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You Have No Idea

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Chapter One - Get Up

The sky is beautiful, I can't help but stare at it. Streaks of green and pink fly across the sky, still I can't tare my eyes away. I'm looking at something that I have never seen before , something that I may never see again. I feel myself shiver as the snow drops on my skin and all around me. I finally tare my eyes away and look at the snow covered ground around me. This can't be right. It's May, it shouldn't be snowing in Mystic Falls... It barely snows in Mystic Falls during winter. I look up again and I am startled by a man standing in front of me. He grabs onto my arm aggressively and his brown eyes look into mine with determination.

"You need to help me Josie, GET ME OUT OF HERE" He yells, I feel myself being pulled backwards through the trees. I can see his sad face slowly disappear. "WE ARE FAMILY" 


I slowly wake from someone shaking me, I let out a groan and roll over onto my side. My sister, Lizzie who is clearly the one trying to wake me lets out a groan and hits me with a pillow. "Hit me again, I dare you" I growl into the pillow. I'm usually not the aggressive, mean twin but if I am woken from a much needed sleep then you will hear my bark. Lizzie stands up suddenly and I watch her put her hands up in defense as I sit up in bed.

"Okay Okay, I surrender" She says with a laugh. "Get up, we have a big game today. I know you're not playing today but it is good for team spirit if you were there" Lizzie explains as she throws a towel to me. "Have a shower and I meet you down in the dining area for breakfast. It's going to be a beautiful day" Lizzie sings the last bit, clearly in high spirits. 

"Why are you so cheery? We always lose?" I ask. Lizzie looks almost offended when she hears this. 

"This year will be different Josette, This year we will win and we will win without our powers. There is nothing dad can say about that" Lizzie says with a smirk. "There is something terrible about walking onto that field every year and knowing that we have to lose... not this time. It's not going to put a spotlight on us if we win playing fairly"

"You're right... but why are you choosing the game where I'm not playing to be the game that we win?"

"Well too be frank, you're not very good and we won't win with you on the team" Lizzie says candidly, causing me to roll my eyes. Lizzie chooses this moment to walk out the door.

"And she's back to normal bitchy self" I mumble as I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to have a shower.


"Game day Josie, you excited to see us kick butt" MG says with the biggest grin on his face as he kicks the air in front of him. He has his Afro pulled back into a hair tie and he is wearing his yellow and blue uniform with a blue sleeve on one of his arms, this is his attempt to look cool. We are making our way to the football field where the game will begin shortly. "Have you heard Lizzie's plan, we are going to win fair and square"

"Yes, I have heard Lizzie's plan and  I don't see how you can win without me on the team" I say with a smirk, knowing full well that I actually suck at football. Mg let's out a laugh. 

"You do realize that you only agreed to be on the team because you suck that bad that if you were on our team we would lose every time" Mg states, earning a punch in the arm. 

"I am full aware of how much I suck at football, I don't need everyone reminding me. Let us just pretend that I'm your best player and I'm out for the game" I say with a smile. Mg isn't listening though, he is looking at an auburn haired girl sitting by the football field writing in a journal. "Who is she?" I ask him. 

"No idea. But I feel like I know her" He says as he continues to look at her. 

"Well stop staring and maybe go talk to her" I say, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

"You can do that for me Jo, seeing as you will be sitting on the sidelines all game like she is. I need to go warm up with the team, let me know what you find out after the game." He insists before running off towards the Salvatore stallion team on the field. I let out a sigh and walk across the field and sit next to the girl sitting on the stand, writing in her journal. "These games are quite boring if you ask me, I'd rather stay in bed and get the sleep in but my sister always drags me to the game" I mutter, trying to make small talk. The girl looks up from her journal, her blue eyes look at me and she smiles. 

"I know right, I only come because it gets me out of Saturday detention... I tell them that I'm trying to show school spirit and they let me go" She says and then she looks at the timberwolves coach who is yelling at his team to run the field. "That asshole is baby sitting me though, doesn't want to see me wonder off."

"Well, looks like they think you're only here to get out of Saturday detention" I tease. The girl let's out a laugh and offers me her hand to shake. 

"My name is Hope Marshall" She says. 

"Josie Saltzman" I say as I shake her hand. I feel something when I shake her hand, magic. Hope is supernatural, I can feel it in her. My eyes widen slightly and she looks at me confused. 

"Something wrong Josie?" she asks. I pull my hand away from hers slowly and shake my head. 

"No, uh I just realized that I forgot to go wish my sister good luck. Save me a seat? I'll need someone to talk to during the game" I say with a wink. She gives me a smile and nods before I leave in a run after my sister. Mg walks over to me as I begin wishing Lizzie luck for the game.

"Why are you wishing me luck?" She asks confused. 

"I came over here because I actually need to speak to Mg about something... long story actually, i'll tell you later" I say before turning to Mg. "Her name is Hope Marshall and I'm one hundred percent certain that she is supernatural" I babbled excitedly. "But i don't want to confront her about it unless she doesn't know that she's supernatural"

"How do you know she's supernatural?" Mg asks, confused. "and how did you work that out in five minutes"

"I shook her hand and I felt her magic, she's strong by the way. Like really damn strong, the type of strength where she wouldn't even notice if I were siphoning her" I explain. Mg nods his head slowly, taking it all in. Before he can speak, the whistle is blown for the game to shortly begin. Mg looks at me for a moment and nods his head one last time. 

"Take her somewhere and ask her about it" He suggests. "If she is that strong, there is no way that she doesn't know about it. She could be dangerous though, so be careful" he says, giving me one last piece of advice before running to the huddle with the rest of his team. I let out a sigh and run off the field and over to Hope. 

"So i'm guessing you don't want to watch this game just as much as me?" I ask her. She looks up at me and grins. 

"Are you going to take me into the woods and murder me?" She asks with a smirk. 

"Close" I say with a laugh. "There's an abandoned house in the woods that we call The Mill. I can take you there if you want and you can work on whatever is in that journal of yours and I promise you that I will not murder you while we are there" I reassure her. Hope let's out a laugh and puts her journal in her shoulder bag that is sitting on the bench next to her.

"Let's go then, the coach is too distracted by the game to worry about me." 


"This place is so cool, we don't have anything like this at Mystic Falls high, I mean it's not a private school so it wouldn't have places like this" Hope says as she looks around with wide eyes. Hope turns around and looks at me, she can tell somethings wrong. "What is it?" She asks. 

"Are you supernatural?" I ask, straight out. Hope looks surprised but then it turns into a fake confused expression. "Please don't lie to me, I could feel the magic in you when I touched you" I continue. Hope gives me a small smile. 

"You must be a siphoner witch" She says. I'm surprised that she knows what a siphoner is seeing as not a lot of supernaturals know about us and Lizzie and I are the only ones with this ability in our school. "My name is Hope Mikaelson... I'm a Hybrid of three different species, a Tribrid"

"A what?" I ask, not able to process what she just told me. 

"I'm a witch, a werewolf and I'm part vampire. Well I haven't activated the vamp side yet but when that does happen, I will be full Tribrid which is scary and cool at the same time" She explains. 

"You're Klaus Mikaelson's daughter?" I ask, finally processing it. 

"Yes, although he is dead and I didn't really spend much time with him growing up. We were always apart for some supernatural reason. As much as I love my dad, it was probably best for me to stay away from him. He was a monster" She explains. 

"I know everything about Klaus Mikaelson but I had no idea that he had a daughter" I state, not believing what Hope is telling me. Hope steps forward and places her hands on either side of my head. 

"I'm going to show you a memory of mine, hopefully this will convince you" She says before muttering a spell.

Suddenly Hope is no longer standing in front of me but Klaus Mikaelson is, his curly hair falls over his face and he is smiling at me. We are outside at a table and it is a wonderful sunny day, there are trees all around us. "That's Lovely" Klaus says, nodding towards me, I look down at the painting in front of me. It's like I'm in Hope's body, wait I'm seeing things through her eyes. I look back up at Klaus and there is nothing but kindness in his eyes. He seems to be a lot more kind then what my teachers described him as. 

"Mum says you like to paint too" I say, or well a younger Hope says because the voice sounds like Hope but a lot younger and high pitched. Klaus takes a seat next to me and I put a piece of paper in front of him. Clearly asking him to paint with me. He begins to paint with me and I stare at his painting and watch his technique and how delicate he is with the brush. Klaus notices and he gives me a warm smile. 

The memory seems to change, it must be from the same day because Klaus is walking beside me and he is in the same clothes as he was wearing before. I'm laughing for some reason then I realize once again that I'm basically Hope and she's the one laughing. "It must of been cool" Hope says. "Always having other kids to play with" She says and I look down to see her hand falling into Klaus' to hold it as she climbs over a log. 

"It was cool, actually" Klaus says, his thick british accent coming through. "Although I felt alone, different to my siblings"

Then the memory switches to Hope healing a butterfly and then hugging Klaus. 

I'm snapped out of the memory and I look at Hope in front of me, shocked. "He is your father and he seems... kind"

"Yeah well he was, to me at least. I was his daughter and he would have done anything for me. In fact he died for me" She says sadly. "That memory that i showed you was the first ever memory that I had of him. I was with him when I was a baby but I never remembered him then. We were separated when I was about one because of a threat to my family"

"I'm sorry"

"It's fine. I hope you won't tell anyone about me. I know your friend Mg wants to know about me but it's best that my true identity is kept a secret. It's not safe if the truth gets out" she urged, suddenly looking nervous. I nod, feeling like I can trust her for some reason.

"What should I tell him? I already told him that you're supernatural"

"That's fine. Just tell him that I'm a witch"