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Monster under the bed

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It had been almost exactly four years since Wooyoung had left home. Four years in which he had studied and worked diligently, four years that were not supposed to feel that long, although they were.

It had been almost exactly six years since Wooyoung had last paid a visit to his grandparents' house. The house in which he had, in a sense, spent his entire childhood, where he had gotten to learn tears and laughter, pain and joy.

Wooyoung was 20 years old.

The funeral of his grandparents had been lonely. His parents as always too busy to join and the number of their friends still alive was small. The weather had been too bright and clear for a day of such sadness. It did not fit.

It came to no surprise that they had left him their home, their warm and cozy house with all the old memories.

The decision was not a difficult one. Escaping from the stress of work and take a holiday in his grandparents' secluded home came to Wooyoung like soothing water on a hot day.

After all, it never hurts to lose oneself in old memories and melancholy, does it not?