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Malice Mizer and the French Words

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“Ok, let’s begin our meeting,” announced Mana, causing the chatter amongst the other members to die down. “Right, you all know why we’re here today. Since we might make it big in the near future, we need to make sure that we have enough French words to name all of our songs. So, if you have any ideas, please share them now.”


“I came up with Ma Chérie,” piped up Kami happily.


“Yes, and we were so happy with that, we named our fan club after it,” smiled Mana. “You really helped us out that time.”


“Thanks, I found it on a shampoo bottle.”


“Right, any other ideas?”


“Well, there are the obvious ones,” contributed Yu~ki, nibbling on a piece of chocolate. “Places like France and Paris. Then food, like chocolat and pain-"


“We’ve already had pain,” pointed out Közi. “Remember that song? No Pains No Gains?”


“Közi, it’s the English word pain, not pain as in bread!” sighed Yu~ki. Közi genuinely seemed shocked.


“Seriously? It’s pain, not pain? I thought that song was about bread! I must have been reading it wrong this entire time! Huh, I guess No Pains, No Gains does sound better… Anyway, French words… French words… how about restaurant? Or menu?


“Those… don’t really fit into songs,” pointed out Kami.


“Nonsense, they fit our songs just fine!” exclaimed Gackt. “Welcome to le restaurant du sexe. What do you want from mon menu du sexe? I want to-"


“Gackt, if you keep this up, I won’t let you write the lyrics anymore,” interrupted Mana impatiently.


“Alright. How about… thé de l'après-midi?


Had Mana been looking at Gackt, he would have realised that he was squinting, reading those words off the bottle of tea that Kami was drinking from.


“Right, there’s also rose bleu, l’oiseau bleu, fleur, noir,” continued Mana, reading from his own list. “There’s memoire, voyage, merveilles, bois…”


“How about Voyage San Retour?” suggested Közi. “It sounds like a cool name for an album. Sans means without, like in Sans Logique. And Retour means return so…”


“That’s… that’s actually a pretty good suggestion,” smiled Mana, writing it down on his list.


“Don’t forget amour!” suggested Kami. “We could combine that with other words like… Amour Du Fleur.”


“It’s Fleur Du Amour,” corrected Mana, also adding that to this list. He was so preoccupied with writing that he didn’t even notice Yu~ki sigh.


« Non, c’est pas « Amour Du Fleur » ou « Fleur Du Amour », c’est « La Fleur de l’Amour » he whispered angrily under his breath. « Nous sommes cinq ici, mais sauf moi, il n’y a personne qui comprennent la langue du français. Ils sont nuls ! Est-ce-que Mana peut écrire une phrase sauf que les paroles de chansons Mylène Farmer ? Non, parce qu’il ne consacre aucun temps à étudier le français ! »


“Yu~ki, did you say something?” asked Közi, his head tilted to the side.


“Oh… um… how about Je Te Veux ?”


“Excellent, I’ve never heard that before!” said Mana, eagerly writing it down. Yu~ki tried not to bash his head off the table in frustration as he watched Mana misspell the French word for “I”. But he bit his tongue. After all, it would be too suspicious if the level of French in visual kei increased too much. Once again, his hidden French skills remained a secret.