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Emperor's Wrath in Westeros

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Chapter one
I suddenly woke up. First thing I saw was a metal ceiling. Than I tried to breathe. 'Fuck me, I sound like Darth Vader.' I thought. In just three seconds after this I felt good, but not in the *cough, cough* way. My vision turned black and red. 'So, this is the feeling of the Dark Side of the Force.' I thought and fought back. My vision turned back to normal and I tried to stand up. And I saw a blue Twi'lek. "Vette! Where are we!" I said to her. She looked at me and answered "in hyperspace Boss. We escaped from the slaughter on Naboo." I nodded. That was a bit good for me, but we were still in hyperspace and without a FUCKING tracking position! This won't end good.
I found my personal holo-transmitter and turned it on. "Pierce! Quinn! Turn off the lightspeed! Now!" I shouted at them. Quinn nodded and ended the transmission. And we crashed to the ground of unknown planet. "Vette? You alright?" I asked. "Yes, Boss. I am." the blue Twi'lek answered. I went out of my "chamber" to the cockpit and saw a hand looking from some durasteel, that was wall. I picked up the body under it. "Jaesa! Wake up!" I said to the corpse. "Nooooo!" I shouted like Darth Vader. My padawan is dead. I rushed to the cockpit. That was even worse.
Broonmark and Quinn were dead and Pierce was injured. 'Dammit! My Wookie eater is dead. My psycho is dead. And one of my pilots too.' I thought and went to the second human, that survived the crash. I used the Jedi healing with a smirk on my face. "Thanks." said Pierce weakly. I turned around in the shipwreck's cockpit and I saw a destroyed droid. 'At least, IT won't piss me off.' I thought.
"I'll go to look out. We need to know, where we landed." I said and used the new exit in my shipwreck. I examined my ship and shouted at Pierce "the Fury is OK. We can repair her, but it will take years." I then looked at the surrounding ground. 'We're in the North of Westeros. But what era?' I thought as I looked at the Wall, that was behind me, when I got out of Fury. After that looking around I went to the place, where was durasteel once and I found some shipment boxes. I opened them up, but there were just meal and some droid parts.
"Pierce! Vette! Come here!" I shouted at the ship. They were at my spot in just a minute. "What's up, Boss?" Vette asked. "We can build a HK model droid. Look at the parts in the boxes." I answered.
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9 years old Brandon Stark looked at the sky. It was a nice day on the Wall. He was here with his father. He looked at the sky. 'A nice after-' he thought. But a falling star caught his eyes and mind. Two watchmen saw it too. "That's weird. A fallin' star in da middle of day! We need to tell it to da maester." one of them said. "Ya'r right! Maester Aemon will know what to do!" the second one answered. And they left. "Bran! Go to your room. Falling stars are for maesters. His father said, as he went to the lift. Bran decided to follow him and sneak out of Castle Black.
After eight minutes he sneaked out with a horse and he rode to the place, where it crashed. He was just halfway to the fallen star, when… five tribesmen jumped from their cover. " What are ya doin' here lil' boy?" one of them asked. And before Bran noticed, he was sent unconscious, but no one of his captors ( and even he ) did not know, that they were watched.
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I watched the tribesmen, as they brought unconscious boy with them. They were walking 3 minutes, until they reached their camp. I readied my lightsaber and attacked. They were surprised, but they quickly started firing arrows. I blocked them like Ben Skywalker aka. Kylo Ren. The tribesmen unleashed all of their soldiers, but I was ready. I tossed my lightsaber and pulled it back with the help from the Force. I repeated this move twice and all of them were dead.
I walked through the encampment and I saw the boy in the biggest one. I moved to him, but a voice from behind made me to turn around. "Leave him alone! He's my son!" shouted the voice of a man that was in early forties. "Why? I killed all of that savages to save him!" I answered. This answer surprised the man. "ALONE?! HOW DID YOU SURVIVED ALONE AND WITHOUT BEING WOUNDED?!" he asked. "I just did. Don't ask me." I said while I waved my hand. "I don't ask you about it." he said. Than walked in a old man in black robes with a chain on him. "Maester Aemon." I hissed.
After four seconds the boy woke up and said "father? I wanted to find the fallen star, but the sav-." The man interrupted him. "YOU COULD DIE! BRANDON STARK, YOU HAVE HOUSE ARREST!" Brandon rolled his eyes and said "fine! But who saved me?" I hid my lightsaber better. "I did it. Alone. But I am not a Faceless man. I was just lucky." I answered.