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A Life of A Young Popstar : Spinel Fuchsia x Steven Universe

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“Ugh ...This is so tiring but hey at least I caught up to my Dream..”

Meet Spinel Fuchsia, one of the youngest famous pop stars across the world and very much popular among the people though being famous doesn’t allow her life to be easier...If anything, it made it more stressful…






“COME IN!!” the young pop star shouted while doing her makeup 

Based on the reflection of her mirror, the person behind her door was...Marty, the ex manager of Greg Universe but now the manager of Spinel.

“Hey hey, how’s my favorite partner in crime doing?” Marty asked friendly 


“Partner in crime? Really?”

Marty had changed over the years, sure he became older but becoming older led him to have an open heart instead of being a douche he was, using people for fame, money, & women but this is the new Marty, the better Marty.

“So what is that? Good? Bad?”


“Err...I guess it’s been fine living in the celebrity life.”


“It’s been fine you say?” Marty asked, being concerned


Spinel finished her makeup and simply sighed, deepening Marty’s concern for her. “I don’t know, alright? It’s fun to be known around the world, having a lot of social media followers, & being looked up to by everyone kid that wants to be like me. But then my fans also want me to end up *Yuck* Dustin Ormelle.”

“OoOoooOoo, I get you, you’re having boy troubles, eh, eh?”

Spinel playfully punched Marty, “If you can call it that but barely.”

“Good good, that’s good since I arrange a date for you with Dustin Ormelle.”



Marty nervously smiled at the angry Spinel and repeated what he said,”I-I arranged a date for you with Dustin…”

“Marty...Did you not get the memo?” Spinel asked in a vicious yet calming tone

Marty simply chuckled and patted Spinel’s back, “Aw c'mon, give the kid a chance will ya? Besides he isn’t that bad.”

“Yeah he isn’t THAT bad meaning he is partially bad so what’s your point?”


“My point is that he’s partially GOOD so he deserves a shot.”


“And who made you judge of that? I’m the one that’s apparently going on a date with, I think I have every right to determine if he deserves a chance.”


“That may be true but consider it, alright? Besides if you do end up dating him, you’ll get more attention and attention = more fame and-”


“ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I get it...I’ll do it….”


“Yes. Thank you, you the best!”