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Humans: Claim Prize

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John sat at his desk late at night. Two years later and still trying to catch up on school! It was awkward being 17 and having to take your sophomore class while other kids were enjoying the summer. Disappearing for two years had put him behind in everything! Luckily his dad found a new job fairly quickly. It was also lucky they still owned their home. John never realized his father had paid it off entirely.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. John yawned and looked at the clock. Who came to the house at 11:30? Realizing his father was asleep, he went quickly down stairs and flicked on the lights. Opening the door, he saw a sight he never would have expected in a million years.

"Karkat?!" he gasped. Sure enough, the troll stood at his doorstep, shielding his eyes.

"John! Thank gog!" he said. There was a voice behind him.

"Told you I could get us to him!" Sollux appeared next to Karkat. "Tracking an energy signal is easy if you had the DNA."

"Sollux too?!" John exclaimed. "Who else is here?!"

"All of us. And it's a long story," Terezi came up behind the two boys. John's eyes widened. Looking past them, there was a strange metal object in the road, and a cluster of another nine trolls.

"First, you guys have to move that to the back yard. Then get inside!" He ordered loud enough for all twelve to hear. A few trolls moved back to the ship, and the rest moved inside. He adressed the ones now in his sitting in his living room. "I'll, uh, be right back." On his way upstairs, his dad appeared coming down.

"John, who's here?" he asked.

"Well, let's just say some friends. From the game." John made an attempt to get around him, but failed.

"Dave and them?"

"Actually, it's Karkat. And all his friends." His dad was stunned enough that John managed to get around him. "I'm telling the others!"

In his room he sat at his computer and pulled up Pesterchum. Hopefully Jade would be near her computer, and maybe Rose and Dave would hear the message sound. Copy and pasting his message to all three users, he sent out an urgent plea.

EB: Guys, I have a problem, a big one. Remember Karkat and them? They're here. All twelve aliens. Help!

Not waiting for a reply, he grabbed his PDA and rushed downstairs. His dad was making a cake in the kitchen, and the trolls were spread out. Nepeta sat on the couch with Aradia and Feferi, Vriska sat in the corner, Terezi sat on the new coffee table with her cane next to her, Kanaya on sat on her other side, and the guys were leaning against walls.

This was going to be a long night.