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Peregrines are we

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The house was empty and dark, not that Maya cared as she let out a relieved sigh. She’d managed to stop any more people being drawn into the place, saved them from having their eyes and lips sewn shut, saved their lives. Protected people as she should have protected them before.

It was not anyone’s fault but her own that people had been drawn in, mutilated, killed. She had wished for that human connection, that reassurance that she was not alone. The child that she had been had not understood what the adults in her life were trying to do, and had brought about their destruction because of their own kindness.

There was no need for kindness now, she knew. The village was gone, and she could only keep the darkness from spreading farther. The last person it had touched had been foreign, with dark skin and blue eyes, a young woman no older than Maya herself that spoke with accented words that Maya still somehow understood.

It was that girl that had brought Maya to herself, that she could be whole; that gave her the strength to understand who she was and what she’d done. It was that girl that would be in Maya’s thoughts for the rest of time because she was the one who had undone what Maya had done, bringing the two Mayas together again.

Maya reached out, thanked the girl as best she could, even if she knew the girl couldn't hear her. Then she reached out her hand to her other half. "Let's be together. Let's make this a home."

"Let's," her other self replied, and took her hand. Together, they would make everything right.