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Don't you know I'm no good for you? (I've learned to lose)

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Gil/Jay/Carlos, Benry A/B/O


The first you need to know about the Isle of the Lost is that it was terrible for everyone. All people had to eat were Auradon's leftovers, poverty was everywhere, people were always both desperate and ruthless and, of course, the most wicked ones were the ones who had more control.


But no matter how terrible the Isle was for everyone, it was especially cruel to omegas. You see, evil Alphas take whatever they want, and sometimes what they want is an omega to hurt. There was always some kind of depravation happening in all corners and alleys of the Isle, but many of these actions weren't consensual encounters.


Omegas were judged unworthy and too fragile for most stuff, but to be one and survive the Isle you needed to be stronger than any Alpha could ever be. The constant harassment and sexual abuse,  catcalling, brute force and Alpha voices used against them and the derogatory terms were the norm.


People were so focused on surviving that hell hole that even those who did not condone this kind of horror couldn't do much to stop it. 


That is until, of course, Mal and King Ben decided to open the doors of Auradon for everyone. Just after that, they also called off their engagement , deciding to stay just friends. Mal decided that, even though Ben was the cutest Omega her Alpha self had ever seen, being Queen just wasn't for her. And honestly, they were already treating each other more like best friends than lovers, anyway.


So, Ben focused on making Auradon a better place for everyone, including the new comers. He ordered that a prison was made for people who hurt others from now on, but everyone's past mistakes were forgiven. 
However, Ben couldn't even imagine how bad it really was for people from the other side and how much trauma they had to bear. 


Gil was just so happy they could stay in Auradon from now on. King Ben had even allowed Uma to stop the ship on the pier, so all three of them can keep living there if they wish.


Gil never imagined he would manage to left the island. Many of the other children dreamed about it all the time, but not him. He considered himself lucky enough to be part of Uma's crew, he couldn't even think about wanting something different from that. They had helped him when he was at his worst and more helpless state, so all he wanted from life was to be by their side.


But that was before. Now, he gets to be in Auradon, where there are grapes and berries and chocolate, and still be part of the crew. How wonderful was that?


And then there was Jay, who was... in a loving relationship with Carlos. Really, they are so cute together and Carlos is such a good and smart omega, who completely deserves to be with someone as amazing as Jay.


But, still, whenever Gil looked at them he wished he could be part of that. Which was stupid because he wouldn't be someone's mistress or something. He knows he is low, but he isn't that low. He wouldn't dare ruin a perfect relationship like that, both of these people were his friends,  goddamnit!


So, no matter how hard it was to resist Jay's tender smiles and soft hair, Gil wouldn't ever even consider getting involved with an Alpha who is already in a relationship. He refuses to be the whore he got told he was.


"Hey!" Of course, Jay wasn't going to make it any easier on him. "I'm so glad you guys decided to stay here! I have so many fruits to show you!"


There it was. That weird feeling in his belly whenever Jay smiled at him.


"Yeah... I'm happy too. Everything in Auradon is so much prettier and tastier!" He tried not to sound too excited about everything but he just couldn't. He's never been happier.


"C'mon, let's get something to eat." The Alpha said, pulling Gil by the arm.


They sat in one of the cute little white tables that were set up around the school yard and Jay pulled a small pot from under his jacket.


"This is what a melon actually looks like!" He exclaimed, opening the pot to reveal a light yellow fruit that didn't look like a grape in the slightest.


The omega felt his cheeks warm up, both from being offered food and from being embarrassed for not knowing how different these fruits are. It sounds like such a basic thing...


"It doesn't look like a grape. I'm sorry for being dumb about it." He said. "But thanks, Jay. It was sweet to give me this."


He frowned at Gil. As if he couldn't really understand what the omega just said. Evil, did he said something stupid again?


"You aren't dumb. There were things I didn't knew before Auradon either." He reassured. "But it's fine. I can, I mean, we can show you all cool things from here now."


Gil smiled at that, still blushing. 
Well, so much for not falling for Jay... 


Harry was just walking around, minding his own business and exploring the new place when a scene made him take a double take.


The Jafar's boy was all laughing and heart eyes, eating some kind of weird fruit with Gil.
immediately, Harry entered protective mode. He knew that boy was dating Cruella's son, hell, everyone in the Isle knew that. And he had the audacity to try to flirt with Gil openly like that? Did he feel good knowing he could break an omega's heart whenever he wanted? Or worse, did he think he could take Gil as a side lover? The boy was soft and pure and didn't deserve to be used like that.


Harry wouldn't have any of it. It was his and Uma's job to protect Gil. They had already failed once, and oh, how badly had they failed, so they could not do it again. He could still remember like it had just happened...


"Uma! Uma!" The pirate screamed. "Open the damn door!"


A few seconds passed, while Harry Hook still pounded the door of Ursula's restaurant, and Uma harshly opened it, a look of annoyance on her face.


It took only a moment for her to soften, realizing how desperate the boy looked. 
"What the hell is eve-" She started to ask, but was interrupted mid-sentence.


"It's Gil." He said, breathing hard. "My father's crew have hurt him."


As if on cue,  a loud thunder was heard and it began to rain. 
You see, at that time, the ship belonged to Captain Hook. Gil, who had to do something to take care of himself since his father pretty much kept ignoring his existence, and Harry were the only kids in the crew. The rest were all men who were somewhat friends with Harry's dad.


Uma wasn't a pirate yet, even though she dreamed about being one. Captain had some feuds with Ursula, so he didn't allow Uma to be part of the crew.


"What do you mean?" The girl asked, but she was pretty sure she  knew the answer already and she was deeply dreading it. An omega alone in a ship full of mean old men, most of them Alphas...


"They... they hurt him.  I walked in... on them hurting him like..." His cheeks were flustered, you could see he wasn't thinking clearly. "Like Alphas hurt omegas in back allies. Like... perverts hurt whoever they can overpower."


Harry's eyeliner was all messed up and she couldn't tell if it was the pouring rain or if he was crying.


"Fuck. What did you do?"


"Yelled at them to back the fuck off and never touch him again. But I'm pretty sure they won't listen to that part." He said. "We need to take Gil and leave. This island will fucking kill us!"
"You know as well as I do Auradon won't rescue us. There's no way out of this place without magic, buddy."Uma said, trying to make Harry see reason.  "But I'll tell you what we can do: help Gil. Where is he?"


"I don't know. He just took off running when I started yelling at the other pirates." He said, realizing how bad it sounded. "Did I screw this up?"


Uma bit her lip. That was surely a possibility, but she couldn't have Harry having even bigger of a breakdown.
  He was the emotional one and she was the rational one; that was how they had always been.


"No, it's fine. He couldn't have gone too far. Let's look for him." She said and he agreed. 
The least they could do was get Gil to calm down, but they needed to find him first.


So they went looking for him in the middle of the storm. They searched around the docks and yelled his name until they were almost erratic with worry. 
Both knew that they wouldn't be giving up until they found their friend, but their bodies were already aching and it was starting to get counterproductive to just run aimlessly.


Then, Uma heard a small sniffle from behind a dumpster in one of the alleys she kept entering and running back and forth. 
"Gil? Is that you?" She asked. "Please, come out. We need to talk to you, everything is fine. We just need to talk, ok?"


Slowly, the omega who was working hard to make himself as small as possible, uncurled from himself and stood up, still not facing her.


"Harry! I found him!" She screamed, knowing her friend was nearby.


"Gil? Oh my God, we were looking for you for so long! Where were you?" Harry said, running towards them.


Gil had his eyes downcast, looking sad, but it wasn't a big surprise, was it?  This might be the kind of thing that happened to omegas all the time, but it didn't mean that they were anywhere close to getting used to it.


"I'm sorry. I'll just go... I'll find another place to hide and you'll never see me again. I'm so sorry... " Gil said, with red cheeks and red eyes.


"What? No! Why'd you do that?" Harry asked.


"You don't need to be mean about it, Harry. I don't wanna say it." He answered, but given a few seconds of stunned silence he felt as if he had no other choice. "Fine, I know I'm dirty and I'm a whore and you guys won't want me around now that you know too. I promise I won't bother you guys again, just... let me go."


Harry just murmured a quick "fuck" under his breath. Well, this was worse than expected. 
"Gil... we don't want you to go. They hurt you, they should be the ones who are ashamed. Not you." Uma said.


Harry couldn't believe how surprised Gil looked. He really thought they would just turn their backs on him?


"But... why would you guys want to hang out with me after that? I was stupid to think I could be a pirate, I don't deserve to be called that. " He insisted. "You know how weak I am now, guys. I'm sorry."


"No, Gil, screw that. We don't think you're weak." Uma clarified. "We just want to help you, ok?"


"Yeah... look, Gil, give me the name of every man who ever hurt you on that ship. I'll go to my father tomorrow first thing in the morning and insist that he kicks all of them out."


Gil broke down at that. He went full sobbing and Uma had to hold him so he didn't fall to the ground. It seemed like he wanted to talk, but the tears just wouldn't let him. 
Uma had an extremely bad feeling about what this could mean exactly, and Harry could see the fear in her eyes. He just hadn't caught up to the thought yet.


"Gil, it's okay. Breathe, alright? What's wrong?" She asked.


"The captain knows!" He yelled, still ugly crying. "H-he's the one who s-started it..."


Harry was seeing red. He had never been so angry in his whole life and that's saying something. He wasn't this angry when he found out his mother had left him and his father, he wasn't this angry when a crew mate told him he was too young to be a proper pirate and he wasn't this angry the first time that his father used the hook against him, as a punishment.


Everything seemed to be falling apart. Gil was still sobbing and repeating "I'm sorry" like a mantra, but Harry's fury was too deafening for him to pay attention.


He always knew his father wasn't a good man. They were on the Isle, after all, weren't they? He was a man who had devoted most of his life to trying to kill a child for revenge. He was cold and merciless, and he expected Harry to be just like him. He slept around, stole, had no shame and those were most likely the reasons why Harry's mother decided that she had to leave and never look back. 
But this? Harry never thought this was a possibility. He should have known. He should, but he didn't. He should have known, but how could he even imagine that his father would be this cruel? This repulsive?


"I'm s-sorry, Harry! I'll go n-now, I'll just..." Gil tried to speak through the tears again. That made Harry pay attention to his surroundings again.


"No. You don't need to go anywhere." He said, trying to speak calmly through the anger. "If my father thinks that's how you treat your crew, then he's got no fucking idea on what it means to be a pirate. Or a man, really."


"It's okay if you're angry, Harry." He insisted, defeated. "I know this is bad. Evil, I slept with your father!"


Harry clenched his jaw, which Gil clearly mistook as anger directed at him. 
"This isn't you sleeping with my father, Gil. " He said, full of confidence. "This is my father raping one of my best friends."


Using that word was uncommon on the Isle. People didn't want to call it that, it sounded too clinical, it made things feel real. Nobody liked to feel like a victim, it made you easy prey, and that's exactly what the word did.


However, Harry needed to use it. He needed Gil to understand what was happening, how damn mad he was at Hook, not at him.


After neither of them saying another word, Uma decided to take charge of the situation:


"Okay, clearly, today was a rough day. So why don't we all go to my house, Gil takes a shower and sleeps on his thoughts a bit, huh? I bet you'll feel better." She offered. "I'm sure my mother won't mind we all sleeping in my room, as long as we're all quiet."


Gil looked like he was just too exhausted to fight, so he gave a weak nod and accepted Uma's support to walk straighter. Harry just followed them quietly, not knowing what to say or do.


They reached the house and went up the stairs on their tippy toes not to bother Ursula. Really, her rage was the last thing any of them wanted to deal with at that moment.


As Uma and Harry boiled some water buckets for Gil to bathe in warm water for once (since, of course, Auradon wouldn't allow the Isle to have a luxury like showers with hot water), they kept exchanging exasperated looks, until the boy decided to speak up:


"What are we going to do? We can't let my father get away with this."


Something changed in her posture at that. In this moment, she became a woman with a mission. And Harry knew that Uma was force of nature when she had her mind set on something. 
Seeing the look on her face, he could breathe a little bit easier, knowing that Gil would get the justice he deserved.


"I'll tell you what we're going to do." She said, as enraged as Harry felt. "We're going to take that fucking ship from him. We'll kick him and all of his disgusting buddies out of there for good."


So, to put it briefly, Harry was very protective of Gil and if this guy thinks he can just appear out of the blue and take advantage of Gil being a little naive, he's got something coming.


So Harry walked up to them, with a glare as sharp as a knife, and made his presence known:
"Well, hello. What exactly do we have here?" He said, with his best 'unstable' look, keeping eye contact with Jay.


"Harry!" Gil looked slightly spooked. "Do you want a piece of melon? It's, hm, really sweet..."


"I'm fine. But Jay here is such a good doer, aren't ya? A few months in Auradon already teached you to share, hm?" He said, getting closer to his face.


Gil looked embarrassed, Harry was not sure why, and Jay looked somewhere between confused and uncomfortable. 
Well, he is supposed to be uncomfortable.


"He was just being nice, Harry." Gil answered.


At that, the pirate rolled his eyes. Really?
"Such a nice guy, huh, Jay? I bet your boyfriend thinks so." Harry said. "Where is he, by the way?"


"He's studying in our room." Jay answered, frowning. "Not that it is relevant to you in any way."


Oh, so he wanted to pretend he was doing nothing wrong? Really, he was overestimating Harry's patience.


"Rude." He replied, laughing. "Well, I think that you should leave Gil alone and go see if your boyfriend needs you."


Jay kept looking at him as if that was confusing and too much to ask, but he wouldn't back down. He needed to stop this right away, before it went too far. 
Gil would never be a plaything for someone else again,  Harry would make sure of that.


Jafar's boy was reluctant at first, not really being the type to resign, but he stood up, said his goodbyes to Gil and left with a quick murmuring of 'weirdo' behind his breath. 


He was so ashamed. Goddamn it, he was officially an Auradon citizen for less than a week and was already messing things up for himself.


He wasn't trying to flirt with Jay, he wasn't. He is not that type of omega, he wouldn't kiss him or take him to bed. But... Jay is so kind and handsome and attentive that Gil just got carried away. 
And now Harry had witnessed him being easy for Jay, laughing and flirting and accepting his food. God, how disappointed he must be.


Since what happened with the old crew, Gil had made a promise to himself that he would do anything to make Uma and Harry proud of having him in their ship. He would prove himself as a useful and worthy member of the crew everyday.


But clearly, this is not the case, since he can't help but behave as an absolute whore rather than a respectable pirate. Not for the first time, Gil wonders why they ever put up with him.


"Harry... I'm sorry for that." He said, in a small voice, fearful.


But Harry just shook his head. 
"You did nothing wrong." He assured. "Just be sure to watch out for that one. He smells like trouble."


Gil frowned at that. So his friend wasn't mad at him, but at Jay? No, this couldn't stay like that. Jay is a good guy, it's Gil who has this way of being himself that keept attracting trouble.


"Jay is a good person." He insisted, but it didn't seem to convince Harry all that much.


"We'll see about that." He said. "But try not to risk too much. Things are finally looking good for us, for you. You deserve better."


Gil really wanted to say the last part was a lie, that if Harry knew how Gil really felt about Jay he'd never be allowed in the ship again, but he kept quiet.


Harry sighed, probably noticing that the omega was starting to look sad.

"That guy is a player." He said. "Just trust my word. It takes one to know one..."


At that, Gil decided to stay quiet. Yeah, Harry was quite like that, but he wasn't a bad person either. He slept around, but only with people who wanted to sleep with him. And, unfortunately, you can't say that for half the Alphas on the Isle.


But they weren't on the Isle anymore and if anyone wanted to touch anyone by force, they'd probably be sent to the new prison King Ben built.


"So, what do you say we forget this whole thing and go back to the ship?" Harry suggested.


Gil nodded. That was probably for the best, he needed to stay away from Jay before his crush became something more concrete.


"Fine. But don't tell Uma." He said. "Please."


Harry looked slightly confused, as if he couldn't see a reason for that. 
Wasn't it obvious? Gil didn't want to disappoint Uma too.


"I won't tell her if you don't want me to." He said. "But you need to remember that you did nothing wrong, ok?"


Gil knew Harry genuinely believed that, but he was convinced he was wrong.  He was already a dirty omega, who had the chance to start over, he couldn't go around making this kind of mistake.


He may not ever find an Alpha that want him for who he is, as a whole, but that doesn't mean he should lower himself to the point of flirting with Alphas that were taken. He could have a good life just being part of Uma's crew and eating berries in Auradon, he didn't need any of that. 
This isn't who he was and this was definitely not who he wanted to be. This wasn't who he'd promise he would be.


So the plan was simple: Stay Away from Jay. 
Easier said than done... 


Ben was just casually walking around, seeing if things were going smoothly. He has done that a lot since they let the people from the Isle in.


It hadn't been easy. Most ex-Isle residents didn't even know what to do at first and, unfortunately, not everyone in Auradon had been very warm and welcoming.


Contrary to what some people thought, there weren't villains trying to take over or any major incident: Ben had been clear that anyone, from the Isle or from Auradon, who hurt others or disrespected other important laws would go to prison. They were so happy with their newfound freedom that they wouldn't risk it.
And if anyone did risk it, they would be judged and punished fairly. In a way that wouldn't make their children have to pay for their mistakes.


Anyway, in the middle of one of his usual peace check-ups, Ben wandered close to the pier and ended up seeing Gil and Harry just as they were arriving at their ship.


"Hey, guys. How are you? Liking Auradon so far?" He said, a bit awkwardly. He never knew how to make small talk about the new rules without being weird about it.


What do you say to people who technically did nothing wrong, but lived a cursed life full of misery just because your father didn't know how to deal with their fathers?


"It's very nice, King Ben!" Gil said, excited. "All the fruit here are so good. All we had on the Isle was rotten fruit and not as many different kinds."


Ben always felt an even deeper ache when he thought about Gil suffering on the Isle. The boy was a little ball of sunshine and didn't deserve all the bad things he's sure the Isle had. Also, let's be honest, Ben's also sure one of the main reasons his father created the Isle was to find somewhere where he could let Gaston rot, so...


"You can have all the fruits you want, Gil. And, please, you don't need to call me King. "He said, then added an afterthought. "I mean, except if the fruit already belongs to someone else. Then, please, don't take it."


Harry let out a faint laugh at that.


"Worried that we'll start a fruit-stealing revolution, yer highness?" The Alpha asked.


"Hm, no. I... no. I was just making sure that I..." Well, Ben is awkward both at some kinds of diplomacy and in front of handsome Alphas. Sue him.


Then Harry let out a stronger laughter, really having fun at seeing the king stutter. It was a beautiful sound. 
"Relax, yer highness. I'm just playing with you." He said, still amused.


"Don't be mean to him, Harry. " Gil complained. Ben hoped it was because he genuinely didn't like Harry's joke and not because he was afraid that upsetting Ben would lead to them being kicked out of Auradon.


"So... how are you feeling about the school? Adjusting well? " Ben asked.


"It's fine, I think." Gil said, scratching his head a little. "I'm not very good at math or english. Geography makes me confused and chemistry makes my head hurt! But, hm... I really like Goodness 101."


"It's ok, Gil. You will get used to school soon, talk to me if you need help. What about you, Harry?"


"Well, you see... I kinda didn't show up yet." He answered, not sounding like he cared all that much.


"What, Why? Is this because you're afraid you're not going to adjust well there?" The king asked. "Because if it's that, then I assure you that-"


Harry let out a chaotic, almost sinister, little laugh. What's it with this guy and a thousand different ways to make laughing look hot?


"I'm not afraid that I might not fit in with a bunch of princes. I know I won't." He answered. "I just don't see why I need this crap. I'm good where I am right now, I'm not going to college or ruling a kingdom."


Ben frowned. He gets that adapting can be hard, and, well, there weren't colleges on the Isle so most VKs didn't have this ambition, but that doesn't mean school isn't important.


"That's not all school is about. You can still learn new things, meet new people and, well, get at least a high school degree." He insisted.


The Alpha didn't look that much interested. 
"Look... If you don't go soon, it'll be harder to catch up later. Both Uma and Gil are going, couldn't you just... go for a couple of weeks and see what you think?"


"Why you're so interested in me attending classes, huh? Can't wait to see me again?" He said, making Ben blush a little.


"Harry!" Gil complained at his friend's inappropriate behavior. "Don't be like that."


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Harry said, hands up in a defensive gesture. "Ok, yer highness, I'll go tomorrow and see how it goes."


Ben smiled his one-million-dollars smile, happy with his accomplishment. 
"That's great! It will get a little boring, but you will spend more time with your friends and even make new ones." Ben promised.


"And lunch is awesome! And free!" Gil added. 


N E X T   D A Y


"It will be fine, Harry! Stop complaining!" Uma was saying. "Most of them would rather see us dead than in the same room as them, and, yes, most classes are boring as hell, but it's a thousand times better than that crappy building they had the audacity to call school on the Isle."


"I get it, I get it. But I'd rather literally..." Gil was sure Harry gave an answer that actually made sense, but he tuned out the second that Jay and Carlos entered the hall, hand in hand.


He couldn't help but stare. They fitted perfectly and if he was a better person he'd just be happy for his new friends, and yet here he was. Watching them and wishing he could be there, holding Jay's other hand.


But he couldn't. He had a new objective: to stay as far away from Jay as possible. Even if it hurt him, it was better than becoming something that would disgust himself even more.


"Hey, Gil. You're also going to Goodness 101?" Jay asked, the two of them coming closer.
Goddamn it, why did Jay make this harder on him?


Gil was caught off guard, so he just nodded.


"Cool, so are we. You wanna come with us?" It was Carlos who offered, which only made Gil feel more guilty.


And because he was, like a guy from the old crew told him once, a weak pathetic little bitch he did the wrong thing and said yes.


Uma and Harry were so focused on their bickering about exactly how boring school was and how annoying people from Auradon were, that they didn't even notice this interaction happening. And they also didn't notice when Gil left.


He walked quietly beside them, feeling like a third-wheel but worse somehow.


The classroom wasn't very far, so he didn't have to go through that for too long.


He ended up sitting right next to Jay, which wasn't his initial plan for the day at all, but things were already getting out of hand pretty fast, anyway.


The thing is, Gil wasn't listening to a word that Fairy Godmother was saying. Even though this was his favorite class, he couldn't help but spend most of the time thinking about Jay, and sometimes glancing at him.


He didn't know why he was like this. He didn't even know Jay that well, they may be friends, but not super close. They barely talked to each other on the Isle, even though Gil admits the first time he noticed how cute Jay was he was like 14, and now he can't stop thinking about the guy?


He needs to stay even closer to Harry and Uma. If something happened, Harry would stop it immediately, just like he did the day before. 
Gil's heart is making a big mess of everything, so maybe he isn't the best person to take care of this. He needs to rely on his friends. 
And once more he wonders why they put up with him anyway...


"How about you, Gil? Can you answer the question?" Fairy Godmother asked, but he most definitely could not. 
He wasn't paying attention to anything else since the moment Jay appeared in the hall way.


Gil felt all eyes burn on him. He hated the attention, especially now that he had no idea what was expected of him.
"It's ok, sweetie, you can think for a little while." She insisted, with a nice smile on her face.


He gulped. Well, it wasn't like anyone was expecting him to actually give a smart answer, was it?


Before he could just blurt out something random, he noticed that Jay seemed to be mouthing something to him. 
He looked at him discreetly and noticed it was a "letter c".


"I think... hm... letter c?" He answered, unsure.


"Bippidy bobbidy that's right!" The teacher exclaimed, excitedly.


Gil let out a huff of air he didn't even know he was holding. 
This was stupid. Why get so nervous? People from Auradon don't seem to expect much from him, it wasn't like he would disappoint Fairy for not saying the right thing. Or was it?


He mouthed a small "thanks" back at Jay once the teacher stopped paying attention to him and Jay gave him the brightest smile in response. 
There was something magical about Jay's smiles, he swears.


Gil decided to try his best to focus from there on and mostly succeeded, except for one or two quick glances at Jay here and there.


The bell ringed and Gil practically ran from the classroom. Next period was lunch and he needed to get his food and then get the hell away from the cafeteria before Jay and Carlos could reach him.


He took his plate and began walking aimlessly through the campus. It was so big and he was always getting lost. 
Eventually he noticed that there was a small hill, still on school ground but barely, that seemed welcoming enough. There was no one there, except a big three that could  give him shadow.


He went there and decided it was the perfect spot: he had a great view from all school and everything was so quiet. It was perfect for him to put his head in place.


In all that peace and quiet, alone with his own thoughts, Gil could almost cry from how careless and stupid he kept being. He was supposed to stop feeding these feelings, not to keep glancing at Jay during class.


He was so caught up in his own thoughts he didn't even notice when King Ben approached.


"Gil?" He asked, making said boy jump. "Sorry. It's just... usually I'm the only one who comes here."


Gil took the hint immediately, standing up and getting his things. He should have known that a place this beautiful wasn't for filthy peasants like himself, but for royalty.


"I'm sorry, Ben. I didn't know it was your spot." He said.


The king's eyes widened. 
"What? No, no, you can stay! I was just surprised. " Ben insisted. "There is more than enough room for both of us."


"Are you sure?" He asked, still conflicted.


"Absolutely!" The king said. "I usually come here because I like the view. Or when I want to think a little."


"It's very beautiful." Gil said. "Everything in Auradon is so beautiful!"


That seemed to make the king's face fall a little. Gil frowned. 
"You always do that." He said. "When I say something good about here you get all sad."


"I'm really happy that you like it here, but... it always makes me think about how bad the Isle must have been. And it makes me feel guilty. "He answered. "That place was like that because we allowed it to be like that."


Gil felt sorry for him. Ben didn't need to feel guilty for a place that was created before he was even born. He decided to tell him so.


"It's ok. You don't have to feel guilty for something you didn't do."


"So I don't get to even feel guilty for what my father did, but all of you guys had to pay the price for what your parents did? This doesn't sound right..." Ben complained.


"Ben... our parents are bad people. It's okay, we all know it." He said. "Your father just didn't know what to do with them."


There was a brief period of silence, Gil was not sure if the King got tired of the conversation or if he was just thinking, when Ben added:
"So, how is your father, by the way?"


Ah, right. Awkward small talk, then.


"I guess still not over your mom." He answered, then realized how disrespectful that probably sounded and got nervous. "Sorry! That wasn't, I'm ... that was... "


But the other omega just laughed. 
"It's fine. " He said. "Does he... talk to you about her a lot?"


"He talked about himself all the time, but... yeah, sometimes he talked about her too. "


Gil wasn't going to mention how that talking was non-linear. Some days, Bella was the one that got away. The most beautiful omega in the world, who should have married Gaston, the most handsome Alpha in the world, and not some feral beast. 
But some days, when Gaston was angry, she was an ungrateful little bitch who didn't even deserve him in the first place. A pathetic omega who couldn't handle an Alpha as perfect as Gaston. He was sure she got her crazy idea of marring a beast from one of her stupid books or something.


Gaston was seriously against omegas reading and having an education, he was sure that was the problem with Bella. Thank God, Gil already knew how to read when he presented. 
Or not, since it wouldn't have made a difference after what his dad did when he presented as omega...


"It doesn't matter. The last time I saw him was years ago, anyway." Gil settled with saying that instead.


Ben seemed shocked at that, as if he couldn't even imagine being far from his father for that long. 
"But why? Did something happen?" He asked.


Gil shrugged. Honestly, it wasn't even painful to talk about that anymore. That's just the way things were.


"He kicked me out at 13 for being an omega." He told Ben. "Said I wasn't his son anymore."


Ben looked like he was legit about to start crying.


"Gil, I'm so sorry! I'm so so so sorry! That's awful!"


Gil offered him a sad smile. 
"It's okay, Ben. Not your fault."


After a few seconds in a fairly uncomfortable silence, the King asked:
"How did you live after th- actually, nevermind. It's none of my business and it's insensitive of me to ask."


Gil shook his head. There were few things he insisted on being a secret and that wasn't one of them.


"It's fine. I lived on the streets for some time and then I chose to be a pirate." 

"So you, Harry and Uma have been friends for many years, since before you presented, right?" Ben said, trying not to show too much of the obvious pity he was feeling.


"Sure, I guess, but... the ship wasn't Uma's at that time. It was Hook's." He answered. "Harry's father."


Now, that was where the talk started making Gil actually nervous. He couldn't let people from Auradon find out about what happened. What if they decided he was too wanton and disgusting to be amongst them? 
He may be exactly that, but he was already loving his new life and didn't want to lose that.


Thankfully, he didn't need to think about how to get out of this conversation since Ben quickly changed the subject:
"Since you mentioned Harry, did he actually came to the school today? I haven't seen him yet..."


Relieved, Gil answered. 
"Yes. But don't know if he's still here."


At that they heard the faint sound of the school bell ringing again. 
"What class do you have now?" Ben asked, already getting up to go to class.


"History. You?" Gil said.
"Math. I'll see if I meet Harry around." The king said. "Good luck with your class!"


Who would've known? Having a friend around is actually a good way to clear your head a little. Also, having an omega friend to talk to is such a nice feeling. 
Don't get Gil wrong, he loves Harry and Uma more than anything in this world, but it was refreshing to be friends with someone like him.


Math class. 
His next class is math class. Can this be even more boring?


And the worst thing was the Auradon kids who thought he was scum for being born on the Isle. Sure, many of them were welcoming or indifferent, two beta girls even flirted with him that first day, but the ones who looked at him and other VK's with absolute disgust managed to get under his skin. 
He wished he could press his hook against their privileged necks.


But he couldn't, so he just sat on his desk and doodled him doing exactly what he wanted to do, as he waited for class to start.


However, soon his day became a little less boring as he saw Ben entering the classroom. As soon as the omega noticed him, he beamed with a bright smile.


Well, fuck. That boy was something else and Harry was screwed.


"Harry! You're here!" Ben said, taking the seat next to him.


"Well, yer highness, your speech was pretty convincing."


"You know you don't need to call me that, right?"


"But it's so fun." Harry answered. "Isn't it, yer highness?"


"So..." Ben changed the subject. "What do you think of the school so far?"


"Do you want me to say the truth or what you want to hear?" Harry asked.


Ben sounded so earnest as he answered:
"The truth, of course. Always."


Such a goodie two-shoes... It was almost endearing.
"It's boring as hell and these up-nosed princes suck." He said.


To his surprise, instead of being defensive of his people, Ben just laughed.
"Well, I can't really blame you for thinking like that, can I?"


Harry thought that Ben would likely give him a lecture for his response, so he was delighted by the actual answer he got. Who would've known that even Golden Boy would agree with him?


"I know school is not fun, but this doesn't mean you'll quit, right?" Ben added a few seconds later, showing genuine worry at the possibility.


Harry gave him his best flirty smile as he answered: 
"It depends. Will I get to see you in class everyday?"


The omega looked taken back for a little while and Harry almost worried he had gone too far, before Ben managed to speak again.


"Of course." He said, blushing a little. "Maybe even after school, sometimes... you k-know, if you want to hang out..."


Still with that same smile on his face,  he answered:
"Then I'll be the most assiduous student in this whole school, yer highness."


Thank God, he managed to scape Jay and Carlos for the rest of the day. It had been hard, but as the last bell rang, Gil collected his things and ran home without even waiting for Uma and Harry to come with him.


Now, Gil was sitting on his own bed, thinking and trying to sort out his thoughts and feelings. Evil, it had been just one day and he was already both emotionally and physically exhausted.


He had never been this infatuated with someone before, that's why he was acting like this. Sure, he had found many alphas attractive in his life, but truth be told, is hard to actually like an Alpha in a place where he knew he needed to be away from them, in fear that he'd be hurt. 
The only exceptions were Harry and Uma, but they took him in when he needed and took care of him, so they were family to him.


"Hey, man. Why the hell didn't you wait for us?" Gil startled as Uma walked in his bedroom, already complaining. Harry was right behind her, leaning on the door.


Speaking of the devil, right?
"Sorry, I just really wanted to leave." He said and Uma just raised one perfectly done eyebrow at him. "Fine, I was running from someone."


At that her expression darkened and she looked ready to take her sword and stab it into someone's heart.


"What, why? Did someone hurt you? Did they try to touch you?" She asked. Her voice was calm, even though she looked ready to commit murder.


Gil found it extremely heart-warming when he was reminded how much his friends cared about him. He really, really, didn't deserve them.


"No, no! I'm fine!" He clarified. "It was I'm-avoiding-you running, not I'm-scared running."


"Oh..." She seemed mostly confused, but Gil could see she was relieved as well. "Do you need any help with that someone you're avoiding?"


"No, it's fine." He insisted, the last thing he needed was to involve Uma in this mess too. "It's just, ah... a silly thing. Don't worry."


Uma nodded. She was just as protective as Harry, but she knew when to back off.


"Well, I'm off to try to get some homework done, then." She said. "Good luck with whoever you're avoiding."


She left after that and Harry took her place, closing the door behind him so she couldn't hear him when he said:


"Gil... you know she wouldn't be mad if you told her... "


Gil shook his head. This was definitely not worth the risk. If he could stop himself from disappointing his captain, he'd do everything in his power to do so.


"So..." Seeing Gil wasn't going to change his mind, Harry started another conversation. "Heard you had lunch with the king today, huh?"


Gil smiled at that. It was pretty good to make new friends.


"Did he say something 'bout me?" Harry asked.


Gil thought about it and quickly remembered Ben's question.


"Yeah, he asked if you were at school." He answered.


"Just this? Nothing else? You sure?" He asked again, seeming really invested in the conversation.


Gil frowned, trying to remember if there was something else he might be missing, but couldn't think of anything.


"Yeah, that's all he said."


Harry didn't seem all that pleased at the answer, and Gil couldn't quite figure out what was wrong...


Wait a minute...


"Wait!" He exclaimed. "Are you into King Ben?"


"No! Of course not!" Harry said, a little bit too quickly. "That would be crazy, right? He's Auradon's golden boy, so he'd never have a quick hook up with me. But I'm also not exactly the ideal boyfriend for royalty, so we wouldn't be that either, ya know."


Gil just stayed quiet absorbing the new information. 
"Ok, I'm not into him, but I find him very interesting. There's something just bewitching about him." Harry confessed.


Gil wasn't sure what to say. Was Ben interested in Harry too? Or was he just being nice? It's difficult to know with him. Also, there was the whole 'Uma, Gil and Harry kidnapped him less than one year ago' issue, so...


Clearly Harry misunderstood his silence as something else, since he said:
"Yeah, I know It's weird. Not like a broken pirate is exactly what  royals are usually looking for, huh?"


"No, no, no, that's not it." Gil quickly answered. 
That was probably the best time to talk about something that had been bothering Gil for a while, but he didn't know how to bring it up.


"Then what is it? Did he say something about me? Is he seeing someone else?" The Alpha asked.


"I just... I don't... I think..." Gil took a deep breath trying to sort out his thoughts. He didn't want to hurt Harry with what he was about to say. 
"So... ok, remember when we took Ben to the ship?"


"The kidnapping fiasco? Of course I do."


He took another deep breath. 
"So, he was tied up and you were flirting, saying some stuff, using your hook... I know that's just how you are, you're always flirting, and that you'd never hurt an omega like that, but... " He tried to explain. "If I w-was taken by an Alpha I didn't know and he was b-being like that... I'd be... I'd be..."


"You'd be scared." Harry said, sounding like the words caused him physical pain. "You think... Ben is scared of me?"


The look of despair in Harry's eyes was exactly what Gil wanted to avoid. He really should have kept his stupid mouth shut.


"That's not... no, that wasn't what I wanted to say." He tried to explain himself, but failed to do so. "You know what? Forget this. Don't listen to me, I'm just all fucked up in the head 'cause of what happened. I bet a bunch of stuff Auradon's omegas think it's normal make me scared, I'm just weird like that."




"No, really. Ben's a king, I bet he doesn't even know that things like that happen, never heard of them. I'm broken, so I don't see things the same way good omegas do." He said, trying to bury that conversation down. "I'm sorry for even bringing this up."


"No, Gil, you're right." Harry stated. "The way I acted... that could really have scared an omega. You know, I actually enjoy seeing my enemies afraid, but I'd never do it like that, I'd never want an omega to fear me in that way."


Gil stayed quiet, still worried that he made his friend feel sad.


"I don't want to be like that, I don't want to be like him." Harry said, with such a level of disgust in his voice that it was clear who he was talking about. "So, if I ever make you or any other omega uncomfortable again, please let me know, ok?"


"Ok, I can do that." He answered. "And about Ben... I don't really think he's scared, I'm just worried that maybe he is or was."


"So, it would probably be for the best if I don't go after him, right?"


"No, I think you should do it, if you want to. Just don't..."


"Come off too strong?" Harry guessed.


"Yeah, something like that." Gil confirmed. "You can still be you, like with your flirting and all, but just take it easy until you're sure about him."


Harry smiled, and ruffled his hair in response to that; they were really like brothers.
"Thanks, buddy. That's actually pretty good advice." He said, already leaving the room. Then, he stopped in his tracks and not meeting his friend's eyes, he asked: "Have I ever made you feel like that?"


Gil didn't even have to think before shaking his head.
"No, never. You and Uma are the only Alphas I know would never hurt me."


Harry smiled at that, not his usual smug smile, but a real, bright one.


Chapter Text

Jay was quietly thinking as he watched Carlos sleep pressed against his chest, both lying on their bed after sharing a moment of passion and lust. 
Technically, it was only Jay's bed since their room here in Auradon had two beds. But really, Carlos has never slept on the bed that's supposed to be his. 
A few weeks after they arrived in Auradon, Jay even told Ben that if they wanted to take the bed back or give it to someone else, it'd be fine since no one was using it anyway. Ben just blushed beet red and told him that it was better if things stayed that way, otherwise Fairy Godmother may have a heart attack.

People from Auradon could be so fucking weird sometimes...

Well, going back to Jay's thoughts while he's comfortably waiting for his boyfriend to wake up... let's just say these thoughts wandered too far.

Jay had been thinking about Gil a lot these days. The boy was sweet and funny and such good company that it wouldn't be a problem, except that, even though Jay refused to admit it, he thinks about him far too much for it to be considered friendly.

But really, who could blame him? There was something about that omega that was drawing him in, bringing him closer without his approval. One moment he was doing homework, the other he was thinking about how adorable Gil's laugh was.

Jay knows how wrong these weird feelings are, since he is taken . Carlos is not just his boyfriend, he is the love of his life.

And honestly the worst thing is that it wasn't one of these 'I don't love them anymore' situations.  Because Jay loves Carlos de Vil so fucking much it hurts him sometimes. He loves how smart Carlos is, loves his sense of humor, loves how Carlos is always there for him, loves every single one of his freckles and everything he is. "Love" was seen as a bad thing back on the Isle, something that just the weak ones felt, but even when he was still there hearing people say that, he knew he loved Carlos. And he knew that this love only made him stronger.

Just looking at his lover's beautiful asleep face overwhelms him with how much he loves that omega.

But, still...
Even with all of this love he can't help but feel a sparkle of interest whenever Gil pass by. And he feels terribly guilty, but is not something he can help.

Of course, he would never do anything to hurt his and Carlos' relationship, he valued what they had too much for that. So there was only one thing left to do: lie to himself, saying that whatever he felt for Gil was just platonic and pursue him as a friend.

Deep down, Jay knew no one is interested like that in someone they want to be 'just friends' with, but what else could he do except deny, deny, deny?

He was distracted from his thoughts as Carlos slowly woke up and started  to stir. 
"Hey, sleepy head." Jay said, gently running his fingers through his boyfriend's hair. "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a rock. You did tire me out, you know?" The omega answered, starting to sit up on the bed.

"Woah, where do you think you're going?" Jay asked, noticing his boyfriend was ready to get up.

Carlos rolled his eyes at him. 
"I have homework to do, babe." He said.

The Alpha pouted.
"C'mon, just cuddle with me a little more. You can do your homework later, you're a genius anyway. " He insisted, wrapping his arms around the other boy and giving him small kisses all over his face. 

In moments like these, Jay could almost forget how guilty he felt...

T h e   N e x t   D a y

Well, it was just his luck.
Gil's first class was chemistry, and as soon as the teacher entered the class she decided who the pairs for the day's activities were going to be and guess what?

Exactly, Jay was his pair and Gil was doomed.

"So, I think we're supposed to mix these two?" Jay said, pointing to some weird liquids they were supposed to work with. "I'm not sure, I kinda suck at chemistry."

"Yeah, me two." He tried to give short answers.

"Well, let's hope it works out." The Alpha answered, starting to mix the chemicals. "By the way, why didn't I see you at lunch yesterday?"

"I... I had a thing to think about." He vaguely answered.

Jay just raised his eyebrows at that, but didn't comment. 
They kept working quietly, concentrating hard on the task at hand. Why is chemistry so hard?

Eventually they managed to do what the teacher had asked.

"That's an awesome result, children." She said, getting closer to their desk. "You should work together more often, look at that!"

She left to help some other students, who seemed about to blow up the whole classroom. 
Jay gave him a side smile and said:
"So, I guess we make a pretty good pair, right?"

Well, Gil couldn't help but blush at that. This was definitely flirting, there is no way Jay isn't noticing what he is doing. Is there? 
No, no, Gil can't think like that.

He didn't answer Jay just smiled back at him.

They kept just looking at each other for a while, neither of them sure how much time, standing there in a comfortable silence. Like they didn't even need words.

Jay decided to break the moment after a while.
"So... did you decide if you're going to play some school sport this year?" He asked.

"I want to." Gil answered, giving up on trying to avoid conversations with him. "But I don't wanna do sparring, 'cause I already know that. And I really, really don't wanna be a cheerleader."

"Why don't you try tourney?" Jay said, seeming excited by the idea. "I can ask coach to let you apply for the team at practice today."

Gil made a face, confused.
"Would they even let me play? I'm an omega..."

"What about it?" Jay asked.

"Well, aren't all the players Alphas?"

"No, I mean, most of them are. But it's not a rule or anything. There are two players who are betas." Jay said. "Ben also used to play, and he's an omega. Carlos tried out once too."

Gil bit his lip. Tourney really sounded like fun, he thinks he would love to play on the team, but would there really be no problem? Sure, Ben might have played, but he's the king, after all. 
He was so used to being treated like trash for being omega he wasn't even sure what to expect anymore.

Also, let's not forget that 'avoiding' Jay would be a lot harder if they trained together almost everyday after class...

Gil spent so much time thinking that Jay added:
"Look, man, you don't need to do anything you don't want to. If not having other omegas on the team freaks you out, that's fine. I won't pressure you." He smiled. "But if you decide to give it a try, I know you're going to be a great addition to the team."

Well... being here in Auradon is supposed to be all about experiencing new things and leaving things that used to hold him back behind, right?

"Ok, I'll try it." He decided.

Jay seemed genuinely happy at that, and Gil felt like he could melt inside out just from that.

"Awesome!" He said. "I'll talk to coach, then."

After that, it didn't take long for the bell to ring and for them to part their ways.

Whenever Gil was with Jay it was like there was a fog clouding his mind, it was a pleasant feeling but as soon as the fog cleared out, he was left with nothing but the knowledge that he had failed again. 
Agreeing to play tourney was exactly the kind of thing that made his mission guaranteed to fail. Yet, Gil did it.

But it's fine. He doesn't need to freak out about this right now, right? There is still the possibility that the coach won't even let him in the team, won't even give him the chance to try... even though it seems to be so fun to play. 

She had been waiting all day to talk to Jay alone and the opportunity finally presented itself at lunch, when Evie told Carlos she had made a new jacket for him and they went to her locker to get it.

"So..." She started. "What is it with you and Gaston's son?"

Jay clearly became nervous when he heard the question, but tried to hide it. 
"Why? I don't know what you're talking about..." He answered.

Mal rolled her eyes at him. Really? She was almost offended he thought she didn't knew him well enough to know he was lying through his teeth.

"Cut the crap, Jay." She said. "I saw you making heart eyes at him in chemistry today. And that's not the first time either."

Jay didn't respond to that. What was he going to say, after all? She knew, deep down, he knew he couldn't lie to her.

"Look, man. You know you're like a brother to me." She said. "But so is Carlos. All I need is that you promise me that you're not doing anything that could hurt him."

"I'm not cheating on Carlos, Mal." He said, seeming offended at her implication.

"But are you planing to?" She insisted.

"No!" Jay practically shouted. "C'mon, you know I love him more than anything. I wouldn't hurt him."

She had no doubt that Jay loved his boyfriend, but she knew love wasn't always enough in a relationship. 
She loved Ben, after all, but she realized that most of it was friendly and that she couldn't handle being queen.

"Then, why are you flirting with another omega?" She asked.

"I'm not!" He said. "Well, I'm not trying to. It's like all our interactions end up getting flirty."

"Are you interested in him?"

He sighed, which was already an answer to her, but he added anyway:
"I do think about him some ways I shouldn't sometimes... b-but mostly I just wanna be his friend."

She didn't seem convinced so he continued:
"He's pretty and his smell is awesome, but I won't try anything with him. He just seems like a cool guy and I wanna be his friend. That's it."

She was about to protest again just as Evie and Carlos came back for the table, excitedly showing off the new piece of clothing that the beta had made and, even though unknowingly, shutting down that conversation for good.

Mal had a bad feeling about all of this, but if Jay insists 'it's not like that', then what could she do?

Last class' bell had just soared, and Gil was going to the tourney field, hoping Jay was already there.

Today had been a really good day, his first class was chemistry with Jay, he had two classes with both Uma and Harry and Goodness 101 was actually fun. 
Also, he had lunch on the same spot with King Ben and is sure they are on their way to become great friends.

As he approached the field, he could see Jay with Carlos by his side, and also a couple more dudes waiting there.

"Hey, Gil!" Jay said, as soon as Gil entered the place. "Coach, this is the guy I was talking about."

The coach smiled at him and then immediately started explaining the game and what he was supposed to do. 
"So, I guess one of the guys can lend you the safety equipment and you can play in these clothes just fine." He said. "But if you do make it to the team, you'll have to get the uniform, ok?"

Gil nodded, everything seemed pretty reasonable to him.
"Great, we'll wait five more minutes, then we begin training." The coach said, then turned away to talk to some other boys.

"Hey, Gil!" Carlos said, approaching him. "I think it's so cool you'll be on the team. I tried to apply once, but tourney really isn't my thing."

Sometimes Gil forgot just how nice and a good friend Carlos was and his stomach always turned as he was reminded. Reminded what he was doing to such a good person.

"Hm, thanks." He said. "But I don't know if I will really be on the team."

Carlos smiled at him, all cute and friendly.
"Don't think like that, I'm sure you'll be great." Carlos answered.

Soon the game was starting and God, when was the last time Gil felt free like this? Probably, never. 
It was so much fun, and it was so much easier than any class that Gil couldn't stop smiling most of the time.

Jay was the captain, and a pretty good one. He didn't make it easier for Gil, which he appreciated, and seemed to be having fun as well. 
The other guys are also good, but Jay is definitely a natural at this and, honestly, Gil starts thinking he might be one as well.

Most of the players seemed not to care about his presence at all, but there is one or two dirty looks shooted at him. Well, that's fine, he can deal with that.

Much too soon, the coach whistled and practice was over. 
Gil was sweating in places he didn't even know could sweat, but it was so worth it.

"What's your name again, son?" Coach asked him.

"It's Gil, sir. " He said, and just to be sure, he quickly added: "Thank you for letting me try."

"Look, I still have two other boys to see tomorrow and only one place left, but unless a professional tourney player starts studying in Auradon today, consider yourself part of the team!" The man said.

"I knew you were going to kill it, dude!" Gil turned around and was faced with a very smiley and very shirtless Jay. Oh damn...

"Thanks, tourney is so cool!" He answered excitedly, even though he could feel his mouth getting dry from the sight.

"Gil that was amazing!" Carlos said, running towards them. "It's so good to see an omega kicking these Alpha's asses!"

He blushed, not really used to all this praise. All he did today was have fun, he wasn't all that impressive, was he?
"Thanks, guys..." He blushed as he said.

"So we're accepting omegas on the team again? I thought we had learned not to do that after your boyfriend's epic fail, Jay." A boy Gil had never even seen in the school approached them, full of himself.

"First of all, we never stopped accepting them. There were just none interested in tourney." Jay said, turning his body towards the guy. "Second of all, fuck off, Liam!"

The boy just threw his hands up, as if he didn't mean any harm by it, but they all knew the truth. 
He was one of the guys Gil noticed weren't being exactly welcoming.

"Don't mind him, Gil. He's kinda of a bully, but he's harmless." Carlos advised. 
"It's fine. We lived on the isle, how bad can this boy be?" He answered, really not worried about that.
He knew what being a bad situation really meant, and it wasn't a rich kid joking about him.

"Okay, then. We're all hitting the showers, you're coming?" Jay said.

And that's where Gil draws the line...

Being naked in a place full of Alphas? Who are also naked? All pumped up and full of hormones? That's asking for something bad to happen and Gil was not actually this stupid.

"Nah, it's fine. I don't have extra clothes, I'll shower in the ship." He answered, trying to keep his cool. "Thanks, guys. See ya!"

And he ran off. Kind of like a fool, like someone who did not keep their cool at all.

He was just so nervous. The thought of being in a situation like that was terrifying.
Why did Jay even ask him that? Did he think that Gil is such a bad omega that no Alpha from Auradon would show interest in him? 
Yeah, that's probably it. It hurt him to think about it, but Jay must have heard some rumors about him back on the island.

After all, the pirates who survived Uma and Harry's attack spread the word about it around the Isle. About how Ursula's daughter was this  power-hungry and ruthless girl, using her lackeys to murder the crew and take over the ship. 
How Hook's son was crazy and killed his own family for jealousy of an omega that wasn't even his. 
How Gaston's kid was the dumb slut that started it all; spreading his legs for everyone in the crew and more, then making Alphas fight to death to protect the honor he didn't even had.

Gil could say, for sure, that the first two were just rumours. But he wasn't really sure about the third one. Uma told him once not to mind these things, that he obviously didn't want it, so it wasn't his fault.

But still, when he thinks about it, he felt as if all he did was drag his friends into an unnecessary fight. 


After being caught by Harry, Gil spent a whole week hidden in Uma's house, while she and Harry prepared for a battle to take over the ship. 
Ursula didn't really mind, as long as her daughter was alive and able to work for her twice a week, she didn't care what else she did.

"Listen, guys, we'll attack at three a.m. All of them will be sleeping, so we'll caught them off-guard." Uma explained. Gil is not sure how, but she managed to get several other kids their age to help on the ambush. "They may be stronger but we are faster and more prepared. The goal today is not to kill aimlessly, but to take over the ship. We don't want to shed more blood than necessary."

Everyone listened attentively, wanting to win this fight. It was the biggest operation most of them had ever participated, so they wanted to be good.

"Alright, everyone get your weapons and meet us there on time." She said, finally.

While people were discussing who would get which weapon, Gil sat quietly with his own thoughts. 
Was it even worth it? To start a war over him? He was the one who was dumb enough to think that, as an omega, he would be safe living in a ship full of creepy, older Alphas. Was he really that innocent, after all?

Maybe there were some part of him, deep down, that wanted what happened or at least deserved it.

"Hey, which sword are you going to use?" Harry asked him. 

"I'm... I'm allowed to go with you guys?" He asked, confused. They already saw how weak he can be.

"Of course. We all know you're a good fighter." Harry said."Besides, this is personal for you."

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this mess. I should have solved this on my own." Gil apologized.

This week was hell for him. All he did was watch as Uma and Harry planned this whole thing and blame himself for how much trouble he was causing. 
Not only his friends, but all these other people Uma contacted were having to fight a battle that was his. 
Sure, most of them were only doing this because they wanted to take over the ship and become pirates, but it was still Gil who started it all.

"You didn't drag us into anything. My father did."Harry said, his eyes dark with rage. Everyone knew not to mess with him when he was like that.

So Gil went with the others and prepared himself to fight. It was the least he could do after starting the war himself. 

Just thinking about that day hurts, so Gil forces himself to think about another thing or else he would start crying.

He was so deep in his own thoughts, he barely registered the walk back to the ship until he was there, being greeted by an exasperated Uma.

"For Evil, Gil! Where have you been? One day you run away from school, the other you arrive two hours late?" She said. "Is there something happening that I should know about?"

"I'm sorry, Uma. It won't happen again."He said, embarrassed to be failing his captain.

She sighed at his response. 
"You don't need to be sorry. I'm not trying to control you or something, if you don't want to tell me where you're going, then don't." She said. "Just warn me you won't be coming home with us, so we know you're okay."

"Yeah, I know this isn't like the Isle but bad things can still happen." Harry said.

"Ok, I'm sorry anyway, but I do want to say where I was." He said. "I think I'm on the tourney team now."

Uma blinked for a few seconds, shocked by the revelation. But then she opened the brightest smile. 
"Really? That's so cool, Gil! I bet you kicked some ass in that field, huh?" She said.

He eyed Harry to try to grasp his reaction, but there really wasn't one. He had been kinda afraid that Harry would be disappointed in him for not staying away from Jay.

"Hm, thanks. Coach will say tomorrow if I made it or not." Gil said.

"I'm sure you did. Just don't forget to let us know when your first game is." She said, and then went to her room, already pleased to see Gil was alive and well.
"And also go take a shower, you stink!" She yelled from there.

"So..." He started. "Aren't you mad at me?" 
"Why would I be?" Harry turned the question around.

"You know Jay is the tourney captain, right?" Gil said. "I know you told me to stay away from him and I really should have listened to you, but tourney just seemed so cool and I-"
"Gil, calm down." He didn't let the omega finish the sentence."I don't like Jay, ok? At all. I think he's a player, who's trying to mess with your head. But I trust your judgement."

'You shouldn't' was what came to Gil's mind at the moment, but he decided against saying it.

"Besides, I know that if he tries anything you don't want, you'll tell me and Uma, right?" He asked.

Gil nodded, still not entirely sure why Harry wasn't yelling at him or something.

"So... you're really not mad? Not even a little bit?" Gil insisted.

"Of course! I'm not happy you're growing closer to that guy, but I don't have any right to be mad at you." The Alpha said. "Gil, I'm your friend, not your fucking owner. I don't get to dictate who you're allowed to see."

Gil still felt this overwhelming feeling, as if he had done something terribly wrong, but no one had caught him yet.  
Both Harry and Uma said that he had the tendency to keep blaming himself for things that aren't his fault.
Oh, well...

T h e   n e x t   d a y

Ben knew he would be lying if he said his smile didn't grow three times bigger when he saw Harry walk through the door, even though the boy was late. 
Harry sat right by his side and they kept exchanging glances like two lovesick twelve year-olds during the whole lesson.

As soon as the bell rang, Ben was walking over to Hook's seat. 
"Good to see you kept you're promise not to leave school." He said.

And there goes Harry with his charming smile. 
"All because of you, yer highness."

Right then, something changed on Harry's face, as if he just remembered something unpleasant.

"Are you okay, Harry? Did something happen?" He asked, worried.

"Nah, I just..."He seemed slightly apprehensive, which is highly unusual of him. "Can I ask you something?"

Ben just nodded, getting even more worried each second. It seemed like ages before Harry actually spoke up again:

"Have you ever been scared of me? Like, really scared?"
There was such pain in his eyes, and the question was so different from anything Ben could have expected, that he was caught out off guard.

"Have you ever been-
"No, no, I heard you. I was just... surprised." He said. "Where did this come from?"

Harry sighed
"I was talking to... hm, an omega friend and he said that he'd probably be scared, y'know as an omega , if he were in your situation when you got kidnapped and I was being all threaty and flirty at the same time." He explained.

"Again, what? What do you mean scared as an ome- oh... oh... "Ben said, finally catching up to the thought.

He was horrifield. He would never think something so vile of someone he had just met!

"Harry, I was never scared that you'd do that to me. Sure, I was worried that you'd throw me in the sea, use your hook on my skin or..."Ben hesited slightly."Well, I admit the thought of you getting a bit handsy did cross my mind, but I was never afraid that you'd actually do that."

Ben was getting really exasperated.
"And, frankly, even those worries were temporary. All it took was a few minutes in that ship to know that you, Uma and Gil are not bad guys. I knew you wouldn't want to hurt an innocent, because I knew you were just misunderstood, not evil."

Harry looked immensely relieved by the revelation. He seemed to be even breathing easier.

"I'm glad to hear that." He said, now smiling again. "But I'm sorry, anyway, about that day."

It was Ben's turn to smile. The Alpha didn't seem the type to recognize he was wrong very often.

"You were already forgiven, but I appreciate the sentiment." He answered. "Now, how about you take me to my next class?"

"Of course, yer highness."

And, just like that, they fell back into their light flirting again.
But still, their previous conversation
wouldn't leave Ben's mind. How could someone immediate thoughts about a clearly political kidnapping be about the possibility of rape?

Even thinking about the word sent chills through Ben's spine. It was such a hideous thing no one even mentioned it in Auradon.

That is not to say that such a thing never happened in the kingdom. Contrary to popular belief, Auradon wasn't perfect, bad things still happen.
But Ben is pretty sure that the last case of this type of crime that was reported there happened before he was even born. And the perpetrator was immediately sent away...

straight to the Isle of the lost.

Ben suddenly felt sick, like he might throw up at any minute. The people who were sent to the Isle weren't just crazy ladies obsessed with dog's fur or guys who were just a little too power-hungry. There were also much more dangerous people there, that's exactly why the first thing he did was to create a prision system, for the love of Goodness!

God , exactly how many rapists, abusers and cold-blooded murderers did Auradon sent to Isle? Just how many monsters did they sent to share a living space with people who had just committed a mistake, and worse, with people who were just innocents paying for their parent's sins?

Life wasn't perfect for omegas in Auradon. They were the main victims of ridiculous stereotypes or unfunny jokes, it's not that uncommon for them to hear lewd comments, especially from young Alphas and Ben himself still faced discrimination for being the first single omega to reign. But after this realization, exactly  how much worse  was life for omegas from the Isle?

Not that this type of thing couldn't happen to betas or even Alphas, but omegas were the main targets and Ben knew it. So how vulnerable and exposed to danger were those omegas, living in a place were ethics were either non-existent or frowned upon and Alphas were free to do whatever they wanted without the fear of facing consequences?

As the thought wouldn't stop bugging him, he decided to talk to Gil about it, since the two had started having lunch together at their spot everyday.

"So, coach just told me that I did it! I really am in the tourney team!" Gil announced, excited.

"That's great, Gil! Congratulations!" He said."I'm sure you'll have lots of fun."

Deciding that it was now or never, Ben chose to bring it up:
"Hey, can I ask you something serious?"

Gil looked alarmed, but nodded anyway. 
"How was life for omegas on the Isle?" Ben finally asked.

The boy froze midway through chewing. He just sat there, not saying anything and taking really deep breaths. 

"Gil, are you okay? I'm sorry, dude, you're just making me really worried right now."

"Yeah, y-yeah. I'm fine, I'm just... " He took another deep breath. "It was not good, Ben."

That was it for him. Ben just started crying right there, feeling like the biggest failure in the world. 
Gil was the one who experienced it, Ben doesn't get to be the one crying about it.

"I'm sorry, Ben. Please, don't cry! I don't know what you heard about me, but if it makes you feel bad to see me, I c-can go back to the Isle and-" Gil started, already tearing up himself.

"No, God, please no. That's not w-what I want at all. "He said, trying to dry his own tears. "It just... hit me t-today that if someone... abused a person, they'd be sent to the I-Isle. And there was no one, no royalty or g-guards to protect you guys from p-people like that."

"Oh. Oh... It's okay, Ben. The Isle is not your fault, we talked about that." Gil said, trying to make his friend feel better.

"Maybe not my fault as a person, but this it's on Auradon. It's on every single one of us. It's on my parents and everyone I love." Ben said. "God, I'm so sorry."

"I told you it's okay. I got... I got touched, I got hurt for being an omega, but Uma and Harry helped me and now I'm fine." Gil insisted.

"I really hope you know you didn't deserve to go through that. You didn't even deserve to be on the Isle at all." Ben said, but he could see in Gil's eyes he didn't believe that. "For Goodness, I'm sorry for ugly crying like that."

He got a little laugh at that. 
"No, it's all good. It's... nice to know you care so much about us."

As Ben mind slowly cleared up, he decided it was important to tell Gil something:
"I think you should talk to a counselor or a therapist about it, Gil. This isn't... this isn't a normal everyday thing, this is bad. You might need help to fully recover."

"What are those?" Gil wrinkled his nose in confusion at the terms.

"They're people you can talk to about things that trouble you and they tell you what to do and help you feel better." He tried his best to explain. "Some mean people say they're for the crazy, but don't listen to them. I did a few sessions to cope with the stress of coronation and all."

Ben starts to feel like maybe he should also come back for a few more sessions, considering all the overwhelming guilt he is experiencing right now and that he doubts will go away on its own.

"Nah... I don't need anyone to tell me my head is broken. I know that." Gil said, looking sad.

Ben felt the need to correct that somehow, but he didn't know what to say and didn't want pressure his friend and scare him away. 
At the end, the bell rang and took the choice away from him. 

He was still shocked from his and Ben's weird conversation at lunch. Gil thinks he can imagine how Uma and Harry must feel when Gil blames himself for something they don't consider his fault, since he gets anguished every time Ben starts blaming himself for things that happened on the Isle.

But still, it's reassuring to know that his new friend, who is also the king of the place he is currently living in, cares so much about Isle kids' well-being. It makes him feel safe.

Even though all of this took much of his attention, by the time the last class is over, he is already excited for his first tourney practice as a oficial member of the team.

He changes his clothes in the main hall bathroom, in one of the stalls, to avoid entering the actual players' lockeroom.

As he approached the field, he saw that Jay, Carlos and two other players were already there.
Weird, that was the first time he saw Jay that day, when usually he sees him all the time, even when he is avoiding that.

As soon as the Alpha saw him, he came running in his direction. Well, Gil couldn't help but smile at that.

"Gil! Carlos and I talked and I think now I get why you ran off yesterday." He said, looking worried. "I'm sorry if you were uncomfortable that I suggested for you to use the lockeroom with everyone else. If you want, you can go first and I'll be outside not letting anyone else get in, until you're done."

He blushed hard at that. He had made such a big deal out of nothing! Maybe Jay didn't even heard the rumours about him, after all.

Anyway, it felt great to know that Jay would do something like that for him, if he asked. 
"Thanks, Jay. It's nice of you, but I'm cool with showering once I get home."

"You're sure?" He asked and Gil nodded. "Okay, then. Oh, by the way, congratulations on making it to the team. I knew you'd get it!"

In a few minutes practice started and it was even more fun than the day before. Now, Gil knew he was definitely part of the team, he was one of them. It was freeing to know you were good enough to make it, especially when you spent most of your life feeling like you're not good, you're not worth it.

Of course, there are still one or two cold stares, especially from that bully from the day before. Leo? No, Liam. But, just like Carlos said, he was harmless. 
Gil didn't know if the hostility was just because of his status as an omega or also because he was yet another Isle kid joining the team. Either way, he wouldn't let it ruin his day.

"Alright, boys, alright. That's it for today. You did good. " Coach said. "Don't forget that a few weeks from now we have a game. It's just a friendly game, not part of the championship or anything. But still, we should be prepared."

"Is the new guy even allowed to participate with such a short notice?" And there goes Liam again.

"I don't know if you've ever read the regulations, but there's nothing there stating new players can't participate." Jay, always the knight in a shinning armor, said.

Focus, Gil. He's got a boyfriend, who's also your friend.

"Jay is right. Gil is a good one and I don't see any reason for him not to play." Coach said.

And with that, practice was over. Gil was completely exhausted, but in a good way. It made him feel alive, somehow.

"Hey, how do you feel being an official member of the tourney team now?" Jay asked him.

"Good. It was even more fun than last time and I can't wait for the real game." Gil answered, while he gathered his things to leave.

"I bet you're going to rock that game, Gil. You're really something else in the field." Jay said, and there was something on his voice, maybe on his face too that almost looked like infatuation.

Fuck, Gil really needs to take these crazy ideas out of his head if he really wants to play tourney. He can't think like that, because Jay can't be interested in him. He already has a boyfriend, who was right there, by the way.

"Yeah, you killed it again today. Now no one can accuse you of beginner's luck." Carlos, the actual boyfriend piped in.

"Thanks, guys. I'm really happy to be on the team." He answered.

As he made his way towards home, he couldn't help but think about the way Jay had spoken to him, all soft and proud and almost adoring.

He knew it was all in his head, he was probably driving himself crazy with his own wanton ways, but still he couldn't get that dreamy look out of his face. 

Chapter Text

T h r e e   w e e k s   l a t e r

Jay was screwed. He was so fucking screwed. Each day, each class, each practice he became closer and closer to Gil. 
It was like every new thing he discovered about the boy just made it harder to resist him. The harder he tried to keep distance, the less he actually managed to do it.

He felt like the worst boyfriend in history. Carlos is the smartest person he knows, and Jay was so afraid he would notice what is happening. 
Technically, he's not doing something bad, but he's thinking it and that's enough for the guilt to eat him inside out.

Tomorrow the tourney team has a game, so today they don't have practice, so that all players can rest and be at peak condition the next day. Which means, Jay has a whole day to get himself together before the game.

Mal, for sure, has noticed what is happening. He knows she didn't buy a word of what he said to her, insisting he wasn't interested in Gil. 
Evie probably already knows too, since she and Mal seem to have this almost telepathic connection.

"So, I was thinking..." Carlos said, as they walked together to school.

That's it. That must be it. Carlos noticed the way he looks at Gil and now thinks he's cheating, and he's not, ok? He is  not  cheating, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he keeps acting like-

"Jane keeps saying that I should try out for the cheerleaders. And I may be considering it?" Carlos continued."I mean, it's a kind of dance, isn't it? It can't be that bad. Besides, they practice at the same time as tourney, so you won't have to wait up on me or anything. What do you think?"

Oh. That's fine, that's cool, Jay can deal with that. No need for spiraling like a crazy man.

Cons: Carlos wouldn't be watching him play anymore. He loved when he scored and heard Carlos rooting for him, even if it was just during practice. 
Pros: Many guys from the team dated cheerleaders and they all claimed that knowing they had their 'own personal cheerleader' actually made they play even better. Also Carlos in cheerleader clothes.

"If you want it, you should do it, babe. At least give it a try." He answered. "Besides, I'm sure you'd look amazing in that uniform."

Carlos laughed and rolled his eyes at that. 
"You know I wouldn't be using a skirt, right?"  His boyfriend asked.

"Yeah, just really, really tight pants, right?" Jay said, wiggling his eyebrows at Carlos, which made them both giggle.

"That's settled, then. I'll wait for this game to pass, then I'll tell Jane I want to try out." Carlos said, giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

Funny how Jay can actually have such a good time with his boyfriend when he is not spiralling like the guilty idiot that he is.

"So, exactly how serious are things between you and the King?" She asked Harry, as they walked up to their first class.

Harry had never told her about Ben, but she could see he wasn't surprised to hear her bringing it up. He knew she didn't need any words to get what was happening with him. They had always been like that.

"Not much. We've been flirting for weeks, but I haven't made a move yet." He answered.

"And for what reason? You seem really interested and that boy is a snack." She insisted.

"He's kinda of a prude, Uma. I'll scare him off if I tell him I wanna hook up with him."

Uma had to roll her eyes at that. Really? That was his excuse?

"Then don't. Just ask him on a date, Auradon style." She advised. "That's not frowned upon anymore."

Harry laughed at that, as if the idea was too ridiculous for him to even consider.

"I'm not suited up for royalty, Uma. Hell, I don't even know if I'm suited for being in a relationship at all." He said. "I'm a pirate, not a prince. Everyone in Auradon would lose their shit if Ben dated someone like me."

"Aren't you a dramatic little shit, Harry?" She said, already losing her patience. "It's a date. Not a marriage proposal."

Oh my God, Uma wasn't in a relationship, wasn't interested in anyone and honestly didn't want to be in relationship at the moment. Why does she seem to know so much more about this than the guy who was clearly already head over the heels for someone?

"Yeah, but I don't wanna lead him on." He said, and it sounded like an excuse. Because it was.

She squinted at him, knowing there was something else he wasn't telling her.

"Besides..." He tried again. "I'm not good for him."

There was it. That little spark of self-loathing that everyone from the Isle was almost already born with.

There were something about that place that made you hate yourself, or hate everyone else. Most of the time it was both options.

"He's the purest person I've ever met. It's almost overwhelming. I'm a bad guy, Uma, I can't be with someone like that." He explained. "For fuck's sake, I even kidnapped him!"

"Well, that was under my orders." She said. "Besides, I'm almost sure his parents have a pretty similar story, huh?"

Harry just rolled his eyes, which made her do it right back at him. Honestly, sometimes her boys were a real nightmare to deal with.

"He's a big boy, Harry. He doesn't need you to protect him from yourself." She said. "Fine, if you don't want to call it a date, don't. But I really think you should ask him out someday. You two fit together."

Harry didn't seem to think so, but Uma thought they might be exactly what each other need. Yin and Yang or something like that, you know?

"Fine, fine. I might do that." He accepted. "But if he refuses I'll throw it in your face until the day I die."

"He won't and you know it." She said and his side smile just proved her right.

"Well, you got me." He said, and just like every minor disagreement they had, they ended up laughing it off.

Soon, the teacher arrived in the classroom and the lesson started. 
Uma actually liked most of her classes, she just wouldn't admit it to just anyone, but learning new things wasn't as boring as everyone seemed to think. 
She just disliked english, because she didn't know how to express really well on those stupid essays and that frustrated her. But at anything else? She was starting to get the hang of it.

So she didn't feel compelled to pay attention to that math class and just let her thoughts go back to the previous conversation. 
Harry didn't put it into these exact words, but she knew what he meant: he thought he didn't deserve Ben. At least, not like that.

Sometimes, Uma felt bad for how much easier she had when compared to her friends. I mean, no one had it easy on the Isle, but her life could have been a lot worse.

As an Alpha, she didn't have to deal with the crap she knew Gil went through. She didn't have to fight to keep her own body to herself, like he did. And she was never worried about getting kicked out of her house because of her status. Being an Alpha on the Isle meant you had the power to take whatever you wanted, while being an omega meant you could be taken regardless of what you wanted.
And yeah, Ursula wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy, never hugged Uma and sang her to sleep like mothers seemed to do here in Auradon, but she wasn't a monster like Harry's father. Uma might have been yelled at if she made too much noise, but her mother had never hurt her. Never hit her, like she knew Hook had done countless times.

So, yeah, maybe she felt a little bit responsible for making sure her boys were okay. They just got it so bad and Uma might not say it, but she loves them very much and she just want them to be happy. 
They deserve it after everything that damn Isle made all of them go through.

And Harry would make her work so much easier if he just stopped sabotaging himself...

Another day, another opportunity to flirt with Harry Hook.
Honestly, Ben had no idea what he was doing with his life anymore. The two had been flirting for weeks and it had leaded them absolutely nowhere.

He wished he was brave enough to be the one to make the first move. Ask him on a date, kiss him, say he might be falling for him... literally anything to finally get out of this grey area. 
But he wasn't brave enough.

So, he had to wait for the Alpha to do it. He was paired up with Harry for this chemistry class, flirting to the point of almost messing up with the experiment, when it finally finally happened.

"I'd literally die of boredom if we didn't share this class, yer highness." He said. "You make the whole school experience much spicier."

Ben couldn't help but blush, but he was confident enough to answer:
"I'm glad I am what makes this whole experience tasteful for you."

Harry got really quiet after that and Ben immediately got worried. 
God, that hadn't been too bold, right? Or maybe it was? Did he cross a line he wasn't aware of?

Thankfully, before he could have a heart attack, the pirate spoke up:
"We should hang out today." He said. "I mean, there are tons of places in Auradon that I haven't met yet. You could show me around."

Thank Goodness. Ben really didn't know how much more dancing around each other he could take.
Ben opened a big smile for him and answered:
"Sure, I'd love to. Maybe I can show you some cool things around the castle?"

"Like a true royal, huh? I like the idea, yer highness." He said.

Honestly, Ben felt so much lighter now they had finally taken that step. 
He knew he needed to calm down, in Auradon sometimes things happened just so fast, how many couples he met that kissed once and then immediately got married? Too many. 
But he knew things weren't like that on the Isle. He got told that most people didn't even date there, just had... affairs. 
So he needed to get it together because he couldn't let himself turn into a clingy omega cliché. This was just one date, maybe they'd do it again, maybe not. Either way, he needed to be chill about it.

By lunch time, Ben decided it would be good to talk to Gil about it; both as a fellow omega friend and as someone who knew Harry better than he did. Maybe he could get tips or something.

So, as soon as he arrived at their spot, he said:
"I've got something to tell you."

Gil frowned at that. 
"Is it something bad?"

"No, not at all. I just..." Ben blushed at little, he wasn't used to talk about that at all. Mal was his only real girlfriend and that relationship had a very peculiar start, right?
I mean, there was also Audrey, who used to be some kind betrothed to him, when they were younger. But that fell apart once he presented, since both of them were omegas.Ben actually got happy they weren't suppose to marry anymore, since he never felt that way about her at all.
So really, that wasn't even a relationship, all they did was go to some play dates. Never even kissed.

"Harry asked me out on a date." He finally said.

Gil grinned at him, seeming genuinely happy. But then again Gil really was an over all genuine person.

"That's great, Ben! I knew he would, sooner or later." Gil said.

"Isn't it weird for you? You know, now that we're close friends, but then you also live with him?" Ben asked, just to be sure. He didn't want to make his friend uncomfortable.

"Not really, it's like you're dating my brother or something like that." Gil answered. "A few weeks ago I didn't know if this was a good idea, but now I know it is."

"What changed?"

"Well... now I know you better. You seem to really like Harry. And he seems to like you too." Gil answered.

"I'm trying not to expect much. I mean, it's fine if he just wants to have some fun, you know?" He says, trying not to sound too worried.

The truth is, yes, he'd be disappointed if Harry wanted to give him a kiss just to see what it felt like and then never talked about it again. But it was still better than getting nothing at all, right?

"So... when is it?" Gil, asked.

"Today, actually." Ben told him. "He's coming to the castle, I thought it would be nice to show him around."

The other boy gave him a smirk. 
"Didn't know you had it in you." He said. "But I approve! You two should have all fun you want."

Just then Ben realized what it might have sounded like.
"No! I'm not... I'm not taking him home. I mean, not for that! We won't even get to my quarters, oh god." He said, exasperated.

Surprisingly, Gil was the one who blushed harder at this interaction. 
"I'm sorry. It was rude to think that of you." Gil said. "It's just that, back on the Island, that's what most 'dates' were."

"Do you think Harry is expecting us to..."  Because that was a line he definitely wasn't ready to cross.

Virginity was still a taboo in Auradon, especially regarding omegas and even more especially in traditional families like his. He was raised knowing that the right thing to do was to save himself for the day of his mating ceremony, his marriage to his mate. 
Even though it might sound silly it was a tradition that became important to him, through the years. He learned to like the idea of there only being one person in the world who knew his body like that, he had grown fond of the thought he had something special to give his future husband or wife.

It wasn't just about tradition or following rules anymore. It was something he actually wanted to do.

Well, if Harry expected to get sex out of this, then they were going to have a problem.

"No! Not at all." Gil says. "He knows you would not like that. He took weeks to ask you on a date, so I think he is taking it slow with you."

"He doesn't usually spend all that time flirting?" Ben asked, curious.

"Yeah, but... not with the same person all the time. If he wants someone, he tells them right away." Gil explains.

Ben could feel himself get a little smug. Well, it seemed like he might be special, after all?

Again, it was important not to let his hopes get too high. This would only mess things up.

He, Uma and Gil were getting ready to leave school, a few minutes after the end of the last class of the day. 
Honestly, Harry couldn't wait to get out of there.

"So... I heard you have a date with Ben today." Gil said, looking like an excited puppy.

"He does? I'm glad you're finally listening to my advice. Actually, that was quicker than I expected." Uma said, just as excited.

"It's not a date, ok?" Harry was quick to explain. "We're just hanging out."

"But Ben told me it's a date..." Gil looked almost confused as he talked. 

"Well, you can't leave the poor boy hanging, right?" It was Uma's turn to insist. "If he says it's a date, then it's a date."

Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes at his friends. They're the worst...

"Don't ya have anything better to do, huh?" He asked, more playful than really annoyed.

"Why would we do anything else besides bug you about your love life, huh?" Uma said, making Harry laugh.

"There's no... love life, I've been flirting with him and now we're going out. How's that different from anything I've ever done?" He said, but he knew it didn't sound convincing.

"Are you kidding me? Back on the Isle you would have had at least five one-night-stands in all the time you spent just flirting with the king." She said. "And I know you haven't been hooking up with anyone else since we got in Auradon."

Truth be told, not even Harry knew why he was doing that. He knew he could be trying out his luck with all the fake good girls and good boys he met here, people he knew just from a look all it'd take was a kiss and they'd forget they were supposed to behave like ladies and gentlemen.

He could also be hooking up with old affairs from the Isle. Most of them had also came to Auradon, and  he knows those people aren't the type to get attached, they always want to have fun.

But still, he spent a month here without even making out with anyone. instead, he kept it to PG flirting with Ben. 
He hoped he was not catching feelings for the King. He can't have that, not with someone as good as Ben. Harry knew he'd just end up finding a way to taint the boy with his darkness. 
That's just how he is.

That being said, it doesn't mean he can't have a little fun, right? It's not like he expected to get in Ben's pants on the first date, he knew the boy would not let him, but they can still talk, and if he's lucky, kiss. 
Harry really enjoyed his company, so he'd do everything he could to spend more time flirting with him.

Without getting attached, of course...

By the time he got to the ship, Harry's heart was beating a little too fast for his liking. What was that? Was he nervous? Evil, he doesn't get like that for a date. He can get anyone he wants, he doesn't need to be nervous.

So he just tells his heart to shut the fuck up and spends a little more time than he'd like to admit picking his clothes.
He tells himself that's just because he knows how important and how fancy the castle is, not because he's trying to impress.

He even took the time to make sure his eyeliner was more 'I'm cool and might be a bit of a bad boy' and less 'I might be actually psychotic'.

Of course, he had to deal with both Uma and Gil messing with him while he got ready, but truth be told, his life wouldn't be the same thing without a little bit of teasing from his friends.

He managed to be in front of the castle punctually, and as soon as he arrived, there was Ben.
The boy smiled big when he saw him and Harry had to admit he melted whenever he saw that smile.

"You're actually on time..." Ben commented, hugging him. Harry is not ashamed to admit he lingered on that hug.

"I'm only late for classes 'cause I don't really care about them. They're boring." He said. "You, on the other hand, are exciting, yer highness."

The omega blushed so pretty for him. Harry was fascinated by how easy it was to make that boy blush and he planed on taking full advantage of it.

It turned out, Ben showed him this very cool game room that existed in the castle. Honestly, Harry felt like there was absolutely everything one could think of inside that castle.
No one needs that many rooms...

But, he wasn't about to complain. They played different types of video games for a few hours, and honestly Harry had never even seen any of those things before coming to Auradon, but he enjoyed it a lot. 
Ben still managed to beat him though, but he didn't mind.

It really wasn't a romantic experience, they just acted like friends. Ben was a smart guy and probably chose that activity because it was a safe choice.
All in all, Harry could just leave that place pretending he went to hang out with a friend...

But then, Ben pressed a button that made the game stop. 
"What? Why did you do that? I was finally getting good at it!" Harry complained, but then stopped when he noticed that Ben looked a bit distressed. "Is everything ok?"

"Are you going to kiss me or not?" He almost yelled. "Because I'm not sure if you're flirting with me just for fun or if you're really interested and I'm tired of doubting this. I know you probably don't want to be my boyfriend or something, and it's fine, but I really need to know if you want me like-"

Harry kissed him to get him to finally stop talking. 
Damn, this was so good. His lips were just like him in general: soft and warm.

He was on fire. 
That was what it felt like to kiss Harry. He was rough, but tender at the same time, and Ben didn't even know this was possible until that moment.

Ben felt like he was simultaneously drowning at the sea and getting consumed by flames, and he never wanted it to stop.

When the Alpha added his tongue, Ben was completely breathless. It was just a kiss, but at the same time, it wasn't. It was so much more.

Eventually, they had to stop to catch their breath. 
"Was that what you wanted? Was it everything you expected?" Harry asked, with a smug smile on his face. Of course he knew that answer already.

"And so much more." He answered, breathless. "But I think you should do it again just to be sure."

And then, fire again. He barely felt like himself, kissing Harry was different from anything he had ever imagined. 
He had never felt this urgency in a kiss before, this need for having another person closer to him.

Harry's tongue was inside his mouth, licking, exploring, taking charge. And Ben was just letting him because it felt too good. 
His strong grip was also doing things to Ben; a hand holding the side of his hip, the other on the back of his head.

The intensity was out of this world and Ben barely knew what to do with himself other than to relax and enjoy all those new sensations.

He was so lost in the feelings, in the fire, he didn't even noticed that by now he was laying on the ground, with the Alpha right on top of him.

When he noticed that, he startled and decided this had gone a little bit too fast for a first kiss.

"We... we should stop this." Ben said and Harry immediately let go of him, sitting up."I'm sorry if you were expecting more..."

"I wasn't." Harry answered. "Even if I was, you don't owe me anything."

Ben smiled at that. It was actually very sweet of Harry to say things like these.

"So... that was fun." Harry said, not nearly as smooth as he usually was.

"Yeah, yeah... fun. 'Cause that's what we're doing, right? Just having fun." Ben could smack himself on the face for saying this like that, but he wanted to prove he could be cool about it too.

He really didn't want to be the clingy omega stereotype.

"Yeah, that's it. We should have fun together again." Harry prompted. "Are you going to watch the tourney game tomorrow?"

Ben nodded, he always watched the games. He was still interested in tourney, even if he didn't have time to play anymore.

"You're thinking about meeting again after the game?" He asked and the boy confirmed."Well, I love the idea."

"Then it's settled."He said, and then gave Ben a quick goodbye kiss. "I guess I better get going."

Everything happened so fast, one moment Harry had his tongue down his throat, the other Ben was all alone in his game room contemplating what had just happened?

Ben really wasn't the type of person who just had fun with someone and then forgot about it. He was a romantic by nature, but he really really liked Harry and liked spending time with him, and he also really liked kissing him, but he just couldn't see a reason why Harry would want anything serious with him.

It's not that Ben looked down on himself, really, he knew he wasn't a bad boyfriend, he knew he was good-looking, but dating a king was more complicated than most people could handle. Besides, he knew Harry liked to go out with different people, and he'd never want to take something that made Harry happy away from him.

So, yeah. He didn't need to be that terrible clingy stereotype, he could deal with no strings attached making out. 

All in all, he was in ecstasy about what happened. That wasn't his first kiss, or even his first make out session, but still he felt like he experienced something completely new. 
He never knew he could even feel this type of desire. Especially not from just a kiss. Or, well, a few kisses.
And his heat was still a month away, so he knew it wasn't something
purely biological.

He wanted to talk to someone. Tell them what happened, how it was and how he felt afterwards. It's like he didn't want to keep the experience to himself.

He thought about talking to Gil, but that would be weird, since he lives with Harry and would probably be hearing it from him. And he would never mention any of this to his parents, so he decided to call Mal.

"Hey Ben, what's up?" She answered quickly, but by then he was already questioning himself.

"Is it... is it weird if I talk to you about my love life?" He asked, suddenly nervous."I mean, we broke up not that long ago, but you're one of my best friends."

"We were behaving like friends even when we were dating, so there's no reason to stop now." She joked."But seriously, it's not weird at all. You can always talk to me about anything."

He let out a breath with relief. Mal's friendship was precious to him and he was still a little unsure where they were standing.

"Thank God!" He said. "I really miss talking to you like that."

"So do I." She said. "But what happened? Is this some kind of girl trouble? Or is it boy trouble?"

Ben sighed.
"I wouldn't call it trouble, exactly. I'd say things are going... well?" He knew he didn't sound all that convincing.

"It doesn't sound like it is." Mal replied. "So, spill it."

"I'm kind of having a thing with Harry?" Again, not so convincing.

"Harry as in Harry Hook? From Uma's crew?" She let out a laugh. "I did not see that one coming."

Ben blushed, thankful that the Alpha couldn't see him.

"Yeah, yeah... didn't see that one coming either. We have been flirting non-stop for the last month and now he finally made a move." He explained."But I don't know if he's ok with people knowing so, please don't tell anyone."

"Of course, Ben." She said, voice a little softer now.

"I'm not really sure why I called? I just... feel so giddy I wanted to share it with someone." He said.

"That's actually pretty cute." She commented.

"But also, I'm worried? Because I'm pretending I am 100% sure I will not get too attached, when I'm actually 60% sure I will get too attached." The boy explained. "Does that make sense?"

"I guess." She answered. "I'm not the best person to help you deal with your feelings. Fuck knows I barely deal with my own. But... it seems like you're already falling a little bit."

He groaned. That's not what he wanted to hear.

"No! I can't be, I really can't. This will ruin everything." He exclaimed."I'm almost sure he doesn't really want anything serious. But really, it's fine by me. I get it, it's fine."

"It really sounds like it isn't, Ben." Just by her tone he knew the look she would be giving him if they were having this conversation face to face.

"But it is! I swear!" Ben insisted. "I just... want to enjoy our time together and see where this goes, you know?"

"I know how it is." She answered. "I guess you're right. I mean, everything in life is about taking a risk. Even if this goes sour, at least you'll try it."

It actually made a lot of sense when Mal put it that way. So what if it may end up being a terrible mistake? It may end up being a wonderful experience either, even if they never become a couple.

In fact, this sense of adventure was exciting. His heart was taking a leap tonight and the adrenaline was getting him high.

"And, yeah, everyone says Harry is a heartbreaker, but it only depends on you not giving him your heart fully unless you know you can trust him."She advised. "But really, Harry is not a bad guy. I don't think he'll truly do something to hurt you."

"By goodness, Mal. You're completely right." He answered. "When did you get this wise?"

She laughed and it was contagious, so they ended up laughing together for no reason, other the joy of knowing they still got each other company. 

T h e   n e x t   d a y

Gil felt like he might pass out from how nervous he was. The game was only a few minutes from happening, and even if it was just a friendly game, no championship or pressure, it was still his first game.

By that time, almost everyone in the team was already used to his presence, had already warmed up to him. Except Liam, who still looked at him weird, but he wasn't really a threat.

He got ready at the ship and then went to meet up with the other players at school, for warm up and such.

As always, Jay was being a supportive captain and friend. And also making it very harder for Gil not to fall even harder for him.

"Ok, guys. It's time to show what we've got." Jay said, gathering the team for a pre-game pep talk."But don't stress too much. We just have to give our best and have fun, that's all today is about."

And then, in what felt like seconds, the game had started.

It was a though one, the other players were good but, thankfully, weren't overly aggressive. So, just as Jay said, all they had to do was give their best.

Jay managed to score, but it didn't take long for the other team to score as well. And they went the longest time with the score tied, which wasn't a bad result but Gil really wished his first game came with a victory.

It was very fun, even with the added pressure of it being a real game. He felt warm and loved watching his friends rooting for him, Uma even brought a poster with his name on it.

It was such a surreal experience, to be there on the spotlight, playing like he was one of the cool guys or something.

Things got even more surreal, once there was only two minutes left of the game and the ball was suddenly passed to him.
He wasted maybe two seconds thinking about what it meant, but quickly did something about it: He did his best, managed to stay away from enemy players and managed to score a goal on the last few seconds left of the game.

He had made it! He scored the winning goal on his first game ever.
He could barely believe it.

As soon as the game was over, the other players were all over him, hugging him, praising him. Even Liam told him he did a good job.

"Dude, do you know how much of a big deal that is? You're practically our team star right now!" Jay said, holding him tight.

"What? No, no, this was just a game. Everyone knows you're the real star." Gil was quick to reassure.

"Well, I don't mind sharing the spotlight with you." He answered.

Then, Gil was being hugged again, this time by Harry and Uma, who somehow got into the field as well.

"Man, what was that? Why didn't you tell us you were this good?" Harry said, sounding excited.

"Seriously, you could make a career out of this if you wanted, Gil. We're so proud of you." Uma said.

Gil already felt like he was floating and that only added to that feeling.
Making Uma and Harry proud, being worth all the trouble they went through for him, was all Gil could ask for.

He was in bliss.

Soon, Ben also went talk to him, wearing a big smile on his face. 
"Gil, you're awesome!" He told him. "It's so good to see a fellow omega on tourney. Especially someone as good as you!"

He hugged Ben and thanked everyone again. He was still processing everything.

A few more minutes talking and all the noise started to die down as people started to leave and the players started to go to the locker room. However, Gil was still high with adrenaline.

"Hey, we should totally go out to celebrate. You, me and Harry." Uma prompted. "Wait, where's Harry?"

As soon as they noticed that Ben was also gone, it was easy to conclude what happened.

"Okay, then we could probably go without him. Or maybe wait until him and Ben are done?" She asked.

Gil, shrugged, not really wanting to go anywhere. In fact, he was barely trusting his legs to move at that moment.

"Can we do it tomorrow?" Gil asked. "My legs are killing me right now."

"Sure." She answered. "Just go take a shower, and I'll wait here."

"You think the locker room is empty already?" He asked. "I don't use it if there are other people there."

"I guess, look over there." She said, pointing to a group of players just outside the locker room, all already out of their uniforms.
Normally, he wouldn't get in there even if the whole school was empty, but the pleasure of winning, of making people proud, had messed with his head.

So, without thinking too much, he entered the room, happy that he had remembered to take fresh clothes.

"Woah!" Gil heard the squeak and turned around to realize  jay was still there.

Thank Evil, he wasn't showering or naked, just shirtless. But it was enough to make Gil blush.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know you-" He started to apologize, but got interrupted.

"Hey, it's fine." Jay said, getting closer to him. "I was just surprised, that's all. You can come here anytime you want, you're a member of the team. And a great one."

Gil had to blush at that.
"Thanks, Jay. I really had fun tonight."

"You know, keep training and there'll be lots of winning scores for you to make." He said. "Really, Gil. I'm proud of you being part of my team."

Gil wasn't sure why he did what he did next. He wasn't thinking, there was no rational thought behind his actions.

He blames part of it on the fact that he was still high with adrenaline and the happiness of winning. Of being part of something like that.
It felt like everything was in slow motion since they won the game.

And then there was Jay saying he was proud of him. Can you even imagine that? Jay, charming, handsome, perfect Jay being proud of him?

So he just let the feeling consume him, let all these emotions, not only the ones he felt that night but all he had felt during that whole month, cloud his judgement.

Gil closed his eyes, puckered up his lips, and started to move his face closer to Jay's, intending to kiss him.

Right when he could almost taste the Alpha's lips,  he felt strong hands on his shoulders, stopping him.

"Gil... I'm sorry." Jay said, still holding his shoulder."But I love Carlos, I can't do that."

He froze. He suddenly felt numb, his brain barely catching up with what had happened.

"I know I kind of lead you on and I'm sorry." Jay continued his speech. "But I can't break his trust anymore than I already did. I just... I can't."

It took him a few more seconds to process what he had just heard and do something about it.
It felt like the floor beneath him was disappearing.

"No, n-no, it's fine." He finally answered. "This... this is on me. I'm s-sorry."

And then he ran.
He ran out of the locker room and across the field. He could vaguely hear Uma screaming his name, asking him to stop running, but he couldn't.

He ran out of the school and into the ship, feeling like he was going to suffocate from the tears. As he locked himself up in his room, he could barely breathe already.

Gil sobbed and sobbed, not even caring about all the noise he was making. In fact, he couldn't think about anything other than how bad he had fucked up. 

Chapter Text

He and Ben managed to escape a few minutes after the game was over. 
They went behind the benches and with barely any talk, they were kissing roughly again. 
Harry wanted nothing more than to let his hands wander all over Ben's body, but he knew the boy might not be ready for that yet. So he just let both of his hands rest on Ben's hips.


The Alpha was burning with desire and he could feel that the omega felt the same.


"God, we could have been doing this for weeks."Ben said, when they stopped to catch a break.


"Better make up for the lost time, then, yer highness." He answered.


And they were back to making out. Everything about Ben was so soft and delicious that Harry could keep doing this for hours.
And he would, had Uma not interrupted them:
"Hell, Harry! I've been looking for you like crazy!"


Harry could only sigh from the stress. Really? Couldn't she see he was busy? 
At least, Ben was blushing hard at being caught, and he was even prettier when he blushed.


"Yeah, but I'm kinda busy right now." He answered.


"Not anymore, you need to come with me." She said. "There's something wrong with Gil."


Suddenly, Harry's face softened and all thoughts of wanting Uma to go disappeared.


"What? Is he ok? Where is he?" He asked.


"I think he ran back to the ship. But he was crying, and seemed to be really desperate." She explained. "I called his name, but I think he didn't even listen."


Well, now that made Harry get really worried.


"Ben, look, I'm sorry, but I really need to go now." He said.


"Hey, it's fine." Ben answered, seeming worried as well. "If there's anything I can do to help, please tell me, okay?"


So, Harry and Uma just left running and went straight to the ship.
He didn't know what they would do if Gil wasn't there.


A million different thoughts about what could have happened to his friend crossed Harry's mind and none of them were good which only made him more anguished.


By the time they finally made it to the ship, they could hear Gil sobbing inside his room.
Well, at least they found him, right?


Uma tried to open the door, but, of course, it was locked.
"Gil? What's happening?" She asked. "Please, open the door."


The sobbing just continued. They didn't even know if the boy could hear them or if he was too out if it to listen. 
"Please, just let us know you're not hurt." Harry tried. "Whatever it is, it's okay. We just want to help."


But it was in vain.


He could hear them. Even if his own ugly sobs muffled their voices, he could still hear them. 
And the worst is that they sounded so worried, as if he were someone worth of their care and attention. But he wasn't and he knew it.


He couldn't believe what he had done. He felt dirty, he felt like was the scum of earth. How could he do this?


All of Hook's pirates were right. They were right to hurt him, to tell him he deserved it, to tell him he was a worthless dumb slut because that's exactly what he was. And he couldn't open that damn door, otherwise both Uma and Harry would know it too.


For a brief moment he was able to make them proud of him that day, but it only lasted a few minutes. It was about to be washed away by the shame of what he had just done. How would they still be able to look him in the eye after being disappointed like that?


Harry had warned him to stay away. He probably knew Gil was an insatiable little whore who wouldn't be able to keep his legs shut and, therefore, would bring shame to the whole crew with his actions. Harry was the one who caught him in the act with the other pirates, so he'd know. 
But Gil didn't listen to his warning. No, like a disrespectful little bitch he did the exact opposite of what was asked of him. God, Harry was an Alpha, the first mate of that ship and someone to whom Gil literally owes his life. How did Gil dare disobey him like that?


Gil knew he deserved whatever they did to him after bringing so much shame on their crew. He deserved to get punished, he deserved to have Harry's hook making him bleed, marking him permanently. He deserved to have Uma beat him to a bloody pulp for all he made them go through. Then, he deserves to get thrown overboard, he deserves to not have a single soul caring about whether he'd drown or survive.


And honestly, he could go through all of this. He knew they were both much more considerate than he deserved, so they wouldn't even go that far.


The reason why he was truly afraid to open that door was the disappointment he would have to face. He'd rather have Harry spit on his face, than hear him saying how disgusting he was. He'd rather have Uma punch him, than see true hatred when she looked at him.


He had made them fight a war for him. He had lead them to believe he was innocent, he was good, he was someone worth risking their own lives and the lives of others for.


He deceived them.


It was almost the time they had planed for the attack to begin and Gil was a pile of nerves.
He still wasn't sure that was the best idea. How could he expect Uma to organize everything for this battle? How could he expect Harry to fight against his own father and many other people who practically raised him?


"Guys, are you sure about that? Please... think bout it. I'm sorry to drag you into this and I don't want you to get hurt 'cause of me." He said.


"Gil, don't blame yourself for this, ok? Everyone knows you didn't want what they did to you, so no one else blames you for this." Uma said.


"Yeah, you didn't drag us into this." Harry added."My father did that when he hurt you."


That only soothed Gil a little, but he could deal with it. If his friends were sure that they really wanted to fight, then he'd be the best soldier he could be.


"Ok, everyone, it's time." Uma yelled, gathering everyone who was just waiting for her instructions."Let's just stick to the plan and hopefully things will work out."


And they did, for the most part: they managed to get the pirates by surprise, quickly surrounding the first group they found.
Most of those weren't really loyal, and ran away as soon as the conflict began. 
Others, they managed to contain with ropes and chains. Uma hoped they'd be able to give useful information about the ship and the remaining pirates.


It didn't take too long for the others to wake up and notice that something was going on. 
And that was when the battle really began: sword fighting and screams, lethal wounds and blood.


They successfully managed to outnumber the rivals, which gave them the up hand in the fighting.
Both Uma and Harry were brilliant with their respective swords, slicing anything that dared to cross their way.


Gil was fighting with a guy he couldn't remember the name; one of the Alphas that were part of the crew. 
And the rush of power he felt when he finally made the opponent lose his sword and become defenseless was   out of this world.
It felt like reclaiming something. Something these men had taken from him, and for the first time during all his time as an omega on the Isle, he felt powerful.


It only lasted a couple of seconds, but Gil would never forget that feeling. 
Then, he felt a rough hand on his hair yanking his head back harshly and suddenly he was powerless again.


"Well, well, well..." Captain Hook's voice soared in his ear. "It seems like we've got a rebellious little whore here."


Gil had a sword. He was good with it. He knew he wasn't as good as the captain, but he wanted to at least try to defend himself.


But all he did was freeze. That man had some kind of power over him, he terrified Gil in a way he had never experienced before coming to live on the ship. 
Of all the Alphas who took him, Hook was the most ruthless one. He wanted it to hurt, he wanted to prove how cruel he could be and he urged the others to do the same. 
So just looking at his face was like living a nightmare, was like being reminded of every way he was hurt over and over again.


"Please... leave me alone." Gil begged, pathetically.


The man let out a sadistic laugh, slowly dragging the hook through his arms.
"You come into my ship trying to take over what's mine, your friends kill my crewmates and you ask me to have mercy on you?" He said. "You're even dumber than I thought, slut."


So he just took advantage of all the fighting, yelling and confusion that was happening to drag the boy by the hair towards his cabin.


He probably knew he was going to lose the ship anyway, Gil thought, since the odds weren't in his favor, and wanted to have one last memory of the chaos and pain he could create there.


Just as he was about to close the cabin, someone put their feet on the door, making their way in.


"Father, you're going to let him go."Harry said. "Right now."


He spoke as someone who was sure they were going to get what they wanted. 
He had blood all over his clothes and on his sword, even a little bit of blood on his face. And it clearly wasn't his.


"Son, why are you doing this?" Hook asked, still holding Gil by the hair. "This ship is going to be yours soon, anyway. Why betray your father like that?"


"Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?" He yelled. "You and your disgusting little crew raped one of my best friends!"


Gil flinched at the word, but he was sure Harry didn't even notice.
He was so out of it, bloody and screaming like a crazy man. 
Seeking revenge like a crazy man.


"You can't be serious." The captain laughed. "You are so much like me, son. You can't just let such frivolous things like an omega or friendships stop you from achieving your full potential."


"I am nothing like you." Harry said through gritted teeth.


The man finally let go of Gil, probably knowing he was too scared to go anywhere.


"Of course you are, my son.Just look at you." He said, getting closer to Harry. "Marvelous at fighting, dripping the blood of your enemies without a single care. You're just as ruthless as your old man."


"I wouldn't kill an innocent." Harry said. "And I would never do to an omega what you did to Gil."


The omega just watched the whole interaction, not trusting any of his limbs to get up and join the fight again or even run away.


"That's just how the world is! People like him" The captain pointed with his hook at Gil. "are weak, useless for anything other than our pleasure. People like us are strong, and you'll be much happier once you start taking advantage of that."


Harry looked possessed with how angry he was. If it was anyone else, Gil would be scared of them, but he trusts Uma and Harry with his life.


"Don't talk to him like that!" He yelled, pointing the sword at his father. "And don't you dare compare me to you."


"Or you'll do what, exactly?" The man asked, not seeming afraid at all. "I'm your father, I know you won't hurt me."


Then, the Captain turned and gave Gil a wicked side-smile. It was interesting how father and son had almost matching facial expressions, but transmitted different things.


He walked up to Gil and grabbed his hair again.
"Take off your clothes, slut." He ordered. "Now."


Petrified at the tone of voice, Gil decided that it was best to obey than to face the consequences and slowly started to take of his clothes.


"What the hell are you doing? I won't let you touch him again."


"Oh, I won't." He clarified. "You will."


No, no, nonono Oh, Evil, no.




"Gil, please!" Harry banged on the door. "We just want to talk, ok?"


Gil took a deep breath. Now was not the time to have flashbacks of his past horrors, it was time to face the present ones.


Whatever the consequences were Gil knew he owed them both an explanation, even if it hurt him. What was done was done and there was nothing he could do to take his dignity back.


So he slowly got up and unlocked the door, trying to be strong.


But as soon as Uma took a look at his face, she said:
"Oh God, Gilly. What happened to you?" 
And that was all it took for him to break down again.


"I'm so, s-so sorry. S-sorry, I'm just... " He tried to explain. "I'm sorry."
Harry had to physically hold him, otherwise he'd fall to his knees. That's how weak he felt.


"Hey, we just want to make sure you're alright. Nobody is mad at you." Uma reassured him.


"You s-should... you should b-be." He insisted.


"Ok, then let's just sit on the bed and you can explain it better." She said.
It was impressive how she could seem extremely calm in situations like these.


They did just that. He was sat between the two of them, trying to make the words come out of his mouth.


"All... all I w-wanted was to make you g-guys proud. To be a u-useful part of the crew... a good p-pirate. To... to earn w-what you guys did f-for me." He started. "But I didn't do t-that. And I'm s-sorry. I'm sorry for a-all the time you spent on m-me. But I can't be a p-pirate... I can b-barely be human. I'm j-just a dumb bitch."


Both of them looked perplexed, shocked by the harsh words, but Gil knew they were necessary. So he went on:
"Your father was right, H-Harry. I'm, I'm a slut... I'm just a weak, weak slut. I'm so, so sorry I made you think I am a-anything other than that."


"Hell, Gil! Don't say those stuff. What the fuck are you even talking about?" Harry asked, sounding shocked.


"I... I... I tried to kiss Jay." He finally let out, and then started sobbing again.


There, it was all out now. 
He thought it might feel good to admit it, but it didn't. It just made him feel even more unworthy.


"Oh, Gil..." Harry said, rubbing his shoulder in a comforting manner. "That guy was trouble from the very beginning, he doesn't deserve you."


He didn't sound mad, but he had to be, right? Had he not heard what Gil just said?


"Wait, you mean Jay as in Jafar's son?" She asked. "The one who is dating the De Vil boy?"


"Yeah, Gil has kind of a thing for him." He answered. "I knew, but he asked me not to tell you."


"I... I d-didn't want t-to dis-disappoint you." Gil explained.


Evil, this whole situation was a mess.


He needed to show them he understood the weight of his actions, that's the very least he could do.
Mistaking their silence as... he wasn't sure, probably hate or disgust, Gil added:
"Don't worry... I k-know I can't be here now. This place is for pirates, for fighters." He sniffed. "I'll go back to the Isle right now. That's... that's the place I should be. That's the place for people who are bad... and dirty. And that's what I-I am."


As they were still in silence, he was quick to add.
"Of c-course... after you punish me for w-what I did. For making you think I'm a good person." He dropped to his knees on the ground."I'm worst than any enemy for b-breaking your trust like that and I know I deserve... I deserve to suffer."


He dropped his head too, not wanting to look them in the eye.
He knew they'd be more merciful than he deserved, but their eyes wouldn't.


"Gil... please look at me." He heard Uma call and obeyed her.


He couldn't be any more disrespectful and insolent than he already was, tainting the image of Uma's crew with his wanton ways.


"Yes, I'm sad you didn't trust me with that information." She said. "But I am not disappointed. And I am not kicking you out of this ship. You belong here, Gil."


Hm, w h a t?


"And no one is going to hurt you." Harry added. "We would never raise a hand against you. C'mon, man, you know that."


"But... but I..." Gil tried to find the words, but couldn't."What I did... That's not how pirates act. That's how weak sluts act, how side bitches act. I will only bring shame to our crew."


"No, buddy. You made a mistake and that's how humans act. You're not weak because of that." Uma said.


Gil always knew they both were too merciful on him, but they couldn't let him get away with that. 
What were people going to think? That the crew was a mess? That Uma wasn't able to control what happens in her own ship? Besides, how about the fact that he disobeyed a direct order?


"Guys... you... you can't do that." Gil tried again.


"This is my ship and if I want to say you're allowed to stay, then that's it. You are allowed to stay. " Uma said. "Now, please, get up and sit here with us again."


He obeyed again, of course.


"Gil, look..." Harry started, more soft than ever. "You don't really think like that, you don't really want to go back to the Isle, do you? I bet it's just... you're listening to them again. Repeating things my dad and the others told you."


Gil didn't give him an answer because he didn't have a good one.
That... that might be true? Sometimes, he thought or say somethings about himself that were exact repetitions of what he had been told.


Almost like they had burned it into his brain and mixed it with his thoughts.


"Anyway, you're not leaving this ship while you're in this mindset. We really don't want you to get hurt, Gil." Uma said. "You know why? 'Cause you're part of this crew, and we're always going to want you here, silly."


This also made a lot of sense. Even if he was starting to calm down, he knew his mind was still fuzzy from everything that happened that day.
It was for the best if he just stayed inside.


"Thanks, guys..." He said. "I'm sorry for worrying you."


"It's fine, Gil." Harry said, already getting up. "I'm... I'm going to clear my head a little, ok? You two don't wait upon me."


And, just like that, he left. 
Harry was clearly trying to control himself, but it was noticeable he wasn't fine.


"You think he's mad at me?" Gil asked Uma. "'Cause he told me not to see Jay, and I d-didn't listen, so-"


"Hey, Gil, calm down!" Uma interrupted. "He's not mad at you for that... he's either very worried or spiralling from guilt over what his dad did to you."


Gil sighed. He hated when Harry did that... compared himself to his father or accepted the blame for the man's actions. 
Or blamed himself for not noticing sooner.


"Anyway, if he needs to be alone, then he needs to be alone." Uma said, knowing very well how Harry can be. "I'll check up on him first thing in the morning."


Gil gave her a half smile. Uma may seem like the confrontational type, maybe even an angry person to outsider, but when it concerns people she cares about? She's the most protective and adoring person he's ever met.


"Did Jay..." She tried to ask him something, in such a soft voice it didn't match Uma at all. "Did he at least kiss you back?"


Gil shook his head.
"Harry is wrong about him. He's a good one." He said. "Told me he loves Carlos and didn't want to break his trust."


Uma made a face at that.


"I'm sorry about that, buddy. Now, I think we should get to sleep." She offered. "It'll help to put your mind at ease again."


Uma ended up sleeping in his bedroom; they did that sometimes when one of the trio had a rough day.
They may have had this reputation of big bad pirates back in the Isle, but they had never passed the opportunity to cuddle.


He didn't knew exactly where he was going, he just needed to leave that ship.


It happened again, just like it happened every damn time: just when he thought Gil might be getting better, it turns out he's worse than he had ever been. 
It terrifies him. Knowing he's the son of the person who did this to his friend. It was like he could feel the evil in his DNA just thinking about it.


The guilt never left him. He should have known something was up from the very beginning. Gil was only 13 when his father accepted him into the crew, Harry should have known his father wouldn't let a stranger this inexperienced, especially an omega, into his crew without ulterior motivation.


He should have known . After he found out what was happening all signals appeared to be clear, so why didn't he figure it out before? Why couldn't he save his friend from that?


"Harry?" He heard Ben's unmistakable voice. "I was heading to your ship, to see how Gil is doing... I got worried."


As much as he liked Ben's presence most of the time, he didn't know how he felt about him being there at the moment.
His thoughts were messy and he wanted to be left alone with them.


"He's... he's going to be fine." He answered. "He's not hurt if that's what you mean."


Only he is. He is hurt, has been for years and part of it is Harry's fault.


"What about you?" Ben asked. "You seem agitated."


He moved to place a hand that was meant to be comforting on Harry's shoulder, but he really didn't need that.
"Don't fucking touch me!" He kind of yelled, but immediately felt bad for it. "I didn't... I shouldn't have done that."


"It's fine." The king answered, a little bit startled. "But you are not. Is something bad happening?"


"You... you should get away from me. I'm not good for you." Harry felt a bit hysteric as he said it, but it was the truth. "I'm poison, Ben."


"Harry... I don't know what you're talking about. Just, try to stay calm, ok?"


Harry shook his head. Ben didn't understand it. 
"No, no. I mean it, you should not be seeing me at all. "He tried again. "I'll end up hurting you, I'll end up tainting you."


Ben looked even more confused and Harry started to feel even more out of himself.
His legs were fidgeting and he felt like all this awful energy was trying to find a way out of his body, but couldn't.


"You're not making any sense, Harry." Ben said. "Did something happen to you and Gil?"


"He... he got hurt back on the Isle. My father hurt him." Harry finally explained. "And I really don't wanna be like him, but... I already am! That's why you gotta stay away."


Ben eyes went wide at that, but Harry wasn't sure what exactly shocked him.


"Look, I've never known your father, but I know you, at least a little bit. And that's enough to know you are not evil." Ben insisted on defending him. 
Harry needed to make him see, make him realize the kind of person he was.


"I'm a cold-blooded murderer, Ben. I'm a bad person!" Again, it sounded more like a yell than anything.


"Harry, please don't look down on yourself. I know that-"


"I killed him!" Harry interrupted the king, screaming himself hoarse.


"You... you what?" Ben sounded more surprised than actually confused this time.


"I killed my own father, yer highness."
"Oh, I won't." He clarified. "You will."


If the situation wasn't this serious, Harry would be laughing at how ridiculous the idea was. Of course, he'd never do that.


"You must be crazier than everyone thinks, father." He answered. "I'll not hurt Gil like this and you should know this by now."


Father rolled his eyes, as if that was just teenage drama and not an actual life or death situation.


The man squatted beside Gil, who was just in his underwear by now, and grabbed his face.
"Son, look at it. The bitch had a sword and was out there fighting, but all it took was one order, and here he is. Almost naked, kneeling by our feet." Hook said. "That's exactly how the world is supposed to be."


God, Harry felt sick. How could he have been raised by a man like that? Someone this twisted?


"C'mon, son. Deep down, every Alpha craves this. You'll enjoy the power as much as I do." He said. "So, do it. Prove you're just as much Alpha as your old man."


To make everything worse Gil was quietly crying his eyes out. 
Harry couldn't even imagine how he must feel, back again on this nightmare after being promised it would never happen again.


"No." He answered simply, with gritted teeth.


Hook let out an evil laugh at that, and got closer to his son.
"And who said you have a choice?" He said, smiling wickedly as he started to drag his hook against Harry's neck.


The boy took a deep breath. It was just pressure, it wasn't hurting yet. He wouldn't hurt Gil because of that.


Then Hook used his flesh hand to grab his son by his coat, digging the hook just a little deeper.
"I know you won't kill me, father." He said, sure of his words.


"Do you, boy? How much do you really know me at all? Until not long ago you had no idea I've been fucking your precious little friend for years." He laughed. "Besides, even if I don't kill you, you know I'm not against hurting you."


To prove his point, he pressed the hook enough to draw a little blood.


"H-Harry..." Gil pleaded. "It's okay. J-just do what he wants... It's o-okay."


Honestly, Gil was too fucking good for that goddamn Island.
The look of complete desolation on the omega's face would be forever burned into his memory.


"Look at that, son. The slut wants you to do it." He kept playing with the hook on Harry's throat. "Go ahead, show him his place."


The captain let his son go and went to grab Gil by the hair and drag him closer to Harry.


Then he just waited there, eyeing both of them wickedly.
"It's fine, Harry... " Gil insisted, still crying."I understand, I s-swear."


Harry wasn't sure what came over him; to this day he didn't know what he was thinking. He doesn't remember thinking 'I'm going to kill him!', he didn't plan on doing it. Even if Hook was a sick son of a bitch, he was still his father.


But it seemed like his only other option was to do this terrible thing to one of the most caring people on the Isle, this thing he knew he would never forgive himself if he did.
Gil had already been through so much, he wouldn't survive being hurt like this by one of his best friends, someone who was supposed to protect him.


Harry felt trapped, felt like he had no way out. So he had to make a way out.


In a swift move that even Harry wasn't completely aware of, he took his sword out of his sheath and stabbed it into his father's chest.


Time barely resisted on those few first seconds, he could vaguely hear that Gil was screaming, but other than that nothing else could get his attention.


"Father! Oh Evil..." He exclaimed, kneeling down next to the man and trying to stop the bleeding, but knowing it was in vain. The cut was too deep.


"I've... I've told you...we're more alike than you... than you thought." The man said, between bloody coughs. "A cold-blooded m-murder...  just like your father..."


And just like that, he watched the life drain out of his father's eyes.


It felt like it happened in the blink of an eye... and the worst of it all is that all Harry could feel was numbness.


He wasn't sad over his father dying, he wasn't crying and he didn't feel the need to cry. His eyes weren't even glassy. How fucked up is that?


"Oh E-evil... I'm so, so sorry! H-Harry... I... "Gil was trying to talk to him, but honestly the Alpha couldn't deal with it at the moment.


"Gil, please... just put your clothes back on." He said and his friend took the hint, quietly doing as he was told.


Harry wasn't sure exactly how much time had passed as he waited there, looking at his father's lifeless body.
It felt surreal, like he was just dreaming. 
That man was a monster and he most likely than not deserved to die, but Harry didn't want to be the one to do it.


Suddenly, the door to the cabin was opened
"Hey, I was looking f- what the actual fuck? " Uma said, entering the room slowly. Clearly not expecting the sight that greeted her.


It clearly wasn't a pretty one: Harry was covered in blood, kneeling on the ground next to his father's corpse and Gil was sitting on a corner with tears in his eyes.


Uma was an intelligent girl and she could picture more or less of what had happened in there.
She quietly walked up to Harry and put a hand on his shoulder.


"Harry, are you okay?" She asked.


"Yeah... yeah, I'm just... don't touch me, ok?" He asked, in a soft voice he could barely recognize as his.
Uma let go of him as if she had been burned.


He felt like he wasn't worth being touched at all. His father's last words echoed in his ears, making him feel like the most evil being on that Isle.


He didn't move an inch as Uma went to make sure Gil wasn't hurt, asking him if he was ok and such. He was glad she was doing it, since he was in no state to take care of Gil at all.


"Harry... It's over. We won. Everyone is outside waiting for us." She let him know.


He nodded and started to move to get up, but he decided to do one thing before.


He wasn't sure why he decided to take the hook that day. Either as a reminder that they did it, they won, he, Uma, Gil and a bunch of other kids were able to take down everyone on that ship and prove their worth.
Or as a reminder of what he didn't want to become. Something like 'that's the only thing I'm taking from him'.


Or maybe he was just hurt by that piece of crap so many times that he wanted to give it a new meaning, to reclaim it. He could still see a bit of his own blood on the top of the hook, after all.


Whatever the reason was, he took it from the man's arm and got up, following Uma to where everyone was gathered.


"That's it, everyone. We won." Uma announced and everyone cheered. "The ship is ours."


Harry wish he didn't feel so fucking numb and could actually enjoy what was happening. 
The ship belonged to them now and, more important, Gil was finally safe from the pirates' lecherous hands.


"So, give it up for our new and improved Captain Hook!" Uma said, pointing and him.


Oh, no. No, he didn't want that at all. 
The last thing he wanted was to be the new Captain Hook, even if he was supposed to be an improved version or something.
Harry could barely control his own feelings, let alone a whole ship.


He wasn't about to fill that man's place.


Everyone was still cheering and clapping, but he raised his voice so he could be heard clearly:
"Well, that just won't do. I think Uma should be our captain."


She looked shocked. 
"What? What are you doing, Harry?" She asked, practically whispering to him, not really wanting the whole crowd to hear it. "You adore this ship, you've always wanted to be captain."


"Uma, no one is as good of a leader as you are. You organized this whole thing alone, your strategy was impeccable. You deserve it." He said, matching her tone. "Besides, I'm not interested in being the new Captain Hook, in any way, shape or form."


She slowly nodded, understanding what he meant. 
"If you're sure about that... " She said. "But you're still going to be my first mate, right?"


He nodded, finally managing a small smile despite everything. 
"So, everyone, give it up for our true captain: Uma!" Harry said, this time loud enough for everyone to hear.


As the cheering went on, Harry couldn't help but let his mind go back to what he had done. He still had blood on his hands...


He truly wished he felt anything over it, but he didn't. He didn't even regret what he had done, he'd do it again and again if it meant not letting Hook hurt anyone else.
And that's what scared him the most: what kind of monster kills their own father and claim they'd do it again?
What kind of evil being kills their own father and feels nothing about it? Shouldn't he felt guilty? Sad, at the very least? 
There must be something very wrong about him, something worse about him than everyone else on the Isle.


It turns out, Hook must have been right all along... Harry was just like his father.


He was just as ruthless and cold-blooded as him.




"W-what?" Ben asked, shocked.


"Exactly what you just heard." Harry answered, looking distraught."Now you know exactly what kind of person I am. Still wanna be here with me?"


Harry turned his back to Ben, as if he didn't want to see his reaction to that.


Ben felt both his head and his heart hurting. His head was spinning from trying to process the information; he didn't even know Hook was dead at all. He just assumed Harry and his father didn't get along very well, which seems to be the case with most of the VKs.
And his heart, well, it hurt to watch someone you care about looking so hopeless.


"Harry... I don't really know what to say." He started."But Gil has told me a bit about how he was... hurt back on the Isle. So, I can put two and two together and have an idea of the kind of man your father was."


Harry turned slightly at that. Looking like he didn't expect Ben to say what he was saying.
So he continued. 
"And, I know you know that here in Auradon we don't approve of murder. No matter the circumstances. But I wasn't there, I don't know how the Isle worked..." His voice was soft as he spoke. "So, I bet there was a really good reason for you to do it. I still believe in you."


Harry's eyes were a little shiny at that, Ben could see he wanted to cry, but didn't allow himself to.
Behind all the confident act, there was just a hurt boy who didn't feel safe enough to expose how he felt.


They went a long while in silence, just looking at each other. Neither of them wanted to break that strange bubble they had created.
Until Harry talked again:


"He... he wanted me to touch Gil... to hurt him. And I... I just couldn't. I couldn't do that, Ben. I didn't want to kill him, you have to believe me! I just... I just couldn't be the one to hurt my friend like that."


Ben's heart shattered at that. He couldn't imagine a father wanting his own son to rape another person. The idea was too nefarious for him to even fathom. What was Hook even getting out of that? How could someone be so evil?


And the way that talking about it completely broke the Alpha was devastating. He still wasn't crying, but you could see the utter desperation and pain in his eyes as talked.


"Oh, Harry..."He said. "Can I give you a hug?"


Harry gave a weak little nod, and Ben hugged him as tight as he could, wishing he could heal all the pain and all the scars with that hug.


Harry closed his eyes and let his chin rest on the boy's head and Ben had never felt this warm in his entire life.


He felt like if he ever let go, Harry would just fade away. This thought only made him hold tighter.


There were no words he could say to Harry to fix this. He couldn't say everything was okay, because it clearly wasn't. In a world where a teenager has to choose between raping his best friend or killing his father, nothing was okay. 
He couldn't say things were going to be okay either, because he was not really sure if they were. Can someone fully recover from something like that?
So all he could do was try to transmit everything he felt into that hug.


He wasn't sure how much time they spent like that, and he didn't think Harry knew either. It could have been a minute or an hour, he didn't know. And honestly? He didn't care. 
All he wanted was to be able to comfort Harry as best as he could.


After a while, Harry slowly let go of him. 
"So... you're still not afraid of me?" He asked.


"I'm still not afraid of you."Ben made sure to look him in the eye as he answered."And I don't really think I could be."


Harry smiled at that, a real smile. 
"Well, it's getting late. I should go back to the ship."He said."I'm... hm... thanks. For all of that."


"You're welcome." Ben answered. "Can I walk you there? You... you're not in the best state, I wanna make sure you're okay."


Harry raised an eyebrow at that, probably thinking the idea was a little absurd. Ben laughed at that.
"What? You think an omega wouldn't be able to protect you?" He asked, humorous.


"More like I think someone from Auradon wouldn't be able to protect me."He fired back. "But I accept the offer, yer highness."


It really wasn't an overly long walk, and they made it barely exchanging a word. It should be awkward, but it wasn't.
It felt like their presences were enough, words weren't needed.


Ben's mind was rushing with everything that had happened. He felt a mix of emotions: sorrow, sadness, disgust... the last one at Hook of course.
He barely registered when they got to the ship.


"Well, that's it, yer highness. Have a good night."Harry turned to go, but quickly stopped and looked at Ben again. "Actually... do you want to sleep here?"


Ben's eyes must have went wide at that, because the pirate quickly added:
"I'm not trying to get in your pants, I swear. I just..."


He trailed off, but Ben got it. Harry wasn't very good at asking for help, but the invitation was all he needed.


So, he accepted and got in the ship with him.


He realized he had only been to the ship once, and never went to the living quarters.
It didn't have too much space, but it was nice enough. Had rough touches that matched the personality of its three owners.
He vaguely remembered Gil telling him how the ship was a piece of crap before the repairs and adjustments they had been allowed to make, once they got in Auradon...


When he got into the bedroom, Harry let him borrow a shirt. He changed in the bathroom and, absurdly, he thought he looked adorable in Harry's clothing.


Then, they went to sleep.


It was weird in a way, he had never shared the bed with an Alpha before. Just saying it out loud made him feel awkward, as if he was doing something bad just by being there.


But it also just fits perfectly. He rested his head on Harry's chest, felt his warmth and he knew there was no place in the world he'd rather be.
There wasn't anything sexual about it at all; in fact, it felt like the purest thing he had ever done. 


T h e   n e x t   m o r n i n g


She woke up a little bit earlier than usual, but she wasn't really sure whether or not she'd go to class that day. 
Both her boys had gone through a lot the night before and she didn't want to leave them alone. Of course Uma knew they could take care of themselves, but as a captain she needed to protect her crew.


She heard some noise coming from their tiny kitchen, someone probably trying to cook. Well, it seems like Harry made into the ship safely, which made her breath a bit easier.
But was he seriously trying to make breakfast? The three of them knew Harry was a disaster in the kitchen.


So, she slowly untangled herself from Gil, who was still sleeping peacefully, thank Evil. 
He deserved to rest as much as he wanted.


She got up and went to the kitchen to see what Harry was up to. 
"Harry, are you trying to explode our ki-Oh, fuck." She stopped in her tracks, 'cause who she found was not Harry, but Ben.


The king. Standing in her kitchen. At 6 a.m. Wearing Harry's clothes. With a frying pan on his hand.


Alright, that's not how Uma planned on starting her day.


"This is not what it looks like, I swear."Ben defended himself, with a hint of panic in his eyes.


"Relax, I'm not judging you." She said. "Your sex life is none of my business."


His eyes went even wider at that, and she wasn't sure that was possible.
"No, no, no. There is no sex life to be anyone's business, ok?" He insisted. "I was just... comforting Harry 'cause he wasn't feeling so well. But that's it, I swear."


Uma raised an eyebrow at his desperation. Why did he care so much if she thought they were fucking? 
Then she remembered people in Auradon seemed to make a big deal out of this kind of thing, and decided to drop the topic.


"So... how is he now?" Uma asked.


"He's still sleeping, so I'm not sure." Ben answered."I was trying to make him breakfast, but I couldn't find most of your stuff."


Uma tried not to smile at that. The boy was just the kind of sweetness Harry deserved in his life.


She took the pan out of his hands.
"We don't have much anyway, but let me see what I can do."


Ben frowned at that, clearly upset.
"I thought I told you you can have whatever you want? We have communal gardens and supplies for free... did someone give you trouble over it?"


He was barely into his first few years into his reign and Uma could feel he was born for this.
He looked like he was ready to fist fight anyone who disrespected the Isle kids.


"Chill, Ben. It's fine, we just... don't take too much at once." She said, a little bit uncomfortable. "We're still not really used to having this much food available, let alone all of it fresh."


Ben looked like a kicked puppy at that, just like he always did when someone remembered him all the awful things the VKs had to endure on the Isle.


She didn't know what to say, but luckily she didn't had to. 
Because Gil chose that exact moment to come into the kitchen.


"Hey, Uma. Did Harry come back?" He asked, still clearly sleepy. "Wait... Ben, what you're doing here?"


Ben flushed pink at that. 
"He slept at Harry's." Uma supplied for him.


Gil seemed to frown a little at that, but didn't question them further. It was probably too early for him to function properly... He was never really a morning person.


"So, how are you? Did sleeping make you feel better?" She asked.


Gil just shrugged. 
"Yeah, I guess..." He said. "But I don't really feel up to school... Will I get in trouble if I miss?"


"Not at all, Gil." Ben assured. "I can tell fairy godmother you were not feeling well."


"Thanks." He said, then frowned again. "Wait... did Harry tell you what happened yesterday?"


"Not really... he just said you were sad because of how you were hurt back on the Isle."


The silence following that was quite uncomfortable. The topic wasn't really easily approachable, much less from someone outside their trio. 


Seeming to notice the slight tension, Ben announced:
"Well... I guess I'm going back to Harry's room and er... I'll see if he wants breakfast."


As soon as Uma heard the sound of the door closing, she asked:
"Do you want me to stay here with you? I don't mind ditching."


Gil quickly shook his head.
"No, no. It's fine. I'll just... sleep a little more and maybe think about what I'm going to do." He said."I think I'll go talk to Carlos, after class is over."


Uma raised her eyebrows at that. This didn't sound like a good idea at all. Gil had messed with his Alpha, Carlos probably didn't even want to hear his name.
That is, if Jay even told him what happened.


The boy may be small, but he is from Mal's gang and she wouldn't have let him in if he wasn't capable of- Ok, Uma. You're not on the Isle anymore. That's not how people think here.


"But why?" She asked. "I doubt he wants to speak to you, Gilly..."


"I need to say I'm sorry, Uma. What I did... wasn't good." He explained, eyes a little glassy already. "Carlos is a good guy, and he's a friend, he didn't deserve that."


It was noble of him to want to do that, expose himself like that. 
So, who was she to tell him he shouldn't?


Chapter Text

He woke up to a sweet, soft kiss on his cheek. That softness plus the amazing scent he could smell,  which seemed to be even stronger than usually, gave away who was waking him up.

"Hmm... Is it already school time, yer highness?" He asked, slowly sitting up on the bed, still tired.

"Almost." Ben said."Uma is making breakfast. I tried to do it but I couldn't find your stuff."

Something primal in Harry's chest glowed at the thought of Ben cooking for him, but he tried not to show it.
After all, they weren't even boyfriends or anything. He had no right to feel like that for Ben.

Just then he noticed that Ben was back into the clothes he was wearing before coming to the ship.  
What a shame, Harry really liked having him in his clothes.

"Thanks for waking me up." He said. "Are you staying for breakfast?"

Ben shook his head.
"I need to go back to the castle and change. I don't wanna be late."He explained."So... how are you feeling?"

Harry was kind of fearing this question. 
He knew he was a mess the day before. Literally out of it. But it didn't mean he wanted to talk about how he felt.

The guilt didn't magically go away and neither did the feeling of being similar to his dad. But he felt a lot less hysteric about it, thanks to Ben. 
And to a good night of sleep, of course.

"I'm fine." He said indstead."I mean, I know I was all crazy yesterday, but I'm better now."

Ben frowned at his words. 
"You aren't crazy, Harry. You're just hurt."
How could he manage to be so sincere, so sweet all damn time?
Harry just shrugged, because he had no response to that.

"Well, I really need to go now." Ben said. "If things get bad like that again, call me, ok? I don't want you to suffer alone."

Harry felt something warm in his chest, seeing how much the omega cared about him.

He gave Ben a goodbye kiss, which lasted longer than it should, but c'mon, the boy was delicious. 
And then Ben left.

Harry went to the kitchen shortly after that, finding Uma cooking there.
"Hey..."He said."How is Gil?"

"Better, I think. But he's not going to school." Uma answered."And he also want to talk to Cruella's son later."

Harry made a face at that. Why the fuck would he do this? Sure, the boy didn't seem like the aggressive type, but still. 
The chances of things not going well were high.

Noticing his confusion, Uma supplied:
"He wants to apologize."

Sometimes Harry wondered how Gil had survived the Isle before meeting them.
How could someone this sweet have been in that hell hole?

Well, it made sense that he wanted to apologize, giving how guilty he was feeling the night before.

"And how are you?" She asked him.

"I'm fine." He asnwered."Just freaked out a little last night."

"You know Ben left here reeking of you, right?" She asked, playful. He couldn't help but smile at that. "God, look at this smug smile... And to think Ben tried to convince me you didn't fuck him."

She laughed, clearly not believing that.
"But it's true. We did nothing." He explained. "I was just... kinda out of it, so he stayed to make me company."

Uma stopped what she was doing to look straight in the eyes.
"Let me get this straight: you, the biggest player I know, invited an omega to your bed... for what? Sleep and cuddles?" She asked. "You're starting to fall for him."

"I'm not." He stated, firm. "I don't do dating, Uma."

She rolled her eyes at him and he couldn't blame her.
He knew what it looked like... but he wasn't about to admit it to himself, much less to anyone else. Not even Uma.

Ben was the kind of soft that went surprisingly well with Harry's rough self. Their chemistry was undeniable.

But Harry is not fit for that kind of thing, for relationships. Some may think he feels that way because he doesn't like the idea of exclusivity, but it's mostly not that.
He knew he wouldn't be enough to sustain a relationship. He couldn't imagine himself being romantic or loving.

And a relationship with Ben? This was setting the omega up to disappointment. Harry would end up screwing this up and leaving Ben lonely and heartbroken.

"Harry... just don't waste any chances to have something nice." Uma advised.

He just nodded, knowing there was no good answer for that.
Deep down, he knew she was right.

Gil was sweating from how nervous he felt, as he was walking up to Jay and Carlos' room.

Class must have been over for an hour or so, so Carlos would be home already.  
Gil didn't know what he was going to say. He just knew he needed to find a way to apologize, but the anxiety of not knowing what was expecting him was terrifying.

Would he be angry? Probably. That's the most likely outcome. What Gil had done wasn't something to be taken lightly. Carlos didn't seem to be the one to pick up fights, but these circumstances were out of the ordinary. 
What if he was just sad and disappointed though? Gil really would have a harder time dealing with that than dealing with the anger.

Much too soon he arrived at his destination. It took him more than a minute to create enough courage to knock.

Carlos opened the door and seemed surprised to see him there.
Gil opened his mouth to say he was sorry, to beg for forgiveness but nothing would come out. It was like he was physically unable to say anything.

Carlos looked tired. He looked like someone who couldn't sleep the whole night and Gil's guilt only got stronger.

"Jay is not here yet." He supplied, as Gil wouldn't say anything."He should be coming back from practice anytime now."

He winced. Well, at least Jay wasn't trying to make it a secret.

Finally, his mouth decided to catch up with his brain and he said:
"So... you know about what happened."

"Yeah, Jay told me last night." Carlos answered, then sighed. "Look, I love him more than anyone in this world. But I can't force him to be with me when he clearly wants you. So, if you're here to fight with me over it, forget it. I'm not going to stand in your way."

Gil's jaw dropped.
What the actual fuck? 
He thought he came here to fight him over Jay? In what universe Gil, as an omega, could compete with any other, let alone Carlos?

"Dude, no! I came here to say I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that, I knew Jay was dating you and I did it anyway. That's wrong and I'm so sorry! " He said, scandalized."But what do you even mean? Jay loves you so much, Carlos."

It brought him pain to admit, but the way Jay looked at his boyfriend? Gil didn't know much about love, no one from the Isle really did, but he knew that was it.

Carlos let out a mirthless laugh, eyes getting shiny with tears.

"Gil... he looks at you like you hung the moon. He talks about you with so much enthusiasm that I knew it couldn't be friendly. He laughs more whenever you're around." He said, and looked like he was in pain. "Maybe he got bored of me. Maybe he just realized he would be happier with you. But the truth is I knew I had lost him weeks ago."

This was not how this conversation was supposed to go at all. How could Carlos even think that?

"Really, I was trying to hold him as long as I could." He continued."I told him I wanted to join cheerleading, but I'm not sure I do. I just needed an excuse not to watch tourney practice and see the way he looks at you. But... this was selfish of me. Jay should be with who makes him happier."

No, Gil just... had this wanton vibes that attracted Alphas to him. No matter how much Uma and Harry tried to convince him there was no such thing, he knew there was no other explanation. 
But that was just it! Jay wasn't falling for him, he'd never do that when he already had Carlos.

And honestly, who would choose him over Carlos?
"Carlos, you got it all wrong. What about the way he looks at you? All these years you two are together? Jay would never give up on that. You need to know he loves you, that's why he turned me down."Gil tried to make him understand. "And c'mon, you gotta know between the two of us you're the best option!"

"Oh, yeah, a nerdy runt is everything an Alpha looks for."

"Carlos... I'm bigger than an omega should be, I'm bulkier. I'm even taller than Jay, dude. That's not how an omega should look."Gil was also tearing up a little."I like aggressive, energetic stuff. I know I'm not smart. I'm ruined. There's nothing about me that would make Jay want to leave you."

"Can you two not tear yourselves down, please?" Gil and Carlos both turned to see Jay standing in the hallway. "What is happening here?"

Again, this is not how he expected this to go. Shouldn't practice take longer than that? How is Jay back already?

"I came here to say I'm sorry, I swear." Gil explained. "But Carlos thought I was trying to be with you."

"Jay... I love you, I really do. But if you don't love me anymore, if you want to be with Gil, then you shouldn't feel like you have to be with me."
Jay looked like his boyfriend's words physically pained him.

God, that situation ran out of control so fast Gil could barely explain it. 
He was just supposed to apologize, hear whatever the other omega had to say and get the hell out of there.

"Carlos, I do love you. I love you just as much as I loved you when we started dating. And I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. I'm not planning on leaving you, not now, not ever." He said. "Gil, I can't pretend I don't have feelings for you, 'cause I do. You're funny, and adorable and sweet, how could I not? But I can't be with you... I'm sorry for how flirty I have been, I'm sorry for the way I lead you on."

It was a relief, more than anything, to finally hear those words. 
Most of the time he thought he was crazy for thinking that Jay was flirting with him,  for thinking Jay could ever feel anything for him.

So yeah, the situation wasn't ideal, but now he knew that he didn't make up all of that.

Jay sighed and continued his speech:
"Guys, you're both amazing omegas, I don't even know how I managed to get two of the most incredible people out there interested in me. And I recognize that I'm the one who made this mess and I'm so so sorry for it." He said."I wish that there was a way I could be with both of you, but there isn't. So... I have to choose my first love, you know?"

Gil knew that's how this was going to end, but he had to admit it hurts a little to hear it.

"But... what if there was?" Carlos asked.
Both Gil and Jay turned their heads at him, with matching frowns.
"What?" Gil asked, confused 
The whole situation was pretty confusing.

"You said you wish there was a way you could be with both... what if there was a way?" Carlos said.

"What? I wouldn't want to cheat-"Jay started, but got interrupted.

"No, what I mean is... I love you, Jay. You love me. Gil clearly fell for you. And you have feelings for him." Carlos explained."And Gil... well, I like your company and I feel like I should be pissed at you for what happened, but I'm not. Which means you're pretty special. And you must feel the same, considering you came here to apologize and check on me, even though you knew I could have just closed the door in your face."

All of this made sense to Gil, but he wasn't really sure where Carlos was going with that information.

"So, why don't we all start a relationship? It would probably be centered around you, Jay, but all three of us would be part of it." Carlos finally explained. "I've read somewhere about that, it's called being polyamorous. We can all be together and it's completely different from cheating 'cause we all agree."

That does sounds tempting. Finally managing to be with Jay without hurting Carlos and also having his company? Awesome.

"How would this even work?" Jay asked.

Carlos shrugged.
"Well... I supposed it would be more focused on you from our parts, 'cause you're the link between me and Gil. But other than that we'd just see what works out and what doesn't." He said."Gil, would you be interested in that?"

"Are you kidding? Of course! I always see you guys together and wish I was part of that too..." He answered.

Honestly he couldn't have thought of a better outcome than this. Even if Jay had decided to leave Carlos for him it wouldn't be as incredible as this, because a very good person would end up being hurt in the process.

This way, everyone could have what they wanted.

"What about you, Jay?" It was Gil's turn to ask.

The Alpha still looked shocked as he answered:
"As long as it's 100% okay for you two, I'd love that."

Both omegas smiled at that. Gil doesn't remember being this excited ever in his life.
"Then it's settled." Carlos decided.

"Well, I think we should seal it with a kiss." Jay suggested, wiggling his eyebrow playfully.

Then he turned to Gil and slowly got closer to him, softly grabbing his neck and bringing his face even closer.
When their lips finally met, it was everything Gil had always dreamed of. Fireworks, butterflies and all that cliché auradonian shit.

The Alpha added tongue and even though Gil was a little bit lost, he knew he enjoyed it. A lot.
Jay managed to be soft and rough at the same time; softness in his lips and on the tender touch and roughness in his urgency and calloused hands.

They finally had to stop to catch a breath, but Gil felt like he could keep kissing Jay for hours, possibly forever.

Next, Jay turned to Carlos with a smile and began kissing him.

Kissing Gil was a new experience, something abstract that Jay had to make concrete. But kissing Carlos? That Jay was surely an expert on.

Gil watched as the two kissed, they already started it open-mouthed and looked familiar, intimate with each other lips and bodies. 
It was weird, he didn't feel jealous at all. All he felt was gratitude for being part of that.

After a while, they also had to break the kiss.

Then Carlos looked at him with raised eyebrows and Gil realized what he meant.

What they exchanged was more of a long peck on the lips than anything.As Carlos had said, Jay was the link between the two of them and, without him, their relationship wouldn't exist in the first place.

It was different, kissing an omega. Gil wasn't really attracted to omegas, had never been interested in kissing them, so it was a little weird. But a good weird, awesome weird. The kind that you only needed to get used to and might become one of the greatest experiences you ever have.

Besides, Jay watched with clearly interested eyes, so that was a plus.

"So... we were going to have a movie date about now... You wanna participate?" Jay suggested, talking to Gil.

The boy just nodded, not really trusting his words at that moment. 
So they went into the dorm and watched some random movie.

But honestly, Gil barely paid attention to anything that was happening on the screen. He just knew it was a new movie some kids from Auradon had been talking about.

But honestly, why would he focus on the movie anyway when Carlos had his head on Jay's lap while one of Jay's strong arms were around Gil's shoulders? 
That was heaven on earth and Gil could barely believe he could have it.

"Guys, I'm back!"

Uma was immensely relieved when she finally heard Gil announcing that as he entered the ship.

He had been gone for hours, off to apologize to the De Vil boy and Uma couldn't help but worry that the conversation had gone south.
Or worse that Gil had had another break down and needed to deal with it alone.

So yeah, both she and Harry couldn't be happier when they saw he just was fine. 
"How was it?" Uma asked.

"Better than I could dream."Gil said, blushing a little.

Uma raised her eyebrows at that. Wasn't this conversation supposed to be either a full-blown omega fight or at the very least the most uncomfortable interaction of the year?

"Care to elaborate, mate?" Harry urged, also seeming confused.

"Jay showed up, we talked and... now we both get to be with him."Gil claimed."We're all kinda dating now."

The first thing to cross Uma's mind was 'what the fuck'. How could they both get to be with Jay? Alright, kids from the Isle may not be experts on relationship, but she knew that's not how they work... right?

The second thing to cross Uma's mind was 'that little fucker!' as she became mad at Jay. Who that little thief thought he was? Collecting omegas like trophies? Convincing them to be ok with that?

The third thing to cross Uma's mind was 'if I am mad about this, Harry must be so pissed'. While she was the queen of holding grudges, Harry was the king of letting anger take over. And, as she looked at his face to see his reaction, Uma knew she was right.

He looked furious, his face red and jaw clenched. If they were in a cartoon there would be smoke coming out of his ears.
"Guys? Why don't you seem happy?" Gil asked, innocently.

"That piece of shit wants to build a fucking harem, Gil." Harry said."He only wants to fuck you, to use you."

Uma could tell the moment something hardened in Gil's gaze.
He clearly didn't like what he heard.

"And what would be the problem if all he wanted was sex? I never say anything about your one night stands." Gil complained. "You get into everyone's fucking pants and if someone wants to do it to me they're evil? Why is that, I can't do the same 'cause I'm just an omega?"

Uma was shocked. Completely and utterly shocked. Gil had never ever confronted Harry or her in the way he just did. 
Maybe that boy was more important to him than Uma thought...

Harry stood up at that, looking ready to pick up a fight.
"You know damn well that's not it." He said."If you wanted to fuck around, I wouldn't give a single shit. But look me in the eye and say that's all you want with him. Say that you wouldn't mind if he tossed you out like yesterday trash after he got what he wanted. Say you don't dream of having his fucking puppies or something."

As expected, Gil remained completely silent. Everyone in the room knew if he said any of these, he'd be lying through his teeth.
So Harry went on.

"That's what I thought. I know I'm a fucking player, ok? But I don't deceive anyone, everyone I've ever fucked knew what I wanted and they wanted the same thing. I never told them we were dating, I never tried to convince two of them to be exclusive to me while I got to fuck both. "He said."I'm not pissed 'cause you're omega, I'm pissed 'cause I fucking care about you, you jerk."

"Harry might be kind of an ass, but he's right." Uma decided to intervene. "You deserve better than some guy who thinks you can only be with him, but he gets to be with someone else."

Gil's expression had already softened.
"But Jay's not... he's not trying to..."He tried to explain, but failed. "Ugh, you just don't get it, ok?"

"Well, then Mr. Lover boy is going to get it." Harry said, already storming off of the ship.

Uma knew where he was going and what he was going to do, so she followed him. She wasn't sure whether she was going to help him beat the fuck out of Jafar's boy or to stop him from killing the guy.

"Guys, what the fuck?" She heard Gil, who was a little behind them, yelling. He probably also knew what they were planning, having lived with them for as long as they did he already knew what most of their outbursts meant.

Her head was fuzzy from all new information, frankly she wasn't expecting that day to go like that. Or that week, actually.
They were walking pretty quickly, fueled by all the anger they felt, so it didn't take long to reach the dorms.
Uma barely noticed the way until they got there.
Thankfully, every bedroom had its owner names written on the door so it was easy to find Jay's.

She was the one who started banging on the door, the adrenaline from the run only making the situation worse.
"Open the damn door!" She yelled.

Uma was being very insistent, so it didn't take too long for the boy to show up and open the door.

"What the-"Jay started, but got interrupted by Harry's fist connecting with his face. Of course, Jay punched back and it turned out into a full blown Alpha fight in seconds.

Uma decided she was going to let Harry have his fun, rather than join him.
"Evil, what is even happening here?" Carlos showed up from inside the room, looking alarmed. His eyes widened when he saw the fight.

Gil showed up at that exactly moment, looking distraught at the scene he found.
"Fuck, Harry..." He whispered, mostly to himself.

Carlos moved to try to separate the two, but Uma wisely stopped him:
"Huh, huh. Fist of all, your boy deserves it." She says."Second of all, you really don't wanna get caught in an Alpha fight."

She may not like Jay, but it didn't mean she was okay with his omega being caught in the crossfire.

It didn't take too long for the blows manifest verbally as well as physically:
"You think it's fine for you to go around taking advantage of omegas?You're trying to build a fucking harem, aren't you?"

Jay raised his eyebrows at that.
"So this is what all of this is about, you psycho?" He yelled back. "Who I date is none of your fucking business."

The door from the room in front of the one they were in, swung open.
From there, Evie and Mal came out looking absolutely scandalized.
They had probably heard all the commotion and screaming.

"What the fuck?" Mal asked, probably trying to take in the sight before her.

Uma didn't pay any attention to her, focusing on the boys fighting in front of her.

"You're disgusting, you know that? Gil's naive, but he's not dumb, he'll realize what you're trying to do." Harry yelled.

"Why you're so interested anyway?" Jay asked, then let out a dry chuckle. "Do you have the same twisted desires your father had, Hook Boy? Are you a sick obsessive fuck just like was? Trying to make sure you have Gil all for yourself?"

"Shut the hell up!" Uma had to stop that, he didn't have the right to bring that up.

The story of what happened between Hook, Gil and the other pirates ended up becoming gossip all over the Isle, since each ex-crew member had a different version of what happened.

Everyone had heard at least a little bit about it. Even if the story was a bit twisted, there wasn't a single soul on the Isle who didn't know it.
Some pitied Gil, others thought he was a slut. Many didn't give a damn, since the Isle was already filled by sob stories.

Jay turned his attention to her.
"What? You don't want to me to say your little guard dog here is a creepy bastard that learned from daddy?" He asked. "Don't want me to make sure he didn't touch Gil the same way the old captain did?"

Harry took advantage of Jay focusing on Uma rather than on him, to punch the guy even harder on the face.
He deserved it...

Uma finally looked at Gil's direction, wanting to see if he was fine; but of course he wasn't. He had silent tears rolling down his face, his cheek red. 
He hated when someone brought up what happened.

"Ok, enough! Enough!" Mal screamed, using a little of her Alpha voice at the end, and physically did her best to get Harry off of Jay. 
Evie and Carlos both helped her and eventually they were succesful.

Harry looked wild; blood on his nose and on his lips, eyeliner smudged, hair a complete mess and shirt slightly torn. Uma was proud of him.

On the other hand, the opponent didn't look all that different.

"Ok, now you two answer what the fuck is happening here?" Mal asked.

"This little fucker here is trying to build a harem."Harry said, through his teeth."He sugested that he should be with both Gil and Carlos at the same time."

"I was the one who suggested that, you total psycho! It wasn't Jay's idea."Carlos piped in, sounding absolutely horrified. "So all three of us can be happy without hurting anyone. We're together in this, it's not a fucking harem."

"Yeah, and Gil agreed to it."Jay made sure to add.

Mal opened her mouth as if she was about to speak, but Evie was quicker:
"So, let me get this straight: all of this was just because Gil, Jay and Carlos found a way to make this weird love triangle finally, finally work?" She asked and everyone was quiet, because she was right. "Oh my God, I can't believe how fucking dumb Alphas can be. I swear I hate every single one of you guys..."

Uma was bit taken back by her words. Evie, a beta, was the calmest VK she had ever met.
But right now? There was fire in her eyes, there was fire in the way she talked.

"Harry, you can't go around beating people to deal with your shit anymore. You're going to end up hurting people you care about with your outbursts, like you just fucking did." She said, looking him dead in the eye.

"Well, I don't care about Jay." He said.

"Oh, yeah? But you care about Gil and he cares about Jay, you fucking smartass."Evie said, getting closer to closer to Harry and even pointing her finger at his face."Actually, talking about Gil, why don't you stop treating him like a fucking child? He can make his own decisions, he doesn't need your fucking approval, you piece of crap. You can't go around beating people up to protect him if he doesn't want to be protected, you're not being a good friend, you're being a condescendent asshole!"

Damn, the girl was fierce. Who would have known the most princess-like person on the Isle would turn out to swear more than sailor when angry?
Well, Uma was impressed.

"You're so fucking worried about Gil, but not worried enough to think about how your own actions could hurt him, huh? Not worried enough to think that maybe he finally found something that made him happy and you're fucking ruining it."She said, but then she saw the slight smile Jay had on his lips and turned to him. "You can take that smug smile and shove it, Jay. You're acting just like him."

Uma wasn't very happy to hear that girl scolding her first mate, but Evie had a point. She couldn't deny that.
She was anxious to hear the scolding the little thief was about to receive.

"Only it's not your actions, but your words. Even if Harry is a complete asshole, he didn't use any of the terrible things Jafar has done against you. 'Cause that's fucking low, you fucker! You had no right to say what you said about Hook." She yelled at her friend."But that's not even the worst, I can deal with that. What I cannot accept is how you didn't consider how your words might hurt Gil. You probably didn't even notice, but he only started crying after you fucking brought that up."

Uma looked around the room for a brief moment to see that everyone looked as shocked as she felt.

"I don't know the whole truth about what happened between them and neither do you, but I know you had no right to use that as some kind of tool during your fucking fight. Are you worried about Gil or about your ego?" The beta asked. "It doesn't sound like the first option since you just exposed what I can only imagine is one of the most traumatic experiences of his life just to make fun of Harry."

There was a small moment of silence after that, but it was charged. It looked like Evie wasn't finished yet, and by the way she was fuming, she had a lot more to say.

"So how about instead of going on with this shitshow, all of you don't fucking accept that Gil is a big boy and doesn't need any of you to decide what is fucking right for him and what isn't? How about you just learn to shut the fuck up and listen to what Gil actually fucking wants? He had enough choices taken from him already." She said, then took a deep breath and lowered her voice a little. "You know what? I'm out of here. I can't deal with you right now."

And she just left. 
With a murmur of 'fucking stupid Alphas' and the sound of heels stomping off angrily echoing though the hallway.

Uma's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe what she just saw, she didn't even think it was possible for Evie to get this way.

"I... I think I'm going to check on her." Mal decided, which was probably a wise idea, and followed her girlfriend. Well, they had never told Uma they were dating, but she assumed so. Since Mal and Ben broke up she and Evie ended up even closer than before, as if that was even possible, and Uma was quite sure she has seen they kiss at least once.

As impressed as Uma was, she had to admit what the beta said actually made sense. 
They were not on the Isle anymore, there was no need to attack someone. Not without hearing them out first. If Fairy Godmother hears about that, they're all going to get suspended. At the very least. And for what exactly? To protect Gil? Gil who was just managing to stop crying, clearly upset about everything that went down?

It didn't look like they did much protecting. Uma was a little bit ashamed of herself. She caught Harry's eyes and could tell he felt the same thing.

What a fucking disaster. 
He was supposed to end this day happily lying on his bed, thinking about how he got into the relationship of his dreams. 
Not about how he had managed to mess everything up from the beggining.

It was all his fault, really. Just like it always was.

It started when confronted Harry back in the ship, acusing him of something he knew Harry didn't do. He knew Harry was just worried, this had nothing to do with him thinking Gil shouldn't sleep around. It was just his protective side showing.
Honestly, just the night before he was crying over the fruits of his disobeydience and insolence and there he was, being a brat again. 
It felt like he was just too dumb to learn from his mistakes.

Thank God for Mal and Evie putting a stop to that fight. Gil couldn't deal with it anymore.

"Well... all of that was really fucking weird." Carlos decided to speak up. "So I think we could all just... worry about that tomorrow?"

Gil liked that option, but he still had to talk to his boyfriends... if they even had any interest in being with him.

"Yeah... but I want to talk to you and Jay." He say. "Alone, if it's ok."

Harry and Uma exchanged a look and she answered:
"We'll be waiting for you right outside."
As they left, Gil was still shaking a bit from everything that happened. He was still processing.

"Are you sure you don't want to sleep here? Away from that fucking lunatic?" Jay asked.

"Babe, chill a little, ok?" Carlos said, rolling his eyes as he used a tissue to gently try to dry the blood from Jay's nose. Gil appreciated Carlos' comment, since he really didn't want Jay and Harry fighting at all.

Harry and Uma are the most important people in his life, he didn't know if he could deal with them hating his partners like that. Gil never liked conflict, much less amongst people he cares about. He especially didn't want to cause the conflict.

"I'm so sorry. About all of that, all that trouble." He said, eyes downcast."I'll get if you two don't want me to be your boyfriend anymore. It's a lot to deal with."

Gil knew he came with a lot baggage. Yeah, he also knew everyone from the Isle did, but he was more messed up than most.

And well, he, Uma and Harry were a package deal. If Jay couldn't deal with them, what could Gil do what about it?

"What? No, no, you have nothing to be sorry about." Carlos said. "As Evie said, sometimes Alphas are just fucking dumb. That has nothing to do with you."

Only it had everything to do with him.  But he appreciated the sentiment.

"Yeah, Gil. We love the idea of you being a part of us." Jay agreed, getting closer to him and gently caressing his cheek."You're not getting rid of us that easily."

Gil blushed both at the comment and at the gentle way he was being touched. 
At that, Jay softly gave him a peck on the cheek.

"But I do owe you an apologize." Jay said. "Evie was right about a lot of things and one of them was that I had no right to talk about whatever happened between you and Hook. It was incredibly insensitive of me. I'm so sorry for that."

Sometimes Gil thought that he needed to just get over it. It felt like a lifetime ago, but he was still crying over it.

He didn't even know if Jay and Carlos knew about it before Jay mentioned it. Yeah, he knew some of the pirates spread the word about what they did, but he was holding on to the hope that maybe they just had never heard about it. 
He kind of wanted to hide that ugly part of himself, of his history, but maybe it was better that way. 
Jay and Carlos had the right to know if they were getting damaged goods.

"It's fine, I was just... surprised." Well, maybe that wasn't the right word, but he tried. "I wasn't sure you even knew about that."

"One of the pirates was friends with my dad. I mean, not really friends, my dad has none of these, but we were neighboors and they talked sometimes." Jay said. "And I think another one started working for Cruella, right?"

Carlos nodded.
Honestly, why was the previous crew so big and why all of them had such big mouths? Why scream to the world what they had put Gil through?
Unfortunately, he knew the answer already: They were proud of the suffering they caused.

"If you want to talk about it, we'll listen, but it's completly fine if you don't. You don't owe us anything." Carlos said, and Gil must have shown on his face how grateful he felt, because he added: "Don't forget I was an omega on the Isle too."

Gil's eyes went wide, not even considering that someone might have hurt Carlos too until that point.

"No, no. I know how it feels to have experiences you'd rather forget, but it never came down to that. I started dating Jay when I was 12 and even before that, having him and Mal as friends, managed to make me mostly safe." He explained, but Gil could see he was becoming affected."But I know what it is like to be gropped, to not be able to leave the house alone. Even when I was with Jay, people would try to grope me. More than once people have asked him how much he'd charge to let them have their way with me..."

He gave a pause and Jay wrapped his arms around him, in a comfort gesture.
Gil stayed quiet, waiting for him to finish.
"Twice, Alphas got really, really close to... doing it to me. One time it was Mal who saved my ass, the other time Jay did it."He told, looking Gil in the eyes."I don't know, I just... wanted you to know that you're not alone. That you can't blame yourself."

Gil felt the urge to hug Carlos for doing this for him, so he did it.
Carlos wrapped his arms tight against him right back and he just squeezed harder.

Finally letting go, he said:
"It got pretty bad with the old crew and Hook, they did hurt me a lot and a lot of times too... but I don't really want to talk about it, I think..."He said, unsure about his own feelings."But thanks for saying that. It's nice to hear."

Honestly, that conversation had soothen him so much. 
It was comforting, knowing they understood what had happened and didn't blame him. 
He still couldn't really believe that nothing about it was his fault, but he's glad there were people who think that.

"I think I should get going." Gil said. "I'll see you guys tomorrow at school."

He wasn't quite sure what to do, but Jay stepped further and kissed him goodbye, making him blush.
He couldn't lie he loved that feeling.

Carlos also gave him a quick peck on the lips, and the next second he was opening the door.

As he came face to face to Harry and Uma, he couldn't read them. 
Was Harry still angry about him dating Jay? Was Uma angry that he got Harry into a fight?
Not really knowing what to say, he said nothing at all at first and neither did them.

So they started walking towards the ship in silence and an awkward one. 
They were all walking a little slow, as if the heavy conversation earlier had slowed they down.

Finally, to Gil's absolute surprise, it was Harry who decided to speak up:
"I shouldn't have done that. Blue hair may be a little bit hysteric, but she's right."

Well, Gil should really go and thank Evie after today.
"It's okay, Harry. I just... wish you'd give Jay a chance. That you both would. "He said, turning to look at Uma too.

"It's hard not to think he has some kind of ulterior motive to that. I mean, just yesterday you had a breakdown over that guy." Uma said, and well, she was right about that. "But still, we shouldn't be fighting your battles for you, over you, like that."

He completly understood them. He couldn't expect them to just trust Jay not to break him, when they know they'd be the ones to pick up the pieces if he did it. Not for the first time, Gil felt a little like a burden, but at least he wasn't drowning in this feeling.

"It's just... we're so fucking worried about you, just like we were on the Isle." Harry explained."But we're not there now, so you don't need our protection anymore. And, honestly, I don't know how to do anything else. But yeah, I know it doesn't mean I can just beat up anyone I'm afraid might hurt you."

That was actually pretty sweet and it explained a lot. 
He and Uma spend years chasing off all the wicked Alphas who tried to have their way Gil, and now besides all the other changes that came with living in Auradon, they needed to relearn how to treat Gil too?

"I'll always need your protection. Always. " He assured. "But not in the same way. And not from people I want to be with, ok?"

Both of them nodded, also seeming to understand what he meant.

"We'll probably never be friends with Jay, but I swear we won't attack him anymore." Uma said.

And that was good enough for Gil, at least for now.
Baby steps, right?

"Unless he really does break your heart." Harry added."Then I'll come back at that dorm and make his nose bleed twice as much."

"Deal." Gil said, and ended up laughing at how extra his friend was.
Soon, the three of them were laughing together again, just like they should be.

The day had been wild from start to finish but at the end, Gil had everything he wanted: two amazing boyfriends and the best friends a pirate could ask for.

Chapter Text

The next day

The day before had been completely wild. And, honestly, Carlos was still a little bit mad about that crazy fight.

At Harry, obviously, for fucking attacking his boyfriend  out of the blue, in their own bedroom. At Uma for not letting him try to stop the fight, even though he logically knew that it was wiser that way.

He was even a bit mad at Jay for just talking about what Hook had done like he did. Not only was it extremely hurtful to Gil, but it was unfair to judge Harry's action based on his father's actions. You never do that to a VK.
Jay didn't like to think about how Jafar would whip him bloody if he considered the boy hadn't stolen enough that day and Carlos didn't like to be reminded how his mother would beat him and lock him in a closet if he didn't do the chores fast enough.

So, yeah, even if Harry was a violent piece of crap he didn't deserve to be reminded of, much less judged by, the terrible things his father had done.
But at least they talked it out, Jay apologized to Gil and everything was okay. Well, mostly.

As Carlos and Jay walked up to school, they ended up meeting Gil soon before arriving. Which would be very nice, except for the fact he was, of course, accompanied by both Harry and Uma.

You see, Carlos himself doesn't really hate them, even though he's pretty pissed off. The jury's is still out, but he can't say the same for Jay, whose face already hardened the second he saw the pirates.

"Hm... Hey, guys." Gil said, not really knowing how to deal with the awkward situation.

Jay, deciding he was having none of it, went closer and pecked his lips sweetly. 
Carlos wasn't so brave, at least not with the two other Alphas standing there, eyeing them not so kindly.

"Well, me and Harry are off to chemistry now. Have fun." Uma told Gil, and that was probably code for 'I'll let you have a minute alone with your boyfriends' which, honestly, was nicer than Carlos expected of her.

Harry looked conflicted, but he didn't say anything, just followed Uma and left the three of them alone. Jay, who was already holding hands with Carlos, reached out to hold Gil's too. 

"You... you sure about that?" Gil asked."I'll get if you don't want everyone to know. Like, people from Auradon can be very judgy."

Well, he was right about that. In that sense, Auradonians were harder to deal with than Isle people. They were all fake smiles and polite laughs a minute and vicious whispers and gossip the other. 
All it took was one thing too different about you for some of them to make their mind. Of course, not all of them were like that, but the ones who were... Oh, did they raise hell.

But honestly? How bad could some up-nosed, prejudiced brats be, when you were raised by a woman whose first name literally means 'cruel'? 
Not too bad. Not bad enough for him to want to hide their relationship.

Jay also thought the same, because he quickly answered:
"I don't give a fuck about them. All I want is to show off my amazing boyfriends, as long as you're fine with that."

"He's right, Gil. We're from the Isle, we can take disapproving glares from petty princes." Carlos said.

Gil smiled and reached out back to grab Jay's hand firmly.
As they walked towards the halls everyone seemed to notice them, even if they did not understand what they saw. 
It was impossible not to notice, especially with the slightly smug smile Jay was carrying.

Honestly, Carlos felt like including Gil in their relationship was going to be one of his best ideas ever. He could see how well he fitted them and he hoped people would soon realize that too.

It didn't take too long for them to find a familiar face: Evie.
She walked up to them a little unsure.
"Hey, guys." She said."Look, Jay, about yesterday..."
She didn't finish, probably not even she knew what she was going to say. Would she apologize? When she was 100% right about everything?

"Yeah, I wanna thank you for that. Making me see reason a little bit." Jay said.

Evie smiled at that, she had probably been a little afraid that Jay was going to be mad at her, but honestly how could anyone be? She single-handed saved the day from that whole fiasco. 
"Yeah, someone needed to." She said, playfully.

"I wanna thank you too." Gil said. "We're not very close, so you really didn't have to do that. But I'm happy you did."

Her smile grew bigger at that. Evie was a people's person, she loved to make others happy, she loved to bring people together.

"It was nothing, Gil. Someone needed to say it and I just happened to be there." She told him. "C'mon, guys; group hug!" Evie said, already opening her arms wide.

They all laughed but hugged anyway. Carlos loved when things were like that: carefree and cheerful.
That's the kind of situation that was pretty rare back on the other side of the barrier, so he appreciated every second of them now.

Unfortunately, it didn't take too long for the bell to ring and they all had to part their ways, since none of them shared that first class.

It was lunch time, and Ben was fuming as soon as he saw Harry's bruised face in the hallway. He had heard about what happened and he couldn't believe his... friend could have been so stupid.

"Dear goodness, Harry! Look at your face!" He exclaimed.

The Alpha just smiled at him.
"You know I'm just as handsome as always, yer highness."
Ben had to roll his eyes at all that smugness, of course.

"You sure you don't want Fairy Godmother to take a look at that?" He asked, but was almost sure of the answer anyway.

"And explain how I got it? No, thanks." The Alpha answered. "Besides, Uma already casted a spell to make it hurt less. No need to worry."

"I can't believe you were that reckless, Harry. You could have been suspended for that." He scolded."It didn't even help Gil in the first place, Harry. You cannot make decisions like that without thinking."

Harry's eyes were downcast, he looked genuinely ashamed of what he did. And, well, he should.

"I promise I already sorted out things with Gil." He said, voice softer than usual."But can we please stop talking about that?"

Ben nodded, deciding that Harry probably had enough of being scolded for what he did. Mal told him that Evie was out of herself, screaming at him and Jay exactly what they did wrong.

He kinda wished he was there to see what she was talking about, but at the same time he really didn't want to witness all that fighting at all. He was a pacific person by nature.

Harry smiled, then scanned the room quickly with his eyes and got a little closer to Ben, whispering in his ear:
"Good, now I have a pretty good idea of what we can do during the rest of our lunch break."

Ben, raised his eyebrows at Harry. He knew what the Alpha meant, but they were in the middle of the school. They couldn't do anything there.

Harry must have noted his confusion, since he explained:
"I can see the janitor's closet from here, and I bet it's empty right now." He said. "We should sneak in."

Ben's jaw dropped. He was a perfectly behaved student, he had never even thought about doing something like that.

However... well, he couldn't deny how appealing the idea seemed. Anything related to Harry was appealing to him. NOT that he was really falling in love with the pirate or anything. 
They just had chemistry, that's all.

"I don't know... It seems a little wrong?" Ben said, but he wasn't so sure about his answer.

Harry gave him a blindly smug smile. He probably already knew Ben would give in.
"If you really don't want it, I won't push it." He got even closer. "But I know you won't regret it... I'll make sure of that."

And well, Ben was not made of steel. There was only so much he could take before nodding and entering that empty closet without a second thought.

Soon Harry was all over him. God, Ben would never get used to his kisses. He felt like he could burn at the contact. 
The omega didn't even try to take charge of the kiss, he knew how much Harry liked to control the pace, to be the one actually making an effort to make him melt. And Harry's hands, God, Harry's hands were heavenly. They were rough and warm, just like everything about him. 

And they were... slowly moving south on his body. Stopping right on his ass.

Ben wasn't sure how he felt about that. Physically, he felt perfectly fine with it. Harry was barely doing anything, his hands were just resting there. It wasn't all that different from twenty seconds ago when they were making out while Harry's hands rested on his waist.

But he had never let any Alpha touch him like that, he always made sure to leave things PG. He never let Mal do that, and they dated for the longest time. God, they almost got married.
If he allowed Harry to touch his ass now, what else would he allow if they started dating? 
Well... not that Ben thinks that this will happen. He knows Harry wouldn't want that. He is a free spirit and Ben won't take that from him.

But then, Harry started actively grabbing his ass. Almost like kneading it, he supposed. 
And, goodness, did it feel good.

It was weird, in a way, but mostly it just felt really, really nice. It seemed like such a simple touch, but it made Ben tingle all over.But he really shouldn't be doing that kind of thing. At least not if he intended on keeping the promise he made to himself of only... going all the way with someone after he got mated. 

It started with the small things, and if he went on like that he knew he would loose control sooner rather than later.

Suddenly, the omega had a moment of clarity in the middle of all the hotness numbing his thought.
What in the world was he doing?

"Stop." He managed to say. 
Harry let go of him on spot, taking two steps back. His eyes were wide and he looked worried.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked, still not getting close to him. "Did I hurt you?"

Ben shook his head, barely remembering how to make his brain work again.
"I'm good. It just... got a little too much for me." He chose to say.

He knew he should tell Harry at that moment about his desire to keep himself pure until his mating ceremony. 
Harry had the right to know that, and then decide if Ben was just a waste of his time. If it was better to call this whole thing off, before he got too frustrated.

Ben needed to tell him right now. He needed to be honest about his intentions, whether or not that costs him that thing he has with Harry.
But when he opened his mouth again all he said was:
"It's just... your hands. We're at school, if you keep grabbing me there we'll be too..."

"Worked up?" Harry supplied.

"Yeah... We need to go to class in like fifteen minutes. We can't do stuff like that." He said."But it's okay, we can go on. Just keep your hands on my waist."

He should have told Harry about his vow. He knew he should.

But Ben wasn't dumb. He may be a little innocent when compared to Harry, but he wasn't dumb. He knew that whatever they had was evolving in this extremely physical way. And he knew that any young Alpha would be thinking they'd get sex out of it.

What if Harry lost all interest after he knew that? What if just kisses and light touches weren't enough to keep him around? Ben loved making out with him, but even more than that, he loved Harry's company.

And, God, he hated knowing how much he already was the clingy omega stereotype he promised himself he wouldn't become, but he didn't want to lose Harry.

What was that word that Alphas called omegas like him? Right, tease. Ben didn't want Harry to refer to him the way he overheard some Alphas talk about their ex-partners; a little tease. Someone who provoked endlessly but never gave them what they wanted. The kind that only deceives and make fake promises to lure Alphas. 
He's overheard a lot more in the locker room when he used to play tourney. Those Alphas talked about those omegas like they were the scum of the earth.

And, even though he knew most of it was just sexist non-sense, he couldn't survive the idea of Harry hating him. Of Harry feeling like Ben wasn't even worth making out with. Of Harry calling him a ridiculous prude and never looking him in the eye again.

So he gave him that half-truth and went back to kissing, Harry was completely respectful of his wish, of course.

Ben knew that sooner or later the truth would come out, but he decided that later was a better option. He could tell Harry the next day or even the day after that. At the moment all he wanted was to keep making out with the Alpha without worrying about anything other than the kiss.

"So, you're having lunch with us today, right?" Jay asked Gil, as soon as the boy left the classroom.

"I want to... but I usually have lunch with Ben." He answered.

Carlos snorted. 
"Then you should be fine. I just saw the King get into the janitor's closet with Harry Hook." He said. "Do they think they're being sneaky?"

Gil laughed and Jay couldn't help but think about how beautiful the sound was.

"Well, then it looks like he's pretty busy." He answered.

Soon they got their food and sat on the table where Jay and Carlos always had lunch, both Evie and Mal were already sitting there.

"Hey, Gil." Evie said, politely. "It's nice that you're finally having lunch with us. We're dying to get to know you more."
Mal only nodded, not as invested in pleasantries as Evie.

Gil just blushed a little, seeming unsure what to do. 
Jay could imagine that everything was still a little bit overwhelming for him.

To be honest, things were also overwhelming for Jay. He got from being afraid of losing his boyfriend to having two amazing boyfriends in a few hours.And then, of course, there was the whole Hook fiasco. But things were looking bright, so Jay didn't want to dwell on that.

"You guys fit well together." Mal said, taking a good look at the three of them. Gil let out a little laugh.

"C'mon, I know I look a little bit out of place." He said, trying to turn it into a joke at his own expense."Look at how pretty these two are."

Jay knew Gil didn't have the highest self-esteem in the world. Little comments like this one, thrown here and there, made him notice that. His chest hurt when he thought about someone as incredible as Gil thinking so low of himself.

"Hey, none of that. You're beautiful." Jay said.
"The prettiest." Carlos added, making Gil blush.

"I see that now that there are three of you, you'll make us want to throw up with your sweetness three times worse than usual, huh?" Mal joked.Evie rolled her eyes and gave the girl a playful little slap on the shoulder in response to her comment.

Jay could really get used to that life; having his closest friend around while he was sitting between the most amazing omegas he had ever seen.

Gil fitted into the group like he had always been part of them. But Jay supposed that was just the type of person he was, easy-going and loving. The type of person no one could ever dislike.

Jay couldn't imagine anyone evil enough to want to hurt someone this sweet. When he thought about what he knew Gil had gone through, he was fueled by pure anger. 
He also wanted to punch himself in the face for the way he mentioned it during the fight.

Honestly, he was suck a dick to even talk about that in front of Gil. And the way he did it? He was glad Evie had been there to talk, or rather scream, some sense into him.
At least Gil had forgiven him.

It didn't take too long for the bell to ring. The conversation and the company were so good that time flew by.
Before they parted their ways, Carlos asked Gil:
"Hey, you and Jay don't have practice today, right? You should totally come to our dorm today after class." He suggested. "We could watch another movie or just... get to know each other a little better."

Jay enjoyed that idea a lot and it seemed like Gil also thought so.
"Sure." He answered. "I'll just let Harry and Uma know."

Jay couldn't help but be a little bitter when those names came up. 
"You know,  you don't have to ask them to do shit." He said, without really thinking.

Gil gave him a look.
"I don't. I let them know, 'cause I don't want them to worry that I'm hurt or dead. Back on the Isle whenever I wasn't with them, I could be in danger."He answered."You're an Alpha, so you don't know what it feels like, but I can tell you it sucks."

Okay, now Jay felt pretty shitty. Why was he always saying the wrong thing lately?

"And that's what you get for acting like an asshole." Carlos said, which ended up making all three of them laugh.

"Yeah, sorry. I can be a real dick sometimes." Jay said.

"It's fine." Gil assured. "It's just... you need to get that Uma and Harry are my best friends. We're a crew. And, even if you hate them, that won't change, ok?"

Jay could live with that. It wasn't like he expected Gil to drop his friends because of him.He would never be that kind of Alpha.

"Ok, I swear I won't ever try to change that." He promised."Actually, I won't even say anything about them again, unless you ask me." He said, which made Gil smile and give him a soft peck on the lips.

Class was over and Jay, Carlos and Gil were walking up to the dorms. He had let his friends know where he was going, they both looked a little worried but said nothing. Thank Evil.

Gil was feeling really good that day, about himself and about what was happening around him. Days like that were pretty rare for him and he knew it couldn't last long, but he was going to enjoy it.

As soon as they arrived, they all left their stuff at the corner of the room and Jay threw himself on the bed lazily.
Gil wasn't really sure what to do with himself, so he waited to see what would be Carlos' next step.

Carlos also went towards the bed, laying beside Jay and using his shoulder as a pillow. The Alpha didn't seem to mind, since all he did was press the boy closer.
Gil decided he was going to do the same thing; feeling comfortable enough to experiment with how exactly would be his inserction into their dinamic.He also rested his head on Jay's shoulder and Jay had the same reaction, pulling his body closer.

"God, I am a lucky guy." The Alpha said, which ended up making all three of them giggle.

Gil felt like he was the lucky one here, the luckiest guy on the planet. He couldn't describe how much he felt like he was walking on clouds.

Suddenly, Jay turned to Carlos and started kissing him.

Oh, so that's the part where they start making out? Well, Gil couldn't wait for his turn.

He decided to observe the two attentively. 
He had noticed things heat up quickly between Jay and Carlos. The moment Jay slids his tongue into Carlos' mouth they are both gone.

At that moment, Jay rolled slightly so he was almost on top of Carlos without ever stopping all the kissing. 
Carlos had his hands holding on Jay's neck, while Jay's hands wandered all over the omega's body.

Honestly, they made it look like a dance and it was so, so beautiful to watch. Gil could feel his mouth watering at the show he was getting.

After a while they stopped and Jay reached out for Gil indstead, finally kissing him. It didn't take long for Jay to roll on top of him and, Evil, his body felt so fucking hot.

Gil had never really done stuff like that before, at least not because he wanted to. Who knew touches like these could be so good when you actually wanted them?

Jay was grabbing his ass firmly with one hand while the other travelled for his body, finally getting to know it. Gil could feel that Carlos was watching them just like he had watched Jay with Carlos before, and maybe it should have been strange, but wasn't at all. It made everything even more exciting. 

Jay left his mouth for a little while and, before he could complain, started kissing and leaving small hickeys all over his neck. Gil couldn't help but let out a little breathy moan at that.

"Jay's great with this mouth, isn't he?" Carlos asked, and Gil tried to nod. "I love when he nibbles on my ear."

Jay let go of him and turned to Carlos with a wicked smile.
"Like this?" He asked, already pulling 
the omega to do as commented.

Fuck, it was hot to watch.  Jay absolutly knew what he was doing and Carlos wasn't lying when he said he loved it. The boy was absolutly melting under the touch.

Together they were a vision, Gil could watch them like this for hours.
Their syncronism was absurd, probably from all the time they had to know each other's bodies.

Carlos was letting out small little whines that sounded mostly cute to Gil, but he knew probably sounded pretty hot to the Alpha.

"I'm barely doing anything yet and you're already like this?" Jay asked, with the smuggest smile ever on his face. 
But, well, Jay was as good as he was smug so who could blame him?

He stopped for a moment to take Carlo's shirt off, so he could touch more. And went right back at nibbling on his boyfriend's weak spot.

Soon Jay went after Gil again, laying on top of him and restarting the kissing. This time the kisses were even rougher than before, more urgent and full of desire.
One of Jay's hands were firmly on his hair while the other was back to grabbing his ass. Gil could feel himself getting slightly slicky, but it wasn't anything to worry about. Particularly because he felt that Jay was also pretty hard against his hip.

He should have known things were too good to be true.

They parted a little to catch a breath, but their minds were still fuzzy from all this desire, so Jay whispered:
"You fit with us so well... fuck, it's like you're made for this, for us."

Gil knew his boyfriend meant well, but it didn't stop the panic that he could feel bubbling up in his chest.The blood pumped in his ears and dread overcame him.

'Look at how well the little slut takes it.' A pirate Gil didn't even know the name yet said, laughing as if there was something funny going on. 
He was probably too drunk to care.

'Yeah, it's like he's made for it, huh?' The captain taunted. 'Made for taking cock like the whore he is.'

The memory felt too real, he could smell the alcohol from the pirate's breath and feel the cold from the back of the hook pressing on his cheek.

So, he pushed Jay's body off of him and yelled, in a frenzy:
"Get off of me, get off of me, get off get offpleasegetoffletmego."

He felt like he couldn't breath, like there was a solid weight on his chest stopping him from getting any air.

"Gil, I'm already off. You're ok, hey, open your eyes, look at me." He listened to Jay's voice distantly.

He wanted to open his eyes, he really did, but he couldn't. All he could do was try to take deep breaths, try not to drown on the memories.

He felt silent tears streaming down his face, but he couldn't do anything to stop them. He wanted to tell Jay and Carlos what was happening inside his head, but he could barely sort it out himself.

"Hey, Gil... it's fine. You're fine, ok? Everything is fine." Carlos said, voice completly soft. "You're safe with us, ok?"

Ok, he needed to get a hold of himself. He took deep breaths, trying to concentrate on what was real.

Slowly, he managed to open his eyes and look around.
He was in a dorm room in Auradon. The only people with him were Jay and Carlos. No one was going to hurt him. He was safe. 

He slowly managed to convince himself of that, at least enough so that the panic didn't stop him from moving or talking anymore.

"I'm fine... I'm fine. I'm sorry."He said, even though his limbs were still visibly shaking.

"Hey, you don't need to apologize." Jay assured.

"I don't... I don't know what... I just panicked." Gil tried to explain.

"I think you just had what they call a panic attack." Carlos provided. "I've read something about it once.They usually are caused by something."

"I think... I think it was 'cause of what you said."He said, looking at Jay. "About me being made for it."

Jay's eyes went wide in a way that would be comical if the situation wasn't so serious. 
"I'm so sorry! I didn't meant it like that, I s-"

"I know." Gil interrupted. "It's just... It made me think about something..."He knew he didn't have to clarify for them to understand what he meant.

"Is there anything we should keep in mind not to do? I mean, things that could remind you of... " Jay trailed off.
Gil shruged, not really remembering anything at that moment, but also still not thinking completly straight.

"Not really. Just like, don't say mean things and stop if I ask you to." He answered. "Any other thing that makes me panic is a surprise for me too."

"And is there anything we can do to help? If this happens again?" Carlos asked.

"What you said is fine. Maybe remember me of where I am and all that..." He said. "Y'know, it doesn't happen all the time. I mean, yeah, I freak out sometimes, but it's not that bad."

He suddenly felt ashamed of what had happened. He had been in that relationship for one day and a half and was already causing trouble.

"I'm sorry for ruining the mood. If you want, I could..." He offered, even though he wasn't sure exactly what he was offering. To finish Jay off? To leave them alone so they could have fun in peace?

"No, no. Please, everything is fine, ok? I told you you don't need to apologize." Jay assured. "Maybe we were just moving too fast."

But the thing is, they weren't. At least, that's not how Gil felt. 
He liked the pace they were going, he liked feeling wanted. The feeling could be magic when you wanted back.

Yeah, maybe he wasn't ready to go all the way yet. He has never been with someone like that willingly, after all. But he liked the hot making out, he liked wandering hands and he knew there were a lots of steps they could take before trying to have penetrative sex.

Wait, did the fact that he was already thinking about those things made him a slut? He decided not to think about that too much, otherwise he might spiral again.

"No, we are just fine." Gil assured."Things are fine, so please... don't treat me like I'll break next time we do it, ok?"

Both his boyfriends nodded, even though they still looked a little lost. "Hey, why don't we just watch something? I can make us popcorn." Carlos offered.

Gil nodded, just then realizing how hungry he truly was, after everything that happened. Actually, he was pretty tired too.

Which is why, after they turned the tv on and he was comfortably sandwiched between Jay and Carlos it didn't take long for Gil to fall sleep.

Fuck, making out with Ben was heavenly. It was the end of the evening and he was still thinking about the omega's soft lips.

"What have you been daydreaming about all day?" Uma asked him, certainly not missing how distant from everything he had been."And don't tell it has nothing to do with the king."

Harry rolled his eyes because what else was he supposed to do? Uma already knew the answer.
He was doing a terrible job of pretending Ben wasn't special to him.

Usually, he could be with multiple people a day without an after-thought. Everything was just pleasure and, as long as everyone involved had the same intentions as him, he'd have his fun without even stoping to think about it later.

But there he was, still thinking about his stupid making out session with Ben, hours after it happened. And it was just kissing.

"C'mon, man... you like him, he likes you. Why can't you admit that?" She asked.

It wasn't so easy. He was already risking too much by having a fling with Ben, but to really date him? He knew he'd never be able to maintain a relationship with someone as good and pure as him.

Besides, the whole royal family would surely have a heart attack if Ben even thought about dating him. And he didn't want to be involved in any dramatic royal shit.

"Oh Evil, stop thinking about all the reasons you shouldn't do it and just fucking do it." Uma complained.

"Why do you have to be so bloody clever?" He asked, making Uma snort.

Seriously, she always seemed to know what was happening inside his head, especially regarding Ben.

Their attention was turned to the door, as Gil finally made home. 
He looked sleepy.

"Hey, guys." He said."Sorry I took so long. I ended up taking a nap there."

"It's fine, Gil." Uma assured. "You're in a relationship now, we know you won't be in the ship all the time anymore."

"Well, by the hickies on your neck I can see sleeping wasn't the only thing you did there."  Harry couldn't help, but point it out playfully.  

Gil rolled his eyes, blushing, and gave Harry a mock punch on the shoulder.It was good to be able to still play like that with Gil, even after Harry's major mess up the day before. He knew he had fucked up, so it was important for him to make sure they were still on good terms.

The three of them engaged on conversation about everything and nothing at all; Uma mentioned some things that needed to be done on the ship, Harry complained about his classes and Gil talked about how perfect his two new boyfriends were.

Harry still wasn't the biggest fan of Jay or of the relationship, for that matter, but he knew it was not up to him.
And, well, if that guy did end up hurting Gil, Harry would end him.

Things were fine until Gil blurted out:
"I think I had a panick attack."

The room was frozen for a few seconds, both Alphas not ready for the suddenly serious tone the conversation started to have.

"Is that the thing where you get really scared, start to shake and cry and stuff?" Uma asked.

"I think so? I'm not even sure." Gil replied."Well... it was pretty bad. I felt like I was back with the old crew. I could smell them, feel them..."

"I'm so sorry, buddy." Harry offered, not really knowing what to say.

He always felt like his heart was being torn in two whenever Gil suffered because of what had happened. Even with Hook being fucking dead, it felt like he still haunted them.

"That's awful, Gil. Do you need us to do something?" Uma asked.

Gil shook his head.
"I'm fine now. I just... kind of wanted to talk about it to someone." He confessed.

"You can always talk to us." Harry assured.

"Everything was fine, me and Jay were making out and things were really good, you know? And then, they weren't." He explained."He said something that made me think about when I was being hurt. And I was there again."

Fuck, even in Auradon the ghosts couldn't leave them behind, could they?

Both Harry and Uma got closer to their friend and hugged him as tight as they could. 
A single tear slid down Gil's face.

There wasn't a lot they could do, but offer comfort. So they were going to do their best to do exactly that.

Chapter Text

A   w e e k   l a t e r

"Well, shit." He whispered to himself. "Fuck, I can't believe I forgot this."

Gil was walking back and forth inside the ship, not knowing what to do with himself. He had truly fucked up this time.

"What happened?" Harry asked him.

"My heat is one week away from today and I still haven't got my herbs." He explained. "I don't even know how to get them here in Auradon."

You see, omegas have their heats every three months and they can last from from 3 to 5 days, while Alphas have their ruts every six months, always lasting 5 days.

However back on the Isle there was no real safe way to have a heat. The scent of an omega in heat was strong and enticing to Alphas. And, as stated before, many of these weren't exactly good guys. 
So, even when the heat was still at the beginning and Alphas in the omega's presence could still control themselves very well, they just chose not to. 
And many of the Alphas who took advantage of omegas in heat, even warned other Alphas friends about the omega's location and their state. Which of course, made something that was already awful become disturbing and just plain cruel.

As if the abuse, and the culture that dictated that an omega attacked when in heat was at fault somehow, weren't enough there was also the problem of pregnancy. 
It wasn't impossible for omegas to get pregnant outside of their heats, but it was rare. During those times, however, fertility increased in an astonishing way, making it almost impossible for an omega in heat to be knotted by an Alpha and not conceive. 
And let's just say contraceptives of any kind were extremely hard to get there.

On the other hand,  most omegas had a trick to fight biology. No one is sure how it started, but there was a mix of herbs that was known for stopping heats. Drink the tea before your heat, it will stop it from happening altogether. Drink it after you enter your heat, it will decrease the intensity and stop the scent.

You had to have coins for it, since it wasn't easy to make. The only ones who you could get it from were witches or wizards that knew enough about mixing potions to mix the herbs in the right way.

Most of the time, either Harry or Uma would get the mix for Gil. Dr. Facilitier was one of the most known distributors, but there were others. All weren't cheap, at least not by Isle standards.

The only time Gil ever had a heat in his life was his first one, when he was only 13. But things were fine since even though Gaston had been furious, he still wasn't as evil as to leave his son to his own devices in a moment like that. So, Gil had been safely locked in his father's basement to suffer through his heat alone. 
By the time he was supposed to get his second heat, he had managed enough coin working for the previous crew to buy the herbs he needed.

The thing is, Gil was not on the Isle anymore so he wasn't sure what to do to have access to the mix. He didn't even know where most of the distributors had end up after the barrier was broken.

"Why don't you just ask Ben? I invited him over today." Harry told him."He should be here any moment from now."

Ok, now Gil could breathe a little easier. Yeah, Ben was probably the best person to ask for this kind of stuff, since he's both the King and an omega.

"Actually, when he arrives can you let him know I'll be waiting for him in my room?" He asked and Gil nodded. "Thanks, mate."

Harry left and, suddenly, Gil was alone with his own thoughts.
Most important stuff were free in Auradon, but what if the herbs weren't? Now that they didn't steal anymore, Gil had no means to buy them.

Well, maybe he could ask Ben to lend him some and then he figured a way to pay him back? It probably wasn't too hard to find a job in Auradon. But then again, maybe people wouldn't want to have a villain kid working for them.

Turns out, he didn't have time to overthink things too much, since soon King Ben was arriving at the ship.

"Hey, Ben." He welcomed the boy. "Harry is waiting in his bedroom."

He noticed that his choice of words made Ben blush and ended up laughing a little.
"But I kinda wanted to ask you something first?"

"Yeah, of course." Ben replied, as nice and polite as ever.

"Do you know where I could get my herbs here in Auradon?" He finally asked.

The king blinked really slowly before answering.

"Excuse me, what?" Ben sounded confused, so Gil thought he hadn't listen.

"I asked if you knew where I could get-" He tried again, but got interrupted.

"No, I heard you the first time." Ben answered. He got extremely quiet for a while before talking again, just as slowly. "Gil... are you asking me to get you weed? 'Cause we really don't mess with drugs here in Au-"

It was Gil's turn to be absolutely shocked. 
Why the hell would that be his friend's first thought?
"What the fuck, Ben? Of course not!" He almost yelled, in shock. "I mean my heat herbs, dude."

Ben frowned.
"Heat herbs?" He asked.
"Yeah, back on the Isle we would buy herbs to make tea that stops our heat from hitting. But usually only wizards or witches could mix the herbs, 'cause they were familiar with potions and all." Gil explained. "Please, don't tell me you don't have these here."

The thought was absolutely terrifying
He barely remembered his first heat, but he knew it was bad.
He knew everything was hot and sticky and he couldn't get relief no matter how much he tried.

He didn't have a basement to hide from Alphas anymore, so he needed to drink the tea.

"I'm sorry, but I never heard about it before." Ben answered. "Look, give me the list of everyone you know that could make the mix. I'll put the best doctors and magic creatures on this case, to try and find out how to make this. But it won't get ready so quickly."

Oh, Evil. What he was even going to do? 
"Even after we talk to the witches, there are a lot of processes that need to happen in order for this to be approved in Auradon. We need to make sure it's safe and all that." Ben explained. "I'm really sorry, it seemed important for you, but we have a long way until you can get it."

Gil kept silent, trying to process all of this. He had no place to stay locked up safely during his heat and now he had no tea. 
He should have known that too many good things had been happening to him lately. The universe needed to balance itself.

Ben probably noted how his friend looked distressed, because he quickly added:
"Don't worry, though. I'm sure I could get you contraceptive pills. You know, if you want to spend it with Jay."


Gil had an Alpha boyfriend now. Someone he was supposed to spend his heat with. This was expected of him, right?
Suddenly, he felt like a failure as a partner for not even considering this before. This was the obvious choice, of course...

He didn't really want his first time with Jay to be on his heat, when he might not even remember everything. But he still had one week before his heat to have a memorable first time with his boyfriend.
Suddenly he felt the urge to laugh. What was he even thinking?Someone as dirty and used up as him trying to plan some kind of special first time? His first time had been when he was 13, on the ship's deck, face pressed against the floor as a dirty old man laughed in his ear. And trust him, there was nothing  especial about it.

He should just get it done with, as soon as possible.

"Gil... that was an option. But you know you don't have to spend your heat with him, right?" Ben asked.

Gil almost wanted to scoff, but he couldn't be rude when all Ben was trying to do was help him. 
"I'm his boyfriend. I bet he's expecting this, I can't do that to him." Gil said. "Maybe it's a good thing I can't make the tea here. That way I can't chicken out."

The King looked slightly horrified at that.
"Hey, hey, none of that." Ben said. "You shouldn't force yourself to do something you don't want to do. If Jay is really a good guy, and I know he is, he won't be mad at you for that."

Yeah, he didn't think Jay was going to be mad at him if he said he didn't want to spend the heat with him. But maybe he'd be disappointed, which would be so much worse.

Besides, doesn't he kind of owe him that for all the trouble he causes? I mean, just last week he freaked out in the middle of a really good make out session.

Seeing the doubt written all over Gil's face, Ben insisted:
"I mean it, Gil. Here in Auradon we take consent very seriously. You don't need to let anyone touch you if you don't want them too. Even if you love them, your body is yours."

That made sense, but it was still a weird concept after having so many people treating his body like it was theirs. 
Theirs to touch, theirs to fuck, theirs to destroy...

"What would be the other option? Besides spending the heat with Jay?" He asked hesitantly. "I can't be in the ship, 'cause of Uma and Harry."

Ben thought about it for a few seconds, before answering.
"I can let you stay in a bedroom in the castle. We have plenty of empty ones." He said. "You'd be completely safe and comfortable to spend your heat alone. And I could probably get you a few... er, toys of your own."

"Me? Staying in the castle?" He asked, startled. "No, I can't accept that, Ben."

He's barely worth of sleeping on the old ship, let alone on the palace's silk sheets.

"I insist, Gil. You're my friend, ok? I want you to have that, if you want." He told him. "You don't need to decide now. Just let me know at least one day before your heat starts so I can get you either the pills or the room."

Well. Gil had a tough decision to make.

The conversation with Gil had been a tough one, but all of this vanished from Ben's mind as soon as he walked into Harry's bedroom and saw the boy sitting there, giving his 'slightly crazy' smile. 
It didn't scare Ben, it enticed him.

Ben was supposed to help Harry with his math homework. Well, that was the plan, but they both knew that wasn't really all they'd be doing.

They did end up doing the homework. Part of it, anyway. 
But soon they were making out heavily again.

Ben didn't even notice that at some point Harry had become shirtless, but all he cared about was all that new skin he had to explore above him. All that flesh felt so hot against him.

Harry's lips were magical, there was no other explanation for how his kisses made Ben feel. It was the perfect contrast against his own and the omega loved every second of it.
Harry kissed like he fought; ruthless and rough, with a fascinating passion.

Much too soon, he took his talented lips away from Ben's.
"Can I take your shirt off too?" He asked, eyeing Ben hungrily.

He felt like he ought to say no. It was so inappropriate. But he wanted to say yes, so that's what he did.

If he thought it felt hot before, he was catching fire with all this skin on skin contact. 
Harry made sure to let his hands wander all over the exposed flesh.

It didn't take long for Ben to feel how Harry was rock hard inside his trowsers and that startled the boy a little. 
"Ok, ok. I feel like we need to cool down." He said.

Harry sat down, looking a lot confused and a little disappointed, but he didn't say anything.

Ben knew that was another great opportunity to mention the fact he wanted to stay pure until his mating ceremony. 
He couldn't keep deceiving Harry like that. If the Alpha didn't want to be with him anymore, there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He opened his mouth to say exactly that. To be completely honest with Harry about his intentions.
Only what came out of his mouth was:
"You know, we could have a picnic near the lake one of these days."

Why, by goodness, why? This was so random to just blurt out in the middle of a make out session. And, of course, it didn't solve his problems.

Harry raised his eyebrows at him.
"A picnic? In public? Where people could see us?"

Oh, right. This wasn't a good idea because he and Harry weren't in a relationship. No matter how strong his feelings were starting to get, the reality was that they weren't a couple. So they didn't get to do cute, public couple stuff.

God, could this get even get more awkward?

"Oh, y-yeah, right... it's... it's probably a bad idea." He answered, shuttering and blushing like crazy.

Harry probably noticed that the sudden realization had hurt the boy's feelings a little, so he offered:
"There are other nice stuff we can do without having to be seen. How about we watch a movie in the castle tomorrow?"

Well, it wasn't as romantic as a picnic, but it was good to be reminded that Harry actually liked spending time with him and not only with his body. 
Especially when he knew he wasn't able to give it over completely.

So, he agreed. 

The next day
It was a beautiful saturday as Gil, Carlos and Jay walked around one of the many beautiful gardens in Auradon.
Gil hadn't seen this one before so their boyfriends promised that they would take him there.

He loved how Auradon had the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He loved admiring a good view, but everything was so ugly and hopeless on the Isle that he couldn't do that most of the time.

After smelling a lot of pretty flowers, they extended a towel on the ground so they could lay on it.
"So, how did you like it here?" Carlos asked him.

He smiled.
"I loved it!" He claimed."I always love finding new places in Auradon."
Carlos smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
They did that very often now.

"I want a kiss too." Jay pouted, making Carlos roll his eyes at him, but he did gave the Alpha a kiss. Longer than the one that the omegas had shared, but they didn't deepen the kiss.

Gil didn't want to ruin the amazing morning they were sharing, but he had something important to share and discuss with his boyfriends.

So he opened his mouth, hesitantly:
"Guys, I need to talk to you about something."

Jay frowned, clearly concerned.
"What's it, babe? Did something happen?"
Gil blushed at the cute pet name as he shook his head.

"My heat is going to be next week. And I can't get my herbs here." He explained.

"Oh, shit! Sorry, I should have told you that, but it slipped my mind." Carlos said. "When I first got here I asked Jane where to get them, but she had no idea what I was talking about."

"So, what do you do, during your heat?" Gil asked, hoping that would help him decide.

"There are things called contraceptive pills here. I can take them, share my heat with Jay and still not get pregnant. Isn't it cool?" Carlos told him.

He sounded so excited about it. What was wrong with Gil that he couldn't manage to be happy about spending a heat with his boyfriend?
That's what he was supposed to want.

He gulped, the conversation making him more nervous than he intended. He barely knew what to say.

"But, what do you want to do in your heat?" Jay was the one who asked.

He wasn't sure. He was ready to fool around and touch and have fun in bed, but the didn't feel ready to be fucked. He just wasn't there yet.

But it just sounded so unfair to him simply not letting Jay have this. I mean, how many guys he barely knew the name had been inside of him? How many Alphas that he hated? Wasn't it ridiculous that they had done that, but Gil wasn't allowing an Alpha he actually cared about to do it?

Maybe once they were there, naked and heat-driven, he would feel better about it, maybe he could even want it. Maybe if they tried it before the heat hits things would be better.
Maybe he just needed to suck it up and be a fucking good omega for once.

As he didn't say anything for too long, Jay decided to speak up:
"Hey, you know that whatever you choose it's gonna be fine, right?"

"I... I think you should have this. We're boyfriends, after all. I'm supposed to give you this."He said. "It's just... I don't know, it's been a while since the last time I got fucked. And I didn't want it back then."

Jay was clearly having none of it.
"It sounds like you don't want it now either." He said. "Please, tell us how you really feel."

Gil took a deep breath, that conversation wasn't easy at all.
"When I think about fooling around with you guys, I like that idea. I like the idea of touching you, of making you feel good, of being naked around you. But I don't feel the same thing when I think about getting... y'know, fucked." He said. "I mean, I want that someday, but thinking about doing it right now scares me."

He hoped he had expressed himself well enough, since it wasn't easy to say all that. It wasn't easy to sort out his thoughts.
"Hey, it's fine to feel like that. We've been dating for a week, you don't need to jump into bed with us. Nobody is expecting that." Carlos assured. "Jay won't die if he doesn't get to spend your heat with you."

He knew it wasn't a matter of life or death, he did. 
But it didn't mean he wasn't worrying about it. He wanted to make Jay happy, he wanted to be a good omega.

"Yeah, but... it's not like I'm a virgin or something. I care about you guys, if other people got to have it, Jay should get it too." He explained. "I also won't die if I let Jay do it."

"I don't want anything you feel obligated to give me, Gil." Jay said. "It's okay that you don't want it, I'm not angry at you."

"But are you disappointed?" He asked, finally letting out his biggest fear in this situation.

Jay softly grabbed his face with both of his hands, making him look in his eyes.
"You could never disappoint me, ok?" The Alpha said. "I swear."

"Are you sure?" Gil asked, not wanting his boyfriend to resent him later. 

"100% sure, babe." He answered, pecking his lips sweetly.

Ok, that had made Gil breathe easier. Knowing that Jay was not upset with him for making this decision, he called Ben as soon as he got back home and let him know he was going the take the bedroom in the castle.

Five days later
It was the end of the evening, and Gil was gathering his stuff to go spend the next few days at the castle.

"Did you get everything?" Uma asked him, a worried look on her face.

"I think so." He said."I've got a few clothes, food and water. I think that's all."
She nodded, still looking apprehensive. Her expression matched Harry's perfectly.

He got why they were so worried, he was nervous as hell as well. 
Back on the Isle they would have moved mountains if it meant helping him get the herbs he needed not to go into heat. 
But there was nothing they could do here and Gil knew damn well how much feeling powerless sucked.

"I can walk you there." Harry offered. "I need to talk to Ben, anyway." 
He tried to sound nonchalantly about it, but Gil could see the worry in his eyes. 
"Yeah, that's fine. Thanks." He answered.

"Well... take care, ok? If anyone tries any funny business let us know." Uma said. 
Gil nodded and gave her a hug. 
It was weird how it felt like a goodbye, when they actually would only be apart for less than a week.

So, he and Harry ended up going the whole way until the palace in silence. There wasn't much to talk about anyway. 
Gil's mind was kind of a mess. Jay kept insisting that he wasn't offended or disappointed, so at least Gil wasn't worrying about that. 
But still, he barely remembered what a heat felt like. So it was mostly a new and terrifying experience for him.

Besides, he couldn't help but feel like he was imposing, being a burden to Ben.  C'mon, a guest room on the castle only for him? He was just a peasant, he didn't deserve that.

As they finally arrived, Ben was waiting for them outside the castle, with a sweet smile on his face.

"Hey, guys." He said. "Gil, the room is at the end of the first hallway, on your left. There are two guards at the front, you can't miss it."

Gil's eyes widened. Ben really wanted him to feel safe there.
"Thanks, Ben. Really, I can't ever tell you how much you're helping me." He thanked. "You're really a good friend."

Ben smiled, but shook his head.
"I just want to help when I can." He explained. "But hey, do you want me to take you there?"

Gil considered it for a second, but decided against it. He just needed to follow the instructions on how to get there and it would be fine.

"Ok, then, I wish you good luck." Ben said. "Oh, and there are stuff for you on the first drawer."
He blushed a little, realizing the stuff were probably sex toys.

Gil followed what Ben had said and had no trouble finding his bedroom. 
He gasped as he opened the door.
The room was huge! If you put all bedrooms of the ship together they weren't half of that guest bedroom.

He lied down on the bed, feeling how soft and fluffy it was. Yeah, he could  get used to this...

Curiosity got the best of him and he opened the drawer Ben was talking about, only to find out that yeah, he was right about its contents. He blushed again, but couldn't help but notice how even that kind of stuff looked fancy here.

Gil decided that the best he could do was change into his pajamas and try to sleep, knowing he would need a lot of energy. 
But it wasn't that easy.

His mind was absolutely restless.
There was so much going on, he couldn't sort his thoughts out. 
At least, he knew he was safe there. Well, he was full of adrenaline as if he was in danger, but he knew he wasn't. 
There were two beta guards with full knight gear outside his door, so there was no way any Alpha could reach him.

He couldn't help but think about Jay and Carlos. Would they miss him? He knew it was a silly thought, but he couldn't help but want to be adored in a way that even a few days away would make a difference.
Well, maybe the heat was already messing with his mind.

And then there were also Harry and Uma, who were probably worried to death back on the ship. They might be tough, but that didn't mean they had no feelings.
They were both protectors by nature and Gil knew that not being able to do anything, knowing Gil was about to be in a very vulnerable situation was probably killing them.

Eventually Gil managed to fall asleep, thoughts, worries and dreams all getting mixed up. Even in his sleep he was a little restless, but at least he was alright.

When Gil woke up he felt warmer than usual, but he knew the heat hadn't really started yet. It only fully hit around midday. It started as only a little bit of slick running down his inner thighs and a faint sense of desire. But in a few hours the sheets were completely soaked, he was sweating like a fucking pig and the ache of wanting to be filled burned him inside out.

It was pretty bad, but with the help of a few knotting dildos to keep himself from going crazy and many water bottles to keep himself hydrated, it was manageable.
He didn't feel any pain, not real pain at least, the kinds the Isle had teach him, and most parts of it were just big blurs.

Jay's name slipped from his lips the whole time, he imagined the Alpha was with him and at some point he even remembered thinking he wished Jay was actually there fucking him.

But five days after that, when he could breathe easier and think clearer again, he knew he had made the right choice by spending the heat alone. 
Everything had been fine, no one had even attempted to get to him and after it was all over he was glad he didn't rush into having sex with Jay just because of his omega biology.

Even though he didn't have much to give, had already been through so much, he wanted his first time with his boyfriends to be special. Yeah, it might not be his first time ever, but it would be the first time he'll actually choose to do it. 
So call him a hopeless fucking romantic, but he was glad he was waiting until he was really ready, until his mind wanted it as much as his body.

He was sticky and in desperate need of a shower, but he was also happy with himself and his choices. 

Both him and Carlos were restless, waiting for Gil to show up. He had called them saying his heat had finally ended, but that he'd missed them and wanted to come over.

They had also missed Gil. It was amazing how quickly they got used to being three instead of two.

"He must be exhausted." Carlos said. "Five-day heats are terrible."

"Poor Gil... people say that spending heats by yourself is more draining than spending it with someone else." He said.

"Well, I wouldn't know. You know I've never spent a heat without you." Carlos answered, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Yeah, Jay remembered that Carlos had told him that, as he had always been small and thin and was always quiet and obedient, Cruella always thought that he'd end up being an omega. 
So, she started to make him drink the tea that prevented heats from a young age.

Turned out she had been right, and Carlos only found out because Alphas around him, AKA Jay and Mal, told him he started to smell like an omega.
And, of course, he started getting unwanted attention from random Alphas on the streets.

"And honestly, I never want to. I had four heats since we arrived and I feel like I'd have busted into flames without you." He confessed, making Jay smile. It was good to know he was needed.

Before he could answer, they both heard a soft knock on the door.
They quickly got out of bed, knowing exactly who was waiting for them outside.

Jay opened the door to look at Gil's exhausted face. 
He had most likely just taken a shower, hair all wet and body smelling of soap. However, as an Alpha, Jay could still smell the slick and the arousal underneath it all.

He had bags under his eyes and looked about to collapse.
"Hey, babe." Jay greeted, opening his arms to hug him. "How are you feeling?"

Gil accepted the embrace, trying to hide his face on his neck. 
"So, so tired." He mumbled.

"Here, have a snack bar." Carlos offered. "I bet you're hungry too."

Gil nodded, moving to hug Carlos as well.  
Soon he laid on the bed, and both boyfriends laid there too, leaving Gil in the middle.
The omega snuggled closer to Jay and whined:
"I wanna spend time with you, guys." He said. "But I really want to take a nap too."

God, sleepy Gil was so fucking cute. Jay was so ready to see as many sides of this boy as he'd be allowed to. 
"So take a nap. We'll still be here when you wake up." Carlos offered, kissing his cheek.

"Have you let Uma and Harry know you're fine and your heat is over?" Jay asked.

"Yeah, I called them from the castle and told them I was coming here. I called Ben too, to thank him." He replied.

Jay was as impressed as Gil at how generous Ben had been, letting the boy stay in the royal castle for his heat.
The king really was something else.

"Then everything is settled. Just lay here and rest a little." Jay said. "We'll be right here."

Gil smiled, still all sleepy, and nodded. He closed his eyes, and Jay began slowly caressing his scalp, hoping to help him fall asleep.

It worked, and soon Gil was sleeping like a baby.
The complete silence and calm in the dorm, ended up making Carlos fall asleep as well.

As he looked at the two absolute angels sleeping peacefully in his bed, Jay couldn't help, but wonder how the hell had he ended up this lucky.

Chapter Text


He woke up the next morning with someone knocking on his door, rather impatiently.

Carlos didn't even noticed he had fallen asleep the night before, but it turned out that him, Gil and Jay ended up sleeping the whole night.

He got up, still sleepy, and went to open the door. However, he wasn't very happy with who he found there.

"If you're here to attack my boyfriend again, I'll have to tell you to fuck off." Carlos said, giving Harry and Uma a hard look. 
Both of them rolled their eyes at him.

"We came here in peace, so chill, ok?" Uma said."We just wanted to check if Gil was here. It's almost school time and we haven't heard of him since yesterday."

Well, he supposed that wasn't too bad. As long as they didn't plan to hurt anyone, it was kind of cute that they cared so much about their friend. 
"Yeah, he's here and he's fine." Carlos told them. "He's still sleeping. He was pretty exhausted yesterday."

Both Alphas nodded, probably feeling as awkward as Carlos with that conversation, but also happy that Gil was fine. 
"We brought his bag and a few clothes, if he's planing on going to school today." Harry said, handing him something.

"Harry? Uma?" Carlos heard Gil's sleepy mumbling as he clumsily walked towards the door.

"They wanted to check on you." He explained."And to give you this."
He handed the bag to his boyfriend.

Gil still looked confused and rather tired. But it was expected, considering how tiring his last days were. You can't recover from five days of heat with only a night of sleep.

"I slept the whole night?" Gil asked and Carlos nodded. "Wow, I'm sorry. It was supposed to be just a nap. Is it time to get ready for school already?"

"Almost." Uma said. "That's why we brought you your stuff."

"Are you sure you want to go?" Carlos asked. "No one will hold it against you if you want to rest a little more."

Gil shook his head.
"Nah, I can't keep missing classes." He said. "I'm not good at most of them."

Carlos frowned. He decided he'd ask the boy if he wanted some help with his studies, since Carlos himself had adapted really well to Auradon's education system. 
But it was something to be discussed later, he'd just have to keep it in mind.

"If that's all, I guess we're going." Uma said, still rather awkward.

"Yeah... we just wanted to see if you're okay." Harry said, not meeting his friend's eyes. He clearly had problems with showing his feelings.

Gil smiled blindly.
"I'm good. They were very good to me, I promise." He replied.

It warmed Carlos' heart to hear that.
Yeah... he was glad Gil was a part of them now.

It was lunchtime and Ben should be heading to the spot where he and Gil usually had lunch together, but he was trapped into a slightly awkward talk with a boy he barely knew the name.

He was a kid from the Isle who had stopped Ben to ask some random question about Auradon and then engaged on conversation with him.

"Yeah, yeah... I guess." He wasn't really sure what he was answering since he wasn't really listening to the guy. "I'm sorry, uh... Edward? But I really need to go."

The boy just smiled at him in a way that made him shiver.
And not the good kind either. He was a weird one, really.
"It's Edwin, actually. Edgar Balthazar's grandson." He explained. Oh, right, Ben felt like he might have heard something like that."But, please, don't go so early."

Yeah, he was surely getting a little flirty, wasn't he? This Edwin guy was an Alpha and Ben was an omega who really wasn't interested in having anything with him.
He just wanted to be left alone.

"I mean it. I have to get my lunch and meet someone." He told, voice a little firmer. "If you want more information, you can ask Fairy Godmother about anything."

"But talking to her isn't as interesting as talking to you." He insisted, which was starting to frustrate the king.

"Well, I'm sorry about that. Maybe we can talk more some other time." Ben said and turned around to leave that annoying Alpha behind.
Only, his arms got grabbed which stopped him from leaving the place.

"I thought I told you to stay." The boy said, through gritted teeth. 

Ben was usually a very calm person, but he felt his blood boil. 
Goodness, he was the king, shouldn't at least that be enough to make this boy treat him with at least a little bit of respect? And above all that, he was human. 
That should be enough.

"Look, you better let me go. I'm not telling you this twice." He said."I know what happened to omegas who were left alone on the Isle, but that doesn't happen here. And if you even think about touching me in any way, I'll throw you in jail for the rest of your miserable life."

The boy's eyes went wide, he clearly didn't expected this conversation to take this turn.
"No, no... I-I wasn't thinking about d-doing that." He tried to explain, but was still grabbing Ben's arm.

"Well, if I were you I'd let go of the King right now, you little fucker." Ben turned around to see Harry approaching them. "Otherwise I'll have to shove my hook so far up your ass that I'll be forced to take it back from your mouth."

This wasn't what Ben had expected from today, but it was not like he could really blame Harry for picking up a fight this time.

Edwin tried to pretend be wasn't scared of Harry, Alpha ego and all that, but the scent of fear was unmistakable. 
At least he let go of Ben.

"And why is that any of your business, Hook?" He pointed his fingers at Harry angrily."Is he yours or something?"

"He might be." He said, grabbing the other Alpha's wrist certainly tight enough to bruise."But what matters here is the fact he isn't yours. And he doesn't want to be. So get the fuck out of here or else you'll beg to be taken to jail just to get rid of me."

What on earth was even that? 'He might be'? What kind of response was that?

Edwin was fuming, completely enraged, but he decided to get away while he still had his dignity. Everyone knew he could never take Harry on a fight.

As the guy left, Harry turned his attention to Ben.
"Did he hurt you?" He asked.

"No, it's fine. He just grabbed my arm, that's all." He said, still a little bit unsure about how he felt about everything that had happened. "Harry... did you do this because you were jealous?"

The Alpha looked caught off guard.
"I wanted to make sure you were safe, but..."He paused. "I can't lie to you. I was jealous as well."

Ben wasn't exactly sure what set him off. 
It was probably the fact that he was already riled up from the discussion with that annoying dude.
But it also had everything to do with how he had been feeling the last few weeks.

All he knew was that he was tired from 'just having fun'.

"Harry, you don't get to feel jealous of me, ok? You just don't." He said, voice as firm as he could muster.

"Excuse me?" Harry clearly didn't expect the outburst.

"What are we even doing, Harry?" Ben almost yelled his question. "We're not boyfriends when I want to have a date in public, but you want to be protective of me as if we were. We're not boyfriends when other people are around, but you sure get all the benefits of being my boyfriend when we're alone. We're not boyfriends when I want to hold your hand at school, but you get to be jealous as if we were?"

Ben's eyes were shiny with tears that he absolutely refuse to let fall.
He didn't want to cry over that.
Harry listened quietly, being wise enough to understand that Ben had the right to be angry.

"I just... I'm sorry if I'm being clingy, but I can't help it, ok? I know I told you it was fine if we just have fun, but it's just not working for me to have half a boyfriend." He said."So if you really don't want to-"

He got interrupted by Harry pressing his lips against Ben's. 
Just as hot as ever, the kiss managed to make everything disappear for a while.

It was just Ben and Harry in their tiny bubble of burning passion. 
Eventually they both had to let go.
They just looked into each other's eyes for a little bit, until Harry broke the silence:
"I wanna be your boyfriend. I really do." He said. "But I can't."

That shattered Ben's heart a little, he couldn't lie.
He should have known that an Alpha like Harry wouldn't want to be attached to someone like that. He was a free spirit, after all.
It was foolish of Ben to believe that whatever was going on between was  strong enough to make Harry give up his freedom.

"Because you don't want to be tied down?" He asked, more to confirm his fears than anything.

"Because you deserve better." Harry answered.
"I deserve... what?" That really wasn't what Ben had in mind at all. "Harry, I can't believe that's the only reason we're not together. I thought that at the very least you'd be worried about all the media harassment tha comes with dating a king... but c'mon, me deserving better? That's your excuse?"

"I'm not worried about a few idiots with cameras, not really worried, at least. I can always tell them to fuck off." Harry said. "But you're just... too good for me. You're the purest, kindest person I've ever meet. You don't deserve to date a murderer."

That had never crossed Ben's mind at all, but it made sense that Harry would feel like that. He always carried so much guilt about his past.

"I will make you dirty if I get too close." He kept talking."You should be protected from people like me."

"Harry... that's not up to you, ok?" His words were sharp, but his voice was soft. "You don't get to decide what I deserve or whether I should want to be protected from you. I'm the one who needs to decide that."

Harry didn't answer him, so he went on.
"This is your problem, Harry. When you care about someone you want to protect them so much that you end up making a bigger mess out of things. That's what you did with Gil and that's what you're doing to me right now." He explained. "I'm not judging you for that. I know that you just want to keep people who are important to you safe, but you cannot make decisions like that on your own."

"Ben... I'm sorry for that. You're right, I should have told you how I felt, but... can't you see I'm not fit for romance?" Harry insisted. "I am going to fail, I know I am. I'm going to break your heart and darken your soul, Ben. You don't deserve that."

He gently grabbed Harry's face. 
"That's a risk I am willing to take." He assured."If you don't want to be with me, just say it. But if you do, don't hold yourself back because you're too afraid of hurting me. I'm not afraid, Harry... I could never be afraid of you."

Harry was still looking deep into his eyes. He went completely quiet, barely breathing.Ben thought that that was it, Harry would give up on him altogether. Maybe his feelings just weren't strong enough to fight his insecurities.

But then Harry smiled brightly at him. A real smile, full of feeling. 
"I won't forgive myself if I hurt you, but I won't forgive myself if I let you go either." He stated. "I just... I can't lose you, Ben."

"You won't." Ben answered, smiling as well. "I promise."

Their lips finally met again, but it was different this time. The fire was still there, but it was more gentle than usual. 
There were more feelings being transmitted there.
Not that the feelings didn't exist before, they just weren't seen as clearly.

As soon as they let go of each other, they were smiling again:
"Should I prepare myself for the wrath of your parents?" Harry asked, sounding playful, but also not really.

Well, he couldn't lie and say that they would be completely fine with it. His parents were already quite awkward with accepting Mal as his girlfriend in the first place and Harry had even more of a "bad boy" vibe, at least there in Auradon.

Besides, he knew his parents secretly wished that he'd date a princess or a prince, or at least someone who was born in Auradon
Well, he wasn't sorry to disappoint, not in that case.

"Let's just not worry about that. They'll hear the rumors eventually, then they'll freak out and demand to meet you personally." He explained. "When that happens we can start worrying."

Harry let out a little laugh at his words.
"As you wish, yer highness." The Alpha said, kissing the boy's forehead. 

"You know that technically it's your majesty, right?" Ben asked, also ending up laughing. 
Harry held one finger close to his mouth, in a sign for him to keep it shut.

"Shhh, don't ruin the moment, yer highness."

After the last class of the day, he was walking through the halls with his crewmates, but he had something on his mind.
"So... I was kinda planing on going to the dorm again today?" He said, a little unsure. After all he barely saw his friends the last week, but well... he couldn't wait to finally spend some time with his boyfriends as well, since all he did the day before was sleep.

"Just let us know if you plan on spending the night." Uma asked, and it sounded like she had no problem with it.

"I don't. I'll be back in the ship before the evening ends." He explains.

He was about to leave, anxious to have some alone time with Jay and Carlos, now that he wasn't as exhausted as he had been the night before, but Harry started to talk.
"Guys... I have some news, I guess." He said, looking rather uncomfortable. "Me and Ben are finally official."

"Oh my God, fucking finally!" Uma yelped, completely exasperated. "I thought I was going to die of old age before you got your head out of your ass."

Harry rolled his eyes and Gil couldn't help but laugh at the whole interaction.
"That's nice, Harry." He answered. "I bet you're going to be good for each other."

"Well, I certainly hope so." The Alpha answered. 
That was all great news. Ben had become a close friend on the last few months, and he was so kind and sweet. He was absolutely the kind of person Harry deserved to have close to him. 
But it also wasn't a big surprise for Gil. Or for Uma.  In fact, everyone knew it would happen someday, they were just waiting for Harry and Ben to do something about it.

After a quick hug, Gil went running to find his boyfriends. 
They were waiting for him outside, both smiling widely as they saw him approach.

They walked up to the dorm while talking about everything and nothing at all. Just talking about their day and laughing at random stuff.
As carefree as a group of people can be.

It didn't take long for them to get to the dorm and they were making out as soon as they arrived. After staying apart for some days they could barely contain themselves.
All they wanted was to be closer and closer to each other.

Gil was not sure how it happened,  but after a while, Jay ended up sitting on the bed with each omega siting on one of his thighs. 
He alternated between the two of them, just as he usually did.

Gil had all this desire pent-up from his heat, so he savored Jay's lips on him and adored Jay's hands traveling around his body, making Gil hot all over. 
He was starved for that hot touch he loved so much.

Jay moved one of his hands to his head, and started to tug on his hair slightly. That's not something they had done before, but Gil found the feeling surprisingly enticing, and ended up moaning a little. Which only incentivized Jay to do it a little harder. 
Gil was a little ashamed of how quickly he started to get wet just from all the kissing, but there were more important matters at hand.

Soon Jay just turned his head a little bit to his side and started devouring Carlos' mouth. 
He used both of his hands to grab the boy's ass firmly.
Fuck, even though it made Gil a little frustrated to not be the one involved in the action, the picture those two made were almost as good as actually being touched.

Jay started leaving hickeys down Carlos' jaw, neck, and collarbone. It was beautiful to see the colors appearing on the omega's milky skin.
"Off, off." Jay said, and quickly Carlos was getting rid of his own shirt and Jay's as well. Gil took the hint to do the same.

The Alpha decided to suck on the nipples that just got exposed to him, making Carlos let out a long moan. 
Again, Jay was good with his mouth, indeed.
Carlos took one of Jay's hands and directioned it to touch his ass underneath the clothing.

Jay turned his head again and went back to kissing Gil, only this time he didn't take his hands out of Carlos' body. The kiss was wet and messy and everything Gil needed. He barely noticed he started to rut slightly against Jay's leg. 
What he did notice was how much wetter his underwear got in a matter off minutes. He could feel slick wetting his thighs.

"Gil... "Jay stopped the kiss to talk and the omega whined. "Things are getting pretty heated. Do you have an idea of what you're looking for here?"

Actually, he didn't. 
He was just enjoying making out with his boyfriend for a while, there was nothing else on his mind. He wasn't thinking about the specifics.

He hated feeling like there was some kind of expectation on him, but not knowing what it was exactly. 
"Hey, there's no right answer for this." Carlos assured. "You can say whatever you want."

"I think I wanna do something, but I don't want to get fucked." He said, a little too quickly. The thought of being knotted still scared him.

"Well, I do." Carlos was also quick to add, making Jay giggle a little. "I'm fucking dripping."

"I think I have an idea." The Alpha declared. "Gil, have you ever been rimmed?"

Gil hadn't, he had never been touched sexually by someone he wanted to be touched by before meeting them.
And, of course, none of the people who did touch him were concerned about his pleasure at all. They just cared about themselves and how they could use Gil to their own benefit.

But the idea of being rimmed did seem appealing.
"No, but I guess I'd like to try it."

Jay just smiled and went back to kissing him, meanwhile Carlos took the rest of his own clothes off, sitting there completely naked.
He had a very nice body; thin and lithe, full of freckles all over, round butt and his dick was similar in size to Gil's, only a little bit thinner.

Soon Jay and Gil parted the kiss to take off their clothes as well.
Gil felt like maybe he should be a little more shy than he was about finally being naked around them, but he wasn't.
He was comfortable enough in their presence to show this part of himself. He didn't feel like he should be ashamed.

Once Jay was finally completely naked in front of him, Gil gawked at him. Fuck, he was the most handsome Alpha Gil had ever seen in his life, all that caramel skin exposed in all of its glory. 
And his cock was really something else. All Alphas tended to be on the larger side, while omegas were usually smaller, so he wasn't much different, in length, to the other Alphas Gil had seen. So, it was average Alpha size.
However, he was so fucking thick. Gil had never seen someone this thick in his life, and it looked so deliciously heavy too. His mouth watered with how much he wanted to touch it.

"It's glorious, isn't it?" Carlos said, noticing how impressed the other omega seemed.
Gil could only nod.

Jay snorted at the comment, but quickly came back to bed and attacked Carlos' neck with hickeys again.Gil had noticed that it seemed like Jay was obsessed by the idea of marking Carlos' pale skin.

It was hard not to notice as Jay's hands made their way to touch Carlos' hole, even though he was still working with his mouth.
The boy lpractically purred when he was finally touched there.

"Fuck, I really wanna touch." Gil pleaded, still not taking his eyes off of Jay's dick.

Carlos took his hand and leaded it to touch the Alpha's cock, making Jay breathe out a little 'fuck' at the touch.
And fuck indeed, because he was hot and heavy and absolutely breath-taking as Gil started stroking.

The position was a little awkward, with Jay fingering Carlos as Gil tried to masturbate the Alpha, but it was totally worth it.

Jay finally seemed satisfied with his work on Carlos' neck, as he breathed out:
"Can you ride me while I rim him?" This made Carlos nod frantically.

So Jay lied more comfortably on the bed and waited as Carlos positioned himself to sit on his Alpha's cock.
He used his hands to position it at first, and then slowly slided down, both of them moaning. 
"Fuck, 'Los..." Jay cried out.

Gil was completely fascinated by the sight. Jay's expression was contorted in pleasure as Carlos sank down, until the Alpha was balls deep in his ass.

They waited for a few seconds to catch their breaths and then Jay turned his head to look a Gil.
"Come here." He said. "C'mon, sit on my face."

Oh, Evil. 
His hole twitched just from that.

"If I need to stop I'll just tap your thigh, ok?" Jay said and Gil obeyed what had been asked of him.

At first, Jay only licked across his hole. The sensation was different, somewhat interesting, but he didn't know what to make of it.
Soon Jay started actually inserting his tongue inside him and that's when things started feeling really good.

The Alpha was really invested in practically fucking his ass with his tongue, as he grabbed Gil's thigh for leverage as he started making his movements even more intense.

"Oh, fuck..." He heard Carlos moan. 
Around that time, Gil noticed that Carlos had started moving too, bobbing up and down on Jay's cock. 
His hips moved like he was dancing and his head was thrown back while he had his fun. 
Gil wished he could concentrate on the view for longer, but he couldn't help but close his eyes to appreciate the feeling of Jay going to town on his ass.

The sensation itself was amazing, but it wasn't just that. Knowing that someone cared about him enough not only to make sure that he wanted what was being done to him, but to actually care about his pleasure? The thought made Gil melt.

Jay behaved like he had a delicious meal in front of him. Well, he kind of had one, in a way. 
He alternated between literally thrusting his tongue in and licking across the hole.
Gil was actually a little worried that he might drown Jay with all the slick he was producing. 
"Evil, that's good..." Gil almost whined.

As much as the omega was loving every second of it, he didn't think it would be enough to make him come. 
But it seemed like Jay was reading his mind, as he started touching Gil's dick and started stroking slowly. 
Gil moaned loudly at the sudden contact.

The stimulation was a lot and Gil could feel himself getting closer and closer at each movement of his boyfriend's hand. 
"J-jay... I'm almost..." He breathed out, not managing to complete the sentence.

But the Alpha got it. So, he started speeding up his hand's movements. 
Gil didn't know whether he wanted to thrust up his hand or press back against his mouth.

It soon became too much for Gil. All those sensations combined with how loved and cared for he felt, he had never felt so good in his life.

So with a strangled moan that might or might not have been a cry of Jay's name, Gil exploded, coming all over his own belly.

Everything was fuzzy for a moment, until Gil managed to be conscious enough of what was happening to get off of Jay. 
When he finally managed to look at the Alpha's face he swore he could have gotten hard again, if he wasn't so spent. Jay had his juices all over his face, and kept eye contact with him as he licked his lips. 
"You're delicious, babe." He told him, winking. 
Gil thinks that if he was actually thinking straight after his orgasm he'd have blushed at that.

There was a sudden change in the atmosphere of the room as Jay directed his attention to Carlos.
He took both his hands to the boy's hips with a strong grip as he started actually thrusting up wildly.
"Fuck, that's what I needed..." Carlos said, letting his boyfriend take the lead.

"Yeah? Wanted a little rougher, huh?" Jay asked, getting even more vicious with his fucking.

Carlos just nodded, but his eyes were closed, enjoying the sensation of finally getting exactly what he wanted.

"Babe... I'm really c-close... fuck." Jay  said. "You w-want a hand?"

Carlos nodded again, probably getting just as close.
Gil concluded that Jay's question probably meant that sometimes Carlos came untouched, just from the pleasure of getting fucked. He felt his cheeks heating up, the thought was incredibly hot and he wanted that for himself, in the future of course.

Jay just needed to stroke a few times and Carlos was coming undone, whining loudly as he did so.
It was a matter of seconds until Jay came too, a guttural and long moan falling from his lips as his knot swelled inside his omega, spilling his seed there.

They just breathed heavily for a while, no one daring to break the comfortable silence.
That is, until Carlos let out an uncomfortable groan:
"Can you turn us over? It's the worst to wait for a knot to go down in this position." 

"I can try, but it'll probably tug a little." Jay answered, a little bit groggy from being tired.

It was a little bit awkward watching they try to get into a comfortable position
Gil also thought that one of the worst parts of being knotted is having to just wait for it to go down. But that was probably partially due to the fact that he had never been knotted by someone who gave a shit whether or not he was comfortable.
"So, Gil, what do you think? Do you feel alright?" Jay asked, once he finally found a good position.

"I feel really good." Gil answered, already blushing. "I really liked it."

Jay smiled and blew him a kiss, obviously not being able to move enough to kiss his lips.
"So, everyone is satisfied, yeah?" Jay asked, directing his question to Carlos. 
"Always, babe." Carlos answered and Jay gave him a sweet peck on the lips. The contrast between the innocent kiss and the fact that Jay was still inside him was quite interesting.

"I think I'm going to shower." Gil announced, suddenly being bothered by how sticky he felt. "You guys want me to get you something?"

"Nah, it's fine. It'll probably go down in like fifteen minutes anyway." Jay answered, not looking too worried.

Gil just nodded, heading butt naked to the bathroom inside their room.
Just before entered, he turned around a little bit and told his boyfriends:
"I mean it, guys. I really liked it... thank you for treating me like this."

It was good to finally be able to call himself Harry's boyfriend.
He has been trying to lie to himself about his feelings since this whole thing started, so he felt free now that he didn't have to do it anymore.
Yeah, he was still a little scared that Harry would find him too sentimental for the whole thing. But he managed to put that aside.

After school they both went to the ship to hang out. Uma teased them playfully the whole way until there, but it was good teasing. 
She left them alone once they got to the ship. 

Harry and Ben didn't take long to start making out on the pirate's bedroom. They couldn't help it, couldn't fight against the fire that always consumed them.

Harry kissed with purpose, intent. It was still rough, just how they liked it, but there was something special about kissing now that they were together. 
Ben loved to just let him take over. He had so many responsibilities and important choices that he just adored the idea of just being there and let Harry take charge of making him melt away.

"Fuck, Ben... you're so hot." The Alpha whispered in his ear. "I'm so glad we fixed things up."
So was Ben, but Harry already knew that.

He started kissing and sucking on Ben's neck, knowing he'd leave a mark and probably loving the idea.

That was when the rational part of Ben's mind started bothering him. 
He knew things were starting to heat up, and he would have to stop them soon, before they lost control.
But even more than that, Ben knew he owed Harry an explanation on why he kept abruptly stopping touches and kisses he was clearly very much into.

He should have told him sooner, should have done so before things got serious between them. But he had been a coward, so needed to fix that.

"Harry... "He called. "We should stop."

Harry let go of him and sat down on bed with a puzzled look on his face. 
"Why?" He asked. "I mean, of course you don't need to do anything you don't want to... but aren't you enjoying this?"

Ben also sat up, running his hands over his hair in distress.
Things were about to get really awkward.
"I am." He said, not meeting Harry's eyes."I'm enjoying it too much."

The Alpha didn't say anything, probably not having any idea where this conversation was headed.
"Harry..." Ben continued."I have to tell you something I should have told you before."

Well, if Harry left him now he only had himself to blame for his own hurting.
He could have avoided ending a relationship he already cared about so much if only he had been honest since the first time they kissed.
He could have avoided getting so stupidly attached. He could have... but he hadn't.

"You're kinda scaring me." Harry said. "Is it something bad?"

Ben snorted.
"It depends on how you're gonna take the news."
He took a deep breath, deciding it was now or never. Harry deserved to know.

Closing his eye's not to watch the reaction, he said:
"I can't have sex with you. I mean, I suppose I could... but I won't." He struggled with the words. "Here in Auradon we are supposed to wait until the mating ceremony, our marriage, to do it. Many people don't, but... I've always liked the idea, you know? Of making it something special for my future mate?"

He wasn't sure if he managed to deliver the message well, to make it clear that it wasn't about Harry, but about himself and his own convictions.

"It's not only about tradition and it's not about you. It's just... something I've always wanted for myself.A vow I made to myself and that I want to keep." He explained. "But I'm sorry for not telling you before and I'll understand if you want to break things off now you know I can't give you that. I promise there won't be any hard feelings."

He feel like he could cry at any minute. He knew that if Harry really dumped him, he would.

He slowly looked over at Harry's face, terrified of what he would find there. But he couldn't read his expression, his face was completely blank.

Ben was getting more nervous as Harry wouldn't just say anything, he just stared for a few long seconds.

"Look, I'm not gonna lie to you." Harry said and Ben's stomach dropped. That was it, then? "I don't know how to do relationships, the only thing I know is the physical aspect."
Before Ben could actually loose his mind, Harry gently covered his hand with his. It was sweeter than any touch they had exchanged.

"But I really like you, Ben. Sure, I wish you had told me before, but, in the end, it's not gonna change anything." He promised. "I agreed to be your boyfriend today and I'm not one to give up on what I want."

"Really?" Ben, asked, hopeful.
"Really, yer highness." He assured, leaning over to peck Ben's lips. "I'm not letting you go that easily."

Ben smiled, suddenly feeling a little silly for making a huge deal out of it. If Harry really was worth his time he wouldn't mind having to respect Ben's wishes. That's what someone who cared about him would do.
So, Harry had just proved he was worth it, indeed.

"Your majesty, remember?" Ben asked, playfully. All tension had left his body already.

"Hush, yer highness."He answered, just as playful."Don't ruin the moment."

They both laughed and ended up going back to make out, Ben's mind completely at ease knowing he had nothing else to hide or be afraid of.

He felt free.

Uma was really fucking happy for her boys.

Even though she had been really pissed at Jay in the start, she had to admit that Gil was radiant since he started being part of that relationship.
She couldn't stay mad at him when he proved he was respectful enough not to mind that Gil wanted to spend his heat alone. Uma knew that many Alphas would have tried to manipulate Gil into agreeing to spend the heat with them. 
Carlos was also nothing but lovely. She was afraid that he and Gil would start getting jealous of each other and turn their relationship into a competition, but it was far from the truth.

And then, there was the whole situation with Harry and Ben. She had honestly thought they would end up being idiots for a longer time before finally realizing what they had been missing.
But she was glad they finally sorted everything out. Ben was the kind of contrast that Harry needed in his life. The sweet to his sour.

Uma was currently adjusting somethings around the ship, as she thought about these stuff.
Gil was at the dorm with his boyfriends and Harry was inside his bedroom with Ben.

She was distracted with her own thoughts and barely noticed as Gil arrived on the ship.
"Hey, Uma." He saluted, excitedly. "I'm back."

She squinted at him.
"You're also glowing." She joked. "Had a good time, huh?"

Gil blushed hard and Uma had to laugh at that. 
"I see you had a great time, actually." She teased again, giving him a playful push on the shoulder.

"Yeah... I kind of did." He admitted, not meeting her eyes at all. "They took good care of me."

"Please, spare me the juicy details." She said, making Gil laugh a little, a happy glint in his eyes. "But really, Gil... I'm glad you're happy to be with them. I'm sorry we freaked out when you first told us."

Gil shrugged, not really caring about that little accident anymore. What was done was done
"It's fine, I know what it looked like." He assured. "But you're right about they making me happy. They really do."

Uma smiled, genuinely happy to hear that. That's all she wants for her crew, both her best friends. Her brothers.

"That's good, Gil. You deserve to be happy." She let him know. She knew that sometimes Gil forgot that.

He nodded.
"Yeah... they make me remember that."

Chapter Text


A   f e w   d a y s   l a t e r

"Hey, Gil!" Ben greeted, cheerfully arriving at their spot to have lunch.

"Hey..." Gil answered, not nearly as happy as his friend.

Just the day before he had had another flashback from when he was being hurt by the old crew. 
He was just watching a movie with his boyfriends when one of the lines set him off.

He hated when that happened, hated. It always made him spiral in self-doubt and self-disgust, even when everyone around him made sure to tell him that it wasn't his fault, he had done absolutely nothing wrong. 
He felt completely powerless during his flashbacks and panic attacks or whatever and really ashamed after them. He knew he was in Auradon, he knew he was safe, why the fuck does he panic as if his attackers were right there? It made no sense at all.

"You're alright?" The King asked, noticing how Gil looked upset.

He let out a long breath. It was always a difficult day when he had just had one of his... moments.
"I guess." He answered. "I just... had a flashback yesterday. It sucked."

He saw Ben's face fall at the news, but it didn't feel like pity, which he was thankful for. 
It felt like genuine compassion.

"I'm so sorry, buddy." He said. "Is there something I can do to help?"
Ben offered a comforting hand on his shoulders.

Gil was ready to shake his head at the question, really, what was Ben supposed to do? He couldn't make Gil's brain work normally again. 
But then he remembered something Ben had said to him when he first found out what Gil had gone through.

He told him to look for something called therapy, wasn't it? As much as he didn't want to admit he needed it, he also wanted to feel normal again.

"You told me once I should go to therapy, right?" Gil reminded him. "How... how does that work?"

"Well, I've told you before that you talk to someone and they help you to sort out your thoughts." Ben explained. "It's mostly that."

"But why can't I just talk to you? Or Harry and Uma?" Gil asked.
He saw no reason to open up to a stranger when there were plenty of people in his life who wanted to help him.

Ben shook his head.
"Yeah, having a support network, like... people who care about you, is super important, but therapy is not like that." He said. "The person you talk to is trained to know people's mind and they have the right techniques to really help you with your problems."

It kind of made sense. He had never heard about this kind of service back on the Isle, but then again, there was so much he didn't know back then.
It was like a whole different life.

"Do you think it could fix me? Like, really fix me?" Gil asked, earnest.

He didn't think Ben's expression could become even softer at that moment, but it did.
His tone was also softer as he assured:
"Therapy won't fix you, because you're not broken, Gil. You're just hurt." He looked at Gil in the eye while he talked. "But I really think it could help you to feel better."

Gil nodded, his friend was pretty convincing with his words. 
Maybe it was a good solution, after all. 
"How do I pay for that? Where can I get it?" He asked.

"Healthcare is public and free here in Auradon, remember? You won't spend a penny." He promised. "And I can call and make an appointment for you, if you want. When are you free?"

"I'm free if I'm not at school or at tourney." Gil shrugged, he wasn't a very busy guy.

"Perfect." Ben smiled. "But you need to know this is not like magic, ok? It doesn't happen out of the blue. It's a process, which takes time."

Gil nodded, since it seemed reasonable. 
He was a little bit sceptic regarding all of this, but he trusted Ben enough to try it. After all, it couldn't hurt to try, right?

"Can you just... not tell anyone about that?" He asked, not really wanting people to know he was weak.

"There's nothing wrong with realizing you need help, Gil." Ben said. "But I won't talk about it, if you don't want me to."

"Thanks, man." He said. "You're a great friend."

They ended up falling into an easier conversation about random stuff, such as television and their respective relationships.
Oh, they have been talking about that a lot, since they were both lovesick puppies who could go on and on and on about their boyfriends.

Maybe it was the fact that Ben was also omega, but he was one of the people that Gil felt most at ease to talk about most aspects of his relationship. And he guessed Ben felt the same way. 
The king had already told him many things about himself and his relationship as well.

But they also talked about friendships, and school, sometimes about heavier stuff, but mostly just teenage talk.

"You know what would be really nice?" Gil, asked, completely changing the subject. "If we all did something together. You know, me, you, Jay, Carlos, Harry, Uma... and whoever wants to come."

Ben seemed excited at the idea.
"Like a movie night? We used to have those all the time, but once I became king things got rushed and it's been months since the last one."

That seemed delightful and Gil grinned at the suggestion. Yeah, that was exactly what he was talking about.

Even though Gil still had crises and bad days, this is still the happiest he has ever been in his life and he should enjoy this phase with his friends as much as he could.
He knew more than anyone how things could be okay one moment and then become terrible out of the blue.
"Yeah. Think we could have one like... tomorrow? Y'know, since it'll be a friday." He asked.

Ben nodded.
"Of course. I'll let everyone know." He said."We can even use the movie room in the castle. It's gonna be real cool."

Yeah, Gil really couldn't wait.

"I can't believe you did this for me!" Ben said, all excited smile and shinning eyes. 
For a king the boy had his standards pretty low. But is that really a surprise for someone who is willingly dating Harry Hook?

After class, Harry had finally taken Ben to the picnic he said he wanted.
Which meant that he borrowed a picnic towel and gathered all the fruit he could find in the ship into an old bag.
It wasn't much, it wasn't even pretty.

"I'm sorry it isn't better." He said. "You know I'm not a romantic, yer highness."

"That's exactly why it means so much that you did this." Ben explained, taking a big bite from an apple Harry had brought.

No one could accuse the Alpha of not trying. He knew he wasn't exactly boyfriend material, so he was working hard to make sure he was a decent one.
It seemed like Ben was pleased and that was all that mattered.

Harry sat beside him and also took a fruit out of the bag, suddenly noticing he was a little hungry.

"So... have your parents found out about us yet?" Harry asked, trying to sound nonchalant about it, but knowing he failed.

Ben looked intrigued, but ended up shaking his head.
"I'm not sure, but I bet they haven't." He said. "I'll probably know once they find out."
Harry gulped. 
He wasn't afraid, of their reaction, but the way he had no idea of what could happen did make him a little anxious.
I mean, what if they told Ben he couldn't see him anymore? What if they wanted to punish Ben for doing this behind their back? What if they wanted to send Harry to jail?
Yeah, there was no real accusation, but they were the royal family. They could do whatever they wanted.

Ben probably noticed how he looked worried, and soothed him:
"Hey, it's fine. We'll worry about it once it happens, ok?"
Harry nodded, the boy was right. No use making a huge deal out of it at that moment.

"So, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about." Ben announced. "How do you feel about having a movie night tomorrow? With everyone?"

Harry raised his eyebrows.
"Who exactly would be everyone?" He asked.

"Me, your crew, Mal's gang, Jane, Loonie, Audrey... probably Chad." Ben explained.

"Ugh, I hate that guy."

Ben laughed.
"Hate him? Harry, you barely know him." He tried. But the boy really got in Harry's nerves. 
"Yeah, and I don't want to." He insisted, making Ben roll his eyes at him."And you know Jay and I still have some tension going on."

"C'mon, Harry... You don't even need to talk to them at all. Just be there for a little, please?" He begged.
And really who could say no to those adorable puppy eyes?
Certainly not Harry.

"Fine, darling. But you owe me one." He said, not missing the way that the pet name made Ben blush.

They ended up eating all of the fruit and Harry made a mental note not to forget to get more stuff for the ship before Uma killed him for doing this.

They spent a few hours there eating, laughing, and saying sweet nothings to each other. 
It was so calming and soft and not something he ever thought he could enjoy, but he was adoring every second of it.

He adored it even more once Ben started kissing him, sitting on his lap to do so.
Things always catch fire between those two and Harry can't help to be a little concerned about the fact that he was supposed to celibate
But he knew Ben was more important than any of that, so he would just learn how to deal with it.

Which didn't mean things weren't hard to deal with when he had a lap full of gorgeous omega all for himself.

As Harry was a fucking fool, instead of stopping to cool down once he got out of breath, he started kissing the boy's neck, leaving a wet trail behind. 
He loved the thought of making the omega all messy. 
Obviously, his dick started to show interest in the action, getting half-hard at the touch.

He sucked on a specific spot that made Ben let out a small moan and holy shit how could that be so hot?
"Harry..." Ben let out a little whine. "I'm sorry, but we need to stop."

The Alpha wasn't sure whether his boyfriend just noticed that Harry was becoming hard or he felt horny himself. All he knew was that dating Ben was going to kill him of blue balls. 
But what a way to go, huh?

"Don't apologize, yer highness." He assured. "Just... get out of my lap a little bit, otherwise my dick won't go down."
Ben blushed hard and almost jumped away from him, completely awkward.

Yeah, Harry needed to remind himself not to use language this crude when talking to Ben.
He had a sailor's mouth, but he shouldn't forget he's dating royalty, right?

He ended up letting out a little laugh at the boy's desperation. 
"You know... I'm very thankful that you decided to stay. Even after knowing that I won't give you this right now." Ben said, cheeks still tinted pink. "This is brave of you.You know, not running from this."

But Harry shook his head.
"Bravery is being the leader of big name gang back on the Isle. Bravery is sailing a ship when the sea is a nightmare. Bravery is opening the barrier without knowing how the newcomers were going to behave, just 'cause you wanted to help people." He explained. "This is just... knowing what I want and not letting tiny things stop me from having it."

There was something in Ben's eyes when he stopped talking.
A kind of adoration that Harry had never seen directed at him before.
"I think I love you." The omega admitted.

Everything stopped for a while. 
Harry felt like even his lungs stopped working. He wanted to say something, anything. 
But he ended up staring at Ben and gawking like a fish.

The King just smiled.
"It's fine, I didn't expect you to say it back. We've been dating for a few days only, it's okay." He said. "I just wanted to let you know how I feel."

Harry leaned over and kissed his boyfriend's lips passionately, putting as much feeling as he could into the action.
He wanted to transmit through that kiss what he couldn't say yet.

Gil had said he was going to spend the night at the dorm and all three of them were pretty excited.
Carlos loved when Gil spent the night. Sure, sometimes when Gil wasn't there Jay and him still did stuff, but things were so much more fun when the three of them were together.

Needless to say, as they were all young man raised somewhere were sex wasn't seen as taboo at all and since Gil has been more and more comfortable doing stuff with them, things were always getting steamy real quickly once they were alone.

Jay had mastered how much attention to give each of them so that no one felt left out perfectly.

They were all already shirtless laying down on the bed with Jay in the middle. He would just turn around to each of them and start making out. 
At the moment, Carlos was the one being kissed.

You may think that have been kissing the same person since you were twelve might have made you get used to the sensation, but Carlos strongly disagreed. Everyday with Jay was a new experience, a new feeling to be discovered.
But it was still familiar, like coming home.

Jay nibbled on Carlos' ear, making him let out a gasp. Fuck, he really did love that. The Alpha knew how to make Carlos become putty in his hands every time. 
Soon he went back to kissing him and Carlos couldn't help but let his hands wander all over his boyfriend's golden body, burning with passion. 

Soon though, Jay stopped what he was doing to kiss Gil instead. Carlos watched them vividly, as he always did while waiting for his turn. 
He had discovered a rather voyeuristic part of himself since they started dating Gil.

However, Carlos didn't get to enjoy the show much longer, since Gil stopped the kissing to say:
"Jay... I think I'd like to go further today." He almost whispered. "Still not knotting, but... maybe your fingers?"

To say Jay seemed excited was an understatement. But he decided to check anyway:
"You're sure about that?"

Gil just nodded. 
"How about this, you finger him first." Carlos suggested. "Then I blow you, then you finger me."
By the moan Jay let out at his words and the kiss he gave him right after, it was obvious that he agreed with what was said.

He and Jay took each other clothes off as Gil got rid of his own. They were very agile when they had this objective in mind.

Jay turned around to pay attention to Gil as soon as they were all naked. Carlos decided to take a seat and get comfortable to enjoy the show.

"Lay on your back, ok? It'll be easier that way." The Alpha said, soon covering Gil's body with his own and resuming the kissing.

Jay let his hands wander, until they finally got to Gil's ass, where he just circled the hole a little bit.
"I don't think you're wet enough, babe." Jay said. "Is it okay if I lick you a little first?"

Carlos had noticed Jay's mistake as soon as it left his mouth, but before he could think of something to say Gil answered:
"I'm not? S-sorry, Jay. It's not that I don't want it, I swe-"He rambled, clearly thinking that Jay wasn't pleased with him.

"Hey, no. I don't mean it like that, ok?"  Jay assured. "I just want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible."

"Yeah, it's normal to need a little extra wetness sometimes." Carlos piped in, not wanting him to feel incapable as an omega in any way.

Gil just nodded and Jay went right to business, licking a little bit at his entrance. 
Things got messy after just a few licks and tongue thrusts, but Carlos knew how Jay loved when they made each other messy in bed.

Gil whined disappointedly when Jay stopped his ministrations, making the Alpha grin a little.
"It was just to get you wetter, not to get you off." He said. "Be patient, okay?"
Gil just whined again in response.

Jay decided he was probably wet enough now, and let his hands dip between his cheeks, slowly circling the hole with his fingers, just rubbing it from outside at first. 
Gil, probably not knowingly, was slowly spreading his legs wider, giving his boyfriend better access.

He ended up being able to insert a finger slowly, but Gil didn't show much of a reaction to that. 
Carlos knew from experience that only having a finger in didn't bring a lot of sensations. 
When Jay actually started to press the digit further and move it inside the omega, Gil started letting out one or two small moans.

As he inserted the second one, Gil became a little louder. 
Jay was working both fingers gently, but firm. He started to thrust them in a curvy motion, aiming to find the omega's sweet spot.
It was obvious when he actually got there, since Gil almost howled. 
"Did you like that?" Jay asked, making the same motion again. Gil nodded desperately.

The Alpha had always been a talker and Carlos was a sucker for that. So he started touching himself as he heard Jay and admired his work.

"Yeah, you like that. Fuck... you're so warm there." The Alpha said, starting to sped up his movements just a little. He started to twist him fingers to test the boy's reaction.
Well, it sounded like he had enjoyed it indeed.

Once Jay tried to put a third finger inside Gil got a little bit tense, clenching against the fingers.
The Alpha stopped what he was doing to watch him attentively with worried eyes.
"You okay?" He asked. "It's fine if you don't want to go further."

But Gil shook his head, determination written all over his flushed face.
"I want it, s-so fucking bad...." He said. "Just go real slow."

Carlos didn't have the clearest view of the scene, but he could feel the tension in Jay's body. He was working agonizing slowly to make sure Gil wasn't being hurt at all.

It took a little while until the omega really got used to the feeling, but soon Jay was circling his fingers inside and pressing up, making him moan brokenly. 
He kissed Gil's mouth again, swallowing his moans while he licked his mouth, but still keeping the rithym with his fingers.

Jay had always been an attentive lover, so he probably noticed that Gil just needed a little bit more to have his release. 
So the Alpha reached out with his other hand to stroke his dick. Gil had his eyes closed, so he was probably surprised by the sudden touch. 
However, judging by the high-pitched sound he made, it was a very pleasing surprise.

Gil threw his head back in pleasure. Being stimulated with two different kind of touches could be a lot to take.

So, it didn't take long before he let out a long, loud moan and released himself all over Jay's hand, breathing heavily.

"Oh, Evil..." He murmured, still out of breath.
"Was it good? Did you enjoy it?" Jay was quick to ask.

Gil nodded, a large smile growing on his face. As Jay went to get a tissue to clean his come-covered hand, Gil commented: 
"I was a little afraid that I couldn't feel good from... you know.. really..."

"Penetration?" Carlos supplied, helpfully. 
"Yeah, I guess. But I loved being fucked by Jay's fingers." He confessed. "So I'm happy I'm not that broken."

"You wouldn't be broken either way, babe. I swear." Jay said, giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead as he sat on the bed again.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Carlos quickly positioned himself in the middle of his boyfriend's strong legs. 
"Now it's your turn." The omega said, knowing damn well how wicked his small smile seemed. "Sit back and enjoy... oh, and don't knot my mouth, ok?"

Carlos wasn't the biggest fan of having his mouth knotted at all, he knew his boyfriend knew that and that he would never do it without asking, but he always liked to remind him, just in case.
It's just so hard to stay there for more than ten minutes with your mouth as wide as humanly possible and, of course, completely unmoving since Alpha knots are awfully sensitive and the slightest brush of teeth is a big  no-no.

Besides... well, he and Jay had had a terrifying experience with this before. They started to date when they were remarkably young and everyone from the Isle was used to starting  very early when it came to every kind of depravity. 
But this didn't mean they were any less stupid than any other teenage boys who were hitting puberty and had no idea what to do with their own bodies. Long short story: younger Carlos swore he could take it when he clearly couldn't, younger Jay wasn't used to his own strength yet, one wrong move and younger Carlos ended up with a dislocated jaw. 
It had hurt like a motherfucker, and the whole situation was hell to deal with, but Jay had felt so fucking guilty about it that it almost hurt more than the dislocation itself. Almost being the key word, of course. 

However, as much as Carlos had his problems with having his mouth knotted, that was literally the only issue he had with giving head. 
As long as Jay came elsewhere, Carlos absolutely loved doing that for him.
In fact, it was a little bit unfair to say he did it 'for Jay'. No, the truth is that Carlos loved doing this as much as his boyfriend enjoyed it being done to him.

So he started giving kitten licks all over the length, looking over at Jay over his eyelashes. 
The Alpha knew that the bashful look was mostly an act, but the two of them got off on that.

But he decided he wouldn't tease Jay too much, already swallowing him down after only a few licks. 
"Fuck, babe..." Jay said through gritted teeth, already arching his head back from the feeling.

Carlos didn't want to seem smug, but he knew he was good at this, he knew exactly how Jay liked it. 
Again, they got together when they were pretty young, so they had time to learn about each other bodies and memorize their likes and dislikes.

So, he started bobbing his head up and down on his shaft, loving to watch and hear all the confirmations that he was doing a good job. 
"Hmm... 'Los, your mouth, your... fucking mouth." He let out, breathing quickly. 
Jay didn't always make sense, but he did always talk. And his voice was always so much deeper from arousal that Carlos really couldn't complain. It was so damn hot. 

Carlos decided to stop what he was doing, and started licking him until he got to his balls, giving them a little bit of attention too. 
He liked the feeling as much as he liked hearing Jay moan.

He went back to swallowing him again, but it was just for a bit.
Soon, he stopped his movements, but did not take Jay's dick out of his mouth. Indstead he took one of Jay's hands and put it on his hair, incentivating him to grab it.

They both knew what that meant; it was the permission Jay needed to truly fuck his mouth. 
Carlos loved to work for Jay's pleasure, but he loved even more to just stay there and let Jay use him a little. The thought was so wrong and nasty and it made Carlos' hole twitch needily.

Jay wasn't in the mood to be particularly hard with his thrusting that day. Not that Carlos would complain if he was... 
But the Alpha decided that slow, sensual thrusts were enough, and the omega wasn't opposed to that either.

Jay had a tight grip on Carlos' hair while he thrusted
The omega admitted he had contemplated the idea of letting his hair grow even more for that sole purpose. Carlos himself didn't care much for the whole hair tugging thing, but Jay? The Alpha was fascinated by it. 
Luckily, Carlos thought, that's once again another benefit of Gil being part of them now. He had longer hair and by some reactions he had shown during making out he liked when Jay pulled his hair a little.

Of course, he probably wasn't ready to have his hair being used as a handler to have his mouth fucked, since he was going slow with trying new things, but they could get there eventually.
And if they didn't? That's okay too. Their sexual life is already amazing, thank you very much.

Jay had been pretty aroused when fingering Gil a few moments later, so his thrusts started getting shorter and his hands started getting shaky sooner than usual. 
He let go Carlos' hair, but kept moving his hips a little as he asked:
"Can I... damn... can I come on your face?"

Carlos moaned around Jay's dick at the question. Wicked thing number #315 that both him and Jay absolutely adored in bed. 
So, he took Jay out of his mouth and started stroking him with both of his hands, right in front of his own face.

"Evil... t-that's right, babe... " The Alpha whispered through slightly parted lips. 
Even though the vision of Jay falling apart was absolutely mesmerizing and made Carlos hot all over, he had to close his eyes to wait. 
And open his mouth, of course.

When Jay came, it was with a howl. A strong, loud and deep sound from the back of his throat. 
There was cum on Carlos' cheeks, his chin, his lips, his tongue, his eyebrows. Even a some on his hair. 
He always wondered if biologically Alphas had the tendency to come a lot, or if it was just a Jay thing. Anyway, he adored it.

He liked feeling marked, he liked feeling like he was Jay's. Maybe it should make him feel objectified, but it didn't. It did make him feel owned, but in a good way. 
Like there was always going to be someone caring and protecting him. He knew it was mostly his omega instincts talking, but he couldn't help it.

The Alpha struggled to keep his eyes open, wanting to admire his own work. He was breathing hard, looking at Carlos come-covered face like he was hypnotized.

All Carlos did was wipe whatever was too close to his eyes off, but let the rest there.
"Oh my... fuck, guys, that's the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life." Gil exclaimed, shocked as he watched them. 
The boy had probably been too tired after his orgasm to participate more, but the scene encouraged him to talk.

"Yeah..." Jay said, still not breathing quite normally. "Fuck, Carlos I wish I could keep you like this all the damn time. You look so fucking hot like that..."

Carlos rolled his eyes. Yeah, sometimes Jay got a little too excited with the visual.

"C'mon." He said, already lying down again, wanting to finally find his release. He always got super horny after blowing Jay. "I'm already close."

The Alpha didn't need to be told twice. He knew Carlos wasn't in the mood for teasing, so he already started with two fingers.
"So wet..."He mumbled. 
He pressed up, knowing that body well enough to find Carlos' spot quickly.

The omega just arched his head back with pleasure. Yeah, Jay always knew what he needed and it felt so damn good to finally get it. 
His movements were quick, even though he was probably tired from his own orgasm, Jay was never too tired to pleasure his boyfriend.

The Alpha started licking and sucking on his neck, clearly aiming to leave hickeys. Carlos wasn't sure if this was because he was pretty pale, which also meant he was easy to mark, or if Jay was just territorial and wanted to mark him all over for that reason. 
But he had the tendency to believe it was the second option.

Carlos whined once Jay began inserting a third finger. It didn't hurt at all, but there was always this tiny burn once they got to that part. He learned to even like it overtime.
It didn't take his hole long to get used to it though.

And there was Jay touching his sweet spot again, making Carlos let out tiny little moans with each swirl of his fingers inside him. 
"Come on, 'Los." He got closer to his ear just to whisper this. "Come for me, babe. Come for your Alpha."

And well, he was talking to a Carlos who had touched himself as he watched Jay finger Gil, then had had his mouth fucked and now was getting his g-spot played with. Could you blame him for coming untouched as soon as these words left the Alpha's lips?

Now not only was his face a mess, but his belly was one as well.
He needed a lot of time to catch his breath after the strong climax he just reached.

He laid there completely useless, as Jay got up and reached for a tissue to clean his face a little.
He loved when he was too boneless after a fuck and Jay had to take care of him.
"I think some of it is already a little bit dry." Jay frowned, trying to get the come off without pressing enough to hurt.

"We all need a shower." Gil said, clearly being the most well recovered off the three.

Carlos protested, not really feeling like he could function already.
"Hm... I'm too tired for that."He said, eyes closed. He felt ready to go to sleep already.

Jay just rolled his eyes at his sleepy boyfriend.
"I start the water and you carry him?" Gil suggested, already getting up to do just that.
Jay nodded, before pecking Gil sweetly on the lips.

And well, being carried bridal style by his strong Alpha to have a playful shower with his amazing boyfriends after having a mind-blowing orgasm? 
There was nothing more Carlos could ask from this life.

The next evening 
Everyone was already there when he and his boyfriends showed up. The movie had just started, apparently.

Mal, Evie and Uma occupied the sofa. Of course, there being a considerable space between the pirate and the other two. 
Ben and Harry were snuggled up on top of a few cushions. 
Loonie was laying on the ground, looking like she wasn't really interested in the movie.

There were two fancy looking chairs close to the cushions where Audrey and Jane were sitting. 
Chad was on the arm of the couch, trying to steal popcorn from Evie, which was so not a good idea.

"Hey!" Ben exclaimed, happily."We saved the loveseat for you guys."

Not wanting to disturb everyone who was watching they whispered their thanks and greetings as they tried to quietly make their way towards their seats.

The movie was some comedy from Auradon that Jay couldn't care less about.
It was kinda funny occasionally, but there was a lot of Auradon's humor that the VKs didn't fully understand. Or like.

But he was sitting in between his two lovely boyfriends, one arm around each of them, surrounded by his best friends, well and some douches, but he was fine with being there. 
Jay was also pretty sure that he could hear someone snoring softly, but it was not like he could blame them.

He could barely follow the plot of the movie anymore, since he zoned out here and there. 
Finally, someone decided to put him out of his misery.

Mal got up from the couch and took the television control, that was on the ground. 
She stood there with a rather impatient face and asked:
"Anyone else is dying of boredom here?"
Jay and some four or five other people raised their hands. Well, he was glad he wasn't the only one.

"Then let's get this party started." She said, excitedly. "It's friday, after all."

"I didn't know that a movie night was code for a small party." Uma said. "But I like the idea."

"If Uma and Mal agree about something, then it must be a  great  idea." Evie said, giggling a bit.

"No, a movie night is not code for a party!" Ben exclaimed, looking rather distraught.

"Awn, Benny Boo, let loose a little." Audrey said, making Ben roll his eyes since he hated the nickname. 
Well, if Uma, Mal and Audrey all agreed to the same thing, then it was a fan-fucking-tastic idea.

"C'mon, guys, no one is asking the import question here." Jay asked. "If this a party, who brought the alcohol?"

"Well, I did." Mal said, taking a bag that apparently she had left beside the couch and showing three different bottles inside.

"I did too." Harry announced.
The king looked scandalized.

"Harry!" Ben complained, wide-eyed and clearly not knowing about his boyfriend's plan.
Harry just shrugged.

"It was supposed to be just for me. I had to get through this night somehow." He explained. "C'mon, darling, I'm a pirate. What did you expect?"

Ben rolled his eyes, but ended up giving in. 
"Fine, fine... I guess if it's what everybody wants. "He got up as he spoke."Let me just get us a stereo or something. It's not a party without music."

Suddenly remembering something, Jay took the opportunity to direct his attention to Gil. 
"Hey, are you okay with us staying here?" He whispered so only Gil could hear. "You know, with all the drinking and stuff?"

He remembered that Gil had mentioned after a heavy flashback that the old crew always smelled of alcohol and that, sometimes, when he panicked real hard he could still smell their awful breath. He also said that sometimes they would force him to drink with them.  
So Jay assumed that Gil wouldn't do well with drinking after such a traumatic experience.

Sure, Jay wanted to have fun with his friends, but not if this made Gil uncomfortable in any way. 
But the omega just smiled sweetly at him. 
"It's fine. I don't drink... I just can't, panicked and threw up every time I tried. But I don't mind when other people do it." He explained, also in a hushed tone. "Really, Uma and Harry drink all the time and it was never a problem."

"So... you won't be like, sad or scared if I drink?" He insisted.

Gil shook his head.
"If you're not a mean drunk, it's fine." He said. "I just won't, like do anything... y'know... when you're still smelling of booze." 
It was all pretty reasonable, so Jay just nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Soon Ben came back with some fancy Auradon stereo so they could finally blast some music.
"I'll regulate how loud the music gets, you hear me?" Ben made it clear, probably worrying about waking up his parents, even though the propriety was big enough that they could literally explode a bomb there without the sound reaching his parents' quarters.

The sound was kind of too low for a party, but it was enjoyable. 
"Guys, why don't we play a game?" Jane suggested, as excited and sweet as always.

"A drink game!" Carlos piped in.

"What about never have I ever?" Chad asked. 

"Isn't that for kids who are like 12?" Uma asked, not sounding really pumped about it.

"Who plays drink games when they are 12?" Jane asked, looking quite shocked by the idea.

Jay had to laugh out loud at that. Fuck, he keeps forgetting how people from Auradon are so innocent on stuff like this. 
He was pretty sure he was seven the first time he had a drink.

"C'mon, guys, let's just play." Evie insisted, not caring about the age of usual players of that kind of game.

"How about we spice things up?" Audrey asked with a sickingly sweet tone. "Whoever drinks, has to tell us the story of when they did that."

Jay didn't really care, he didn't had that many things to hide in a game like this.
"Ok, let's fill the cups and then seat in a circle" Loonie organized.

"I've never drank before..." Jane let out, a little bit ashamed.

"Hey, c'mon. Everyone is doing it, don't chicken out. "Audrey said.

"You don't need to do anything you don't want to, Jane." Ben said, giving Audrey a very pointed look. The princess just looked the other way and pretended he wasn't talking to her.

"Thanks, Ben... but I think I do want to try." She said, taking one cup shyly.

"I don't drink." Gil said, his voice firm and determined. "I'll just fill my cup with soda or something."

Again, Audrey intervened.
"C'mon, what's it with you? Aren't people from the Isle supposed to be less moralist than that?" She asked.

"That's none of your business. He said he won't drink, so he won't drink." Jay piped in, through gritted teeth and it was taking all of his self-control not to use his Alpha voice on her. 
Even though he didn't use it, the anger in his tone was enough to make the girl gulp and shut up.

Trying to relieve the tension, Evie said:
"The last one to still have something on their cup wins, right?"

"Yeah, but no small sips. And no lying." Ben added.

They all sat down to begin the playing. Jay was excited, even if the game wasn't all that fun, it had been a while since the last time he drank.

"Ok, I'll start." Ben said. "Never have I ever gotten so drunk I passed out."
Well, it could be considered a spicy question for someone like him.

Harry, Evie and Gil drank. 
It was weird how the situation was absolutely different for each of them. 
Everyone knew Harry liked to drink, so it wasn't a surprise that he had passed out because of it.
Evie wasn't big on drinking, which made her a lightweight. Jay remember which night she was talking about, thankfully it was just the four of them. 
And Gil... well, Jay is pretty he has an idea of how it happened with Gil.

"Go on, guys, spill the story." Chad urged.

"Nothing to say, mate. I had an off day when I still worked for my dad, was pissed off about something I can't remember, and drank until I couldn't stand." Harry offered.

"Which is a lot." Uma said.

"I don't take much to get wasted. We had a place just for us to hang out, me, Mal, Jay and Carlos. Once Jay stole us some alcohol, I had had a bad day and passed out on the floor." Evie told, blushing slightly at revealing the reckless behaviour.

"What about you?" Chad asked, making all eyes turn to Gil.

"I guess drinking comes with being a pirate." He shrugged, concealing very well how he really felt.
But Jay knew the truth, so he started gently playing with his hair, just to let Gil know he was there and that Gil was safe.

"Never have I ever kissed someone with the same classification as me." Chad said. 
Obviously Gil and Carlos drank, Harry, Uma, Mal, Evie and even Loonie did too.

Everyone knew about Gil and Carlos, Mal and Uma seemed the type to experiment all life could offer, most people just assumed Harry would be the person to make out with anything that moved and it wasn't unusual for a beta, like Evie, to be with another beta, so all eyes fell to Loonie.

"You've kissed another Alpha?" Jane asked, blue eyes all wide. 
Loonie didn't seem to think it was a big deal. And, really, it wasn't.

"Yeah, once I made out with an Alpha boy at a party." She said. "It was nice enough."

"Never have I ever failed a test." Jane said, and it suited her a lot.

Many people drank, but really what kind of question was that?
"You guys don't know how to play." Uma complained. "Say interesting stuff. Like... never have I ever called someone the wrong name while hooking up."

Both Jay and Harry drank.

"That sounds like a delightful story..." Loonie chuckled.

"Well, in my defense... before I started dating Carlos, I was kinda afraid that telling him how I felt would ruin things." He confessed, blushing a little. "And then I would hook up with other people while thinking about him and once it just... slipped."

"Aw, babe, I never knew that." Carlos said, kissing him in the cheek.
Jay turned to him and pecked his lips sweetly.

"Wait... I thought you guys had been dating for years...."Chad said. There was nothing wrong with his words, but he looked like he thought there was something very wrong there.

"Yeah... three years and some months. I was twelve and he had just turned fourteen." Carlos explained, clearly not really getting the point of the question either. "You guys know I'm one year and a half younger, right?"

"Wait... so you were already... doing these things with people before you were fourteen?" Jane asked, looking completely scandalised.

Oh, right.
That's what it was all about. 
People from Auradon weren't used to how things worked on the Isle.

"Everyone starts early on the Isle." Mal defended. "It's just... you're exposed to it all the time, you see and hear people doing it in alleys and such. And everyone gloats about their sex life all the time, so... you just do it."
Most AKs looked rather shocked.

"Yeah, we're not obsessed with the idea of purity like you." Uma said, clearly defensive about them being so weirded out.

"I don't know if this is awesome or utterly disgusting." Chad said, looking genuinely puzzled.
Jay just rolled his eyes at him.

"Well, keep your thoughts to yourself. We're not here to judge." Loonie said before someone got offended.

"Yeah, she's right, guys." Ben said. "So, who is next?

"Never have I ever lived outside of Auradon." Audrey said, clearly aiming for a win and not for listening to embarrassing stories.

Everyone from the Isle drank.
"Hey, don't target people." Mal said, after angrily taking a sip.

Audrey played with her hair innocently.
"AwnMally, do you want to win?" Her voice was sweet, but her tone wasn't. "Then you better have a game strategy. I sure do."

"Yeah? Well, never have I ever turned people to stone." Mal replied, giving her a fake smile.
Audrey rolled her eyes, but took a sip.

Well, she had this one coming. 
"Ok, guys, chill." Carlos said."Never have I ever... had long hair."

"How could you betray me like that?" Jay asked, playfully, giving an exaggerated gasp before drinking. 
Carlos laughed loudly.
Evil, the sound was beautiful.

"So, we're all targeting each other now?" Gil asked, after drinking his soda.

"Hey, you're all stealing my strategy!" Audrey exclaimed, but she didn't seem to care all that much. She was just a dramatic person by nature.

"Never have I ever been a pirate." Evie said, already laughing at her own targets.

And things went on like this for while. It was actually pretty fun, well, a little less fun when you were the target, but still. 
Everyone was laughing and actually getting along for once, which was a miracle for a group formed by people who were so different.

Things really specific like "Never have I ever had blue as my signature color" or "Never have I ever been part of the royal family" were said and everyone would laugh at how betrayed the person would look like.
Jay admitted it was a little silly, but they were all having fun, so what's the problem? Now, there in Auradon, they could finally just... be teenagers, reckless and silly, do random things without the worries they used to have.

It was all fun and games, Jay himself being target with "Never have I ever been half genie" and "Never have I ever dated two omegas at once", until it was Audrey's turn again and she said something rather controverse:
"Never have I ever spent longer than six months without seeing my parents." 
She had a sweet smile on, pretending  she didn't target all VK's at once. Again.
Doesn't she know that making them talk about their parents is always a bad choice?

"Audrey... that wasn't cool." Ben sighed. He was a nice guy and always made sure that people from the Isle were comfortable in Auradon.

"Well, I haven't."Uma said."My mother may have decided to stay on the Isle, but I still go visit her."

"Is that allowed?" Chad asked stupidly. Just like everything else he did. 

"The barrier doesn't exist anymore, you dick." Harry said. "Everyone can come and go as they wish."

"Can we just agree not to mention our parents again?" Carlos insisted. "It is hard to deal with Cruella. I don't want to think about her when I'm supposed to have fun."

"Don't you mean it was hard do deal with Cruella?" Audrey asked, suddenly forgetting the game. "Or do you still see her?"

"You don't have to say anything, babe." Jay whispered to Carlos.
Nobody was entitled to their life story just because they got curious.
But the boy just shook his head.

"It's fine. She... she is in a hospital, in the psych ward. She did something as soon as she got here, not really sure what, and got sent there." He revealed. "I call the hospital sometimes and, if they say she is having a good day, I go visit her."

That conversation turned deep so quickly. 
"Why would you do that? You just said she was hard to deal with." Chad asked."Don't you want to get rid of her?"
Why couldn't this guy just keep his mouth shut?

Carlos looked a little taken back, clearly not expecting such a question.
Before Jay could say some things that the prince wouldn't like hearing, Ben intervened:
"Chad, not everything is black or white." He said. "This is not our business."

"But you all see your family now, then?" Jane asked. "That's cool. You know, that you reunite with them."

"More or less. I mean, I've been seeing my dad a lot. He's actually pretty cool and he wants to make up for the lost time." Mal said. "My mother is more... complicated. I saw her twice since moving here."

"I agreed to see my mother once every two weeks as long as she goes to therapy to deal with her obsession with beauty." Evie said. "That was what fucked me up the most, how I always had to look perfect. But... I still love my mother."

Jay knew how that felt. I mean, not exactly, but close enough.
As far as he was concerned, Evil Queen was never physically abusive. That would leave bruises and she wanted Evie to have perfect skin.

Jafar didn't particularly care about how Jay looked like, so he had no qualms about whipping him bloody as a punishment when he thought his son had done something wrong. 
Which usually meant not stealing enough.
It was a nightmare, every time. He had to kneel on the shop's floor, take off his shirt and wait until his father decided that there was enough blood dripping from his back. 
Things were worse when he was younger, right after he presented, and was also weak enough to cry, which only made Jafar angrier. He would yell something about how Alphas shouldn't cry and whip even harder.

He still had scars all over his back because of it and he hated them. He was pretty sure that Carlos must have warned Gil about it, because the omega didn't seem surprised the first time he had seen them.
Jay was just thankful he didn't need to explain.

He had decided he didn't want to see his father anymore once the barrier was broken.
But, deep down, he was afraid that someday he would give in and look for his old man. He may have given him hell sometimes, but he was a... an almost decent parent other times, like when Jay was younger and the man would sit with him and show him beautiful photos of Agrabah
And, even though it was absurdly rare, sometimes Jay even missed him.

"I haven't seen my dad since we left." He said, simply. He didn't owe those people an explanation.

"Well, my dad is dead." Harry said. "So thankfully I don't have to see that fucker anymore."
That installed a heavy silence in the room. 
That's exactly what you get when you ask too many questions to a VK. Answers you couldn't handle, things you didn't want to hear.

Jay wasn't surprised. Nobody knew exactly what had happened to the captain, but most people assumed he had died fighting the new crew who took over his ship. 
Some people thought he had run and was still hiding, since no one found the body. But it was a pirate fight, so it was possible that his body had just been thrown into the water.

Most of the other VKs also didn't look surprised. Everyone knew Hook had disappeared. 
Ben, as much he looked uncomfortable and worried, also wasn't surprised. But the other kids from Auradon? They were shocked
Audrey and Chad even seemed to be a little ashamed, as they should, for being nosy pieces of shit and leading them to this moment.

Abruptly Gil got up, breaking the silence with a quick "Excuse me" and leaving the room. 
Jay, Carlos, Harry, Uma and even Ben all got up with matching worried looks on their faces, all planning on going after the omega.

"We can't all go." Uma said, wisely. "We'll just crowd him."

"What happened? Is he okay?" Jane asked, not understanding what was going on.

"I'll go." Harry said, completely ignoring the girl. "And... I think Jay should come too."
Well, that was a surprise. He raised his eyebrows, but said nothing as he followed Harry outside.

Thankfully, it wasn't hard to find Gil. He wasn't running or trying to hide, he probably just needed some air. 
"You ok?" Jay asked, trying to perceive if Gil was on the verge of a panic attack or a flashback, but that didn't seem to be the case.

The boy nodded. He seemed to be thinking hard, maybe a little sad, but definitely not panicking.
"Was that because I mentioned my father?" Harry asked, bitting his lip."I know I shouldn't have do-"

"No, Harry." Gil assured. "He's your dad. You should talk about him if you want to."
"Then what happened?" Jay insisted.

The omega sighed, eyes getting slightly watery.
"I just... everyone knows where their parents are. Everyone has reunited or at least thought about it." He said. "I don't even know where my dad is. I didn't even think about looking for him until tonight. Does it... does it make me a bad person? That I didn't think about him until now?"

"Babe, of course not." Jay said, gently caressing his face. "You had a lot going on."

"Gil, you're talking to a guy who killed his own father. Of course I don't think not thinking about yours makes you a bad person." Harry said.

Ok, that did surprise Jay.
He suddenly felt like an asshole for the day he compared Harry to his father. 
He tried not to let it show how shocked he really was with the new piece of information.

"Besides... he kicked you out, Gil. You don't owe him anything." Harry reminded him. 
Gil's face fell even more.

"Yeah, he probably doesn't even want to see me. He said I wasn't his son last time I was with him." He said, voice small and sad. "He kicked me out for a reason. It's silly to think about seeing him again, right?"

"That's not what I meant. You were always a good son, he's the one who left you alone." Harry said, then added hesitantly: "But if you want to look for him, we can help you."

Jay could see why he hesitated. He also didn't like the idea of sending Gil back to someone who abandoned him, left him to his own devices.
Yeah, people can change, but there was a difference between stealing something and sending your son away over something he could not control. 
Plus, Gaston knew what happened to omegas on the streets. He might as well have handed him over to the pirates.

But, in the end, it was Gil's choice if he wanted to find him. Jay also didn't like the fact that Carlos visited Cruella, but it wasn't up to him. 
Deciding not to see his father again was one of the hardest decisions Jay ever made and he couldn't expect other people to want the same thing.

"It's ok not to want to see him, but it's also ok if you want to." Jay said. "You don't need to decide right now."

"I thought I was over it. For a long time I was over it." Gil said. "But everyone was talking about their parents and just got..."

"Overwhelmed?" Jay supplied and the omega nodded.

"Do you want to go home?" Harry asked. "You don't need to stay if you don't want to."

But Gil shook his head. 
"No. I was having fun. I won't let him ruin this for me." He insisted. "I'll just ask if we can do something else. I think we're all done with questions."
Jay smiled and gave his boyfriend a sweet kiss. It was good to see this wasn't enough to bring the boy down. 
"That's the spirit, babe. " He said.

"I'm sorry for making a big deal out of this." Gil said, and before Jay could reassure him that it was ok, he turned around and went back to the party.

Jay turned to follow him and go back as well, but he felt a hand on his shoulder trying to get him to stop walking. There was Harry with a serious look on his face.
"You're a good guy." He said. "He's happy with you."

Ok, who was that and what has he done to Harry Hook? 
Again, something he didn't expect from today.

"I... I shouldn't have lost my mind when you started dating him."He kept going.

Jay just needed to have a little fun with that.
"So, you're saying you're sorry?" He asked, a playful glint in his eyes.
Harry clearly wasn't as amused. He sighed, before replying.
"That's exactly what I'm saying." He answered, and the words seemed to pain him.

Jay decided it was enough teasing and used a more serious tone.
"I'm also sorry. For comparing you to your father, for mentioning him like that." He apologized. "You didn't deserve to hear that. You're nothing like him."
Harry let out a small smile, a normal one for once and not one that made him look slightly crazy.

Jay patted Harry's shoulder rather awkwardly as a gesture of good will and went back to the party. 
His eyes immediatly scanned the room for Gil and he felt sudden anger bubbling up inside his chest as he realized Audrey and Chad were the ones talking to him.
Fuck, didn't they see they had done enough already with their damned big mouths?

He was about to go over there and ask them to leave him the hell alone when he heard Carlos' lovely voice:
"Chill, babe.He's fine." He said. "I overheard some of it. They're just apologizing to him."

That made all the tension leave Jay's body. Well, maybe he should have given the duo a bit more credit.
At least now they know not to be so nosy.

He wrapped his arms around Carlos and kissed the top of his head sweetly.
"What about you?" The Alpha asked. "They asked you many personal stuff."

"I'm good." He answered. "I wouldn't have said anything that would make me feel bad, I swear."
Yeah, it made sense. Carlos had always been smart about the information he shared.

Deep down, Jay knew no one aimed to hurt them, but some people just couldn't understand how deep some small reminders could cut.

"Hey, guys, everyone is so down. Let's blast some music, dance a little. Otherwise I'll die of boredom here." Mal said, trying to bring the mood up. "Sorry, Ben, but we need to turn the volume up a little."

And everything was alright again. Gil joined the two of them, already looking slightly happier than he looked outside.
Evie picked a really good playlist to make things cheerful again and everyone went back to having fun.

Jay was almost convinced that the night was over once Gil got sad outside, but it was good to see that his boyfriend was having enough fun to stop thinking about his issues for a while.
And it wasn't even a 'I'll drink until I forget everything' type of distracting his mind, since Gil didn't drink. It was just genuinely having such a good time that it makes you leave your worries aside for a few hours.
Honestly, they all deserved it.

Somewhere along the way someone managed to steal some fancy ass drinks from the royal kitchen and, boy, did it taste amazing. Honestly, Jay had never drank something that good. 
He hoped Ben wouldn't get in too much trouble for it.

Jay, Carlos and Gil ended up dancing together for most of the night. 
Carlos loved dancing and would always bask in the opportunity to do so, no matter the kind of music and he was incredible at it.
And Jay found out that dancing with two partners was harder, but it was also so much fun. 
He just felt so happy, so light. He wasn't sure if it was the drinking that put things in perspective, but he didn't think so. Since both his boyfriends looked just as happy and carefree as he felt.

Mal and Evie were also happily dancing together. Most of the Auradon kids were dancing alone, except for Ben who was making out with Harry on the loveseat
The two looked pretty into it, and Jay is almost certain they were already a little wasted. The King probably wouldn't be practically grinding against his boyfriend in public if he was in his right mind. 
But it was fine, 'parties' on the Isle went so out of control sometimes that this one looked like children's play. Not that this wasn't enough for them to have fun.

At some point Evie even put a slow, romantic song and Jay alternated between both his boyfriends in the slow dancing. Carlos was way more technical, finding joy in the fluid movements of dancing, and evil was he a vision doing it. 
Gil, on the other hand, was just playful. He just wanted to giggle and have fun, not caring if he ended up stepping on Jay's feet once or twice. Jay didn't mind either.

Eventually, after a really agitated song came on, everyone started dancing in one big group, dancing alone but also together, somehow.
At that moment there were no differences, no Isle and no Auradon, no question uncalled for, no different upbrings. There was just a group of friends having fun together and celebrating their differences. Uma danced with Jane, Audrey danced with Jay, Chad danced with Gil... it was one hell of a  crazy mix.

Everything that went wrong some hours ago was forgotten and everyone was getting along again. Exactly the way things were supposed to be.

Chapter Text

The first thing Ben noticed when he woke up was that he had the worst headache ever.
The second thing he noticed was that he was on top of his sleeping boyfriend. Weird, he didn't remember inviting Harry to his quarters or going to spend the night on the ship.
The third thing he noticed was that he was at neither place.

Oh, right.
The party.
Ben groaned, already seating up. That made Harry stir and slowly open his eyes. As soon as he did, he gave Ben one of his best crazy smiles.
"Good morning, yer highness." Harry said. "I have to say you're the biggest lightweight I've ever met."

He was a little dizzy and his stomach was also unhappy with his decisions the night before.
"My head is killing me." The king said. "I really need an aspirin."
Harry sat up, gently running his fingers in circles on his boyfriend's back.

"That's the pill that doesn't let your head ache, right?" Harry asked and Ben nodded.
Was it too early to feel guilt over the fact that the Isle didn't have such basic medications?

He looked around and noticed how everything was an absolute mess.
"Goodness, my parents are so going to kill me." He complained. "How could I be this reckless? I've never done something like that in my life."

Harry rolled his eyes, playfully.
"Chill, darling. You had only like two cups and a half and could barely stand up." He said. "That wasn't reckless, you're just not used to drinking."

"But I'm the king I can't do stuff like that." He insisted. "How aren't you hangover? I'm pretty sure you drank at least three times more than I did."

Harry just laughed.
"Probably more than that, actually." He said. "But I can handle my alcohol well, darling. You clearly can't."

"Ugh, did I do something embarrassing?" He asked, not really remembering anything like that.
"I don't think so. We made out a little, danced a little, then made out a lot." The Alpha answered.

Ben groaned. His friends were so going to make fun of him for spending the whole party with his mouth attached to Harry.

Then Harry expression became a little more serious, making Ben frown. Oh God, did he just remember something embarrassing?

"Look, I just wanna make it clear that's all we did. I only slept here 'cause you literally fell asleep on top of me and I didn't want to leave you alone like that." He said, looking really worried."I would never do anything that-"

"I know." Ben interrupted. "I wasn't worried about that, Harry. I trust you."
There was something on the Alpha's eyes after that. Some kind of adoration, like he could barely believe that Ben was even real, let alone real and his.

"Thank you, darling. I appreciate that." Harry said, already getting up from the small couch. "Now, c'mon. We should get out of here before your parents notice you're not in your bedroom."

Ben found that getting up was a really bad idea, since he felt he whole room spinning around him as soon as he moved and had to run to the bathroom so he could throw up.
Thankfully, he did make it on time to heave over the toilet to discard everything he had eaten or drank the night before.

It seemed like his stomach was spasming and, with that, trying to kill him.
He would never drink again...
God, what had he been thinking?

"Oh, darling." He heard Harry behind him. "You really can't handle drinking, can you?"
Ben wanted to reply, but he wasn't done yet. The previous night was surely made of bad decisions for him.

Once he thought it was over, he just sat there on the floor, reavaliating all of his life choices.
"Have you ever drank before today?" The Alpha asked, slightly sceptic.

"Just once." He confessed. "I mixed my cup with someone else's during a royal ball."

"My, my, you're really a good boy, aren't you?" Harry said, making Ben blush.
The Alpha didn't miss his reaction, showing him a slightly predatory smile in return, but decided not to comment.

"Ugh, I need to get up and clean everything up." Ben complained.

"Aren't you like, rich as fuck? Don't you have maids for that?" His boyfriend asked.

"Yeah, but I don't wanna risk anyone telling my parents." He said. "They'll seriously kill me."

Harry snorted.
"No, they'd probably just take your 3D printer away for a week or something like that." He told Ben. "Your parents love you and you're the king. Nothing is going to happen to you."

Suddenly Ben felt like a douche for using such a hyperbole when talking to someone who really did have a violent parent.
Why was he always saying the wrong thing?

"Hey, don't over think what I said, yer highness." Harry pleaded. "C'mon, get up really slow for me, then wash your mouth. Then I'll help you clean everything up."

Ben smiled.
Even if he felt he like he was dying, it was sweet to know that Harry cared about him so much that he would waste a saturday morning helping to take care of him.

She woke up and went immediately to the kitchen. Drinking made her really hungry for some reason.
Thankfully, Gil was already cooking once she got there.
"Morning, Gil." She greeted. "Making breakfast for us?"

"Good morning." He said, sounding really cheerful. "It's just eggs and toast, but I'm almost done."
She nodded, willing to wait a little while.
"Are you feeling hungover?" He asked her.

"Not really. I mean, a small headache, but nothing really bad." She answered. "What about Harry?"

"He slept at the castle, I think." Gil answered, just finishing the food as he talked. "But I don't think he drank enough to be really fucked up."
Uma laughed a bit.
He was right, it took a lot for Harry to be wasted.

"Who would have thought that Ben would throw a killer party like that?" Uma wondered, quickly filling her plate.

"You know he didn't really throw a party, right?" Gil said. "People just took alcohol to a movie night."
Uma shrugged. A party was a party.

She suddenly remembered something really important.
"Hey, what made you upset yesterday?" She asked. "You know, when they started making dumb questions about our parents."

Gil sighed, like he had also just remembered that.
"Do you think my dad would want to see me again?" He asked back.
Ok... Uma wasn't waiting for that.

It was no secret that she didn't like Gaston. She almost never talked to him back on the Isle, but anyone who abandoned an omega there knew what they would have to face.
His hands were as dirty as Hook's regarding what had happened to Gil.

But she knew just from looking at Gil at that moment that he didn't think like that. He was the purest soul Uma had ever met in her life, so he always expected the best of people.
Even when they disappointed him.

"I don't know, Gilly. I mean, maybe things changed for him when the barrier was opened." She said, being careful not to hurt him with her words, but also not to get his hopes too high.

"Everyone was talking about their parents and I just... noticed I never tried to reunite with him. And maybe I should."He said. "If he even wants to."

So that was where that talk came from...
"You shouldn't do anything you don't want to. It's okay if you can't see him, Gil." She said. "Jay also doesn't see his father, right?"
Uma didn't want her friend to think that just because most of their friends reconnected with their parents, he needed to do it as well.

"Yeah, but I think I do wanna see him." He insisted. "You see your mother all the time, it can't be that bad."

Yeah, only Ursula had never left her to rot like Gaston did to him.
She may had been a little absent, in the sense that she never cared what Uma was up to unless it bothered her somehow, and she did yell quiet a lot, and sure she may had been a sloppy mother by Auradon's perception of motherhood, but she was good when compared to how most villains treated their kids.

"You know that's different. My mother never sent me away." She said. "Yeah, she was a little pissed I don't work for her regularly like I used to, but I knew her door would be open for me."

"You're an Alpha, Uma. She never had a reason to kick you out." Gil said, as if his status justified what Gaston had done. "Maybe being in Auradon made my dad... I don't know, easier to deal with? Made him realize that here having an omega kid is not so bad? Or maybe... maybe he even missed having me around. I'll never know if I never try."

Uma sighed. He clearly wasn't going to give up on that, so the least she could do was help him, right?
At least, if things didn't turn out ok, he'd have her shoulder to cry on.

"Fine, if you really want to, then I guess you should try. "She said. "You know, I'm pretty sure they have something called, hm... a location center, I guess? For people who got lost or separated from friends and family when the barrier was open."
She had a faint memory of overhearing the King saying something about that.

Gil smiled at that, already more hopeful than he should be.
"Really? That would be perfect." He said. "I'm sure my dad is not on the Isle anymore. He loves the idea of being someone important, being treated as royalty. I'm sure he moved here."
Uma hoped that, at least, it wasn't too hard to find him. She didn't want them to lose time looking for someone who had nothing to do with them.

"You're probably right." The Alpha answered. "I can go with you to the location center next monday, what about that?"
But Gil shook his head, insisting that he would be fine on his own, that she didn't need to worry.
Guess what? She worried anyway.

"Look... just promise one thing." Uma pleaded. "Don't expect too much. I know people can change, but not all of them want to. If he still wants you out of his life, then it's his loss and I don't want to see you upset because of him."
She had a feeling that what Gaston did, what he was,  wasn't something that could be fixed magically.
But she knew there was nothing she could do except rot for Gil's happiness. The worst that could happen was Gaston turning him away and the omega having another breakdown.
Nothing that she and Harry couldn't deal with. So, really, they were all fine.

Gil looked at a loss for words during a few seconds, then he opened a small smile.
"I'll do my best." The omega answered.

"That's all I ask for." Uma replied, smiling back at him.
If only she could stop the people she cared about from getting hurt...

T w o   d a y s   l a t e

Practice for tourney had just ended and Gil was excited over the fact that soon they would be playing bigger games. He couldn't wait to help his team.
He was just sitting on the bench, waiting for Jay to leave the locker room and for Carlos to come back from cheering practice. Oh yeah, he ended up actually auditioning for it anyway and, of course, made it to the team.
Even though he was in doubt at first, Carlos ended up actually loving the activity.

It didn't take long for him to arrive, looking as happy with cheerleader practice as Gil felt with his.
"Hey, babe." He said, giving Gil a little peck on the lips. "How was tourney?"

"Hey." He greeted. "It was cool. We have like, a big game coming on soon and I'm pretty excited."

"I know, right? We're going to cheer in this game." Carlos remembered. "Did your practice end too long ago? If Jay's is like almost finished I'm going to shower at the dorm, but if he just went into the locker room I'm showering there too. I'm sweating like pig, man..."
Gil frowned a little at that.

"He should come out any second from now, I think." Gil answered. "But... you'd actually shower there? With all the Alphas? Aren't you scared?"
Carlos seemed to consider the question a little before answering.
"I'd never do that if Jay wasn't also there. When we first started here, I'd watch Ben go into the locker room alone and I thought he was crazy, but he always seemed to be safe." He answered. "Again, I'm not comfortable enough to go there without Jay, but, as long as he's there... I know nobody will try anything. And if someone does try something, he'll protect me."

Carlos was right. Alphas from Auradon weren't as bad as some of the ones from the Isle, they'd probably leave Gil alone.
"Besides, it's not like they even see anything. The showers are all separated and I put my clothes on inside the stalls."

But... still. Even knowing that, and knowing Jay would never let any of them ever touch either of his boyfriends Gil just wasn't brave enough for that.

"That doesn't mean you have to feel the same. There's nothing wrong if you feel uneasy about the locker room, you don't have to get in there." Carlos reassured him.
Gil smiled, thankful for what he had said. Before they could talk more, their boyfriend finally aproached, smiling as he noticed Carlos had arrived.

"Hi, baby." He said, kissing Carlos' lips gently. "You know, I'm still upset they didn't give you the tiny skirt as uniform."
His playful comment about the cheerleader uniform made Carlos roll his eyes and Gil laugh out loud.

The clothes he wore were still super tight, as usual for cheerios, but he had been giving pants instead of wearing exactly the same as the girls.
Gil had a feeling that Jay had been dreaming about asking Carlos to wear the skirt in an entirely different context, but, unfortunately, his uniform just wasn't like that.

"Never say that in front of the girls, otherwise they might think about actually making me wear it." Carlos warned.

"Why would you say that? Now I'm dying to actually talk to them about it, babe." The Alpha said, making Carlos playfully slap his arm. "Ok, ok. Now really, how was practice?"

That was enough to make the omega smile.
"Good. We're trying out a new number for the next game and it's so cool." He said."I mean, Audrey can be a real bitch sometimes, but in the end, she's the best captain we could have."
That girl seemed to have a lot of determination, indeed.

"Gil, babe, are you going to stay in the dorm today?" Jay asked.

The omega shook his head.
"Not really. I was thinking about maybe going there to shower and stuff, if it's okay? But then I'm going to the location center."

Jay frowned, opening his mouth to ask something, but before he could even say anything, they heard a voice behind them.

"Do you guys know how weird that is?" That fucking Liam guy again. "All of you being together like that. It's like Jay is cheating on both of you, only you know about it."
Well, Liam had spent weeks without being a jerk.
Such a shame it didn't last longer.

"It's not cheating, you dumbass." Jay answered, already angry at the douche."It's also none of your business."
The guy rolled his eyes at Jay.

"It's just... so bizarre." He said. "People whisper about it, you know?"
Yeah, they knew. They saw many people who were always observing them interact but never talked to them.
They all knew these people were judging them, but the only thing that mattered was their happiness, so they didn't care.

"Let's just go, Jay." Carlos pleaded, knowing how quickly Jay would end up in a fight if no one did anything.
Thank Evil, the Alpha listened and they all started walking away from that piece of crap before things got serious.

"What? You guys can't handle hearing the truth?" They heard Liam ask, but collectively decided the best thing to do was ignore him and kept walking

Only after they were already out of the field did Gil say:
"He's so annoying." He complained. "He spent the last few weeks without being like that and I thought we were free."

"I think Liam is the bad Karma I have to deal with because of everything I stole." Jay said. "Like every fucking thing."
They all ended up laughing at that and soon the bully was forgotten. Could he even be called that? Yeah, he was an annoying little shit, but being bullied back on the Isle meant barely not being able to stand up because a classmate, or many, beat you to a pulp.
Compared to that, this guy seemed like a little kid throwing a tantrum and wasn't that exactly what he was?

Anyway, the three of them quickly changed their subject, not wanting to keep talking about that guy.
That day was a busy day for Gil, he had already gone to school and practice and soon he would be heading to the location center to look for his father. Oh, and after that he had his first therapy appointment, that Ben had scheduled for him.
He was pretty nervous about that and it didn't help that he hadn't told anyone else about it yet.

Ben said he shouldn't hide it, but Gil couldn't help but feel like going to that appointment was admitting he was weak. And he wanted neither his crew nor his boyfriends to view him like that.
Well, Gil still had a few hours until that and a few other things to worry about until then.

They entered the dorm, Carlos went to shower to first as Jay and Gil ended up talking about the team, the players, discussed different strategies and such. When it was Gil's turn to shower he used the opportunity to relax and ease his mind a little.

Worst case scenario for the center: he doesn't find his father. Well, at least he would have tried.
Worst case scenario for the therapy thing? It doesn't help and the lady tells him he is really too broken for her to do anything about it. Which, yeah, would hurt a lot to hear, but wasn't too different from his own perspective about himself. 

He's got this. He could do this, he didn't need to freak out and he didn't need to involve anyone else.

So, he got out of the shower, dressed up, kissed his boyfriends goodbye and went to the location center.
He had researched where it was just the day before, happy to find out it wasn't a long way from the dorms.

He walked fast, not because he was really in a hurry, but because he was really nervous about everything.
It didn't take long for him to find the friendly yellow building with a small board in front of it that said  'location center' with pretty cursive writing.
He hadn't even noticed how his hands were sweating until he got there.

He opened the door to find a blonde omega girl with a sweet smile sitting behind the counter.
"Hey there." She said. "What can I do to help?" She seemed nice enough that Gil could relax a little bit.

"Hi... I'm, hm, I'm a VK? And I came here after they opened the barrier, but I don't know where my dad ended up." He said, rather awkward. "I'm pretty sure he came to Auradon too and I wanted to find him."

"That happens a lot, that's why they created this place, after all."She said. "So many people moving at once... it's easy to lose touch with someone along the way."
Well, that's not what had happened to him, but he wasn't about to this girl his whole sob story.

"So... who is your father?" She asked, getting ready to type his answer on her computer.

"Gaston." He answered, and didn't have the courage to look back at the girl and watch her reaction. "So... how does this work?"

"First of all, we check all information in the system and see if the person has already been here looking for someone." The girl explained. "If they didn't I'll ask you a few questions, like, how can I reach you and such. Then, we'll do our best to find whoever you're looking for, we have several volunteers to help with that, and if we do find them we call you."

All completely reasonable.
"Let me check the system here, see if Gaston has ever stopped by." She said, typing really fast.

Gil knew what the answer was already, but he let the girl do her work.
Gaston had no one else but him, and Gil was pretty sure that even if he did  forgive his son for being born omega, he wouldn't be the one to reach out first. His pride wouldn't let him.

Soon the girl had a half-grimace on, explaining that no, Gaston had never looked for anyone there.
"But that's fine, we'll still find him. We just need a little more time." She promised. "He's a well-known villain, someone must have seen him."

Well, Gil was counting with that.
"Yeah, I hope so." He answered. "Thank you for helping."

"No problem, that's my job, after all." She said. "Seriously, we'll call as soon as we have something concrete."
He wrote some of his personal information down for her and then left the place.

Well, this was way quicker than he thought it was going to be.
All he could do now was hope that he didn't make the wrong choice.

Ok, Harry was never  this nervous when he had to fight battles that meant life or death.

He had been chilling in the ship, watching a bit of tv, when Ben had called him, sounding exasperated:
"My parents found out. I think you should come to the castle right now."
And then he fucking hung up on him.

He dropped the bomb on Harry just like that and the Alpha was sure nothing good could come from the situation. I mean, they were keeping the relationship a secret for a reason, right?

And the way Ben had let him know didn't sooth him a bit. He sounded out of breath, either he was as desperate as Harry felt or he had just had an energic talk with his parents.

So, the Alpha didn't think twice before getting up and going to meet his boyfriend. He needed to be there for him, at least.

Just as Harry arrived at the castle, there was already a guard waiting for him, which seemed creepy but ok, who lead him to wherever the hell he needed to go. He could still get completely lost at that place.
As soon as he entered the right corridor, the guard left him be, but it wasn't hard to find the source of the raised voices.

"It's just like when I was dating Mal." Ben said."You weren't this upset when it was her."

"That boy is even more of a bad influence." His dad yelled. "Benjamin Florian, he kidnapped you. That should be enough for you to stay away."
Full name, eh? Well, they were so. fucking. screwed.

"Well, you also kinda kidnapped mom when you two first met. I mean, it wasn't like she wanted to stay in your castle." He said. "And you two are happily mated."
Damn, that was a good comeback and Harry didn't know Ben had it in him.

"Ben! Don't talk to your father like that." Belle sounded utterly horrified at what she had just heard.
Harry decided to open the damn door and just get in there before things got even messier.

Everyone stopped talking, stopped breathing even, as he entered the room.
"Well... Ben told me to come and here I am." He faked a confidence he absolutely did not have. "What seems to be the problem?"

Him. He was the problem and he knew it.

Adam looked furious, there was anger all over his scent. Belle didn't look angry, just confused and appalled by all of that. Ben just looked like was relieved that Harry had shown up.

"What were you thinking, son?" Adam asked, utterly ignoring Harry's presence.
Ben just sighed.

Harry felt like he ought to say something, but if there was one thing  he didn't know how to do was being a peacemaker. He felt like anything that slipped out of his mouth would be throwing gasoline to that fire.

"I was thinking that he is someone I want to be with and that should be enough."The omega said. "Dad, this shouldn't be a discussion. Harry is my boyfriend, that's it."
The man pressed his lips together, clearly agitated with the whole conversation.

"Honey, if you feel like there's nothing wrong with this relationship, then why did you hide it from us?" Belle asked her son, voice much softer than her husband's.
"I knew you wouldn't like it." Ben answered. "I wanted to post-pone this discussion as long as I could."
Belle sighed, completly exasperated.

"And you."Adam turned to Harry. "What do you have to say?"

"Sir, I understand that I may not be the picture perfect son-in-law." He started, which was an understatement. "But I think you should trust your son's judgement."
Just as predicted, Harry didn't help the situation at all. The older Alpha just seemed more pissed off, fists clenched beside his body.

"He's right, dad." Ben insisted. "You trust me with a kingdom, but not with my own life?"

"Your life is much more precious to me than the whole kingdom, son." Adam answered.
And ouch. So that's what it was like? To have a father who genuinely cared about you? You, as a person, and not as an extension of himself?
Harry would never know the feeling, but he was glad Ben did.

Suddenly, he was glad that the whole situation was happening. If that was their way to show that they were worried about Ben, that they loved him, then Harry didn't mind being caught in the crossfire.

"We just want to make sure you know what you are doing, Ben." Belle insisted. "And we also wanted the chance to meet Harry in person."
More like the chance to yell at Harry in person, but fine.

"I'm here." Harry said. "And if there's anything you want to know, or you want me to do, you should tell me now."

"We don't want anything from you, we just want our son to see-" The man started to say, but his wife interrupted.
"Adam, please." She said. "Don't make a scene. This is not something we can control anymore."
That seemed to make the man finally try to calm himself for the first time since Harry had entered the room.

"I'm sorry for not letting you meet him before, but I knew this would happen." Ben said. "But I promise you he's not a bad person."

"If you're worried that I'm only dating him 'cause I want to take over the kingdom or something, that's not true. I'm a pirate, and I'm not even the captain of my crew. I don't wanna rule a whole kingdom." Harry explained. "I'm far from having any interest in royal business."

"So, you're saying you wanna be with my son, but not with the responsibility that comes with him?" Adam challenged, getting closer to the pirate.
Without missing a beat, Harry answered:
"No. I'm saying that, if it ever gets to a point where we get mated, I would be happy to let Ben reign on his own, without interfering in any choices he makes about Auradon. "He looked at the other Alpha in the eyes. "Because trust his judgement."

This made everyone stay silent for a few more seconds. Harry wasn't quite sure whether he helped or ruined everything by standing up to Adam like that.
"Dad... mom... I love Harry, ok? Can we just not make a huge deal about it?" Ben asked, seeming calmer now.

Harry is man enough to admit that his heart started beating faster once he heard that. He wish he was also man enough to say it back.

"Look, we cannot say we are the biggest fans of this idea." Belle said. "But you're right about us needing to trust you, Ben. Just give us time to get used to it, please."
That made Ben smile, nodding at his mother.
Meanwhile, Adam massaged his own forehead with his eyes closed, probably stressed to the point of a headache already.

"I don't like this, Ben... not even a little bit..."The man said.

"But...?" Belle encouraged him to go on.
"But your mother is right." He said. "This is not up to us."
"And...?" This time it was Ben who urged.

"And we'll do our a best to learn how to deal with this." He finally said what both Harry and Ben wanted to hear.

"Now, Ben, me and your father have a lot to talk about." Belle said. "So, if you both excuse us..."

Harry didn't need to be told twice.  He was itching to get out of there, both the place and the situation itself.
So, he and his boyfriend left the room  in a hurry. He bet Ben was also dying to leave that room.

"God, Harry... I'm so, so sorry about all of that." Ben said, as soon as left the corridor that lead to his parents' quarters."I hoped we would have more time until they found out."
Harry stopped to slowly caress the omega's cheek.
"Relax, darling. It could have been so much worse." He answered.

But that didn't seem to cheer the boy up. Ben looked, and smelled, genuinely distressed.
"Hey, yer highness. Look at me." He pleaded and the omega complied. "It's fine, ok? I knew I would have to deal with their wrath sooner or later."

Ben let out a sad little smile.
"I wish they would be fine with it." He said. "I mean, I know they will eventually, but I wish we didn't have to wait for that."

"They are being like that because they care. They don't want you to get hurt." Harry insisted. "It's ok that they are a little sceptical of me now, I can take it."
Again, things could have been so much worse that Harry is glad how they worked out.

"Were you serious about what you said there?" Ben asked. "About not wanting to take charge of the kingdom? That is, if we ever get mated."

This was very unheard of. The Alpha spouse of an omega ruler had as much power as the omega.
Even Harry, being born and raised far away from royalty, knew that.

But it didn't change how he felt. If he and Ben made it this far, if Ben ever decided Harry was really the one for him, he didn't want Ben to have any less power over his own kingdom because of it. The omega was a good king and he was sufficient by himself.
"Of course, darling. This kingdom is yours and I'd never dream to take even a part of it from you." Harry said. "But let's not get ahead of ourselves now, right?"

He loved when Ben looked at him the way he was doing at that moment. He looked like he had just discovered the best thing in his life and, even though Harry knew he was far from being it, he basked in the feeling.

He felt anguished. completely jittery with nerves.

The clinic wasn't exactly what he expected, so much less... clinical than he thought it would be. It was actually very cozy, with pretty colorful details on the warm and light toned wall, and Gil was sitting on a pretty comfortable small couch.

The doctor seemed really sweet; a middle aged beta lady, with dark skin and a blindly smile. She insisted that he should be as comfortable as possible.

But even with all that, he was sweating like a fucking pig about to be slaughtered. Logically, he knew she wouldn't take one look at him and scream at him about how there's no cure for someone like him. But still, even if she was kind about it, he was terrified to hear that there was no solution for him.

At first, the woman just asked Gil basic things about himself, like what was his name, how old he was, what he liked to do and such.
The small talk did make him slightly more collected about the whole thing.

"And what exactly brought you here, Gil?" She eventually asked, and there was Gil feeling anxious again. Assumably, she noticed as she  added. "There's no right answers here. This is not a test for you to either pass or fail."

"I guess I just want to be fixed. "He said. "But Ben said that what you do is helping people feel better, not fixing them."

"He is right about me not fixing people. You know why?" She asked and he shook his head. "When a thing breaks you can either throw it away or fix it, but that's not what happens to people, we don't break. So that means we cannot be fixed. What does happen to people is being hurt. Or being sick. Or being sad. There are many different things, but none of them have the capacity to break a person."

Ok, that was a lot to take in.
The beta just let silence reign for a few seconds, letting him think about her words without rushing him in any way.
Gil appreciated that.

"So... you don't think I'm broken?" He asked, slowly. Just to make sure.
"I don't." She confirmed.
"But I don't act like a normal person." He responded.

"Really? And how does a normal person act?" She asked.

"Well... they don't have breakdowns over movies. They don't feel like they are about to die just because they remembered something." He tried to explain."They don't make their best friends or their boyfriends sick with worry that they're about to freak out again."

She studied him for a bit, but her eyes were soft. He knew he wasn't being judged.
"There's nothing out of the ordinary about that. A lot of people who go through trauma experience things like that." She told him, as calm as ever. "It's clear you're just hurt, Gil. All we will do here is find ways to make you feel better."

"Wait... how did you know about the trauma? Did someone told you?" He asked, sure that he hadn't told her anything about the old crew yet.
"No one had to. As I said, it's very clear that you were hurt." She explained.
Damn, if she knew what was wrong with him even though he didn't say anything, then she must be a really capable and trustworthy doctor.

Gil thought that she would ask many questions about what had happened, but she told him that she wanted to focus on the present. On how to make things better for him now.
They'd only discuss what happened to him if it was pertinent to what they would be working on or, of course, if Gil wanted to talk about it.

At the end of the session he felt more relaxed than when it started, since he learned that there was nothing to worry about. She was just a really nice lady who was trying to help him understand things and feel better.
However, he didn't feel all that different either. It didn't feel like he just discovered something that would turn his life around, it didn't make him change in any way. But Ben warned him that these things took time, so he decided to trust his friend that everything would fall into place eventually.
He was supposed to come back there after two weeks. He'd see how he would feel then.

When he arrived back at the ship, he was exhausted. Well, his mind more than his body.
Uma offered him something to eat, Harry asked him if he was alright, but all he wanted was to lay on his bed and rest a little. He spent the day over thinking two entirely different situations that could make his life change a lot and now his head hurt.
The next day he would talk to his friends, reassure them everything was fine and, no, nothing bad had happened to him. But at that moment all he wanted was to sleep.

Chapter Text

It had been a few weeks since Adam and Belle found out that Ben was dating Harry. Things were calm during this time, his in-laws didn't make anymore of a fuss. In fact, he hadn't seen them since that day.
Well, it wasn't like he could complain  about it.


He and Ben had decided to act like nothing had happened. It didn't really change anything. 
However, just like it didn't take long for them to find out, it didn't take long for reporters and paparazzi to find out as well.


Harry needed to admit that part of it was his and Ben's fault for not even trying to be subtle about it, but it didn't mean he was pleased to see a bunch of Auradon weirdos with cameras waiting for them as soon as they left school.


"Oh, no. That's bad..." Ben complained in a hushed tone so that they wouldn't listen.
They acted like a fucking gang and crowded both of them in seconds.


Harry could only be thankful that neither Uma nor Gil, God especially Gil, were leaving with them that day. She had a project to work on and he had tourney practice. At least they didn't got caught up in the middle of this mess.


The paparazzi were all talking at the same time, asking a bunch of different questions, at the same rate that the cameras flashed, the lights almost blindly.


"Is it okay if we agree to answer a few questions?" Ben whispered to him. "Just to make them go away."
Harry just nodded. He knew this was a possibility when he started dating the king.


"Alright, we will be asking some questions, one at a time." Ben said rather loudly, making most of the disorganized talk stop. 
Then he pointed at one of them to speak, as calm as ever.


"So, it is true that you're dating Captain Hook's son?" A curly haired beta who seemed mostly nervous to be there than anything else, softly asked.


Ben bite his lips, looking at Harry as if asking for permission. The Alpha nodded, but decided to let his boyfriend handle the situation.
"Yes, the rumors are true." The King confirmed.


There was a small commotion, some rushed tones and whispers, until someone else asked:
"Are engagement and mating too far from happening?" Another reporter asked. "The whole kingdom has been waiting impatiently for a mating ceremony since your majesty called off your engagement to Maleficent's daughter only a few months before the date chosen for the ceremony."
Well, wasn't that one a nosy little shit?


"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Only time will tell what will happen." The King gave an appropriately politic answer to the question.


"Aren't you worried about Auradon staying so long without an Alpha ruler by your side?" Some dick asked.


"No, I'm not." Ben was a little more fierce in his tone. "I don't think I need a mate to be a good king. In fact, I know I don't."
That made Harry smirk. He loved to watch his boyfriend act with confidence.


"Isn't the royal family worried about your pre-disposition to have a Villain as a mate?" Some smartass beta dude asked. "Since your last option, as well as your current one are ex-Isle residents."


His expression hardened.
"No comment." He said, simply. "Next question."


"How can we expect you to rule well, when you cannot even choose your partners well? As far as we're concerned Hook was involved in a conspiracy to steal Fairy Godmother's wand, even going as far as kidnaping your majesty, only a year ago." A green-eyed Alpha, who seemed even more like a piece of shit than the others, with his smug smile and teasing tone, said. "Is that the behaviour you find appropriate for a royal?"


Ben looked pissed at that, but managed to only say:
"I don't have to listen to that. Next question."


"You will answer me, little omega." The same reporter said, this time using his Alpha voice.
Ok, that made Harry feel furious. That son of a bitch had no right.


"I- I... I mean, I don't..." Ben struggled with his words, feeling the biological need to obey, but not knowing how to answer the damn question in a way that was appropriate for the circumstances.


Harry swears he tried. He tried to be calm and collected and let Ben handle the whole thing with the paparazzi, since he was already acclimated with that.
But he wouldn't let another Alpha talk like that to his boyfriend.


"Listen here you little fucker." He used his Alpha voice as well, and well, everyone from the Isle had their tricks to make themselves look and sound way more vicious. "I'm not letting you talk to my omega like that. What do you know about reigning, huh?"
Harry gave a small pause and no one dared to say anything.


"That's what I thought. All you do is stand there and judge, pretending you know a damn thing, when you don't. Ben doesn't need your fucking dumb opinions about his life, you piece of shit." He said. "You don't get to use your fucking voice to overpower him into answering whatever you want. We're done here."


Well, shit. 
That's exactly what he meant when he said he wasn't fit for royalty. Look at the mess he just made. 
Ben looked shocked, not moving a single muscle.
"Darling, let's go to the ship, ok?" He whispered, now talking normally again. 
The omega still looked lost but nodded, and held Harry's hand. 
They both cut through the crowd, Harry storming off so angrily that most of them got out his way without making a fuss.


He wanted to run towards the ship, dying to be away from those people, but Ben didn't see to be in any condition to do so.
Thankfully, they weren't being followed, at least.


He hoped Ben wasn't too angry at him, but he knew better. He was almost sure he had started some kind of political crises.
The Alpha just wanted to get to his fucking home so that he could talk to Ben and see how big the damage was. 
Fortunately, it didn't take too long for them to arrive. Again, Harry was so thankful that both Gil and Uma had stayed at school.
Unhesitatingly, he took Ben to his bedroom so they could sort things out.


"Ben, darling, are you ok?" He asked, but the omega seemed to be in shock, eyes glassy and expression distant. "Fuck, yer highness... please, talk to me. Yell at me, just do something."


Harry knew what this was. Ben had been ordered by an Alpha to do something, a task he didn't manage to complete since he didn't answer the question accordingly. Just that would be enough to explain the state he was in.


And just after that, he stood there and heard an entire speech in Harry's Alpha voice. Of course, it wasn't directed at him, but he may have been scared or shocked by how long he had been exposed to it. 
Alphas usually only used their voices for small sentences, to order something from an omega or to challenge another Alpha. But Harry needed to get his message across, he needed to do more than challenge that reporter, he wanted to crush him for what he told Ben.


Harry decided that he should get Ben to drink some water, but when he made a motion to leave Ben grabbed his hand harder. 
"Stay, Alpha." He pleaded, in a small voice.


Oh, Evil. 
"Hey, I'll just go to the kitchen, alright?" Harry explained. "I'll get you a water bottle."


"No." The omega insisted."Stay, please."
Harry sighed, not really knowing how to deal with that.
"Ok, let's lie down for a bit, then." He agreed. "I'm not going anywhere, yer highness."


So they did. They ended up cuddling face to face, scenting each other as well as they could. Harry hoped his scent was calming to the omega. He kept gently tracing his boyfriend's shoulder and arms, helping him to get more relaxed.


Ben closed his eyes to bask in the sensations and Harry considered that a good sign. 
"You're feeling better?" He asked.


"Yeah." He answered. "Smell good, Alpha."
Yeah, not so much better then. 
"Thanks, darling. So do you." He said, pressing a gentle kiss to Ben's forehead.


They stayed a few more minutes like that, until Harry heard someone arriving at the ship.
"Harry, you forgot to lock the door. What the hell were you think- What happened?" Uma said, getting to his room and probably sensing the smell of distressed omega all over the place.


"There were some paparazzi after us." Harry explained, in the lightest tone he could muster. "One used his voice on Ben, but he couldn't comply. And then he was exposed to my voice as I talked to the guy."


"Oh, poor Ben." She said, sounding genuinely sorry for the situation. "Do you need something?"


"Could you get us water? He won't let me leave here." Harry asked.
Soon Uma did bring him a bottle, and then disappeared to her bedroom.


"Ben, can you seat for me?" Harry asked. "You need to drink this."
The omega seemed more lucid as he opened his eyes. They weren't glassy anymore.
He sat up, but instead of taking the bottle, he just opened his mouth. Harry took that as an indication he should help him drink, putting the bottle on his lips.


"How are you feeling?" Harry asked, as soon as he stopped drinking.


"Fuzzy, I guess..." Ben was talking slowly. "But better."
That was a relief.
"That's good." Harry said, now gently running his fingers through the boy's hair. "I'm sorry. For everything."


"Not your fault. Mostly just... not obeying the guy." He answered. 
But Harry knew that listening to his voice did add to the feeling.


"Do you want to sleep a little bit?" He inquired, knowing that whole interaction had tired Ben out. The omega just nodded, laying back again.


"Thank you." Ben said, eyes already closed. "For standing up for me."


He was just lazing around in his boyfriends' bedroom, the three of them watching some dumb show from Auradon
It was mostly just an excuse for them to cuddle; Jay was in the middle, legs tangled with Gil's as he had one of his hands around Carlos.


Gil didn't really want to ruin the moment they were having, but something had been in his mind during the last few weeks and he needed to talk to his boyfriends about it.


"I went to therapy." He blurted out, just like that.
Way to go, Gil. Both Jay and Carlos sat up, startled by the sudden news. "The lady says she can help me feel better."


"That's good, Gil." Carlos offered. "I don't know much about therapy, but if it's something that can help you, we support you."
Gil smiled at that. He should have known they would be supportive about this. They always were.


"He's right. We just want you to be happy." Jay added. "So... you think it's working?"
Gil shrugged.
"I can't see any difference, but Ben told me it doesn't happen like magic. It takes time."He said. "But the therapist is nice and I-"
He stopped in the middle of his sentence when he heard something that got his attention.


"We're sorry to interrupt your usual program. But there are breaking news about the royal family." An anchor said, on the tv.


Well, there was no way in hell this could be good.


"King Ben is dating yet another Villain Kid, and this one seems even more unstable than Maleficent's daughter." The man went on. "We have images of Harry Hook screaming and using several offensive words directed at a group of paparazzi in front of Auradon High."


"What the fuck..." He heard Jay softly breath out.
Multiple pictures of a very disturbed Harry showed up on the screen.


"Our sources say the young man was out of himself. Unfortunately, we cannot air the footage of what happened, since not only were his words utterly inappropriate, but he was using his Alpha voice." The man went on. "The royal family still hasn't commented the case."


Well, fuck. 
Yeah, everyone kind of expected Harry to be involved in some kind of scandel sooner or later, but not one this big. 
He needed to check on his friend.


"Guys, I'm, I'm sorry, but I need to go, see how he is doing." Gil said, already getting up.


Both his boyfriends nodded, looking genuinely worried. 
"Sure, babe. If you need anything, tell us." Jay said.


Gil left the dorms in a hurry, overcome with worry.
He felt like Harry and Uma were always running around to make sure he was safe, but the truth was he was worried about them just like they were worried about him.


He barely felt the way until he got to the pier, mind too preoccupied to notice anything around him. When he got there he was absolutely breathless.


As soon as he entered the ship, he came to face with his friends talking in the kitchen.
"Harry, are you ok? What the hell happened?" Gil asked, still out of breath.


Harry sighed.
"I'm fine, but I'm not so sure about Ben. He's still sleeping in my bedroom." He answered. "The paparazzi started harassing us after school and things got pretty bad."


"Oh, Harry..." Gil lamented.


"They started to ask pretty invasive questions, Ben refused to answer one of them and a piece of shit used his Alpha voice on him, to force him to answer." Harry explained. "Of course, I flipped."


It was understandable that Harry did that. Even though Gil had only been in Auradon a few months he knew how frowned upon it was to use your voice on omegas you aren't even close with.
Let alone one you don't know. Let alone while you're working.


That guy was a piece of shit indeed.


"Wait, how did you know something had happened?" Uma asked, suddenly alarmed.


"They talked about it on TV. It wasn't pretty." He revealed. 
Harry let out an exasperated sigh, as he rubbed the nape of his neck in distress.


"Can I go to jail or something for that?" The Alpha asked. "'Cause I feel like Adam and Belle are going to find a way to do so."
They were going to freak out once the news got to them and all of them knew it.


"Was Ben scared? Did he shut down?" Gil asked, knowing first hand how these things can mess with an omega.


"Yeah, he didn't manage to complete what was ordered to him, so he was pretty shaken." Harry answered, making his friend gasp.
Evil, to be in this situation is dreadful
It's not impossible to resist an order like that, but to disobey causes physical pain. And your mind becomes a mess.


Gil had tried to resist many orders from Captain Hook, at the beginning, but most of the time he couldn't bear it and ended up giving in. 
"Damn, that's bad. I hope he's ok." He said.


"The best we can do for now is to keep calm and let Ben rest as much as he needs." Uma reminds them. She's always the voice of reason, one of the motives why she's the captain. "Why don't we just... relax, watch something. Try to get this out of our minds for a bit?"


They ended up agreeing, but even as they put on some show that did seem good, none of them could concentrate. Gil and Uma kept exchanging worried glances and trying to study how their friends was.
Harry was restless, his mind as well as his body. He kept twisting and playing with his rings, probably not even noticing, and his legs couldn't keep still for long.


It was clear that no one had stopped thinking about what happened at all, but, well, it was better than walking in circles around the ship, trying to find ways to restore a situation that was above them.


Thankfully, they didn't spend too much time like that, since less than a half hour before that, they heard a sleepy voice ask, from the doorway:


They all turned to see a Ben that looked as exhausted as he sounded.
"Darling, what are you doing up? You should rest." Harry said, already getting up to assist his boyfriend, but the omega shook his head.


"I really have to deal with... you know, everything." He said, rubbing his eyes. "I need to call my parents, check if they know already."


"They probably do." Gil said, tone soft. "It's on tv now."
Ben groaned, clearly not wanting this to be a big scandal.


"I'm sorry again, darling." Harry said, giving Ben a kiss on the cheek. "Fuck, if your parents didn't hate me before, they sure do now."


"I told you you did nothing wrong. You were just protecting me. That guy was out of line." Ben said, but did not address the part about his parents. Probably because he knew Harry was right.


"I can't believe that guy. Using his Alpha voice on the king? Seriously?" Uma said, clearly expressing what everyone was also thinking.


"No one had ever done that before. I don't even wanna think about how much worse it could have been if Harry wasn't there." Ben told her.


"You're going to get him fired, right?" Gil asked, not wanting a guy like that to keep harassing his friends.


"I hope so. I mean, technically I could get him arrested, but I don't think I want that." The king explained. "This will just add fuel to the fire."


"Arrested?" Gil asked. "Not that I don't think he deserves it, but why?"


"Gil, he's the king. He can do whatever the fuck he wants." Uma answered. He had to admit she had a point. Ben ended up laughing a little at the interaction.
"No, no. I mean, yeah, there's also that little fact." Ben said. "But there are laws regarding the use of Alpha voices on omegas. Alphas can use it in challenges amongst them, or on betas or even when talking to crowds, but there are rules regarding omegas."


Gil had never thought about that. On the Isle there weren't any laws, period. But laws made to protect omegas? It seemed utopic to him. 
But then again, Auradon generally did seem so.


"Like, you can only use it in public if the omega is your mate, a family member or a friend. You can't just walk up to a strange omega on the street and order them around. That's harassment." Ben kept going. "That's the one that applies to this case, but there are other restrictions."


"Anything we should be worried about?" Uma asked. "We could be committing a crime without knowing."


Ben shook his head.
"God, no. Neither of you would do any of that." He assured. "It's heavier stuff like using your voice to make omegas work for you, which could even be considered slave work. Or maybe using it to force an omega to... have uh, intercourse with you or something. But I don't think there was ever a case of this last one."


Gil had to gawk at that. There was a sea of emotions bubbling up inside him. 
Not only here Alphas were instructed not to hurt omegas, but they were punished if they did so. There was a law against using the voice to order an omega to have sex, even though, technically, they could resist. It just hurt a lot and made you all confuse and floaty, so many omegas just gave in. 
And not only did they have this law, but everyone respected it to the point that no one was ever caught breaking it.


It was so different than what happened on the Isle. There were no laws, to start with. And Alphas were encouraged to hurt omegas. He had seen fathers and mothers taught their Alpha kids how to corner omegas in dark allies so they could do whatever they wanted to them. He had heard Alphas gloating to each others, sometimes even to betas, about omegas they had force-fucked the night before. 
He had felt how utterly unapologetic the Alphas who hurt him were, how they didn't think it was wrong of them to hurt him.


Gil wasn't one to feel sorry for himself. Most of the time, he genuinely thought he deserved what had been done to him. 
But at that moment all he could feel was the unfairness of the situation. When he had first came to Auradon, he was so caught up by how amazing everything was that he didn't think about how unfair it was that it was the first time he saw all those amazing things.


Even if he's not the best person ever, he knows he's still learning, he didn't choose being born on the Isle, he didn't choose being an omega and he didn't choose being the kid of a villain. 
And all the other omega kids didn't choose any of that either. 
Why did they deserve less protection? Why was everyone so worried about Auradon's omegas being coerced into doing something they didn't want, but no one gave a single fuck about omegas from the Isle being raped and beaten and humiliated?


"Gil, are you okay?" Harry asked, coming closer and touching his shoulder lightly. 
He could probably smell how distressed Gil was.


Gil started breathing in and out slowly, doing his best to calm himself.
He was ok now, he was safe now and that was all that mattered. He was fine and so were all the other omegas from the Isle, the same laws that protected people from Auradon protected them now. 
This is the mindset he should have.


"I'm good. I'm just... thinking about how different from the Isle that all is." He answered, still doing his best to relax.


Most people from Auradon may not care, many of them may even agree that they all deserved what had been done to them, but Ben cared.
His friend cared so much he took all of them to safety, he made sure no one was in danger anymore. He went against his own people to make sure the people from the Isle weren't being hurt anymore.


And Ben is the king. So as long as he cared, that was all that mattered, because he could make sure no one was being treated unfairly again.


With that in mind, Gil managed to make himself feel better about the whole thing. Ben gave him a sad little smile, probably getting what he meant, but still too tired to think of something useful to say. Gil honestly couldn't blame him.


"I really need to go to the Castle, guys." Ben said. "This might be a royal crisis, I need to solve this."


Harry shook his head. 
"Ben, please. Rest just a little bit more, so you can see more clearly, huh?" He asked.


"I can't. If I do this, my parents will deal with everything on their own and I can't do that to them." Ben insisted. "I can't force my responsibilities on someone else and I can't let this blow up either."


Harry sighed.
"Can I at least go with you? Make sure you're alright?" He said.


"I don't... I don't think it's a good idea." Ben answered, not quite meeting Harry's eyes.
"Darling, I can take your parents, alright? I know they are going to be beyond pissed at me and I can live with that." Harry said, cupping Ben's face gently. "But I can't sit here and watch you go there alone when you're still in a vulnerable state."


Ben looked conflicted, but ended up agreeing with his boyfriend. 
They ended up leaving the ship, hand in hand, without exchanging any other word with his friends.
They had a lot on their plates.


As soon as they were out the door, Uma looked at him with worried eyes. 
"You sure you're ok? You seemed like you lost it for a few seconds there." She asked.


He nodded. 
"I just... got caught up in how sad and unfair it is that when we were on the Isle there wasn't anything like that to protect omegas." He said. "But it's fine. We're all here now and we're all safe."
Uma looked pained at his words.


"Doesn't mean you can't be sad that you spent all your life without feeling safe." She said, petting his hair in a comforting manner.


He shrugged.
"I get nothing by being sad or angry for something that's already gone." He said. "The past is past, right?"


He and Harry were facing his parents and none of them dared to be the first one to speak. 
So, they all fell into the most uncomfortable silence Ben had ever experienced in his life.


His mind was still a little foggy from what had happened, but not enough that he didn't know how much trouble they were in. 
How would he make his parents start liking Harry if they just got involved in one of the biggest royal scandals ever? He knew it wasn't their fault at all, but still...


"Ok. Let's do it like this." His mom started, talking really slowly. "Ben, I want you to tell me exactly what happened. Word by word."


He gulped.
"It wasn't Harry's fault." He blurted out, too quickly judging by the stare he got from his mother. "We were leaving school together and a bunch of paparazzi ambushed us, so we agreed to answer a few questions. But people started getting mean and this Alpha guy asked something really offensive, and when I refused to answer he used his voice to make me comply."


"Excuse me, he did what?" His father said, growling his words out, his eyes raging with fury.


"That son of a bitch tried to order him around with his Alpha voice." Harry piped in, also sounding angry.


"Watch your tongue young man." Belle reprehended. "But...  Ben, that's pretty serious. What happened after that?"


"I t-tried to comply, but I didn't know how to answer, so Harry became protective and starting yelling at the guy, challenging him with his voice." He explained.


"Who was the reporter? We need to get him arrested, he can't treat you like that." Adam complained, still livid  with the situation.


"Dad, we already have a big crisis coming our way. We don't need to make a scene, let's just get him fired, ok?" Ben said and his father looked like he wanted to argue, but decided not to do so.


"I'll make some calls, then. Find out who this Alpha is and calm down the media a bit. "Belle said, already getting up.


"No, mom. I need to face this, you don't have to-" Ben started, but got interrupted.
"Benjamin Florian, you just went through an extremely distressing situation. I don't care if the people think you should face this a the King, as an omega, you need to rest." His mom insisted. "I mean it, honey. Your health comes first."
Harry looked at him with his best 'I told you so' face.


He wanted to prove he was a strong leader, he wanted to prove he could deal with everything alone. But he knew his mother was right. 
He was in no conditions to deal with such delicate matters. His head was foggy, he felt exhausted and he still  felt the pain of going against a direct command like that.


"Son, why don't you go to your room and sleep a bit? We can take care of it. Needing a break doesn't mean you're weak." His father reassured him.


"What happens with Harry?" He asked, carefully. 
From the way his dad had seemed furious, Ben wouldn't be surprised if he woke up and discovered Harry had been thrown in jail.


"Well, he broke no laws, so nothing happens to him. Except maybe being prohibited to talk to the press ever again." The woman said.


"That's no hardship." Harry was quick to add.


"Look... I don't like how things happened." Adam started, looking directly at the other Alpha. "But you protected my son when he needed and that's all I could ask of you."


Was this... his approval? His father was not mad at Harry, but glad he confronted the paparazzi?
His boyfriend looked as shocked as he felt.


"Now, go. We'll handle what needs to be handled today. Anything else you can deal with when you feel better." Belle told her son.


Both he and Harry got up really slowly, as if expecting his parents to change their mind last-minute.
As soon as he was out of the room he felt like he could breathe better.


"This went way better than I hoped." Harry said.
Ben nodded, happy that his parents didn't freak out. I mean, they did a little, but it wasn't directed at them.


Honestly, he was happy that his parents were so worried about him that they didn't blame them for damaging the royal image. 
In fact, it seemed like his dad even bonded with Harry a little, over Ben's safety, right at the end.


"Do you want me stay with you?" The Alpha asked.
Ben blushed, realizing he had never really invited Harry to his bedroom at all.


"You don't need to, if you don't want." He answered, knowing his boyfriend probably had other things to do.


"That's not what I asked, yer highness." He teased, gently caressing the omega's cheek. 
Ben smiled at the sweet gesture.


"Yes, I want you to stay." He admitted.


"Then, I'm staying." Harry said and then gave him a quick kiss.


They went to Ben's bedroom, and Harry clearly tried not to show how impressed he was. 
Ben took the comfiest clothes he had and went to change in his bathroom. When he came back, his boyfriend was shirtless. He wasn't sure if it was to make himself more comfortable or because it made scenting easier.


They both lied down, side by side, and Harry spread his arms as an invitation. Soon they were completely tangled, Ben inhaling the comforting scent from his boyfriend as the Alpha ran his fingers through Ben's hair sweetly.
It was bliss.
It was also what he deserved after such an overwhelming day.


"It hurt a lot." He blurted out, not even knowing why he was talking. "Not being able to obey that guy. It was the first time I didn't obey an Alpha voice, I didn't know how much it hurts."
Harry looked at him with sad eyes.
"I'm sorry, darling." He said. "But you're okay now, right? You're here with me, your parents will make sure he is fired and everything is fine now."


She was a lot calmer after Harry called letting her and Gil know that everything was fine, Adam and Belle weren't about to try to end him and he was going to spend the night at the castle.


She was just chilling in her room when she heard the telephone they had on the ship ringing. Weird. Maybe Harry forgot something and wanted one of them to drop it there?
She got up and picked up the phone. 


"Hello." A sweet voice that was definitely not Harry answered. "I'm looking for Gil. May I speak to him?"


Ok, that was weird. Maybe he ended up in some trouble at school or something?
"Wait a sec." She said, then moved the phone away from her face and yelled. "Gil, come here. Someone wants to talk to you."


The omega seemed as confused as she felt at hearing that, but took the phone anyway.
"It's Gil. Yeah, yeah, I was there. Oh... really? Are you sure?" Uma couldn't hear the other end of the conversation, but she knew something was happening. "Tomorrow? Yeah, I guess I can... But you're really sure about that, right?"


He looked nervous and Uma didn't like that, not even a little.


"Ok, then. Well, thank you for everything." He said, and then hung up the phone.


His eyes were distant, as if he was looking right through his friend and not at her. His face was blank and Uma was both confused and worried.


"Who was it? Did something happen?" She asked.


He kept wearing the same blank stare as he answered.
"It was from the location center. They found my dad."



Chapter Text

He went to school the next day, despite Harry insisting he should stay and rest. It was an exhausting day, he kept explaining the story over and over, both for students and reporters.

His parents managed to find out who that Alpha was and expose him to the media, demanding that he got fired. Not only he did that, but people also became so mad that someone would disrespect the King like that, that most of them forgot to judge him for dating another VK. Not all, but most of them.
That reporter had managed to make everyone angry: progressists were appaled by how offensive it was to use your voice on an omega you don't even know, and traditionalists were enraged that a peasent would talk like that to royalty.

So Ben was pretty sure that, eventually, things would cool down again. People just needed time to focus on something else. The next time the tabloids had fresh gossip, the people would calm down and focus on something else.

Which didn't mean he wasn't freaking out about the whole thing, because he was. He had so many interviews to give, so many questions to answer... he was almost going crazy from dealing with that.

He was currently having lunch with Gil, trying his best to take his mind off the current events.

"So... I'm going to meet up with my dad tonight." Gil blurted out.

"Really? Are you sure you want to?" Ben asked, not being so sure himself whether that was the best option for his friend.

"Yeah. I mean, if he agreed to see me, he must have forgiven me already, right?" Gil asked.
It made Ben's heart ache that Gil thought he needed to be forgiven.

"Don't say it like that, you did nothing wrong." The King said. "But yeah, I suppose that he must have let his old views in the past."

"He even agreed to pay for us to have dinner. Isn't it nice? Maybe coming to Auradon changed him." He said. "Or maybe he didn't like spending all this time alone, with no family."

It was a possibility. Ben, well, he had his reasons to be wary of Gaston, but if he didn't believe people could change he wouldn't have opened the barrier. 
"Were you guys close before you presented?" He asked, suddenly curious.

"I don't know. Not by Auradon's standards, I guess. But he was always talking to me, all the time." Gil answered. "He liked to hear the sound of his own voice and I happened to be there."

Ben tried not to show much of a reaction to that. He didn't want Gil to think he pitied him. 
"I've always tried to earn him being proud of me, but... I think he was only proud of himself, you know?" Gil said, eyes downcast. "Is it... is it weird that I'm talking to you about him? It's fine if you don't want me to talk about it."

Well... Ben couldn't pretend it wasn't awkward to hear his friend talking about the man his dad hated and his mom didn't like to remember. 
But he had never met Gaston in person, he may be really wary of him, but he had no reason not to listen to his friend.

"No, it's fine. Maybe a little weird, yeah." He admitted. "But it doesn't bother me." Gil smiled at that. "What do Jay and Carlos think about that?"

Gil mad a face at that.
"Carlos encouraged me to do whatever I want about it and all that. Jay tries to pretend he doesn't hate the idea, but I know he does." He explained. It was really a rough situation.

Before Ben could say anything, he heard his favorite voice behind them.
"So, that's where you guys stay?" Harry said, coming closer and giving Ben a quick kiss. "It's beautiful up here."

"It is." His friend agreed, cheerfully. "What you're doing here?"

"What? Can't I just drop by to say hello to one of my best friends in the world and for my lovely boyfriend?" Harry said. What was that, was he actually pouting?

"Let me guess, you want me to sneak out with you so we can make out in the janitor's closet again." Ben supplied, knowing his boyfriend well.

Harry smiled at him, a wicked little gleam in his eyes. 
"Well... you've got me, yer highness." Harry answered."C'mon, you said you can't come over later 'cause you have interviews and boring royal stuff. That's all time we have today."

He rolled his eyes and Gil laughed at the whole interaction.
But Ben needed to admit Harry was 100% right and he was just as eager to get the Alpha alone.

"Gil, would you be upset if I-" His friend interrupted before he could finish.

"Of course not. You guys go have fun!" He assured, giving Ben a small pat on the back as encouragement. 
That being set, Ben got up to follow the Alpha out of there.

"Thanks, mate. I owe you one." Harry said, directing the comment to their friend, who just laughed.

Even with everything that had went down the day before, Ben was completely happy. His relationship was going more than well, he had good friends there for him.
He was in a good place, really. If only he would stop getting nervous over the little accident from the day before, things would be perfect.

Class was over and so was practice, which meant he was in his boyfriends' dorm again. It became kind of a routine to them, to be together like this after class.

They were making out, as they usually did; Jay was lying in the middle of the bed and would take turns between the two of them, while the other watched them attentively. It was Carlos' turn at the moment, and not only were they vigorously kissing, but also grinding against each other through their pants.

And looking at the two of them together, Gil felt something different.
He felt such a sense of peace and love when he was around them, he always did, but that day he felt something more, something he couldn't quite describe. Something to do with how safe he felt around them.
But he was pretty sure he knew what it meant. He trusted both of them with his life, and the rush of feelings that got to him when he thought about it was enough to make him make a decision.

"Guys..."He called, making Jay and Carlos let go of each other lips to look at him. "I think I'm ready."
Both of them got wide-eyed, clearly not expecting to hear that so soon. 

"Ready as in ready for me to...?" Jay trailed off, but even without the exact words Gil knew he had understood.
"Yeah. Ready for you to knot me." Gil managed to say. "If you want to."

"Are you sure, babe?" Carlos asked. "It's a big decision for you and no one is in a hurry."
Gil nodded, that was precisely the fact that made him comfortable enough to allow it in the first place. 
"I wanna try it." He insisted.

Was Gil's brain playing tricks on him or did Jay started to seem genuinely nervous at that?
"Jay, are you ok? It's fine if you don't want to do it." He assured. Jay had as much right to say no as he did.

"No, I want it. Like, I want it so bad." He said quickly. "It's just... a lot of responsibility to take someone's virginity. Especially after everything you went through."
Gil had to frown at that. 
"Babe... I'm not a virgin. You know this." Everyone knew this, actually. What was Jay talking about?

"Hey, none of that. You had no choice on what those Alphas did to you, that wasn't sex." He clarified. "But know you're choosing to let me do this, and I wanna make it good for you. I wanna show you how good it can feel good when everyone is choosing to be there."

That made sense, in a way. And it was very sweet of Jay to be worried about that. Not sure what else to say, he kissed Jay again, pulling him closer until the Alpha got the hint and rolled on top of him. That was still familiar territory for him, hot making out with their body fully pressed against each other.

The decision he had made was one made out of trust, and he tried his best to transmit all this trust through the kiss. 
All three of them had already been shirtless when Gil announced what he wanted, so all that was left was their pants and underwears. Jay and Gil took each other's clothes off, as Carlos did the same to his own.

When the three were completely naked, Jay turned to kiss Carlos again, sucking and biting on his lower lips in excitement. It didn't take long for them to go back to grinding, only now fully naked.
Gil felt himself start to get wet just from looking at the scene in front of him.

Jay loved to make works of art on Carlos' neck, it was his thing. Or one of them, at least. He started leaving  hickeys, that soon would turn into the darkest shade of purple Gil has ever seen. The Alpha was an artist who did a beautiful work on the canvas of Carlos' body. And my, my, was it beautiful.

Carlos whined at the rough little bites Jay left on his neck and shoulder, arching into the touch.
"I think it's better if I get you off first." The Alpha told Carlos. "So we can focus on Gil, after that."

The omega nodded happily, already out of it with the way his boyfriend was touching him. Jay started leaving a trail of wet kisses down his belly. When he got to the end, he quickly put Carlos' legs above his shoulder.
Carlos immediately started using his legs to try to pull him closer.
"Someone is eager, huh?" Jay said, chucking rather darkly.

He decided not to tease, instead spreading Carlos' cheek with his hands and diving right in with his tongue. He wasted no time, licking and exploring from the get go.

"Fuck, you guys are so pretty together." Gil let out, already breathless at the sight.

Carlos started trying to raise his hip, to get even closer Jay's mouth somehow, as if it was possible. But the Alpha pressed a strong hand on his hip, not letting him move at all.
The omega let out a needy moan.

Jay alternated between sucking and actively thrusting his tongue inside the boy, getting his face all messed up with slick. He had no mercy and Carlos loved it. 
The omega started tangling his fingers in Jay's hair, the intention of pulling him closer still very clear.

Jay started rubbing Carlos' hole rather gentle, contrasting with the rough movements of his tongue inside him. Slowly, he pressed one finger inside the tight ring of muscles and began rubbing there. 
"More..." Carlos pleaded, pitifully clinging to his boyfriend's hair.

The second finger came almost immediately, rubbing in the same pace as the first one. The Alpha pressed both fingers up, aiming to find the sweet spot there. Judging by Carlos' loud moan, it wasn't too hard for him to find it.

Jay stopped using his mouth there, deciding to go back to kissing him, making him taste himself in his lips.
"You're a sweet little thing, huh?" He said, which made Carlos nod. However, the omega was so lost in the feeling he would have agreed to almost anything. "Wanna taste, Gil?"

That startled the boy a little, he was not expecting to be actively involved in this part. But seeing Jay's face and lips still dripping wet, he decided to give it a try. 
He came closer to Jay, already starting the kiss open-mouthed.

The slick made everything taste quite different. As Jay had said, it was pretty sweet, but it felt neither pleasant nor unpleasant to Gil. It was just a new taste and texture to make the kissing more interesting. 
During the whole kiss, Jay still had two of his fingers inside Carlos, not stopping his movements for anything.

They had to part for breath, but Jay didn't wait too much until he used his mouth again; this time back to decorating Carlos' neck, which he loved to do. The sounds of sucking and licking echoed through the room.As his lips worked there, Jay started working a third finger inside the omega's hole. He whined at the feeling.

Jay, pressed up again, brushing against the nub of nerves he intended to touch.
"I'm already... close..." Carlos breathed out, voice cracking at the end.

"Think you can do it just from this?" Jay asked, intensifying the thrusts of his fingers. Carlos nodded, arching his back at the sudden change of pace.

This made Jay went back to licking down there, wanting to give his boyfriend more stimulation. He used the fingers vigorously, as he gave slow kitten licks around the ring.

After that, it didn't take all that much for Carlos to come, moaning out Jay's name sweetly as he spilled against his own stomach.

The Alpha took his fingers out, making his boyfriend whine as he did so, and then licked all three of them, making a show out of it. 
"You good?" He checked, as Carlos was still catching his breath. 
"Yeah... just a little breathless." He answered.

Jay lied on the bed, beside him, probably feeling a bit tired too. 
"You wanna take a break?" Gil offered, knowing that it probably wasn't as easy as Jay made it seem to make sure both of them were satisfied
But Jay shook his head vehemently. 
"I'm fine. Come here, babe."He said, patting his thighs, so Gil could seat on his lap.

He did just that, and Jay started to kiss his lips sweetly. It wasn't rushed in any way, and it helped him become more relaxed for what was to come.
He wanted to go on, he wasn't afraid. I mean, he was a little afraid of how much it was going to hurt, but he knew that if the pain outweighed the pleasure all he needed to do was tell Jay to stop and he would.
He was sure of his decision. 
The kiss was slow and sensual, Jay's lips seeming to melt his own. It felt like they had all the time in the world.

Suddenly, Jay turned them around on the bed, staying of top of Gil. 
"I think it's easier like this." He said. "That is, if you still want to go all the way."

Gil nodded firmly. He wanted to do it, even if he knew it was probably the most vulnerable he would be in his life, he trusted them to make sure he was safe and comfortable. After all, they always did that, always made him feel like that.

So Jay went back to the kissing, grinding excruciately slowly against his boyfriend.
Gil was already feeling himself get slick since they had started fooling around, so he knew that by that moment it was dripping down his thighs.

Jay slowly started to insert the tip of a finger inside him, still testing the waters. They had done that before and more than once, but he knew penetration was a sensitive matter to Gil.
The Alpha didn't immediately look for his sweet spot, like he would usually do, since this time it was about stretching him, preparing him, and not getting him off just from fingering.

He let Gil get used to it, gently rubbing his insides and digging his finger deep, all the slick easing the way greatly. 
He started mouthing at the junction between Gil's neck and shoulder, making the boy let out a surprised gasp.

Soon, he started to insert the second finger, which made Gil tense up against him.
"Ease, babe. We've done this before, it's nothing new." He advised. "We can stop, but if you don't want to you need to relax."
The omega took a deep breath. He could take three of Jay's fingers in the blink of an eye by now, he knew the only problem was that he was a little tense, even if he knew everything was fine.

Slowly, he managed to become relaxed enough that he could take the second finger as he usually did; easily. Jay smiled as he felt the tension slowly leave his boyfriend's body, and went right back to kissing him.

He started scissoring his fingers, which he didn't usually did, so Gil let out a surprised little yelp against his mouth, but didn't complain. Jay wanted to be sure he was properly stretched out.

The Alpha used his other hand to slowly touch the omega's cock, to distract him from the intrusion of a third finger. It mostly worked, Gil tensed slightly when he first felt the digit, but went back to normal quickly.

Until that moment, there wasn't anything completely new about what they were doing. Gil was quite familiar with being fingered to oblivion by his boyfriend. But knowing that this was preparation to take his knot, did make a weird sensation go through Gil's body. Maybe it was just butterflies in his stomach?

Jay kept stretching his fingers inside, rubbing and making sure he was as ready as he could be. He was always attentive to his needs. 
They had to stop their kisses to breathe a little and Jay took the opportunity to say:
"I think you feel stretched enough. And pretty wet too." He let Gil know. "But I need to make sure that's really what you want." And then took his fingers out, to let him think clearly before answering.

"I love you." Ok, Gil was not planing on saying that, but it kind of slipped out of his lust-filled mind. "Both of you. And... I can't imagine anyone else that I'd trust enough to do this. To make me want this."

Jay recompensed him with his most genuine smile.
"I love you two too. So fucking much." He said, pecking both of them on the lips right after.

"So do I." Carlos answering, blindly smile on his face.

"Anything I need to know? Something you really don't want me to do, or something you really like?" Jay asked, starting to rub his palm against Gil's hole, to keep him aroused and open while they talked.

"Just... go easy on me, o-okay?"He asked, not really knowing what to expect.
"Of course, babe. I promise I'll make you as comfortable as I can." He said, giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

And Jay started positioning himself above Gil. Carlos, who was sitting beside them, gave his hand for the other omega to hold on to and they tangled their fingers in a sweet gesture.

"Just stay relaxed, ok? It makes everything easier." Jay said. "And don't forget that if you want to stop, at any moment, for any reason, you need to tell me, ok? All we want is for you to feel good and safe here."
Gil nodded quickly, he already knew that. He trusted them to listen to him.

As Jay started positioning his dick against Gil's hole, something clicked on the omega's mind and he shamefully remembered something he had been told once and felt like it was important to let them know. 
"Wait!" He yelped, making Jay stop instantly. "I... well, sometimes... sometimes they used to say that I got too sloppy. That they could barely feel... feel anything there, because I always got fucked so much that... that I got too loose to be really fun."

His cheeks burned from admitting this, but the worst thing was that he only remembered this now, at the last second. Goddamnit, he almost let Jay do it without letting him know the whole truth. 
It was one thing to vaguely know you were getting sloppy seconds, it was another thing to feel exactly how sloppy they were.  
"So... hm... I'm sorry if it doesn't feel like much." Fuck, he could barely get the words out. "I can, I can clench around you, maybe? If that makes it feel better."
Well, it was the least he could offer.

Jay was looking at him like he had just grown a second head.
"Gil... I've had fingers inside you. I know you're pretty tight." He said, sounding really sure of that. "They were probably just trying to get into your head."

Well, it was a possibility. But still.
"Just... tell me if you need a little bit more to get off, ok?" He insisted, suddenly deeply worried his body wasn't going to be enough to satisfy his partner.
Jay still looked a little confused, but just nodded and went right back to business, positioning himself again.

Gil closed his eyes in anticipation, a little bit nervous about the new experience, even if he was sure about it.
In matter of seconds, the omega felt a blunt pressure against his hole. Jay had one hand guiding his own cock in, while the other rested besides his boyfriend's head.

Jay started entering Gil slowly, and ok, maybe the Alpha was right because it sure felt like a very tight fit from the beginning.
Gil clenched up a bit when he started feeling the quite uncomfortable burn of finally having something, so, so much thicker than three fingers inside him. 
"Babe... you n-need to let me in." Jay breathed out. "Fuck, so t-tight..."

Gil took a deep breath, only now noticing he had also hardened his grip on Carlos's hand because of the tension. He knew the only thing he needed to do was relax
Jay kissed him slowly, caressing his cheek to get his mind off of the insistent pressure he felt at the moment.

Slowly, his body started to loosen up enough to allow Jay to keep going. The burn was still there on a secondary level, though. 
They stop the kisses, but Jay continues touching his face in a loving manner, maintaining eye contact as he presses his hips foward as slow as possible. Gil could feel himself get flooded with the feeling of being loved and cared for.

Still, it felt like a lot. It was like he could feel every single inch spreading him wider, making more way inside of him. It didn't hurt, but the stretch and the pressure weren't exactly awesome.

He could feel that Jay was straining himself to make sure he didn't speed up or scare Gil in any way. It was quite sweet.
The omega winced once Jay bottomed out.
"That's it, babe. It's all in, you're doing... so, so fucking good... "He managed to say.

And he just kept his hips in place, waiting for Gil to be comfortable enough so he could start moving.
The omega breathed deeply, making sure to stay as calm as possible. 
"Relax, babe... Everything is fine." Carlos said, gently running his fingers through Gil's hair, which was very comforting and nice.

The burn fades away eventually, only leaving Gil with the sensation of being completely full.

Jay started moving his hips very slightly, only tiny thrusts to get Gil's body warmed up to having something moving inside it. Just enough friction for both of them to really feel something.

Gil started letting out small, drawn out moans, closing his eyes to properly allow himself to feel everything. 
"C'mon, babe, don't hold yourself back... "Jay said, and then started to lick and kiss his boyfriend's neck again, managing to make him moan a little louder.

The Alpha started getting bolder with his trusting, still slow but now deeper than before, getting almost halfway out before pushing in again, rhythm almost drowsy.

Gil tilted his head back, starting to get really, really into it. He had known there must be a way that this could be pleasurable for an omega, since so many of them seemed to enjoy it, but he didn't know it could be this good. He had been like this countless times, yet he didn't know what it felt like when it didn't hurt. And fuck, did it feel amazing.

"Harder, hmm... b-babe, harder." He pleaded, feeling good enough to want more, to ask for more. Jay was nothing but an obedient and attentive lover, starting to snap his hips faster.

"Like this, huh? Like it this much already, b-babe?" The slight crack at Jay's voice made him realize that the Alpha was just as affected as him. Gil only nodded frenetic at the question, or at least tried to do so. He was too lost in pleasure to be really sure.

The Alpha managed to aim the next thrust right against his sweet spot, and fuck, that had Gil screaming out loud. Without even noticing, he started scratching his nails down his boyfriend's back, in an attempt to bring him even closer somehow.
That makes Jay pick the pace up just a little more, balls smacking against Gil's ass cheeks by now.

Gil started arching his back in pleasure, moans and whines falling off his lips without his permission. Almost like he was going mad with how good he felt. He was genuinely impressed that he could enjoy being fucked this much.

He had half a mind to pay attention to the fact that Carlos' was hard again, and touching himself furiously, probably approaching what would be his second orgasm that day pretty soon. Fuck, that was  hot.
Actually, everything was hot, from the squelching sounds to the way the room smelled like sex.

"Babe... I'm g-getting... I'm getting close." Jay breathed out. 
He wrapped one of his hands around Gil's dick, speeding up the process of getting him off. The omega melted at the touch, loving to receive two different kinds of stimulation simultaneously.

Jay's movements on his dick were only slightly faster than his thrusts at that moment. It was breath-taking in a way that Gil thought that he could literally die from not getting enough air, but, if that was the case, he would die happily and in peace.

Jay's other hand was grabbing his hip in a tight grip, tight enough that most likely than not it would leave a mark, but Gil didn't care. No, that's not quite it. 
More like Gil would wear said mark with pride.

The Alpha's knot began to swell inside him, the added pressure and the firm strokes on Gil's dick made his body tingle all over, an astonishing wave of mind-wrecking pleasure washing over it as he spilled. His release dirtying both his boyfriend's hand and his own belly, as he moaned loudly.

But Jay's knot kept swelling, to the point of Gil being able to feel that burn again, but he was relaxed enough that it didn't hurt. The Alpha came in long spurts that Gil could feel clearly inside, flooding him, painting him, marking him up from the inside as Jay's.
"Fuck, G-Gil... I l-love you, babe..."He rambled as he came. Damn, Jay did come a lot.

They were both high from the intensity of their orgasms. Well, actually all three of them, as Gil could see that Carlos' belly was even messier with cum than it was before.

It was hard to catch his breath, Gil thought, but it was even harder to believe he really got to have all of that.
He had two amazing boyfriends who had waited patiently for him to feel ready to be knotted and then they were both amazing about it. It had been slow and loving, just like he craved, just like he dreamed. He never thought he would be lucky enough to be in this situation.

He was also so so happy that he could enjoy this, that the old crew didn't take this from him. He was afraid he was too broken to properly experience being fucked again, that he was too traumatized to enjoy it, but it was so far from the truth. 
Jay had made him see stars and he was delighted.

"Gil, are you ok? Am I hurting you? You know I can't exactly pull out but I-" Only at Jay's worried little freak out did Gil notice that he had a single tear running down his face.
He couldn't let his boyfriend feel guilty over a happy tear.

"No, babe... I'm crying because I'm so happy. I'm happy I get to have this, I'm happy I can still enjoy it." He explained. "I'm happy to have you guys."
Both of his boyfriends cooed, each of them kissing one of Gil's cheeks, sandwiching his face between that, which made him giggle.

"And we're happy to have you, love." Jay said. 
Gil knew that still had more than ten minutes before the knot went down and that it could be a little uncomfortable to stay put in the same position, but he didn't mind. He liked having Jay inside of him, on top of him, as Carlos gently played with his hair. 
He had never been happier in his life.

"Ben! Open up!" She yelled, knocking on the door to Ben's office, knowing damn well he was going to be there overworking himself.

"We know you're there." Evie added, just in case he thought he could hide from them. He clearly couldn't.

It didn't take long for an extremely tired Ben, with dark bags under his eyes, to open the door, looking more like a zombie than anything. Just like they predicted.
"Hey, girls." He greeted. "Is everything okay?"

"You aren't." Mal pointed out. "You've been working on damage control for this whole crazy paparazzi thing for hours! You said yourself that it's all under control now, why do you keep working on it?"
All he did was blink slowly, trying to come up with a good answer. 
"Everyone is worried about you." Evie said.

"I'm sorry, guys. It's just... I'm the first single omega to reign, I feel like I have to prove myself somehow. And I don't want to let anyone down." He said, sighing loudly. "Besides, I wanna make sure no one sees Harry as the bad guy here, I need to know that people know the reporter is the one who started it all."

"Most people already do, Ben." Evie said. "And you know Harry doesn't care about that."

"But he cares about you. And so do we." Mal added. "So c'mon, get out of this office and go do something to distract your mind a little. I don't know, take a nap, watch a movie, go out with Harry..."
"Making out is a good way to distract yourself and let off some tension." Evie said, sending Mal a strategic little wink.

Ben ended up laughing at this interaction.
"You two are right. I need to stop stressing over this." He agreed. "And, by the way, how long has this been going on?" He made a vague gesture with his hands, indicating to the two of them.

Oh, yeah. They had never really announced to anyone they were... whatever the hell they were.
Kissing Evie was the sort of thing that just happened naturally. 
"A few weeks after we called off the engagement, I think." Mal said, knowing Ben wasn't going to take offense or anything. "It just kind of happened."

Ben smiled, and she could see that, behind those tired eyes, there were a lot of affection and happiness for the two. 
"Couldn't think of a better fit." He said.

"You and Harry get pretty close." Evie said. "Although, that was pretty unexpected, to be honest."

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting it myself when I first started falling for him. We're pretty different, but we... work out perfectly, you know?" He said.
Oh, Evil, that boy was so, so gone for Harry Hook that it physically hurt to watch. Gil, Jay and Carlos are also this in love with each other, it was unnerving. What is it with this people? She and Evie liked each other very much, but they weren't painful to watch. 

"You're so fucking in love it makes me wanna throw up." She said, making everyone laugh a bit. "Seriously, my teeth are getting rotten just from thinking about the sweetness of you two together."

"Talking about Harry, are you going to let him end all these worries of your or not?" Evie said, wiggling her eyebrows to show exactly what she meant by that.
Ben, of course, blushed.
"Not like that. But yeah... He is probably the only one who can take my mind off this right now."

Again, that boy was so, so gone.
But it was fine, as long as he didn't work himself to death Mal's work there was done.

He felt like he was about to pass out at any minute. 
Gil was sitting on a restaurant he had never been before, waiting for his father to show up. But he was already ten minutes late, what if he gave up?

The omega didn't know which idea made him more anxious; Gaston showing up or Gaston not showing up. He was just overall nervous about the situation. Why did he even think that this was a good idea anyway?

Before he could over think this too much and run away, he heard a voice he hadn't listen since he was thirteen. 
"Son? Is that really you?" He turned his body to see his father standing behind him. "You've grown quite a lot."

He wanted to say something, but he physically couldn't. His mouth was open, but it wouldn't obey his brain's commands. Gil wasn't even sure what to think, he had no idea what to do now that this was actually happening. 
Luckily for him, Gaston just took the seat in front of Gil, deciding that he wouldn't wait for his son to answer.

"It's been a while since I last heard of you. You became a pirate, right?" He asked. "May not be as glorious and noble as hunting like your old man used to do, but it's quite a feat." 
Had Gil heard this right? Was this a compliment? Coming from his dad? That had never happened before.

"Can you believe that they don't allow hunting for trophies anymore? I had so many plans for when they finally allowed me out of that horrendous Isle, but-" He started going off about himself already, which good Gil was familiar with that. But still, there was something he needed to know first.

"So, does this, like... you being here and coming to see me, mean that you forgave me for being omega? You're not mad anymore?" He had to ask, after all that man had sat there and started talking as if everything was fine when it clearly wasn't.

The Alpha was quiet for a few seconds, looking like he was considering the question, like he had never considered that before. 
"I have to admit it wasn't what I wanted, what I deserved.  Can you imagine what it felt like for an upstanding Alpha like me to find out his only child is an o'?" He said, and okay, that hurt a little bit. "But I let that get into my head at the time and didn't consider what really matters. You're my flesh and blood, after all. So I was thinking that we could leave that behind, if you agree."

Gil smiled at that, eyes getting shiny with hope. He had been waiting to hear that for the past four years of his life, of course he agreed.
"Yeah, dad... I'd love that." He said.

Gaston smiled almost... sweetly? Gil wasn't sure. 
"So, how is life here in Auradon for you?" Gil asked, knowing how much his dad liked to talk about himself.

"Not as splendid as I thought it would be. I thought I'd find myself a castle like I always deserved, or at least the fanciest of houses. But I didn't make much back on the Isle and hunting isn't as celebrated as it used to be." He explained. "All I got was a meek little house in the village. I should get the best house in this country for all the years I spent on that nightmare."

"But it's still better than our old house, right?" Gil asked. Everything from Auradon was better. 
Gaston nodded, but didn't look too excited. 
"Anything would be better than that piece of junk we used to have." He answered. "But let's not dwell on the past too much."

All in all, they had a pretty good evening. His dad even paid for everything, as he said he would.
Of course, he was still the same proud, self-centered man he had been when Gil last saw him. Sure, he spent the whole time talking about himself and didn't even ask how his son was doing. And yeah, he may not have apologized for all the hurtful things he said when he threw Gil on the streets.

But still at least they made amends, right? Gil used to think that he was okay with what had happened, that he was over his father hating him, but he wasn't. It was still an open wound for him. And he really wanted to heal.

He couldn't accuse Gaston of not trying, right? The man had said he wanted to see Gil again soon, even inviting him to go to his house some day, to spend some quality father and son time or something.
In the end, Gil found out that what he, and most VKs, wanted was to get the approval of the one person who was supposed to love him more than anything in this world.

However, there was also something heavy in his chest, like a warning. He knew it was unlike his father to be this kind, but he wanted to believe the man had changed. Many people did, why couldn't he?

So even if deep down, he thought that there was something strange going on, Gil decided that Gaston deserved a chance to show he became a better person and that Gil himself deserved the chance to be loved by a parent.