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Chapter 1: Kitten


"Deku-kun, look out!" 

Izuku whirled around at Uraraka's cry, only to see her pointing to something on his right. 

"Uaah!" He jumped out of the way of the charging villain, only to feel fingers dig into his arms. He fought, yelping as nails broke the skin. The villain chuckled and bit down on his neck. Izuku yelled in pain and the whole world went black.

"I got him, I got him!" Kirishima assured the others for the ninth time, securely holding the villain in his rock-hard arms. The wiry man squirmed, but got nowhere. A few feet away, the other villain roared from the chair he was tied to. 

"Let us GO, ASSHOLES!"

Aizawa drummed his fingers on his arm, seeming bored as ever. "Tell us how to reverse that quirk and we will," he said dryly. 

Uraraka sniffed in the background. "This is all my fault," she muttered. Iida patted her arm reassuringly. 

"It's alright," he said. "Next time, we work on calling the direction of the attack. It's only practice." She gave him a watery smile. 

Mic handed everyone earphones, placing them on Kirishima himself, and the ground shook as he yelled "HOW DO WE REVERSE YOUR QUIRK, VILLAAAAAAIIIN!?" The villain wailed, thrashing helplessly in Kirishima's arms. 

"N-No!" He begged. Aizawa smirked, an expression that made everyone but Present Mic move back. 

"This," he said calmly, "is Hizashi. He's also known as Present Mic. That was him whispering. Now, how do we reverse it?" 

"IT WEARS OFF ON ITS OWN, LET ME GO!" Cried the burly one from the chair. 

"Finally," huffed Aizawa. "Go on, Kirishima, take him to All Might." The villains' cries faded into the distance.

"Everyone go home," Present Mic said. "We have to figure out who's gonna look after Midoriya-san until this wears off."



"Too teary and high-strung."


"Didn't we just establish that high-strung is a problem?"

Uhh... All Might?" 

"I'd love to, but I would have to take leave." 

"His mother?"

"Inko is currently out of town."

"WHY do you know that?"

"We are good friends."

"Well, who, then?"

Bakugo heard the sounds as he stormed angrily down the hallway on a quest to demand the knowledge of why exactly no one had fucking come to get him from the goddamn gym when the villains attacked.

Now everyone was fucking whispering about Deku and honestly, Bakugo was beginning to worry that the shitty nerd was dead. 

"Mew!" A small, completely out of place sound echoed through the hall. Bakugo stopped. There, outside the principal's office, sat a tiny little kitten with giant emerald eyes. Its fur seemed black at first, but when it stretched, it revealed itself to be a dark green colour.

"The fuck?" Bakugo wondered aloud. "They don't allow pets. Who are you?" He held out a hand to the kitten, who sniffed it and climbed into the palm. It was unbelievably tiny. Bakugo double-checked the hallway to make sure they were alone, then cradled the kitten to his chest. 

"Shit, kitty, you're cold as ice." He stroked the little cat, who purred against his hand. "Where'd you come from, hm?" 

Never in a billion years would Bakugo Katsuki admit to his fondness for cats. They were just so sweet and fluffy and cute and somehow evil and terrifying at once. He fuckin loved 'em.


Inside the office, Aizawa nearly fell off his chair in shock. That much reaction instantly garnered the attention of the whole room. 

"Look at the cameras," he hissed. "Right outside the door." 

Hizashi leaned over him, one hand on his shoulder, and gasped. All Might hummed. 

Bakugo Katsuki sat on the floor facing the door with the kitten that was their quirk-affected problem child curled up asleep against his chest. And the look he was giving it... he was smiling. His eyes were soft and open, his features relaxed in bliss as he stroked the little creature.

"Huh," said All Might. "Never thought I'd see a smile on that boy's face."

"Wasn't sure he could," agreed the principal. "Somewhat like Aizawa-san, here."

"I can smile," Aizawa deadpanned, and promptly offered up the most terrifying, wide-eyed, ear-to-ear psychopathic grin the others had ever seen.

"For the sake of their ability to sleep at night, honey, stop that," begged Hizashi. His husband snorted and the smile dropped away. "Fine. Nezu, verdict?"

"He should stay with Bakugo-san until the quirk wears off," declared the white-haired man, "but no one is to tell him that it is Midoriya Izuku, or that cat will be dead in seconds."

The others nodded their approval and it was settled. Bakugo had, at some point, disappeared with the cat anyways, so there was nothing to do but wait.


"Here, kitten," Bakugo said. Izuku stretched on his shoulder, curling further into the warm neck. A rumbling chuckle vibrated through his seat and Izuku purred. "I made you a little nest. Also, you need a name."


"Yeah, stupid. I gotta call you somethin. You have the same eyes as that nerd... how do you feel about Izuku?" 

Izuku froze. Kacchan never called him that. "Mew?"

"I call him Deku, so... you could be Izuku." The piercing red eyes narrowed slightly, concern and something else dancing there for a fleeting second. "Everyone's talking about him. Apparently, he's... missing? Or... or maybe dead." He curled up around his new friend. "Fuck, you tell anybody and I'll kill you, but I really hope he's not dead." 

He didn't offer a reason, so Izuku just curled into the crook of his neck and fell asleep, purring softly as his Kacchan melted into dreams.


Five days passed uneventfully. Bakugo let Izuku roam freely, even putting him in a fenced-in garden every morning while he did his workout. Izuku found he only had to use the bathroom once a day, and so he never had to touch the litter Bakugo had gotten. Food? Oh, Kacchan fed him dutifully, making sure water was always available.

At night, Kacchan would wake up two or three times and clutch at the blankets, heart pounding with fear and panting. Izuku curled up on his chest and purred softly until he fell asleep again. He came to enjoy the constant love from his idol.

"Bakubro?" A knock sounded at the door. Bakugo shoved his books back and pushed the litter under the bed. "Hey, you in there?" There was another knock. Where was the damn cat? Ah, well. As long as he was out of sight.

"The fuck you want, Shitty Hair," he growled, yanking open the door.

Kirishima stared at Bakugo's shoulder for a minute, open-mouthed. Bakugo's heart sank as he felt his new pet shift in its sleep. How in All Might's name had he NOT noticed that!?

"Oh, YOU have him!?" Kirishima's voice was laced with relieved surprise.

"Eh!?" The fuck?

"Well, it's been almost a whole week since Midoriya disappeared," he explained. "After he got turned into a little cat cause Uraraka gave him some... vague... directions, we all started thinking he'd run off. But you're taking care of him! That's great!"

Wait. This... was... "This kitty is shitty Deku!?"

"Wow. Never thought I'd hear you say 'kitty'. Yeah, it's him. Did you... not... know...?" 

"NO," Bakugo barked, "I didn't fucking know! What the fuck!? I've been feeding you for days! No wonder you fucking listen when I talk! What the fuck!?" 

Frightened by the noise, Izuku tried to jump down. Kirishima's hand reached for him, but he dodged it and bolted under the bed. 

"Fuck," Bakugo muttered. "Fuck, okay, that's okay. I... I'm looking after him until you find a cure, then. Fuck. Oh, this... this is not how I thought this would go, Izu-- Deku." 

Kirishima raised an eyebrow. "You just... you... OH MY GOD, YOU TOTALLY NAMED HIM AFTER MIDORIYA DUDE THAT'S SO FUCKIN CUTE OH MY G--!!" Kirishima quickly found himself with a faceful of fire and door. He pressed the side of his face to it.

"What we doing?" Asked Uraraka, surrounded by confused friends. Mineta licked his lips. Mina cocked her head. Jirou and Kaminari grinned suggestively. 

"Shhhh," Kirishima hissed. "Listen!" They pressed their ears to the door.

"C'mon, Deku, it's okay. Look, baby, I like cats. Even if it's you, I won't hurt you. I can't. I dunno why. I just can't hurt cats. They're my weakness. C'mon, get out from there. That's right. Come on. Good, good kitty, good job, Izuku!" 

"Oh my god," whispered Mina, "He's got Deku!"

"And they're getting along real well," noted Jirou.


In the dorm, Bakugo held the kitten close. It trembled in his palm, green eyes wide, but he gave it his kindest look and continued murmuring those little reassurances to it. Eventually, it started licking its lovely fur into place and Bakugo set it beside him on the bed.

"Goodnight, kitten," he whispered to it. 

"Miaow," it replied softly, and yawned, tucking itself against his side.

Bakugo fell asleep. He only woke up once.


Two days later, it happened. 

"Mmh..." Bakugo woke to a soft moaning from beside him. There was a shapely back, slender and defined, leading into built hips and the top of a really nice ass. The skin was smooth, mostly pale, dotted with clusters of freckles.

"Ow..." There were scarred hands in the wild nest of green hair, rubbing at his temples. "Wh-wh...?"

"Morning," said Bakugo, voice rough with sleep. He curled an arm around the beautiful waist in front of him, pulling it flush with his own body and ignoring the flash of ice cold skin touching his own. "How'd you sleep, kitten?" He wasn't a pervert. This, however, was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Mm... Kacchan...... Kacchan. Kacchan!?" The voice quickly became panicked as Deku wriggled in his arms, turning to look at him. Oh, Bakugo was glad he only slept in boxers. Already a pale pink stained the freckled cheeks. "Wh-wh-what h-ha-happened!?" He squeaked.

Bakugo raised an eyebrow, ducking in to bump their noses together. "You don't remember, kitten?" He asked.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" He was shaking like a leaf. Bakugo snickered. 

"Alright, nerd, you got hit by a rogue quirk. You've been a little baby cat for a good week now. I've been taking care of you." He pushed himself up. "What do you want for breakfast?" 

A hand came to rest delicately on his shoulder. "Wait. You... I remember. It's weird, but I remember. You took care of me?"

"Yeah, nerd. What do you want to eat?"

"I... I dunno," he said quietly. "I don't usually eat breakfast. Or lunch." 

"No wonder you're so fuckin weak," Bakugo said, but his voice held no malice. He ruffled the green hair as he stood, cracking his back and heading for the kitchenette in his dorm. 

"Umm... Kacchan...?"


"I-I don't have any..." Bakugo turned to look. Deku had the blanket pulled up to his chest, cheeks pink and eyes downcast. 

He looked like a fucking vision. 

"Oh. Grab something from the drawer behind you, then." He turned back to making omlettes. A minute later, he turned to check and oh god, that ass was the only thing in his brain. He looked away for another minute and when he finally returned his gaze to the nerd, it was to the green-haired boy standing there in his shirt, which hung down to mid-thigh. 

Deku yawned, coming warily into the kitchen. He thumped his head against Bakugo's shoulder and Bakugo put an arm around his waist, pulling him in closer and laying a kiss on the top of his head.

"Wha?" Deku pulled back. "Are... are we, like, dating... or something? What... why...?"

Bakugo chuckled and turned the hot plate off, handing Deku his omlette. "If you want me," he said, "this whole thing made me realize I get scared to lose you. I thought you were gone for days and I woke up with nightmares every night. I also figured out that maybe, maybe, I have a thing for you. I wanna try, if you do."

Deku nodded enthusiastically. "I like you too, Kacchan!" He chirped. "I wanna try it, too!" 

Bakugo pulled the smaller student closer to him. With a happy hum, Deku leaned on his shoulder and tossed his legs over Bakugo's lap. 

"Bakubro--GAH! WARNING!?" Kirishima bust in, then covered his eyes for a split second before racing over to hug Deku. "Midoriya! You're back!" 

Bakugo growled. Kirishima pulled back, joy replaced by puzzlement. "Bro...?" His eyes widened. "Ohh. Am I not allowed to touch your stuff, then?" He snickered. "Okay, Imma go. Just came to check on Midoriya. Morning, buddy!" 

Bakugo put the empty plates aside and flopped back onto the bed.

"Thank fuck," he sighed. "It's Saturday. C'mere, baby." As he spoke, he pulled Izuku up the bed to lay on his chest. Izuku did not mind and they ended up staying there half the day. 

The other half? Homework and consoling a blubbery Uraraka. Izuku had missed a lot. Like... a LOT. 

Ah, well. He'd gained a boyfriend.

And, he thought as he screamed Kacchan's name into the pillow while the blond panted above him, that was the best thing the universe had ever given him.