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Willmsteri's SenGen Week 2019

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Senkuu laid on his back on the couch in the living room. He had been reading a book but now he was thinking of other stuff so the hardcover had to wait on the coffee table. He sat up a bit to prop himself against the armrest so he could peer over the sofa's cushions. Gen was in the kitchen, preparing dinner probably. Senkuu heard him sing to himself quietly and he moved around with a skip in his step. He still wasn't sure how he ended up in this living situation. How he ended up with a kitsune living with him, cooking for him, cleaning the house and even washing his clothes. Senkuu really didn't understand even if he remembered exactly how this had came to be. But Gen looked happy. Not like Senkuu really cared but it was a nice thing to notice. 

He sat up and glanced at his book. Nah, maybe later. He got up to his feet and turned to look at Gen again. The man was a kitsune, no doubts about that, he had seen the proof before. But if the ears and tail really were like ones of a fox... were they soft? He's never pet a fox so he wouldn't know. He had to know. As a man of science. He walked over to the kitchen and watched as Gen chopped some carrots. Kitsune had disguised himself as a human, hiding his fox like features; ears, tails and some face markings. Senkuu wasn't sure but he kinda remembered Gen having small fangs and sharp nails.

"Gen." Senkuu called from behind the older male. Gen turned around, as if he'd known all this time other was standing there. 

"Ah, Senkuu-chan! Sorry but the dinner isn't ready yet, I'm a bit behind on schedule with it." Gen smiled, he always did, but clearly tried to make his face seem apologetic. Senkuu hummed.

"Can I see your ears? Your fox ears I mean." Just to specify. Senkuu watched as Gen tilted his head a little.

"Why would Senkuu-chan want to see my ears?" He sounded a bit confused.

"Just because. Can you show them or not?" Senkuu tried to come across as friendly as possible and not sound rude.

"Well if it's Senkuu-chan, I'll gladly do so." With that being said, a pair of black ears popped up from the pitch black hair as if they'd been hiding there, laying low and waiting. The pair of ears twitched and Gen seemed to wait if other had more orders he had to follow. Request would probably be a more appropriate word of choice. 

Senkuu watched and without Gen having time to react, he closed the space between them and reached out to touch Gen's ears.

"Hii— Senkuu-chan??" Gen didn't really like this development  but didn't dare to move either. He got to live here with Senkuu-chan so this was just a small favour to do. Senkuu rubber the outside of his ear and Gen had to admit to himself that he was extremely touch starved. It felt so nice and he felt warm. He was probably blushing.

Senkuu didn't give other any explanation, he started to rub the ears and came to a quick conclusion. Gen's ears were really soft. Like REALLY soft. The fur was pitch black like his hair but didn't feel the same. Understandable since human hair and and animal's fur were completely different. He then brushed against the inside of Gen's ear and that's when other pulled away.

"Sorry Senkuu-chan but I really have to continue cooking~!" Gen made a quick excuse but Senkuu noticed how other seemed really embarrassed about this.

"Sorry, was that too intimate or something? I didn't really ask for permission..." Senkuu felt a bit bad now. Gen shook his head and smiled. Like he always did.

"Well my ears are a little sensitive but it's fine, as long as it's Senkuu-chan it's okay." He was having a fight in his head with himself. Of course it was a big deal. But other half of him was just so in love with Senkuu-chan that he didn't mind.

"I see..." Senkuu saw something moving from the corner of his eye and looked down. "Gen, your tails are visible." And then they were not. He looked up to find Gen looking really flustered and troubled. 

"I'm really bad at controlling my form in these kinda situations." Gen held his fox ears against his head, clearly trying to make them go away. Senkuu felt kinda bad for him but this was his fault, was there anything he could do to fix this awkward scene.

"Gen, I'll help you make dinner. I'm pretty bad at cooking but I'll do my best." Senkuu made an offer, more like a statement though. Gen looked at him and the ears finally disappeared as Gen's smile returned. 

"Thank you Senkuu-chan!" Gen turned away and then made space for his host. "You can cut the rest of the carrots, you can use these as an example." Gen pointed out the ones he chopped before Senkuu interrupted him. "I'll cut onion." Senkuu nodded and washed his hands like Gen did, they'd both been touching Gen's hair and ears so it was a must.

Cooking together was peaceful. At least to Senkuu. He wasn't a good cook so he always ate premade foods or just cup ramen but then Gen decided to live here and insisted on making him food. It was nice. Gen was nice. Senkuu didn't want to admit it but he was starting to like this kitsune a lot. He wondered how long Gen would stay, he seemed like he only did things when he wanted to and comes and goes as he pleases. Why would Gen want to stay here? He said he didn't want him to be lonely without his dad but would a kitsune just keep company like this? Over thinking was bad for Senkuu's health.

Cooking went great, nothing was set on fire and all fingers were still attached. They ate in silence, mostly, until Gen just couldn't be quiet anymore and started telling about his pranks on unsuspecting hikers in the forest and how he ones lived a while at this old man's house, he had treated Gen like his own son but he died of old age. Gen said the man was happy that he had company in his last days and it really touched Gen's heart. 

Senkuu listened and was amazed by how alive Gen was when telling his stories, he had light in his eyes and only now did Senkuu notice that other had blue eyes. Not black like he had thought. It was unfortunate what happened to the old man but he wondered if Gen had been sad. Other didn't seem to be a gloomy type but it made him think, was there a breaking point for Gen? 

"Well, thank you for helping me with the dinner today Senkuu-chan~" Gen was done telling stories and ready to take the dishes. Senkuu hopped off of his train of thought and got up but took his own dishes. 

"I'll help a bit more." Senkuu said and this made Gen smile and other seemed actually happy, not just the polite smile he had on his face around the clock. 

"Thank you Senkuu-chan!" Gen made his way to the sink and Senkuu followed suit. It took almost no time when both of them were on dishwashing duty. After finishing up in the kitchen, Senkuu returned to his seat on the sofa but soon enough Gen joined him.

"What were you reading before you came to bother me?" Gen asked and gave a sly smile. Senkuu knew other was sharp but noticing things like these when he wasn't even watching...

"Just some science related book, it's pretty boring for you." Senkuu was too tired to continue reading now. "Was I really a bother?" Gen chuckled.

"A little yes but I think it was kinda cute you wanted to feel my ears." Gen leaned to the armrest and pulled his knees to his chest. "It's quite intimate if you ask me..." he hid his giggle behind his hand. 

"Sorry I didn't know." Senkuu looked at the other and then looked quite amused. "But you said if it was me it wasn't a big deal right?" Gen looked away as if he did know anything about that. 

"I MAY have said so..." Gen glanced at Senkuu. "But these lips are sealed from now on~" he moved his hand along his mouth, imitating how a zipper worked.

"Is that so...." Senkuu smiled and then sighed in defeat. "Okay, if you wanna be like that then go ahead." He chuckled and got up. "I'm gonna take a shower and then head to bed, school tomorrow." To this, Gen nodded.

"Wish I could come to school too, it gets really boring here all by myself~" Gen laid down after Senkuu got up, stealing the couch all to himself. "Maybe I'll become a new transfer student or something?" He laughed a bit and Senkuu shook his head.

"Please don't do that. Pick up a hobby or something, just don't come to my school." He ruffled his own hair before turning away to go take the shower. "Learn some magic tricks or something."

"Sounds fun~" Gen smiled after him. "Magic tricks, huh...." but the thought of invading Senkuu's school still lingered in his mind.