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Returning to the Digital Ocean

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Hakuno had gotten used to her life within Chaldea. It had almost been two months since she had first arrived. For the most part, Chaldea was a beautiful place.

Sure, the outside was nothing but snow and mountains, but Chaldea was filled with servants that had all joined Gudako's fight to save humanity. She'd never seen so many servants in one place, not even in the timelines where she had become Sovereign of the Moon Cell were there so many servants.

During the two months, Gil, herself, and Persephone had set up a routine. Gil would have her for the mornings and evenings, the evenings being for obvious reasons. As for the rest of the day, she and Persephone were free to do whatever. She had been initially worried that Persephone wouldn't have much to do, but Persephone had found things to do.

The only major thing that had happened was a smaller singularity. Though, Hakuno hadn't been involved with it as Gilgamesh said that the entire thing was pointless. He and Enkidu had taken the chance to show her Uruk while Gudako dealt with it. Even Persephone had told her it was probably best if they let Gudako handle it as not to let her skills as a Master go dull.

Plus, they hadn't detected any Demon God activity, so Persephone had figured Gudako could handle it. What none of them could predict was there being a corpse of a Demon God causing the singularity only for a said corpse to be revived. Thankfully she had brought back some butter cake from Uruk and gave some to Gudako.

Aside from that, her time in Chaldea has become a routine. Though, she was still wondering when one of the three remaining Demon Gods that had survived would appear and where they would. She was eating dinner one night with Gil and Enkidu when Gudako, Mash, Caster, and Kid had come over with Gudako asking a particular question.

"Hey, Hakuno, how exactly did you and Archer meet?"

She looked up from eating her dinner at Gudako. They had talked about Gil a few times, but this was the first time Gudako has asked about how they met. She had avoided talking about the topic because of how things had initially gone with Gil and how crazy she must be to fall for him despite that. Still, she was put on the spot as Caster, Kid, and even Enkidu was looking at her wanting to hear the story. She sighed as she braced for the weird looks she was about to get.

"Well, I was on the Far Side of the Moon when we met."

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad-"

"And then when we made our contract, he stole my command seals and said he would kill me if I bored him."

That was what got Gudako, Mash, Caster, and Kid staring at her like she was crazy. After a few minutes of dead silence, Caster looked at Gil.

"You threatened her life?"

"You heard her, I said I'd kill her if she bored me."

Kid just looked between Gil and her with pure confusion.

"How did he win you over with that?"

Gil stepped in to give his side of the story.

"I was fine sleeping on the Far Side of the Moon until Hakuno's presence awoken me. I had expected someone that wasn't as clueless or plain as Hakuno. I had half a mind to leave her to whatever had crossed over and returned to my slumber, but she interested me enough to stick around."

"Besides, Gil got better. It took a while, but I ended up proving myself. First impressions aren't as cracked up as people make them out to be. Look at Persephone and Hades. The first time they met was with a supposed kidnapping, and they ended up having a good relationship."

That was enough to give Gil a bit of slack. Sure, she and Gil had a rough start, but things ended up working out in the end. At least, they did until the Grail pulled Gil away from her and back here. Still, nothing to do now but see things through to the end. Once things did end, she and Gil could return to their normal lives, hopefully.

While things could go on for a bit longer, she saw Mash tapping Gudako's shoulder before Gudako nodded and got up. What was strange was that they didn't usually leave so early. She looked at the two and asked.

"And where are you two off two?"

Mash looked back at her.

"Today is the time of the year where Chaldea can make contact with the Offshore Oil Rig that provides Chaldea's resources. Chaldea gets reports every so often, and the staff from Chaldea and the Oil Rig take the time chat."

Gudako looked up and smiled.

"With everything that happened so soon after I joined Chaldea, I never got the time to see what it was all about. Mash and I were going to head to the Command Room to see what it's all about."

Gil already looked bored and disinterested by the whole thing. Still, Gudako asked.

"You wanna come and see as well? It could be fun to hear the stories the staff on Seraphix has to tell."

The moment Gudako said the name of the Oil Rig, a chill went down her spine. She just stared at Gudako.

"What did you say?"


"That name."

"Seraphix? It's the name of the Oil Rig. Why? Is something up?"

Gudako, Mash, and even Caster and Kid were giving her weird looks. It had to be a coincident, right? She shook her head and just smiled.

"It's nothing. I just thought it sounded familiar is all. You two better hurry before you miss any stories."

Gudako stared at her for a moment before just nodded and smiling as she and Mash left. They were quick to dismiss what was wrong with her. Caster, however, wasn't as he stared at her.

"What is it you're hiding from her?"

"Look, it's nothing. Just me overthinking and overreacting. It's probably nothing."

She had hope that would be enough but, Enkidu decided just to say it.

"Seraphix sounds like SERAPH, the place the Moon Cell Holy Grail War took place at."


"What? It shouldn't be that surprising once they put two and two together and understand your reaction."

Kid and Caster just blinked as Kid said Seraphix out loud and took notice of what she had taken note of.

"Huh. It's just two extra letters."

"Mhmm. Even I have to say that such a thing is odd."

She needed to shut this conversation down before it got any further. She just overreacted. There couldn't be a connection to Seraphix and SERAPH.

"Look, I doubt Seraphix is secretly a digital space or something. Just hearing something close to SERAPH put me a bit on edge, but I'm fine. Even if it did, I have Gil and Enkidu."

Gil sat up and smirked.

"Indeed. If the Moon Cell did try and take you back after all this time, I'd be sure to make good on my word that I would see the cursed machine destroyed."

Enkidu pulled her close and hugged her.

"And I wouldn't allow the Moon Cell to harm my former Master. It'd be a fool to try and take you now."

Hakuno just shook her head. She highly doubted the Moon Cell wanted her. It had helped Persephone find her and bring her here, but it didn't try and steal her away. Plus, the Moon Cell could have pulled her back at any time thanks to her link with it because of the regalia Gil used to make her core.

Caster did not look impressed.

"What about anyone else that has connections to the Moon Cell and may want Hakuno?"

Gil just laughed at the question.

"There is no one else. Anyone who would want to get Hakuno is dead. The only thing we would have to worry about is the Moon Cell, and it fears me. As Enkidu said, it would be an illogical decision to try and take Hakuno as she is now."

Now that Gil brought it up, she couldn't help but remember she and Gil were the only survivors after the war. Everyone else had been killed during the war or on the Far Side. It did put her at ease a little now hearing Gil remind her of what few enemies she does have. Maybe her reaction to hearing Seraphix was just her overreacting to nothing.

That relaxed feeling vanished the moment she heard that voice over the intercoms.

"Testing, Testing. Is the Mic sensitivity all good? Can all you little humans in Chaldea hear me?"

Kid and Caster looked a bit confused while Enkidu seemed like they were trying to remember the voice. She and Gil knew the voice too well as Gil just sighed.

"It seems I made the mistake of thinking of the people from the Mon cell wasn't that of a cockroach."

Caster just gave Gil a look of anger as she stared at the intercoms in disbelief. It shouldn't be possible. She had died with the others. She was already up and running to the control room when she heard the intercoms once more as a phrase she was all too familiar with was said.

"BB! Channel!"

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Hakuno still remembered the events on the Far Side. As much as Gil was persistent that she forgot about what happened unrelated to him and moved on, she couldn't bring herself to forget. Everything that had happened on the Far Side had occurred because of her as well as the A.I. who went by B.B.

The A.I., who trapped her on the Far Side to save her from dying in the war. B.B. ultimately died along with her Alter Egos, Passionlips and Meltryllis, to help Hakuno and Gil defeat Kiara, who was almost a true demon. In a way, B.B. did manage to save Hakuno by bringing her to the Far Side. She met Gil and, after a lot of work and effort, he helped get her out of the Moon Cell.

Regardless, B.B. should be dead. Hakuno had come to terms that she would likely never see B.B. again. Yet, here she was hearing her voice over the Chaldea's systems. It didn't make sense. B.B. should have died along with Kiara. If B.B. was back, did that mean Kiara was alive as well? If so, then they could have an even bigger problem than a Demon God.

The moment she entered the command room, she saw her. The purple hair, the red ribbon, even the same outfit she had worn before. The only difference was that there was a symbol on her right arm. It didn't take her long to realize it was likely the Moon Cell, but, for B.B. to have that on her, raised a lot of questions.

Her mind was brought back to reality as she heard Mash's voice. She had clearly had come into the room in the middle of a conversation between BB, Gudako, and Mash.

"Why are you calling Senpai 'Senpai'?"

She just watched B.B. smile.

"Oh, I don't mean it in the same way you do. Gudako is nothing compare to my Senpai. Since she isn't here, I'll just be using Gudako as a substitute for her."

She could tell B.B. was talking about her, but neither Mash or Gudako would know that. Gudako was obviously curious about this.

"And what exactly is your 'Senpai' like?"

"Oh, nothing much. You wouldn't think much about her at first glance. She has a plain look. Brown hair, brown eyes, someone that would be more suited to be a background character."

Gudako and Mash simply looked at each other. She knew full well the two had heard that exact same description from before. Still, they couldn't be too sure it was her. That was when B.B. finally took notice of her, yet still hadn't realized it was her yet.

"She looks a lot like that servant behind you two."

Mash and Gudako looked behind them at her.


With those words, whatever thought process B.B. had been on ceased as she just blankly stared at her. She was staring back at B.B., waiting for her to play off mistaking her as some joke. Except, she was genuinely surprised.

"Senpai!? Is that really you?"

Gudako and Mash looked at B.B. before looking back at her.

"Wait. You know her, Hakuno?"

She nodded as she walked past the two and looked at B.B. on the screen. Answering their questions while looking at B.B. to ask a question.

"I thought she had died back in the Moon Cell. I guess I was mistaken."

"W-wait a second, Senpai. I can explain."

"Causing trouble again? I thought you learned better."

She was a bit harsh, but she knew it was the best way to get B.B. to explain the situation. Before B.B. could explain herself, the door to the Control Room opened as Gilgamesh caught up.

"Hakuno, you really need to-"

He took one glance at B.B., and whatever he was going to say stopped being relevant.

"So, you really are alive. It'll be nice to defeat you again."

B.B. looked at him and smirked.

"Oh, hello, Trash King."

"Still the same arrogant A.I. as before. I took your head once, and I'll do it again."

Soon after Gil had said that, Enkidu, Caster, and Kid came in as Enkidu was just staring at B.B. on the screen as she looked back and smiled even more.

"Oh, even the clay being is there. And they're in one piece, though looking different than last I saw them."

In one piece? Looking different? Did B.B. know Enkidu back when they were a Berserker? Did she have something to do with her contract with them being broken?"

"It's nice to see you again, A.I. I can assure you, this time won't end like it did last time.

Before Gil or Enkidu antagonized B.B. any further, she looked at the two of them.

"Will you both calm down for a moment? The last time we saw her, she was dead. Isn't that a bit concerning at all?"

Enkidu wasn't sure about what she was saying, but Gil did take a moment to think about it. Around that time, a bunch of servants she knew from the Moon began to come into the control room as B.B. took notice of them all and smiled.

"And, finally, all the extras. It really is a Far Side/Moon Cell reunion there, huh?"

She didn't need to look back to hear the retorts from the likes of Nero, Tamamo, and Elizabeth. However, Gil's laughter from the statement made it so B.B. couldn't hear anything.

"Truer words have never been said. I'll allow you a chance to explain yourself to Hakuno. I, myself, am a bit curious as to why you aren't dead along with those alter egos of yours and that nun."

"How odd you bring her up when she is the main cause for all of this."

That was enough to get Gil's smile to go away as Nero, Tamamo, and all the other servants who were aware of who B.B. was talking about went silent. She just looked at B.B.

"You mean she's alive? How? Gil and I dealt with her on the Far Side."

"Well, it's more accurate to say that the Kiara from this world is responsible for this. Look, I was going to mess around with Gudako and Chaldea, let them figure out what happened, but, since you are there, there is no point in hiding what is going on."

Da Vinci looked up at B.B. and simply asked.

"And what exactly is going on? From the way you had phrased it earlier, it sounded like you were responsible for Seraphix being sent to the future."

She turned back and looked at Da Vinci. She wasn't aware of the whole situation with what B.B. had said or what had happened, but B.B. simply summarized the situation the best way she could.

"One of the Demon Gods that escaped made an abysmal decision on its vessel. It's no longer the one in control of the situation in Seraphix."

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"What do you mean the Demon God choose the wrong vessel?"

Gil could understand Hakuno's confusion. The one Demon God she had encountered in Shinjuku was just one that took a human-like form.

Chaldea had two separate instances of a Demon God possessing humans as vessels. The Demon Gods of Septem and London. It would make sense that one of the remaining Demon Gods would choose to possess someone.

B.B. continued.

"I'm sure Gudako or one of the many servants could tell you one of the ways the Demon Gods hid themselves during the singularity, but that is a story for another time. Anyways, this Demon God possessed a human and ended up discovering the human had a different life in a different timeline and synchronized this world's version of her with that one."

He could already tell where this was going, and so did Hakuno. If B.B. was back, then it only stands to reason the human behind this all was related. There was only one woman who had possed a challenge during their time on the Far Side.


"Correct, Senpai. The stupid Demon God thought it would have so much power by doing so. The only issue is, rather than dominate this world's version of Kiara, the reversed happened. Kiara took the Demon God's power for herself, turned Seraphix into an artificial SE.RA.PH., and has started a Grail War within. Even worst, she managed to get ahold of the version of herself that held my old self and the Sakura Five and unleashed them upon this new SE.RA.PH. while it sinks to the bottom of the ocean."

That last bit was what caught his attention. What did B.B. mean by her old self? And who was the Sakura Five? Hakuno and himself had only encountered two that looked like her and the medical A.I.

"Old self? Do you intend to play us for fools by saying you have another version of yourself running amok in Seraphix?"

Even Hakuno was looking up at B.B. for an explanation. He was not going to fall for any of the vixen's tricks this time around. If she stepped on foot out of line, he would end her then and there. Enkidu would help him. He had no doubt they would. Hakuno seemed to understand something about what she said as she asked.

"I guess that explains that weird patch on your coat?"

He took a glance and saw the patch she had referred to. It had the Moon Cell etched onto it. She didn't have that the last time they had fought her on the Far Side. B.B. started giggling from what Hakuno said.

"Ahh, you're still the same Senpai I remembered you as. Only you would be so odd as to notice a detail like that."

"Answer her question, A.I."

Enkidu was clearly not used to dealing with her. That and seeing her again after what might have happened, he couldn't blame them.

"You're a bit aggressive today, clay being."

Enkidu looked ready to destroy the screen. It wouldn't shut her up, but it would at least make it, so they didn't have to see her face. Hakuno walked over to Enkidu and calmed them down before looking at her.

"Please answer the question, B.B."

"Simply put: I am a new B.B. Same memories and personality from before but in a whole new body. The Moon Cell created me and sent me to deal with this once he had detected what was going on, but the moment I saw Kiara, the way she is now, there was no way I could handle it on my own. So, I figured I would contact the people who owned the Oil Rig and help(use) them to defeat Kiara. Maybe even mess with them for a bit."


Gudako acted like this would be the first time someone used them for their own gained. It was honestly the difference between her and Hakuno that made it to where he couldn't care to follow the Master. Even after she saved all of human history. Hakuno looked at B.B. for a bit as she asked.

"So, it isn't just the old you, Melty, and Lips then? Kingprotea, Kuzandrop, and Violet are there as well?"

Those were three names he didn't know, and Hakuno shouldn't know. Yet, she said them as if they were common knowledge. Even B.B. looked a bit surprised by the comment.

"Yes, but, Senpai, how do you know those last 3? You never fought them with the Trash King."

"Let's just say the servant I'm sharing a body with found out about them while she was searching for the best version of me."


Hakuno sighed as she closed her eyes and glowed a bit, clearly she was letting Persephone take over to demonstrate the situation Hakuno was in. B.B. looked shocked by all this.

"Senpai got possessed by a Goddess? Why would anyone take someone as plain as Senpai?"

Persephone just smiled.

"Oh, I don't care much for things like that. And I must say, it's nice to meet you properly, B.B. I trust you won't give Hakunoo trouble again like last time, will you?"

He just smirked as he watched the A.I. shiver a bit in fear. Even someone like her could recognize when not to try any tricks. B.B. smiled a bit in panic.

"Of course. I wouldn't dream of causing Senpai any harm."

"Good. I'll be keeping an eye on you. So, do not try and make any moves for your own well being alright?"

B.B. just nervously nodded as she two swapped places, and Hakuno returned to her regular self. Persephone was smart enough to know not to stay out long in his presence unless it was absolutely necessary. It was well worth the time to see B.B., for once in the A.I.'s life, terrified. Hakuno went on as if nothing happened.

"So, you have a way of getting us there then?"

"Yes! I was going to just rayshift Gudako and whoever she brought with her into a random spot in Seraphix but, since you are there, I'll put aside me messing around. Though, once you get here, you won't be able to get any reinforcements or help from the outside. Bringing you all here and back once is hard enough as it is."

"Right, we'll see you soon then."

B.B. disconnected herself from the system, for the moment, as they were all left to think about what B.B. had told them. Before he could have a chance to think, Enkidu went over to Hakuno and looked down at her.

"Look, don't mind what she says. She just liked to tease."

He doubted that was what was bothering the being. What they said next was a shock to even himself.

"You can stop any thoughts about going. You're staying here, Hakuno."

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Enkidu hated the idea of what Hakuno was likely going to have to do, especially with that demon of a woman involved.

Over the past 2 months, they had begun to regain their memories of the Moon Cell, thanks to being around Hakuno so much. They remember their times back as a Berserker, back when they were a simple clay beast. Hakuno likely summoned them as that due to her appearance being so similar to Shamat's.

The one memory that had alluded them was how they were separated from Hakuno. Archer had told them that it was likely thanks to B.B., but thanks to Persephone, Hakuno had told them that all her other servants ended up meeting back up on the Far Side. Whatever had happened to them, was different than what had happened to Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA. Despite their best efforts, they couldn't remember what had happened. At least, they hadn't until they saw her.

The moment they laid their eyes on B.B. on the monitor, he remembered the entire ordeal. B.B. had attacked and separated them from Hakuno. She put up some sort of field to prevent Hakuno from getting to them, and she forced Hakuno to watch them get torn apart by the rogue A.I.

They couldn't blame Hakuno for not remembering that. They didn't want her to remember something so horrible and something she would be guilty about. In the end, Archer had managed to find Hakuno and save her.

Now, B.B. was back and was on their side? They didn't know who Kiara was or why she was so dangerous. The only dangerous one was B.B. They didn't need to think long before realizing Hakuno was going to end up heading to this singularity with Gudako. It was something they wouldn't allow.

Hakuno just looked at them.

"Enkidu, I have to go."

"No, you don't."

"Gudako has no idea about SE.RA.PH. I do. Plus, even if the Demon God lost control to Kiara, she's still a threat."

"It's likely a trap set up by that demon of an A.I."

"Enkidu, she did all of that to protect me. To prevent me from either dying in the war or winning the war, which would lead to me being deleted."

They didn't care. If B.B. wanted to protect Hakuno, she wouldn't have allowed her to suffer, watching them be torn apart. The A.I. had an odd idea of what 'protecting' meant.

Gudako walked over and looked at Enkidu.

"I may not know the entire story, but if we're going to the place Hakuno has told me about, I can really use her help Enkidu."

They looked down at Gudako and back at Hakuno. They didn't like any of this, but they both had a point. Hakuno is the only one in Chaldea who would know SE.RA.PH. However, they wanted to make two things clear.

"Fine, but I'm coming along to Seraphix, and if B.B. tries anything, I'm dealing with her then and there."

Gudako nodded as Hakunoo looked a bit concern but was dragged away as Gudako, Mash, and Da Vinci clearly needed an explanation. They're going to need all the information about what had happened on both the Near Side and Far Side.


Hakuno wasn't sure why Enkidu suddenly had gotten so mad. She's never seen them that upset. It was honestly a bit of a shock compared to their usual laid back and teasing ways. Then again, if B.B. had anything to do with their contract being broken, she couldn't really blame them for not wanting her to go anywhere near B.B.

Unlike Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA, they never found each other on the Far Side after B.B. took her. Sure, it worked out in the end, and she found Gil, but it was always something that bugged her. Despite hearing a few stories from Enkidu about what had happened with them during the war, she still couldn't remember what happened.

It was something she could figure out another time, though. She was pulled over to Da Vinci and Mash with Da Vinci staring at her, wanting answer.

"So, you know her?"

"Know is an understatement. I...may be the entire reason she even exists."


"Summarized version: I helped the Medical A.I. in SE.RA.PH., she developed feelings for me, tried to reset herself and put those feelings in her backup unit, and that unit became B.B. and disrupted the war and sent me to the Far Side of the Moon."

The three were just staring at her in disbelief. This was the thing they can't believe? They've been through all sorts of periods of time and weird Singularities, but this is the thing they couldn't believe? She just shook her head and continued.

"Despite her 'initial' impression, she did everything to save me from dying during the war or once I had won. We can trust her...maybe."


"Look, we don't have a lot of time to argue over things. If what she said was true, then we need to hurry. Kiara was a threat back when I first faced her in the Moon Cell."

Gudako looked a bit concerned.

"How strong was she back then?"

"Well, this was after she absorbed B.B., who managed to hack the Moon Cell in the past, present, and future, and all the Alter egos she created, which each are composed of divine spirits."

"Wait, what?!"

"Not to mention she had Hans as her servant and used his noble phantasm to turn herself into a being close to a True Demon, and the Buddha."

Gudako just stared in shocked, along with Mash and Da Vinci.

"The only way I was able to beat her was with Gil being unrestricted by the class system, his Origin unlocked, and all his parameters maxed and, even still, we had a hard fight with her. The only thing that helped was that B.B. and the alter egos fought her within, so she was fighting a two-sided battle. I can only guess that's why she removed the B.B. and the Sakura Five she gained when she synced with her other self."

Mash looked a bit worried about her and Gudako. She had every right to be, considering she had no concrete plan to deal with Kiara.

"So...what do you suggest we do then?"

"Well, once I have a better idea of the situation in Seraphix, I'll have a better idea of what to do. Though, that means us heading in."

"Hey, look on the bright side. You didn't have Persephone with you when you fought Kiara the last time."

She didn't reply to the comment. She had already figured out the bad news to all of this.

'Should you tell them or me?"

'I can do it. I'm the expert when it comes to SE.RA.PH., remember?'

She got a bit of a chuckle from Persephone as she heard Gudako calling her back to reality.

"Hakuno? What's wrong?"

"Well...Persephone and Cerberus aren't going to be much help in Seraphix. If the whole place has been digitalized, Persephone won't be able to use any of her nature power. SE.RA.PH. was something beyond life and death."

"Meaning Persephone won't be able to do anything."

"And Cerberus, while can still fight, likely won't be able to have much time to rest, if they get hurt."

"I bet she isn't happy."

Oh, Persephone wasn't. She could hear her muttering in frustration in her head.

'First, a modern-day city, now an oil rig that has become a digital place. I swear to my husband if the next place a Demon God takes residence in is another lifeless place, I will begin to believe they knew I was coming and choose any place without nature to mess with me.'

"If you want a suggestion for who you should bring, aside from Enkidu, I have an idea."

Gudako and Mash looked at each other before looking at her a bit curious.

"Gil, Tamamo, Nero, and EMIYA. They all defeated Kiara before back when they were all my servants. They're the most experience when it comes to dealing with her as well as B.B. and her alter egos. You can manage up to 6 servants at once, right?"

She had gone with Gudako whenever she went out to train or gather materials. Usually, she managed up to 6 servants at a time. She figured that must be Gudako's limit in terms of servants fighting all at once. Gudako nodded.

"Yep, so that leaves one more person to come along."

Honestly, any powerful servant who has experience with the Moon Cell would help. With Gil weaken, they'll need a powerhouse to back up Gil. One that came to mind was Karna, but he was Jinako's servant, not hers. Altera would be good to have as well, even if she doesn't know much about the Far Side. At least, it would be had Altera been the Altera she knew.

She had hoped Altera was a similar case as Gil was. That she was pulled from the Moon Cell, thanks to how bad the world had gotten, to help save human history. Sadly, she wasn't. She was the Altera, or rather Atilla, that had lived life on Earth. Even still, she couldn't help but feel like Altera was avoiding her. All the other servants were remembering the events of the Moon, even Enkidu, yet she seems to be the one exclusive from that.

She shook her head as she refocused. While Altera or Karna would be nice, they were going to be a lot of people to deal with. Specifically, a lot of females, and she knew the right servant that could help make quick work of them.



"Trust me, she's going to come real handy if we end up having to fight the whole Sakura Five and the other B.B. I wouldn't be making the suggestion otherwise if she wouldn't be helpful."

"Can't really argue since you know more about this than I do. I'm kicking myself mentally for not getting you to tell me more about what happened during your Grail War."

She had forgotten entirely she promised Gudako that she would tell her about the Moon Cell Grail War. She did feel a bit bad about it.

"Tell you what. Tomorrow for lunch, we'll gather all the servants I know from the Moon and just talk about it. I imagine they'll have more input on their masters than I could give. Plus, everyone aside from two servants I've met is already here in Chaldea."

"Wait seriously? Who are the two that are missing?"

"Well, one was a Berserker, though, she was weird even for a servant. I was never able to really figure out her true name. The other was a Saber, her true name being Suzuka Gozen. I only ever dealt with her in the same world where I dealt with the 3 missing Sakura Five members."

Gudako just nodded. They could talk more about this later. They were on the clock, and they didn't have much time to waste. Gudako went off to go get Jack while Gil, Enkidu, Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA came over. Nero looked excited about everything.

"This is truly an excellent turn of events, Praetor. All of us together is like a reunion of sorts."

Tamamo just sighed.

"You, Archer, and Enkidu are way too excited about this. They were all a pain to deal with once, but now we have to deal with all of them, and we are on a time limit. Raising the stakes much?"

"Come now, Caster. Even you must relish in the idea of fighting them again. Isn't that right, King of Heroes."

Gil just chuckled.

"Oh, I'm very much going to enjoy putting these bugs back in their place. Though, I imagine you don't want us to kill them, Hakuno."

Everyone looked at Gil then back to her. She was a bit surprised he'd even remember the few times she talked about them. Gil just looked at her.

"You always said you wished you could have saved them, even if they aren't worth saving. This would be the best time to do so. The Moon Cell wouldn't tolerate their return to SE.RA.PH. Knowing the devil woman, she likely didn't tell you that this was a one way trip for her."

"Well, they would be helpful for Gudako. The only one I'm concern about is Kingprotea, and that's only due to her size. Not sure how she can fit in a place like this."

She had an idea about what to do with Kingprotea. The only issue was how she was going to do it. She may have the regalia as her core, but would it still work, even after everything that has happened.

It was just another thing to think about as Gudako returned with Jack. Jack left Gudako and immediately came to her as she picked Jack up.

"Sorry if we interrupted you playing with Nursery Rhyme and Jalter Lily."

Jack shook her head.

"Nursery Rhyme got sad once that weird voice started talking. She left Jalter Lily and me alone."

She could understand why. B.B. had caused Alice and Nursery Rhyme trouble, so hearing her voice again would only remind Nursery Rhyme of what happened. She could check on her once they got back. She looked at Da Vinci.

"Everything ready to go?"

"Yep, everything seems to be right. The only issue is we might not be able to contact you all once you get there. Still, the mission stays the same. Get in, try to recover any of the staff, if any of them are still alive, and deal with the Demon God vessel, Kiara."

Gudako just nodded and turned to her. Things were different this time. Gil was weaker, sure, but she never had all her servants at once. Nor did she have B.B.'s help outside of her and the other Sakura Five holding Kiara back. If this Kiara really thinks she's going to win, then she has another thing coming.

"Alright, let's go kill a Demon God."

And with that, Da Vinci activated the Ray Shift. Rather than going back in time, they were going forwards. To the year 2030. The year the Moon Cell Holy Grail War took place. Back to where it all began.

Chapter Text

"Wait? A school?"

Gilgamesh couldn't help but sigh. All the places in the world the BB could have made for a base, and she goes with this place. Such a boring place that held little importance.

Hakuno answered Gudako's confusion with an explanation.

"This was the place me and the other survivors of the war BB saved stayed. I guess she wanted a place both we and herself were familiar with."

"So, you, Gilgamesh, Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA, all been here?"

Hakuno just nodded as she headed down the hall. Gudako followed as the rest of them followed. He could take a few guesses as to where the devil the woman was, and he guessed Hakuno had already figured the best place to set up a room to talk about.

He focused back as Enkidu was looking around the place as they walked. They and Jack were the only ones without any knowledge of the Far Side. At least Enkidu had experience in SE.RA.PH., so them adjusting shouldn't take too long.

Enkidu just muttered to themselves.

"So this is where Hakuno ended up after we were separated. From one school to another, I suppose."

He just stared at the clay.

"It's a boring place. Why BB chose to make her base look like this is beyond me."

"I hate this place. Everything here is fake. Even poor Cerberus can't muster his usual energetic self in a place like this."

He hadn't even noticed Cerberus had come with them until he glanced back at the group to see the beast behind Hakuno. It was a strange thing. Sometimes the dog would be so energetic their presence was hard to not notice, and then other times, the dog would be so unnoticeable that you would thing the beast had come from shadows. Still, he disliked being back here as much as Enkidu did.

"All the more reason to be quick about dealing with this issue."

Enkidu just nodded as they were interrupted by the rest, stopping in front of a door. Gudako was looking at Hakuno.

"You really think she is in here?"

"This was the room the other masters and myself that had been trapped on the Far Side met to discuss things. If BB went through the trouble of recreating this place, then I imagine this would be the room she would use. Mostly because she would know I would figure it'd be the best room to use."

Gudako just blinked at all this information.

"You two seem to know a lot about each other."

Hakuno put her hand on the door, ready to open but stopped as she stared at the door and glanced around the hall.

"Gudako, all of this is my mess to fix."

"Hey, that's a bit-"

"Harsh? No Gudako, it isn't. I was the one who saved Sakura that day and never noticed what was happening to her till it was too late. I'm the reason BB exists, why everyone was flung to the Far Side of the Moon, why Sakura Five exist, and why Kiara gained the power she did. What happened during the war might not have been my fault, but the catalyst for all this was my actions that day. Which is why I need to ask you something."

Gudako tilted her head.

"What is it, Hakuno?"

"This fight is yours as much as it's mine. This place, while changed, belongs to Chaldea, and the Demon Gods were your enemies, but this entire situation and the people involved are my responsibility."

None of them said anything. He was a bit curious as to what Hakuno was wanting. Sure, Hakuno was claiming too much of the blame for what happened on the Far Side. She didn't tell BB to stop the war, separate her from Enkidu, and trap her on the Far Side. Plus, she had met him on the Far Side. That alone should have made up for everything that had happened. Still, he knew better than to argue with Hakuno by this point. She cared too much to simply accept these events are just things that would happen, whether she had been involved or not. Hakuno turned to look at Gudako as the next words she said even took him by surprise.

"Let me take the role of acting Master for the Singularity. Let me correct what I should have done back when I was in the Moon Cell."

He and Enkidu stared in silence. Not just them, the other three stared as well. Hakuno had come a long way from being quiet and talking little during the Far Side and the Grail War. Still, to go as far as to ask such a thing from Gudako, he couldn't help but smirk. If he didn't know better, he'd say he was rubbing off on Hakuno.

Gudako, after being quiet for a few moments, finally managed to speak.


Whatever she was going to say got cut off by Hakuno.

"I know I'm asking a lot. You saved all of human history, and all I did was survive a Grail War. However...if we can save them, I will be happy but not satisfied by letting you do what I couldn't. These Alter Ego and BB are people I failed to save. This may be my only chance to correct my mistake from back then. If we come across any remaining Chaldea staff, I'll let you handle it, but, for BB, the Sakura Five, and Kiara, I need to be the one to save them."

Gudako just smiled at Hakuno.

"If you would let me finish my sentence, I would say go ahead. You know BB and the others better than I do, and, plus, it sounds like being the one to save them means a lot to you."

Hakuno didn't hesitate to hug the girl.

"Thank you, Gudako. I don't mean to deprive you of your role but-"

"Hakuno, you aren't depriving me of anything. This Singularity means a lot to both of us. I'm sure Da Vinci, if she could hear us, would make an exception to me being the only Master considering how helpful you and Persephone have been since you two first arrive."

He heard Enkidu stifling a laugh.

"Awww Hakuno finally has a friend she doesn't have to worry about potentially killing to survive."

"She doesn't need anyone else but us. She should be thankful we aren't stopping her from taking control this time around."

"Gilgamesh, let her have this. She's different from us. Also, are you really going to complain about Hakuno taking charge? I thought you hated obeying Gudako."

He didn't bother arguing, and Enkidu just smirked, knowing they won this argument. Hakuno finally let go of Gudako as she turned back to the door.

"Well, time to see what we're dealing with."

And with that, she opened the door and walked in. Gil wasn't even in the room yet, and he could tell it was different. It was no longer a simple meeting room you would find in a school. It looked like a command center. At least BB had the sense of not making this room the same. Of course, thinking of the devil woman, she stood on the other side of the room, smirking as they walked in.

"Welcome, Senpai and Master of Chaldea. You brought all familiar faces, huh. It's really is a Far Side reunion, huh. While I would love to pull out some treats and talk about the old days, I believe we have an Oil Rig to save and an out of control woman to stop."

Chapter Text

Hakuno had known BB for as far back as she can remember. Granted, when her memories weren't much beyond the Grail War, it wasn't saying much. Still, she knew BB for a long while, and, in that time, she never once saw her this serious.

Most people wouldn't be able to tell that she was serious. BB had a sort of way to make it so, even when she was serious, she hid it behind her playful demeanor. It was something she had picked up on after dealing with her so much.

Yet after all this time believing she was gone, here she was—BB in the flesh, or rather, digital form. How ironic that the person that separated them in the first place was the reason they could see each other again. There would have to be a talk once this was all over, but that was for later.

She looked at BB.

"BB, can you explain the situation to me about this place?"

BB just frowned and sighed a bit in defeat.

"I set you up for a cool one-liner, and you don't take it. Honestly, Senpai, you could be so boring sometimes."

"You said so yourself; we're short on time. We'll have plenty of time we're back in Chaldea."


"I'll explain later. For now..."

She looked over at the table at the center of the room. It was much different from the wooden table that she and the other class council members had sat around to discuss things. BB probably upgraded it as well.

"Can you show us a map of the oil rig using this?"

"Of course, Senpai. This table isn't merely more advance looking for just the looks."

She nodded as she sat down, keeping Jack in her lap while Gudako, Enkidu, Gil, Tamamo, and Nero all sat down. BB flip some switches as the table lit up, and, in front of all of them, a map of the Oil Rig appeared. Of course, one wouldn't think it was an oil rig with how it looked.

Gudako looked confused.

"Umm, Hakuno, is she messing with us?"

Gil just turned to glare at BB.

"If this is-"

"Trash king, you really think I would lie to Hakuno?"

Everyone just stared at BB when she stated that. She couldn't blame them for not trusting BB, considering everything she did. Still, now wasn't the time for this.

She looked to all her former servants.

"It's likely the Oil Rig changed when Kiara digitized the place. As for the shape, who knows. Let's focus on the more significant threat, and then we can deal with whatever grudges afterward."

That got everyone to calm down. Hakuno knew this would be a shakey alliance; thee servants she brought all knew too well what BB had done. Still, they had people to save and a Demon God threat to stop, yet they couldn't look past their feelings for BB and the Sakura Five. She'll have to keep an eye on things.

With that said, she returned her attention to BB.

"You know where the control room for the Oil Rig is? Or know where some of the staff are?"

BB just smiled.

"The first question is easy. It's at the center of the place."

BB thankfully clarified where it by pressing a few buttons on her console to highlight it. It was in the center area of the Oil Rig. Though, then came the bad news.

"However, you won't be able to waltz in. Kiara has Passionlip keeping the area secure. As for the staff, most of them are dead."

Gudako stared in shell shock.

"What do you mean most of them are dead?"

BB closes her eyes and sighed.

"This entire thing has been happening since you defeated Goetia. The past four months had the staff slowly began to turn on each other. Some tried to hold some cohesion, but that eventually failed. The only reason Chaldea was able to send that message about Seraphix being in danger was thanks to one of the staff sacrificing herself to reach the control room."

"But there are survivors then?"

"Yes, but not many. Outside of the woman who sent that message, three others survived up till now. As for where they are, I have no idea."

Gudako looked a little bit better, but Hakuno could tell she was upset at finding out she's already too late to do much. Even if she didn't look it, Hakuno had learned enough about Gudako to know she wasn't one for seeing people she couldn't save. It didn't help that they were people who worked for Chaldea.

Still, they could save those who were left. Hakuno turned back to BB.

"You said Kiara tasked Passionlip with preventing anyone from getting to the command room. What about the other Sakura Five? Are they all under Kiara's control as well?"

"Nope. Only her and Violet, the former being controlled and the ladder following Kiara's command. She likely weighed her option and took whatever was easier. Kazuradrop found me once I got here. I'm sure you can guess where she is and what she is doing. Melt has been wandering around Seraphix by herself. I've tried to get her to join my side as she clearly has it out for Kiara, for whatever reason, but she refuses. As for Kingprotea, Kiara locked her up as soon as she split her off."

BB started messing with the map as blips appear. A green one of them was outside of the map area. A blue one was near the top of Seraphix. A pink one appeared next to the mark for the control room. She quickly figured out which one was for which, leaving her to question where Violet was. Thankfully, BB was quick to answer.

"Violet moves around too much for me to properly get a location on. As for the rest, blue is for Melt, green is for Protea, and pink is for Lip. Beyond that, I'm unsure as to what Kiara's goal is or how to move forwards but, now that you're here, Senpai, I'm sure you already have some plan."

BB wasn't wrong. While it was bad to hear that Kiara had her version of BB along with Violet and Lips on her side, they had their version along with Kazura, and getting Melty shouldn't be too hard. Protea would be something to look into but, for now, the best they could do would be to get Melty and get a lay of the land in person.

"So, Protea was sealed away by Kiara, right? Can we get her unsealed?"

"I've been working on it, but Kiara has control of this place. She was the one to recreate it. Not to mention, she has a version of me working for her. The only way to expedite the slow process would be if I had something that held the Moon Cell's authority."

"You mean like the Regalia?"

"Yeah. Sadly, you never got it since the Moon Cell had decided to delete you before the Trash King over there pulled you out, and the two of you left."

She just smiled. Da Vinci had told her and Gudako about what happened and the real reasoning behind the abnormalities when she first unleashed her Noble Phantasm. She had teased Gil about how his taste in fashion actually came of used for once.

She wouldn't tell BB there, it would be easier for BB to realize once she was able to use it in action. It wasn't going to be easy, but she had a plan.

"I might be able to help with that. For now, we should focus on ensuring Melt doesn't end up on Kiara's side and freeing Protea."

Tamamo poked her head up about this idea.

"Hakuno, you do remember the whole thing with Protea and her 'size,' right? As much as I am sure Kiara sealed her up to not deal with her, there is also the fact her size could become have become an issue."

She simply turned to her former Caster servant and smiled.

"I have a few ideas about that. Anyways, we'll go get Melt first and get a lay of the place while we're at it. BB, is there a good place for us to hold up at once we get into SERAPHIX? We should try and minimalize us coming and leaving from here if the BB working for Kiara has yet to find this place."

BB took one glance on the map and put a dot down near the bottom area of SERAPHIX.

"There is a church there, it's likely the best place to rest if you need to. A servant is guarding the area, but it shouldn't be too much for you all to take care of."

"Right. Well then, BB, if you will."

She nodded as she smiled as all of began to be teleported to SERAPHIX properly.

"I'll keep you to date on any new info Senpai. Have a safe trip."

And, within a moment, the area around them changed. No longer were in the fancy looking meeting room or in the Japanese style school. Physical walls were replaced with ones that were see-through as one can see the ocean surrounding them.

She looked at Gudako and smiled.

"Welcome to SERAPH, Gudako. Now you get to see firsthand what we had to go through back during the Moon Cell Grail War."


BB hated the fact that she was being so secretive with her Senpai. Sure, secrets weren't a new thing, but this was supposed to be a fresh start for her. A second chance a life to make up for her past mistakes. Yet here she was, still not being one hundred percent honest with Hakuno.

Not that it was going to be an easy thing to bring up. She had been confused at seeing Hakuno at Chaldea. Not just because she thought Hakuno had left for good with the Trash King to go live out one some distant planet, but because she had thought Hakuno had been killed.

Her mopping was interrupted as one of the five decided to come in now that they were all gone. She didn't glance as Kazura as she stared at BB.
She always was the one closest to how they use to be, and her attitude showed.

"You didn't tell her about him, did you?"

"Don't you have better things to do than antagonize me over my decisions?"

"Well that 'weapon' to use again Kiara is almost finished. As for him, he's the same as usual. Are you sure you didn't mistake him for just a bunch of broken code?"

She looked at Kazura with a glare. She may have a few issues, but she wasn't an idiot. She knew what the data she stole and brought here was. The situation only got weird once she gave that data a form, and it turned out to be someone different than she had expected.

"I'm sure. It was code similar to Hakuno and, considering your reaction to seeing him, you know who he is."

"Regardless, keeping this to yourself is not going to help your case with being someone they can trust. If Hakuno is going to try and bring us back, she's going to have to learn about him being here. Maybe she could even help fix him. She certainly acted differently from all the stories you told me."

She sighed. She really hated Kazura, not just because she was right, but because she didn't have many hesitations like the rest of them. Still, how was she supposed to bring him up without all the servants either dismissing him as a fake, trying to destroy him, or steal him away for themselves?

She pulled back up on the coding seal Kiara has on Protea that she has been working to crack. They needed to focus on getting the five back together and on their side. Telling Hakuno about her having another self could wait.

Chapter Text

"So, this is SE.RA.PH. you and the other servants keep talking about?"

"Well, a recreation, but it certainly has the looks down."

Gilgamesh watched Gudako and Hakuno look around. Hakuno wasn't wrong about the looks. The place did not try to hide its existence as a reflection of the past or, rather, what has yet to be.

He still couldn't believe it. As false as it may be, he was back at the one place he couldn't care to come back to. To have to deal with the likes of Kiara and the failure of an AI that was BB might as well be one of his worst nightmares, not of fear but of boredom.

At least, he had Enkidu to help find some entertainment of all this. The other servants familiar with this place would also serve as excellent entertainment. He wonders what exactly the Demon Pillar infused Kiara could come up with to try and stop them.

His train of thought was broken by Nero spouting nonsense.

"Fear not my Master and my Praetor, even if the rules are different, the concept surely will be the same as the Moon Cell. This 'evil' BB has been beaten once already."

Tamamo added to the nonsense with her own.

"As similar as this place is, we still need to be careful. As much as I hate to say this, we best find Meltyrllis quickly. Though it seems BB forgot to give us the means to track her down."

Gudako cringed at the fact that, while they had an idea to where to search, they were basically left to wonder. Hakuno didn't react. He couldn't tell if she was devising a way or trying to stay face at the fact she forgot such a detail. He just sighed.

"Typical, your trust in that dysfunctional AI means we have to guess where the Alter Ego is."

Hakuno finally spoke up.

"Actually, maybe we don't."

He looked at Hakuno, both confused and surprised at her quick retort. She continued on.

"Well, all the Alter Egos were created by mix and matching Goddesses from different mythos into one being. And, technically, we only need to search for two of the five. Lips will likely come to us the moment we get near the control room, and Protea is sealed away. None of you, aside from Tamamo, will know this, but Violet, for sure, has Medusa as one of her components."

Gudako looked at her.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because of a skill she as. All the Sakura Five have special powers unique to them. A power they have. An example of this is Kazura's ability to consume and steal any person's skills but keeps their personalities intact, allowing her to use them as she wishes."

He never encountered this 'Kazura' with Hakuno during their fight through the Far Side. Aside from Tamamo, all the other servants seem clueless, meaning this is one of those five only Hakuno, and Tamamo knows about. What else did these two end up fighting that he and his Hakuno did not?

"Gezz, glad she is on our side."

"Indeed, though, I hope this isn't a long game to try and steal a bunch of BB's powers again. She managed to steal 7/8ths of BB's powers and use 5/8ths of it to make a second BB."

The moment Hakuno said this, he couldn't help but start laughing. BB, the 'most powerful AI on the Moon, had all but a fraction of her powers stolen by one of her creations? Even Enkidu joined in as the two laughed at the image. What he wouldn't give to have been there to see it happen. Out of all these Alter Egos, Kazura sounds the most promising out of all of them.

Hakuno continued her explanation.

"But yeah, Violet's power is similar to Medusa's mystic eyes, hence why I believe she is one of the components for Violet. There is also her weapon, but it'll make more sense once you see it. As for Melt, I can not be one hundred percent sure, but it's possible she ended up with at least one Greek goddess since her whole thing is water."

"Okay, but how does this relate to us finding her?"

It didn't take long for an answer to appear as the, so far, quiet hound finally barked as it ran around the two's legs. Gilgamesh began to understand the idea. Hakuno looked down at the dog and smiled.

"Cerberus, can you smell one of them? Can you get the scent of someone familiar?"

The dog immediately went to work as it sniffed the air, clearly having gotten used to the digital environment. It wasn't long before they looked towards a direction barked.

"Guess she is that way. Still, we should be careful about other servants. If a Grail War is going on, then we may get mistaken for Masters."

Hakuno just smiled at Gudako.

"I have faith we can fight off any servant dumb enough to charge at a group of six servants. We should be safe for a bit since, if this Grail War is like the one on the Moon, then there are 127 servants running around. We should just focus our worries on attack programs."

Hakuno started walking ahead with Gudako taking a moment to let that number sink in.


Hakuno didn't respond as she followed Cerberus as they kept running forward. Jack, at this point, was had also gotten used to the digital environment and was walking beside Hakuno. He took a chance to ask.

"So, how much of that idea yours and how much of it was Persephone's?"

"Well, I guess most of it was Persephone if you consider I only have the knowledge of Violet, Kazura, and Protea due to her observing so many versions of me. I remember that Violet likely had a component from Medusa, and there is a probable chance Melt is the same. She came up with the idea of Cerberus sniffing Melt out. If they can catch her scent, then we would know for sure. Even if they couldn't, it would mean they would lead us to Violet. We would find one of them regardless."

Hakuno stopped and looked at Jack as something clearly clicked in her head.

"If we do end up finding Melt, Jack, sweety, I want you to stay close to Uncle Enkidu, okay?"

Jack looked up at her as both Enkidu and Gudako looked as equally confused. Gudako asked.

"Hakuno, you do realize that, despite her appearance, she is a servant, right?"

"Yes, and the last time a child servant fought it, it didn't end well for her or her Master. I'll explain later, but the long story made short: Melt has a bad track record when it comes to children and, even if she is good now, I rather not take the risk of that was simply how she rolls and not because of how she used to be."

Gudako and Enkidu took a look at each other and then to him, as he just sighed.

"Just trust Hakuno on this."

Gudako and Enkidu nodded. Luckily, the other seems to remember what Melt had done, and Hakuno still was taking precautions against the Sakura Five and BB. They may have learned their lessons near the end, it didn't mean they would all easily change. Kiara clearly hadn't.

Still, it didn't take long till they began to hear fighting as quite a few enemy programs up ahead seem to be circling something. Regardless, Cerberus was barking over in the direction. If this place was under Kiara's control, there was only one person it could be.

It was time for them to get to work.

"Nero, Nameless, cut through them, and support whoever they are fighting! Tamamo, Gil, cover them!"

It didn't take long for them to get into action. Nero summoned her sword and Nameless his twin blades as the two went to work cutting through the programs. Tamamo began casting spells at the stragglers, and himself, as usual, bombards the programs. Enkidu stayed back with Gudako and Jack.

It didn't take long for the programs to go down. As he glanced at the person they were attacking, his suspicions were confirmed. A servant with little more than a jacket that was too big for her and little covering her legs that became metal heels stood at the center.


As Hakuno began walking over, he overheard the conversation being had between Nameless, Nero, and Melt.

"What are you two doing here?"

"You welcome."

"Umu, yes, truly, our ability to wipe those programs out is worthy of some praise."

"Fine, thanks, now perhaps explain why you save me or, better yet, how you even find me?"

Melt, taking a glance at her only to look at Hakuno in shock as she stared at the Alter Ego.

"H-hakuno? You...What are you even doing here?"


Where...where was he? He couldn't remember how he got here. What happened?

The last thing he could remember was a woman in red with a sword. Or was it a woman in blue with a weird looking mirror? No, that...didn't feel right either. A red bowman? A golden King? A white maiden? A pink lancer with features of a dragon?

None of these people felt wrong, yet none of them felt right either. He remembered one of them, yet he couldn't remember which one it was. What...what even was his name? He couldn't remember...

"So, you weren't kidding about coming back and seeing him finally gaining consciousness. Here I thought you were pulling an elaborate prank."

"BB, you know full well I do not entertain such things. Unlike the rest of you, I would rather us be whole again and performing our original purpose."

He turned to see two people standing at the door of the room he was in. One being a woman in a black coat and skirt with a white shirt and red bow. The other was a small girl in green. They looked similar and familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had met them.

The woman walked over.

"Well, it's good to see my efforts were not in vain. I feared you would remain in that zoned-out state. But, like always, your precious kohai took care of you."

"....Who....who are you...?"

The woman stared at him.

"That is a joke, right, Senpai? Surely, you wouldn't forget your favorite kohai."

He didn't answer. He didn't know who this woman was or why she was calling him such things. The girl behind her sighed.

"I told you he would likely have issues. When you brought me here to help, he was a bunch of nearly deleted, and you had the brilliant idea of trying to repair him using corrupt coding from other timelines' Hakunos."

"Hey, it was the best I can do with what I had to work with. I was afraid he was her."


Was that his name? It sounded like it and yet, sounded like someone else's name. And who is this 'her' they are talking about?

The woman looks at him for a while before sighing.

"Gilgamesh is not going to let me live this down when he finds out..."

Chapter Text

"So, let me get this straight: you managed to win the Grail War, escape the Moon Cell, lived amongst the stars with Goldie over there, and, yet, you came back and got involved with a fight that wasn't yours?"

"More or less."

Hakuno stared at Melt, just stared at her. After a few moments, she just looked in disbelief.

"Why? I mean, I get why you would return to Earth. You're too kind to simply allow a threat to all of humanity to go unanswered."

She smiled a bit.

"At least you seem to understand that much."

"I'm not a complete airhead like BB. With that said, you decide to come to the one place, as fake as it may be, you went through so much to escape...just so you can save us..."

"I do not see the issue, Melt. You are all here because of me. You sacrificed yourselves to help Gil and me defeat Kiara. It's only right I return to favor and bring you all to Chaldea."

Melt just stared at her baffled.

"I do not know if I should feel thankful or insulted that your idea of repayment is to bring me to a place full of humans."

"It's better than being dead, is it not?"

She watched as Melt raise her hand to retort, only to go silent. She did her best not to smirk, knowing she had won the argument.

"Fine. I suppose I can entertain the idea of coming to Chaldea."

Gudako walked over to them and smiled at Melt.

"It's nice to meet you, Meltlilith. I'm Gudako, Chaldea's master."

She wasn't expecting Melt's next reaction. She believed Melt would probably disregard Gudako. Instead, Melt stared at Gudako, no words being said. It didn't take her long to put and two together and see what was going on.

Of course, Melt realized this as well and quickly looked away.

"Don't think I am taking orders from you because I like you. I'm only doing it because Hakuno is with you. That's the only reason I don't stab you with my heels."

She could hear Persephone in the back of her mind laughing.

'If I was anything like Aphrodite, I would be shipping them right now.'

'Wasn't it that sort of thing you hate about her?'

'No, it's okay when there is something there to begin with, and, even then, I don't interfere. Aphrodite takes two people who have nothing and force them to love each other. You can ship people without trying to actually make it a thing like she does.'

'So, you wouldn't do something to try and push the two together.'

'Of course not, nor would I ask something like that from you. Of course, I am also not telling you to not be a good friend and not try and get the two together if Gudako ends up starting to reciprocate the nonexistence feelings Melt has for her. Gudako could use someone that isn't a stalker. Not that anything would happen between the two.'

It took Hakuno a moment to decipher what Persephone was saying. It wasn't a bad idea. Again, it fell to Gudako on whether or not anything happened. If it was one of the other Sakura Five, they might have issues, but Melt was one who had shown having affections towards people, not her.

Now that she put thought to it, the Sakura Five all had their different views about her:

Melt could love her or love Nameless.

Lips started out as a friendship that evolved into her falling in love with Hakuno.

Violet more wanted a pure companionship than an actual relationship.

Kazura was the least interested in Hakuno as she wanted to return to who BB and the Sakura Five once were, i.e., White Sakura's backup unit.

Protea simply wanted to be loved, having the mindset of a little girl.

They all had the chance to branch off from BB and become their own beings, with the right guidance. Kiara, however, had stolen that chance by absorbing all of them and becoming a god in some twisted attempt to become humanity's savior. Now, she had an opportunity to give them all a life they never had back in the Moon Cell. She would not squander this second chance.

Her train was broken as Persephone was giggling, likely at her thoughts.

'Even after all they did, you still care about them. I'm sure they will fit in Chaldea just fine.'

'I hope so. Anyways, can you tell which components Melt is made with that Cerberus could track?'

'Oh, right, I wanted to bring that up. Melt was made using Artemis as one of her components. I can sense my sister's essence coming off of her.'

'That...actually makes sense. She is a Goddess of the Moon, and the moon affects how tides work.'

'BB certainly knew what she was doing when she made them, that was for sure.'

"Hey, Hakuno, you and Persephone done having your own conversation together?"

She looked at Gudako and Melt, who was staring at her.

"Sorry, was asking if she could tell which Goddess Melt was made with."

Gudako nodded, though Melt was still clearly confused. Thankfully, she left whatever she was going to say for later.

"Back on topic, you said this BB that called you to come help is one sent by the Moon Cell. How can you be so sure?"

Hakuno just looked at Melt.

"You really think she'd have the Moon Cell symbol on her jacket if she wasn't sent by it?"


"Then, there you go. Also, Kazura is with her."

"Yeah, I know. I kinda was spying on them when BB found Kazura. I was keeping an eye on her since she openly rejected Kiara's request to join her."

"BB is likely using her to create something to fight against Kiara. Her ability is handy when it comes to figuring out programs and reworking them to her favor."

"I wouldn't say that."

She tilted her head as she looked at Melt.

"What do you mean?"

"I couldn't hear the conversation, but BB certainly looked like she was in a hurry to get Kazura to come back with her. They've had months to work on a means to deal with Kiara, BB wouldn't have been so insistent on her coming along unless it was something important."

Gudako looked at her and Melt.

"Which means."

From what Melt was saying, it was undoubtedly an out of character thing for BB to do. She usually had a calm, control, and, sometimes, sadistic persona. To see hear she was like that clearly meant one thing.

"Whatever it is, BB clearly messed up badly. Badly enough that she would get Kazura so early that they could have easily solved this themselves if all they were working on was means to weakening Kiara."

Hakuno looked up and nodded.

"The question is, what could it be?"

It would be something she would have to ask BB later. Maybe-

"For the first time since we've been brought back, I think I can agree with you, Meltlilith. My Moon Cell created counterpart clearly messed up badly if she was practically begging for Kazura to come with her."

Everyone began to look around. She recognized that voice yet could tell it was clearly wrong. Unlike BB, who, while mischievous, only wanted to protect Hakuno, this voice was filled with malicious and vileness.

In front of all of them, a big screen appeared, and the person on the screen simply proved the claim BB had made.

"Well, I certainly didn't expect you all to show up. I had planned on tricking Chaldea into coming and pulling the rug from under them last minute, but it seems my counterpart beat me to it."

This BB's eyes were pure red as they slowly scanning all of them until they landed on her. BB smile sent a shiver down her spine.

"Hello, Senpai. I bet you didn't expect to see me again, did you?"