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/Why Does Jotaro Own a Dolphin Body Pillow/
Dec 08 2019, 5:41 pm

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: i cant believe Joot left

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: :(

Mafia Mob: yes, our main target has left once more

Be Gay Punch Shit: I got my room back :)

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: >:(

Be Gay Punch Shit: Uh I mean

Be Gay Punch Shit: :( Boo hoo Jotaro went back to meth land oh no

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: :)

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: i miss my favourite brother already

Be Gay Punch Shit: What about us?

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: i said brother

Mafia Mob: :)

Be Gay Punch Shit: >:(

Be Gay Punch Shit: Just text him

Be Gay Punch Shit: We just bought him that new phone

Mafia Mob: i still can’t believe jotaro was using a flip phone this entire time

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: at least he wasnt still using the landline

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: it took us so long to get him to even use the flip phone

Be Gay Punch Shit: Ugh I remember that

Mafia Mob: a cherished memory


Dec 08 2019, 8:04 pm

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: hey guys

Arrested For Lesbian Crimes: i thought of a way that we can still attack Joot

Be Gay Punch Shit: I dont like where I think this is going


Jolyne Joestar created /Chat/
Dec 08 2019, 8:12 pm

Jolyne Joestar added Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, and six others to Chat

Jolyne Joestar renamed Chat to /Jo Clan/


/Why Does Jotaro Own a Dolphin Body Pillow/
Dec 08 2019, 8:15 pm

Be Gay Punch Shit: This is the bad timeline


/Jo Clan/
Dec 08 2019, 8:18 pm

Jolyne Joestar: hello fellow Jos

Jolyne Joestar: and Erina

Jonathan Joestar: Jolyne! Hello! :)

Jonathan Joestar: Is the entire family in here?

Jolyne Joestar: all the siblings and cousins, minus Dio and George

Jolyne Joestar: George is too young and Dio isnt civil enough

Joseph Joestar: >:)

Joseph Joestar changed his nickname to Superior Jojo

Josuke Joestar: This is the timeline God abandoned

Superior Jojo: thats not nice josuke

Superior Jojo: r u implying that im as bad as dio

Josuke Joestar: No

Josuke Joestar: Youre more immature than George

Superior Jojo: josuke :(

Superior Jojo: u hurt my feelings

Josuke Joestar: That was the intent

Jonathan Joestar: Get along, you two. We’re family, we’re not supposed to behave like this!

Jotaro Joestar sent an image

Jotaro Joestar took a screenshot



Josuke Joestar: Lmao he doesnt know how to use his phone

Jolyne Joestar: Joot youre using the shift wrong

Jotaro Joestar sent an image

Johnny Joestar: This is gold

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar: have avdol help you figure it out, jotaro

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar: we got you the same model as him so he could help you

Jotaro Joestar took a screenshot

Josuke Higashikata: Hey guys!

Josuke Higashikata: How’s America?

Josuke Joestar: Josuke!

Josuke Higashikata: Hello cousin!

Superior Jojo: i think im having a stroke

Johnny Joestar: We’re probably the only family where first cousins share the same first name

Superior Jojo: there can only b one

Josuke Higashikata: Aw

Josuke Joestar: Joseph Im coming for your kneecaps

Superior Jojo: good luck getting here in ur car

Superior Jojo: o wait

Superior Jojo: u dont have one

Josuke Joestar: Jonathan Joseph is being mean to me

Jonathan Joestar: Joseph, you’re his older brother. Set a good example.

Superior Jojo: whatever u say mom

Joseph Joestar changed Jonathan Joestar’s nickname to Jomom

Jomom: Joseph!

Erina Pendleton-Joestar changed her nickname to Jodad

Jodad: Now we match!

Jomom: Oh!

Jomom: I guess it can stay, as long as everyone can still tell it’s me!

Johnny Joestar: Dont worry we know

Jolyne Joestar: that will not be a problem

Johnny Joestar: On the other hand

Johnny Joestar: The Josuke situation

Josuke Higashikata: I don’t understand why we need to change our names

Josuke Higashikata: Our family names are different and are here as well

Josuke Joestar: Hes right

Josuke Joestar: Josuke we should hold a revolution

Josuke Joestar: Rid the bloodline of the non-Josukes

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar: nope

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar changed Josuke Joestar’s nickname to Americano

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar changed Josuke Higashikata’s nickname to Overseas

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar changed his nickname to Don

Americano: HEY

Americano: HOW DARE YOU

Jomom: Giorno, please stop implying that you run the Italian mob.

Don: you have taught me not to lie, uncle Jonathan

Don: so i will not

Overseas: Giorno :(

Jolyne Joestar: dont be offended cousin Josuke, he just has no creativity

Don: you will grow to regret that statement

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar changed Jolyne Joestar’s nickname to Hoelyne Hoestar

Johnny Joestar: Oh my god

Superior Jojo: the children r fighting

Hoelyne Hoestar: you know what

Hoelyne Hoestar: this is hella iconic and im gonna keep it

Jomom: Jolyne, honey, you shouldn’t have a name that insults you!

Hoelyne Hoestar: dont worry Jonathan

Hoelyne Hoestar: i like it

Americano: Glad to see someones happy

Don: :)

Overseas: Can someone please come up with something better? Since neither of us are Josuke, than neither of us should be and I cannot think of something right now.

Jolyne Joestar changed Josuke Higashikata’s nickname to Gappy

Hoelyne Hoestar: better?

Gappy: I can live with this

Americano: Well I cant

Josuke Joestar changed his nickname to Shine On

Josuke Joestar changed Johnny Joestar’s nickname to Cowboy But Not As Cool

Cowboy But Not As Cool: Cmon

Cowboy But Not As Cool: How is this fair

Cowboy But Not As Cool: Gio was the one who changed your name

Shine On: Oh dont worry johnny

Shine On: He will get his comeuppance

Superior Jojo: ooh

Superior Jojo: big word there Josuke

Shine On: I havent forgotten your sins either Joseph

Josuke Joestar changed Giorno Giovanna-Joestar’s nickname to Fake Gucci

Josuke Joestar changed Joseph Joestar’s nickname to Downed Pilot

Downed Pilot: first of all

Downed Pilot: i am a great pilot

Downed Pilot: and b

Downed Pilot: u seriously suck at this

Fake Gucci: …

Fake Gucci: sleep with one eye open, Josuke Joestar.

Shine On: I

Shine On: Why am i scared

Hoelyne Hoestar: well guess ive gotta get my eulogy all prepped

Jomom: No! Giorno, please do not harm your uncle! Josuke, please stop antagonizing your brother and nephew.

Shine On: Yes mom

Fake Gucci: i will hold off until further notice

Jomom: Giorno.

Fake Gucci: i will not kill my uncle in his sleep

Jomom: Much better!

Cowboy But Not As Cool: I dont see how

Cowboy But Not As Cool: Fuck I forgot about this

Johnny Joestar changed his nickname to Spin Cycle

Gappy: Is that a reference to the time Josuke and Giorno attached a fire extinguisher to your wheelchair at the family reunion?

Spin Cycle: Yes and they will pay for their offense

Shine On: Ok but it was Jolynes idea

Hoelyne Hoestar: it was NOT you fleck of ass dandruff

Hoelyne Hoestar: you cant pin this one on me

Jotaro Joestar: That insult was good

Hoelyne Hoestar: Joot!

Jolyne Joestar changed Jotaro Joestar’s nickname to Joot

Hoelyne Hoestar: did Avdol manage to teach you how to use your new phone

Joot: Yes, he did

Fake Gucci: just as predicted

Shine On: Yes all has gone as it was foreseen

Joot: …

Joot: What did you three do

Hoelyne Hoestar: how dare you

Fake Gucci: uncle Jotaro, we are

Shine On: Completely innocent

Downed Pilot: theyre up to something lol

Joseph Joestar changed his nickname to Joestar Secret Technique

Joestar Secret Technique: use it wisely children

Shine On: He cant get us all the way from florida

Shine On: Besides we have done nothing wrong

Fake Gucci: this time

Shine On: Shut your up gionro

Fake Gucci: if it weren’t for the laws of this land i would have throttled you

Shine On: Giorno what the fuck

Giorno Giovanna-Joestar changed his nickname to GioGio

GioGio: my name isnt that hard to spell

Shine On: Im sorry Giorno please dont hurt me

Hoelyne Hoestar: his door just opened

Spin Cycle: Holy shit is Giorno about to kill Josuke

Gappy: Someone please update, let us know what’s happening

GioGio: i just went to get some water

GioGio: im thirsty

Jomom: Giorno, I understand, but it is very late! Please don’t leave your room after 10 next time.

GioGio: yes, uncle Jonathan

Jomom: That reminds me! You all should be getting to bed! Jolyne, Josuke, Giorno, you all have to get up early for school tomorrow!

Joestar Secret Technique: hahaha i dont live under ur roof anymore jonathan

Joestar Secret Technique: i can stay up as late as i want

Jodad: I’m calling Suzi Q.

Joestar Secret Technique: wow i am suddenly very tired

Joestar Secret Technique: best be off to bed

Jodad: Let that be a warning for all of you.

Jodad: Goodnight! <3

Spin Cycle: …

Spin Cycle: This family be wildin