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The Animal At the Camp

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Gwen deepened her nails into the handful of sheets, gripping them tighter. She stared aimlessly at the wall as her fellow counselor slept soundly across the room. The room was quiet, cold. Usually, this would be something she’s quite fond of but it died out since then.  

There was this off feeling. This feeling of an unbalanced nature. 

It almost felt like a regular day at the camp but something wasn’t right. Gwen couldn’t seem to pinpoint what it was. It’s like its right in front of her eyes yet must be hitting her blindspot. 

If you know something’s wrong you shouldn’t continue to stand there like it’s not, right? Don’t ever just stand there. 



“Seriously guys,” Max began, looking around at everyone, making sure their attention was pointed towards him. “I can’t be the only one who finds this who finds this whole thing suspicious?” By the looks he received it didn’t seem like it. The wild, stressed expression across his face certainly didn’t help his case. 

“I think that tv show we watched last night scrambled your brain Max,” Nikki replies, adding a cuckoo gesture. “You don’t really think David’s an alien, do you?” She cocked her head in curiosity. 

“No, of course not! Do you?” He asks as a stretched smile begins forming, reaching to scratch the back of his head. 

“Why would aliens take David’s body when they can take the body of John Cena? Or Guy Fieri?” Nikki exclaims. 

Everyone just stood there in silence looking at him. 

“Fine,” He tells them. “If you’re not going to help me I’ll just get to the bottom of this myself,” he turned around letting his back face them before stalking off to somewhere. 



“Bunch of bastards think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! He looked at me!” Max rambled while walking towards the tents. As if I’m crazy... Am I? No! C’mon Max, think! There’s gotta be something I can find to show them wrong. His thoughts weren’t able to consume any further with a sudden voice coming to volume. 

“Hoo, all this card counseling has me famished! Why I’m so hungry I could eat… YOU!” 

You? That familiar voice... “Holy SHIT, SPACE KID!” Max gripped the hair on the sides of his head, tugging at the grip roughly downward. Ripping the tent’s flap back, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN’ ON?!”

All there was to witness was David sitting inside like a child with his snack. “Well, hi there Max! You just caught me in the middle of my snack break!” His genuineness didn’t seem to crack. “Gingerbread man?” He offers, shaking the cookie in hand. 

“Wh-What did you do with Space Kid.. ?” 

“Oh, he’s gone.” David trailed, looking off to the other side of the room. 

Gone? What do you mean by gone, you were just talking to him. 

Breaking his thoughts “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some more counseling work to do,” he says, pushing Max from behind out of the tent. “I just can’t wait for our session, Max! I’ve got something really special for you.” He drags, slyly retreating back into the tent. 

Holy shit. 

Gwen couldn’t help herself but smile. She could feel her cheeks starting to burn as another message popped up on her screen. For once, she had found someone she could finally talk to. They’ve been talking for quite some time now and were planning on him coming to secretly visit. He was supposed to be coming in the next couple of days hopefully but not to focus too much on that subject Gwen switched it to something juicier. 

“Hey Gwen,” she quickly, unintentionally slammed her phone against the table. When she looked over she could see Max standing there, looking at her with that face.  


“What? You didn’t even give me a chance to say anything yet!” Usually, Max wouldn’t be the one to get worked up so soon but now isn’t the time for this.

“Don’t matter. I don’t want to hear it.” There seemed to be no getting through to her. 

“Look, I won’t explain it,” his voice sounded pressing, the way it lowered, the way the tone switched. “P-please could you do this one favor for him?” 

Gwen’s eyes widened. She thought she’d never hear- see him this way. The expression on his face was beginning to sink in on her. She could feel the bags beginning to transfer under her eyes. Letting out a sigh, “okay, I’m listening.”

“Hey Gwen, you haven’t happened to see Max anywhere around here? It’s time for our session!” David asks her curiously, bringing his hands close to his chest.

“He was beginning to feel ill, so I gave him some medicine and told him to lie down for a bit.” She didn’t break her contact with her phone when she told him. Even though she wasn’t directly looking at him she could see his expression briefly break into something sour. 

He stepped back, “oh well I guess..”

“Mhm,” Gwen desperately tried not to turn to look at him as he started walking away from her. She watched from the corner of her eyes as much as he could before he was out of her sight. 

It was finally night time. Though not much has happened today it still was just as exhausting as the others. 

As the hot water poured on her back, her muscles began to relax. She could feel the tension in them lessen more and more. The water was hot enough to hurt the average person but Gwen has grown accustomed to it. It always felt good to start unwinding with a hot shower. 

When she opened the door to the bathroom, she was met with a cool breeze. She didn’t get the chance to quite look around the room, she just went over to her bed. The bed was a twin that seemed much smaller than a normal twin. It was doable though, even with its creaks it makes with the slightest movement. 

Her hands were prepared to pull back the thin blanket but she made no further movement. There was something odd, something off. Picking her head up she noticed the room was more empty. Everything seemed to be here yet the room felt shallow and cold. 

David, Gwen thought. She mentally slapped herself at the realization. She knew something was off, knew that something was missing. How she could let that tall redhead slip through her mind. It was strange since he usually would be here by now waiting for his turn in the bathroom. 

Leaving her bed, she slowly walked over to the cabin’s door, grasping its knob gently. There was a bit of hesitation with it. She didn’t fully believe what Max told her earlier nor did she want to but it did have her thinking. 

Her body stilled. She stood there with her posture being as straight and as stiff as a wall. There’s no telling what could be waiting on the other side of the door. But what about David? Hell, for all she knew he could be standing on the other side… waiting. 

She retrieved her hand from the nob seemingly as there was nothing she could do but sit here and wait. She hadn’t noticed that she held the knob for some time until she felt the cool air hit her soon to be sweaty hands. This situation was beginning to make her anxious but she needed to remain calm. To keep herself distracted from the upcoming thoughts, she began pacing around the room. Pacing and pacing, she must’ve kept this up for at least a minute or two. As she paced to the door, she heard something. It was hard to make out but it was around the cabin. This was making Gwen’s anxious reaching to its rooftop. She quickly got to the door, locking it then slowly backing away from it, keeping her eyes locked onto it. 

“Fuck,” the doorknob started to jiggle a little bit. It was time for her to act and to act fast. She quickly turned around, glancing her head around the room to see anything that could be used as a weapon. Before she knew it, the door was being banged on. 
“Gwenn,” the voice dragged out her name so innocently that it must’ve been… David. 

Hearing his voice was relieving yet infuriating. Gwen quickly stomped her way over to the door to open the door. She swung it open to only be greeted with David smiling sheepishly. 

“GODDAMMIT DAVID!” She tried so badly to keep her volume down but with the shit that just went down, it was hard to hide her anger. 

All she could do was glare at him which didn’t seem to phase him. He just stood there looking at her too with his stupid smile forming on his face. Though he’s always usually smiling, this one seemed a bit more forced and stretched. She even could’ve sworn she saw his eye slightly twitch. The more she looked at him the more his expression began to become crooked. 

Taking in a deep breath, “I don’t want to hear it,” Gwen closed her eyes, letting the words be let out in a huff her. “Just don’t do it again,” her delivery came out more like a confirmation than a threat. David just nods his head, keeping his eyes on her. Moving away from the entrance, she made her way over to her bed. Pulling the blanket back before sitting on the bed to take her anxiety pills. 

She took a glance at him as he was getting ready for his shower. She whipped her longs on the bed, slipping them under the covers. It was finally time to go to sleep, the moment she’s been waiting for. It wasn’t taking her long to fall unconscious either. 

Coming from the bathroom, David noticed Gwen was fast asleep. She was sleeping on her side, facing the wall. She was out like a light and wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. Today was tiring for sure but not as it could’ve been. Right now he’d prefer to do nothing more than lay down and let the sleep crash over him. 

He began to pull the covers back but stopped mid-way to look over at her. Soon enough he found himself towering over her, examining and taking her all in. She certainly wasn’t anything special but she did have her perks. He gently placed his hand on her hip, letting it rest there. The hand gradually began making its way closer to her face. He slowly caressed her cheek with the backside of his hand once he reached it. 

He leaned in close, brushing her hair behind her ear. Hovering over it, his lips pull back to a simple smile. “Goodnight, Gwen.”