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ACT 6 ACT 6: Hacking To The Gate

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A young Chixie stepped onto stage in the dark, and waited as the spotlights began to click on, highlighting her presence there for the audience.

As she took a breath and waited for the back track for the song IGNITE began to play...

Our camera jumps back in time to a certain boat in 1939 in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth, zipping up to the hull of the boat as a Stargate Vortex punches a hole in its side.

Jaffa began exiting the Gate- gunned down in silence as our view briefly switches back to Chixie, tapping her foot idly, even as the DJ of the hour did the introductions.

"And now, we of the Veil are glad to announce and introduce to you an up and coming new talent- Chixie Roixmr! She'll be singing a cover of the Sword Art Online anime's opening 'IGNITE'!"

There was a brief round of applause, people unsure of what to make of the girl just yet...

And then finally, as the cue was had, and Chixie started to sing along with the music... It's not her younger voice we hear, nor the arrangement from that time, but instead, as time shifts ahead further ahead, we hear a future arrangement, and newer vocals from her older, future self.

[You Long to set the world straight-]

Our view returns to Ba'al finding himself with a shotgun pressed up against his face.

[But you will fail if you wait or hesitate!]

A far older Cassandra Fraiser yelled out something in silence as Chixie Sang.

[So Take Aim And Pull the Trigger Back!]

She squeezed the trigger- a flash of the Shotgun flared out- and crimson red splashed across green threads- as they rocketed forwards across time and space.

It spread rapidly- soaking into the threads as time itself was put back into order.

For a moment, the logo appears as a knot-work of stitches, before being soaked over in blood.


[There was a time, when I knew of love and amity...]

And then the blood soaked threads passed by a moment on Earth in 1994- as Joey Claire stared, watching on as the Stargate activated for the first time.

[But it faded like the warmth inside a falling tear.]

It continued forwards- past the rebellion on Abydos- and past the explosion of Khepri's battleship over the planet -And past the moment where Joey flung herself through the stargate in the Florida house to avoid being shot up.

[Is it a crime to see fault in our humanity?]

It drives past O'neill and Teal'c in Chulak's prison- and the fight that ensued to secure the Stargate for escape-

[Why do we create this cycle of hate, breeding more fear?]

-And then past the moment of the All Your Base crashing into the desert.

Younger Chixie gazed out over the audience of unfamiliar trolls, and continued to sing her debut performance while her future self continued to cover it elsewhen-

[There's a pain deep inside of me]

A young Jude offered his hand to a young, withdrawn Cassandra. And she takes it-

[And you're struggling to stay alive]

-Moments later, the blood flashes past them struggling to pull Davis Strider back into the control room as a bomb ticks down about to dentonate infront of the Black Hole connected Stargate.

[But if we last I know- we'll live to see a brighter tomorrow!]

Joey, Xefros, Mierfa, Dammek, Okurii, Callie, and Salazl stand infront of the Stargate on the Base, gazing at it with hope for the future.

[You Long to set the world straight-]

Joey swung her Laser sword- disarming Trizza of the Bracelet--

[But will fail if you wait or hesitate!]

In Parallel, a split screen later, The false Heiress Reenah Kraken in the past Abdicated by disarming herself of the Bracelet with Joey's laser sword.

[So Take Aim And Pull the Trigger Back!]

The Blood continues to soak through the green threads of the Cairo Overcoat- even as Lord English roared- standing on the mouth of his snake ship- CONSUMING the very souls of the ORI ASCENDANTS.

[Through every fear that you fight~~ ]

Jonas stands watching in horror as Daniel grabs at a live Naquadria core to disarm a bomb- and a split-frame later of Daniel ASCENDING serves as the transition to-

[You're giving life to a Spark of Crimson Red!]

--A laser beam shot down from Anubis' ship- crimson red, striking down at the Abydos Pyramid--

[It Burns Bright Just Waiting to Ignite!]

It strikes a suddenly appearing shield, and is reflected right back at the ship that fired it as a burst of emerald green lightning.

[As our impulses ring aloud- ]

John, Jade, and Argo stand along with Jude and Cassie as they watch Anubis' ship explode--

[This world's evolving to the sound- ]

--Serving to a transition to his ship over Earth exploding dramatically from Drone Fire as the Astro and Delta Megazords stand triumphantly alongside the Prometheus.

[Of a New Beginning!]

Younger Chixie takes a breath, grinning like a loon- as the scene transitions to her elder self in the far flung year of 2003, picking up with the next verse.

[It cries at last-]

The blood soaked threads continue along their path- 

[That relentless sound I know so well]

-Flowing past Joey's team as they recover the ARK OF TRUTH from the Denizen TYPHEUS.

[Always deafening but I can never pull away]

-And past their using it on CETUS. 

[The die is cast-]

-Past Ganos Lal being stabbed with a sword of fire-

[And you can't restart or change the past!]

-And the murderer being exploded via Mofang Tech Replicators VITRIFICATION, resulting in a crater with a blast of red sand.

[But if given only one more chance could you carve the way?]

-And centuries in Earth's past, Artoria Pendragon threw herself into a cryogenics pod to save her own life.

[I can feel it waste away inside]

-The blood continued on, past Replicator Daniel glaring across subspace at a Replicator Carter, and the one known as FIFTH.

[But the fire in me hasn't died]

-Past Ba'al laughing over a Galaxy Map as English's fleets were subject to his mercy.

[And I would rather sell my soul than watch it all slowly fade away!]

-And past Teal'c and Bra'tac made a desperate plea to the others of the Jaffa Rebellion.

[I'm Sick of being afraid- and living by these mistakes that I have made!]

The City of Atlantis rocked- and ASCENDED upwards through the ocean. 

[But I'll change that with these hands of mine!]

Kolya aimed his gun at Elizabeth Weir, and pulled the trigger. FLASH- Mckay yells in horror. Sheppard yells into his radio with rage.

[Believing in something more!]

Above the planet where Maybourne was king- a Time Jumper cloned itself through subtle, quick loops-

[I'll carve a path through that rusted doorway!]

-Daniel was beamed away while on the phone- Jonas was beamed away right before Mitchel's eyes-

[Still there's more that's still worth fighting for!]

The Ultrazord struck a pose as it burst out of English's TIME STOP.

[Our Battle cry is rising higher- ]

Within the power core- Joey Claire SUNG- and the Ultrazord shoved English's Mech into the Supergate.

[As raw emotion fuels the fire-]

The Jaffa on Dakara fought bravely against the Replicators-

[Piercing through the night sky!]

And Cassandra flew the DAEDALUS into the outer rim of a Black Hole to shake the Hatak chasing them.

In rapid fire- with events overlaid ontop of Cassandra navigating that death field- we see the Supergate Kawoosh destroying a Hatak- then Alternia explodes- The Dakara weapon fires, dusting Replicators all over- English being shoved through the Supergate yet again- Ba'al beaming away- and finally, the Daedalus escaping the Blackhole, and rocketing past the Stargate in orbit. 

[The shooting stars fall upon the darkness-]

We see Joey claiming the Tablet from the Toldemer Keep..

[Until the skies are pitch black and starless-]

Ford's eyes open- one clouded over pitch black.

[But when the world is reborn the curtains open wide!-]

We see Atlantis Take Flight to escape the Replicator laser beam-

-As a bahro raises the Tablet high, and smashes it against the nearest available hard surface-

-Glass Shatters as the laser grazes the Central Tower.

[You Long to set the world straight- but you will fail if you wait or hesitate!]

Lightning Flashes across a stormy night sky- forming briefly into the shape of a tree.

[So Take Aim And Pull the Trigger Back!]

Mordred joins SG-1 in the hunt for the Sangraal with determination.

[Through every fear that you fight~~ ]

Damara's Giant MirrorGate Activates with a Kawoosh- 

[You're giving life to a Spark of Crimson Red!]

Mordred roars- dragging Excaliber across the resulting rift in space time.

[It Burns Bright Just Waiting to Ignite!]

Ford is back stabbed by Medea- his powers rushing across the room just as the blood continues to soak into the threads of the Overcoat.

[As our impulses ring aloud- ]

Medea's Hiveship suffers a critical existence failure as the Daedalus obliterates it via Hyperbeam strikes.

[This world's evolving to the sound- ]

The full historical roster of SG-1 stands before the extraction ceremony of the last Goa'uld System Lord. 

[Of a New Beginning!]

As the older Chixie finishes her song, and the audience cheers, she remembers the same moment years in the past- of her younger self concluding her singing with an excited smile that just grew wider as the audience erupted into loud, rancorous cheers.

They liked her then! And they really like her even now, all these years later.