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Alligator Blood

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you are the way you always were
you like your cruel games
but I am not so quick to break
I count my gain in blood & pain


Fourteen year old Jehan is chained to their bed, a heart shaped thing Em had found in an abandoned honeymoon motel a few towns over. He seemed to think it was funny, like it was some kind of misplaced gesture of romance. The fan overhead is keeping him just the wrong side of cool as he lay spread eagle on his back, thin sheets dampening beneath him in the stifling heat. Emilein, still in blood stained clothes, is looming over him, knife held firmly, glancing the blade against his inner thigh. His cock flinches, and all he can think is 'damn you puberty'. Je can feel the heat of his high plained cheeks flushing the most mortifying shade of pink. Tiefer does not let it go unnoticed, raising a brow and curling his lip into a sneer. 


Tiefer has his face pushed into the warm splintering wood, gravel embedded in the soles of his boots scraping raw against Je’s tender, sensitive scalp. He writhes beneath parrain, nails biting the insides of his palms, cuffs tinkling softly where they collide. 


“Lick.” Emilein snarls, pressing down harder, jagged edges of the rocks coaxing the thinnest layer of blood to bloom across his scalp.


Jehan’s tongue flicks out, eyes cinched shut and trying to loose himself to the pain, long broad strokes to clean the cum from the floor as quickly as possible, daring to glance up and meet Tiefer's burning, almost disgusted gaze. He lets out a soft whine, the sweat rolling down his face to pool along with the trail of drool he's left behind.


"Bon garçon," The praise runs down Je's spine like honey, spreading like a distant tingle into his limbs before settling warmly in his belly.


“If I didn’t know better, p’tit, I’d say you’re enjoyin’ this.” The blonde man drags the tip of the knife up Jehan’s shaft. “Hm?” He applies just enough pressure to the head of the boy's cock to make it twitch, and he smirks.


“N-no,” The warmth pools low in his belly, mingling with the thick blood that runs after the blade as the knife glides across his hip, the new red lines weeping crimson as they run in tears.


Tiefer lavishes his tongue across the cuts, peering up at Jehan who squirms, cheeks running pink and teary eyes holding his gaze. 


“No?” Tiefer grins wickedly, mouth dripping red as he takes Jehan’s cock in hand. “Lil liar ‘s what you are,”


"Now apologize." The older man snarls, jerking his boot away and distancing himself from the pathetic scene.


"I'm sorry, Emi," Jehan pants as he sits up, cheeks flushed, and cock still standing proud, achingly hard even after all that. 


"For what?"


"Cumming," His eyes are glassy now as he curls around Tiefer's leg, and he earns a cupped cheek. He basks in the touch like a gift, hands scrabbling to curl around the older man's wrist.


"Good." Emilien snatches his wrist away and lays a heavy handed smack across the boy's face, and waves towards the kitchen. "Go. Clean up. Dinner. I don't care, just make yourself more fuckin' useful, would ya?"


Jehan scrambles off, sighing. "I'll go hang laundry..."