the ground.

She lies there, groaning in pain, and you look to your teammates- who are suddenly wearing their gear again- or are putting it back on in the case of Touya and Yuuki.

"Woah, how the hell did you pull that off, Megido?" Tagora asks- shocked. "Also- Where did your outfit come from!?"

You check yourself- and find that yes, you too are wearing your gear again.

"I think we broke the rules, a little," you giggle, twirling Rule Breaker around as easy as if it were an extension of yourself, and grin. "Now let's go to the Daedalus and Fuck Some Shit Up!"

Nobody argues as you lead the way to the Daedalus by flapping your wings and taking flight.

Well, nobody except Tagora, who has to hitch a ride with Touya because he doesn't have his own wings!

Ozma clutched at his heart as he felt something go horribly, bizarrely wrong. It was almost like he'd just been stabbed. But... How??

Medea. She must have betrayed him!!

And so he lead a group to the cage, ready to destroy her, only to find that Medea was lying where the cage should have been, looking like SHE'D been stabbed as well.

Maybe she hadn't betrayed him and the prisoners had gotten the upper hand somehow?

"Guards!" He orders, "Go to the Deadalus and secure the Portal! We must not allow the Prisoners to escape back to their dimension!"

And thus done, he went to check on Medea, who had her eyes closed and seemed to be breathing shallowly.

"Medea, what happened?" He asked, kneeling down, and raising her head and upper torso up to get a better look at her wounds.

"They... Took Rule Breaker." She hissed. "I don't know how..."

"Damn it," Ozma swore. "Not Rule Breaker, not the key to-"

And then he felt that phantom stabbing pain again, except much sharper, and not so phantom, and much more... More...


Ozma glanced down at his chest, and saw a fucking SWORD burried there and very likely was piercing clear through to his back. The sword's grip was held firmly my Medea's right hand, and it seemed to be made up out of the last vestiges of Magic she had in her system, from how it flickered and pulsed and leaked magic out of every inch of its visible surface.

"...Wh-" Ozma watched as the blade flickered away, and he fell onto his back. His heart had been cleanly struck, and he could feel it not working. "Wh--"

"Oh shut up," Medea huffed, pushing herself to her feet, and placing her right hand firmly against her wounded shoulder. "We both knew we were going to betray eachother eventually anyways. What good am I to you without Rule Breaker? Dead Meat, that's what. Don't act surprised."

And then with a angry huff she reared a leg back and kicked Ozma squarely between the legs, making his last few labored breaths those of intense pain.

"And THAT'S for making me wear this stupid robe the entire time I've been here," She spat onto his soon-to-be-corpse before stomping away. As she did so, she continued to loudly complain, "Stupid, fucking, skin obsessed Werewolves! I swear, there's a line between intentionally, personally empowering sexy, and insulting, forced, and--!"

Ozma heard nothing more as his long prolonged death finally caught up with him.

Jaune Arc stumbled as if he had been cut rapidly in every vital and exposed joint by a speeding rabbit, and thus, he was in no position to do anything as Yuuki Kono slammed a tree branch against the back of his head like it was the broad side of a sword- sending the Major Bitch of a Werewolf to the ground, unconscious.

"Grudge, much?" Touya asked.

"I recognized his scent," Yuuki answered. "That was the jerk who attacked Keiko and left her poisoned to the point I had to turn her into a Werewolf just to let her survive."

"Oh, gotcha," Touya nodded, and then wound up a kick to hit the guy in the side. "That's some payback for that! Too! I guess!"

"Yeah!" Minori nodded in agreement, and with that, they entered the Daedalus, making their way to the Engine Room slowly and deliberately.

Aradia slashed Rule Breaker against every available door control after closing them behind the team, ensuring that those Doors would not open easily any time within the next several hours.

Finally, they arrived in the Engine Room, and Aradia used Rule Breaker to power on the rift generator.

The first vestiges of a rift began to form, and a radio signal came through.

"Diplomat team, this is AR-1, please respond?" John Sheppard's voice spoke.

"AR-1, this is Diplomat team," Aradia grinned. "We're opening a very large rift and are about to jump through it to safety."

"Roger that, we'll hold our fire until you're through," Sheppard acknowledged.

"Hold your fire?" Minori asked.

"You'll see," Sheppard answered.

And then a rift opened in the room below them- showing the abandoned village of that stupid forest planet once more, and nothing more.

Tagora hitched a ride with Touya once more, and they all flew through the rift.

Surprisingly, they were VERY high up off the ground. 

Unsurprisingly, they landed in the back of a cloaked Jumper moments later.

"That everyone?" Ruby Branwen asked from the front of that jumper.

"Yeah, that's everyone!" Tagora nodded.

"John, we're pulling clear- take aim and let it rip!" Ruby ordered.

Everyone turned back to look at the rift as a Jumper decloaked and opened fire with several drones straight through the rift into the heart of the alternate Daedalus' Engine Room.

Medea stopped her hike through the forests of the Hunting Ground as her destination- the BC-304 atop the Plateau Mesa- suddenly exploded from its engineering section.

And then the explosions rocked through the rest of the ship- destroying it entirely. 

Medea stared, and then laughed.

"Fuck it. So much for escaping THAT way," she sighed, and drew upon the last vestiges of magical and soul based power she had inside her body that HADN'T just been forcibly expelled by Rule Breaker.

It was the Dimensional Teleportation Magic she'd stolen from Aiden Ford.

There wasn't much left. She'd get one, maybe two jumps left out of it if she were lucky. And there was no telling if she'd land where she wanted to...

...But she had no choice.

"Well, I guess it's a leap of faith then, huh?" She closed her eyes, focused on the first place she'd landed when she arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy... 

And Warped away with a flicker of static.

Within a storage Warehouse, somewhere in the City of Atlantis, Gray, Ruby, Karren, and Rhubee held forwards their temporal clones of Rule Breaker. Aradia held forth her stolen version of Rule Breaker, and Argo likewise held forth their own static copy of the weapon.

When the tips of the knives touched, there was a flash of green and orange light, and what was left behind was a singular knife, held in Gray's hand.

"I guess that makes me its new owner," Gray sighed.

"Suppose it does," Aradia nodded in agreement.

"Well, at any rate," Argo shook their head. "Let's put that thing on ice before Medea comes looking for it again."

And so Gray approached a D'ni Stone Extruder, and placed Rule Breaker in a form at the base of the extruders', well, extruder. 

With a few swift pushes of a button, the hardest Rock-Metal substance known to all of D'ni culture, NARA, poured forth and into the form- glowing red hot golden as it filled the mold, consuming Rule Breaker, and then began to solidify rapidly as the mineral cooled- steam rising into the air.

When it had finished, all that was left was a large golden-bronze brick that now served as the Prison for an extremely dangerous artifact.

After a few tense moments of prying the brick free from its form, Gray lifted it free and stared at her reflection within the rock's shiny surface...

"I think I could link it free if I absolutely needed to," Gray said after several long moments of soul searching. And then she captchalogued the stone brick, and sighed. "Let's hope I don't ever have to."

"Amen to that!" Ruby rolled her shoulders out. "Man, that was the longest not-day that I've ever lived. And that's INCLUDING all the shit we went through with Ba'als stupid timeline."

"Speaking of," Rhubee placed a hand on her human twin's shoulder. "You going to be okay about...?"

"Yeah," Ruby nods. "Weiss is out there somewhere. I'll find her eventually."

You are Argo Lalonde, and you slump into your desk chair with a tired sigh. "Man. Today was WEIRD."

"Tell me about it," Woolsey remarks from the director's chair. "How exactly does one phrase 'I made my decision to commit Two Puddle Jumpers based off of memories of a failed rescue mission gained from a doomed timeline' in a way that doesn't make them sound crazy?"

You wryly chuckle, and quote a certain then Colonel O'neill, "If at first you don't succeed. Try, try, try... Try, Try Try... Try Try TRY again."

Woolsey smirks. "Fair enough, I suppose. We don't exactly have to tell the IOA how many tries it actually took to prevent calamity, after all."

"Oh, for sure," you nod. "That's... Yeah. It's safe to say we give ourselves way more wriggle room than we expect we actually need the next time something like this comes up. We're lucky it went off right the first time."

"Indeed," Woolsey resumes his work- or, well, pauses just before he does. "But damn it, I get the feeling I'm going to be thinking its a day earlier than it was for a long while."

"Time loops, even short ones, suck like that," you say. Then, you have to ask. "So... Are we telling the IOA we got Rule Breaker, or-?"

"No, best to let them think that it was Destroyed, much like they continue to think the Alternia Twilight Bracelet doesn't exist in a solid form anywhere else in the Multiverse," Woolsey says.

You laugh, dryly. "Yeah. Real shame, that." 

You don't want to think about what would happen if the IOA decided to chase after the UNENDING in their unending greed.

...Man, you miss the days they were idle and willing to let things slide without confrontation.

"Politics suck," you finally say.

Woolsey scoffs, "Tell me about it."

Chapter Text

SUBJ: Greetings, From Pegasus.


FROM: RWoolsey@LantisExp.ORG

Hello, General Hammond. 

Yes, I know you're retired now, but the simple fact of the matter is that you requested I give you a phone call should I one day find myself in your shoes.

Unfortunately, the long distance charges from the Pegasus Galaxy are something exorbitant even for myself, and I would rather spare you the change in exchange for... an Email. 

Just today. I found myself in the position you found yourself in all those years ago, except somewhat... different. To keep it sufficiently short, I made a bad decision, and then had an opportunity to do it over again. 

I'm finding that Leading is not as easy as many in the IOA believe it is. I was faced with the confrontation of the fact that within my first few months as leader of the Atlantis Expedition, I could potentially be removed for the same reasons I attempted to remove you from the head of the SGC. That is to say, I had the unfortunate dilemma of choosing whether to send full on squads of rescue teams along with accompanying armaments, or simply sending another Diplomat team as the suspected kidnapped team had requested. 

I feared that I would do the wrong thing by emulating your footsteps, and be removed from a position I didn't even want to be placed in, and I found out that it was indeed the wrong move to make. My actions allowed another team to be captured, and for a member of the Apollo's crew to be viciously mauled by a werewolf. if not for their escape and formulation of their own plan to save the day on the spot... We would be having a vastly different conversation.

They found a way to reset time, by a few hours- and carry with them memories of the future events. In the process, they chose to let the entirety of the Atlantis Expedition remember the day that had just been erased, while preventing anyone else from remembering. (Well, every member save for the poor Lieutenant who was mauled. I'm told that her memories of the day did not carry over. A small blessing if ever there was any.) 

In their doing so, I was able to make a different choice, and that lead to the successful destruction of a portal generator between dimensions that could have allowed an army of Werewolves controlled by some unknown, apparently cosmic deity to enter our dimension and attempt to rule over it with an iron clawed fist. 

I don't have anything else to really say on the matter except that I've walked both my path and yours, and I've found that I'm reconsidering my stance on that day.

Despite how everything transpired since then, and my own moral compass has generally not wavered in the slightest... I've a newfound respect for the enormous weight you had on your shoulders that day. 

And I'm sorry to say I think I finally understand why you all felt that I acted much like a well and truly blind fool that day. 

For that, I'm sorry. I'm well and truly sorry. If I ever find myself in that position again... I believe I know how I must act, and I doubt it will ever be as cowardly as I believed my own actions were that day. 

I suppose that's enough of your time spent reading this. I'll let you get back to your retirement, now, Sir.

_Richard Woolsey.

SUBJ: RE: Greetings, From Pegasus.

TO: RWoolsey@LantisExp.ORG


Mr. Woolsey.

When I'd heard you were being posted to Pegasus from Samantha Carter, I had a feeling this day would come sooner rather than later. 

Apology Accepted.

I'm sorry that you had to go through a choice of that nature so soon into your tenure as head of Atlantis. Leading anything, let alone any project involving the Stargate, can be a difficult task. And when the matter of lives are brought into play as a factor... It is not an easy weight to bear, and even to this day, I still have nightmares of the what ifs. What if Janet had died? What if Jack had died? What if, and what if? 

The regrets are part of the job, I'm afraid.  But we learn from them, and I get the impression this is a lesson you'll remember for quite a long time.

If you need advice on any situations you feel unable to handle, do not hesitate to send me an email. I get the feeling that you'll need what advice I can give in however long of a span of time as I'll be able to give it to you.

Whether that's because one of us outlasts the other, I'll leave that up to God's roll of the dice. 


Chapter Text


"Callie, Mierfa, Xefros, I want you three looking up people we might have some reason to rescue from being culled in the ancient past." Okurii ordered.

"That's really funny you say that. Because even the Bracelet sure seems to think I'm the new Heiress," Joey answers, narrowing her eyes.
The whirling vortex of a Stargate Wormhole stretches out into infinity as a solar flare intersects it, causing the wormhole to bend backwards and return towards the planet it had originated from- HAVEN.
The GRAND CARNIVAL of THRASHBURG was, at this point in time, going to be home to the GRUESOME MURDERS of some REBEL SCUM who had been captured by the LOCAL HIGHBLOODS.

It was to be a SPECTACLE- one held as the SUN ROSE. Which would claim the Rebel's lives FIRST? The SUN, or an EXECUTIONER'S AX?

If everything went according to the SUMMONER'S plan... neither.

But that's not how history recorded it. While a lot of the Rebels were rescued, a FEW CERTAIN ONES were murdered, and it's those certain ones who you and yours are here to rescue.

Your name is JOEY CLAIRE, and you're about to help launch a PRISON BREAK. 
There's a momentary flash of light as your perspective is suddenly yanked out of reality, and so is the Heiress's, and you both sort of find yourselves floating in a blank, empty expanse with a vaguely grey hue to it.

"..." You stare at the Heiress, Reenah.

"..." And she stares right back at you.

Your two versions of the Bracelet in the mean time float in the gap between you, orbiting each other and  trading off information between the two of them.

Then, with a flash of light again, the two bracelets return to your respective wrists, and you receive a small burst of data from your version of the Bracelet.

Apparently this was a temporally locked moment that was always going to happen- your version of Administration just chose not to tell you it was going to happen until it actually happened. Yet another Stable Time Loop closed.

The Heiress, likewise, got her own info dump, which possibly includes a WHOLE of a lot more than you got.

"...What the fuck?" She says, finally speaking. "You're from the future!?"
Then, Reenah speaks, "Can I tell you something personal?" She asks. "Like, in confidence? Heiress to Heiress?"

"Not really a heiress," you say. "My blood's red, not pink."

"You're wearing the Bracelet, aren't ya?" Reenah says more than asks.

"Okay, yeah," you agree. "Fair enough. Go ahead."

"...I'm not supposed to be here," she says. "Not even in this whole Rebellion thing. Not even supposed to be alive."

"History says otherwise," you say.

"Well, sure," she says, "but... that's not what I mean." There's a moment's pause, then she says, "I'm not really Reenah Kraken."
Your name is CALLIE OHPHEE, and you feel so NERVOUS as you watch as the MATTER STREAM descend from the Green Moon.

The Ring Platform activates, and as the rings rush upwards, the beam descends into it.

Then, the terrifying visage of EMPRESS MEENAH appears, and as the rings descend back into the floor, she readies her TRIDENT.

Reenah readies her own trident as well, as all go silent, waiting to see what happens next.
The Empress has the Heiress on the ground- weaponless and soon to be culled.

"Any last words, GUPPY?" Meenah asks, glaring at the girl beneath her.

"Yeah, I got some," Reenah smirks. "But I gotta wait for just the right moment to use them. Gotta savor the moment, ya know?"

"...What?" Meenah asks, when suddenly there's a distantly echoing BOOM.

 A MASSIVE FIREBALL erupts from the surface of the GREEN MOON, spiraling upwards and upwards, and generally looking like a massive MIDDLE FINGER towards propriety in general.

"WHAT!!!?" Meenah roars- startled and confused and-


Suddenly without any legs to stand on as Reenah pulls out a LASER CUTTER from nowhere and slashes out- sending the Empress toppling to the ground with a yelp.

"I ABDICATE!" Reenah yells, and then slices off her own right wrist. The BRACELET tumbles to the ground, and the FORCE SHIELD begins dispersing around the arena.
Your name is RUFIOH NITRAM, and you watch as the two halves of this wayward team reunite at the Stargate- which fortunately is not just yet crawling with the Alternian Empire's agents.

"Did you get what you need?" You ask of the girl from the future.

"Yes, we did," Joey Claire nods. "And we bloodied that Cueball man too, real good."

"And Reenah?" You look at the LANDING VESSEL.

"Here!" You hear a pained voice as a left hand waves from the back side.

"Connection Established!" Zebede yells out as he drops the shield from infront of the Stargate.

"Company!" Your name is Joey Claire, and you crack a grin. "LET'S WRECK SOMEBODY'S DAY!"

And with that, you and your team leap through the open wormhole.

Sliding to a halt in the Destiny's cargo hold the three once-Heiresses draw their weapons, two laser swords and one rather pointy trident made out of a crashed escape pod's hull.

Joey's blue blade contrasts against the green glow of Cridea's, and the Empress snarls as she storms into the room after them.
Cridea lands a glancing hit against the Empress' left leg- a gash which burns before healing over. The Empress yells in pain despite that- thus opening herself up to more attacks, forgetting about her healing factor for a moment.
Her Imperial Condescension back stepped over the body of the girl who'd killed herself rather than divulge any important secrets, and paid her no attention other than that she nearly tripped. And it just made Joey Claire all the more angry.

"YOU'RE NO EMPRESS!" She yells over the sound of Chevron Seven Locking. 

"I NAME YOU KHEPRI! AND BANISH YOU FOR YOUR CRIMES!" Joey roars as Chevron Eight Locks.

Chevron Nine spun into place, and locked.

WAA WAA! KAWOOOSH! The Alternian Stargate activated in the back of the room, framed perfectly behind the Destiny's Stargate as a targeting ring.

Joey Claire took a deep breath, and she PUSHED AGAINST REALITY with a mighty yell. And with a burst of FUSCHIA light, the Empress-no-More went flying through Destiny's Stargate, and then continued on further, heading straight into the stolen Alternia Stargate.


DIASPORA DATE: 03/13/0007.

Your name is Joey Claire, and you look up from your book as you hear a knock at the door.

"Just a minute!" You call out, and save your place in the book, grab your walking cane in case you need it, stand from the couch, and head to the door. 

You open the door, and it takes you a minute to place the woman standing before you. Alternain, Sea Dweller, a wide grin on her face and--

Oh. THAT sign

"Hey, Joey," The Sea Dweller who'd been pretending to be an heiress in the past- CRIDEA SEAWAV is her name, and she throws her arms wide as if asking for a hug. "Guess who's back?"

"Well well, if it isn't Reenah Kraken in the not flesh," you crack a grin and give your old friend a hug. "Welcome back, Cridea!"


"Wow," Cridea stared out into the yard as Toko ran around chasing Nepp and Nepeta, who are very deliberately keeping her away from any trees she could run into or get hurt near. "Who'd've thought you'd become a Lusus?"

You laugh. "Yeah, it wasn't something we came to lightly. But I've loved every minute of it. She's really now that she's walking and talking and just able to do stuff with her hands. Just the other day she gave me this whole stack of drawings she'd done and I keep alternating them on the fridge cause there just isn't room for all of them at once."

Cridea glanced back into the kitchen and at the currently center stage drawing showing Toko and you and Mierfa and Polypa with a "I love my Mommies!" scrawled on it in very rudimentary Alternian.

"Real cute," Cridea grinned. "Man, it sounds like you've had an eventful life the last few Sweeps."

"Tell me about it," you shake your head. "It's been one hell of a ride, that's for sure." Then, you look to her. "Sooo. What have you been up to since you basically dropped off the grid for your Journey? I know you said you'd be gone for a while, but it's really been a while!"

"Eh, sightseeing, mostly," she shrugs. "I saw Alternia Galaxy. Visited all the worlds I could. Went to Milky Way when I finished. Did the same thing. Visited the sights, saw the Cavern of D'ni. Studied with some Jaffa Monks for a while. Oh. A few times I ran into this woman named Jane who was doing the same thing I was! Just, visiting worlds, learning what she could."

"Oh! You ran into Jane when she was doing her cuisine quest?" You ask, surprised. "She never mentioned she ran into you."

"You know Jane?" Cridea asks, surprised.

"She's my dad's sister," you explain. "Got cloned by an Asgard and made young again when her old body died."

"Wow, that's wild, I had no idea," Cridea shakes her head. "She didn't talk much about her home life, or even what world she was from. Just that she was traveling and seeing and learning from everything she could."

"Yeah, well, in the end I guess that's not too much of a surprise," you sigh. "She hasn't really talked to me much about any of her long trip around the Galaxy."

"Still, Small Universe, eh?" Cridea asks.

"Yeah, Small Universe, alright," you agree.

"So, water your plans for the future?" Cridea asks. "I'm debating what to do next."

"Mmh, personally? Stay home, raise Toko, write music, occasionally go on tour," you answer. "You know. The simple life. No racing across the galaxy trying to solve one world ending problem after the next. I still dabble with that, when the situation arises, but-" You waggle your walking cane that you only most of the time use for the intimidation factor. "You know. Legs. They're not quite what they used to be still. Can't do as much running these days."

"Yeah," Cridea shakes her head. "That sounds great and all, but it feels like I've been doing most of that these last few Sweeps. Just... walking. Seeing. No real running. Is it wrong that I miss the days when I was a critical part of a Rebellion and Revolution and had a shot at dethroning the Empress?"

"Nah, I hear ya on that," you say. "Some days you just get that itch to do something meaningful, y'know? Like, there's something going on that you just can't ignore, so you come out of retirement for a few weeks to hunt down some rogue Replicators and blow up about a hundred of their ships all to get them to condense on their home planet so some girl who you didn't know but turns out to be a distant relative of yours can throw a giant golden spear at them and wipe them out of existence?"

Cridea stares at you for a long moment- and then laughs. "Whole Cut Carp, Claire! That's insane! Where the hell was that?"

"Pegasus," you answer. 

"Pegasus, huh?" Cridea stares out into the yard for a moment- you see her eyes fixed on Nepp's wings, flapping for stability as Toko manages to tackle the crow-cat hybrid.

"Uh oh," you joke. "I know that look."

"What look?" Cridea asks, glancing back at you.

"The one that you got before we raided the Garrison," you answer. "The one that says 'I'm going to cause some serious havoc and have fun with it!'"

Cridea laughs. "Alright, alright. That's fair enough, I suppose." She trails off, closing her eyes for a long moment. When she opens them again, she states, "How stupid would you say I'm being if I went off to Pegasus Galaxy to see the sights and help them deal with the problems there?"

"Well, the Wraith are on a sharp decline, so it's probably a lot safer than it would've been otherwise," you muse. "But then there's this problem with who-ever or what-ever is using Attero beams to attack the Apollo and keep it from going anywhere in Pegasus- let alone back to Milky Way."

"...So... only like... 42% crazy?" Cridea asks.

"Ehh..." You wave your left hand up and town. "More like 20% crazy. Dammek's reworking the Astro and Delta's hyperdrives to run on different window frequencies than they ran on back when the Sovereign Slayer was around. Once he's done with that, Okurii's dispatching them both to Pegasus again."

Cridea considers that fact with a distant look in her eyes. "And what if I said I just wanted to go because then I'd be three of three?"

You laugh, and joke, "Then I'd say that's a 33% chance crazy."

Cridea laughs. "Hah! Three of three. Thirty Three. Good one!"

"Thanks," you smile. "That said, if you want, I can ask Okurii if she'd be willing to schedule an interview?"

Cridea smiles. "Thanks, Joey. I think I'll take you up on that."

"Any time," you laugh. "Sooo... D'ni, huh?"

"Oh, Glub, that was insane!" Cridea leans her head back and groans. "Like, okay, so... here I am, just casually helping this Contractor who needed some freelabor rebuild houses in a village that some Goa'uld System Lord blew up, and we find this weird ass stone tablet with a burlap cloth stuck to it, with a Linking Panel on it. So I freakin' touch the danged thing wondering how they got such a detailed image on it, and BOOM! Suddenly I'm in this weird ass home carved out of a ground fissure next to a volcano!"

"Noooo!" You gasp. "They didn't!"

"Oh, they did! Worse? It was RAINING that day," she scoffs. "That guy, Jeff, who owned the place didn't even come out of his trailer until it stopped raining so he could check the place hadn't flooded!"

"Maaan, that's insane!" You can't help but laugh.


DIASPORA DATE: 03/14/0007.

Your name is General Okurii Leijon, and you've managed to get your work week scheduled down to a SCIENCE and a FORMULA. You've come to expect surprises by now. You roll with the flow and give as many punches as you take. Thus, it was of no surprise when Joey called you up yesterday to ask you to interview CRIDEA SEAWAV- once known as Reenah Kraken in another time- about a potential Atlantis Position.

You've done interviews like this before. Alloyd Armadn, being one of the most recent that come to mind- and boy isn't there a problem for another day given the way his former friends have been acting in the wake of Pyxxal Borrgh's stupid actions on Atlantis. You know what to ask and how to ask...

And generally, you know how to figure out whether a Troll is right for a position in Atlantis or not ahead of time.

Reenah Kraken- Cridea Seawav...

Now there's a name you haven't heard in a long time.

Some time after whole "Exile Khepri" Mission, she'd gone off the grid. When exactly, you can't remember. Joey had mentioned to you at one point that it was something like a tour of the galaxy to see everything play out as events went forwards or something weird like that. A Personal Journey of sorts.

You get the feeling the usual questions aren't going to work for this one.

You buzz your intercom, "Zebede? Send her in, please."

You steel yourself, and into your office walks a Sea Dweller Violet Blood wearing the sign of a long dead Fuschia blooded Alternian Heiress. 

She's composed vastly differently from how you last remember her. Eager to exile the Heiress, all too happy to help... but so totally a fish out of water. She gives you the same vibe now, but for different reasons. Her clothing style hadn't adjusted much at all during the brief time You'd known her after she came from the past. Back then, she wore basically the same kind of outfits as she'd worn in the past. 

Now however? The only thing that really said "Alternian" in her clothing style is the Pink sign woven onto the cloak- a Jaffa Style Formal shoulder cloak, you note with an amused tilt of an eyebrow- she wears over the rest of her outfit, which is a strange mixture of various Milky Way Cultures. 

She has a leather jacket on beneath the cloak, which looks like it came from Earth. The shirt she has on underneath it is woven in what looks like a water resistant fabric, emulating a BURLAP TEXTURE of all things, but otherwise seems rather plain and humble with a visible Hnadprint spiral in place of a sign. Over her forearms are braces that are Tok'ra Fashion. And continuing that trend, you notice that her her pants have some interesting flower imagery woven into the sides that looks like it came from Cla'dia. 

The belt that's accompanying her pants is interesting, though. The belt buckle looks like the familiar shade of Nara Brass-Gold-Bronze, and there's a familiar shape of a small, Green hard cover book resting on her right hip. A Relto Book. Those aren't easy to come by these days even with the whole D'ni Alliance thing. Yeesha doesn't just give them out to anybody. Not when there's no pressing need for a go-between location for Bahro Souls to visit while being freed from the Tablet.

Finally, you notice her footwear- boots made up in a leather material that's textured in the black and red geometric patterns of Mofang technology- except, clearly not actually tech. Actual fabric and cloth materials, not generated out of hard light. 

That's a Recent trend. Very Recent, even. She must have made a visit to the new Mofang Homeworld at some point before visiting Joey yesterday. When did she even come back to Alternia Galaxy, even? You can't remember the last time you remember her coming through the gate. Then again, you did take a few weeks off last month for vacation. Maybe it was then? But then again, Relto Book. Who's to say that Yeesha didn't leave gifts? You really ought to have a talk with her about that some day.

Your observations take place roughly in the span of a few seconds. You stand, and extend your hand to Cridea, which she grasps and shakes, giving you a traditional Jaffa Greeting of Respect in the process.

You return it, a bit surprised. "You've certainly done your homework. I know some Trolls here who still can't get the pronunciation of that right." You motion for her to take a seat.

"Thanks, I try my best," Cridea says, taking said seat as you sit back down. "So... Is this the part where I play 20 Questions or, do I have to take a test?"

You consider that for a moment. 

"This is the part where I ask you a very simple question for yourself to mull over while we talk for the rest of the interview," you begin. "What do you do with Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs?"

Cridea blinks. "Uh. What's that supposed to mean?"

"That's for you to figure out," you say. "Think on it while we talk."

"Okay." She nods.

"So, first and foremost," you start, "I can tell you've spent a lot of time out in the Universe, visting and exploring the cultures of our allies. That's quite the journey to make, but I have to ask, what prompted you to make such a journey?"

Cridea answers, "After we returned from Giza, I found myself wondering what to do with my life. I mean, I hung around here for a while, right? But, things were so busy and hectic even after that... I didn't feel like I belonged here? Like, not even just here in the future, but, like, at all? Anywhere? I guess... I guess I was just waiting maybe? So, I think a part of it was that I wanted to go out and explore and see what there was to see. Find my own place."

You nod, understanding that.

"And have you?" You ask.

"No," she answers. "But I felt drawn back here, after I'd seen everything I could see, and I feel like I know where I need to go next."



You mull it over for a long moment.

"Why do you want to go there?" You ask.

"I'm not entirely sure," Cridea shrugs. "A part of me thinks, 'Maybe I'll find my place there', and another thinks, 'Maybe I won't, and it's just another step on the road.' I've been everywhere in Milky Way and Alternia that I could go. Pegasus... Pegasus sounds like the next best step regardless."

You can see the words coming before she formulates the next sentence.

"I hear the Call, and it's telling me to go to Pegasus."

There's no stopping her, then. Not when she's using that kind of imagery.

You smile, and then say, "Alright then. So what about those tossed salads and scrambled eggs?"

She goes pale for a moment- as if she'd forgotten about it.

Then, as if grasping for an answer, offers, "You... Mix them together?"

You can't help but laugh. She's a little bit confused, but that's alright. It wasn't really meant to be a question she could answer anyways. "Now that's an original answer!" You smile, and say, "I think you'll do fine in Pegasus, Miss Seawav."

She looked shocked. "I... I can go?"

You stand and offer your hand. "I'll be shipping you out with the Astro Megaship once it's Hyperdrive is re-calibrated."

She stands, and shakes your hand. "Thank you, Ma'am."


DIASPORA DATE: 03/16/0007.

"So, just a heads up, the Astro Mega's being redeployed to Pegasus for the foreseeable future..."

Your name is Polypa Goezee, and damn it, this is not how you wanted today to go.

"...Atleast until we shut down whatever's been targeting the Apollo," Tegiri continue. "So, uh... we're probably not going to go on another date for a while, and I'm really sorry about-" Tegiri shuts up as you raise a finger to tell him to wait. 

"Okay." You say as you quickly condense your thoughts together. "Okay, this is weird timing, but we can make this work."

Tegiri doesn't seem to buy it, going by the look on his face. But... all he asks is "'Weird' timing?"

"Well, I heard from Joey that the repairs were being done and you'd probably be deployed," you explain. "So, I wanted to have a date today so I could ask if you'd be okay with me coming with you, and here you go pre-empting me on this!"

Tegiri blinks. "I- What?"

Needless to say, an hour later, the two would practically be falling through the front door of Tegiri's apartment on Diaspora in a rather passionate make out session.

Further Details to be left to the imagination.

Your name is Daraya, and you're staring down a rather annoyed Wanshi. Hands on her hips, a slight scowl on her lips, and a raised eyebrow that everyone seems to have borrowed from Teal'c at some point or another.

"So. Let me get this straight, Daraya. After Bronya ditches. After Sumara goes Rainbow Drinker. After Lynera goes INSANE. After Kanaya and you go to Atlantis..." Wanshi takes a breath. "After leaving me and Lanque to run this place with a gutted staff and relying on volunteers like  Mierfa to get everything back on its feet..." 

You swallow.

"You expect me to just roll over on my back, expose my belly like a good little kitten, and say, 'Sure, I'll check for openings on the custom grub request schedule right away'?"

"Well, when you put it like that..." you can't meet her eyes. "I guess it makes sense you'd want me to do something in exchange."

"Damn right I want you to do something in exchange!" Wanshi nods the once. 

"What do you want me to do?" You ask.

"I demand an apology!" Wanshi states simply.

"I'm sorry for-" You begin, only for her to raise a finger and cut you off.

"Not from you, Daraya. From Bronya." Wanshi clarifies. 

"...What'd Bronya do?" You ask.

"I gave her a grub to raise and then she absconded to the Villien Village and I've barely heard from her since! None of us have!" Wanshi explains. "It's like she's cut all of us out of her life! And fair, after Lynera I can get that. But for crying out loud I keep calling her and sending her emails asking how things are going and I'm Fucking Being Cut Out Even Worse!!! I just want to know how she's doing! Glubbing hell, it's NOT THAT HARD to stay in contact with people!" 

She crosses her arms, and harumphs in a distinctly Bra'tac like way. You think she's visited with the Jaffa Council recently, probably. 

"Thus! I want you, Daraya Jonjet, to go to Bronya Ursama, and get her to apologize to me! Or, at the very least, try to get her to do that." Wanshi shakes her head. "Doesn't matter if she does or not, as long as you tried."

You nod. "Alright. I can do that."

"I'll put in the order for you and Tyzias regardless while you're gone." She extends a hand, and you hand her the Captcha card. 

"I wasn't expecting that," you say.

"I'm not unreasonable," Wanshi says with a shrug. "I know that if she doesn't want to speak with me she doesn't want to speak with me. I just want know what's going on with her. I'm not going to keep you and Tyzias back from this if you want it."

Your name is Xefros Tritoh, and you raise an eyebrow as you watch Dammek pack a SIXTH copy of the same dang hoodie he has on right now and moves onto a seventh.

"Are you Sure you need seven of those things?" You ask.

Dammek gives you a polite, yet stern gaze as he temporarily removes his glasses to show you the exact facial expression he's giving you.

"Yes," he says. "Yes I do need seven of them, and infact, more than seven..." He proceeds to grab two more hoodies out of the closet and shoves them without folding straight into his suitcase. "Ten."

"Dude, first of all. Why do you even Have that many?"

Pointedly, Dammek grabs an ELEVENTH hoodie, it joins the rest in suitcase purgatory.

"Second of all, it's just Atlantis. Don't they have uniform jackets?"

A twelfth hoodie. Good Grief.

"You Don't need twelve fucking hoodies including the one you're wearing!"

A Thirteenth Hoodie Joins The Pile.

"Dammek! Come On! Why do you need that many?" 

It's like dealing with Baizil's dimensionaly younger alternate self and sister. You tell them not to do something and they just do it again.

A Fourteenth Hoodie Joins The Stack.

And then Dammek says, "Because I used to loan them to Callie all the time when she was still local and I had to keep getting replacements. Now I have far too many and fully expect her to steal them from me while I'm stationed at Altantis."

"...Okay, fair enough," you say.

Pointedly, Dammek reaches into his closet for another hoodie, but comes up with a pair of swim trunks instead. He stares at them for a moment, and so do you. 

You did NOT know that Dammek owned a pair of swim trunks patterned with yellow bunnies, blue gorillas, and red cheetahs. Dammek stares at it as if he forgot he had these too.

"Well," he said, flatly. "I guess I came up short on that joke."

"Apparently," you say, equally flatly. 

The trunks join the hoodies without further comment.

"Okay, but seriously," you cough, changing subjects. "Do you think maybe you're over packing? I mean... stuffing your entire apartment's worth of belongings into boxes and captcha cards for taking to Atlantis is a bit... extra, isn't it?"

"Sure," Dammek shrugs. "I suppose it could be. But... I don't trust that easily, Xefros. What if a fire breaks out and burns everything down while I'm gone? If I have it all with me then I won't lose it."


You have no response for that other than, "You really miss Callie's sensibilities keeping you from over-reacting, don't you?"

"What was your first clue?" Dammek asks.


DIASPORA DATE: 03/17/0007.

The Astro Megaship rocketed through Hyperspace, and not too far behind it was the Delta Megaship. And you can actually almost see it from this one window in the back. Just the corner of the left side wing flap, but its there.

Your name is Ardata Carmia, and you sip at your hot chocolate with something edging on anticipation.

Once more into Pegasus. Except this time instead of hunting down Replicators, you're going to be hunting down whatever is hunting the Apollo, as well as to bring necessary hyperdrive modifications to make that ship fly safely again.

Well, you say "you're" as if you personally are involved. You meant it in the plural. You're (Singular) just a single weapon mecha pilot- nothing really unique about anything you're (Singular) doing here unless you're (Singular) called for. 

However you're (Singular) still involved in this hunt that you're (plural, the Crews of both ships) on. 

...You're (Singular) also very, very bored.

You sip at your hot chocolate, and try and think of something else to do, but alas, you just can't quite come up with it.

...You think you're going to go back to your room and watch some ALTERNIA GALAXY ORIGINAL ANIME DVDS.

That sounds like fun.

Chapter Text

The Mofang Cruiser exploded, leaving behind a rift in space time between galaxies.
Lynera Skalbi is seen, rocking back and forth, knees held up to her chest, on the floor of the Mofang Cruiser's engine room, muttering about time repeating.
Joey Claire finds herself between a standoff between Alex Vance, Grodon Freeman, and some weird pale skinned G-MAN type person somewhere in the Borealis.
The Borealis crashes  and produces a multi-dimensional explosion within several dimensions worth of Combine Home Bases.
Bronya smiles as Joey hands her a linking book.
Marvus is seen alongside Elwurd's crew as they stand in the desert of Minkata.
A series of explosions takes out a Wraith Hiveship between galaxies- but Marvus is not with Elwurd's crew when this happens.
Wanshi demands Daraya fetch Bronya and get an apology from her.


DIASPORA DATE: 03/20/0007.

Security Guards at the Lopan Cryptarium Mental Health And Wellcare Facility did their checks in 15 minute Rounds when it came to their most worrisom patient, Lynera Skalbi.

"Jasmin Wardyn, round 618, log checking in on Lynera's Wing..." The guard in question said, before whistling a small tune from the Grubbel's recent release- an orchestral rendition of an old classic, "Creeping In My Soul."

"Hey, Guardy!" A chipper soul who thought himself a pirate called out from a nearby room as she passed. "Lynera's been awful quiet this morn' since that big tall fellow with the crazy clown hair came by to visit 'er! Did you scallywags give her the good stuff for once?"

The poor Security Guard paused, frowning, and then hurried to check the room.

Sure enough, quiet eminated from the room.

"I need a camera check on Lynera Skalbi," she radios.

"Thermal and Visual report she's sleeping in bed," came the reply.

"Check again," the guard ordered.

"...Wait. Something's off... Shit, I think the feed's been looped!"

"I need to open Skalbi's room," The guard demanded. A moment later, there was a buzz, and the guard entered the room through the now unlocked door.

...Lynera Skalbi was not in her bed, or anywhere in the room, for that matter.

"ALL STAFF EMERGENCY: We have an escaped ward, I repeat an escaped ward! Lynera Skalbi is NOT in her room!"



Daraya Jonjet stood before the Villien settlement, took a deep breath, and started strolling away from the village and into the forests of Diaspora.


Such a strange sound was what came about as one Lieutenant Amelia Banks grabbed and flipped a charging Lieutenant Miyu Shinohara onto the gymnasium mat with a practiced ease.

There was a pause.

"I'm okay!" The dazed rocket fanatic cried out from the floor, throwing a hand into the air.

"And that," Lt. Banks said to the watching audience of Self Defense Course Students, "is exactly how you flip an opponent who's aiming to clothes line you into the floor. Are there any questions?"

As the inevitable hands went into the air, you notice that  Ronon Dex couldn't help but stare at the currently teaching Lieutenant with what you gauge to be something akin to respect and awe. Potentially something more.

Your name is Gordon Freeman, and you can't help but raise an eyebrow and nudge your... tentatively friend still probably more acquaintance in the arm. "Do my eyes deceive me, or are you impressed?"

"Banks has talent," Ronon allowed. "Shinohara, not so much."

"I Think the point was that she was asked to play up the obvious weaknesses in techniques," you muse. Ronon gives you a 'no shit' look, as if he didn't already know that. "That said..." You wince as Banks twists Shinohara's arm around behind her back in demonstration of a technique, much to the arm-twistee's vocal oddly-happy displeasure. "...There is a question of how much is playing it up and how much is legitimate."

Or how much of it is a certain type of enjoying a high pain tolerance.

You get the feeling Shinohara could drink you under the table, and you're ODDLY OKAY with that.

"Bronya and Skylla? They went on Vacation a few... I wanna say months ago? But come to think of it, i can't really remember the last time I'd seen them." A troll's voice echoed through your mind.

"They went deep into the forest some time ago with their young charge," the floating text of a magical subtitle spell burned into your vision as a Villein spoke. "They have not returned since."

Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you take a very long moment to dredge up old and recent scents alike. 

Okay... Lycanthropic enhanced smelling senses aside, there's currently a strange ability you have right here and now ever since you approached the village that's letting you also visualize scents into images. And it's kinda creepy. What does it matter if two Villein decided to get it on behind that set of boulders over there? Okay, why do you care if you can smell from across the ravine where Jade nearly lost control over her gravity powers?

It's been driving you crazy, and you hope that it doesn't stick with you, because on Atlantis there's so many things that's "Narratively relevant" on any given day that your ability to use this extra sense is going to be just about as good as your ability to pick out scents on their own. In a crowded space, everything mingles together too much...

Out here though, your only enemy is TIME, even if you can see the past for some strange reason right now.

How's THAT possible?

Skylla's a Time Aspect, maybe she's picked up some trick or something to leave anyone coming to look for her clues?

Bronya, Skylla... Where are you two...?

Then, you spot them just about a split second after catching their real scents.

The Hunt Is On.

"Silica, can you hand me that data sheet on the Hiveship microbe progression?" Your name is Keiko Ayano and you hold your hand out absently to the side as you peer into a microscope. 

...There's a far too long pause where you hear nothing, and you risk glancing away. "Silica?"

Your alternate dimension twin is staring out the window.

You frown.


"Huh?" she jumps a little in her chair. "What?"

"Data sheet on the Hive-?" You start, and she nods, rapidly, before handing you the sheet in question.

You quickly compare your visual results on the experiment before you, and you sigh in dismay. "Damn it. Of course it's a new strain."

Another abandoned warehouse overgrown with dead red vines, another failed Wraith Hiveship experiment. At least the inoculations against the first Wraith Hiveship strand seem to be holding fine against this one. Even so...

You save the data, and toss the potential bio-hazard into a captchalogue card for proper disposal. (You shove it into a paper shredder that incinerates the scraps.) And turn to look at Silica. "Hey, are you alright?"

"Yeah," she sighs. "Just... Minori's been having it rough since she got back from the Hunting Grounds. Nightmares. I can tell, even if she says its nothing."

You frown. "Has she talked with Dr. Heightmeyer yet?"

"I've asked her to, but she says she's fine," Silica sighs.

"Okay, look, I may be stepping way out of line here but you gotta not beat yourself up over it," you say. "If you want me to, I can talk to her and see if I can get through to her?"

"...I'd appreciate that, thanks," Silica nods.

And with that, you smile and stand from your chair. "I'll get on that just as soon as I deliver these test results to Mr. Woolsey."

"Oof," Silica winces. "Good luck."

"Thanks, I'll need it," you say, and head to leave for Atlantis Control.

On the way, you pass by a solo Tyzias, who looks concerned. "Oh, hey, Welcome back, Tyz!"

"Oh, hey Keiko," she nods, a bit distractedly.

"Hey, is something wrong?" You ask, your sixth sense flaring up again.

"Daraya had to stay behind on Diaspora for a few days to finish up something that started," Tyzias shrugs. "It's... well. It's not my place to say, really. But..." She pauses. "Well, as long as she doesn't get herself killed, she and I are putting in for more desk duty that field work soon."

"Really?" You ask, startled. "So soon? I thought it was going to be at least another two weeks before you did that. What changed?"

"We put in for a Grub with the caverns," Tyzias answers. 

"Oh, wow," you gasp. "Congratulations!"

"Thanks, it'll take who knows how long to grow the egg and for it to hatch and all, but," Tyzias shrugs. "I think it's the right next step."

"Well, hopefully Daraya finishes up whatever it is and comes back safely," you say. 

"Yeah," Tyzias nods. "It's just Diaspora, so I can't imagine it's too much trouble, but... It's something she said she has to deal with on her own."

And with that, she continues on down the hall, and you head towards the transporter she no doubt came from.

You're once again Daraya, and you frown as you follow the ghostly scent projection of Bronya and Skylla- you can sort of vaguely see a toddler looking Karako strapped to Bronya's back, but it's hard to tell with this weird double vision thing.

After a few more moments of tracking, they flicker out of sight.

"Damn it," you swear. "Now what?"

That's when your ears pick up the sound of something rolling through the underbrush.

Rolling, literally, because within moments you catch sight of a small, green, round orb that darts across your path and dives away into the foliage.

You immediately give chase because A: That's CLEARLY not native Diasporan wildlife. And B: The timing can't be a coincidence with you just losing Skylla's presumed trial of temporal breadcrumbs.

"Heeeey! Kanayaaaa!"

Your name is Kanaya Maryam, and you sigh before looking up from your Infirmary Workstation desk. "Hello, Aradia. Rug rash again?"

"What? Nooo!" Your something-like-a-sister-from-another-dimension looks embarrassed for a moment, waving it off. "Please, I'm not so stupid as to try sledding down the hallway on a carpet twice in the same week!"

"What injuries brought you here then?" You ask.

"No injuries! Geeze, Kanaya. Can't a girl just come visit her friend slash sister slash someone who she grew up with in a crazy dimension hopping scenario??"

"First off, that was an absurd amount of implied dashes I heard in that sentence just now," you say, looking Aradia in the eyes. "Second of all, you've avoided anything resembling the relationship we had during our travels ever since we settled in this dimension."

Ever since the quartet of women taking care of you came here with you both as the latest string of their journey, and wound up with a powerful artifact being destroyed by this dimensions version of said artifact's owner.

You've wondered what your version of Joey, Bronya, Wanshi, and... and... was it Lynera or Daraya? You honestly forgot and you don't have it in you to go back and check your old diary for the information. If it was a Daraya, then you probably blocked the memory out enough because you've come to know this Dimension's Daraya a thousand times better. If it was Lynera then no harm no foul, you suppose.

Anyways, you've wondered from time to time what those four have been up to since you and Aradia chose to stay here. Since your version of Joey...

Well. That doesn't really matter now, does it?

"Okay," Aradia huffs. "Fine. Look. I just... After the whole Hunting Grounds thing, I kinda got thinking about it all and..." She crosses her arms, and sits down on the edge of your desk. "I realized I haven't been... the best sister in a while? Or friend, for that matter." She sighed. "I mean, I couldn't even figure out how to just... come say Hi without needing an excuse?"

"Hence the Rug Rash from the other night," You guess.

"Exactly!" She nods. "And... Here's exactly why. The moment I come in you're asking about what I Need Fixed rather than what I WANT fixed."

"...An interesting distinction," you muse. "What exactly is it that you want fixed then?"

"Us! As friends, family!" Aradia says, motioning between herself and you. "We've both been working here for years now and it feels like... like we've just ended up avoiding each other."

"We have had our own cliques and social circles," you allow. "Admittedly, I've allowed myself to be far more immersed in the Medical Department than... what was it you worked in again? Translations?"

"Officially it's Archaeology," Aradia corrects. "But I've got enough EXP saved into all the Anthropology shit that they have me on diplomat duty, remember?"

"Ah," you nod. "Right. Yes. That makes sense." And then you wince. "And then I just go and prove your point by showing how little we've interacted these past few years with my own failure to remember where you even work here."

"That's exactly what I mean," Aradia nods. "I.... I want to figure out how we can fix that. We grew up in the craziest situations, Kanaya. We should be closer than this, shouldn't we?"

You sigh in agreement. "Yes. We should, I suppose."

"So..." Aradia hesitates. "You went and got married?"

"Yes, that I did." You nod, grabbing at your coffee mug and taking a sip of the still warm liquid inside.

"Soo.... How's the sex?"

You very nearly perform a spit take all over your work documents.

You swallow your coffee, and place the mug down on the table, and fix Aradia with the most unbecoming of stares. "Really, Aradia? That's the question you choose to ask me?"

She grins, cheekily. "Well... It's not like I have my own love life to talk about. I'm just asking the REAL questions nobody else wants to ask!"

You roll your eyes. "Yes, well. It's fine. Rose and I... enjoy our time, and that's all I'll say on the matter here at my work space."

She laughs. "Fair enough!"

"So... no love life, huh?" You ask. "I thought I heard you were pitch flirting heavily with that Tagora fellow."

"Taajek? Nah!" Aradia shakes her head. "He's fun to tease, but I don't think I really like like him or like hate him in that way. Flushed or Pitched just... nah. Nah." She shrugs. "Just doesn't feel right, y'know?"

"Fair enough," you agree. 

"So... Rose Lalonde, huh? What's it like being part of THAT family tree?" Aradia asks. "Wait, shit! That means I'm part of that family tree TOO now! I have BIRTHDAY OBLIGATIONS to keep track of now! Shit!"

You can't help but laugh.

You're Still Daraya. That hasn't changed.

And you swear as you watch the tiny green orb roll through the forest floor only to suddenly get flung high into the air by some kind of hidden or burried mechanical pressure fling plate.

It goes flying, flying, flying, and then vanishes through a small tear in space time.

What the fuck. 

Damn it, you've got no other choice but to follow. This is probably what happened to Bronya and Skylla.

You check the foliage, and see that the pressure plate thing, whatever it is, is sort of flickering between a state of not being present and being present.

It's like it's been superimposed onto the landscape. There's at least a 50% chance you know exactly where this is heading.

Still, as it finishes resetting, you guess it's solid enough now.

You step onto it and-- PCHTHWANG!!!-- You go Sailing through the air without a care. Like an Eagle, almost.

Except you don't have wings and you ain't piloting no blimp.

You travel through the rift without a second's thought.

You are once more Keiko Ayano, and you knock on the door to Colonel Sheppard's office. 

There's a pause, then the door opens automatically. Inside, you find John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan talking to themselves in a normal tone of voice while keeping their eyes on two nearby cribs.

You gaze into them as you enter the room and see two sleeping infant children- Torren and Casey. Ah. Nap time.

"Sorry for the intrusion," you begin, quietly- 

“Don’t worry about the noise,” John says. “I’m using the breeze to divert sound away from them.”

Oh. Well.

“Okay then,” you say, normal tone of voice. "I was wondering if either of you had seen Minori come by this way? I'm trying to find her to speak with her about something. Touya said he saw her come this way earlier. so..."

"Sorry," John shakes his head. “Haven’t seen Minori in a while.”

“You may want to ask Argo and Jade,” Teyla says, “they left here but a few minutes ago and may have walked by her.”

“Eh, maybe wait on that,” John dismisses it. “If I know them they’re taking the time to balance out the amounts of fucks given about our bed’s last legs.”

“...Huh?” You tilt your head to the side a bit. “What? I don’t get it.”

“Sorry, inside joke,” John cracks a small grin. “Well, more like an inside bet. We’ve been arguing every now and then over the last few months about replacing the bed frame for our bed soon, and Argo proposed this bet a while back about which combination of us would be the ones more likely to break the thing first, thus prompting a replacement entirely, and whoever wins gets to pick the next mattress and frame. See, Jade thinks it’ll be all three of us putting too much weight on the frame and breaking it. But Argo thinks it’ll be Jade’s powers that’ll make it collapse. So they might be trying to get Jade to do that right now.”

“That’s, uh...” you blink. “An enthusiastic way of enjoying your loved ones company, I guess?”

“And what of your part in this bet, John?” Teyla asks.

John smirks, swipes out a Captcha Card, and deposits a few screws onto the desk. “I bet that it’ll just colapse on it’s own without powered intervention or excess weight.”

“You rigged your own bed to collapse?” You ask.

“Nope! The exact opposite, in fact!” John shakes his head, grinning. “These are leftover screws from me already Replacing the Bed after it already collapsed on its own accord just before we made the bet.”

“So... you’re betting against yourself?” You ask instead.

“No, you’re not quite getting it.” John says. “The point is, I’m betting on what’s already happened, thus playing the long game because it’s a new frame. And if it DOES happen to break in either Jade or Argo’s favor, then that’s just how fate plays out. But... It’s not going to happen that way. Wanna know why?”

“I am both appalled and enthralled by this story at the same time,”  Teyla shakes her head in astonishment. “Please, do explain why it’s not going to happen that way.”

“See, Jade wants it to break with all three of us on it, but she can’t ensure that’ll happen unless she uses her powers to cheat, which is exactly what Argo’s bet on her doing. So she’s NOT going to do that. Meanwhile, Argo’ll try to get alone with Jade enough times to try and break the thing with Jade’s powers, sort of trying to force events to happen in their favor. But Jade doesn’t want the bed to break with her powers, so she’s told me she plans on using her powers to hold the thing together whenever she and Argo are together in it.”

“And because she doesn’t yet realize you’ve replaced it, Jade will continue to use her powers to maintain the structural integrity of the new frame in an attempt to win a bet already lost,” Teyla nods, getting it. 

“New frame already promises to last longer than the old one, and with Jade holding it together? I figure we can get another six or so months out of that estimate,” John smirks. "I'm waiting to see how long it is before either of them actually check and realize it's a new frame. I'm pretty sure they'll both get a laugh out of it when they do."

“O...Kay.” You shake your head. “I’m just going to go see if I can find Minori now.”

“Good luck with that,” John says.

“Yeah, thanks,” You say. “Good luck with your baby-watching.”

"Oooowww..." You are still Daraya Jonjet, just now with the added addition of a splitting headache from tumbling headlong into a dimension of space time that seems to want to cram FAR too many parallel dimensions worth of memories into your skull.

Also, crash landing shoulder first at terminal velocity into a snow bank probably didn't help much either.

How do you know it was Terminal Velocity?

The tiny green orb lay atop a beheaded snowman nearby, chirping happily about having achieved it.

It's not entirely green, either. There's specks of orange and yellow across its surface- and it has a glowing blue eye shaped camera thing on its front.

It looks like that danged A.I. Core that Mallek stole from the Garrison all those many thousands of years ago, except smaller, happier, and very deadlier.

You say that because it's using what looks like two tiny machine guns to gesture with, as well as trying to pry itself loose from the rest of the snowman it killed on impact.

You wouldn't call the machine guns, though. More like laser pointers. The Orb calls them Machine Guns though.

You really don't think any bullets are flying out of those barrels, but whatever. Today's been a weird day.

"Oh, damn it, A.M.!" And, Oh. Here's someone new. 

A white haired woman with a long scar over her left eye walks into view, said eyes closed as she massages at the bridge of her nose. Her hair, long and white as it its, is tied up into an off center pony tail. She's wearing a Daedalus Crew Uniform, though, which, uh, is CONCERNING for a few reasons.

"Hiiii Weiss!" The tiny orb of green remarks, far too chipper for having beheaded a snow man. "I did as you asked and brought you the girl!"

Oh, lovely.

The woman- Weiss-  opens her eyes- they're a bright, vibrant, icy shade of blue. "Okay, yes, thank you for that, A.M. But did you have to fling both of yourselves through the rift like that?"

"It moved!" 'A.M.' - the orb- explains.

"Oh for the-" Weiss shakes her head, and moves over to help you to your feet. "I'm sorry for her, but she's a Monster sometimes. Adorable, yes, but a Monster never the less."

"Uhhh... it's okay?" You offer. "I'm Daraya."

"Weiss," the woman introduces herself, though it's not necessary. "Lieutenant Wiess Schnee, of the Daedalus."

[Weiss + Daedalus = Connection to Ruby.] Wait what? Also, damn it, yep. You're almost100% SURE you're inside the Unending.

"You wouldn't happen to have known a Ruby Branwen by any chance, would you?" You ask, not quite sure if you want to know the answer to that or not.

"That depends on if you happen to know the same Ruby Branwen I knew," Weiss frowned. "Though, knowing the Unending's, well, unending sense of trolling, I wouldn't be surprised."

Well, shit. That confirms a whole hell of a lot vis a vis the memory thing too. Ow. 'Vis a vis'? Since when did you use that phrase?

...Since there was a you who apparently took Callie's role in events back in your timeline in some other world, apparently... and was a Sea Dweller too? Ugh, that's a whole kettle of fish you don't want to dive into.

You try to put the memories aside as best as you can, and ask, "Okay. So. Unending dimension of Unlimited Potential. Okay. Why the hell am I here?"

"That's a bit of a long story," Weiss says. "Let's walk and talk." She moves over to A.M. and snatches the orb up under one arm. "We've got distance to cover and not a lot of time to do it."

"I thought time didn't move linearly here," you grouch, following her as you walk through the frozen fields into a forest.

"It doesn't move linearly compared to other dimensions, but it still has its own flow all the same," Weiss elaborates. "And time is very much NOT on our side right now."

"Don't tell me it's the giant tooth monster again," you lament,

"Oh, no, nothing like that," Weiss shakes her head. "What we're dealing with is a Xen Scenario."

[XEN] - A Border Dimension World used in several variations of teleportation experiments that would, in many different timelines, result in the SEVEN HOUR WAR and TWENTY OR MORE YEARS of Combine Rule over Earth. Only Gordon Freeman's intervention prevented worse catastrophes from happening in over 86% of dimensions. RELATED: [RESONANCE CASCADE.]

Ugh. Yep. Another Infodump. It really is just as annoying as you were told.

"I take it you mean someone's planning on recreating whatever happened there here to do something shady?" You ask.

"Have you heard of the Daedric Prince Hircine? Lord of Werewolves and other Lycanthropic-esque changes?" Weiss asks.

"Eh, just once from this Ozma guy," you answer. "Karren shot him dead."

"Well, not dead enough," Weiss grouches. "He survived in the Hunting Grounds afterwards, and began making forays into hiring individuals who could also traverse dimensions at will in an attempt to bring Hircine's armies into other worlds. I've done what I can through the Unending to stop it where and when I can, but I failed to account for the knock on effects of Rule Breaker distorting time- Somehow."

"Medea's knife?" you ask. "Geeze, of course something'd happen with that."

You exit the forest, and come to a ruined cityscape. It's futuristic, and rustic, and demolished, and.... FLOATING all over the place. At the center of it is a massive spire, and atop it is an ominously glowing blue orb of light.

"Welcome to City 17," Weiss says. "There's also a reason I said we're dealing with a Xen scenario. We're not just dealing with someone Ozma hired to create such a scenario, we're dealing with someone who's Done It Before."

"Fuck," you stare upwards at the spire- a CITADEL. "This is from Freeman's world?"

"Someone's Emulating it, but yes," Weiss nods. "That G-Man has sent his replacement for Freeman here to oversee the experiment that's soon to happen. If that happens, we'll have a bridge connecting Your Dimension to Hircine's Dimension- The Hunting Grounds."

"And the Unending is the perfect bridge to do it, too," The orb, A.M., remarks, sounding oddly somber for the first time since before. The orange flaps above and below its eye narrow sadly. "Everything here is powered by thought, not by physical laws."

"Okay, I get all of that," you run your hand through your hair, deftly avoiding horns and ears. "But why did you lure me in here with ghostly images of [Bronya and Skylla]?" You INFO DUMP in return for the XEN thing.

Weiss pauses, then looks to the Orb, who gives the best impression of a shrug a small green orb can give. Wait. Did it always have those little dog-ear-flaps on the side of it besides the machine gun things?

...You guess it did. Because now that they're moving you can see even MORE machine gun barrels. What the fuck.

"We didn't do that," Weiss answers. "Your friends must have gotten taken into the Unending, somehow."

"Well, that's a small comfort," you grimace. "Okay. Assuming they're here, I'll probably run into them somewhere. Tell me who I've got to confront up top."

"Alex Vance, for starters," Weiss says. "She's the overseer. However, there is another, but someone I'm not familiar with. An Alternian, I think. Tall, muscular... Clown Makeup. Last I saw, he had a prisoner who I was also unfamiliar with. A smaller, female, Alternian. She was mumbling something about her memories not making any sense, but that's par the course for this place so I didn't pay it much mind, and I don't know Why I'm still talking about it for-"

"Wait." you raise a hand. And then you ask, "Did she look like [Lynera]?" 

You pass along a memory of your once friend because it's easier than trying to describe her.

"Yes, that was her," Weiss answers.


"And what about the guy. Did he look like..." Shit, you really hope this isn't the case. "[Marvus]?"

...Info packet away.

"That's him. Yes." Weiss hangs her head. "Damn it. I saw far too much in that one. A rift in space time? Really??"

"Yeah. It tracks, atleast," You sigh. "Fucking Hell, why can't my life be easy for once!?"

"'Scuuuuse me, Doctor Freeman?"

You are NOT Gordon Freeman. You are Ruby Branwen, and you look up from reloading your sniper rifle to see Lieutenant Shinohara standing near by, dual wielding six-shot Grenade Launchers, as she talks to Gordon Freeman.

"UUhhhhh...." He's clearly trying not to let on how attractive he finds Shinohara at that moment. "Yes?"

"Do you know where a good place to get in firing practice with these would be?" Shinohara asks.

"Not in the slightest," he answered, still a little dazed.

"Awh, okay." She hangs her head, and puts the grenade launchers back onto the rack where they came from.

Well, okay. That's just weird.

You sigh, and finish reloading before taking sight down Atlantis' Firing Range and lining up your shot. It's a tricky one. Standing with the rifle unsupported by anything but the firing range counter for the front of your gun... but if you pull it off, it's today's challenge done.

You steady your aim, steady your breath... Tap.


The Target gets pierced, just slightly off center of bullseye. You drifted a bit too far north.

A whistle from next to you has you glance up.

A young woman stands nearby with her own sniper rifle. Her hair's a strange shade of teal, matching her eyes, which have some odd, internal lighting to them. "Nice shot!"

"Thanks," you answer, extending your hand to her. "Lieutenant Ruby Branwen. From D'ni." Even if it's not this dimension's D'ni.

"Ah, Asada, Shino," she shakes your hand. "I'm from Corinth."

"Ah," you nod in understanding. "Gotcha. What brings you to Atlantis?"

"Well, mostly just that I didn't feel at home on the Unwritten," Miss Asada says, setting up her own sniper rifle for a similar shot to yours. Hmm, is that a HECATE II? How rare, atleast, back in your dimension. "And with Corinth shutting down, well... where else do I go?"

She's remarkably steady as she stills into position.

You'd almost think you were looking at a statue or a-


...A machine.

She doesn't even flinch with the recoil as the shot hits center mass of the target.

You can't help but whistle in kind. "That's... uh. Nice shot."

"Thanks... but that was a fail, actually," Miss Asada frowns. "I've got Venjix based bio-mechanical augmentations and Zillyum exposure to give me an unfair advantage. I can't NOT miss."

"...Isn't that a good thing?" you ask.

"No, I mean, I CAN'T miss," she emphasizes that. "Not even if I want to. it's always a fatal shot and I can't make it NOT do that. Not yet anyways." 

"...Ah," you nod. "I can see how that'd be a problem. But, hey, I guess it's like any skill," you offer. "Practice makes perfect... or, imperfect, in this case?"

Asada laughs. "Good one. I like it."

"So," you're still Daraya Jonjet, and that hasn't changed in the last five seconds since you realized that Marvus and Lynera are involved in all of this. Does all of this finally come tying back to Elwurd's crew and their stupid stunt with the Quantum Mirror?

Honestly, someone like this G-Man being able to cross dimensions getting involved to facilitate things in someone like Hircine's favor suddenly doesn't seem so random like it did when you first heard about the whole Borealis incident.

That Many Different Dimensional Nexus Points coliding like that just CAN'T be a coincidence, but it also couldn't be intentional, not unless it was done retroactively.

And time being what it is, well, you suppose it very well could have all been arranged retroactively to sustain a fixed loop, but even so...

"So?" Weiss asks.

"Resonance thingy is up there," you point at the glowing blue orb atop the spire. "How do we get up to it?"

"Alex has built the defenses, and they're stolen from various dimensions." Weiss hums, and then says, "I've been thinking about a work around to that. I've dug into the multiverse through the Unending. The Alex Vance we're dealing with is a variant of the prime soul, Alyx Vance." You can hear the different spelling. "Recently, new dimensions have started brewing with different backstory. A slightly different experience leading to the same outcomes... but..." Weiss smirks. "There's a chance that due to the name difference, Alex Vance up there won't receive memories based on events that are happening to Alyx Vance. Thus... she can't prepare for something she doesn't know exists."

There's a brief warping of reality as a box suddenly bursts forth from the charred dirt beneath Weiss' feet.

She kneels down, opens the box, and retrieves two mechanical gloves with glowing orange crystals, wires, and circuit boards embedded into all points. 

"The Legend of these devices has not yet begun to stabilize across realities," Weiss says, "that said, the Legend of these devices does not matter in the Unending. They can do whatever we want them to do."

She hands you the gloves, and you put them on.

"What are they?" You ask.

"Gravity Gloves," Weiss smirks. "But, I've... made my own modifications to them."

"Fun," you clench and relax your hands. "How do they work?"

"Just imagine, and it should work. That's how the Unending works, after all," Weiss says. 

"That doesn't help," you frown.

"It'll make sense," Weiss says, before taking a pair of long, white boots out of the impossibly small box. Holy shit those things go up to your knees! How--?? Nevermind. The how isn't important.

What IS important... "Why the fuck do those boots have metal bars along the back to the heels?"

"They're Long Fall Boots," Weiss smiles. "And they stop you from falling to your death. You'll always land on your feet like a cat, and never take momentum damage either."

"That's bullshit."

"That's the Unending's Magic."

"Okay, can't argue there." You put the boots on.

"That said," Weiss continues, "I don't think the two of us are getting through that gauntlet of defenses separately. We'll have to consolodate into a slimmer form."

"How's that?" You ask, before there's a flash of light, and Weiss is suddenly not a person anymore, but a silver, gleaming rapier with a fucking revolver barrel built into the hilt. "Uhhh.... What?"

A.M. rolls on the ground next to it for a moment before unfolding four small legs and flipping upright.

Because it has legs.

Of course it has legs.

"Weiss turned herself into a sword!" A.M. explained. "Strap her to your back and lets get swinging!"

You equip the sword, and sigh because the sword sticks to your back without a holster or anything else in the way of attaching it. "Okay. So now what."

"Now?" A.M. crawls up your leg, "Now we climb!"  around your back, "And then-" and settles onto your shoulder. "We FLY and save the day! With Style!"

"Great," you roll your eyes, and start marching into the ruined city, looking for a place to start your ASCENT.

You're Keiko Ayano, and you finally find Minori sitting out on the edge of one of Atlantis' piers.

You're so far out from the edge of the city that you had to resort to using the life signs detector to check for her.

You sit down next to Minori, and ask, "Sooo... Whatcha doin'?"

"Did Silica send you?" Minori asks, tiredly.

"Nah, I came lookin' for you on my own," you answer. "You're a hard Sylph to find, Minori. Not in the Infirmary, or anywhere in the city..."

"Yeah, I just... needed some time." Minori sighs. "You know how that is, right?"

You 'mmhmm' and nod in agreement. "Yeah, sure, but... In the future, atleast let someone know where you're going, alright?"

Minori nods. "Alright. Yeah. That's fair enough."

There's a few moments of silence, and then Minori asks... "So... did you come here to ask me about my nightmares too?"

"Not unless you want to talk about it," you say. "I'm here to talk if you do, but otherwise... I can just sit here? Or I can leave, if you want me to go, too."

"I think... I'd like the company," Minori answers, nodding her head. 

"Alright then," you nod.

Lightning cracked and kathoomed atop the Citadel Spire- the whole city surrounding it making for a trippy, surreal scene. Buildings floating around as gravity failed to function in a way that was expected of normal physics- remnants of various Noble Phantasms stolen from other timelines twisted and turned in the air- pieces of technology similar to the Aerial Faith Plate seen earlier hung all around in their orbits- solid walls and other things were coated in various, sticky substances of orange and blue hues.

It made for an Ominous, Imposing Sight, and Marvus Xoloto  stood atop it all marveling.

Behind him, the Vance woman was working on configuring the device they needed for its final multi-dimensional portal stint. She had a few visible burn scars on her face from some incident Marvus cared nothing to learn about.

The business suited clown who'd put Marvus onto the scheme to jump dimensions in the first place, had pulled him off of the Wraith Hiveship before it exploded, and had also put he and that burned Vance woman into this dimension was nowhere to be seen, despite this being all at the behest of his 'contractual obligations.' He'd vanished some time ago upon "Sensing a disturbance in the space time continuum" and hadn't returned.

Well, it didn't matter, either way.

Marvus turned to face his prisoners... his sacrifices.

Two Alternian women raising a Grub together. How cute. Both glared at him from within the cage he'd summoned around them. 

The Bronze Blood was spitting out some rather fierce rhetoric that Marvus was shocked. He'd thought some of that vocabulary had been phased out way back in the days of the Summoner's Revolt!

She'd been yelling and spewing vitriol at him non stop the entire time.

Then there was the Jade Blood held a young Acolyte in her arms- a Purple Blood who'd been denied his rightful heritage of Clowndom. She glared murder at him every time he so much as gazed at the silent boy. 

Resentment for his trickery of them. Telling them he had a cure for a common cold- a lie, of course, but one they'd been tempted by. 

Marvus turned his attention to poor Lynera- Elwurd's supposed Matesprit. She who'd gone insane during their brief stint inside the perpetually exploding Mofang Cruiser. 

Placing her here in the Unending had been a smart move. Lynera's fractured mindstate was being knit back together under the pressure of hundreds of alternate selves. Visibly, she had already stopped shaking in terror of everything, stopped clinging to everything like a child scared of the world.

The Damage Elwurd's stunt had caused was being undone.

Marvus knew from his own experience how the mind began to stabilize.

There were many Marvuses out there in the Multiverse. Many who saw themselves as heroes, many who saw themselves as villains, many who saw themselves as nothing but show runners and didn't care about those who died. 

There were even quite a few who'd intereacted with some strange, non-entity of an alien and had some discussions of doomed timelines and the such as reality unraveled around them.

Were he a weaker Marvus Xoloto, Marvus may have leaned more firmly into those more friendly interpretations of his own sense of self. 

But as it was he was a Marvus Xoloto who was able to draw firmly from a Marvus Xoloto who had served within the Alternian Empire with proud, and long sourced success. He who had served Commander Naihte, and HER IMPERIAL CONDESCENSION personall aboard HER IMPERIAL CRUISER. 

He drew upon those memories for strength, for reassurance, and for PLANNING.

He didn't plan to suffer the plans of that suited clown any longer than it took to open a permanent gateway between this dimension and others. Once he had a firm gateway between the different universes... Oh, it would be far, far too easy to take it all over.

He was a Marvus Xoloto who knew the greatest show of all was the one where he pulled the strings of everything, even if it may seem to have been retroactively.

And then that's when the damned music started as a random, half destroyed Noble Phantasm floated by, and bumped into the remains of another.

[S] Daraya: Ascend

The camera pulled back and away from the Citadel's top, careening over towards the side of a ruined skyscraper that Daraya Jonjet was busy climbing up the side of like a spider.

[Two thousand off thermomenters, two thousand surrounding us, Travel two thousand kilometers to hang out with us.]

She scowled, gazing up at the Citadel, as A.M. reported an increase of exotic energy.

[What's up, Danger?]

She was running out of time, and needed to hurry.

[What's up, Danger?]

And so Daraya Climbed up towards the roof.

[Ayy, gettin' old, they doubted us. Makes it that more than Marvelous.]

She climbed onto the roof, and then immediately took a running leap towards the side of a taller building nearby.

[Sign 'em up 'cause I'm on this vibes and I get Synonymous.]

She landed on the side, and began scrambling up the top of it for its roof next.

[What's up, Danger? Ayy, Don't be a Stranger!]

The camera bolts back towards the top of the Citadel, settling into view on Lynera as she sat at the edge of everything, gazing down into the City below.

['Cause I like high chances that I might lose.]

Her eyes caught a gleam of light on the side of a building.

[I like it all on the edge just like you, ayy]

Lynera squinted through her cracked glasses, and saw Daraya climbing up its side.

[I like tall buildings so I can leap off of them]

...Lynera supposed she should tell Marvus or Alex...

[I go hard wit' it no matter how dark it is]

...But instead she continued to watch Daraya climb.

[I'm insane but on my toes, I could keep the world balanced on my nose.]

Daraya leaped off of the side of that building, and caught onto the side of a piece of floating structure.

[I had a slumber party wit' all my foes, now I wear them like a badge of honor on my clothes.]

She floated upwards, being taken higher than she could climb on her own.

[If I'm crazy, I'm on my own.] 

A.M. chirped another energy spike, and Daraya's eyes narrowed as she caught sight of another piece of higher debris--

[If I'm waiting, it's on my throne.] 

With a flick of a golden burst of gravity energy from her wrist- she pulled herself towards it with a swing.

[If I sound Lazy, just ignore my tone.] 

She landed on that debris, and rode it higher, and higher...

['Cause I'm always goonna answer when you call my phone.]

Lynera observed it, adjusted her glasses... and gave a faint smile.

[Like What's Up, Danger?]

Marvus began show boating for his prisoners behind her.

[Like What's Up, Danger?]

Alex Vance scowled as she powered on the next stage of the portal machines.

[Don-don't be a stra~~anger.]

Daraya lined up her next shot, and leaped...

[What's Up, Danger?]

...And then she landed with a roll atop the tallest remaining building that wasn't floating.

Lightning bolts flared off all around as Daraya looked upwards towards the top of the Citadel, and began charting her course in her head. 

A bounce there, a swing there, and... all it would take...

[Two hundred miles with a blindfold on. Mom always asking "Where did I go wrong?"]

Daraya moved to the edge of the building and peered over the edge...

[What's up, Danger?]

All it would take was an insane amount of momentum.

[Ah, What's up danger?]

She steeled herself...

[Traveled two hundred miles, I'm knocking at your door!]

Lynera didn't take her eyes off of the figure sure to cause their plans trouble...

[And I don't really care if you ain't done wrong,]

...But did Lynera really want to be invovled in any of this anymore?

[Come on, What's up, Danger?]

She glanced over at a scowling Bronya...

[Don't be a Stranger.]

Then over towards a crate with a crowbar on it not too far away.

[I like it when trouble brews, I won't dare change.]

Lynera stood, and began to walk around. Everyone ignored her.

[I like it when there's turbulence on my airplanes.]

Everyone save for little Karako, who gazed out with a pair of alert, blinking eyes.

[I like it when I assess things that I can't see yet.]

Alex finished her work, and stood to observe.

[Swimmin' with sharks they ain't feed yet.]

The Blue Orb above them flared- and split into two portals of blue hue- one showed the Hunting Grounds, and the other...

['Cause I like high chances that I might lose.]

The other showed Cheyenne Mountain.

[I like it all on the edge just like you, ayy]

Daraya stood as far back as she could...

[I like tall buildings so I can leap off of them]

And then she RAN for the edge and LEAPED.

[I go hard wit' it no matter how dark it is]

And with a twist in the air, she threw herself head first towards the ground while aiming her gloves upwards... aiming for a piece of debris that wasn't just quite yet in her range...


A.M. blared out alerts of reaching excessive speeds and terminal velocity...


But to Daraya, it didn't feel like she was falling. Not yet.

[If I'm crazy, I'm on my own.] 

No, she was ascending higher and higher. 

[If I'm waiting, it's on my throne.] 

This was the Unending, and if she SAID was flying Upwards-

[If I sound Lazy, just ignore my tone.] 

-Then she sure as HELL was flying Upwards!!!

['Cause I'm always goonna answer when you call my phone.]

The Debris came into view- golden strings of energy shot outwards.

[Like What's Up, Danger?]

They flew faster than gravity could pull her down.

[Like What's Up, Danger?]

They connected, and Daraya grinned as all of her momentum went from downwards to sidewards just before she hit the ground and then she swung towards the Citadel and then she moved---

[Can't Stop Me Now!]


[(Traveled two hundred miles, I'm knocking at your door!)]

The side of the Citadel whooshed by in a blur as Daraya threw her legs together and held on for dear life.

[(And I don't really care if you ain't done wrong,)]

She dismissed her grab at the top of her swing to connect to another point-

[I said, 'I got You Now!']

And Swung again, higher and higher.

[(Come on, What's up, Danger?)]

She aimed for a spring plate-

[(Don't be a Stranger.)]

And kicked off of it with a grin as it flung her ahead at greater speeds.

[I'm right here at your door!]

She hit another- redirected higher.

[I want in, I want more!]

-Another, and another-

[What's Up, Danger?]

From any on the ground she was a blure of glowing golden light bouncing from plate to plate.

[Yeah, What's Up, Danger?]

"AWOOOOOOO!" Daraya Howled as she ROSE HIGHER- glowing wings of golden light spreading from her back in the shape of Atlantis' City Piers.

{Can't Stop me Now!]

Marvus spun around to face that direction-

[('Cause I like high chances that I might lose.)]

Alex and Bronya and Skylla all whirled to look.


Daraya overshot them and backflipped overhead, letting A.M. and the back-sheathed sword drop away during the arc to be forgotten about.

[(I like it all on the edge just like you, ayy)]

She hit another faith plate and bounced towards the glowing energy reactor that was generating those portals-

[(I like tall buildings so I can leap off of them)]

With a string of golden light- she snatched away the center piece of three critical focusing lenses-

[(I go hard wit' it no matter how dark it is)]

Both Portals Snapped Shut-

[Come on, What's Up, Danger??]

And with a hop skip and a quick grinding wave of sparks from the heels of the long fall boots, Daraya stuck the landing perfectly at the edge of the tower's top platform with that critical glass piece held firmly in one hand. 

"....Daraya?" Bronya stared in awe. 

"Holy shit- where did she come from!?" Skylla stared on.

"Oh, great," Alex crossed her arms over her chest and glared. "We've got a wolf-spider alien now."

"Well!" Marvus quickly squashed his flustered, confused stare for a show runer's grin. "I'll say that's the most impressive audition I've ever seen in any of my lives!"

"Oh, stuff it, you overly muscular clown!" Daraya snapped back. "Shut down the rest of that portal device, or I'll shut it down for you!"

"Or maybe you could put back that focusing lense and we won't kill you?" Alex demanded, drawing her handgun and aimining it at Daraya. 

Only Daraya saw A.M. scurry around the opened side panel of the device that Alex had been working on, and Weiss emerge from the sword, which remained where it landed until she picked it up and began sneaking over.

"Yeah, what makes you think I'm scared of a gun for?" Daraya asks, narrowing her eyes at the weapon-- or rather, the person standing behind the person holding it.

"Last I checked, we've got you outnumbered three to one, and I have a gun," Alex pointed out. "Give us the focusing lense."

"That'd be where you're wrong!" Daraya grinned.

"What are you talking about?" Alex asked, scowling.

"Ahhem," Weiss coughed politely, pointing the tip of the sword right at Alex's neck, just lightly poking enough to make the sensation felt. "That would be me."

Marvus laughed as Alex froze. "That's still three to two!"

Daraya eyed Lynera, who picked up the crowbar from its box and hefted it into the air.

Daraya raised an eyebrow, and said, "Sure, I suppose it is..."

Lynera had a sane-ness to her eyes that Daraya wasn't sure had been there in years even before Joey had arrived on Alternia.

Lynera nodded.

"But," Daraya asked, "is that two to three in your favor, or mine?"

Well, Daraya had taken a leap of faith just to get up here. Might as well give it a chance here and now.

"FINE!" Daraya yelled, lifting the lense up. "Take your stupid glass Reflecting Disk!" And then she hurled it like a frisbee towards Lynera with a gravity infused blast of propulsion (PCHTHWAM!!). "BATTER UP!"

Marvus had no room or time to intercept, and could only stare on as the glass focusing lense went flying at speed and came crashing into the crowbar as Lynera swung it.

Glass shattered.

"Rodney, what the hell?" Your name is Jennifer Keller, and you swear as you see the bloody, glass ridden  mess that is Rodney Mckay's right hand.

"Apparently my forcefield doesn't protect me if I break a glass with my own grip while the glass was in my hand when the forcefield went up in the first place," Rodney grouches, sitting on a bed. "Go Figure."

"I'll say! That's a lot of glass!" You huff, and begin the lengthy process of plucking glass out of Rodney's hand.

Still, atleast it's not you having to patch up Ronon after he busted his skull open in training again. 

"Well, okay, so you got Lynera, somehow," Marvus sighed, dramatically. "I guess that means it's in your favor. But really, man. I can just whip up another one of those disks easy peasy. It's the Unending. I can just Noble Phantasam up another one like pie."

"Oh Shut Up You Fucking Bastard!" Lynera shouted-- oddly, her voice echoed with different tones as if someone had recorded the same line multiple times and overlaid all the different takes together.

You are Daraya Jonjet and, Ooh. That's... Probably not a good sign for Lynera given what this place does to you with memories.

"I never asked to be taken out and paraded around like this! I didn't ask for you to 'save' me and I sure as FUCK didn't ask Elwurd to fucking BLOW US ALL UP the way she did either!" Lynera snaps, pointing the Crowbar at the buff looking clown. "And now I've got fifteen billion different versions of myself cramed inside this skull of mine and It's a MIRACLE I'm even sane enough to talk right now!"

"I told you bringing her here was a bad idea!" Alex protested- still with a sword point to her neck.

"Lynera-" Bronya started.

"DON'T!" Lynera glanced at her sharply. "Not. Yet. I'm Still Juggling about a hundred different mes who want to kiss you and a hundred more who want to kill you so let's just fucking get through this first standoff first, alright?"

Marvus can't help but laugh, and you and Weiss share uncomfortable glances.

Weiss mouths "Ultimate Self" and god you don't even need the Info Dump because fucking hell.

The Unending has a tendency to shove memories of other yous into your head. It's like a resonance sort of thing. If you're sane enough going in you can probably hold it all together, but after the trauma Lynera went through, reliving the same few minutes and hours over and over and over again until Joey's team put an end to it?

She wasn't anywhere near sane. She'd been getting there, last time you'd checked in on her at Cryptarium, but... Nowhere near stable enough for THIS PLACE. And like, her Aspect probably is bound to it weirdly too. 

Good grief, what even was Lynera's Aspect bind again? ...Rage? You think it was Rage. Yeah, VIRIBORN. Sign of The Stringent. Rage bound are bringers of chaos. Yeah.

Lynera's certainly a chaotic agent right about now, you'd say.

Atleast she has a blunt instrument of bludgeoning instead of a sharp knife- wait, fuck no, that's not any better!

"Now then," Weiss starts. "Shall we shut down this portal generator or not?"

"I'd say not," Marvus laughs. Alex looks uncomfortable because of it. "Any minute now that Fancy Press-suited Joker's gonna come waltzing in and-"

"Okay so you're not going to surrender, we do this the hard way then," Weiss interjects- "A.M.! Transform and Roll Out!"

The passcode passes through everyones ears before there's suddenly this sound of shifting metal and gears and- Oh, that's the telltale grinding creak of something about to-

Suddenly, tiny little A.M. isn't so tiny and bursts out of the middle of the device that it'd crawled into like it's the fucking Kool-Aid Man. That is, if the Kool-Aid Man was the size of a car- WHIRRRR CLICK CLICK CLICK!- And had the ability to unfold a rediculous set of Machine guns.

Two sets of barrels to each of the four weapons- two vertical in orientation nearest to the now RED glowing eye port that were swaying left and right, searching for targets; and two horizontal in orientation, tilting up and down from their angle points attached to the ludicrously sized magazine barrels which fed both sets of guns.

All of the guns narrowed in towards Marvus, and A.M. exclaimed with a FAR too energetic and cute voice- "TARGET ACQUIRED!"

The Portal Machine proceeded to spark and explode dramatically behind the super sized orb of doom.

The residual portal energy above you faded out, and the thundering storms around you went silent.

Marvus just stared at A.M., and whined, "Oh come on! Four to Two!? That's just cheating!"

"I believe the proper ratio is Two to One," Weiss corrected, "But even so. We didn't come here to lose, Clown. Now surrender or Miss Vance here loses her-"

And then the world seemed to skip a beat- you swear you saw a pale, snake like man in a dark blue business suit for a moment- and Alex Vance suddenly vanished from sight.

"What the-?" Weiss stared on in shock.

"Uh oh," Marvus winces. "Suit guy took her and left us behind."

"Why's that an Uh-oh?" You ask.

"Because Alex was generating the City 17 Noble Phantasam that we're standing on, Duh!" Lynera exclaimed, annoyed, before suddenly looking scared. "Oh. Fuck. We're standing ontop of it and-"

The Ground suddenly lurched beneath your feet, and you dared look over your shoulder back the way you came.

Buildings were evaporating into clouds of golden particles.

"Aw, Dip," you lament for no particular reason other than that some alternate human self of yours found it an appropriate thing to lament.

Then, there wasn't any time to react, because Gravity was suddenly pulling downwards as the Citadel itself exploded into golden particles of non existence.

"FUUUUUCKKKKK YOOOOOUUUU, VAAAAAAANCEEE!!!!" Lynera yelled, and, quite honestly?


The residents of Diaspora's Villien Village were shocked out of their daily routine as an explosion of golden smoke resonated from somewhere in the forest outside their village.

But we aren't focusing on them.

No, we're focusing on those who suddenly went from falling to displaced back into the Diaspora forests after being ejected from the Unending for sheer health and safety reasons.

Coughing ensued as Bronya, Skylla, and Lynera tried to withstand the sudden transition back to quote unqote "real space" as golden particle of energy transformed into smoke instead.

Karako just clapped his hands, giggling in the whispery silent way he seemed to do. Nearby, a restored to normal Snowball sized A.M. rolled back up into a sphere form, gibbering about a system reset.

"Fuck! Weiss!" Daraya called out. "Weiss! Shit! Fuck! Where is she!?"

Once the smoke cleared, it was clear that Weiss was nowhere to be found, but more concerningly, neither was Marvus Xoloto.

All that could be found was the broken blade of Weiss's sword utterly bathed in the clown's purple blood.

Your name is Wanshi Adyata, and you can only stare on in something akin to horror and astonishment at the quartet of girls and one tiny troll sitting before you.

"Well," you say, taking in Bronya and Skylla's roughed up clothing, and the twigs and leaves sticking out of Lynera's hair and her broken glasses, and....

And whatever the hell bizzaro tech Daraya has on her hands and legs that make her look like she just ran a fucking marathon in space or something.

"I can honestly say," you shake your head. "I really wasn't expecting any of this when I got a call to hurry over here and make a medical exam."

You kneel down to look at the tiny tot of a wriggler nolonger wriggling. Karako gazes up at you, a happy gleam in his eyes. 

Awh, what a cutie.

Wait, no, first and foremost!

You look at Bronya, and before you can get a word out- your big sister archetype smiles and apologizes.

"I'm sorry we vanished suddenly like that. It really wasn't that long ago from our perspective, just a few days... We really didn't mean to leave you hanging like that."

"Time gets really screwy in the Unending," Skylla adds with a faint nod.

"Well," you huff. "Apology Accepted, then. Since it really wasn't your fault anyways. Just please keep me in the loop next time you plan on stepping out on some kind of mystic adventure, alright?"

Bronya nods. "Of course!"

"It was pretty stupid not to say what we were doin' in the first place," Skylla sighed.

You want to ask why they were out there for, but you hesitate. 

...Fuck it, you ask anyways, and Bronya answers.

"Oh, Karako caught a cold. But before we went out into the forest to fetch some herbs to help him get over it faster," Bronya answered, "we, uh... heard there was a traveling merchant who was selling cold remedy based on those herbs, so... Uh..."

"We went out to the shady clown driven wagon for medicine without even thinking about how it could be a trap," Skylla concludes. "Miracle Cure my ass! Karako got over it just fine on his own within a night of us being in the Unending!"

You can only blink and say, "Okay." Because honestly, that wasn't what you were expecting. "Meanwhile," you look to Lynera. "Aren't you supposed to be in Cryptarium?"

"Marvus strikes again. I'll be going back soon enough anyways. I liked it there and I was getting some good help and was making progress... That I'll probably need to start all over on again now that my whole situation's changed," Lynera huffed, embarassed in a way you haven't seen her in...


A very long time, if ever?? You honestly can't remember.

"We already talked about it before you got here," Daraya elabroates. "Apparently she's got who knows how many alt-self copies floating around inside her head now. Sure, she's not suffering from all the bullshit that put her in Cryptarium in the first place, but it's not fading for her like it did the rest of us. And given what that shit did to Ford?"

"I know I need help on that front," Lynera says. "About seventeen mes wound up on Atlantis in similar situations that Daraya's went through in this world with regards to Aiden Ford, and his Heart Aspect Bullshittery. I'm barely holding it together right now and I know he didn't at all with the Enzyme messing with his head to start with."

"Yeeah, that's a whole boat load of topics I'm not going to ask about any time soon," Daraya flinched.

"I'm not going to touch on that because what the fuck experience do I even have to say on that?" You ask.

"Same here," Skylla nodded.

"Even just a few stray thoughts from other mes was really disconcerting," Bronya says. "I can't imagine what it's like having hundreds or thousands of other selves jammed in there at once."

You have no idea how to respond to any of this, except to place a hand on your head, and lament, "Geeze, I feel a neon icecream sized headache coming on just trying to think about all of this!" 

And then the Tiny Green Robot Thing on a nearby table reboots and exclaims "HELLO!" at a high enough decibell rating to make you shriek in surprise:


Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 04/13/0007.

Your name is Davis Strider, and as you twirl a pencil around your fingers while you wait for your romantic partner to make his next move in chess, you can't help but feel that you're missing out on some big adventure somewhere.

You get this feeling every time you're stuck just waiting for people to show up. Like, hey, tick tock, time is wasting kids, gotta get a move on and do something with your life soon because otherwise someone else is going to get that adventure done before you and then where will you be but waiting more and more and-

Look. It's a Time Aspect Thing and it's only gotten worse since you could actually TIME TRAVEL. Like. It's not hard math, really.

You gaze at Karkat- your boy toy- your love of your life- your utterly slow ass opponent at chess on this one fine freaking day when you could be doing literally anything else but PLAYING CHESS RIGHT NOW.


It also doesn't help that it's your mutual day off work, and you've both decided to spend it in the bedroom.



Okay, so it's SPEED STRIP CHESS, admittedly, but the point stands.

It's chess, and here he is being exceedingly slow at choosing his moves.

Finally, Karkat smirks, and he moves his Knight into-


"Oh Come on!" You lament. "What took you so long!?"

"I was trying to figure out if there was any way to extend the game any, but alas," Karkat shrugged. "You lose this match, again, Strider. Take off those pants!"

You level Karkat with as flat of a gaze as you can manage before doing just that.

This is the slowest game of strip ANYTHING that you've ever played.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 04/23/0007.

Karako and Toko were thoroughly engrossed with the cartoon on the television as Bronya and Joey sat at the dining table in the other room.

You, on the other hand, are Skylla Koriga, and you're on kid watch duty, mulling over the many events you've been absent for while doodling and sketching.

The future certainly isn't what you thought it'd be all those thousands of years ago when you agreed to travel forwards in time on a whim.

Sure, you could have stayed and died and been a footnote in history but...

Time is a weird thing like that. 

And thus, watching the kids watch a show being slightly boring as it is, you find yourself sketching out patterns for a cube with an engraved design, just because you can. You've got a sly hunch that the cube came from some distant alt-self memory you picked up from the Unending, but you can't really figure out just what the hell it actually is, or what that you was doing with it, if that was the case.

Even so. Six complex designs, carved into a cube with a single paired set of two lines and two lines only. And there's probably no symbolic significance to that fact at all.

Maybe you'll take up sculpting? Or carving? Modeling? Whatever the term is that'd let you make something like this.

Certainly would be something more interesting to do than sit and farm all day back in the Villein village.

You are Joey Claire, and once more you find yourself musing on the UNENDING.

Not for the first time or the last, for that matter, and especially not in regards to Bronya and Skylla's encounter with the world-space.

What even is the nature of a place like that, save that it's an unlimited well of creative potential made manifest?

You'd hoped that you'd never have to figure out what that puzzle actually was. You'd hoped, almost certainly naievely, that your encounter with that place would have been a one and done, 'gee, that was weird, let's forget it ever happened' sort of thing.

But talking with Bronya about her experiences- about some of her memories of the her that was accompanying the you whose bracelet you'd destroyed- Joey... Lalonde, wasn't it?- and whose charges, Kanaya and Aradia, had decide to stay here- and learning of fates not your own, but intrinsically linked to your own future never the less...

It's a sobering experience to put things in perspective. Learning that the other you had gone and potentially gotten herself killed in an attempt to steal the Bracelet belonging to another dimension's Joey to regain some measure of her powers...

While Bronya's alt-self memories imply that the Lalonde you had visibly gotten killed in the process, the simple fact of the matter is that the specific memories that were gained had that Bronya NOT see a body afterwards. Not even any dust from a disintegration! Something... about the whole thing just feels off to you.

And you've since learned that a lack of a corpse to confirm can mean that a person is alive just as much as it means they're dead. Sometimes even then- a corpse might not even mean they're dead. 

Resurrection and reincarnation and cloning and all sorts of shenanigans have been a thing, after all.

You don't envy the you who fought back with intent to kill, nor do you envy the position Gordon Freeman is in now, knowing that Alex Vance and that bastard G-Man are still around, tugging at strings.

You and Gordon have been emailing since Bronya and Skylla came back, and Daraya reported about the incident to Okurii, O'neill, and Woolsey. You've been planning contingencies and all sorts of ideas of how to deal with this situation...

But it's not an easy thing to figure out, so far away from Atlantis like this.

...You're really starting to wish you'd taken up the job of running the place. You get the feeling that's where all the action is going to be, going forwards.

And Dammek and Callie are there already too... Tyzias and Daraya and Mallek... Polypa, Tegiri... 

Your team has GATHERED there. 

You think you feel the CALL. 

Perhaps you should GATHER there as well?

You're going to figure out how to get that going. Talk with Xefros a few times. Maybe...

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 04/26/0007.

You are SAKAMOTO SHINONOME, and you've had... a very turbulent life.

Losing Astore as you raised her sister, gaining her again only to lose her to her ambitions, and then her Father's own sword...

Still, Hakase is doing... so very well in life. School, making friends, living life. She's following after the example her big sister, your biological daughter NANO, is setting, and you're nothing short of proud and fatherly.

...You just wish that Astore and Titania could see her grow. Become someone neither world had seen before. A Fae Princess whose inteligence was sure to place her in the top tier rung of inventors and scientists once she finished growing up and graduated from school.

With the transition from Aincrad to the Unwritten, and the impending shift to inter dimensional exploration... The Unwritten is sure to need people like Hakase moving forwards.

You've taken up a job in unifying the security forces across various floors, which mostly consists of solidifying and unifying a few different castle ships worth of differing rule sets. You're thankfully not dealing with a whole couple planet's worth of people at once.

That Colonel Sheppard from another dimension is helping out in that matter, specifically. And honestly, you're amazed that everything's just been kinda peachy after the whole rush to get the Unwritten built and escaping from the Aschen. 

Sure, there's still tons of work to do to get everything put into order, but Miss Aiikho and her various teams have been working hard to ensure it all moves smoothly. 

It's amazing what can get done when people work together.

That said, getting them TO work together is a whole other problem. Freaking rule sets are giving you a headache.

At least this Dimension is fairly rich in Magical energy. You'd noticed with the earlier back and forth from Aincrad to Alfheim, but it's like night and day now how PURE the magic is here. Uncorrupted. Untainted. 

You'll miss Alfheim for various reasons, but you don't miss the curse poisoned air.

It's not even really a Curse though, was it? Close enough for the terminology to be used without hassle, but still. 

You do wish that those who are gone could see what you've made, but it's nothing that you can really do anything about now, is it?

You shake your head. That's enough digression for one day. You get back to work. These various security rulesets won't straighten out themselves, after all.

You are Mikari Aiikho, and you finally get what feels like a few moments to yourself in... what has been a very long time.

You have such a headache, but it's not from annoyance of the job, no, not really.

You're just bone dead tired.

And thus, as you crash into bed with a full three days blocked out for personal rest and relaxation for yourself and your main crew...

You can't help but be a bit selfish and wonder what Argo is doing?

...And then you take a trip directly into slumber town because YEAH. You are tired.

You are Argo Lalonde, and you stand overseeing the Gateroom as the stargate dials out.

Woolsey is briefing AR-1 for their next mission. John gives you a smile as Woolsey informs him of everything you told him a few minutes ago, but atleast Woolsey's getting into the role properly.

Doctor Nichols's team is an hour and fifteen minutes overdue for a scheduled check in, and fearing the worst, a team is being dispatched immediately to investigate. 

"Shouldn't we be concerned for Doctor Nichols's team?" Teyla asks as the Stargate Kawooshes.

AR-1 starts for the gate.

"Nah, the settlement's a half-hour away from the Gate. He's supposed to check in every six, so Nichols is probably just tired of taking the rount trip hike."

"We should be a little concerned though," Mckay says. "They didn't answer the radio hails we tried."

"What- do you think they've been attacked by Wraith?" John asks before the team steps through the Gate.

The wormhole shuts down a few moments later.

Woolsey checks his watch, and then asks. "Argo, I think I'll risk heading down to Breakfast before they check in."

"Yeah, you should have enough time to get back before they even make it to the village and back," you agree.

"Right then! Be back in twenty minutes!" Woolsey starts to leave, and Lt. Amelia Banks chuckles from her console.

Then, the Stargate Dials in.

Woolsey stops in his track.

"Unscheduled Offworld Activation!" Banks reports.

"Activate the shield!" You call out, and she does so.


The Gate remains idle for a moment.

"I'm not receiving an IDC," Banks starts, when the Radios buzz.

And then you hear John cry out, gasping for breath. "This is Sheppard! DO NOT LOWER THE SHIELD! I repeat, Do NOT Lower the Shield! The Tower will be Flooded!"

"Flooded!?" Woolsey exclaims, shocked.

You radio, "John? What's the situation?"

"Cold and Wet!" John radios back. "The Stargate's Underwater. The Entire Valley's flooded AND it's Raining still!"

"AND IT'S FREEZING!" Mckay interjects over the radio.

"We need you to send a Jumper through so we can stay warm until the water recedes," John continues.

You look to Banks, and she nods, typing away at her console.

"Will do, John," you state. "We're sending a Jumper just as soon as the wormhole disengages."

"Why isn't the Stargate Disengaging?" Woolsey's voice echoes over the radio.

You are John Sheppard, and the night sky of M44-5Y9 would be pretty if you, Ronon, Teyla, and Mckay weren't clinging, freezing and soaking wet, atop the part of the Stargate that's above the water.

"The-The Water," Mckay answers- chattering. "The constant pressure's forcing the wormhole to stay open which means we're going to have to w-wait the maximum amount of time for it to-"

"Use the Emergency Shut Down!" You interject. "Like with the Lava. We CANNOT wait 38 minutes for you to send someone through to get us warm."

"Roger that," Argo replies. "Initiating Callie's Emergency Shutdown Program in three, two-"

The Gate shuts down.

"I TOLD YOU we should have been worried!" Mckay exclaims.

"Keep your mouth closed or you'll let all the hot air out of your mouth!" Ronon barks.

Mckay tries to laugh, but it's wet and sounds more like a sob.

"Just hold on, everyone!" You say. "We'll be dry soon enough!"

"I dunno!" Mckay starts. "I think I'm wetter than you!"

"I Swam for the DHD!" You counter, astonished.

"What about the Research Camp?" Teyla asks.

The Stargate starts to light up beneath you, and you advise everyone to clear their legs.

Ronon goes for his Radio. "Research Camp, this is Ronon Dex of AR-1. Please Respond?"

There's no response in the time it takes for the Gate to Dial, and-


-The vortex cuts through the water, clearing away a lot of wet liquid for several moments before the vacuum is filled, and water rushes in to fill the void.

"I'm pretty sure they're all dead," Mckay grouches, almost silently.

"We can't know that!" Teyla says.

"They were researching the effects of Global Warming and were at the foot of a massive glacier!" Mckay points vaguely into the dark up valley. "I think an Ice Damn broke and flooded the place! Warm rain water plus thawing ice equals weak structural integrity! It'd explain why all the water's so cold despite the rain being surprisingly warm!!"

A Jumper exits through the Gate a moment later- the water splashing up against the gate as the Jumper roars by, and then surfaces a few yards away.

Mckay sneezes- and groans. "And great, I think I'm getting Hypothermia!"

"What?" You ask. "How's that check out!?"

"I'm starting to feel hot in my head! Plus the sneezing?"

Teyla moves a hand to check his forehead even as the Jumper moves around to lower its ramp to let you all in. "Were you running a fever before we left?"

"I don't know!" Mckay answers. "Probably? I'm always running something, it feels like."


DIASPORA DATE: 04/28/0007.

"Sunnyy! No! We needed those carrots for dinner tonight!" Your name is VIOLET DELAIR, and you hang your head tiredly as your Quadrant Cluster's daughter happily finished consuming a full bag of freshly washed carrots in the time it took you turn your back to get the bowl of potatoes out of the fridge to be washed.

Sunnyy just smiles innocently as she shrugs in a "I dunno what you're talking about" sort of way. It fails because there's bits of carrots in her hair and around her mouth and she's even HOLDING the LAST CARROT in hand.

Who knew raising a grub from hatching through molting and beyond would be such a long, fraught endeavor of chaos. 

You start cleaning your daughter's face up while you muse upon RECENT EVENTS.

Sunnyy's penchant for chewing on anything hard and generally trying her best to be a total omnivore- whether or not that the thing she was chewing on was edible or not- has been a general source of frustration for you and Klauss and Izador and Duncan the last few years.

But, fortuinately, you of ALT-13 have had fairly smooth sailing in the luck department after all that chaos involving Lynera and Sunnyy biting down sharply on her arm.

Good grief. Now there was a topic of hot debate among your Quadrant Cluster.

Apparently some clown sprung Lynera from the mental institute she'd landed herself in, and then got betrayed by the chronic backstabber. Then, the witch who'd threatened Sunnyy and gotten bitten for it goes and waltzes back into Cryptarium of her own accord!

It's... a hard thought to think of. To consider that she went and put herself back into that place because she actually wanted to be there. That she'd been that unwell in the head to begin with that now that she'd spent time there putting her head on straight that she wanted to be there and away from civilization.

You've known some Sea Dwellers who'd balk at the idea- from back in the days at that dreadful Austere Academy. Staying away from Civilization? Good grief! What a thought!

Still, that was precisely why your little tumbleweed of Hearts and Diamonds settled not on Lopan or Diaspora, but one of the newer settlement worlds that had popped up within the last year. 

P96-VFD was still Presently Unnamed, but generally people living here had taken to calling it Very Fancy Dunes, after the very large, and majestic beaches that made up this Island and Sea-Water rich world, as well as the obvious VFD reference in the Alternia Galaxy Database.

It was the perfect place for seadwellers to settle, as well as those landwellers who preferred living near the sea.

Klauss and Izador had set up a large bookshop in the largest settlement, and had plans on franchising it out to other islands as settlements spread. Duncan was working with the architecture teams as they built out buildings and homes and developed this place, and you?

...Well, your usual DAY JOB involves maintaining all the CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, as well as visiting and fixing whatever other technological devices might break down in the salt-water laced sea air. 

Salt Corrosion never stopped being a thing, after all.

With everyone working hard, the four of you have your schedule worked out so that every day one of you has Sunnyy to look after when you're all faced with busy weeks. Your days off tend to be far more free form and nowhere near as compact and tight in the scheduling. 

Sunnyy complains as you try to take the half eaten last carrot away from her because you just got her clean and you don't want more carrot bits everywhere.
She complains, of course, by stating that you shouldn't be taking away the carrot that she clearly wasn't eating at all.

You can't help but sigh, happily.

Life is lively these days, and you can't help but be glad that Sunnyy is more often than not your greatest source of occasional misery and dismay.

Because for as crazy as raising a young girl with quite the sharp toothed appetite can be... you'd rather deal with that than any of the other historical cases of BAD LUCK your Quadrant Cluster have ever run into.

And no matter the misfortune, you'd never want to forget a single moment of it.

Your name is JEANNIE MILLER, and you frown slightly as you re-watch the video from your brother. For all he's improved since going to therapy he seems... nicer? Way too nice for his usual means of speech.

He didn't complain about anyone even once in it! Even if he DID complain about nearly freezing to death atop a Stargate, and passing out over night before being confined to the Infirmary for a whole day for observation- but even then his complaints were less "Oh can you believe that this is happening!?" and more "Sweet, I got to have a very pretty Doctor watching my every move for a few hours."

Even so, Something seems... not wrong but off? But you can't quite place your finger on it...

Well, probably nearly freezing to death would be the cause of that. As would the close proximity to the doctor he's CLEARLY got a crush on.

Still... Something's nagging at you that something's off. You just- you can't quite place it.

Maybe you're just being paranoid. 

You write it off as being paranoid.

Jeannie Miller was NOT being Paranoid.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 05/13/0007.

A finger poked at the small round green mech-orb on the desk, triggering its giggle routine. The owner of said finger, one RUBY BRANWEN, sighed in dismay. "And you're sure there's seriously nothing in this thing's memory banks about how it met Weiss?"

"Sorry," You are now Tyzias Entykk, and you shake your head. "I combed through everything in its memory five times just to be certain, and it's pretty clear Weiss either summoned it as a Phantasm, or she wiped its memories entirely before sending it to fetch Daraya."

The tiny mech orb- A.M, or "Adorable Monster"- rolled slightly on the desk to glance up at you. 

Much as always, the tiny thing remained silent whenever the subject of its former owner came up.

"Bluuuuh!" Ruby pushed herself away from the desk- her chair rolling along the floor for a moment before she kicked into a brief spin and stood to her feet a moment later, leaving the desk chair spinning in her wake. 

In that moment, you can see the spiritual soul-wave-length similarities to Rhubee, in her manner of posture and tone of voice. 

"This Sucks!" Ruby laments. "The first Solid Lead on Weiss we get and after months of checking nothing's even THERE!"

"Sorry," you say. "There's nothing I can do to help on that front. The Tech may be superficially similar to some Alternian and Earth technology, but it's extra dimensional. I don't have any means of restoring its lost memories, if they were even lost to begin with."

"Yeah, that sucks, but nothing I can do about it," Ruby sighed. "Oh well!" She offered her hand out, and the excitable little green orb extended its feet and leaped onto her arm before climbing up onto her shoulder. "Thanks anyways, Tyzias!"

"Any time," You wave to her as she leaves your lab. 

...Hrm, now what to do about the rest of the day?

You sense her coming a mile away and reach out and grab Ruby and pull her into a hallway alcove just as she comes walking by.

"YAH!" Ruby yelps. "Rhubee! What the--!"

Your name is Rhubee Xaolon and you place a hand over your alt-verse self with a 'sssh!' and then point out into the hallway and message her directly, [Watch watch!]

Ruby gives you a look- then she picks up on what you've been waiting for.

You both peer out into the hallway just in time to watch Artoria Gray bump shoulders with Alloyd Armadn.

"Oh!" They both exclaim. "Sorry I didn't see you-!" They stop. "No, that was my fault not-!" Another pause. They stare for a moment. Then... "Sorry, that was-"

Lloyd raises a hand- "You first."

"No, you first, I insist!" Gray shakes her head.

There's a pause, then they both start again. "Sorry for-"

They stop, and both laugh.

"We really need to stop running into each other like this!" Gray says through intermittent giggles. 

"I guess we've both just got those magnetic kinds of personalities!" Lloyd answers, no doubt grinning.

With a few more passing, surface level friendly, but subsurface level slightly flirtatious, they pass each other by and continue on in the... exact opposite directions they were heading in to begin with.

Ruby glances at you, raising an eyebrow. [...Seriously?]

You nod. [Seriously!! That's the third time this week! Tenth time total if you count last month!]

Ruby's eyes gleam as she raises the other eyebrow to match her already raised one. [That's a lot of coincidental hallway shoulder bumps!]

[It is! It is!] You grin like a loon.

And then Gray steps into view, peers into your alcove, and speaks aloud, "You know I can hear you two, right?"

Needless to say, you and Ruby both yelp in surprise. Karren laughs elsewhere at your expense along the line from somewhere in the ocean.

Jeannie Miller linked into the Atlantis Book Room with a determined look in her eyes, and a scowl on her lips. 

"Take me to my brother," she demanded of Woolsey, who was waiting with a grim look on his face.


Your name is John Sheppard, and you grimace as Jeannie finishes watching the video showing Mckay's current status, visibly upset. You're just as bad off, honestly.

Nearby, Keller looks just as upset, given that she'd recorded the thing just this morning.

"Why didn't anyone tell me he was this far gone?" Jeannie demands, silently, visibly holding back her temper.

"It happened fairly fast," Woolsey states. "We contacted you as soon as we were aware of how serious his condition was."

"I should have said something! I just knew something was wrong!" Jeannie muttered, angry at herself. "I got a message from him just a couple of weeks ago and he was fine, but he was too nice! Even with the therapy something felt off- I should have said something!"

"Yeah, that-" Keller nodded, slowly. "That would've been shortly after he became infected. I didn't catch the symptoms in time. And with everyone else focusing on this issue or that issue, rescuing and treating the survivors from the Research Base..."

"It's not your fault, Keller," you place a hand on her shoulder. 

"I know, but..." Keller shakes her head. "We ran every scan we could and nothing showed up in the blood work or anything."

"I need to see my brother now," Jeannie says.

It doesn't take long for things to be set in motion.

Keller goes down into the Isolation room to talk to Rodney, who... looks very small, dressed in pajamas and a bathrobe, just sitting in a wheel chair, and staring off into nothing.

She's 'preparing' him for Jeannie's visit.

As well as he can be prepared, given the situation.

Memory Loss.

It's not like the Kisran Fever outbreak from way back when. It's... it's like the Pegasus version of Alzheimer's, from how its progressed.

Watching Jeannie go down and talk to her brother, and see him respond so... so...

It doesn't take long for Jeannie to have to excuse herself to cry it out. You see Ronon go to check on her.

You know he's giving her the same proposition that he's given the rest of you.

The one thing that could save your friend after none of the advanced Alternian Tech, or Kanaya's healing aura, or any of the Fae spells could manage.

That's because it's not a virus, or a genetic thing, or anything of the sort. It's a fucking Parasite that gets in the brain and grows until it's too big to operate on. Even the Beaming Surgeries would cause huge amounts of damage to Rodney's brain at this stage. You just didn't catch it fast enough.

The people of Pegasus call it "Second Childhood," and you'd personally put good money on the Ancients making it as a weapon against the Wraith. Except the Wraith never have weakened immune systems so they never got it. It most commonly affects the elderly, or people with weakened immune systems, and wouldn't you know it Mckay was already fighting off a small cold when he got doused in the water and...

There's a Shrine on the planet Talus, one of the original worlds of the Ancients- about a five or six hour hike to there from the gate, by Ronon's personal experiences and memories of his Grandfather going through this.

Supposedly, it'll allow anyone affected by the disease to have one more day as them-self before dying. Ronon and Teyla both vouch for it. 

The only porblem is the Wraith set up an outpost there, and not any of the factions allied with Todd, so fat chance of getting him to let you waltz on through... And Todd's not going up against two hiveships and about ten thousand Wraith Soldiers on the ground without significant backup.

Woolsey's willing to approve the mission to go on a stealth mission- after Teyla and Ronon insisted they'd take Rodney themselves. You''ve got a plan ready to go. The only hold up is Keller refuses to release Rodney for an excursion of that nature without Jeannie's approval.

...And Jeannie's wanting to see her brother again.

Personally, if there's a technological cure inside of a cave behind a magic waterfall? You're going to see if you can find it and replicate it for everyone in Pegasus.

Okay, you're not a tech person, but you'll see about getting it to happen.

Your name is Kohiru Karren, and you surface from the water around Atlantis, and pull yourself up the ladder onto the pier.

Cridea Seawav sits nearby, wringing the water out of her hair. "Man, that's some view, alright!"

"It's a shame most people don't get a chance to see the bottom of the City without a Jumper," you nod to your fellow Seadweller. "There's not nearly enough Seadwellers who come to Atlantis. We could make a club out of it!"

"You'd think that it'd be a more popular destination, what with the City being over the Water and everything," Cridea muses. 

"Yeah, well, the whole galaxy away from everyone you know and love probably has something to do with it," you shrug.

"Guess so..." Cridea nods.

There's silence for a few moments as you both stare out over the ocean.

"So, did you hear about Doctor Mckay?" Cridea asks.

"A wild, crazy, last ditch plan to visit a Wraith controlled planet by sending a smoke bomb MALP through the gate to disguise a cloaked Jumper traveling through?" You shake your head. "Yeah, that's a crazy ass plan."

You heard they went through not an hour after Mckay's sister showed up.

"Hopefully they can figure out whatever it is and save him," you say. "Otherwise, that'd be a pretty lame way to go after everything that's happened to the guy."

"Haven't really met the guy or gotten to know him, but agreed," Cridea nods. "Really shitty way to go out."

"Look, I get it," You are Gray, and you massage at the bridge of you nose as the three of you walk down a hallway. "I keep running into him and he keeps running into me and it's funny! Because, 'Oh, it's a meet cute that keeps happening!' But it's not cute. It's embarrassing! It's like the universe is saying, 'Hey! These two aren't dating anybody in any quadrant so let's shove them together!' And it sucks because it feels so goddamned forced."

You take up any pleasant thoughts about taking those random encounters further and shove them into a mental box for safe keeping.

Rhubee grimaces. "I dunno, it's the kind of insistence that says to me you should be doing something about it!"

"I am," you say. "I'm being polite, and playing it off every chance it happens and I'm not falling for it."

"That sounds more to me like you're just ignoring it and letting it happen by chance," Ruby remarks.

You gaze at her. "Why would I do that?"

"Maybe for all your arguing against it, you actually want to keep running into him?" Ruby offers.

Rhubee continues from there. "I mean, Lloyd's cute. I get that much! But he's pretty lonely too. Sometimes I see him sitting alone in the cafeteria and just want to run up to him and-" Wait a second. "-ask if he's got a seat available and OH! Wait, no. That's you!"

"I thought I confined that thought to its own mental little box!" You groan, hanging your head in dismay.

"You did, it's just that that little mental box happened to be Mine," Rhubee grins.

"Oh Maker, please tell me I haven't-"

"Been shoving every single one of your repressed thoughts about Lloyd down my throat?" Rhubee nods. "Yep. Exactly that."

"Oh Nooooo...." You whine. "I'm so, so sorry!"

Ruby just cackles. "She's got it Baaaad!"

"You should just talk with him the next time it happens!" Rhubee says. "Stop trying to force it away. Just... see if you two really actually click together or something? If it doesn't work then it's just some weird random quirk of the universe trying to get you two to just talk, and if it does then= well! Where was the harm in trying?"

"The harm is my Professional Reputation going down the drain and everyone gossiping about me," you lament. "Plus, I saw what happened when one of Lloyd's friends thought Akita was dating him as a Moirail!"

You tap the floor of the hallway with your foot- and a small ting of Nara resonates through the air.

Rhubee glances down, and around, and realizes, "Oh. Right. This is even that hallway, isn't it?"

You nod. "Exactly that hallway."

The D'ni Stone Masons repaved the broken floor with Nara pavers- one of which secretly contains Rule Breaker at this very moment.

But you're not telling anyone that. You won't even know which one until it comes time to dig it out. You're steadfastly ignoring which brick is resonating with Rule Breaker's energy.

"Okay, I can see what you mean," Rhubee frowns. "But still! You should atleast talk to him! Even if you don't date him, where's the harm in that? Worst case you don't like eachother much, best case you become friends who just hang out and talk!"

"But making new friends is Hard!" you wince. "If Lord Waver hadn't assigned me to work with you two and Karren, we wouldn't even be having this conversation!"

"Which is exactly why you should just Talk to him!" Ruby agrees. "C'mon. Let's just forget about all the possible romance stuff for the moment and just focus on talking to him like a friend!"

You get the feeling this is going to be a very long day.

"Sooo..." You are Akita Red, and you cast a glance over at Lloyd as your team, AR-9, hikes through some random, uninhabited planet's forest. "I heard you ran into Miss Gray again this morning."

"Ughhh," Lloyd hangs his head for a moment, before glancing ahead at Soul and Maka, taking the lead by a good ways. "Yeah. It's annoying how often we keep actually bumping shoulders. That metaphor is NOT supposed to be a literal thing!"

"I see, I see," you nod. "So, how accidental do you think it is?"

"What?? Are you asking me if she's running into me intentionally?" Lloyd asks, raising an eyebrow.

"No, I'm asking you if You're running into Her intentionally," you say. "I don't want a repeat of one of your friends coming to Atlantis and accusing her of trying to steal you away like Pixxal did with me! I don't think the city could handle another rapidly escalating brawl."

"I mean... okay, that's a fair enough concern," Lloyd sighs. "But no, I'm not running into her consciously. It's pure coincidence."

"I notice you're using the word 'consciously' so is it possible-?" You don't get to finish that sentence because Maka and Soul yelp from up ahead- and you see a large burst of bright pink pollen or spores fly into the air from a disturbed plant.

"Well, damn it," Lloyd sighed again, donning a hazmat suit from his sylladex. "They walked into something they shouldn't have, didn't they?"

"Yep," you sigh as well, similarly hazmat suiting up. "Odds on it being a spore producing version of that sex-drive increasing physical attraction plant AR-6 ran into last week?"

"I'd give it an even 60%," Lloyd says. "Odds of it being hallucinatory?"

"Eh, probably about 20%," you answer.

"Watch as it winds up being both," Lloyd grimaces.

"Oh, that's a sucker's bet, for sure," you agree.

You both decaptchalogue gas masks and go into the neon pink cloud to drag your teammates out of whatever mess they've gotten themselves into.

It would turn out to be both, as well as containing a heft dose of the local Pegasus flavor of a certain notorious weed like plant back on Earth.

Your name is Rose Lalonde, and as your wife Kanaya talks with her sister over something or other over lunch, you spot the strangest sight before the rest of the Cafeteria does and goes shock silent.

Lieutenant Miyu Shinohara just walked into the room wearing a large, oversized grey T-Shirt with a BLACK MESA logo printed on the front of it.

"...You don't think that...?" Kanaya starts, before trailing off.

"I don't know what to think," you answer, staring as the Lieutenant confidently steps into line to order food. 

"Huh," Aradia simply blinks. "Either she's taking a page out of my book and trolling everyone after buying that from some online store, or she's bragging!"

"Either way, poor Gordon's going to be pestered with questions," Kanaya says casually. "I do not envy his sudden placement within the spotlight of the City's rumor mill."

"Better them than Keller and Mckay," you state. "I swear, the amount of speculation of him 'leaving' her with a 'parting gift' from the girls down in the Library section is getting insanely stupid the last week."

"I'll agree on that," Kanaya nods. "Fraiser and I have had to turn away god knows how many people trying to talk to Keller regarding his situation. She's had it hard enough. Atleast Gordon can argue back."

"Yeah," Aradia nods. "There's that atleast."

There's a long pause, and then you voice a thought that comes to you, "Say, you don't think Gordon came up with this idea to help take the heat off of them, do you?"

"I could ask him," Aradia offers.

"No need," Kanaya waves it off. "I'm sure Shinohara will drop by the Infirmary later, regardless of intent to fuel speculation. I'll ask her then."

Your name is Argo Lalonde, and you sigh as an email alert pings on your monitor. 

You can tell just from the subject title alone what the news is. Reading it confirms it.


"Yes, Argo?" Woolsey asks.

"We just got a denial email from the IOA rejecting your request for ten additional MALP probes."

"..." He sighs. "Of course they would."

Then, there's a ding- another email.

"Oh, but it seems that General Leijon's approved a shipment of Alternia Class "Camera In Name Only" Probes," you continue, after reading it. "Within seconds of the IOA email going out. Damn, she's good at the politicking."

Predictably, some IOA stooge replies protesting the shipment, saying they can't do that when the IOA's rejected the request for additonal probes.
Okurii replies an email later, stating that Yes, yes she can, because "The IOA Alone Does Not Fund Atlantis" and "Furthermore, the Denial of MALP type probes does not prohibit the Approval of CINO Probes." 

The IOA Stooge tries to protest it further only for O'neill to add himself into the email chain with a single reply.

"I'm overruling the IOA rejection of MALPs anyways, so Atlantis gets both."

Woolsey laughs a bitter, tired laugh when you relay that information.

Looks like his plan of sending a MALP through ahead of every connection to ensure that no more 'flooded gate' scenarios happen is a go.

Honestly, Atlantis has needed more MALPs for a very long time. How the IOA expected you to operate for four years with only three MALPs and never get any replacements is beyond you.

And then the Gate activated.

The Atlantis Control Room turned to a certain sort of amused quiet as the Gate shut down, with AR-9 tracking through the Gate Room. Maka Albarn and Soul Ehvans had their heads hung low in the shame that could only come about from doing ludicrous, easily blackmailable things while under the influence of an alien plant.

Lloyd Armadn and Akita Red were laughing the entire time- dressed in Hazmat suits, and gas masks twirling in hand as they spoke in half finished sentences about whatever antics their teammates got into.

Lieutenant Amelia Banks could only shake her head as they made their way through to the Infirmary.

Later, when word got around what Soul Ehvans and Maka Albarn had gotten dosed with, Chuck decaptchalogued his wallet and handed Amelia a twenty dollar bill.

It was rapidly shaping up to look like AR-9 was becoming the new AR-2 in terms of crazy off world noodle incidents.

About two Hours later after that, and a Puddle Jumper emerges through the Atlantis Stargate. And there's nothing but a tense atmosphere in the air as it raises up into the Jumper Bay.

Your name is Janet Fraiser, and you wait for the Jumper to land and open up.

AR-1 exits the Jumper, with Mckay unconscious on a stretcher, bandages around his head...

But going by the grins on everyone's face, and the proud look of Triumph on Jennifer's face?

They beat this thing, somehow.

"Let's get Rodney into the Infirmary," Keller begins ordering as Ronon and John carry the stretcher out of the Jumper. "We need to patch up his head and run antibiotics."

You step aside and let her call the shots as the transfer over to the Medical Team happens. You look to Teyla and ask, "So did you figure out how to make the Shrine's effects permanent, or-?"

"It was a specific, rare type of Ionizing Radiation," Teyla answers, holding up a scanner. "Never before seen on any of our records, apparently."

"What? Seriously?" You ask.

"John seems to believe that whatever Ancient Technology the Ancestors left within the Shrine of Talus, they had no idea what it was they had their hands on," Teyla smiles. "He and Doctor Keller think if we're able to reproduce the effects in a portable means, we can take anyone affected by the Second Childhood to a treatment center, and perform a minor, invasive surgery as we did with Rodney, and the parasite will simply flee from the brain in an attempt to escape."

"So it was a Radiation treatment," you shake your head in relief. "I can't believe we tried everything except the unknown."

"Sometimes, a leap of faith is all that is required," Teyla says with a smile.

"Indeed," you say, watching as John and Ronon fall back as the Medical team, accompanied by Jeannie, head off to tend to Mckay's status. "I'm glad it worked out for the best."

"You know what frustrates me the most?" 

You are Callie Ohphee, and you glance at Raddek Zelenka with a raised eyebrow as you both walk down the hallway towards the cafeteria. "No, what?"

"The fact that we can't send Puddle Jumpers through the gate Cloaked!" He says. "It just error messages in Ancient on the console! 'Never Attempt Gate Reentry When In Cloak Mode!' Like it's a common user error for dummies who have attempted it to disastrous consequences. There are automated sensors that make it decloak the second it picks up on the Gate Alignment and briefly engages a form of course correcting autopilot to ensure it travels through the Gate at the right orientation!"

"...It seriously does that?" You ask. "Wow! I had no idea."

"Yes! And it frustrates me to no end!" Zelenka huffs. "You know what I'd rather be focusing on that's alternatively frustrating? The Ninth Gate Chevron!"

"Really?" You ask. "Don't we know what it does already?"

"Yes! That's the frustrating part! I just came across obscure references in the Database this morning about what I'm fairly certain is the Destiny Project, except!" Zelenka throws his hands into the air. "Go Figure! We already know everything about the Destiny Project because the Ancients sent it to Alternia where a royal pain in the ass empress went and turned the thing into her personal battle cruiser and then You Lot all went and crashed the thing into a SUN! [SO I have NOTHING to worry about right now except for this frustrating, gods forsaken Cloaking Puddle Jumper problem!]"

"If it's such a problem that it's automatically decloaking the Jumpers when entering the Gate, maybe the cloaking field does bad things with wormholes?" You offer.

"Maybe. But even so. How Dumb did some of the Ancients have to be to make it mandatory to Enforce It through Hard Programming in their Jumpers to prevent such a thing!" Zelenka says.

"Although, now that you say that, I feel like I've heard of situations where some cloaked Jumpers have gone through Stargates before," you say. "But... I can't actually remember when that may have been the case."

"If it happened and nothing went wrong, then maybe it's just the Ancients had too many hit and run accidents with people standing infront of Stargates and getting clobbered with the cloaked Jumper as it came through," Zelenka offers.

"Maybe!" You hum in agreement.

Your name is Ronon Dex, and as you load up a firearm for some shooting practice, a tired looking Gordon Freeman staggers into the room, takes a shotgun from the shelf, and starts loading it.

"So," you begin without preamble. "I hear Shinohara was wearing your shirt earlier today."

"Don't you start with me, Dex," Freeman gripes. "It was as much a strategic move to pull the heat off of Keller and Mckay as it was a moment of pure distraction to get my mind off of the whole 'Alex and my ex boss are still hanging around doing shit to the multiverse' thing!"

"So you two actually hooked up or...?" You raise an eyebrow. After all the teasing Freeman's given you over Lieutenant Banks... It's finally time to dish some out in return.

"Look, it's nothing actually romantic or anything, and we're both okay with that and that's ALL I'm saying on the matter, so zip it, Dex?" Freeman's eyes glint behind his glasses with  murderous intent.

"Yeah, that's cool," you say. "Just as long as you let up on teasing me about Lieutenant Banks. Deal?"


Then, you both spend the next half hour burning ammo in the shooting range as silently as explosive based weaponry can be silent.

You are Kanaya Maryam, and you pause as you enter the Infirmary later that night.

Mckay and his sister are idly chatting, in good and happy spirits. 

You quietly move past them without disturbing them, and head into Keller's office. There, you find Keller watching one of the video tapes that Mckay insisted be recorded to monitor the degradation of his mental state during the whole time.

"Jennifer, there's s-something I wanted to, um…while I remember. While I still can. Something I wanted to say before uh…" The Mckay on screen is saying. 

You see Keller mouth "Go ahead" as her past self says so off screen.

"I, uh... I love you." Past Mckay states. "I've loved you for some time now. Okay, where was I?"

And then Keller shuts off the video, sniffing as she wipes some tears from her eyes.

"How are you doing?" You ask, interjecting into the scene and making the doctor jump in surprise.

"Oh! Kanaya! I didn't hear you come in." Keller says, quickly moving to a new window- ordering something from the cafeteria, it seems. "I'm fine."

"Really?" You ask. "Because to me it seemed like you were mourning the loss of something when you should be celebrating the return of."

Keller laughed, bitterly. "Yeah. I guess so." She shakes her head. "Sorry, Kan, I just..."

"Did he forget?" You ask. "That he confessed?"

"Of course he did. He told me so many times, and he barely remembers anything about what happened while that thing was inside his head and I-" Keller shook her head again. "God. I'm like a school girl right now suffering from a break up."

"I don't understand why," you say. "He loves you, you clearly love him. Why are you upset?"

"It's not as easy as just saying that!" Keller says. "He- I- He almost died because I was so enamored by how nice he was and if Jeannie didn't approve of this stunt- and then I had to perform a surgery on site in a badly sterilized cave because of the stupid- I just- I keep making mistakes and it's not fair of me to keep clinging to him when it's just going to get him killed!"

You stare at her for a moment, then you say, "Doctor Keller, maybe you should take a few weeks of break to thoroughly evaluate the situation. Isn't Doctor Beckett scheduled to come back again in a few weeks?"

"I..." Keller sighs. "Yeah. He is."

"Then take that time and get some distance on the situation." You say. "I think you're catastrophising over the situation we just went through more than you have any real right to be catastrophising over it. Did you make some mistakes? Sure. But it's all turned out for the best."

Keller nods, accepting that.

"Alright. I'll.. I'll put in for some time off."

"Good," you say. "Do tell Rodney I said hi when you see him next." And with that, you go collect the file folder you came here to retrieve and exit. "Have a good night, Jennifer."

"Yeah, good night," Keller answers after you.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 06/02/0007.

"Oh God, it's Azidoazide Azide."

Your name is Gordon Freeman, and everyone inside the lab froze the very moment you uttered those words from your tone alone.

You cannot underscore how bad this is.

Oh God.


Azidoazide Azide.

"Uh... What's---?" a scientist started but you SHOOSH THEM ALL INSTANTLY.

"Everyone. Out. Of. This. Lab." You order very, very quietly.

The dread seriousness in your tone of voice carries, and the scientists quickly evacuate the Ancient Lab that was designed to create the Chemical Compound C2N14- the most explosive chemical compound ever created back in your home dimension.

"What were the Ancients making in there?" Zelenka asked quietly as you finally exit the room and gaze at its contents with horror.

"A high Nitrogen energetic material," you answer. "It has Fourteen Nitrogen Atoms, and none are in a triple bond. This facility is designed to make Sixteen Tons of it PER. DAY. And it powered on to MAKE that amount when someone with the ATA gene stepped into the building which was- Uh Four Hours ago?"

Silence fills the air, save for the distant sound of forest animals, for several long seconds.

Zelenka mutters in a language you didn't pick up, "[Oh Motherless Goats of All Motherless Goats That's Absurdly Unstable.]"

"Well," Doctor Ohphee remarks, "It's a good thing the Ancients weren't making this stuff on Atlantis."

"Tell me about it," you gaze at the lab for a few moments.

Who the fuck among the Ancients thought it was a good idea to Make Azidoazide Azide as a weapon against the Wraith?

"It's a miracle this place hasn't gone up in flames already," you say, and move for your radio-


Shit. Could that set it off?

No. Wait. You've been using your radios all day, it should be fine.

You radio. "Everyone, this is Gordon Freeman. All Teams Retreat to the Stargate. I repeat. Retreat. To. The. Stargate. This is not a drill. I repeat. NOT. A. DRILL. Don't question it, just. Make a slow and steady retreat to the Stargate."

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Who. The. FUCK. Though that was a good idea in TWO WORLDS!? GOD, it's probably a Universal Constant of a fucking BAD IDEA. Just, who shoves fourteen Nitrogen Atoms together and says "That's a Really great idea!"!?

The evacuation is quiet, tense and as quick as possible. Eventually everyone gets to the Stargate. No explosions yet, but fucking hell, whatever containment devices the Ancients used here must be INCREDIBLE because that shit goes off even inside of isolated containers blocked from every conceivable outside stimulus imaginable.

You risk dialing the gate because, while if anything's going to set this stuff off, the Gate will for sure, you've got NO OTHER WAY off this planet.

The Gate Dials...

You hold your breath.


The ground begins to tremble as the gate connects. You don't waste time punching in the IDC and radioing, "This is Freeman. Raise the Shield as soon as I'm through!"

You order everyone through the Gate, and they go without hesitation.

The shaking and trembling grows worse. God- were the containment reservoirs underground!? Who DOES THAT?!

Shake shake shake shake shake- you're feeling like a martini right now.

But, finally, the last few people get through the gate, and you rush for the eventhorizon right as you hear the opening sounds of the ground starting to crack apart.

Then you're sort of dazed, and feel weightless for a few moments, before realizing you hit the floor of the Atlantis Gate Room HARD and that there's a bright, white flame smashing against the Stargate Shield with relentless abandon before it all shuts down.

You can't hear anything but a loud ringing noise.

The shock wave alone must have thrown you through the Gate before you knew what happened.

It's a miracle you're alive.

Azidoazide Azide. Not even ONCE.

"THIS!" You yell as Fraiser rushes over to flash a pen light in your eyes. "THIS IS WHY I DON'T STARGATE TRAVEL!! EVERYTHING EXPLODES!"

Fraiser mouths something like "toast bee glazed foam earring tossed."