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In The Meantime

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The ride to Alex's apartment was quiet yet, extremely comfortable. Olivia was somewhat surprised that Alex had arranged for a car to drive them home. Home. The word home kept bouncing around in Olivia's head the entire time. Sure, she was leaving the hospital and she was happy about that, but she wasn't really going home. She was going home...with Alex. Those were two very different things. Her mind drifted back to the moment that had set all of this into motion.

"What's going on in here?" Alex asked walking into the hospital room.
"The good Doc here was just telling me that she's giving me my walking papers. I get to go home tomorrow." Olivia grinned happily.
"That's great, Olivia."
"Before you get too excited...." Pearce said holding up her hand. "...You're going to need someone to help you around the house. You're going to be in pain for a while. There are things that you will need help doing. I could recommend someone for you to hire if...."
"I'll be taking care of her." Alex blurted out. "She'll be staying with me until she's released to go back to work."
The doctor looked between the two of them and nodded. "Alright. It's looks like you're all set then. I'll get your release papers so you can go." 


Olivia played the brief conversation over and over again in her head. She kept trying to wrap her mind around how much things had changed in a matter of weeks.

Three weeks ago, she would have been ecstatic about the prospect of spending so much time alone with Alexandra Cabot. Now, she was virtually terrified of it. It was one thing to spend time alone with Alex while she was in the hospital, but going home with the woman was a different story. Suddenly, Olivia felt a wave of dizziness engulf her. She laid her head back against the smooth leather and closed her eyes.

"What in the hell did I get myself into?"

Alex glanced over at the brunette next to her then down at their joined hands. She couldn't believe all that had happened or even that it had happened to her. She'd wanted to be with Olivia for years, loved her for what felt like even longer, but she would never allow herself to even hope for any kind of reciprocation. Yet, here they were...together in spite of the odds. She couldn't help but think how unpredictable life could be. No one could have ever predicted that Olivia's brush with death would have caused the walls of the Ice Queen herself to come tumbling down allowing her to finally confess the three words she'd kept a secret from the detective for so long. No one could have ever guessed that a near tragedy would have resulted in what was about to happen. And exactly what was about to happen? Alex thought. She still didn't know what had possessed her to volunteer to be responsible for Olivia's care. Sure, she knew how she felt about Olivia and how the detective felt about her in return, but were they really ready for this?

"What in the hell have you gotten your self into Alexandra?"

Stealing another glance at her companion, Alex noticed how tense Olivia seemed since leaving the hospital. She silently wondered if Olivia was just as worried as she was. She squeezed Olivia's hand.

"Olivia... are you alright?"

Olivia opened her eyes and rolled her head in Alex's direction. "Yeah. I'm fine."

Alex studied her then raised a brow as if she knew there was something more. "Are you sure? You look like something is bothering you."

Olivia stared at Alex for a moment trying to figure out how to put her thoughts into words. However, when she saw the look of love and concern staring back at her, she pushed her initial worries away and smiled warmly.

"I'm just tired. That's all."

Alex nodded and returned the smile. "Well, we should have you settled in no time. As soon as we get home, you can relax and get some rest."

Olivia nodded before returning her gaze back out the window. "Yeah....home."