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Domestic Moment

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Today was a day where both of them had nothing to do at all, it's was a peaceful day and it's was raining.

Zhu Yi Long just wake up when he had heard the rain fall against the windows and he couldn't sleep after, he was smiling when he saw Bai Yu next to him sleeping he kissing his forehead "Xiao Bai, you are wonderful"

And then he wakes up and prepares breakfast, he tries to keep it hot for when Bai Yu would wake up.

When Bai Yu wakes up, he found that Zhu Yi Long was not next to him in bed but heard one wonderful melody in the guitar and he was smiling.
He goes near Zhu Yi Long and hug back him and also kiss him "Good morning, my love" said Bai Yu

"Good morning"

"It's a beautiful way to wake up and just spend the day together at home"

"Oh yes, if you want to join me on the couch, breakfast is ready"

Bai Yu was smiling and he goes searching the breakfast and was near to Zhu Yi Long who was playing one music on the guitar and then slowly sings. 

Then the rain stopped and it's was now snowing.