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Fixing Things

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—I wondered when you might show up.

—Figured you’d waited long enough.

—I’m used to it.

—You’re wearing your hair down again.


—Looks nice.

—Thanks. You look… tall.

—It wasn’t s’posed to be like this.


—Of course not.

—It was foolish, what you did. You should’ve left me there in the dark and gone.

—Without you?

—Oh, please. You’re the son of Leia and Han. A prince. I’m nobody, remember? Worse than no one.

—They loved you. You know that.

—It should have been me. Buried with the rest of the Sithspawn.

—You’re wrong.

—And to think I thought you were the monster, once.

—I was.

—A handsome one. Understanding, gentle.

—Please don’t.

—I’m fine. Just a bit of dust.

—I only ever wanted to make things right. But for a long time, I didn’t know what that meant.

—You don’t have to prove anything. Not to me.

—I know.

—I never got a chance to say thank you.

—Well. That kiss—

—Hold on a sec. This damned skyhopper… Can’t imagine it’ll ever fly again.

—Why bother? You’ve got the Falcon.

—It feels good. Tryin’ to fix things.

—She looks great, by the way. Dad’d be glad you’ve held onto her.

—Fastest ship in the parsec, I think. It’s home.

—Shame I can’t go with you.

—Go where?

—Anywhere but here.

—Tatooine’s not so bad. It’s quiet. Out of the way.

—Like Jakku?

—Don’t you dare.

—I’m serious. There’s a whole galaxy out there. Full of green and life and music.

—I’ve seen it. Force had other plans for me.

—Still holdin’ on.

—I do miss you, Ben.

—I’m right here.

—You know what I mean.

—I was dead long before we met.

—I know the feeling.

—You saved so many lives. The Jedi’ll live on because of you. And the Rebellion.

—You’re a hero, too, you know.

—Was just helping a friend.

—Friends? That what we’re calling ourselves?

—Call it what you want, sweetheart.

—That’s more like it, Solo.

—Listen to that drive purr. Nicely done.

—Just needed a little love. And a fresh converter.

—Look how grubby your hands are.

—I am not afraid to smack a ghost.

—Put the spanner down first.

—I cried so hard, and for so long. Yet here you are.

—Glad I found you.

—What’s it like, out where you are?

—Eternity? It’s beautiful. An ocean of stars, all the light in the universe. But it doesn’t have you.

—I’ll meet you there. One day.

—I know you will.

—Just have a few things I need to do first.

—I’ll wait.

—It won’t take long. And you’ll be with me.

—We got lucky. Didn’t we?

—Yeah, starfighter. You sure did.