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The Past She Never Knew.. (Starshipping + Crossover)

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Kara 'Yuki' Fudo
(Vrains Name: Spirit Seeker)

16 (in the future)

Link Dimension

Elemental HERO Warrior Machines (has little of Spellcasters)
(Her deck is based of a combination of Jaden's deck and Yusei's deck)

Kara is the daughter of the very well-known duelists in their respective dimensions, Yusei Fudo of the Synchro dimension and Jaden Yuki of the Fusion dimension. She has the ability to see duel spirits like Jaden (which is why her avatar's name is Spirit Seeker) and is like Yusei when it comes to a duel (like Yusei is calm in tough situations). She was living in a normal babyhood until something happened to her parents and their friends. Both Jaden and Yusei has no choice but to send Kara to a different dimension to keep her out of danger, leaving them to face off the threat and passed away afterwards. Years have passed in her timeline and Kara was now raised into an orphanage and living peacefully in the Link dimension, making new friends such as Yusaku Fujiki (Playmaker), Aoi Zaizen (Blue Angel/Blue Girl), and Takeru Homura (Soulburner). Until the same incident happens once again, but they are searching for Kara. Her current status is that Kara was teleported along with Playmaker and Soulburner back to the past where both Fusion and Synchro dimensions used to live in peace and it was before Yusei Fudo and Jaden Yuki met once more.