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Freeze Shock

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"Daichi, are you ok?!" By the time Daichi had hit the bottom stair to the lab, he was already surrounded by his coworkers. They already knew the answer, but Rui voiced her concern regardless.

Daichi stiffly nodded, teeth chattering as he rubbed his arms in an attempt to generate heat. Mamoru attempted to help, only to quickly pull back. "You're freezing cold, it's the middle of July!" Daichi nodded again.

"C-c-cold is a w-w-weakness of Ultras" his breath was misting in the air, fogging up Rui's glasses. "X d-d-didn't take that last hit v-very well." He clenched his arms around himself harder.

"Is he-"Rui was halfway through asking if the alien was ok when she noticed he wasn't perched in Daichi's holster like usual. "Wait, where is X?" The cold scientist moved his hands slightly, revealing an XDevizer-sized lump in his uniform around his chest.

"T-trying to warm h-h-him up." The others could feel the cold radiating off of his body, so Mamoru ran to grab anything to help warm the duo up. Rui pulled her sleeves up and attempted to get a closer look at X. Guruman brushed off a layer of frost that was stuck to Daichi's uniform, attempting to help Rui unzip his jacket.

"Daichi, open your arms. Let me check on him."

"N-No. I'm not l-letting go of X." His whole body was frigid, any small movement causing cracks on the built up frost. Rui pulled down his sleeve, hoping to gain insight on his condition.

"We need to call medical, I think you've got some kind of frostbite." Realizing Daichi probably couldn't use his phone at the moment, she picked up her own phone. "Xio medical, Rui-Rui speaking! Requesting assistance in the spark doll lab. Code X, bring warm things please!"

Mamoru returned, kettle, hot water bottle and two towels in hand. "This is all we had around the lab-".” He did his best to wrap one towel around Daichi’s neck, then handed the other to Rui. “I'll start boiling water.”

“According to this thermal reading, he’s still getting colder.” Guruman moved to show Rui the reading. “Daichi, you need to put X down. You’re going to freeze to death at this rate.”

“N-n-not letting go of X.” He stumbled forward, crashing into his desk nearby. “H-he needs the warmth.”

“We’ll warm him up, we’re not losing you too.” Rui did her best to get him sitting on his chair, his legs struggling to bend after standing so long. There was a slight grunt of pain as she managed to move his hands off his chest. “We need to get access to X to help him, ok?” He nodded slowly, and let Rui unzip his coat. She blinked for a second when she didn’t immediately see the XDevizer. “He’s under your shirt?”

“I c-couldn’t feel his p-p-presence, I got w-w-worried.” What was more worrying to Rui was the large frostbite marks stretching up his neck from the chest area. How cold was X to cause this much damage from just holding the metal case of the XDevizer?

Guruman quickly grabbed scissors, passing them to Rui. “Get his shirt off of him, I’m going to grab blankets.” He hustled out of the room.

Quickly following her coworker’s advice, she cut off Daichi’s shirt so his chest was exposed. “This’ll be cold for a second, sorry!” She left the arms on, hoping they’d give him at least a little warmth till medical help arrived. When the front side rigidly fell open, she gasped.

Despite his hands no longer supporting the electronic device, it remained stuck to his chest, ice crystals forming where they touched.“Is X... frozen to your chest?” Daichi tried to move his head downward to see, clear signs of pain on his face. “Don’t move, I’ll uh- I’ll...” she felt her mind go numb, unsure of what to do. Daichi was going to freeze right in front of her and she didn’t know the first thing about treating him.

Thankfully, the medical team arrived just then. The two nurses quickly took over for Rui, warm blankets being unfolded quickly. “Rui, are you ok?” the doctor- Rui recognized him as Dr. Haima- placed his hands on her shoulders. “Take a deep breath, things are going to be ok.” Haima wrapped a blanket around her, sitting her down on a nearby bench. “I’ve got to help Daichi, you warm up.” Rui hadn’t even noticed how cold her hands had gotten before he’d mentioned it. She nodded, curling into a tight ball.

Mamoru brought her over the hot water bottle, a slightly dejected look on his face. “They told me this would cause shock to his system ‘cause he’s too cold.” He wrapped the spare towel around it, and let Rui clutch it tightly.

They both looked up suddenly as there was a pained cry from Daichi’s direction, followed by him shouting X’s name. Seconds later, they saw a nurse walk over with the XDevizer, wrapping a blanket around it quickly. There was more loud protesting, and Daichi came crashing over, a large red rash on his chest. “I-mnot letting g-g-go! H-He’s my p-pa-partner!” he fumbled, dropping to the floor in a shivering pile. The other nurse tried her best to wrap a blanket around him, despite his chattering for X.

“Is there any way to wake X up?” The first nurse set the phone down on the desk, rubbing her hands on her coat to warm them. “We can’t do much if he’s unconscious like this.” She added. Haima was helping the second nurse restrain Daichi, a mix of holding him still to remove his freezing clothing and shoving more blankets around him.

“Daichi once woke him up with a volt of electricity after the Zaigorg incident, would that- should we do that?” Mamoru asked.

“Yes please.” Haima responded, busy with the freezing host’s refusal to sit still. Mamoru dashed over to Daichi’s desk, grabbing a battery and leftover prongs from whatever he’d been working on prior to the fight. Rui helped him strip the wire, and they speed-rigged up a charge. Mamoru tapped the two prongs together, flinching at the sparks that emitted.

“Uh, clear?” Mamoru said uncertainty before jabbing the XDevizer. There was another pained yell from X this time, his logo jolting on screen. It immediately dimmed, flickering weakly. On the floor nearby, Daichi angrly made some incoherent noises.

“X, are you ok?” Haima let his other nurse take over for him, moving over to the digital alien.

“....c-cold…” his voice was quiet, the phone itself having and icey shell on it. “...Daichi, its cold…”

“Hang in there, we’re going to warm you up.” Haima rubbed the device through the blanket, doing his best to heat it up. After a few moments, he had put it back down, hands already red from frost despite the insulation.. “X, I know you’re cold, but can you materialize your body for us? We can’t do much while you’re in Daichi’s Devizer.”

There was a tense feeling as the only noise was Daichi’s mumbling. After what felt like way too long, a blue glow emanated, X’s form taking shape. The moment his body finished appearing, he crumpled to the ground, mist radiating off his entire body.

“e-e-X!” Daichi scrambled over, wrapping his body around his partner’s chest in a bear hug. The medical team used the remaining blankets they had to warm the duo, realizing they weren’t going to be able to separate the human from his Ultra.

“We need to get them to the medical wing, but I doubt they’re going to be able to move like this.” Haima scratched the back of his head, listening as Daichi stammered weak reassurances to X. He crouched down as close as he could, checking in on the alien. X’s timer was flashing red at an agonizingly slow pace, the light in his eyes barely glowing. “X’s condition is critical, We’re going to need to do something, and fast.”

“We have a scissor lift for working on spark doll habitats, would that work?” Rui offered, taking her blanket and throwing it over the freezing pair. Haima nodded, and Rui ran off to grab it.

“We’ll have to take the back exit to the lab, since it’s a platform with wheels.” Mamoru was looking around the lab, trying to see if he missed anything else that could help the situation. Just as Rui returned with the device, Guruman walked through the door with Hayato and Wataru, all three holding piles of blankets. Based on the Pigmon print, they’d raided Daichi’s (and their own) room for bedding.

“What the hell, it’s so cold in here!?” Hayato squaked, taking one blanket for himself. “If he’s so cold, get him out of the lab!”

“The lab’s cold because of him, X’s core temperature is still dropping.” Mamoru waved the thermal camera in the air, before passing it to the doctor. "This might be useful."

“Alright, I want half the blankets in a nest on the lift, the other half we’ll use to get them on the lift. It’s too cold to hold them safely.” Haima cut off the conversation, grabbing a few off of Guruman and laying them out flat on the ground. “Rui, can you call the medical wing and warn them we have two extreme cases of hypothermia. Be ready with everything.” Rui nodded, moving away from the source of cold to make the call.

A group effort rolled the Ultra-host duo onto the outstretched blankets, and then together they lifted them onto the platform. “Whoa, there’s ice on the floor where they were.” Wataru bent down, picking at the thin layer with his finger. “That’s… not good, is it.”

Of course that’s not good, idiot.” Hayato wrapped his blanket around Dacihi’s head as the medical team began using the lift to transport them out. “Do you guys need help cleaning up the lab before this melts?” He offered, deciding the medical team had the issue as under control as they could at the moment.

“A space heater might be nice.” Mamoru shivered, realizing how cold the room had gotten from them just being there. “I should check in on the spark dolls, hopefully this hasn’t disrupted the habitat.”

“Help would be great.” Guruman nodded. “These two were in contact with Daichi the longest, so they should probably go get something warm to drink. I’ll check on the spark doll habitat.” He shooed them out the door, before grabbing the broom from the corner. “I’ll be right back, thanks again.”


“How are they doing?” Kamiki asked as Dr. Haima exited the room, taking off his winter jacket. He tucked it on the nearby coat rack that had been placed there specifically for this reason.

“I’ll be honest, not great. From what we can tell, X is barely clinging to life, I’m concerned for Daichi. He’s way too cold to be humanly safe.” He ran a hand through his hair, drips of melting frost coming off. “I get Daichi’s his partner, and I don’t think any of us will ever be able to understand their Ultra-host bond fully, but… It’s going to kill him if we can’t figure out what’s wrong with X.” He shivered, taking a step away from the door.

Kamiki hmm-ed in thought. “Any insight on X?”

“He’s an alien alright. His normal body temperature is 2000 Kelvin or something, based on the stats we have on him. Unfortunately, we don't exactly have a normal idea of how his body functions." Haima rubbed the window, clearing the frost to look in. “Lab team’s working on figuring out what’s wrong, since they’re the ones who know X the most. For now, all we can do is keep them stable.”

“Any way we can help?”

“Right now? No clue. Heat’s on max in there, every available blanket and towel on base is wrapped into their nest. Hot water bottles are being replaced every half hour. We’re monitoring Daichi’s breathing and heartbeat closely, I wish we could say the same for X. Like I said, no idea how an Ultra body functions.”

“So it’s a waiting game till Lab can figure out how to help.” Kamiki frowned.

“Unfortunately, yes.”


“Daichi, are you awake?” The frozen scientist lifted his head slightly, eyes creaking open. The small noise of agreement he made was barely audible above the nearby space heater. Haima leaned in closer. “Daichi, how many fingers am I holding up?”

“...F-four.” He creaked. “Where…?”

“You’re in the medical wing still. Do you know what day it is?”

“...s’July 21st?”

“Yes. It’s late, but it is still the 21st. Listen, there’s something wrong with X, but we can’t figure out what. I know you’re not in the best condition, but you’re the expert on him.”

“X…? W-Where is X?”

“You’re hugging him still.”

A slow look downward followed by a quiet “Ah.”

“Do you know how can we help X?”

“He’s not… responding to t-telepathy.” there was concern in Daichi’s voice, despite his own situation.

“We can’t get any of his vitals, we don’t have any systems meant for Ultras on base.” A bit of an oversight on their part, since they did have an Ultra on their crew. Haima decided to scold himself for it later, when someone wasn’t on the brink of death. “What do you recommend?”

“If… I could U-Unite with him, our b-bodies will synch up.” Daichi hugged X tighter, fighting off a shiver that ran through his body. “T-They’d be the s-s-same.”

“So changes to you would also affect him?” Haima reasoned.

Daichi nodded his head slowly. “R-r-right. I just need… X to be awake.” Haima reached over and tapped X’s face in an effort to get his attention. There was no response. He walked around the bed, trying to get a closer look at the alien in question. With the amount of bedding covering the two, he could barely see X’s face, the glow from his timer hard to make out against Daichi’s chest.

“Daichi, there’s no light in his eyes, his timer’s barely glowing. I don’t think we’re going to be able to wake him.” He also thought it was unlikely he’d survive, but the doctor didn’t want to break his heart.

“Ma-Magnerium. And electricity.” Daichi shoved his head against X’s neck, shifting under the blankets. “D-data’s o-o-on my computer.” His eyes drifted closed again, much to the doctor’s concern.


“Alright, so Daichi’s notes were to inject the Magnerium into his timer, right?” Mamoru’s voice was muffled through the heavy coat he was wearing. The number of space heaters had doubled overnight, but any attempt to heat Daichi was immediately set back by his absorbing of X’s cold.

“And use the ports on his headphones to run a current of electricity.” Rui blew hot air on her own gloves. She began shifting through the blankets, attempting to find where Daichi and X’s heads had moved to. “Daichi? Where are you?” There was a quiet grunt from under a Gomora themed comforter. A few seconds of digging later, the duo’s heads were in view. “Daichi, what did you mean by the ‘ports on X’s headphones?’”

“...Twist caps, they come off.” he mumbled after a moment. Rui did as he instructed, giving a small jump when the silver shell fell off and into the blanket pile. She didn’t know what she expected, but the somewhat-humanoid looking circuit board wasn’t it. Aside from some advanced looking tech, it appeared to be a normal pair of headphones. She pulled the other one off, making sure to put it on the desk nearby.

“He’s stopped shivering, that’s bad. Reading at 30 Celcius, if he gets much colder he’s going to pass out on us.” Haima was looking at various machines, checking the readouts. “Going to be keeping an eye on his neural activity for this, We’re cutting it close.”

“Now or never then, huh?” Mamoru reached between the duo, hooking up their attempt at a Magnerium IV drip for X into his timer. He patted Daichi on the shoulder. “Hang in there, Daichi.” He nodded to Rui, who jabbed the metal rods into X’s headphones, a bolt of electricity arcing off at contact.

There was a jolt from X as his eyes flashed on again, body going rigid. “X… let’s Unite..!” Daichi gripped him tight, pushing his forehead against the alien’s. Time seemed to freeze, the only noise the heart rate monitor in the corner. After what felt like way too long, Daichi let out a cry of pain.

“Daichi!?” Haima rushed over, unease quickly building. “Daichi what’s wrong?”

“T-There’s something stuck in his thigh-” he clenched his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. “It’s- It’s so cold, I-I can’t--!”

“Hang in there, what’s in his thigh?” Mamoru pushed, hoping to find out more.

“His temperature is dropping sharply, We need to seperate them now.” Haima began trying to pull Daichi away from the Ultra, only to get kicked in the groin by the scientist. He keeled over, but remained determined to keep helping. “D-Daichi, the human body can only take so much. You’re going to die if you keep this up-!”

“I C-Can’t let go of him! I Won’t!” Daichi managed between pained grunts. “W-whatever’s in his thigh is causing the issue, Y-You’ve gotta-” There was a weak attempt at kicking off blankets. Mamoru helped, and they quickly exposed the area in question.

A small lump was in the middle of X’s thigh, unnaturally sticking out against X’s smooth exterior. It was tiny enough to miss if you didn’t know it was there, but stood out like a sore thumb if you knew where to look. Rui assisted the doctor over to the side, letting him get a closer look. “This is...”

“I think there was some piercing damage to that area in their fight, one of Groza’s spike-horn things could have broken off.” Mamoru investigated. “It would have healed over when X went back to the Devizer.”

Rui grabbed the thermal camera from nearby. “Seconding that, ‘cording to this, the cold’s radiating from there.” The cheer in her voice of potentially finding the issue was cut off by more of Daichi’s suffering.

“Daichi, end the Unite, we can take it from here. You’re going to-”

“No...” He mumbled, making another attempt at kicking Haima. “I won’t… let… go….” His eyes slid closed, a determined look on his face.

“Daichi, are you ok? Daichi? DAICHI?”


“I’d like to be the first to congratulate Daichi for being one of the first humans to successfully cryo-freeze himself.” Haima grumbled, passing a medical report to Tachibana. She looked down at it, glancing over the information quickly. “His vitals are clocking in at a heart rate of 10BPM, body temp of 20C.”

“Shouldn’t… he be dead?” Kamiki was reading the paper over his co-captain’s shoulder. “I… may not know much about medical, but only ten beats per minute sounds a bit low.”

“Like I said, Cryo-freeze. We’re still getting readings of neurological activity from his brain, it’s just… really, really slow.” He ran a hand through his hair, trying to find a way to describe it to the captains. “Like how spark dolls are a type of stasis. But a Human-Ultra popsicle stasis.”

There was quiet as they read the report. “So it was a part of Groza’s horn that caused this to happen?” Tachibana looked up. “They should recover now, right?”

“Once we manage to remove it, yes.” Haima started pacing. “Unfortunately, Ultra skin is very tough. We’re waiting on a special set of medical tools to arrive currently.”

“Does this change the severity of the situation?” Kamiki asked.

“They’re still in hot water, if that’s what you’re asking about. Well, cold water.” He rambled his hands in the air. “I’d give them about another day, max. Guruman, you want to help out here?”

The Fanton stepped forward, holding out his own page of notes. “We’ve been analyzing the data from medical, since they’ve been recording everything since they United.”

Kamiki glanced at it before looking right back up. “I know less about science than I do about medical, unfortunately.” he said flatly. “Not to be rude, but would you be able to word it so all three of us can understand it?”

“Currently, X is being kept alive via biophoton emission from Daichi’s body.” Guruman explained. “All living things emit a low-level, ultraviolet kind of light that’s invisible to the human eye. Well, and Fanton eye, but that’s beside the point.” He chuckled lightheartedly. When nobody said anything, the Fanton continued on. “Before X had his body restored, he needed a boost of energy to fight. Daichi’s biophoton wavelength happened to have the ideal energy levels to boost himself into having a physical form, thus they are able to Unite.”

“Based on the readings, Daichi’s using his biphotonic light to kindle X’s consciousness till he can recover. And because they’re still United, Daichi’s body is also able to work as a make-shift external heater. His consciousness is being stored in X’s light, disregarding his body’s need to be within a living temperature. If we can remove the issue, X should be able to re-regulate his own body again, and they’ll be able to recover. If not, We’ll lose both of them at this point.” Guruman finished, confident with his explanation.

“Listen, If I can shorten Cryo-freeze down to ‘basically a human spark doll, I’m sure you can shorten that down further.” Haima grumbled.

“The short version of it is Daichi’s currently using his own body as a life support system for X.” Guruman responded after some thought. “Human body creates low-level light, Daichi’s is optimal for X. Unless we can remove the foreign object in X, they’ll both die.”

“Alright, so we’ll have to keep them as close as possible then.” Tachibana noted.

“Problem.” Haima raised his hand. “ I still need to operate on X to remove Groza’s broken horn.”


“I dunno if you can hear us in there Daichi, but we’re going to start operating on X now.” the duo had been moved from the hospital room to a makeshift operating theater. Despite the room having been pre-heated to nearly unbearable, it was already quickly dropping again. He looked at the laser cutter sitting on his cart. “Of course they couldn’t find anything that could cut Ultra skin other than this, huh.” he grumbled.

Outside, the whole attack team was pushed against the viewing pane, the science team taking up the door’s window, Tachibana herself just inside the door to keep an eye on things. She nodded silently, and Haima began his work.

It had been awkward to strap the duo down, considering the limitations of having to keep them together. The table’s normal restraints were used to keep X in place, a set of insulated handcuffs kept Daichi’s hands hooked to the bed frame as well as one would expect. His legs were pushed off as far to the side as they could safely move them, but still very uncomfortably close for the doctor’s preferences.

“Scalpel.” He held out his hand, an assistant passing the not-quite-a-scalpel quickly. “Making the incision.”

He didn’t know what he expected, but the howl of pain followed by X’s body tensing up wasn’t it. “I thought X was unconscious-” He stepped back in shock. “I thought he was- How do we sedate an Ultra?” Haima looked around for help.

The door creaked open, lab team already running in to help. “I don’t think he has lungs, does he?” Mamoru fretted. “He shouldn’t be awake, Daichi’s barely keeping him alive-”

Rui was busy examining the host duo, trying to find signs of life. “It could be because Daichi’s still United with him; They share battle damage, don’t they?” She ran a hand over Daichi’s frost-filled hair, fascination slightly off putting to the doctor. Despite having been a full day since he’d entered this state, the look of determination frozen on Daichi’s face was still fierce as ever. “Daichi, if you’re conscious, give us a sign.”

There was a slow, dim light behind X’s eyes before it faded back off again. “...Shit, Daichi’s awake in there.” Haima put down his scalpel. “Can... can we sedate his body? Would that work? Is it safe to sedate him when they’re this weak?” He looked around, unsure of the answer himself.

By now, the attack team had poked their heads through the door, curiosity getting the better of them. “Is everything ok?” Wataru wandered over, shoving his hands further into his pockets the closer he got.

“He’s awake.”

“At least he’s not dead?”

“You’re not supposed to be awake when being operated on.”

“Oh. right.”

“So what’s the plan now?” Tachibana interrupted. “I doubt we have the time to beat around the bush before this room gets too cold to do complicated surgery work in.”

“Option one: we continue as planned. We don’t have any way to sedate an Ultra, so Daichi’ll have to grit and bear it.” the doctor grimaced. “It’ll be quick, but probably painful.”

“Option two?” Asuna was holding Daichi’s hand, everyone having given up on keeping distance.

“I don’t have an option two ready.” there was a cold silence among the group. He let his words hang for a moment before stepping back up to the operating stand. “Daichi, I’m really sorry, but this is going to hurt. Are you ok with this?” It wasn’t much of a question, considering if they didn’t get the shard out of X’s body, they’d both end up dead. It was no surprise when X’s eyes weakly flashed again.

“Hang in there Daichi, you can do it.” Asuna gripped his hand tighter, hoping to help in any way possible.

“You’re not alone, we’re here with you.” Hayato joined in, grabbing his other hand. Wataru and Rui followed suit, taking X’s hands. The remainder of the group placed their hands on his forearms, with Tachibana grabbing the host’s legs. Mostly to help keep them away from Haima’s laser cutter, but also in support.

“Let’s try this again.” There was a pause as everyone took a deep breath, readying themselves. “I’m making the incision now.”


“All that damage was caused by this tiny little broken horn?” Kamiki looked at it through the large container it’d been placed in after removal. The shard was barely the size of a thumbnail, a sky blue tint to it. “Should we not get rid of it?”

“Don’t look at me, Lab team wants it for research.” Haima took a long sip from his coffee.

“How are Daichi and X doing?” the captain looked up, hoping to hear good news.

“X is warming up at a fair pace, he should be defrosted by tomorrow morning, awake probably sometime in the afternoon. Daichi’s still holding firm at 20C with 10BPM, still in cryo-freeze.” he ran a hand through his hair. “Hopefully there’s no issues with getting him back to life, It’s been a long two days already.” Kamiki nodded in agreement, drinking from his own cup of coffee.

“Once they’re both within acceptable temperatures, you’re going on break for a few days. I’m sure you’ve got some sleep to catch up on.” there was a chuckle from the doctor in response.

“I will gladly take you up on that.” Haima downed the rest of his coffee.


“Next on the list for this morning’s meeting would be the maintenance of musketty unit two. Any progress so far?” Tachibana looked to Hayato, who moved to the front.

“It’s been slow, but unit two should be operational again by tomorrow at the latest. Mostly ice damage in the engine left to fix now that we’ve gotten rid of the broken metal.” He reported. “Mechanic team is going to re-enforce unit two for extreme temperatures for future situations.”

“Good to-”

Tachibana was cut off by a loud crashing noise in the hallway, followed by non-coherent yelling. Seconds later, X came crashing into the main command, Daichi still clinging frozen to his chest. “Daichi?” He stumbled around in a disoriented mess. “Daichi’s-”

“X, you’re awake?” Half the team rushed over to support him, the others a mix of confused and concerned. Tachibana strode over, grabbing a hold of the alien’s swaying head. “We weren’t expecting you to be up so early, did Haima discharge you?”

“Daichi’s- Daichi..? He’s cold, what happened...? Where?” the Ultra was using his arms to hold his host against his chest tightly, leaning heavily on Hayato and Wataru’s help to keep standing. Based on his confused looking around, he didn’t seem fully there. “Daichi, help him?”

“Did he break out of the medical wing... to find medical help?” Wataru grimaced against the cold, but held tight. X continued his unhinged mumbling about Daichi, concern evident despite his unawareness. Asuna grabbed her phone, quickly calling the medical team know where their dazed patient had wandered off to.


Something about the situation seemed off to Daichi. He wasn’t sure where he was, but everything felt soft, cozy and warm. He wasn’t sure why that last part felt strange. He was too tired to open his eyes, so he just enjoyed the feeling and cuddled up against whatever the large, pleasant object was pressed against him and he drifted into a light sleep.

He didn’t know how long had passed, but he was awoken by something rubbing his face. He let out a confused mumble, and it stopped. “Are you awake?” He moaned in response. A few seconds later, there was a “Daichi’s awake now!”

Daichi peeled open his eyes, looking around in confusion. He was caught off guard when he was greeted by X, who was currently cuddling him in a hospital bed. There was someone above him- a nurse, based on the uniform- who was currently drying him off with a washcloth. “W..Where…?” He attempted to sit up, only for X to pull him back down. “H-hey X, what…?”

“Doctor told me to make sure you don’t move too suddenly. You’re still recovering.” he hummed, warmth washing over Daichi. The human gave a small ‘ah’, noise, and pushed himself against his partner. He didn’t remember how he’d gotten here, or why he was only in his boxers, but the heat radiating off X felt too good to give up on.

“Looks like someone is recovering well.” Daichi recognized the voice as one of the main doctors at Xio, shifting his head slightly to see Doctor Haima stroll into view. “You’re one lucky human, you know that? Gave us all a heart attack and a half.”

“W.. what happened?” He rubbed his head, trying to clear the fog. “I remember… there was an alarm, some form of seijin, and then--” his eyes widened, shock on his face as he managed to line up his memories in his head. “X was-- X, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Doctor Haima tells me you saved me with your own body.” X rested his chin on Daichi’s head, wrapping his arms around his chest. “I’m lucky to have someone as amazing as you as my partner.” He said, rubbing Daichi’s back slowly.

“You’re dedicated, I’ll give you that.” Haima chuckled, picking up a clipboard nearby. “I don’t know if I could handle severe hypothermia for over three days, Ultra bond or not.”

“Three days!?” Daichi nearly bolted up, being held down by X’s firm grip.

“It’s currently July 24th, around lunchtime. I’ve got some tests to run, you two just rest.” He wandered around, checking various readouts and recording them. “Doctor’s orders.” he added, after Daichi attempted to get up again.

“I guess if it’s doctor’s orders, I can spend a bit longer in bed.” He laughed, snuggling up against X’s chest. His research could wait a bit longer, it wasn’t like it was going anywhere. The scientist closed his eyes, soaking in the feeling of being warm for the first time in what felt like forever.