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please tame me, make me lose myself

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It’s not that sex with Jungkook is bad, because it’s not. Yoonji’s had her fair share of bad sex – countless experiences in the six years since she had lost her virginity – and the one she has with Jungkook is definitely not it. Her boyfriend is enthusiastic and has a never-ending desire to please, two extremely necessary qualities to make sex at the very least a fun experience, both of which Jungkook has to spare. 

The problem is that he’s too enthusiastic. Perhaps overly so, to the point where sex ends up being way too short since he finishes too soon. 

It was a thing from the very first time they had sex, back when Jungkook was 19 and Yoonji wrote the problem off as a teenager struggle, an issue he’d eventually grow out of since he was technically still a teen – never mind the fact that his 20th birthday was only months away and Jungkook was far from lacking experience by the time the two of them started their relationship. She believed it was just a matter of practice, of adjusting to the penetrative sex until they had reached a perfect balance. 

Except it’s been two years and things haven’t necessarily gotten a lot better.

What gets to Yoonji the most is that Jungkook is… well, perfect at everything he does. From sports to arts, whatever he sets his mind to he’ll either nail it at first try or do it so many times that it starts coming naturally. Take oral sex for instance - he was… decent at first, as decent as guys tend to be, but time made it so that Yoonji is now willing to grant him the status of a Professional Pussy Eater, ten out of ten, no reason to complain or amend. 

But Jungkook’s stamina for sex is just… non-existent. 

It doesn’t take much to get Yoonji riled up, especially not when she knows she’s on her ovulation period which is currently very much a source of stress for her. Kissing her neck, playing with her nipples and grabbing her ass just right are enough to get her going and Jungkook knows that better than anyone. That’s exactly how their night started, just as they got back home from dinner with Jina and Tae, the slight hint of alcohol still in her veins turning her even more pliant to Jungkook’s touches. 

Yoonji likes dick - about as much as she likes pussy, as she’s an equal opportunity type of girl - and she very much likes Jungkook’s dick, so there’s no hesitation when she reaches for a condom and all but demands he gets his dick in her as fast as possible. She knows how long it’ll most likely last but she doesn’t really care, is a lot more concerned about getting him inside her than about how many minutes he can stay hard in there. Yet she can’t fight the disappointment when, less than ten minutes in, Jungkook lets out the telltale grunt that warns Yoonji he’s already coming. 

She can’t even get mad at him, as Jungkook is quick to pull out and not think twice before kissing down her body, aiming to get her off with that talent tongue of his that never fails at making a mess out of Yoonji. 

After, Jungkook also knows Yoonji wants nothing more than to cuddle , arms wrapped around each other, legs tangled before they even think about getting out of bed to getting cleaned, or before she has to go pee. She loves to make out with him, to feel the taste of herself on his mouth, to hear that lovely giggle of his when she compliments him on his skills. Yoonji loves Jungkook, about as much as she knows he loves her back, which is why she can’t even fathom the possibility of ending their relationship because of something as small as this. 

Yoonji can deal with it. She knows she can. 



“You know you can just fuck him instead right? If your issue is just how long the sex lasts, you can just switch places.” 

There are a lot of things she loves about Jina. Her laugh, her good humor, her willingness to never let Yoonji get away with shit, her candidness, her massive self-confidence which borders on arrogance at times. Jina is, for all intents and purposes, Yoonji’s best friend, and has been for almost a decade - both her and Namjoon, the people she’d trust with her life and most importantly with her dog . What she doesn’t love about Jina, however, is how easy the older woman sees through her. 

So Yoonji realized that the Jungkook-issue might bother her a little bit more than she originally tried to make herself believe it did. Not enough to have her complain to him about it, at least not yet, but enough that she felt the need to gather both Jina and Namjoon under the same roof, something that rarely happens nowadays as everybody’s far too busy for the get-togethers they used to have weekly, so she could voice her feelings to her best friends, knowing any judgment that might be passed on her would be coming from the best place possible. 

Yoonji hadn’t even said much. Two glasses of wine in, after each of them got their round to complain about work for the past week, the conversation had already shifted to sex and Yoonji had merely pointed out that Jungkook is overexcited and ends up orgasming too fast when he’s fucking her. Jina’s known her long enough to know that Yoonji’s issue doesn’t lie on wanting to be fucked for longer, it lies on the fact that she likes sex to last , to be an experience that doesn’t end after a few minutes. Jina knows that under the all-black wardrobe and the fuck you attitude Yoonji tends to carry around in her 160cm body, she craves moments of deep intimacy. 

The only thing Yoonji wants is for her to get lost in it as her and Jungkook are locked together in the most intimate way possible, not for her to constantly be worrying about how long he’s going to last.

And Jina knows that. 

“That’s not physically possible,” Yoonji points out, legs thrown over the back of the couch as she lies on it, looking at her friends upside down. “I literally don’t have a dick.”

“Don’t be dense,” Jina rolls her eyes. She’s sitting on the armchair across the couch while Namjoon’s spread down on the floor. The older woman has Namjoon’s dog Moni on her lap, scratching behind the pup’s ear as he seems to be more at ease than he’s ever been around his owner. “You dated Dahye for years before Jungkook, didn’t you two have a strap-on?”

“Not really,” with a sigh, Yoonji starts the hard task of trying to sit up, already tipsy enough that it proves to be a challenge. “Dahye didn’t like penetrative sex and I don’t mind either way so we did other things.”

“That was very cis and heteronormative of you to assume that every lesbian couple engages in penetrative sex,” Namjoon pipes in, looking up at Jina with a frown. “I’m disappointed.”

It takes less than a beat for Jina to throw a cushion at him. 

“Ya! Kim Namjoon, the straight cis friend of a bunch of lesbians wanting to accuse me , of all people, of being cis and heteronormative,” with a scoff, Jina goes back to petting Moni. “The audacity,”  she clicks her tongue at him, turning to Yoonji again. “If you have never fucked anyone before then take this as an opportunity for the two of you to have a mutual first. Relationship sex is all about new experiences and I’ve taken Tae’s strap enough times to promise you it’s worth it.”

Namjoon’s face shifts in disgust. “I’d appreciate it a lot if you kept yours and my sister’s sex life a little bit more underwraps.”

Jina pretends to not have heard him. 

“And there are plenty of different strap-ons out there,” there’s a sparkle in her eyes as Jina speaks, excitement painting her tone enough that it makes Yoonji way more interested than she would’ve been otherwise. “The one Tae uses on me has a little nub on the other end that rubs against her clit whilst she fucks me, so it’s pleasurable for the both of us. I also fuck her but mine is a boxer, because the other types pressed too hard against my dick or the balls kept hanging from the side and it was uncomfortable.” She shakes her head. “In any case, if you want to switch things up so sex can last longer for the both of you, you definitely shouldn’t rule out that option.” 



Yoonji thinks about it, for literally days. 

She knows Jungkook is bisexual. This is a conversation they had had years ago, before they were even dating, and the man felt the need to talk to someone about his sexuality crisis that had been lasting up to half a decade already. He had only ever been with women but he was already aware that he looked at men the same way he looked at women. Knowing Yoonji was also bisexual - a raging one, at that - Jungkook had felt safe enough to talk to her about it. And she’d been flattered he trusted her with something this big, but it hadn’t really been a conversation since the two of them started dating. Neither of them considered an open relationship as a possibility in the near future, so their attraction to other people had always remained in a theoretical world. 

Jungkook has also never been with a man before, or with anyone who had used a dick or a strap-on to fuck him, at least not that Yoonji is aware of. And even if he’s bisexual, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s up to being penetrated, beyond the finger or two that might play with your rim during a blowjob. Not everybody was into it and Yoonji doesn’t want to push it. 

But the truth is that she’s been thinking about it far too much, to the point where she knows she won’t be able to let it go anytime soon, not without bringing it up. 

So she does just that. 

It’s a Tuesday morning. Jungkook doesn’t have morning classes on Tuesdays and Yoonji doesn’t have to be at work for at least another couple of hours, so they tend to have a lazy early morning in. Legs tangled under sheets, hands roaming all over each other’s bodies - it’s one of those few moments they get to just be together, have serious conversations about their relationships and their respective careers, knowing the other side will be nothing but supportive and offer constructive criticism. 

The best thing about their relationship, Yoonji thinks, is the fact that they are best friends. There’s nothing she wouldn’t trust Jungkook with, and she knows the opposite is also true. 

It’s then she realizes talking is the only way to accomplish anything here. 

“I was wondering,” Yoonji starts - the topic had already been sex, but more so Yoonji complaining about Jina’s and Tae’s lack of a filter. “Do you, or rather, would you…” She bites down on her lower lip, Junkook looking up at her in expectation. Yoonji takes a deep breath. “Have you ever thought about being fucked? Or more specifically, about being pegged? By me, I mean, not anyone else. Or anyone else if you have, that’s not… It’s not important if it’s by me or not, I just wanna know if you’re open for the possibility of it.”


Jungkook blushes.

And you see, Jungkook blushes often, for a multitude of reasons. He always comes over from the gym with his cheeks pink from the physical activity, causing something to stir in Yoonji’s belly and a deep, primal need for her to jump his bones. His cheeks get a light pink as well when he receives a compliment - there was a time when Jungkook would pretend to be too much of a Masculine Man to be accepting of those, but that is long gone and he’s nothing short of cute when he’s offered a compliment. There’s an inevitable flush to his entire body when they are in the middle of sex, one that Yoonji knows is even stronger on her than it is on him. But the way he blushes now is different from all of those situations. 

He goes red, deep red, from the top of his head down to his neck, in an alarmingly fast speed. He also looks away from Yoonji, teeth sinking into his lower lip. She doesn’t fail to notice the light squirm coming from his body, the way he shifts just slightly so as if he’s hoping the right parts are going to rub against the fabric of his pants. 

Yoonji can’t help but smile - it’s then and there she realizes he’s thought about it more times than she has. 

“I-,” he starts, eyes still fixed away from Yoonji’s, as if meeting her gaze would somehow make talking harder. “Is-is this a hypothetical question?”

“More of a suggestion,” it’s the awareness that Jungkook is more likely to say yes than she believed he’d be that has her hesitate less before speaking. “Something that we could do, if you’re into it, of course.”

Jungkook is quiet for a while. He keeps avoiding looking at Yoonji, staring at the opposite wall of Yoonji’s bedroom, though the never-ending shifting is a dead giveaway that he’s thinking as hard as he possibly can about the topic at hand. 

It’s not the first time Yoonji’s suggested something a bit out of the ordinary for the two of them. Her preferences during sex had always been… creative . Being bisexual and being as experienced as she is, Yoonji’s known for a while the type of things she’s into, and she’s not ashamed of making her partner aware of them. It’s always up to them whether they are as interested or give it a hard pass, but that’s lead to both amazing and disastrous sex, neither of which she regrets. All of this has only made her more comfortable in her own skin, more certain about the things she likes and the things she doesn’t. Jina used to joke that Yoonji would end up acting like a sex guru to Jungkook and whereas she’d wave the older woman off, it’s… not very far from the truth. 

There’s a box of toys in Yoonji’s closet. It used to be under her bed but the last time her mother came around to visit, the woman had decided to take advantage of the hours Yoonji was away working and had taken upon herself to do a full cleanup of the apartment. Yoonji got home to the box open on top of her bed and her mother insisting on having a conversation about safe sex she was, give or take , eight years too late for. 

Nipple clamps came first - the pleasure she gets out of having her nipples played with is only rivalled by Jungkook’s -, followed very quickly by the padded handcuffs and the ropes. She hasn’t attempted to do anything too intricate with those, but there’s far too much fun to be had out of tying Jungkook’s wrists to the headboard and his ankles to the end of the bed while she rides his face until she’s cum three times. Last time they did that, Jungkook had needed little more than a flick of her wrist to paint his own chest white, positively overwhelmed as he always got whenever he was used for her pleasure like this. There are also vibrators in the box, as well as a riding crop they agreed on not using it unless it was for edging, since the hits got Jungkook close to the edge far too fast. 

If Yoonji thinks about it, the fact that the thought of fucking him hadn’t crossed her mind before seems almost silly . It poses as a natural progression to their relationship, an inevitability taking into consideration the dynamic they’ve established since practically day one. If only she had known he’d respond with eagerness instead of fear, she might’ve proposed it earlier. 

“How would that work? If- if we did it?” When he talks, Jungkook’s voice is low, not much louder than a whisper. 

More than anything, Yoonji wants to be reassuring. Remind Jungkook that they are equals in this relationship and whatever interest he might have is not supposed to be a source of shame for him. 

“Look at me.” It’s not a demand, merely a suggestion - one Jungkook takes, tilting his head back, big brown eyes finally staring at her. “I’d buy a strap-on, one with a dildo not too big so it won’t be uncomfortable for you, and we can test it out, see if it’s enjoyable for you. And if it is, we can keep going, buying larger and thicker dildos, whatever you prefer.” As the words come out of her mouth, Jungkook’s blush, which had mostly faded, deepens yet again as he grows fidgety once more. His eyes are almost glazed, his mind most likely drifting from reality to the picture he’s building in his head. “Are you embarrassed, baby? Because you don’t have to be.”

Jungkook pouts , but it’s out of annoyance. He believes Yoonji is playing dirty when she calls him baby outside of sex, as it’s a word that tends to leave him pliant for her. 

“I’m not,” his voice comes out steadier than Yoonji expected and she chooses to take it as him saying the truth. “You took me by surprise, it’s all. I wasn’t expecting to be asked this right now, but-,” Yoonji’s gaze had drifted down to where Jungkook had taken to press his fingers against her waist, but it moves back to meet her boyfriend’s eyes and there it is, the desire , as clear as the day, especially to someone who knows him as well as she does. “But I’m up for it, if you want it.”

Yoonji smiles, leans forward to press her lips against his on a close mouthed kiss. It’s been a while since the last time she felt this excited about something to come, and she feels it rushing through her body - the sheer expectation. She doesn’t move too far when their lips separate, as they brush when she speaks again. 

“Have you ever played with yourself? Gone beyond a couple of fingers up your ass? Found your prostate?” Yoonji draws back to watch his reaction when Jungkook’s breath hitches. “ Have you ?”

“I- took one of your vibrators to my place,” Jungkook admits, still whispering. She can feel him growing hard, his dick brushing against her lower stomach once she shifts to properly face him. “I just wanted to know what it felt like.”

Yoonji pushes both his shoulders so Jungkook goes to lying flat on the bed and she can climb onto his lap. It’s a surprisingly smooth move for someone who’s managed to knee her boyfriend on the side far too many times doing this. She leans down to kiss him, a fleeting touch of lips before she starts lick down the side of his neck. 

“And what did it feel like?” Yoonji asks, smiling wide against his skin when his grip on her thighs grows stronger. 

“It felt- good,” she licks around a nipple, grazing her teeth against it for the satisfaction of watching Jungkook squirm. “Felt so good, being full.”

“Yeah? Tell me more.”

Jungkook, the poor thing, tries . But when her lips wrap around the head of his cock, it proves to be too difficult for him to do anything other than moan. 



Yoonji buys the strap-on online, following some of Jina’s advice when it comes to the different types of harnesses. She ends up deciding on a conventional one with the three straps, as well as a bullet vibrator where the harness touches her pussy, so it’s easier for Yoonji to also get off as she fucks Jungkook. 

It’s a week before she gets the parcel containing the strap-on at home. In the meanwhile, Jungkook’s been spending practically every night at Yoonji’s, as they decide to ease him into the feeling of being penetrated. They start with Yoonji’s fingers, then the vibrator he had taken with him - Yoonji had noticed one of her toys were missing, but truly she wrote it off as Jimin having taken it as it wouldn’t have been the first time the younger girl stole one of Yoonji’s sex toys, as concerning as that might be -, and by the end of the week they are using one of Yoonji’s dildos, just slightly thicker than the one supposed to be attached to the strap-on. 

She doesn’t show it to Jungkook when she opens it, wants to learn how to use it properly before she lets him know. Ultimately there’s nothing too difficult about it, Yoonji only needs to get the straps tightened in a way that is comfortable - neither too loose or too tight - as well as get used to the feeling of having an extra something attached to her body. Yoonji also needs to learn the proper placement of the bullet vibrator so she can make sure it’ll give her pleasure but chooses against turning it on, lest she gets too lost in the feeling. 

It’s only when she feels completely comfortable with the strap on her body that Yoonji stands in front of a mirror, wearing nothing but the harness and her bra, and takes a picture to send to Jungkook.

The only reply she gets is a string of embarrassed emojis and a single eggplant emoji that has Yoonji laughing harder than she probably should. 



Jungkook’s visibly nervous when he arrives at her house the night they had decided on for their first experience, but it’s always accompanied by the excitement that is blatant enough Yoonji can almost touch it. She kisses him, then, deep as she always does, helping him get rid of his jacket and then his shirt. The best thing about living by herself is that there are no roommates for her to be considerate of, and the two of them can start stripping from the living room as they make their way to Yoonji’s bedroom. 

(She takes a short moment to think about how much she needs to ask Jungkook to move in with her. It’s ridiculous by now that he’s still living with Yugyeom and Mingyu when Yoonji hasn’t had a roommate since she moved out of the apartment Jina and Namjoon still share. It’d make things so much easier, the bills a lot lighter for the two of them and she’d have the advantage of waking up every day to the face of her beautiful, although snoring boyfriend. Doesn’t hurt that Jungkook is as annoying about keeping things neat as she is - which means they are not as strict about it as Hoseok, but definitely not as lousy as Jimin -, and understands better than anyone else the deep need to be alone sometimes.)

It’s a swift move for Jungkook to spread his legs for her to fit between them, her boyfriend already stripped down to his boxers while Yoonji still has her t-shirt to go. She insists on still kissing him, sucking on his lower lip for the satisfaction of hearing the soft moan he lets out. It has Yoonji smiling into the kiss, her hands trailing up and down the side of his chest as she starts grinding against his clothed cock. 

Yoonji finds it difficult to stop - she loves kissing Jungkook. She endures all the teasing her best friends toss her way for it, but the truth is that she’d be willing to spend the good part of a day just kissing Jungkook. Just tilting her head so , biting his lip on the right moments, pressing her tongue against his to elicit all the delicious reactions that don’t fail to come from him. 

She has to, eventually, when she feels his breath quickening and his dick hardening.. Yoonji draws back - smirking at the noise of annoyance Jungkook lets out - just to trail kisses down his chest, not making much of a fuss out of pulling his underwear down. 

“What did we agree on?” Yoonji asks when she takes hold of his dick, lips grazing on the head, as her tongue darts out to give it a tiny lick. 

“No-no touching,” Jungkook’s eyes are glazed all the way through, already overwhelmed at what Yoonji is doing to him and most likely also at what his brain is probably coming up with. “I-I can touch you but I can’t touch myself, not unless you tell me to.”

“Good boy,” she kisses the tip of his dick, hands on his calves so she can spread him even further. “Pass me the lube, will you?”

Jungkook hands over the tube she had left at the bedside table, and she makes a quick job out of coating two of her fingers with the liquid and rubbing them against each other to warm it up. 

Yoonji doesn’t stop kissing every inch of the skin of his inner thighs as she pushes one, then two fingers into his rim. This is a feeling Jungkook is far from being a stranger to, and he relaxes relatively fast, the tension on his legs fading away by the second. Yoonji pushes further than she had before this week, down to the second knuckle then the third, pad of her fingers brushing against his inner walls. 

She’s always been a bit too self-conscious about her hands. For someone as small as she was, Yoonji’s hand had always felt unreasonably large. That came as an advantage sometimes, especially when she’s fingering someone - or herself, really. It’s because of that Yoonji doesn’t struggle finding Jungkook’s prostate, and she rubs on it as she sucks a mark into his skin, trying to build up the pleasure that will eventually take over him. 

The sounds Jungkook’s been making are nothing short of breath-taking. He’s never been quiet in bed - even though he can be extremely quiet in life at times - and it’s always been something Yoonji enjoyed, especially because she’s the very opposite. It’s difficult for anyone to draw sounds from her during sex, enough so that it should be considered an accomplishment, but Jungkook is… easy, to say the least. 

He catches his breath whenever she pulls her fingers out and pushes them back in, moaning loudly when the movement is done at the same time that she bites down on his inner thigh. A couple of minutes into this he went from holding tight onto the bed sheets to fisting his hand on Yoonji’s hair - normally, she’d ask him to remove it, but tonight she’s enjoying the power thrill that this offers, the realization that he’s overwhelmed by her to the point of desperately needing to hold onto her specifically. No discernible words come out of his mouth, just sighs and moans, loud enough that she catches them all. 

When Yoonji takes note of his toes curling, she moves away from him completely, pulling her fingers out and leaving the bed. 

Jungkook whines

Noona ,” he calls out, and it’s been so long since he last used honorifics with her, she can’t recall him doing it even during sex. She had suggested he could drop them a few months into their friendship but all but demanded him to do so a year into their relationship. Jungkook, the little shit he is, had been more than eager to talk informally with her, so this is another tell of how much he’s truly enjoying it. “Come back, please.”

“Just a second.”

It takes a bit more than a second, as it turns out it’s slightly harder to get the strap on in place when her hands are shaking. She kicks her panties away from her, but decides to keep on her t-shirt, finding the thought of fucking Jungkook while half-clothed incredibly sexy. 

“On all fours,” she taps his hip when she gets back to bed and Jungkook’s eager to do move to position. They’d agreed this position would be the best, as it’s easier for him to relax like this. “If you want to stop, at any moment in time, you just tell me and we’ll stop, okay?” She finishes her question by pressing a kiss to his tailbone. 

Jungkook nods, twisting his upper body so he can look at her.

“Kiss, first,” he asks, and Yoonji leans forward to comply, lingering for longer than originally intended before she’s drawing back. 

She slicks the purple dildo with lube and rests the head on Jungkook’s rim.

“Gonna push in,” there’s no real need for her to let him know her every move, especially when he can most obviously feel it, but still she does it. It works much more as a reassurance for her than it does for him. Yoonji has half a mind to turn on the bullet vibrator pressing  against her clit before she starts slowly thrusting. 

Jungkook is tense, as it’s to be expected, when she starts going in. Yoonji herself has to pause as she adjusts to the feeling of the vibrator on her clit, slowly but surely helping build up the pleasure that spreads through her body. She notices Jungkook’s head is hanging low but other than that he stays perfectly still, waiting for her to keep going so he can decide whether he’s comfortable or not.

So Yoonji pushes further, murmuring reassurances and rubbing her hand up and down his back as she does so. Jungkook seems to adjust to the feeling of the dildo inside of him fast, and perhaps the best decision they took was to have him play with anal toys through the week. She’s sure he wouldn’t have adjusted this easily if they hadn’t taken the chance to have get used to the feeling. 

When she’s buried to the hilt, Jungkook lets out the first sound in a while. It’s a whine, one that’s accompanied by him reaching behind him so his hand rests on top of Yoonji’s.

Please , move,” Jungkook begs, and as overwhelmed as Yoonji herself is starting to be, she can’t say no to that. 

Getting a proper rhythm going is harder than Yoonji thought it would be, but she’s aided by Jungkook himself pushing back at every thrust. Soon enough she’s pulling moans and whines from him, his mouth permanently open as the sounds are practically punched out of him. His arms are visibly straining from keeping his torso up while Yoonji’s thrusting starts getting harder and faster, so she presses down against his shoulder blades to get him to rest his upper body down on the mattress, Yoonji taking it upon herself to keep his hip up. 

It’s even better to fuck him like this, and it seems Jungkook agrees with that thought since his face is twisted in a expression of permanent bliss. Yoonji wishes she could bend over and whisper reassurances into his ear, but Jungkook is still almost 30cm taller than her. She could barely reach his neck if she tried to do this. 

“You’re doing so well, baby,” she can still speak, and the term of endearment has Jungkook crying out by itself. “You’re doing so well for me.”

Yoonji’s always been sensitive enough that it doesn’t take her too much to orgasm, but she’s still surprised when it takes over her body and has her moaning out loud, spasms spreading through her limbs and forcing her into a stop. The never-ending vibrations against her clit were bound to make her cum fast, but she didn’t expect for it to happen before she could even make Jungkook cum. 

An advantage of being this sensitive is that her orgasms are not as intense as other people’s might be - to compensate, Yoonji knows she can cum more times than at the very least most of her friends. So after taking a quick break to gather herself, Yoonji goes right back to it, shutting Jungkook up before the man can complain to her about her neglecting to fuck him. 

Just about the time her second orgasm approaches, Yoonji’s too tired to keep fucking Jungkook like this, and the way his legs are shaking prove the strain is bad on the two of them. So she pulls out - much to Jungkook’s chagrin - and is quick to help maneuver him so he’s lying on his back, legs spread out. He’s definitely not that flexible, but neither is Yoonji and they’ve made do in worse positions. She settles in between his legs, pushing them up to his chest so she can slide back in.

The angle seems to be enough to satisfy him, and although her thighs are burning, she keeps fucking him until there are tears gathering on the corners of his eyes. 

“Do you want to cum, baby?” This time, Yoonji can move closer to him, until her lips are touching his while she speaks. 

“Yes, yes, please , please, noona,” Jungkook cries out, almost pathetically, tugging at Yoonji’s heartstrings. 

She wraps a hand around his dick, the other fisted into his hair as she presses their lips together. Yoonji can’t focus on too many things at the moment, not with the bullet still buzzing away on her clit, so she stops thrusting and sticks to just rolling her hips, chasing both her third and last orgasm, as well as attempting to keep rubbing against Jungkook’s prostate. 

Doesn’t take long at all for him to orgasm, and it’s perhaps the strongest she’s ever seen from him.  His cum paints both their stomachs, and his spine bends back as he orgasms, legs kicking out in a way that Yoonji’s sure will cause him cramps once he’s down from this rush. Jungkook moans out her name loudly , enough so that Yoonji feels herself blushing, thinking about the possibility of the neighbor with who she shares a wall listening, in case he’s home. 

Her third orgasm is the weakest and comes right after Jungkook does, but it leaves her feeling even more pliant and sensitive. Yoonji has to let go of Jungkook’s hair as she pulls out from Jungkook so she can turn the vibrator off as it starts to become more uncomfortable than pleasant. 

Yoonji attempts to roll to the side once she’s already out of Jungkook, but her boyfriend wraps his arms around her, keeping her as close to him as possible as it’s Jungkook’s time to get taken over completely by the need of kissing him. 



It takes some time between thirty minutes and an hour for them to finally move again. It’s Yoonji first, climbing out of bed so she can get rid of the strap on and go pee. She’s joined in the bathroom by Jungkook, who goes straight to the sink so he can clean up his stomach. They trade places next, end up making out against the bathroom counter until both their eyes are falling shut at the exhausting.

Back in bed, Yoonji is curled up in Jungkook’s arms, making herself even smaller for once.

“Did you like it?” She asks because she feels she has to - as much as she did get to see Jungkook’s physical response to it, she’d be even more reassured hearing from him whether the experience was everything he had hoped for or it disappointed him. 

“Are you kidding me?” His tone is laced with disbelief, and she has to look up to meet his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard in like, my entire life. That was perfect. You’re perfect, I love you so much.”

It’s Yoonji’s time to giggle, giddy because of her feelings for Jungkook. Her boyfriend is every bit as perfect as he’s claiming Yoonji to be, and more. In Jungkook’s arms, every concern she’s ever had about their relationship, about the sex they have, about everything related to the two of them, simply disappears. She’s much more focused on the feeling of Jungkook around her, and how it had felt to be inside of him. As much as she didn’t feel it , she still got so much out of fucking him, out of sharing such an intimate moment with him for as long as they had. The emotional part of what they had done, down to the amount of trust it took for Jungkook to be accepting of her being the first person to fuck him, would be enough to bring tears to her eyes. Yoonji tries to keep them at bay by burying her face on Jungkook’s chest, feeling him kiss the top of her head as she does so. 

“I never asked you something,” he comments after a while, when Yoonji’s eyes are close to slipping shut, sleep enveloping her. 

She grunts, as much of a reply as she’s willing to give now. 

“What made you think about this? What prompted wanting to switch things up?”

And well, if Yoonji pretends to have fallen asleep to escape having to answer that question, well. 

That’s a conversation for another time, anyway.