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War, Love & Loss

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Rhaenys awoke as she heard Missandei, a fellow slave and her closest friend ,talking to their Master Kraznys mo Nakloz. "Yes... yes I am coming , Mariah up!". "Yes Master "Rhaenys quickly replied as she stood up from from her masters bed and put on her sheer linen dress as she was accustom to wearing. "We are to meet the Dragon whore " Kraznys stated as he walked out. After she finished putting on her dress she slowly walked to the door where Missandei was. "What's going on " she asked in a hush tone. "Daenerys Targaryen wants an army" Missandei replied in the same volume. "What...." she sighed in disbelief "no, it can't I heard she managed to hatch dragons and was in qarth"She stated. "She was here yesterday meeting the Master about the unsullied, she is going to buy all of them even the young one's, I would have told you yesterday but Master was......not allowing you to leave his chambers " Missandei said grabbing her arm."we should leave now".

Before she knew it Rhaenys was standing next to Missandei and Master Kraznys .After waiting a while she saw a girl that looked almost exactly like grandmother but...younger and without the scars, she could only guess that the girl was her aunt Daenerys .She also saw another familiar pair of eyes, although these were sad blue eyes that could only belong to Ser Barristen or as Rhaenys used to call him 'Ser Barry '. But next to him was a man that she did not recognise but he had a westerosi look to him.