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The Featherbon Chronicles

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Author Note : 


Hey, if you’re interested below I linked my petition below to give Forgotten Disney More Love ( As well as a hashtag #ForgottenDisneyLove ).. If you are reading this on fanfiction dot net  (If I ever do post it there. I haven’t decided yet.) , instead of Archive of Our Own however, I will have the link on my author profile. ( Fanfiction dot net really , really hates links, even if the link is just their website. )


Also if you're interested I'm looking for a lost piece of media called Cecile and Her Very Own Universe which aired on Noggin the summer of 2001. Here's the search guide I've compiled if you're interested in helping:

Hello and welcome to my fanfic! First off I want to say this is based off of , or more accurately a more in depth rewrite of an Emperor’s New Groove and just a Disney fanfiction I posted on Fanfiction dot net  on a different fanfiction dot net account. The story was called The Bird Who Was Empress. I intend to not only use elements from my previous story in this one , I also wanted to start the story over as I wanted to get more in depth into my fan made origin for Miss Featherbon. If you don’t know she’s the magical hummingbird guardian of Whisker Haven , a place for the Disney Princesses’ royal pets to visit and play together. Palace Pets is kind of the black sheep not only in the Disney Princess franchise but of the Disney fandom in general.  Which is a shame because I love Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets and just Palace Pets in general , so I decided this story would also be a really good way to show my love for it as well. My main inspiration is the Serena Valentino Disney Villain novels and how she tries to add more depth to the villain’s backstories. ( I kind of have a love hate relationship with those books. The writing is great , but my problems are more or less how Serena Valentino handles some sects of the film’s canon. Mainly ones that contradict sequels and other spin off material, which in general is just a Disney pet peeve of mine. ) and Once Upon a Time (Which I also have mixed feelings about.)


In this story ( almost )  every piece of Disney media , original , bought out by , or otherwise , occurs on one timeline ( But each faucet of life in this universe is ruled by a person or group of people to even out the workload , hey it can’t all be King Mickey . ) . This includes but is not limited to : Disney theatrical films both animated and live action , direct to video and dvd movies , Disney Channel Original Movies , Disney Channel Shows , Disney Animated Shorts , Pixar films ,Pixar shorts ( Including ones made pre being out by Disney) , Freeform ( Previously known as ABCFamily. ) ( Excluding The 700 Club of course for obvious reasons , we don’t need the Racist - - Homophobic - - Sexist Club here. ) shows , ABC shows , 20th Century Fox movies ( Such as Monkeybone , Anastasia , and , The Princess Bride ) , Spin off books and other material,Scrapped films , Wonderful World of Disney tv movies , Miramax films made under ownership by Disney ,Touchstone , Hollywood Pictures ,Disney Junior , Co Productions (Such as Popeye , and The Fifth Estate ) , educational films , Films and television programs distributed by Disney or their various subsidiaries , ( Such as A&E, The History Channel ( And H2 ) , ESPN , ect ) The Serena Valentino novels (Excluding contradictory matieral that disregards sequels and such) , comics (Newspaper , Marvel , Old comic books, comic adaptations , ect) , expanded universes, Precursor material not owned by Disney ( Such as The Wizard of Oz for Return to Oz , and the Ernest commercials for the Ernest films ) and much more. Also basically if Buena Vista Pictures or Buena Vista Television ( Now known by the much longer title of Disney – ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution ) it’s fair game, as well as some things previously but not currently owned by Disney and its subsidiaries. Also I love basically anything Disney , even the stuff thats hated or forgotten. ( Not only my favorite Disney movie, but my absolute favorite movie of all time is The Lion King 2 : Simba’s Pride for crying out loud! ) So expect a lot of that in the story as well. 


There are however a few exceptions and some notes that I will list here :


Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey : The Power of Two - Both great games and I adore Oswald The Lucky Rabbit ( As well as Forgotten Disney in general if you couldn’t tell ) , but the characters in the game are said to be actors and that doesn’t fit the flow of the story where these events in the movies , books , and tv shows actually occurred.

The Lion King / The Lion King : 6 New Adventures / The Lion King II : Simba’s Pride / The Lion King 1 1 \ 2 ( Or if you’re outside of The United States The Lion King 3 : Hakuna Matata ) \ Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa \ The Lion King ( 2019 ) - The Lion King timeline is already complicated as is without throwing in The Lion King : 6 New Adventures series of books. I am also a firm believer that the cub at the end of The Lion King is Kiara (My favorite movie is The Lion King 2 : Simba’s Pride , after all ... ) . I will borrow a few elements from the books however such as Ahadi and Uru being Mufasa and Scar’s parents and Scar’s birth name being Taka (He got his scar the same way that was shown in The Lion Guard rather than from a water buffalo though.) However the only sibling Kiara will have in this story is her little brother Kion who is an infant when Kiara meets Kovu. Despite Kovu’s training he and Kiara maintain a secret friendship as cubs as portrayed in The Lion King 2 Simba’s Pride Gamebreak ! And The Lion King 2 Simba’s Pride Active Play ( Known in the United Kingdom and possibly other countries as well as T he Lion King 2 : Simba’s Pride Activity Centre ) and the short story published in the 1999 Disney yearbook A Friend in Need.  Episodes of Timon and Pumbaa that don’t contradict events in the film occurred too, and Tatiana is still the princess of Timon’s colony. Somethings from the 2019 movie happen, like Nala’s sneaking off scene, and Rafiki being able to communicate with bugs. Just not the way he found out Simba was alive in the 2019 movie. Also the oasis will not be just right around the corner from Pride Rock like in the 2019 film.

101 Dalmatians \ One Hundred and One Dalamatians \ 101 Dalmatians The Series \ 101 Dalamatians II : Patch’s London Adventure \ 102 Dalmatians- Oooooooh boy! We’re getting into some complicated territory here. Basically here’s how it goes in terms of this story the 1996 live action 101 Dalmatians happens instead of the 1961 animated one. The first episode of 101 Dalmatians The Series is skipped , and 101 Dalmatians II : Patch’s London Adventure happens in its place. The other episodes of 101 Dalmatians The Series happens, and then years later after Dipstick is adopted by Chloe Simon and has puppies with his mate Dottie , 102 Dalmatians happens. This sets it in the late 90s to the early 2000s.


Song of The South - No , just no ….


Who Framed Roger Rabbit - same case as Epic Mickey above, as in this story the line between cartoons and live action are blurred to the point of non existence. Roger Rabbit still does exist though and is the nephew of Thumper. ( “Yeah, check the probate! My uncle Thumper had a problem with his probate and he had to take these big pills and drink lots of water. “)


Enchanted - Pretty much the same , except Giselle is from a far away kingdom instead, and New York is one of the few places that ban magic (Along with Salem, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles.) 


Ernest - All the commercials , the films , and the tv show Hey Vern , It’s Ernest! All happen even though the rights for the Ernest franchise are scattered all over the place , but quite a few of the movies are owned under Disney’s Touchstone label.


Wizard of Oz \ Return to Oz \ Oz The Great and Powerful - Although owned by MGM The Wizard of Oz happened because it is vital to the events of Return to Oz. 

The Fox and The Hound , The Fox and The Hound 2 , Bambi, Bambi II - For the sake of this story both these films happened in the early to mid 1980s. The Fox and The Hound 2 happens after Copper is tied up and Tod suggests they just play around Copper’s house instead.Copper’s owner Amos Slade probably let him off the leash sometimes , and it is shown in The Fox and The Hound 2 Tod has learned to bite through Copper’s collar to free him from being tied up , which it seems like he’s done before given how fast he did it. Bambi 2 starts  in the winter that’s shown in The Fox and The Hound.


Pinocchio and Gepetto - Events of the 2000 film Gepetto that do not contradict events in Pinocchio all occur. 


Doug - The events of the original Nickelodeon Doug happened as they were mentioned quite often in Disney’s version of Doug.


Once Upon a Time - Can’t really fit with the established timeline of this story.


Unbreakable - Due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( And some spin offs , comics , video games , ect … .. ) existing in this story , this movie is cut from the line up. That and as a mentally ill person it bugs me that the movies Split and Glass take place in the universe as it. Not that it would matter as Universal has taken the helm for the franchise rather than Touchstone who made the first film. That and after watching Split , it doesn’t even seem fitting enough for this. There are only a couple of non Disney movies in the timeline. Not because I don’t like non Disney movies. ( In fact I love them! I honestly could talk for hours about Back to The Future . ) but to not muddle the timeline as much. ( E . i . The Wizard of  Oz is only part of it to justify the existence of Return to Oz . They even licensed the red ruby slippers from Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer ( or MGM for short ) instead of the silver slippers from the original Wizard of Oz books. )


Miss Featherbon , being a magical being, has the ability to time travel in this story. Here , however , is a basic timeline of how the Disney Timeline (at least in this story) is :


Start of Earth and life - Dinosaurs ( Dinosaur ) - The first meteor misses ( The Good Dinosaur ) - Humans and Dinosaurs coexist ( The Good Dinosaur ) - Dinosaur start evolving ( Dinosaurs ) - The dinosaurs go extinct in the main dimension ( Dinosaurs ) and creates a new dimension where the surviving dinos go ( The Super Mario Bros Movie ) - Events leading towards modern life ( The Sword in the Stone , The Black Cauldron ) - modern life (The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday) - Robotics start becoming rather advanced ( Randy Cunningham : 9th Grade Ninja , Inspector Gadget , Inspector Gadget 2 ) - Humans evolve no longer have pinky toes ( Phil of The Future. ) - The robotic take over ( Cars , Cars 2 , Cars 3 , Car Toons, Mater and The Ghost Light, Mater’s Tall Tales, Planes , Planes 2 Fire and Rescue ) -The end of the robotic era - Humans return to earth (Wall-e), humans go extinct - animals start evolving - Animals have time periods similar to humans’ time periods as society is rebuilt ( Robin Hood , Sheriff Callie ) - Animals form a modern society ( Zootopia , Chicken Little  ect) 


Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


…… …… ……… ………   …… ……. ….. ….. …… ….  ……. …….. ….. …. …. ….. … ….. …. . 


The Featherbon Chronicles

Part 1 - The Vessel 


Main Media Focuses : Hocus Pocus , Crack The Big Lie


Chapter 1 - Something Wicked This Way Comes


Three tiny sets of feet echoed loudly in the currently closed Sanderson Sisters Museum . The three Weird Sisters Lucinda , Ruby , and Martha gathered around an old abandoned cauldron. Their white , doll painted faces brightened up as they put ingredients into it , starting a bubbling brew.


Up in the rafters a black cat lurched forward, keeping a sharp eye on the trio. His claws extended slightly as a slight snarl escaped his lips. 


Lucinda spoke first , “To you we present this brew oh Sanderson Sisters …”


Then Ruby ,  “..To Winifred , Sarah , and Mary , but not to Elizabeth …”


“ … She is upon your legacy just a blister.” Martha finished.


“Our greatest role models and idols …” Lucinda continued , followed once again by Ruby,


“...We wish to not be but a trifle …” Said Martha before the cycle started again.


“So in your honor we will create a perfect minion for your return … …”


“...... When your slumber is overturn.”


“When a virgin lights the Black Flame Candle ...”


“... This creature will for humanity, unable to handle.”


“But they will be under your control our queens of sin.”


“Now let us begin ....”


The three witches stopped taking turns and held hands as they spoke in unison,


“The fierce eyes of King Scar, a heart made of tar.

Morgana and Ursula’s unquenchable thirst for power!

The hate of Lady Tremaine on the twelfth hour!

The persuasion of Maestro Forte’s notes ,

A voice to launch a thousand boats!

For that Hades will do ,

A hint of Zira’s snarl too!

Gothel and Yzma become one ,

Add in some Dr Facilier and we’re close to done.

All those who have threatened royals , are gathered in this pot ,

And thus all their power this creature will hath got.”


The cat leapt down towards the pot with a deep hiss. He tipped it over upon contact, spilling its contents all over the floor. He approached The Weird Sisters, his back arched and teeth bared. The three backed up before pausing soon after.


“Wait sisters , could this be ….?” Lucinda started.


“.... Thackery Binx of course! The one who …”


“Tried …”


“.... And failed …”


“To save his little sister! Now wandering the world …”


“.. .... Unable to die , in the form of a …”


“.. ... Mere housecat … ..”


The sisters giggled in unison as Thackery Binx let out another hiss and stepped forward. His paws were now damp in the potion that had spilled.


Lucinda looked at her sisters and in an unspoken agreement they once again joined hands and continued their chant ,


“Harbored in the body of Thackery Binx

Once the light of The Black Flame blinks 

The creature will be born ,

From Thackery’s body it will be torn.

Ready to serve their three mistresses of hell

At the ring of but a bell.

On that night he will wish to die

Oh escape the pain he will try

But it is unwise

No matter what he does the creature will rise!”


Binx felt an overwhelming sense of pain come over him. He howled and hissed , gripping his paws tightly over his head. The sisters cackled as they left , slamming the door behind them. Binx waited until their tiny footsteps faded from ear range before he leapt back onto the rafters. 


His head throbbed and he was barely able to grab ahold of the wooden beams with his claws. The wood chipped and peeled under his paws. Binx’s grip gave way as he crashed to the floor. Though immortal the pain still pulsated through him.


His ears were ringing as he rolled onto a part of the floorboards secluded in the shadows and closed his eyes.