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“Argh! What’s with this weather?” I ran, covering my head, my body already drenched down to my underwear. “It was sunny until a few seconds ago. Is this some kind of punishment? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I keep running annoyed, my tiny hands doing a poor job protecting my head.

Quickly, I take a turn left and… fall face first in a puddle. “Urgggh, that’s why I hate rainy days!” I barked, annoyed.

No you don’t.

A voice spoke inside me, but I shrugged it off, standing up and starting to run again. A bus stop appeared in my field of vision, and I quickly slipped inside.

“Stupid rain.” I grind my teeth together, squeezing my clothes and digging into my pockets. “Ruined.” A small book falls apart as soon as I touch it, barely holding together even before it. “Stupid rain.”

“I like rain,” someone suddenly said, and turning around I realized I am not alone.

“Uh? What?” I turn around, shocked.

It's a small kid around my age. He's sitting on the bench and is drenched like me, though somehow he managed to not let it bother him. His hair was weird, a cut that made me think of a Kappa.

Uh, blue eyes? In a Japanese kid?

No, I was mistaken. They were undoubtedly black. But then why did I think that?

“I mean… I don’t dislike the rain or anything. It just came out at the wrong time.”

Uh? Why am I telling him this? I felt my chest aching and body tired all sudden. Who was this kid? He was about the same age as me and a bit taller, but he looked like almost… ephemeral? Was he a ghost or something?

Oh, I realized. He must have been one of my hallucinations.

“Is there something wrong?” He tilted his head, stepping down from the bench and walking toward me. “Are you sick?” His hand reached for my forehead, touching it.

No, he was undoubtedly real. If he wasn’t, then why did my heart beat so fast, and why did his hand feel so warm?

“Hmm, you are not sick. But you should go home, probably.” He takes a step back, smiling at me nervously. Was he feeling it too? This weird feeling. I…

“H-hey, do you have a name? I-I mean, what’s your name?”

“My name is….”




Something inside of me whispered again.

“H-hey, what’s wrong? Are you crying?” He said suddenly, and I realized I could taste salt on my wet face.

“N-no—But what about you? You are making a weird face too.”

“T-that’s weird.” His hands reached for his own face, touching his own cheeks. “Oh—I guess I’m crying too. That’s weird.”

Let’s meet again in the next life too. And this time, let’s do everything right, from the very beginning.

I didn’t understand.

“It looks like the rain isn’t dying any time soon.” I turned my head to avoid looking at him, focusing on the grey sky pouring everything it had. Somehow, with the warm boy next to me, I felt somehow self-conscious and embarrassed.

He nodded, and went back sitting on the bench, leaving a space for me.

I looked at my destroyed handbook falling apart. I threw it away. It was useless now.

“If that’s the case… do you want to hear one of my stories?”

His gaze fixed on me and his eyes shined. “What is it about?”

“W-well, it’s a great story… No, I guess it’s nothing special…”

I could not exactly tell him it was one of my crazy illusions. However, somehow I felt like… If I had done it, he would have accepted me.

“Well,” I fake a cough, readying my face, and sitting next him. “It’s about two fishes. The setting is 500 million years ago…”



Hey Minakami, next time, you probably won’t get to keep your memories.

So, let’s promise, alright?

That’s probably a silly wish of mine, but feel like if we both want it, we’ll be able to meet again.

And “me” will surely recognize “you” again, no matter what form we may take.

Ah, I’m sure of it now.

And I think the day we meet, it will be a rainy day for sure.

…Though I hope next time I’ll be a little taller. Kissing you is always a bit of a pain due to my size.

Uh? What? You like it because you get to carry me around when do it?

…I’m going to slap you.