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The world of pleasure

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This is a dream.

This had been my first thought when I reached this world. This was still my thought even now. What a bizarre, utterly alien universe. No perhaps…

"You are spacing out." Kawase said annoyed from behind me, whispering in my ear and gyrating his hips, his cock scooping the sperm already inside of me. "Are we boring you?"

"Leave him, Kawase." Minakami said careful, lowering in front of me and caressing my face, his lips hit mine as I open them, allowing him inside.

"Tsk, just watch out that you don't touch me." He replied annoyed, burying himself into me with a particular thrust, his hips slapping against me. "I don't mind much if it's Hanazawa, but if it's you is seriously disgusting."

"Don't fight." Hanazawa said suddenly from behind Kawase.

I wanted to say something myself, but I always felt overwhelmed when these three ganged up on me, so I just let myself be handled by them.

"How does it feel Tamamori?" Hanazawa asked me. I couldn't see him from this position and with Minakami's lips in the way, but he was probably watching as Kawase continued to thrust into me.

"I-It's good." I murmured embarrassed.

"He's sucking me in, eh." Kawase smirked, ramming himself into me, sending me ahead, my face almost hitting against Minakami's. "Though it's a pain to go after you, he's always a bit too lose."

"Sorry." Hanazawa replied, though he was probably just being polite… Then again, it looked Kawase was complimenting him.

"Eh, but it also feels good. All the sperm is making my cock go in faster. Wanna fuck me as I do him? I don't mind. Unless Tamamori wants to take two again."

"I'll do you. We shouldn't leave everything to Tamamori." His words sounded kind, despite the way he usually made love to me.

I could sense him moving and coming closer, his cock rubbing against Kawase's asscheeks.

"Do you mind?" Minakami whispered looking at me. He had been content just watching and caressing me for now, as the other two manhandled me. It was always like this with Minakami, putting other's pleasure over his. But I…

"Y-Yeah… I want to suck you."

"Tsk, you sure love to play favorites." Kawase commented with a pint of sarcasm, his cock pulsating into me. "Ah, like this…" He moaned, and I could sense by the way his body contracted that Hanazawa had entered him.

Minakami placed his hips in front of me, his cock hard, glistering and ready. I timidly reached for it, licking my lips, wrapping myself around the red gland…

"Ta-Tamamori." He moaned dry, as I slowly took him in, his scent filling my mouth and nose.

Suddenly, a powerful thrust hit me from behind and I found myself taking more of it in my mouth than I expected.

"Sorry." Kawase murmured. I couldn't see his face, but he actually sounded genuinely apologetic. Like he wanted to make up to me, his lips touched my back, dropping small kisses over it, until he reached my ears, his teeth nibbling them. "I love you." I whispered, before pressing his tongue into it.

Hanazawa was probably thrusting into him, and I know well how powerful his movements could be.

Well, I was feeling pretty good, all things considered. So I pushed my hips backward, meeting his thrusts as my tongue and throat took care of Minakami's pulsating erection in my mouth.

Kawase laughed. "Alright then, Hanazawa. Don't hold back. Fuck us both."

I briefly wondered if he had this in mind in the first place.

I could hear Hanazawa's muffle moans and suddenly I could feel Kawase's hips hitting against mine at full force, sending shocks of pleasure and forcing myself onto Minakami's cock.

Finding the perfect rhythm, all we had to do  now was abandon ourselves to desire once more…. And so our moans filled the room, calling each other names as Hanazawa's powerful hips forced us toward our pleasures.

Kawase was the first and I could feel him, his warmth filling me inside and joining Hanazawa's. Minakami and I came together, his warmth filling in my mouth, his voice calling out my name and his love for me as I forced myself to suck him dry. And finally Hanazawa, his orgasm putting an end to our dance.

Ah, this must be a dream, this overwhelming pleasure.

This is what I thought again once pleasure flew through me, even as Kawase slid outside of me, my hole open by the shape of their cocks, the mess they had left inside of me sliding to my legs and onto the bed.

"I'm tired." He moaned, letting himself fall on the bed, reaching for my hands and pulling me toward him to give me a kiss.

"Tsk, is this..?" His face twisted, realizing what he had just done. His hand reached for his own lips, the tips of his fingers quickly becoming sticky.

"Minakami's." I  somehow felt sympathetic, smiling at him, though I probably shouldn't have done that.

"Whatever. I need to smoke. What about you two?" He turned around looking at the others, as he let me go.

"Tamamori is probably tired, so I'd like to rest too." Minakami said kindly, sitting on the bed as his hand reached over to nuzzle my hair.

"..." I blushed, letting myself fall near Kawase.

Though I wouldn't mind doing it a bit more, it's been a while since I've been with Minakami… maybe he doesn't want to go after the other two?

"It's the same for me. I don't mind either way." Hanazawa spoke and I turn toward him, realizing it's the first time I see him since we started. He was standing there, naked, his cock dirty with his own cum. Even flaccid, his form was always impressive and a bit terrifying to me.

This must be a dream. A dream were Minakami, Kawase, Hanazawa, and I were all together. A world were we put out differences asides. A world where no one has to die.

What a wonderful dream this was… Was it wrong for me for wanting to indulge in it as much as I could?

"I wouldn't mind doing it a bit more." I spoke suddenly, my voice surprising even to myself

Kawase laughed. "You are really turning into a bona fide pervert."

"Shut up." I egged him with my elbow.

"Well, I'm too tired, and my ass is sore." He reached over, massaging it. Unlike me, it was clear, he probably decided to keep Hanazawa's release inside of him. "Unlike you, I can't take it much."

"Shut up." I elbowed him again.

However, he was right. Both Minakami and he had offered to take bottom for me, but I always refused.

"Hanazawa? Minakami?"

They both looked at each other and nodded. The Minakami and Hanazawa of my world had hated each other, but these two… it was different. I guess they managed to put their differences aside. Or maybe…

"Alright…" I murmured, raising myself. My eyes meet Kawase, who was laying naked with his legs crossed, his eyes saying "Good luck."

"Let's do it together." Hanazawa said nodding, gripping my arms and pulling me toward him.

"I love you." He said, then pressed his lips against mine, unlike Kawase he didn't seem to mind the fact the other's cock had been on me.

"H-Hanazawa" His arms lifted me easily, holding my thighs, as I hugged his neck to hold myself, his body hard under my fingers, my own cock coming alive under his muscles.

Suddenly another pair of hands reach for me, kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. "Tamamori."

I found myself sandwiched between the two, at their completely mercy, their cocks poking my entrance.

"You go first." Hanazawa said, looking at the other, then capturing my lips again.

"Take a deep breath." Minakami whispered, kissing my neck, and pressing himself into me, my used entrance allowing him with great ease, sperm still flowing out with every movement.

"As expected," Kawase laughed. With my breath stolen by Hanazawa, I could not look at him. "If you keep asking for it, you wouldn't be able to have normal sex anymore, Tamamori."

"Shut up." I wanted to yell at him but my senses were completely overtaken by Hanazawa, as Minakami slowly melted my insides.

"That won't be a problem." Hanazawa replied sudden and I could feel him poking my ass with his cock, touching the point where me and Minakami were joined as one. "I'm putting it in too."

"W-wait---" I tried to interject, but my words were suffocated. His cock broke my defenses with ease, sliding side by side with Minakami's as he burrowed himself into me, touching places neither Kawase nor Minakami could reach.

"Be careful." Minakami said reprimanding the other, kissing my neck and leaving a bite mark.

"He's fine." Kawase cut in. "Look at that face."

Ah. What maddening pleasure is this. One of my hands reached for Hanazawa, caressing his face. "M-More." The other one reached for Minakami, pushing his lips into mine. "I love you."

That was all they needed.

Their movements became almost ferocious, slamming into me into disorganized thrusts, even the ever gentle Minakami becoming and more and more inhibited, the sound of his and Hanazawa's meat slapping into me, rubbing together into disorganized thrusts.

We must have looked completely obscene.

"I'm---" Hanazawa grinned his teeth, staring into my eyes.

"Together." Minakami moaned and gripping my hips he slammed into me into one powerful thrust, their warmth flowing copiously into me.

Ah, it was too much.

It took almost a minute for us to recover, Minakami letting me go, as Hanazawa slowly brought me to the bed, my breathing heavy. I must have look awful, my own chest and belly covered in my own cum.

"That was pretty good, Tamamori." Kawase suddenly reached from behind me, whispering in my ear. "Let's do it next time too. Me and Minakami, alright? Or would you prefer Hanazawa? Or maybe…" He whisked.

"Shut up." I jerked at him annoyed, turning around and smashing my lips into his. Then I laughed. "Eh, this mean you kissed both Minakami's cock and Hanazawa's lips."

"Oh?" He smirked back. "Well, I don't mind since it's through you. Next time, do Hanazawa's cock. I've always wanted to suck him, but I'm still not at the point I can touch him directly."

"You always have to win, don't you." Then I turned around, falling on the bed, and closing my eyes.

"I guess this is enough for today. Where are my clothes."

"You should stay Minakami. Let's all sleep in the same bed."

"That's…" Minakami bit his tongue and looked at Kawase.

He shrugged. "It's fine. Just don't come too close. I'll put Tamamori between us and I'll let Hanazawa on my side. What do you say Hanazawa?"

"Alright." He sat on the bed, the sheets sinking under the weight of his muscles.

"Stop fighting." I growled, my hands reaching for both Minakami and Kawase, holding each of them.

"Fine, fine." Kawase sighed entwining his fingers into mine. Minakami on other hand pressed his lips on me, stealing a quick peck. "Good night."

"I love you." I whispered. "A-all of you."