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The Ride

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Chapter 1 – A Fool

~Imperial Year 1180~

“You… are a freaking fool, Sylvain,” Felix grumbled – loudly – after yet another battle in the name of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He knew not how, but he found himself – and a rather annoyed Sylvain – in Sylvain’s room as the raven-haired teen shut the door.

“Oh, no,” Sylvain didn’t sound too impressed with Felix’s tone of voice. “What did I do this time?”

“Cut the crap, you know full well what you did. You’re so weak, and yet you always… always…”

“Protecting you?”

Felix felt his usual poker face start to fall, prompting Sylvain to smile. “You know, seeing you like that, I almost want to give you a hug. Almost.”

Sylvain could feel his heart lighten from those words. “Come on, Felix,” Sylvain protested. “Tell me again you wanted a hug. I liked it.”

“…” Without another word or another look at Sylvain, Felix pulled the other young man into a hug.

“Um, Felix?” Sylvain didn’t know what to make of the normally aloof Felix’s sudden boldness, as delighted as he felt with the other young man so close to him.

“Is this what you like?” Felix’s muffled breath came out from Sylvain’s shirt.

“ ‘Is this what I like?’ ” Sylvain’s annoyance gradually rose. “What the hell kind of question is that?”

Felix took strong offence to Sylvain’s tone of voice, and merely scowled in response.

“Why are you playing with my heart like this?” Sylvain whined. “When I…”

“What are you going on abo-” It was just that that the meaning of Sylvain’s words had hit Felix. “…So you actually love ME – not all those women you claim to love.”

“…” Sylvain did not respond with words, only an awkward stare to the ground.

“Tch. And you only used those women as a ruse to cover up your feelings.” Felix snarled as he made his way out of Sylvain’s room. “You’re disgusting. I better be heading off to my appointment with Claude. I don’t want to tell him I’ve been late because of a lazy fuck like you.”

When Felix had completely left the room, he left Sylvain in there with only his confused thoughts. “Geez, Felix… I always knew you were cold, but… My dude, you have taken it way too far this time.”