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Five Times Kelley Didn't Get to Corrupt Sonnett (And One Time She Did)

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“Are you sure you’re ok?” Kelley asked, for the third time since they’d moved to the back seat of the car.

Emily lifted her mouth off the swell of Kelley's breast and let the bra strap slide back into place with an impatient snap.

“I am very definitely ok. Why do you keep asking?”

“It’s just . . . I . . . five years is a lot.”

“You forgot to pack your Chaos Translator, Kelley. What are you talking about?” Emily’s focus was on Kelley, but Kelley could tell she was distracted enough to be getting impatient. She had one arm wound possessively around Kelley’s waist, and she was groping up Kelley's thigh with the other hand - fingers sure and bold as she teased Kelley's legs wider.

“Mm?” Emily prompted after a minute (Kelley realized she’d gotten distracted). “Do you mean you’ve been crushing on me for 5 years?”

“No! I mean, yes of course. But we are not talking about that right now. I mean . . . five years is a big age difference. Are you sure you’re ok with that? I don’t want to take you out of your comfort zone.”

Emily started to giggle dropping her head down to Kelley’s chest, burying her face against Kelley’s breasts as it turned into a belly laugh.

“Well that’s a pity.” Emily said, finally. 

“Hunh? What’s a pity - I thought there WAS no pity in the rose city. I . . . oh fuck, Emily, your mouth.” Emily was rooting for exposed skin along the edge of Kelleys bra line, so Kelley thought it was only courteous to shrug off the straps and pull the cups down. Emily gave an approving sound, and spent a minute going after Kelley’s fingers where she held her bra - biting and sucking - before returning to lick teasing lines around the edges of Kelley’s nipples.

“It’s a pity,” Emily eventually lifted her mouth off to say, “that you’re not planning to take me out of my comfort zone. That sounds really fun. Now can I eat you out or do we need to process more shit first?”

“Oh. Um . . . “ was all Kelley could manage, but she spread her legs and helped Sonny hike up the short skirt she’d carefully (hopefully) chosen that morning.

“The age thing is fine, B T Dubs..” Emily said, almost off-hand, as she slid into the footwell. “Sophomore year I dated my TA. I broke up with her, though, when I started hooking up with this really smart adjunct professor - It was easier, you know? 

“What was easier? The professor?” Between the turn the conversation had taken and Emily’s hands high on her thighs Kelley felt lost.

Emily giggled a bit. “Oh god she was - so easy. But I was talking about dating older women - they were more understanding about the time commitments of athletics and stuff. It made way more sense.” Emily looked earnest and guileless (or, as much as she could while running a thumb under the elastic of Kelley’s underwear). “Most of the other undergrads were kind of shit at boundaries.”

“Oh.” Kelley said. And then, “ooohh” as Emily slid  Kelley’s panties aside and pressed her mouth right above Kelley’s clit - breath hot and damp with the promise of things to come.