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A Moment of Lost Control

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“Come this way, sir,” said a slightly shifty-eyed man, dressed in an ill-fitting suit. “You’re in luck. We just recently came into possession of this premium merchandise.” He opened a hidden panel on the elevator and pressed a floor only a chosen few knew existed.

Jay’s stomach lurched with the elevator as they descended all the way to the bottom. He felt his heart pounding in double-time as they walked down a hallway with numerous doors, eerily quiet. It felt like the kind of place one entered and never exited from.

Suddenly, a massive muscle head popped out from one of the doors. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a smattering of tattoos and specks of drying blood on his hairy chest. “Ah, that hits the spot,” he said with a grin that was missing his front teeth. He made eye contact with Jay. Neither would recognize the other in the outside world, as they both had on masks provided for by the Auction House. Jay’s mask had the design of a spotted leopard, and it covered the entire upper half of his face.

The man smirked, as though Jay were an acquaintance, he had shared an inside joke with. Or a sick perversion.

Jay frowned. No, no, no. If someone like that had gotten to him first… Jay’s hand tightened into a fist. He grabbed the assistant violently by the collar, lifting the man a few inches into the air, and glared.

“D-Don’t worry, sir. Your winnings are this way.” Jay didn’t like the way they talked about him. He didn’t like it one bit. The sooner he got him out of this cursed place, the better.

After a few more minutes walking down the seemingly endless hallway, they stopped in front of a pair of pearly white doors with ornate garnishes down its sides. A steel panel next to the door revealed the nickname they had given him. Adonis.

“Now I understand you didn’t want him trained. There are plenty who like them untainted, but this one really wasn’t the most cooperative, you see. Kept trying to knock himself out.” Jay’s eyes widened. What had they done to him that he had tried to harm himself?!

The assistant continued, “We couldn’t have that. We do seek to provide our customers with the best experience.” The mouse-like employee tried to extricate himself from Jay’s circle of wrath, taking small steps away as he spoke, hands held up a placating gesture. If one of these customers were to beat him to death, he knew that they were rich enough that there would never be any justice.

Jay's anger was clear as day.

“N-Nobody has touched him, sir. We just gave him a little something to make him more open to the buyer. It doesn’t harm him at all, and naturally wears off. He’s prepared and ready for you, sir. E-enjoy.” With that, the assistant scurried away down the hall, sensing this customer's patience was at its end.

Jay mentally swore he would eradicate this organization later for what it had done, but for now, he needed to focus on his mission – extricating his friend, who had somehow wandered into this dangerous situation while searching for a way to make some money. Guilt weighed him down like a rock as he entered the room. He should’ve found a way to give Daniel money, a way that did not look suspicious nor too generous. Someone as kind and wonderful as Daniel deserved to be spoiled, not struggling for scraps.

He had been too careful, scared to give away his own feelings, and it had led to this.

Jay was here to make things right. Here to save him.

The walls of the room were ash grey, and the entire chamber was decorated with a dungeon theme in mind. There was a choice array of tools that hung off nails on the wall and lined numerous glass cases on the edge of the room. Jay hardly noticed this at all however, with his eyes firmly fixed on the center of the room, where there was a large king-sized bed, with satin gold covers and rose petals. Spread-eagled and restrained to the bed by leather straps, in glorious nudity, was the most beautiful man he had ever laid eyes on.

Daniel Park.

Jay’s face felt like it was going to burst into flame. He could feel blood trickling out of his nostrils, as the black-haired transfer student he had been crushing on looked at him with hooded eyes filled with desire. Sweat covered his perfectly smooth, exposed porcelain skin, dripping down taut muscles that was covered in some sort of oil. That sound, the hypnotic sound of his hitched moans, was enough to drive anyone, male or female, insane with sexual desire. There was no mistaking that the gorgeous man was aroused, his hips lifting off the bed, his moans desperate from lack of much-needed friction. The scent of desire shrouded the room like a bewitching fog.

For a split second, Jay felt something dark come over him. He thought about taking Daniel home like this – hiding him away in some place where only he would have access. Not letting Daniel put himself in danger ever again. It was just be them. No Vasco. No Mira. No Zack. No Zoe. No Crystal. The sight in front of him tempted him.

No, no, no. He shook his head to snap out of the trance he had fallen into.

Daniel saw him as a friend. He trusted Jay.

Wiping away the blood that had flown down his chin with a napkin, Jay quickly approached the bed. He gently covered Daniel’s naked form with his black wool trench coat and started carefully removing the leather restraints. Fortunately, they had been designed in a way that had not injured Daniel despite how hard he had strained against them. Jay tried to block out the scene in front of him, because he knew Daniel would be mortified if he knew someone had seen him in this state. However, it was all but impossible to not snap photographs in his mind’s eye of the object of his affection in such wanton lust.

After what felt like an eternity but was probably less than a minute, Jay had all of Daniel’s restraints removed.

Let’s get you home, Jay thought.

Daniel did not stand up to leave though. Instead, his face flushed, he pushed aside the coat and started stroking himself unabashedly on the bed.

“Ah, ahn. Please, please.” The noises he made were beyond indecent.

It took a Herculean force of will that Jay had not even known he possessed to resist the urge to touch, to devour. He turned to face the wall to give Daniel privacy while he took care of his needs, ignoring his own painful erection.

After a while of hearing Daniel writhing on the bed behind him, Jay turned back to check if he was ready to go. What he saw stunned him. Streaks of come lined Daniel’s stomach and the satin sheets, but Daniel’s erection hadn’t abated at all. The young man looked at Jay with begging eyes, as though hoping he had a solution.

“Please,” Daniel said, breathlessly, “Help me. I need you.” He crawled over on the bed to where Jay was and hugged the blond from behind. He could feel Daniel's warmth soak straight through the back of his shirt.

Jay froze. His deepest fantasy was coming true, but it wasn’t how he’d imagined at all. This was all messed up, wrong. Daniel didn’t even know who he was. Just thinking of that, of what could be happening right now if he hadn’t found out about this auction... If somebody else were here purchasing and taking advantage of Daniel in this state… it made Jay’s blood run cold.

“I need you,” Daniel whispered into his ear, in a moment of sudden lucidity, “Jay.”

He knew. But of course, Daniel always knew him best, without a single word.

With that one syllable, Jay relented. He gave way to the fantasy. He gave no resistance as Daniel started to remove his shirt. The buttons were too complicated for him in his addled state however, so with a riiiiip, buttons went flying, and a Burberry shirt was no more. “Sorry about that,” Daniel murmured, but he sounded more devious than apologetic. Jay didn’t stop his friend from pushing him down onto the pillows and trailing wet sloppy kisses down his chest. Daniel made contented purring noises as though the skinship was melting away his burning fever. Or perhaps it was transferring it, because Jay felt himself melting under the heat of thousand suns.

Was this a dream? Jay felt like he was in a dream, except he couldn’t make up his mind about whether it was the most erotic one he’d ever had, or the most terrifying nightmare.

A man only had so much self control. Jay’s was long past the point of snapping.

The last straw was when Daniel reached Jay’s studded Armani belt and looked up with adorably innocent eyes. “W-what do I do?”

Jay put his hand on Daniel’s cheek, as if the communicate, it’s okay, I’ll take care of you. He turned them both, so that Jay was straddling the being with statue-like attractiveness. Except, unlike a statue, Daniel was hot, and writhing, and making noises that made reason fly out the window.

Jay reached down and gripped Daniel’s erection, and was rewarded with a deep moan. He felt like he was floating – having an out-of-body experience. He began making long, firm strokes.

“Jay. Jay.” Daniel called again and again, his dark lashes fluttering in pleasure. Knowing that he was the one making Daniel feel this good was more effective than any aphrodisiac. Taking a deep breath, Jay bent down enveloped Daniel’s length with his warm mouth. The moans he earned echoed throughout the room. As Jay bobbed his head up and down, savouring the taste, trying not to choke because Daniel was so big, he felt a gentle hand fall atop his blonde hair. There was no pulling or pushing, just a gentle weight. Jay teared up at the fact that even in a state like this, Daniel was so kind.

A litany of incomprehensible, but very encouraging noises spilled from Daniel’s lips. Jay felt Daniel’s body tense, his body arch, and then white fluid was overflowing from his mouth. Subtly, Jay swallowed.

Jay blushed crimson, praying that Daniel would not remember any of this after. Would he ever be able to see Jay the same way again if he knew what had just taken place?

I should get him home, Jay thought, but before he could get up, Daniel had flipped them over so that Jay was underneath his weight. He clawed off Jay’s belt and began lowering his pants and underwear.


“Shhh, it’s okay, I’ll take care of you.” Daniel said, while Jay tried to push him off without success. He had always been strong, but the strength had never been directed at Jay. Daniel was positively the picture of sin as he replicated Jay’s actions. His hands were a little clumsy, and the thought that this was the first time he was doing this with a man (there was no way this was his first time period… right?) sent shivers down Jay’s spine.

The blond bit hard into his own right forearm to suppress screaming from the pleasure. He was so aroused it was impossible to think straight. He could feel a bit of teeth from Daniel, another sign of inexperience, but it only added to the pleasure.

Jay’s vision blurred as he came the hardest he had ever come.


His chest heaved as he took deep breaths to try to calm down his racing pulse. Abruptly, he came crashing back to reality. Seeing Daniel like this, holding him like this, had been a maddening drug. Now that the mind-numbing pleasure was receding, all that was left was a sinking feeling that he had done something he could not take back.

I need to get you back home, he thought, picking up the overcoat that had been discarded on the floor and wrapping it around Daniel, whose hair stuck out at an angle that was simultaneously adorable and utterly seductive. Jay buttoned up the coat with shaking hands.

“My legs are a little weak,” Daniel said, “Th-that felt really nice. We should do it again.”

Jay felt like he was going to die from high blood pressure. He shook his head vigorously. No, no, let’s not. Let’s get you back home.

“Then can we do it again?” Daniel inquired, unabashedly.

Jay wanted to dig a hole and bury himself in it. Instead, he gave a light, non-committal nod, since it seemed to be the only way to get Daniel to agree to leave.

He squatted down in front of his friend and tilted his head, gesturing for the youth to get on his back.

The whole way out of the building on the way to the nondescript black car he’d told his butler to bring, Jay felt warm puffs of Daniel’s breath on his neck. Once they were in the car, he removed his mask, since Daniel had seen right through it anyways. The butler stayed silent and started the car, reading the atmosphere the young master was giving off.

Jay wondered, the whole ride back, with Daniel asleep in his lap after having taken some medicine to help him sleep off the effects of whatever drug they’d given him, whether a moment of lost control was going to cause him a lifetime of regret.


Jay did not expect Daniel to be back to school the very next day. He looked fully recovered and interacted with everyone as though nothing had happened. Everyone but Jay. His smile was as bright and brilliant as ever, but it was directed at everyone else.

He remembers, Jay thought, any hopes of amnesia magically making the incident melt away instantly shattering. He definitely remembers. Daniel wouldn’t even look at him. His heart felt like it was being crushed into a million small fragments.

He almost didn’t notice the note that was lying on his desk once he returned from recess. It was unmistakably in Daniel’s handwriting. It said to meet him on the school roof at the end of the day.

With a heavy heart, Jay did as requested.

“I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you earlier today.” Daniel took a deep breath. He looked at Jay, resolute. “I needed some time to get my thoughts together.” They stood on the rooftop, the wind whipping at their hair and jackets.

Will he even wear my clothes anymore? Jay wondered. It had brought him so much joy to think of different outfit combinations for Daniel. He supposed it would be asking too much for that to continue. At the thought that there would be no more studying together, hanging out together, taking pictures at the photo booth, all the things he enjoyed so much with Daniel, Jay felt himself start trembling.

“Jay?” Daniel was looking right in his eyes now, straight through his thick blond bangs. Jay fought the urge to avoid the piercing gaze.

What is there to say? I betrayed your trust, I’m so, so sorry. There’s no way you’ll forgive me. Jay bowed his head in apology and shame.

“No, what are you saying, Jay? I’m the one who shouldn’t have done what I did.” Daniel’s face was beet red as he clearly recalled what had happened. “Thanks for coming to save me.”

Jay felt a small seed of hope sprout in his heart.

“I hope even after what happened, you’ll still be my friend.”

Jay looked at Daniel for a long time, like he was trying to solve an impossible puzzle. Then, he nodded once, slowly.

Friends. To ask for any more would be impossible. He should be grateful to even be able to keep their previous relationship intact. Unchanged. Even though it felt like everything had changed.

“C’mon. Let’s walk back.”

Jay couldn’t stop himself from wanting more as they walked back with Daniel’s arm casually over his shoulder. In a moment of lost control, he had tasted the forbidden fruit. He had had a taste of what could never be, but what he wanted more than anything to be.

Little did he know he wasn’t the only one who was thinking that.