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Returning to the Digital Ocean

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Hakuno had gotten used to her life within Chaldea. It had almost been two months since she had first arrived. For the most part, Chaldea was a beautiful place.

Sure, the outside was nothing but snow and mountains, but Chaldea was filled with servants that had all joined Gudako's fight to save humanity. She'd never seen so many servants in one place, not even in the timelines where she had become Sovereign of the Moon Cell were there so many servants.

During the two months, Gil, herself, and Persephone had set up a routine. Gil would have her for the mornings and evenings, the evenings being for obvious reasons. As for the rest of the day, she and Persephone were free to do whatever. She had been initially worried that Persephone wouldn't have much to do, but Persephone had found things to do.

The only major thing that had happened was a smaller singularity. Though, Hakuno hadn't been involved with it as Gilgamesh said that the entire thing was pointless. He and Enkidu had taken the chance to show her Uruk while Gudako dealt with it. Even Persephone had told her it was probably best if they let Gudako handle it as not to let her skills as a Master go dull.

Plus, they hadn't detected any Demon God activity, so Persephone had figured Gudako could handle it. What none of them could predict was there being a corpse of a Demon God causing the singularity only for a said corpse to be revived. Thankfully she had brought back some butter cake from Uruk and gave some to Gudako.

Aside from that, her time in Chaldea has become a routine. Though, she was still wondering when one of the three remaining Demon Gods that had survived would appear and where they would. She was eating dinner one night with Gil and Enkidu when Gudako, Mash, Caster, and Kid had come over with Gudako asking a particular question.

"Hey, Hakuno, how exactly did you and Archer meet?"

She looked up from eating her dinner at Gudako. They had talked about Gil a few times, but this was the first time Gudako has asked about how they met. She had avoided talking about the topic because of how things had initially gone with Gil and how crazy she must be to fall for him despite that. Still, she was put on the spot as Caster, Kid, and even Enkidu was looking at her wanting to hear the story. She sighed as she braced for the weird looks she was about to get.

"Well, I was on the Far Side of the Moon when we met."

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad-"

"And then when we made our contract, he stole my command seals and said he would kill me if I bored him."

That was what got Gudako, Mash, Caster, and Kid staring at her like she was crazy. After a few minutes of dead silence, Caster looked at Gil.

"You threatened her life?"

"You heard her, I said I'd kill her if she bored me."

Kid just looked between Gil and her with pure confusion.

"How did he win you over with that?"

Gil stepped in to give his side of the story.

"I was fine sleeping on the Far Side of the Moon until Hakuno's presence awoken me. I had expected someone that wasn't as clueless or plain as Hakuno. I had half a mind to leave her to whatever had crossed over and returned to my slumber, but she interested me enough to stick around."

"Besides, Gil got better. It took a while, but I ended up proving myself. First impressions aren't as cracked up as people make them out to be. Look at Persephone and Hades. The first time they met was with a supposed kidnapping, and they ended up having a good relationship."

That was enough to give Gil a bit of slack. Sure, she and Gil had a rough start, but things ended up working out in the end. At least, they did until the Grail pulled Gil away from her and back here. Still, nothing to do now but see things through to the end. Once things did end, she and Gil could return to their normal lives, hopefully.

While things could go on for a bit longer, she saw Mash tapping Gudako's shoulder before Gudako nodded and got up. What was strange was that they didn't usually leave so early. She looked at the two and asked.

"And where are you two off two?"

Mash looked back at her.

"Today is the time of the year where Chaldea can make contact with the Offshore Oil Rig that provides Chaldea's resources. Chaldea gets reports every so often, and the staff from Chaldea and the Oil Rig take the time chat."

Gudako looked up and smiled.

"With everything that happened so soon after I joined Chaldea, I never got the time to see what it was all about. Mash and I were going to head to the Command Room to see what it's all about."

Gil already looked bored and disinterested by the whole thing. Still, Gudako asked.

"You wanna come and see as well? It could be fun to hear the stories the staff on Seraphix has to tell."

The moment Gudako said the name of the Oil Rig, a chill went down her spine. She just stared at Gudako.

"What did you say?"


"That name."

"Seraphix? It's the name of the Oil Rig. Why? Is something up?"

Gudako, Mash, and even Caster and Kid were giving her weird looks. It had to be a coincident, right? She shook her head and just smiled.

"It's nothing. I just thought it sounded familiar is all. You two better hurry before you miss any stories."

Gudako stared at her for a moment before just nodded and smiling as she and Mash left. They were quick to dismiss what was wrong with her. Caster, however, wasn't as he stared at her.

"What is it you're hiding from her?"

"Look, it's nothing. Just me overthinking and overreacting. It's probably nothing."

She had hope that would be enough but, Enkidu decided just to say it.

"Seraphix sounds like SERAPH, the place the Moon Cell Holy Grail War took place at."


"What? It shouldn't be that surprising once they put two and two together and understand your reaction."

Kid and Caster just blinked as Kid said Seraphix out loud and took notice of what she had taken note of.

"Huh. It's just two extra letters."

"Mhmm. Even I have to say that such a thing is odd."

She needed to shut this conversation down before it got any further. She just overreacted. There couldn't be a connection to Seraphix and SERAPH.

"Look, I doubt Seraphix is secretly a digital space or something. Just hearing something close to SERAPH put me a bit on edge, but I'm fine. Even if it did, I have Gil and Enkidu."

Gil sat up and smirked.

"Indeed. If the Moon Cell did try and take you back after all this time, I'd be sure to make good on my word that I would see the cursed machine destroyed."

Enkidu pulled her close and hugged her.

"And I wouldn't allow the Moon Cell to harm my former Master. It'd be a fool to try and take you now."

Hakuno just shook her head. She highly doubted the Moon Cell wanted her. It had helped Persephone find her and bring her here, but it didn't try and steal her away. Plus, the Moon Cell could have pulled her back at any time thanks to her link with it because of the regalia Gil used to make her core.

Caster did not look impressed.

"What about anyone else that has connections to the Moon Cell and may want Hakuno?"

Gil just laughed at the question.

"There is no one else. Anyone who would want to get Hakuno is dead. The only thing we would have to worry about is the Moon Cell, and it fears me. As Enkidu said, it would be an illogical decision to try and take Hakuno as she is now."

Now that Gil brought it up, she couldn't help but remember she and Gil were the only survivors after the war. Everyone else had been killed during the war or on the Far Side. It did put her at ease a little now hearing Gil remind her of what few enemies she does have. Maybe her reaction to hearing Seraphix was just her overreacting to nothing.

That relaxed feeling vanished the moment she heard that voice over the intercoms.

"Testing, Testing. Is the Mic sensitivity all good? Can all you little humans in Chaldea hear me?"

Kid and Caster looked a bit confused while Enkidu seemed like they were trying to remember the voice. She and Gil knew the voice too well as Gil just sighed.

"It seems I made the mistake of thinking of the people from the Mon cell wasn't that of a cockroach."

Caster just gave Gil a look of anger as she stared at the intercoms in disbelief. It shouldn't be possible. She had died with the others. She was already up and running to the control room when she heard the intercoms once more as a phrase she was all too familiar with was said.

"BB! Channel!"