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Born of Time and Memory: Part 1

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First: Please forgive your Swoonie for not jumping right into the story. I wanted to make sure we had some house-keeping out of the way before you dive on in. 

Second: If you've come this far with me and the Titans in my Headspace: Thank you, so very ever much. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you're still intrigued and willing to come along for our wild-ass long-ass ride.

If I had a yogurt for every heart-swooning moment your love has given me, I could satisfy every need of world-hunger.

Thank you. I don't have the words. 

Third: This fic installment COULD VERY WELL turn into the same length as Shadows and Truths. There's a lot for me to get to, and you need to know that it's all necessary. There are still loose ends to tie up, and more threads to unravel. More shadows to be brought to light, and more stars to come into being in reality. More grief and loss to heal from, and new happinesses to be discovered. You're in for another head-spinning long-ass fic, but I promise: 

It's all worth it.... You've come this far. Please don't turn back now.

Press on....

Fourth: I may be experimenting with some different writing techniques in this one, at least in terms of actual style. I have a few more characters to get into their heads now, and some of them require a little different tone, a little different choice in how I put this fic together. I beg you, bear with your Swoonie, but feel free to be HONEST with your comments. I love the love, but please let me know if something's coming out weird or incomprehensible. As always, I am my own beta for the most part, and I rely on my readers, you little ones, to give me feedback on how my headspace is translating over.

Fifth: Summary Time. Once again, do not proceed with this fic if you have not finished Titans Reborn and Shadows and Truths, in that order. You CAN go read Hearts of Void after S&T, if you like, but it's not necessary to begin reading this one....

So, summary: the highlights.

Hades and Persephone lost their youngest son, Melarebus (Arry) to reality a year ago. We pick up, with the first section of Born of Time and Memory, with Arry, now returned to Life in a new silver-dusted Void-merged-Primordial-constructed body, in the evening of his literal-18th birthday, the autumn equinox, one year after his body was killed and his Self absorbed into Erebus' own Self. Arry is the same, but also different: more, and also - perhaps - a little less than he used to be. At least he is alone in his own headspace now. Yay.

A few months after that, Erebus is mated to Ath-naa, in every way possible. They are Self-mates. Lovers. Husband and Wife. And Erebus received a wonderful wedding gift from his Queen, a night-club for him to manage as his own business. It's placed in the Underworld, and Erebus is excited to explore his wedding gift tonight, the winter solstice. Erebus merged his Self with Ath-naa's to bring Arry back. This was similar to how Gaia and Oranus created the little ones, the first Titans, so long ago, some 5000 years or more. Erebus loved those little ones as his own, but they are gone now, or almost gone. All that is left are memories that are somehow also soul-bound; the remnants of those little ones are held in spell-webs in Ath-naa's realm, the Island of stars in a sea of shadows, Arachne's Island. Ath-naa is still learning about her own gifts, but she is making great strides with the help of her advisor, Delarkes, who is also Erebus' oldest friend. Delarkes is a changeling, able to shift every aspect of their appearance, even gender, with a thought. Delarkes is invisible to Erebus' senses - Erebus can sense no Self in Delarkes, though other beings can. No one knows why....

Additionally, Erebus has discovered that he is not only gay as hell, and has been from the word go, but he is apparently some kind of Incubus. He was starving without ever knowing he was starving, for his entire existence, until the first time he spent some time with and made love to Hephaestus, the Cyclopes-forged constructed-being almost-god. From the moment Erebus swallowed down his Phae's ejaculate, Erebus was changed. Something woke in him, and he now relies on that source of Life-energy, along with normal food and drink - though those last are in much less quantity than he used to need them. On top of this, Erebus has also come to rely on psychic-aura Life-energy, sexual tension en masse, like what can be found in nightclubs. Hence, why his Queen gave him his own club as a wedding present. Not only can he be a part of something in a community now, but he will also never be hungry again - at least on that score. 

Erebus has also been reunited with the first being he was ever attracted to, the First Potamoi, called Tamoi, who had pined for Erebus as his own Self-mate for eons. Tamoi was broken, badly, in heart and soul, and is now beginning to heal with the love that Erebus can spare for him. Erebus needs his Queen, but Tamoi needs him in the same way. It's a tangled mess, but they're all working hard to make it work so everyone can heal and be happy. 

Erebus refers to both Phae and Tamoi as his lovers in addition to his Queen. And it seemed, at the wedding, that Phae was beginning to possibly feel something like love for Tamoi, though nothing has been said aloud.... Phae, until now, has been enjoying a friends-with-benefits only type of situation with Erebus: steady sex, no strings attached. Is that about to change...? Who can tell....?

Hades and Persephone's oldest daughter and her husband have a daughter, Void-touched and marked when Arry lost his physical body. Khimeria is chimeric, particolored in her mother's and father's wine-and-plum and Arry/Erebus' moon-white-and-silver. Khi began speaking Titan just a few weeks after she was born, and she is progressing quite rapidly, physically. At almost six months old, she's already eating soft foods, like the ubiquitous and well-loved yogurt, and sitting upright without support, for the most part. She loves her Uncle Arry, but has yet to be in a room with Arry and Erebus at the same time. 

Between Hades and Persephone's helicoptering over how much time their son should spend with the beings that technically got him killed and brought him back, things are little tense. However, it's only been a few months since Arry came back.... Things will settle, soon....

We hope....

Last but not least, Hephaestus, Hera, and Hera's daughter Eileithyia (the Goddess of Childbirth) all conspired together to get Erebus and Ath-naa wedded properly, in every way, for a final cosmos-bound prophecy to be fulfilled.

There are more little ones, more Titans, that have to be Born of Time and Memory....

However, Erebus and Ath-naa have not been told this ulterior motive. They only know they love each other beyond the words to express it, and the shadows are just beginning to pull away in that simple truth's light....

Now that all of that's out of the way:

Enjoy a quick recap of some important Titan-speech!

Kath-taa: the truth in my words, or "I promise, I swear"

Poh-lach: sit down, or set down.

Hence, Poh-tamoi - "down from Tamoi". The Potamoi are Tamoi's constructed little ones. You'll get that history later.

Lo-ota: lord-king, a term for a "claimed King," a King claimed by a Queen or King. An almost-obsolete term, it can refer to Oranus, Erebus, and also, technically, Hades.... Though no one has officially used it for Hades yet.... Yet....

Kah-kidikeh: My Queen. Literally. My. Queen.

Lah: generic negative, "no, not"

nor-shai: dark-bright, an endearment Erebus has used for Khi a time or two.


That's just some of the main ones you need going in. I plan to expand Titan-speech a lot more in this fic, both with Khi and other little Titans still to be born in reality, so.... We'll see how deep I can world-build this shit. 


That's everything for now, I think. The very next chapter begins with both Arry's first night home, and Erebus and Ath's wedding night. From there, we move into everybody's new Life. And by everybody, I do mean everybody. You wanted more Arry? You wanted more Tamoi? More Phae? More Khi? More Erebus and Ath? More Persedes?


You get it all....


One last note. The explicit rating on this one is for smex. Of all varieties. I don't think I'll have but a handful of chapters that won't have some smex or smexy thoughts. 


And before it's all said and done, there will be Stranger-than-Strange-form Intimacy. If you've read both parts of Hearts of Void, you know what the hell and fuck I mean with that....


So, without further ado....


Enter my headspace once again, little ones. 


And Enjoy this Life, with all its bright-dark shadows and the truths they reveal to our Selfs....