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Daisy Chain

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“What is that? Aren’t you the adulterous wife cheating on her devoted husband? You are not going to get better if you don’t put some effort into it.” I tilted my head and looked Tamamori, his face showing his smile even less impressed than usual.

“T-that’s enough Kawase.” Minakami replied hastily, his lips curling upward nervously. “T-This is a bad idea and-“

“Don’t you want Tamamori’s writing to get better, Minakami? Come on, put some effort into it too. You are supposed to have an affair, right? Hold his head on your tights better, like a lover.”


“You two are useless.” I take a deep breath, then looked at Tamamori with a smile. “Alright, then, let’s keep going.”
“W-why are we doing this.”

“It’s because your last work was, in plain terms, utterly terrible in ways I could never imagine. Trash. Disgusting. So you need experience.”

And because I know what you feel for him. And I’m not allowing you to leave me behind. 

“I-I do have plenty of experience, just so you know!” His eyed pressed him annoyed.

“Oh? And with who?” I goaded him.

“T-Tamamori?” Minakami tilted his head.

“N-none of your business--  I mean--- Erg—“ 

It was with me. But soon I’ll have Minakami join our daisy chains too.

“Your way with words is even worse than your way with your written words. Now, let’s continue.” Kawase said, licking his lips.  “I’m your husband, and I just came home and found you formicating with our best friend. What do you think will happen? Use your imagination. Think of this as one of your stories.”

 “T-This is not funny. H-Hey where are you touching! K-Kawase.” My hands press on his tights, quickly reaching the inner sides.  

“So you were doing it with him? As I was out providing for our family?” My body pushes forward, looming over him, as I spread his legs with an expert moment. 

“K-Kawase, I’m not sure-” Minakami replied dumbfounded. I wondered how much he knew about our relationship by now. I wondered if he knew I have taken him on this very bed so many times. 

“Is that your answer, Minakami? I thought you were lovers.” 

“N-No--- I mean, in this contest we are supposed to be but—“

“How dull.” And saying so I pressed my lips on Tamamori, claiming them for me. 

They were both shocked. Tamamori definitely did not expect me to take it this far.

 “You are mine.” My lips opened his, pressing my tongue inside. 

Our eyes meet.

What are you doing?

I’m putting an end to this situation.

“Come on, Minakami, you are supposed to be lovers, don’t you? Claim him from yourself too.”

“Kawase, what are you doing?!” Tamamoris moaned under me, so I pressed my knee against his crotch, pinning his arms to the bed with mine.

“Don’t you want him to get better, Minakami? It’s never going to do that if all he has is me.”

“That’s---“ But Tamamori’s words were silenced, the third man capturing his chin and pressing his lips into the other.

My heart raged with jealousy. 

Ah, this is bad. You are not fair Tamamori.

“Good job,” I clicked my tongue, rutting my hips against his, forcing a moan out of Tamamori’s mouth, straight into Minakami’s lips.

It seemed that was enough to wake up Minakami from his spell.

He raised his face, looking at me. His eyes were completely open, I could see his pupils.    

I’m doing you a favor. 

“H-Hey this is enough? I get it now, I think--- Where are you touching Kawase?” He jumps, as one of my hands reached for his pants, undoing them.

“So you are choosing him, over your husband?” His cock was already alive under my fingers and all I needed was a sharp pump to force moans from his lips.

“K-Kawase—“ Tamamori called my name, his voice weak.  I glanced to Minakami, and saw him looking towards Tamamori, his expression a mixture of shame and excitement.

My hand sped up.

Our breaths became heavy. 

Tamamori’s body twisted, his orgasm leaking out.


I quickly raised my hand, fluids covering it. “Disgusting.”

Tamamori didn’t say anything, too caught in his own pleasure.

“But I don’t mind, since it’s you.”

I was tempted to bring it to my lips, but right now it may be too much for Minakami. “So did you get any good ideas?”

“Uh? W-what?”

“That’s why we did this, didn’t we?” I shifted my gaze from him to Minakami. He still looked a bit shocked, unsure on how to proceed, but still holding Tamamori’s head between his hands.

“Y-Yeah.” Tamamori said raising his head.

“Sorry for kissing you…” Minakami said, looking down.

“It’s alright… I was just acting, I don’t mind, I mean…” He avoided the other’s gaze, and sought mine, like a lost puppy looking for approval.

I ignored him. 

“Well, I hope we are going to see improvements for you. I doubt you can actually produce worthy content with just this, but at least it may produce something in you. After all, we don’t want to repeat this again, don’t?”




The second time it happens, Minakami understood it was an obvious set-up. 

“How lewd Tamamori,” Kawase said annoyed, pressing his body against Tamamori, forcing him between us. “Forced between your husband and your lover.”

Tamamori’s face was red, but he’s not resisting. I could see how body reacted to Kawase’s. How much longer could I pretend to not see their actual relationship?

Was Kawase doing this to torment me? 

Suddenly, his eyes meet mine. His lips curled into a smile. “Maybe we need to this further.” His hand reached for Tamamori’s chest, his nipples between his fingers. 

Was he tempting me? Or making me see what I couldn’t have?

“What do you want Tamamori? Can Minakami help?”

Tamamori’s face was red, and his breath was heavy. He was leaning against Kawase, aroused. 

“That’s nice,” Kawase smiled, and one of his hands reached for Tamamaori’s pants. “How do you feel about using your mouth, Tamamori?”

Tamamori’s face was red, and he looks at me guilty. His hands trembled toward the opening of my hakama. 

I gulped, but didn’t stop it.

I’ve been wanting this for so long… but was this really alright? This set-up…

But my thoughts were interrupted by his hands. 

“M-Minakami?” He asked me, shy.

I nodded.

His lips were into my cock. 

“How lewd Tamamori-kun.” He laughed, his hips jerking against Tamamori, pushing him toward my cock.

I closed my eyes and abandoned myself to this fleeting pleasure.




“S-Sorry.” My hand reached for Tamamori’s face, using my sleeves to clean him. Covered with my release, he looked undoubtedly erotic, making me want to do it all over again. 

“It’s fine… A-and anyway thanks, this will help me improve for sure.” His eyes avoided me.

My heart fainted.

“Yeah, right.” Kawase says, mocking us and sliding out of the bed. Compared to us, his appearance looked almost pristine and clean.

I felt dirty. 

I was jealous of Kawase, who could hold Tamamori freely and make him do such things.

I wanted more.



The third time it happened, Tamamori understood their relationship had changed.

They met like usual. Talked like usual. Kawase would criticize Tamamori’s latest attempt while Minakami would watch them, calming telling him how much he liked it.

Like that, they could almost pass with normal, good friends, perhaps. 

But as soon they had reached Ikeda’s manor, their feet found their way to Kawase’s room once more.

“We don’t need excuses today, do we?” Kawase said unbuttoning his shirt as his other hand forced me onto the bed. 

He gazed at Minakami, arms boxing me in under him, as his shirt slid off and hit the floor.

“I---“ Yeah, sure our relationship has changed. Maybe I should have been grateful, but the way he went to get here somehow pissed me off.

Oh well, that was very me. And Kawase getting what he wanted, that was very him too. 

Kawase’s hands were quick on our bodies, and we soon found ourselves completely naked. I was trapped under his body, our cocks rubbing together.

He suddenly raised his eyes to look at Minakami. “Are you coming? Take off your clothes too.”

Minakami looked at me. 

“M-Minakami….” I call his name, as Kawase rutted our cocks together. 

Ah, I wondered how I must have looked. But I felt beautiful. 

And they loved me. 

He took a deep breath.  His hand reached for his uniform as he took a step forward.





“Tamamori likes it from the front better.” Kawase whispered from behind me. I leaned against his chest, as he held me in place. “Right?”

“Y-Yes.” I said self-conscious and ashamed. But still, my legs open, showing myself to Minakami. “Don’t worry about hurting him. We do it almost every night.”

Minakami’s hand reached for my face. He caressed me, almost afraid. Then, he kissed me.

“You are beautiful.” He whispered.

“Put it in.” Kawase commanded. 

Minakami didn't answer.  My hands reached for his hips, guiding them toward me. 

“Minakami…” Ah, I must have looked completely debauched. Lower than a prostitute, but even more beautiful.

His his hips pushed in, filling me.

“I love you.” He moaned, losing his inhibition.

“Me too.” I whispered as I welcome him into me.

Ah, yes indeed, our relationship had changed. We could no longer come back from this.





Our bodies’ intertwined. Kawase pushed me down, ass on the air, forcing himself into me, Minakami’s release still warm into me.

“W-wait---“ I almost screamed, but without actually meaning it. Semen flowed down my thighs, as his cock dived into me. “Kawase!”

But it felt good. My body sucked him in.

“How lewd Tamamori.” His expression was mocking me. His cock scraped the semen out of my ass, making obscene sounds. “Which cock do you like better? Me or Mikakami’”


Not a question I’ll ever be able to answer.

“Don’t stand there, Minakami.” He ignored me, to look at the other. “Unless you can’t keep up with us.”

Minakami looked at me. His cock was still hard, despite his own orgasm still dripping down. 

“My mouth.” I said, blushing. “You can use my mouth, if you want.”

His hands reached for my head, caressing it. His cock pointed at my mouth, hard. I leaned forward, pushed by the strength of Kawase’s thrusts. 

I wrapped my lips around it and let the pleasure come.




“Tsk, he fell asleep immediately. How typical.” I laughed, my hand caressing Tamamori’s cheek. “He looks so vulnerable like this… but he’s beautiful, covered in sperm and sweat.”

“He’s probably a bit tired.” Minakami said, and he was not looking at me. I could feel the tension in his voice.

“You are not going to stay here.” I cut in.

“I didn’t mean to-“

“But I’m not going to stop you from coming and having your way with him.  He’s in love with you, you know?”

“That’s… not true.” He said, and his eyes looked at me, sad.

“He’s cruel. He tells me he loves me, but he can’t stop loving you.”

“I think you are mistaken.” Minakami said, but his voice his shaking. 

“I don’t love you. But I don’t mind sharing him. As long I can be here, you may join us anytime you like. Do you have any complaints?”

“… No. I want to be with him.” I could see it. The pain of having to admit. The shame he felt behind his love. I couldn’t understand it. 

“Good.” I nodded, letting myself fall on the bed, Tamamori’s body warm next to me. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”