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Keep Boredom at Bay

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Anthony Edward Stark

Today 1:32 AM
hey u awake?

im up ;)



What the heck is this?

ah shit

yuore not suze

Who or what is Suze?

nvm. sorry bout this cap



s text lingo


Tony, are you drunk?



Jesus Christ

Tony, why are you sending me a picture like this at two in the morning?

You should be asleep.

pot kettle

also the ppics not for u

my mistake

You shouldn't be sending anyone pictures like this, especially when you're drunk.

an whatare you my mother

Please just go sleep it off. You'll feel better in the morning.

it nevr feels better inthe morning

Just go to sleep. Please.


m still hard tho

Go. To. Sleep.

2:12 AM
Jarvis says you're still on your phone. Turn it off and go to sleep!

2:43 AM
I really hope you don't read this in the morning.