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Don't Wish and Tell

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Aizawa, Shirakumo, and Yamada, otherwise known as the jokes of class 2-A, were currently at the Shirakumo residence to study. Well, there was an attempt to study, Aizawa isn’t how sure successful they are in actually doing it. Yamada gets distracted easily and Shirakumo is . . . distracting. Aizawa was the only with enough self restraint to stay on task, or at least to try to.

The sound of pattering rain filled Sharkumo’s living room. A sound Aizawa usually found calming, but it’s effectiveness is null at moment, finding himself frustrated that he’s probably read this same line three times now. He was about to run his hands through his hair when he felt something hit his ankle.

“Sorry,” Shirakumo said, from right next to Aizawa. They were sitting way too close to each other in Aizawa’s opinion, but pushing Shirakumo away only seems to move Shirakumo closer somehow, so he's long given up on trying to.

“It’s fine,” Aizawa said, before he reread the same line again for the fourth time.

A couple of minutes later he felt Shirakumo’s foot hit his again.

Aizawa ignored it and he ignored it the next times two times Shirakumo hit his leg. The third time was his breaking point, he finally looked up at his friends face, who now had the audacity to look innocent.

“What?” Shirakumo asked with faux obliviousness.

“Something wrong, Shouta?” Yamada asked.

“Yeah, something wrong?” Shirakumo asked.

Aizawa was already too tired for this. Instead of dignifying Shirakumo with a response, he just resisted the urge to roll his eyes and went back to his book.

Aizawa didn’t understand why when he said he was going to study today, the two of them insisted they make it a group thing, especially if this was what they were going to do with it. Aizawa should know better at this point than to question why they do anything, and just accept this as his cruel fate.

Shirakumo didn’t get the hint and hit Aizawa’s leg again or he did and simply chose to ignore it, the second option seemed more likely. Aizawa should just ignore him since it’s clear Shirakumo no longer had any intentions of actually studying anymore, but Shirakumo always had a strange effect on him. So instead of doing the sensible thing, he found himself giving Shirakumo a taste of what he’s been giving out.

Aizawa hit the side of his foot against Shirakumo’s foot and even though Aizawa couldn’t seem him, he could feel that Shirakumo was smiling. It was this weird buzzing feeling, Aizawa wondered if he'd been spending too much time with the guy.

This time around instead of a light kick, Shirakumo dug his foot into the back of Aizawa’s ankle. It didn’t hurt, but it was like it made Aizawa feel . . . awake. Not a common feeling for him, it was almost too much. He was too aware. He adjusted his posture and did his best to subtly get his leg away from Shirakumo, an attempt to not alert Yamada to whatever it is they were doing.

Aizawa finally managed to maneuver his ankle away from Shirakumo’s foot, but now both of their legs were pressed against each other in a battle for who can push the other's leg back towards the owner.

The battle was neck and neck when Yamada interjected with, “Did either of you find the section where they talked about the police force and when they stopped using quirks?”

Aizawa then realized that if he had an issue before with rereading the same line, it pales in comparison to looking down at his book and having no idea as to where he even stopped reading, or to make things worse, when he stopped reading. Embarrassment flowed through Aizawa’s veins.

The police force, Aizawa felt he had read something about that. He looked at the questions he has answered on his study guide and noticed he hadn’t gotten that far. His progress pre vs post Shirakumo becoming blatantly obvious to him.

“I haven’t gotten to that yet,” Aizawa finally answered.

“Me neither,” Shirakumo answered. Aizawa took a look at Shirakumo’s notebook and saw the mostly blank page, and resisted the urge to shake his head. Yamada leaned over the table and took a look at Aizawa’s notes. 

“Woah! Am I beating you?! I told you this is the year of Hizashi Yamada,” he announced.

Aizawa already wanted this conversation to be over with.

“Really? I like the sound of that!” Shirakumo said as rested as his chin on his hand. A sign that he wasn’t going to let this conversation end anytime soon.

“What isn’t there to like, my man,” Yamada said.

Aizawa thought while they chattered this was a good opportunity for him to catch up on what they were supposed to be doing.

“Hope you don’t mind me making next year my year, Hizashi?” Shirakumo asked.

“Just give me credit.”

Shirakumo laughed before saying, “Will do!”

Aizawa hoped talking to Yamada was enough to distract Shirakumo, but apparently he was a good multitasker when he wanted to be, because his leg against Aizawa’s wasn’t letting up in the slightest.

Aizawa was actually making progress when Shirakumo’s foot accidentally went up way too high on Aizawa’s calf and on instinct Aizawa kicked his leg forward and hit something hard.

“OW!” Yamada yelled.

Aizawa thought crawling into hole to die sounded like a good alternative right now.

“Sorry,” Aizawa muttered.

“It’s okay, man. If you want to play footsies, be more gentle next time, alright,” he teased.

The word footsies haunted Aizawa’s mind.

Is that what they were doing?

He didn’t know what to make with that or why it was making his stomach churn. 

“And include me in on it,” Shirakumo said with a nudge.

Aizawa simply glared at Shirakumo and hoped his friend wasn’t thinking he was being clever right now, he was being . . . Aizawa didn’t even have to energy to begin to explain.

Shirakumo and Yamada went back on to being the distracting and the distracted once more, talking animatedly among each other. While Aizawa was serious this time about going back to studying, he was serious those last times too, but he’s making sure to be doubly so this time around.

Shirakumo wasn’t making it easy as he kicked Aizawa’s foot again.

Compromise and collaboration, Aizawa remembered being taught.

“Yeah and then I- ,” Shirakumo started before he hopped back in his seat. What cut him off was Aizawa improvising and finding a middle ground where he crossed his leg with Shirakumo’s leg.

Aizawa realized he’s achieved something near impossible, he got the Loud Cloud incarnate to stop talking.

“Did Aizawa kick you too, Oboro?” Yamada asked.

“No. Unfortunately,” Aizawa answered before Shirakumo could.

Shirakumo was saved from answering by the ring of Yamada’s phone.

“Oh, my mom’s outside,” Yamada explained as he checked his phone.

“See you tomorrow,” Shirakumo said.

“Bye,” Aizawa said, keeping it simple.

“Don’t you two have too much fun without me,” he said as he stuffed his belongings into his backpack.

Shirakumo gasped. “Wouldn’t dream of it, dude,” he said wrapping his arm around Aizawa’s shoulders, Aizawa remained unphased.

Yamada left the two with one last set of finger guns, before venturing out into the rain and his mom’s car.

Aizawa found himself suddenly wishing for Yamada to come back. With him gone it made him aware of his and Shirakumo’s current position. The sound of the rain seemed to now match the speed of his heart.

He was about to unhook his leg from Shirakumo’s, when his friends suddenly let out a huge, “OH!”

Aizawa just blinked over at him, knowing it really didn’t make a difference if Aizawa did or didn’t show interest in what Shirakumo had to say.

“I totally forgot to bring this up while Hizashi was here,” Shirakumo went on to explain. “I finally came up with our hero team name.”

Aizawa wasn’t originally to keen on the idea, but he has to admit the more Shirakumo talked about, the more it didn’t seem too bad. He’s still debating it though.

“Here it is. Loud Cloud, Eraserhead, and Present Mic, ‘The Fearsome Threesome’. Hope you don’t mind me giving myself top billing, I made sure to give you second since we came up with this team thing together,” he said while patting Aizawa on the chest.

“I don’t think that name means what you think it does,” Aizawa said.

“Or does it,” he said with a wink.

Aizawa clenched his jaw to fight back a smile and just shook his head in disbelief.

“Think about it,” he said.

“No thanks,” Aizawa replied.

There was a quiet and awkward moment,  or maybe it was just Aizawa feeling the awkwardness. The word ‘shame’ didn’t exist in Shirakumo’s vocabulary, so he doubts the guy finds anything awkward or embarrassed ever, like how he clearly has no problems with being friends with a guy like him. Aizawa shrugged Shirakumo’s arm off.

“Shouldn’t you be studying right now,” he reminded.

“Yeah,” he answered with a shrug. “But you’re so much more fun, Shouta,” he said, only further proving Aizawa’s theory of him having no shame to be correct.

“Am I?” he asked flatly.

“Uh huh.”

“Is that what this is?” he asked while swinging their conjoined legs to give Shirakumo a hint to what he was talking about.

“Is that what, what is?” Shirakumo asked. Shirakumo was teasing him, Aizawa didn’t buy his innocent looking face, no matter how convincing it was.

“This,” he started, needing to pause so he can build up what it takes to say this next part. “You know what I mean,” he chickened out.

“I don’t know, Shouta,” He said putting his finger on his chin. “You’re going to need to be more specific.”

Aizawa wondered why they were even friends.

He swallowed, preparing himself once again. 

“This footsies thing,” Aizawa gritted out. He’s pretty sure apart of his soul died the moment the word 'footsies' left his mouth.

“Oh! That! Well why didn’t you just say so,” Shirakumo said and Aizawa mustered his best unimpressed look. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. You were having fun too, weren’t you?” he asked, his look all too coy.

Aizawa thought back on it and he hates to admitm but Shirakumo was right. He was having fun. Oh man, Footsies? Aizawa thought in anguish. How old were they, twelve? Instead of the much more mature sixteen.

“SHOUTA!” Shirakumo said alarmingly and Aizawa froze in worry. “Don’t move,” he said.

Good thing he was already still. Aizawa’s only challenge being the way Shirakumo eyes scanned his face. It was with a surprising softness, like one from a cloud . . . Ironic or was the right word ‘coincidental’.

Aizawa fought with himself to not dart his gaze elsewhere. They were just friends, right? Nothing about this should make him feel on edge. He’s seen the way Shirakumo looks at Kayama, so nothing to act weird over.

“Is there something on my-,”

“Shh,” he said softly.

Shirakumo hushing Aizawa? Now that’s when you can use the word ironic.

Shirakumo the brought up his hand towards Aizawa’s face, with a surprising amount of gentleness. Aizawa then used every muscle in his body to not pull himself away when Shirakumo’s thumb pressed against cheek and Shirakumo’s knuckle accidentally grazed his bottom lip.

“What was that?” Aizawa asked when Shirakumo moved his hand away. Happy his voice remained even unlike his heartbeat.

“Look,” Shirakumo said before he raised his hand into Aizawa’s view.

Aizawa tore his gaze from the sky blue eyes, eyes that were way too close, to look down at what Shirakumo’s hand had to with this.

An eyelash?

Aizawa’s dark eyelash to be specific.

Aizawa felt this was weird. This is weird, isn’t it?

“Uh, yeah?” Aizawa asked not knowing what else to say.

“Well, come on, make a wish,” Shirakumo instructed, as if that was obvious next conclusion.


“Super,” he answered with a smile so bright and his hair floating so freely.

It all sounded so silly to Aizawa. Making wishes on eyelashes? Maybe they really are twelve.

“If you don’t want to, I’ll do it,” Shirakumo added.

“It’s my eyelash,” Aizawa said, surprising himself with how suddenly defensive he became. He’s been hanging around Shirakumo too much, why should he care about some eyelash.

“Come on then,” he encouraged.

This is so stupid.

Aizawa’s eyes flicked down to the eyelash and thought about what he should wish for. His life wasn’t perfect but he has everything he needed, the rest was just up to him.

He then flicked his eyes back up back towards his friend. Shirakumo always looked at him as if he was searching for something. For what? Aizawa had no clue, but whatever it was he saw in Aizawa seemed to never disappoint him. Aizawa didn’t get it.

“Got it?” Shirakumo asked.

“Yeah,” Aizawa lied. Realizing he spent most of his wishing time, looking at Shirakumo.

“Blow,” he instructed.


“Come on,” he said swinging their tangled legs, reacting to the face Aizawa mys have made.

Aizawa looked down at the tan thumb of his friend, where his eyelash sat on top, sitting perfectly still.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, he thought, but he also felt a part of himself wanting to try. He’s getting soft in his young age, or maybe it’s just because-, he doesn’t want to go there.

He took in a breath and blew on his friends thumb.

“Knew you could do it, Shouta,” he said.

Aizawa looked back at Shirakumo and thought he looked different, then he realized it wasn’t that, no it was just that Aizawa felt different. He can’t put a name to what the feeling is, but he knows he’s feeling it, right now.

“What did you wish for?”

“If I tell you, wouldn’t it not come true?” he asked, making sure he sounded disinterested despite feeling otherwise.

“Yeah, but I’m special, aren’t I?” Shirakumo asked, scooting in closer so they were now shoulder to shoulder.

Aizawa rolled his eyes, but Shirakumo wasn’t wrong, he was special. Aizawa knew he was going to be a great hero some day. He usually gags at sentimental things like this, but he didn’t know how else to describe it other than it was just a feeling he had, and there was no doubt about it in his mind.

“Ouch,” Shirakumo said jokingly at Aizawa’s nonverbal reply.

Aizawa then couldn’t stop himself letting out a laugh and Shirakumo joined along with him. Shirakumo’s laugh was something Aizawa’s heard thousands of times, but he hasn’t grown sick of hearing it yet, and he's sure he probably never will.

When the laughter subsided and the sounds of rain came back to take its place, this foreign feeling also came back in. It was inescapable, it was as if it filled up the whole room. Shirakumo looked at him with a grin and a scrunched nose, the scrunch also affecting the bandage placed down right on the bridge of it. Aizawa knew it fruitless, but he never wanted Shirakumo to stop looking at him like that, he wanted Shirakumo to always see whatever it was he was searching for whenever he looked at him.

His eyes then fell down to Shirakumo’s smile, and a hunger he’s never felt before suddenly swept over him, it was a hunger so uniquely Shirakumo. There was no denying what it was this time as he found himself the one leaning towards Shirakumo.

Shirakumo’s lips felt so soft, like he was pressing on pillows, it just wanted to make him push in more.

Then with the delicacy of a sledgehammer, the realization that they’re just friends, hit him. He pulled away quickly and tried to rationalize it. His brain was mush from studying, he was just caught up in the moment, and it was raining. Aizawa didn’t know what the rain bit was supposed to mean, but he needed reasons.

“See. You’re way more fun than studying,” Shirakumo said, sounding notably not mad like Aizawa had feared. What he also said sent that buzzing feeling through Aizawa again, a buzzing so strong he didn’t know what to do with it.

He still felt he should still apologize, he went in without thinking or asking. “I’m-,” he started and was followed by an embarrassing squeak when Shirakumo cut him off with his own mouth. “Sorry,” he finally finished when Shirkumo pulled away.

Shirakumo just looked at him with a happy smile and this time around they both leaned in. What followed was a series of small experimental kiss, it was nothing more than a press of lips, but Aizawa was right to describe it as hunger earlier, but instead of feeling full at a point, he only wanted more.

This time they kissed for a lot longer than their previous ones and pulled away slightly out of breath.

“Shouta,” he said barely above a whisper.

“Oboro,” he said, out of breath.

Shirakumo then pulled their combined legs closer towards himself, legs that never separated this entire time. Before they then went back to kissing. Aizawa finally understood why all those silly movies built up to it so much, there was nothing quite like it.

They kissed and kissed, the thought of studying long gone from either of their minds.

Shirakumo was the one to pull away first and followed by saying, “Let me catch my breath for a second.”

“Alright,” Aizawa said the truth being he wasn’t faring any better in the breathing department. They both began laughing again, not at anything funny, but because they didn’t know how else to express this warm feeling inside of them.

“I’m good now,” he said eagerly. He leaned in again but suddenly stopped at the sound of the front door unlocking. They both pulled away from each other and scrambled to look like they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.

The door opened and Mrs. Shirakumo walked in and started taking off her shoes.

“Oh Aizawa, it's good seeing you here,” she said and he felt himself wanting hide behind his hair.

“Hello,” he said, probably way too quietly.

“Hey Mom!”

Mrs. Shirakumo gasped and Aizawa felt like they were just discovered, even though he knew it impossible. “Are those books I see on my table?” she asked and Aizawa’s shoulder relaxed. She walked over with her hands on her hips. “Is my little Oboro, studying?” she asked and Aizawa couldn’t help, but find it funny.

“Mom! I study!” Shirakumo said. Aizawa and Mrs. Shirakumo gave have him looks of disbelief. “Sometimes,” he then added.

“Sometimes?” Aizawa asked.

“Occasionally,” Shirakumo said correcting his earlier answer.

Mrs. Shirakumo let out a nice laugh before saying, “Aizawa, you should come over more if that’s what it takes to get my knucklehead to study,” she said.

Aizawa felt slightly guilty, because he wasn’t even sure how much studying Shirakumo actually got done. The number wasn’t looking to high.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Shirakumo said giving Aizawa a nudge. Aizawa wouldn’t be surprised if his arm has a permanent bruise from all the times Shirakumo does it. “Mom!” he said.


“Remember that team-up I told you about,” he said wrapping his arm around Aizawa . . . again.


“I finally came up with a name.”

“Oh, okay, let me hear it,” she said and Aizawa wanted really wanted to go home right about now.

“‘The Fearsome Threesome’, has a ring to it, huh?” he said and his mother gave him a very concerned look. Aizawa couldn’t blame her, he’s concerned too.

“I think you need to go back to the drawing board.”

“Really? First Shouta and now you.”

“I wonder why?” Aizawa said sarcastically, making both Shirakumos laugh.

“I’m just ahead of time, just wait and see,” Shirakumo then said.

“If you say so, honey,” Mrs. Shirakumo said.

Aizawa watched them talk back and forth, and found himself hoping that he had another eyelash fall off again, because he knows exactly what he would wish for this time.