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Personality Not Guaranteed

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Obi-Wan mind-tricked them into the supermarket after hours (or so they thought) solely because Anikaa had bet her Master they couldn't (or wouldn't, Leia fumed and Holly agreed) As far as Lucy was concerned, she didn't think any of this had been a good idea--not disobeying the bright yellow note warning them, with five exclamation points (!), not to exceed 88 KPH; not shooting Force lightning at the strange speeder; and most certainly not Anikaa mind-tricking that mad scientist into immediately feeding her dog and all the other dogs in the neighborhood. (where was she going to get dog food, Mom?)

"What are you doin', Holly?" Lister asked, preparing to shove one last glob of rapidly congealing and frankly unappetizing oatmeal, dripping with syrup that was almost but not quite entirely unlike honey, into his mouth. He asked because some frankly alarming things were happening to Rimmer's hologram, including a perplexing insistence that he should go swimming (was going to) in a vat of chicken broth after donning a ready-made giant daisy costume in eye-searing and inaccurate colors, the origin of which Lister could not explain and Holly even seemed to draw a blank, if that was what you called categorically refusing to acknowledge its existence. Of course, he supposed it was holographic, but had Rimmer really had any such hitherto unanticipated urges to do utterly absurd things? "Helping two sisters communicate," Holly answered him in a preoccupied manner, appearing on the display to have donned a jewel encrusted turban. But the Dwarf's computer had taken so long that Lister now had a mouth very full of oatmeal.

"Sisters, huh?" he managed after swallowing his oatmeal, intrigued at the idea of some company (any company!) besides Rimmer.