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Back From Hell

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Baldur's Gate is dark and wet — but Numeria knows it's a huge improvement from hell. That her pretty Paladin is there with here makes even the rain feel warm. Evelyn — that's the pretty one's name — is still talking about Lathander. She doesn't seem to care that the affectionate halfling girl with her squireeled has wandered of with the broad-shouldered ranger and his hamster.

The city gates are closed.

Everything seems to be affected by war in hell.

"I don't think I'm from around here," Numeria admits when they arrive at an inn and Evelyn decides they should stay there for the night.

"You mean from Baldur's Gate? I'm from Waterdeep myself."

"I mean here." Numeria raises her hand and waves it around. She has to duck a little to have her horns not bump into the door. People are watching her cautiously but nobody seems overly surprised to see a tiefling with soft blue skin. "This world," she clarifies when Evelyn furrows her brow.

"Oh," she says and seems to consider this very carefully. "I know of Sigil and Omin said he got stuck in Ravnica with someone who looks like me... Do you know where you're from? Maybe my friend Strix can help."

"Oerth," she said. "I think."

But while her magic had returned not all her memories were back in place. She wasn't sure, but it sounded right.

"We'll figure it out," Evelyn says and pats her shoulder.

Numeria wants to grab it and hold it.

The shiny white garb of her Paladin is red with blood and even her chest plate is muted down with soot and grime, but to Numeria she remains a shining beacon in this grey world of rain, stone and mold.

Evelyn acquire a room for them without paying, citing names of credentials that mean nothing to Numeria.

"Where do you think Twiggy went off to? She could use some rest too. And Noscia. He seemed gruff but helped..."

Evelyn talks all the way up the stairs, while Numeria bites her lips and tries not to say anything. She can't say: "I don't mind they're not here. I don't mind we're alone." But it's what she's thinking. She's still mad that the halfling got to kiss her pretty one awake — before Numeria could.

"I'm sure we can help you. You could come with me to Waterdeep. My friend Strix, she's a tiefling too. And a sorcerer. She bakes great cakes. And Paultin plays great music and Diath keeps it all together. But now that I think about it, our house exploded. I hope everyone found a place to stay."

It' too much information. Too much to think about when you're out of your depth and just escaped hell.

At last they arrive at their room and Numeria does what she should have done before — sure now she has to take a chance before someone else gets there, like the bubbly little halfling — and kisses Evely as soon as they're in the door.

She doesn't bother to keep it chaste — she'd seen the woman respond to the other kiss and wants to know if she can get a response too. Evelyn stiffens in surprise and then melts right into it, letting herself be kissed and then kissing back.

Hunger rose and she realized she needed this — this lovely pretty person, the touch, the love. She'd been in hell for god knows how long — fighting, surviving. Even in a dingy place like this Evelyn was a bright fire of beauty and Numeria was burning with it — for her.

When she pulled away, Evelyn's eyes were bright, filled with an equal amount of love and fire.

She wanted it.

Wanted that gaze to be for her and her alone.

She pulled Evelyn towards the bathtub in the corner. "Let's get you out of the dirty clothes."

"I can't wait to get clean," Eveyln said softly and with longing.

Numeria thought she would like to her sweaty first — this time for better reasons than fighting or dying.

It's hard to get the Paladin armor off between kissed. It's easy to get the rest of the garment out of the way. They sink down on the bed together, both eager to explore and touch.

"Your skin is beautiful," Evelyn whispers and trails her fingers up from Numeria's navel to her breasts. She shivers, delighted, surprised. Her light blue skin has never been called beautiful before.

"You're pretty," she whispers back and covers Evelyn with her own body, traces scars she finds on the lovely white skin first with her fingertips then her lips.

They both find an echoed need for touch and affection and tumble right into the fire.

"It's been so long," she whispers, not sure if that's the truth.

"For me too," Evelyn whispers and mover her legs around Numeria puling her down with the surprising strength of her lithe body.

The move like this, kisses, sweat and fire. There's still the scent of hell clining to them and yet this feels like heaven.

Evelyn is delight and sunshine — like the god she serves that Numeria has never heard of. It's wonderful to see her undone, it urges her on to bring her pleasure. She trails kisses down her stomach until she's settled comfortable with Evelyn's legs over her shoulders, and draws new sounds from her with lips and tongue.

"You taste so sweet," she whispers against the soft folds before drivign her tongue back in, pushing, entering.

"Numeria," Evelyn gasps, "don't..."

But then she's begging, praising, pleading.

And Numeria knows she can be the name on her lips forever if she wins her heart.

Then Evelyn comes undone under her mouth. It's head and strange to feel the violent shiver go through the warrior and render her a helpless, boneless mess.

It's even better to kiss Evelyn with her own taste lingering on Numeria's lips, to lose all control then and ride her until Numeria comes undone to, Evely gasping and moaning beneath her.

"Pretty one," she cries when she comes. "I want to keep you."

"Keep me," Evelyn says. "I'll keep you."

They lie together, curled up, warm and sated. Safe for the first time in what feels like months.

"Come with me to Waterdeep," Evelyn says.

"I will come with you," Numeria says and it's agreement. But she adds: "Again, here and now."

Evelyn giggles, reddens rising in her cheeks.

They bathe together later and Numeria makes sure to keep her promise.