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Don't you know I'm no good for you? (I've learned to lose)

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Gil/Jay/Carlos, Benry A/B/O


The first you need to know about the Isle of the Lost is that it was terrible for everyone. All people had to eat were Auradon's leftovers, poverty was everywhere, people were always both desperate and ruthless and, of course, the most wicked ones were the ones who had more control.


But no matter how terrible the Isle was for everyone, it was especially cruel to omegas. You see, evil Alphas take whatever they want, and sometimes what they want is an omega to hurt. There was always some kind of depravation happening in all corners and alleys of the Isle, but many of these actions weren't consensual encounters.


Omegas were judged unworthy and too fragile for most stuff, but to be one and survive the Isle you needed to be stronger than any Alpha could ever be. The constant harassment and sexual abuse,  catcalling, brute force and Alpha voices used against them and the derogatory terms were the norm.


People were so focused on surviving that hell hole that even those who did not condone this kind of horror couldn't do much to stop it. 


That is until, of course, Mal and King Ben decided to open the doors of Auradon for everyone. Just after that, they also called off their engagement , deciding to stay just friends. Mal decided that, even though Ben was the cutest Omega her Alpha self had ever seen, being Queen just wasn't for her. And honestly, they were already treating each other more like best friends than lovers, anyway.


So, Ben focused on making Auradon a better place for everyone, including the new comers. He ordered that a prison was made for people who hurt others from now on, but everyone's past mistakes were forgiven. 
However, Ben couldn't even imagine how bad it really was for people from the other side and how much trauma they had to bear. 


Gil was just so happy they could stay in Auradon from now on. King Ben had even allowed Uma to stop the ship on the pier, so all three of them can keep living there if they wish.


Gil never imagined he would manage to left the island. Many of the other children dreamed about it all the time, but not him. He considered himself lucky enough to be part of Uma's crew, he couldn't even think about wanting something different from that. They had helped him when he was at his worst and more helpless state, so all he wanted from life was to be by their side.


But that was before. Now, he gets to be in Auradon, where there are grapes and berries and chocolate, and still be part of the crew. How wonderful was that?


And then there was Jay, who was... in a loving relationship with Carlos. Really, they are so cute together and Carlos is such a good and smart omega, who completely deserves to be with someone as amazing as Jay.


But, still, whenever Gil looked at them he wished he could be part of that. Which was stupid because he wouldn't be someone's mistress or something. He knows he is low, but he isn't that low. He wouldn't dare ruin a perfect relationship like that, both of these people were his friends,  goddamnit!


So, no matter how hard it was to resist Jay's tender smiles and soft hair, Gil wouldn't ever even consider getting involved with an Alpha who is already in a relationship. He refuses to be the whore he got told he was.


"Hey!" Of course, Jay wasn't going to make it any easier on him. "I'm so glad you guys decided to stay here! I have so many fruits to show you!"


There it was. That weird feeling in his belly whenever Jay smiled at him.


"Yeah... I'm happy too. Everything in Auradon is so much prettier and tastier!" He tried not to sound too excited about everything but he just couldn't. He's never been happier.


"C'mon, let's get something to eat." The Alpha said, pulling Gil by the arm.


They sat in one of the cute little white tables that were set up around the school yard and Jay pulled a small pot from under his jacket.


"This is what a melon actually looks like!" He exclaimed, opening the pot to reveal a light yellow fruit that didn't look like a grape in the slightest.


The omega felt his cheeks warm up, both from being offered food and from being embarrassed for not knowing how different these fruits are. It sounds like such a basic thing...


"It doesn't look like a grape. I'm sorry for being dumb about it." He said. "But thanks, Jay. It was sweet to give me this."


He frowned at Gil. As if he couldn't really understand what the omega just said. Evil, did he said something stupid again?


"You aren't dumb. There were things I didn't knew before Auradon either." He reassured. "But it's fine. I can, I mean, we can show you all cool things from here now."


Gil smiled at that, still blushing. 
Well, so much for not falling for Jay... 


Harry was just walking around, minding his own business and exploring the new place when a scene made him take a double take.


The Jafar's boy was all laughing and heart eyes, eating some kind of weird fruit with Gil.
immediately, Harry entered protective mode. He knew that boy was dating Cruella's son, hell, everyone in the Isle knew that. And he had the audacity to try to flirt with Gil openly like that? Did he feel good knowing he could break an omega's heart whenever he wanted? Or worse, did he think he could take Gil as a side lover? The boy was soft and pure and didn't deserve to be used like that.


Harry wouldn't have any of it. It was his and Uma's job to protect Gil. They had already failed once, and oh, how badly had they failed, so they could not do it again. He could still remember like it had just happened...


"Uma! Uma!" The pirate screamed. "Open the damn door!"


A few seconds passed, while Harry Hook still pounded the door of Ursula's restaurant, and Uma harshly opened it, a look of annoyance on her face.


It took only a moment for her to soften, realizing how desperate the boy looked. 
"What the hell is eve-" She started to ask, but was interrupted mid-sentence.


"It's Gil." He said, breathing hard. "My father's crew have hurt him."


As if on cue,  a loud thunder was heard and it began to rain. 
You see, at that time, the ship belonged to Captain Hook. Gil, who had to do something to take care of himself since his father pretty much kept ignoring his existence, and Harry were the only kids in the crew. The rest were all men who were somewhat friends with Harry's dad.


Uma wasn't a pirate yet, even though she dreamed about being one. Captain had some feuds with Ursula, so he didn't allow Uma to be part of the crew.


"What do you mean?" The girl asked, but she was pretty sure she  knew the answer already and she was deeply dreading it. An omega alone in a ship full of mean old men, most of them Alphas...


"They... they hurt him.  I walked in... on them hurting him like..." His cheeks were flustered, you could see he wasn't thinking clearly. "Like Alphas hurt omegas in back allies. Like... perverts hurt whoever they can overpower."


Harry's eyeliner was all messed up and she couldn't tell if it was the pouring rain or if he was crying.


"Fuck. What did you do?"


"Yelled at them to back the fuck off and never touch him again. But I'm pretty sure they won't listen to that part." He said. "We need to take Gil and leave. This island will fucking kill us!"
"You know as well as I do Auradon won't rescue us. There's no way out of this place without magic, buddy."Uma said, trying to make Harry see reason.  "But I'll tell you what we can do: help Gil. Where is he?"


"I don't know. He just took off running when I started yelling at the other pirates." He said, realizing how bad it sounded. "Did I screw this up?"


Uma bit her lip. That was surely a possibility, but she couldn't have Harry having even bigger of a breakdown.
  He was the emotional one and she was the rational one; that was how they had always been.


"No, it's fine. He couldn't have gone too far. Let's look for him." She said and he agreed. 
The least they could do was get Gil to calm down, but they needed to find him first.


So they went looking for him in the middle of the storm. They searched around the docks and yelled his name until they were almost erratic with worry. 
Both knew that they wouldn't be giving up until they found their friend, but their bodies were already aching and it was starting to get counterproductive to just run aimlessly.


Then, Uma heard a small sniffle from behind a dumpster in one of the alleys she kept entering and running back and forth. 
"Gil? Is that you?" She asked. "Please, come out. We need to talk to you, everything is fine. We just need to talk, ok?"


Slowly, the omega who was working hard to make himself as small as possible, uncurled from himself and stood up, still not facing her.


"Harry! I found him!" She screamed, knowing her friend was nearby.


"Gil? Oh my God, we were looking for you for so long! Where were you?" Harry said, running towards them.


Gil had his eyes downcast, looking sad, but it wasn't a big surprise, was it?  This might be the kind of thing that happened to omegas all the time, but it didn't mean that they were anywhere close to getting used to it.


"I'm sorry. I'll just go... I'll find another place to hide and you'll never see me again. I'm so sorry... " Gil said, with red cheeks and red eyes.


"What? No! Why'd you do that?" Harry asked.


"You don't need to be mean about it, Harry. I don't wanna say it." He answered, but given a few seconds of stunned silence he felt as if he had no other choice. "Fine, I know I'm dirty and I'm a whore and you guys won't want me around now that you know too. I promise I won't bother you guys again, just... let me go."


Harry just murmured a quick "fuck" under his breath. Well, this was worse than expected. 
"Gil... we don't want you to go. They hurt you, they should be the ones who are ashamed. Not you." Uma said.


Harry couldn't believe how surprised Gil looked. He really thought they would just turn their backs on him?


"But... why would you guys want to hang out with me after that? I was stupid to think I could be a pirate, I don't deserve to be called that. " He insisted. "You know how weak I am now, guys. I'm sorry."


"No, Gil, screw that. We don't think you're weak." Uma clarified. "We just want to help you, ok?"


"Yeah... look, Gil, give me the name of every man who ever hurt you on that ship. I'll go to my father tomorrow first thing in the morning and insist that he kicks all of them out."


Gil broke down at that. He went full sobbing and Uma had to hold him so he didn't fall to the ground. It seemed like he wanted to talk, but the tears just wouldn't let him. 
Uma had an extremely bad feeling about what this could mean exactly, and Harry could see the fear in her eyes. He just hadn't caught up to the thought yet.


"Gil, it's okay. Breathe, alright? What's wrong?" She asked.


"The captain knows!" He yelled, still ugly crying. "H-he's the one who s-started it..."


Harry was seeing red. He had never been so angry in his whole life and that's saying something. He wasn't this angry when he found out his mother had left him and his father, he wasn't this angry when a crew mate told him he was too young to be a proper pirate and he wasn't this angry the first time that his father used the hook against him, as a punishment.


Everything seemed to be falling apart. Gil was still sobbing and repeating "I'm sorry" like a mantra, but Harry's fury was too deafening for him to pay attention.


He always knew his father wasn't a good man. They were on the Isle, after all, weren't they? He was a man who had devoted most of his life to trying to kill a child for revenge. He was cold and merciless, and he expected Harry to be just like him. He slept around, stole, had no shame and those were most likely the reasons why Harry's mother decided that she had to leave and never look back. 
But this? Harry never thought this was a possibility. He should have known. He should, but he didn't. He should have known, but how could he even imagine that his father would be this cruel? This repulsive?


"I'm s-sorry, Harry! I'll go n-now, I'll just..." Gil tried to speak through the tears again. That made Harry pay attention to his surroundings again.


"No. You don't need to go anywhere." He said, trying to speak calmly through the anger. "If my father thinks that's how you treat your crew, then he's got no fucking idea on what it means to be a pirate. Or a man, really."


"It's okay if you're angry, Harry." He insisted, defeated. "I know this is bad. Evil, I slept with your father!"


Harry clenched his jaw, which Gil clearly mistook as anger directed at him. 
"This isn't you sleeping with my father, Gil. " He said, full of confidence. "This is my father raping one of my best friends."


Using that word was uncommon on the Isle. People didn't want to call it that, it sounded too clinical, it made things feel real. Nobody liked to feel like a victim, it made you easy prey, and that's exactly what the word did.


However, Harry needed to use it. He needed Gil to understand what was happening, how damn mad he was at Hook, not at him.


After neither of them saying another word, Uma decided to take charge of the situation:


"Okay, clearly, today was a rough day. So why don't we all go to my house, Gil takes a shower and sleeps on his thoughts a bit, huh? I bet you'll feel better." She offered. "I'm sure my mother won't mind we all sleeping in my room, as long as we're all quiet."


Gil looked like he was just too exhausted to fight, so he gave a weak nod and accepted Uma's support to walk straighter. Harry just followed them quietly, not knowing what to say or do.


They reached the house and went up the stairs on their tippy toes not to bother Ursula. Really, her rage was the last thing any of them wanted to deal with at that moment.


As Uma and Harry boiled some water buckets for Gil to bathe in warm water for once (since, of course, Auradon wouldn't allow the Isle to have a luxury like showers with hot water), they kept exchanging exasperated looks, until the boy decided to speak up:


"What are we going to do? We can't let my father get away with this."


Something changed in her posture at that. In this moment, she became a woman with a mission. And Harry knew that Uma was force of nature when she had her mind set on something. 
Seeing the look on her face, he could breathe a little bit easier, knowing that Gil would get the justice he deserved.


"I'll tell you what we're going to do." She said, as enraged as Harry felt. "We're going to take that fucking ship from him. We'll kick him and all of his disgusting buddies out of there for good."


So, to put it briefly, Harry was very protective of Gil and if this guy thinks he can just appear out of the blue and take advantage of Gil being a little naive, he's got something coming.


So Harry walked up to them, with a glare as sharp as a knife, and made his presence known:
"Well, hello. What exactly do we have here?" He said, with his best 'unstable' look, keeping eye contact with Jay.


"Harry!" Gil looked slightly spooked. "Do you want a piece of melon? It's, hm, really sweet..."


"I'm fine. But Jay here is such a good doer, aren't ya? A few months in Auradon already teached you to share, hm?" He said, getting closer to his face.


Gil looked embarrassed, Harry was not sure why, and Jay looked somewhere between confused and uncomfortable. 
Well, he is supposed to be uncomfortable.


"He was just being nice, Harry." Gil answered.


At that, the pirate rolled his eyes. Really?
"Such a nice guy, huh, Jay? I bet your boyfriend thinks so." Harry said. "Where is he, by the way?"


"He's studying in our room." Jay answered, frowning. "Not that it is relevant to you in any way."


Oh, so he wanted to pretend he was doing nothing wrong? Really, he was overestimating Harry's patience.


"Rude." He replied, laughing. "Well, I think that you should leave Gil alone and go see if your boyfriend needs you."


Jay kept looking at him as if that was confusing and too much to ask, but he wouldn't back down. He needed to stop this right away, before it went too far. 
Gil would never be a plaything for someone else again,  Harry would make sure of that.


Jafar's boy was reluctant at first, not really being the type to resign, but he stood up, said his goodbyes to Gil and left with a quick murmuring of 'weirdo' behind his breath. 


He was so ashamed. Goddamn it, he was officially an Auradon citizen for less than a week and was already messing things up for himself.


He wasn't trying to flirt with Jay, he wasn't. He is not that type of omega, he wouldn't kiss him or take him to bed. But... Jay is so kind and handsome and attentive that Gil just got carried away. 
And now Harry had witnessed him being easy for Jay, laughing and flirting and accepting his food. God, how disappointed he must be.


Since what happened with the old crew, Gil had made a promise to himself that he would do anything to make Uma and Harry proud of having him in their ship. He would prove himself as a useful and worthy member of the crew everyday.


But clearly, this is not the case, since he can't help but behave as an absolute whore rather than a respectable pirate. Not for the first time, Gil wonders why they ever put up with him.


"Harry... I'm sorry for that." He said, in a small voice, fearful.


But Harry just shook his head. 
"You did nothing wrong." He assured. "Just be sure to watch out for that one. He smells like trouble."


Gil frowned at that. So his friend wasn't mad at him, but at Jay? No, this couldn't stay like that. Jay is a good guy, it's Gil who has this way of being himself that keept attracting trouble.


"Jay is a good person." He insisted, but it didn't seem to convince Harry all that much.


"We'll see about that." He said. "But try not to risk too much. Things are finally looking good for us, for you. You deserve better."


Gil really wanted to say the last part was a lie, that if Harry knew how Gil really felt about Jay he'd never be allowed in the ship again, but he kept quiet.


Harry sighed, probably noticing that the omega was starting to look sad.

"That guy is a player." He said. "Just trust my word. It takes one to know one..."


At that, Gil decided to stay quiet. Yeah, Harry was quite like that, but he wasn't a bad person either. He slept around, but only with people who wanted to sleep with him. And, unfortunately, you can't say that for half the Alphas on the Isle.


But they weren't on the Isle anymore and if anyone wanted to touch anyone by force, they'd probably be sent to the new prison King Ben built.


"So, what do you say we forget this whole thing and go back to the ship?" Harry suggested.


Gil nodded. That was probably for the best, he needed to stay away from Jay before his crush became something more concrete.


"Fine. But don't tell Uma." He said. "Please."


Harry looked slightly confused, as if he couldn't see a reason for that. 
Wasn't it obvious? Gil didn't want to disappoint Uma too.


"I won't tell her if you don't want me to." He said. "But you need to remember that you did nothing wrong, ok?"


Gil knew Harry genuinely believed that, but he was convinced he was wrong.  He was already a dirty omega, who had the chance to start over, he couldn't go around making this kind of mistake.


He may not ever find an Alpha that want him for who he is, as a whole, but that doesn't mean he should lower himself to the point of flirting with Alphas that were taken. He could have a good life just being part of Uma's crew and eating berries in Auradon, he didn't need any of that. 
This isn't who he was and this was definitely not who he wanted to be. This wasn't who he'd promise he would be.


So the plan was simple: Stay Away from Jay. 
Easier said than done... 


Ben was just casually walking around, seeing if things were going smoothly. He has done that a lot since they let the people from the Isle in.


It hadn't been easy. Most ex-Isle residents didn't even know what to do at first and, unfortunately, not everyone in Auradon had been very warm and welcoming.


Contrary to what some people thought, there weren't villains trying to take over or any major incident: Ben had been clear that anyone, from the Isle or from Auradon, who hurt others or disrespected other important laws would go to prison. They were so happy with their newfound freedom that they wouldn't risk it.
And if anyone did risk it, they would be judged and punished fairly. In a way that wouldn't make their children have to pay for their mistakes.


Anyway, in the middle of one of his usual peace check-ups, Ben wandered close to the pier and ended up seeing Gil and Harry just as they were arriving at their ship.


"Hey, guys. How are you? Liking Auradon so far?" He said, a bit awkwardly. He never knew how to make small talk about the new rules without being weird about it.


What do you say to people who technically did nothing wrong, but lived a cursed life full of misery just because your father didn't know how to deal with their fathers?


"It's very nice, King Ben!" Gil said, excited. "All the fruit here are so good. All we had on the Isle was rotten fruit and not as many different kinds."


Ben always felt an even deeper ache when he thought about Gil suffering on the Isle. The boy was a little ball of sunshine and didn't deserve all the bad things he's sure the Isle had. Also, let's be honest, Ben's also sure one of the main reasons his father created the Isle was to find somewhere where he could let Gaston rot, so...


"You can have all the fruits you want, Gil. And, please, you don't need to call me King. "He said, then added an afterthought. "I mean, except if the fruit already belongs to someone else. Then, please, don't take it."


Harry let out a faint laugh at that.


"Worried that we'll start a fruit-stealing revolution, yer highness?" The Alpha asked.


"Hm, no. I... no. I was just making sure that I..." Well, Ben is awkward both at some kinds of diplomacy and in front of handsome Alphas. Sue him.


Then Harry let out a stronger laughter, really having fun at seeing the king stutter. It was a beautiful sound. 
"Relax, yer highness. I'm just playing with you." He said, still amused.


"Don't be mean to him, Harry. " Gil complained. Ben hoped it was because he genuinely didn't like Harry's joke and not because he was afraid that upsetting Ben would lead to them being kicked out of Auradon.


"So... how are you feeling about the school? Adjusting well? " Ben asked.


"It's fine, I think." Gil said, scratching his head a little. "I'm not very good at math or english. Geography makes me confused and chemistry makes my head hurt! But, hm... I really like Goodness 101."


"It's ok, Gil. You will get used to school soon, talk to me if you need help. What about you, Harry?"


"Well, you see... I kinda didn't show up yet." He answered, not sounding like he cared all that much.


"What, Why? Is this because you're afraid you're not going to adjust well there?" The king asked. "Because if it's that, then I assure you that-"


Harry let out a chaotic, almost sinister, little laugh. What's it with this guy and a thousand different ways to make laughing look hot?


"I'm not afraid that I might not fit in with a bunch of princes. I know I won't." He answered. "I just don't see why I need this crap. I'm good where I am right now, I'm not going to college or ruling a kingdom."


Ben frowned. He gets that adapting can be hard, and, well, there weren't colleges on the Isle so most VKs didn't have this ambition, but that doesn't mean school isn't important.


"That's not all school is about. You can still learn new things, meet new people and, well, get at least a high school degree." He insisted.


The Alpha didn't look that much interested. 
"Look... If you don't go soon, it'll be harder to catch up later. Both Uma and Gil are going, couldn't you just... go for a couple of weeks and see what you think?"


"Why you're so interested in me attending classes, huh? Can't wait to see me again?" He said, making Ben blush a little.


"Harry!" Gil complained at his friend's inappropriate behavior. "Don't be like that."


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Harry said, hands up in a defensive gesture. "Ok, yer highness, I'll go tomorrow and see how it goes."


Ben smiled his one-million-dollars smile, happy with his accomplishment. 
"That's great! It will get a little boring, but you will spend more time with your friends and even make new ones." Ben promised.


"And lunch is awesome! And free!" Gil added. 


N E X T   D A Y


"It will be fine, Harry! Stop complaining!" Uma was saying. "Most of them would rather see us dead than in the same room as them, and, yes, most classes are boring as hell, but it's a thousand times better than that crappy building they had the audacity to call school on the Isle."


"I get it, I get it. But I'd rather literally..." Gil was sure Harry gave an answer that actually made sense, but he tuned out the second that Jay and Carlos entered the hall, hand in hand.


He couldn't help but stare. They fitted perfectly and if he was a better person he'd just be happy for his new friends, and yet here he was. Watching them and wishing he could be there, holding Jay's other hand.


But he couldn't. He had a new objective: to stay as far away from Jay as possible. Even if it hurt him, it was better than becoming something that would disgust himself even more.


"Hey, Gil. You're also going to Goodness 101?" Jay asked, the two of them coming closer.
Goddamn it, why did Jay make this harder on him?


Gil was caught off guard, so he just nodded.


"Cool, so are we. You wanna come with us?" It was Carlos who offered, which only made Gil feel more guilty.


And because he was, like a guy from the old crew told him once, a weak pathetic little bitch he did the wrong thing and said yes.


Uma and Harry were so focused on their bickering about exactly how boring school was and how annoying people from Auradon were, that they didn't even notice this interaction happening. And they also didn't notice when Gil left.


He walked quietly beside them, feeling like a third-wheel but worse somehow.


The classroom wasn't very far, so he didn't have to go through that for too long.


He ended up sitting right next to Jay, which wasn't his initial plan for the day at all, but things were already getting out of hand pretty fast, anyway.


The thing is, Gil wasn't listening to a word that Fairy Godmother was saying. Even though this was his favorite class, he couldn't help but spend most of the time thinking about Jay, and sometimes glancing at him.


He didn't know why he was like this. He didn't even know Jay that well, they may be friends, but not super close. They barely talked to each other on the Isle, even though Gil admits the first time he noticed how cute Jay was he was like 14, and now he can't stop thinking about the guy?


He needs to stay even closer to Harry and Uma. If something happened, Harry would stop it immediately, just like he did the day before. 
Gil's heart is making a big mess of everything, so maybe he isn't the best person to take care of this. He needs to rely on his friends. 
And once more he wonders why they put up with him anyway...


"How about you, Gil? Can you answer the question?" Fairy Godmother asked, but he most definitely could not. 
He wasn't paying attention to anything else since the moment Jay appeared in the hall way.


Gil felt all eyes burn on him. He hated the attention, especially now that he had no idea what was expected of him.
"It's ok, sweetie, you can think for a little while." She insisted, with a nice smile on her face.


He gulped. Well, it wasn't like anyone was expecting him to actually give a smart answer, was it?


Before he could just blurt out something random, he noticed that Jay seemed to be mouthing something to him. 
He looked at him discreetly and noticed it was a "letter c".


"I think... hm... letter c?" He answered, unsure.


"Bippidy bobbidy that's right!" The teacher exclaimed, excitedly.


Gil let out a huff of air he didn't even know he was holding. 
This was stupid. Why get so nervous? People from Auradon don't seem to expect much from him, it wasn't like he would disappoint Fairy for not saying the right thing. Or was it?


He mouthed a small "thanks" back at Jay once the teacher stopped paying attention to him and Jay gave him the brightest smile in response. 
There was something magical about Jay's smiles, he swears.


Gil decided to try his best to focus from there on and mostly succeeded, except for one or two quick glances at Jay here and there.


The bell ringed and Gil practically ran from the classroom. Next period was lunch and he needed to get his food and then get the hell away from the cafeteria before Jay and Carlos could reach him.


He took his plate and began walking aimlessly through the campus. It was so big and he was always getting lost. 
Eventually he noticed that there was a small hill, still on school ground but barely, that seemed welcoming enough. There was no one there, except a big three that could  give him shadow.


He went there and decided it was the perfect spot: he had a great view from all school and everything was so quiet. It was perfect for him to put his head in place.


In all that peace and quiet, alone with his own thoughts, Gil could almost cry from how careless and stupid he kept being. He was supposed to stop feeding these feelings, not to keep glancing at Jay during class.


He was so caught up in his own thoughts he didn't even notice when King Ben approached.


"Gil?" He asked, making said boy jump. "Sorry. It's just... usually I'm the only one who comes here."


Gil took the hint immediately, standing up and getting his things. He should have known that a place this beautiful wasn't for filthy peasants like himself, but for royalty.


"I'm sorry, Ben. I didn't know it was your spot." He said.


The king's eyes widened. 
"What? No, no, you can stay! I was just surprised. " Ben insisted. "There is more than enough room for both of us."


"Are you sure?" He asked, still conflicted.


"Absolutely!" The king said. "I usually come here because I like the view. Or when I want to think a little."


"It's very beautiful." Gil said. "Everything in Auradon is so beautiful!"


That seemed to make the king's face fall a little. Gil frowned. 
"You always do that." He said. "When I say something good about here you get all sad."


"I'm really happy that you like it here, but... it always makes me think about how bad the Isle must have been. And it makes me feel guilty. "He answered. "That place was like that because we allowed it to be like that."


Gil felt sorry for him. Ben didn't need to feel guilty for a place that was created before he was even born. He decided to tell him so.


"It's ok. You don't have to feel guilty for something you didn't do."


"So I don't get to even feel guilty for what my father did, but all of you guys had to pay the price for what your parents did? This doesn't sound right..." Ben complained.


"Ben... our parents are bad people. It's okay, we all know it." He said. "Your father just didn't know what to do with them."


There was a brief period of silence, Gil was not sure if the King got tired of the conversation or if he was just thinking, when Ben added:
"So, how is your father, by the way?"


Ah, right. Awkward small talk, then.


"I guess still not over your mom." He answered, then realized how disrespectful that probably sounded and got nervous. "Sorry! That wasn't, I'm ... that was... "


But the other omega just laughed. 
"It's fine. " He said. "Does he... talk to you about her a lot?"


"He talked about himself all the time, but... yeah, sometimes he talked about her too. "


Gil wasn't going to mention how that talking was non-linear. Some days, Bella was the one that got away. The most beautiful omega in the world, who should have married Gaston, the most handsome Alpha in the world, and not some feral beast. 
But some days, when Gaston was angry, she was an ungrateful little bitch who didn't even deserve him in the first place. A pathetic omega who couldn't handle an Alpha as perfect as Gaston. He was sure she got her crazy idea of marring a beast from one of her stupid books or something.


Gaston was seriously against omegas reading and having an education, he was sure that was the problem with Bella. Thank God, Gil already knew how to read when he presented. 
Or not, since it wouldn't have made a difference after what his dad did when he presented as omega...


"It doesn't matter. The last time I saw him was years ago, anyway." Gil settled with saying that instead.


Ben seemed shocked at that, as if he couldn't even imagine being far from his father for that long. 
"But why? Did something happen?" He asked.


Gil shrugged. Honestly, it wasn't even painful to talk about that anymore. That's just the way things were.


"He kicked me out at 13 for being an omega." He told Ben. "Said I wasn't his son anymore."


Ben looked like he was legit about to start crying.


"Gil, I'm so sorry! I'm so so so sorry! That's awful!"


Gil offered him a sad smile. 
"It's okay, Ben. Not your fault."


After a few seconds in a fairly uncomfortable silence, the King asked:
"How did you live after th- actually, nevermind. It's none of my business and it's insensitive of me to ask."


Gil shook his head. There were few things he insisted on being a secret and that wasn't one of them.


"It's fine. I lived on the streets for some time and then I chose to be a pirate." 

"So you, Harry and Uma have been friends for many years, since before you presented, right?" Ben said, trying not to show too much of the obvious pity he was feeling.


"Sure, I guess, but... the ship wasn't Uma's at that time. It was Hook's." He answered. "Harry's father."


Now, that was where the talk started making Gil actually nervous. He couldn't let people from Auradon find out about what happened. What if they decided he was too wanton and disgusting to be amongst them? 
He may be exactly that, but he was already loving his new life and didn't want to lose that.


Thankfully, he didn't need to think about how to get out of this conversation since Ben quickly changed the subject:
"Since you mentioned Harry, did he actually came to the school today? I haven't seen him yet..."


Relieved, Gil answered. 
"Yes. But don't know if he's still here."


At that they heard the faint sound of the school bell ringing again. 
"What class do you have now?" Ben asked, already getting up to go to class.


"History. You?" Gil said.
"Math. I'll see if I meet Harry around." The king said. "Good luck with your class!"


Who would've known? Having a friend around is actually a good way to clear your head a little. Also, having an omega friend to talk to is such a nice feeling. 
Don't get Gil wrong, he loves Harry and Uma more than anything in this world, but it was refreshing to be friends with someone like him.


Math class. 
His next class is math class. Can this be even more boring?


And the worst thing was the Auradon kids who thought he was scum for being born on the Isle. Sure, many of them were welcoming or indifferent, two beta girls even flirted with him that first day, but the ones who looked at him and other VK's with absolute disgust managed to get under his skin. 
He wished he could press his hook against their privileged necks.


But he couldn't, so he just sat on his desk and doodled him doing exactly what he wanted to do, as he waited for class to start.


However, soon his day became a little less boring as he saw Ben entering the classroom. As soon as the omega noticed him, he beamed with a bright smile.


Well, fuck. That boy was something else and Harry was screwed.


"Harry! You're here!" Ben said, taking the seat next to him.


"Well, yer highness, your speech was pretty convincing."


"You know you don't need to call me that, right?"


"But it's so fun." Harry answered. "Isn't it, yer highness?"


"So..." Ben changed the subject. "What do you think of the school so far?"


"Do you want me to say the truth or what you want to hear?" Harry asked.


Ben sounded so earnest as he answered:
"The truth, of course. Always."


Such a goodie two-shoes... It was almost endearing.
"It's boring as hell and these up-nosed princes suck." He said.


To his surprise, instead of being defensive of his people, Ben just laughed.
"Well, I can't really blame you for thinking like that, can I?"


Harry thought that Ben would likely give him a lecture for his response, so he was delighted by the actual answer he got. Who would've known that even Golden Boy would agree with him?


"I know school is not fun, but this doesn't mean you'll quit, right?" Ben added a few seconds later, showing genuine worry at the possibility.


Harry gave him his best flirty smile as he answered: 
"It depends. Will I get to see you in class everyday?"


The omega looked taken back for a little while and Harry almost worried he had gone too far, before Ben managed to speak again.


"Of course." He said, blushing a little. "Maybe even after school, sometimes... you k-know, if you want to hang out..."


Still with that same smile on his face,  he answered:
"Then I'll be the most assiduous student in this whole school, yer highness."


Thank God, he managed to scape Jay and Carlos for the rest of the day. It had been hard, but as the last bell rang, Gil collected his things and ran home without even waiting for Uma and Harry to come with him.


Now, Gil was sitting on his own bed, thinking and trying to sort out his thoughts and feelings. Evil, it had been just one day and he was already both emotionally and physically exhausted.


He had never been this infatuated with someone before, that's why he was acting like this. Sure, he had found many alphas attractive in his life, but truth be told, is hard to actually like an Alpha in a place where he knew he needed to be away from them, in fear that he'd be hurt. 
The only exceptions were Harry and Uma, but they took him in when he needed and took care of him, so they were family to him.


"Hey, man. Why the hell didn't you wait for us?" Gil startled as Uma walked in his bedroom, already complaining. Harry was right behind her, leaning on the door.


Speaking of the devil, right?
"Sorry, I just really wanted to leave." He said and Uma just raised one perfectly done eyebrow at him. "Fine, I was running from someone."


At that her expression darkened and she looked ready to take her sword and stab it into someone's heart.


"What, why? Did someone hurt you? Did they try to touch you?" She asked. Her voice was calm, even though she looked ready to commit murder.


Gil found it extremely heart-warming when he was reminded how much his friends cared about him. He really, really, didn't deserve them.


"No, no! I'm fine!" He clarified. "It was I'm-avoiding-you running, not I'm-scared running."


"Oh..." She seemed mostly confused, but Gil could see she was relieved as well. "Do you need any help with that someone you're avoiding?"


"No, it's fine." He insisted, the last thing he needed was to involve Uma in this mess too. "It's just, ah... a silly thing. Don't worry."


Uma nodded. She was just as protective as Harry, but she knew when to back off.


"Well, I'm off to try to get some homework done, then." She said. "Good luck with whoever you're avoiding."


She left after that and Harry took her place, closing the door behind him so she couldn't hear him when he said:


"Gil... you know she wouldn't be mad if you told her... "


Gil shook his head. This was definitely not worth the risk. If he could stop himself from disappointing his captain, he'd do everything in his power to do so.


"So..." Seeing Gil wasn't going to change his mind, Harry started another conversation. "Heard you had lunch with the king today, huh?"


Gil smiled at that. It was pretty good to make new friends.


"Did he say something 'bout me?" Harry asked.


Gil thought about it and quickly remembered Ben's question.


"Yeah, he asked if you were at school." He answered.


"Just this? Nothing else? You sure?" He asked again, seeming really invested in the conversation.


Gil frowned, trying to remember if there was something else he might be missing, but couldn't think of anything.


"Yeah, that's all he said."


Harry didn't seem all that pleased at the answer, and Gil couldn't quite figure out what was wrong...


Wait a minute...


"Wait!" He exclaimed. "Are you into King Ben?"


"No! Of course not!" Harry said, a little bit too quickly. "That would be crazy, right? He's Auradon's golden boy, so he'd never have a quick hook up with me. But I'm also not exactly the ideal boyfriend for royalty, so we wouldn't be that either, ya know."


Gil just stayed quiet absorbing the new information. 
"Ok, I'm not into him, but I find him very interesting. There's something just bewitching about him." Harry confessed.


Gil wasn't sure what to say. Was Ben interested in Harry too? Or was he just being nice? It's difficult to know with him. Also, there was the whole 'Uma, Gil and Harry kidnapped him less than one year ago' issue, so...


Clearly Harry misunderstood his silence as something else, since he said:
"Yeah, I know It's weird. Not like a broken pirate is exactly what  royals are usually looking for, huh?"


"No, no, no, that's not it." Gil quickly answered. 
That was probably the best time to talk about something that had been bothering Gil for a while, but he didn't know how to bring it up.


"Then what is it? Did he say something about me? Is he seeing someone else?" The Alpha asked.


"I just... I don't... I think..." Gil took a deep breath trying to sort out his thoughts. He didn't want to hurt Harry with what he was about to say. 
"So... ok, remember when we took Ben to the ship?"


"The kidnapping fiasco? Of course I do."


He took another deep breath. 
"So, he was tied up and you were flirting, saying some stuff, using your hook... I know that's just how you are, you're always flirting, and that you'd never hurt an omega like that, but... " He tried to explain. "If I w-was taken by an Alpha I didn't know and he was b-being like that... I'd be... I'd be..."


"You'd be scared." Harry said, sounding like the words caused him physical pain. "You think... Ben is scared of me?"


The look of despair in Harry's eyes was exactly what Gil wanted to avoid. He really should have kept his stupid mouth shut.


"That's not... no, that wasn't what I wanted to say." He tried to explain himself, but failed to do so. "You know what? Forget this. Don't listen to me, I'm just all fucked up in the head 'cause of what happened. I bet a bunch of stuff Auradon's omegas think it's normal make me scared, I'm just weird like that."




"No, really. Ben's a king, I bet he doesn't even know that things like that happen, never heard of them. I'm broken, so I don't see things the same way good omegas do." He said, trying to bury that conversation down. "I'm sorry for even bringing this up."


"No, Gil, you're right." Harry stated. "The way I acted... that could really have scared an omega. You know, I actually enjoy seeing my enemies afraid, but I'd never do it like that, I'd never want an omega to fear me in that way."


Gil stayed quiet, still worried that he made his friend feel sad.


"I don't want to be like that, I don't want to be like him." Harry said, with such a level of disgust in his voice that it was clear who he was talking about. "So, if I ever make you or any other omega uncomfortable again, please let me know, ok?"


"Ok, I can do that." He answered. "And about Ben... I don't really think he's scared, I'm just worried that maybe he is or was."


"So, it would probably be for the best if I don't go after him, right?"


"No, I think you should do it, if you want to. Just don't..."


"Come off too strong?" Harry guessed.


"Yeah, something like that." Gil confirmed. "You can still be you, like with your flirting and all, but just take it easy until you're sure about him."


Harry smiled, and ruffled his hair in response to that; they were really like brothers.
"Thanks, buddy. That's actually pretty good advice." He said, already leaving the room. Then, he stopped in his tracks and not meeting his friend's eyes, he asked: "Have I ever made you feel like that?"


Gil didn't even have to think before shaking his head.
"No, never. You and Uma are the only Alphas I know would never hurt me."


Harry smiled at that, not his usual smug smile, but a real, bright one.