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In their world, there are two strange phenomena that exist. Quirks and psychic power. Both coexist together, having randomly appeared out of seemingly thin air one day. First it was a glowing baby and then a baby lifting its cradle, crying about ghosts. 

It took some time, but eventually people began to accept this odd twist of fate as quirks and psychic powers began appearing more and more. 

With the rise of these strange abilities came the new profession of heroes and psychics. Heroes and psychics were praised for their good deeds, stopping villains and exorcising evil spirits. Eventually, the dream of becoming a hero or psychic had captured every child’s heart and inspired them. 

However, one could not be born with both a quirk and psychic abilities. It was one or the other, and in some cases, neither. There was only a small percent of the population that were both quirkless and powerless. Though small, these people were often overlooked by others who believed they were the best of the best because they’d been blessed with strange abilities. 

Midoriya Izuku, is a part of this small group of people without any abilities. Regardless of if he has any special powers or not, he still wants to become a hero. 

Kageyama Shigeo, is a psychic, born with gifted abilities.

By all means, it’s unlikely that these two would be friends. They’re from two different worlds, and many would not associate themselves with people who are different from them. However, Shigeo is not like most people, and neither is Izuku. 

Shigeo meets Izuku by pure luck one day. He finds the boy being bullied by a group of kids with quirks, and he intervenes.

“You shouldn’t use your quirk to hurt people.” He says, his face blank. 

“Haah? Who the hell are you, Bowl Cut?” One of the boys asks. 

“Me? I’m no one.” Shigeo replies, and it trickles down from there. 

“Ah, Shichan! Good morning!” Shigeo looks up as he meets Izuku on the way to school. 

“Good morning.” Shigeo replies. Izuku falls into step beside him, hands gripping the straps of his yellow bookbag. 

“Ritsu-kun has student council?” Izuku questions, as he does every morning. 

Shigeo hums in affirmation. He and Izuku walk to school together daily, and the days Ritsu, his younger brother, doesn’t have a student council meeting, he normally walks with them. Shigeo and Izuku may go to different middle schools, but they still make the effort to walk to school together. 

“There was a villain attack this morning,” Izuku says, beginning to ramble. “The new hero, Kamui Woods appeared! I got to see his special move in person!” He exclaims in excitement.

“Wow,” Shigeo says, hoping his voice carries his interest. He hopes Izuku picks up on it. 

“Mhm!” His friend hums with a giant smile. “Ah, there was another hero there too! She made her debut today, Mt. Lady! Her quirk lets her…” Shigeo listens to his friend ramble, used to it. He enjoys listening to Izuku talk about something he’s passionate about. 

“By the way, Shichan,” Izuku suddenly says, glancing at his friend. “Have you figured out where you want to go for high school yet?”  

The question makes Shigeo stop and think. Where does he want to go? This is usually the time where people start thinking about what they want to do with themselves right? Does he have anything he wants to do? He has his job with Reigen- shishou, but he doubts it’ll last forever. Does he have a specific career in mind? ‘Where do I want to go?’ He finds that he can’t come up with an answer. “I don’t know.” Shigeo eventually replies, face blank despite the slight frustration he feels. 

“That’s alright, Shichan!” Izuku says, not sounding the least bit worried. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” 

“What do you think I should do? Career wise, I mean.” Shigeo finds himself asking. He’s always trusted Izuku’s advice. Izuku is smart, and he has a pretty good idea of things, so his advice is always good. 

Izuku puts a hand on his chin, humming, “Well, there is Reigen-san’s office, but I guess it depends on if you want to continue using your psychic powers to exorcise spirits and such. But...there’s also being a hero.” Izuku looks over at Shigeo, eyes soft and expressing everything that his words fail to. His belief in Shigeo shines through. “I’d make a great hero, Shichan. You already help people on the daily with Reigen-san, and you’re super kind. You’re strong, and you have good morals.” Izuku tells him. “That’s what I think.” 

Shigeo simply hums in response. He isn’t sure if being a hero is the right fit for him. After all, there will definitely be a day where he’ll have to use his powers to hurt villains, right? He doesn’t like using them against people. Using his powers to exorcise spirits is one thing, but using them to fight villains is a whole other story. 

Would he really be able to do that? 

Shigeo isn’t sure, but he thinks he knows someone who can help him figure it out. 

“So Midoriya-kun suggested being a hero, huh?” Reigen takes a sip of his tea, sighing in content as he holds the cup in his hands. 

“Mm.” Shigeo replies, staring down at his own cup. He sees a small reflection of himself, slightly distorted due to the liquid. The reflection looks how Shigeo feels. It’s the afternoon now, and Shigeo is meeting with Izuku soon. Salt Middle lets out earlier than Aldera Junior High does, so he makes a pit stop at Spirits & Such Consultation Office.

Shigeo stops by to ask his shishou for advice. The conversation he had with Izuku earlier has been bothering him all day. “But...I’m not sure if it’d be alright for me to do so.” He tells Reigen. 

Reigen hums and nods, “I see.” The office is drowned in silence as Shigeo waits for Reigen to say something else. “Why do you think so?” He eventually asks. 

“Because I shouldn’t use my powers to hurt people.” Shigeo’s response is immediate. “And if I became a hero, I’d have to fight with them.” 

Reigen hums once more, putting a hand on his chin in contemplation. Shigeo watches as his shishou appears to have an internal conflict with himself. 

Arataka is indeed, having an internal conflict with himself, as a matter of fact. While on the one hand, he wants to encourage his student, he also has a business he has to keep up with. Mob is his main way of making money, and if he were to proceed to become a hero, the time Mob would have for his job would decrease, which means Arataka’s revenue will decrease. That would be bad. 

Putting a hand on his chin, he addresses his student, “You’ve got a point, Mob,” He starts, “I’m not sure if a hero is the best fit for you.” Arataka tells him, and he sees Mob’s face fall. He winces, and immediately knows that discouraging Mob here isn’t the right way to go. “However,” He starts, “There are other types of heroes that would definitely suit you.” 

“Like what, shishou ?” Mob questions. 

“A rescue hero, for example. Y’know, heroes like Thirteen and The Wild, Wild Pussycats. They both focus on rescue, and so can you with your psychic powers. This way, you don’t have to worry about fighting bad guys, you can just focus on saving civilians and still get a good feeling from it.” 

Shigeo hums, and nods. He supposes it makes sense. He doesn’t have to hurt people to be a hero, and even as a hero who avoids violence, he can still rescue people. “I see.” He eventually murmurs. His thoughts slowly start to become less muddled, and he nods once more. “Thank you, shishou .” Shigeo says gratefully, and he glances at the time. “Ah, I have to meet with Izuku.” He informs Reigen as he stands up to grab his bag. 

“Right, glad I could help Mob. Say ‘hi’ to Midoriya-kun for me.” Reigen says, and Shigeo nods. 

Grabbing his bag, he heads out, and sets a path to Aldera Junior High. 

Shigeo doesn’t find Izuku at their usual meetup spot. He furrows his brows in confusion and concern as he tries to look around for his friend. He walks for a few blocks, but still doesn’t find him. 

After a while he stops walking and decides to try calling Izuku. He pulls out his phone and finds Izuku’s contact before pressing ‘call’. It takes a few rings, but Izuku picks up. 


Shigeo hears it in his voice, he sounds off. It makes him frown a bit, had something happened to Izuku? 

“Izuku,” He says a way of greeting, “Where are you? We were supposed to walk home. Did something come up?” He asks. 

“O-Oh, right...sorry Shichan, guess I forgot.” Izuku replies. 

“It’s fine, I can still meet up with you.” Shigeo tells him. “Ah, Reigen- shishou says hello, by the way. I talked to him about being a hero, and he suggested I become a rescue hero.”

Shigeo hears a sharp inhale from the other side of the phone, and it makes him confused. Something is definitely wrong with Izuku, but he won’t be able to figure anything out until he finds him. 

“S-Shichan...I’ve gotta g-go…” Izuku stammers suddenly, confusing him even more. If Shigeo listens close enough, he can hear people in the background, and the sound of a fire truck? There’s other people yelling, and Shigeo grows more concerned. 

“Izuku, what’s going on?” He tries to ask, but all he gets is a startled gasp, and the sound of the phone falling. Shigeo hangs up, and from the corner of his eye, he sees smoke rising into the air. He has a feeling that’s where Izuku is, and he makes a dash over. 

Over the past few months, Shigeo has been working with the Body Improvement Club at school to gain some muscles. Sure, he has psychic powers, but they can’t exactly give him muscles or stamina, or good grades. So he’s been working to improve those aspects of himself. 

Though he may have been working with the Body Improvement Club, his stamina is still rather...bad. So when he finally makes it to where he saw the smoke from before, the situation has been taken care of, and he’s kneeling over, panting harshly. ‘I feel like my lungs are going to burst…’ Shigeo thinks, struggling to catch his breath. 

He’s never run that fast before. 

“Shichan?” A voice asks, and he looks up to see Izuku standing there. “Whoa, are you alright?!” Izuku exclaims upon seeing how out of breath Shigeo is. 

Shigeo nods, ‘I should be the one asking you that.’ He thinks. “I’m fine.” He tells Izuku once he’s able to. He straightens himself up and looks around the area, seeing the destruction and all the heroes around. “What happened here?” 

“There was a villain attack…” Izuku replies, his voice oddly quiet. Shigeo glances over at him, and he sees the sorrowful expression on his face. He spots Izuku’s bag, and sees Izuku’s things scattered around it. Shigeo uses his powers to collect everything and put them inside the bag. He then passes it over to Izuku. 

“Want to talk about it on the way back?” Shigeo asks, and he sees Izuku’s shoulders relax slightly. “I don’t mind listening.” 

Izuku nods, and they begin to walk home.

Izuku gives Shigeo a run down of his day, and Shigeo listens. He can’t say he’s surprised by what Bakugou told his friend, although he isn’t happy with it. Shigeo is happy that Izuku was able to meet All Might, but he wishes their conversation ended differently, and Izuku’s idol didn’t tell him that he couldn’t be a hero without a quirk. 

Bakugou, however, interrupts their conversation before Izuku can tell Shigeo anymore. “I didn’t need you to save me! You’re just a quirkless wannabe!” Bakugou screams, and then he runs off. 

Shigeo’s mouth tilts downwards in a semblance of a frown, and Izuku sighs, shaking his head. “Are you alright?” He asks Izuku. 

“I will be.” Izuku tells him, and Shigeo nods. He finds himself thinking of ways to cheer his friend up, as he doesn’t like seeing him upset. 

They’re interrupted once again, this time by All Might of all people. Izuku nearly loses his mind at the sight of the number one hero before him. All Might doesn’t seem to notice Shigeo next to Izuku, as he reveals the nature of his quirk and apparently his true form. 

“Young man, you too can become a hero!” All Might declares, and that’s when his eyes land on Shigeo. The smile on his face promptly falls, and his jaw drops in horror. 

“Hello.” Shigeo says, because, really, what else can he say here? 

“H-How much of that did you hear, young man?” All Might asks him. 

“The whole thing.” Shigeo answers honestly. “But I won’t tell anyone.” He adds. 

Izuku jumps in, adding on, “Shichan is trustworthy, A-All Might! Promise!” 

All Might stares at Shigeo for a few more moments, and Shigeo simply stands there. Eventually, he nods, still looking a bit worried, but not as much as before. He then looks at Izuku, “Well then, meet me a Dagobah Beach tomorrow morning, my boy! We’ll start your training then!” 

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A few days after Izuku’s training with All Might began, Shigeo decides to tell Izuku his decision. He had talked to his parents about wanting to be a hero, and they recommended U.A. to him. He didn’t particularly care about where he went, he’d learn the same things anywhere. Ritsu had seemed excited for him though, and that combined with knowing that Izuku had his sights set on U.A. pushed Shigeo to make his choice. 

He watches Izuku lug trash around, feeling out of place in a way. All Might stands beside him in his powered down form, cheering Izuku on. 

He waits until Izuku is taking a water break to tell him. When Izuku comes over, he hands him a towel as he grabs his bottle. “Ah, thanks Shichan.” Izuku says gratefully. 

Shigeo nods in response. Izuku takes a few gulps of water, the towel resting on his shoulders. Shigeo watches him, waiting for the right moment to speak. 

Izuku notices his stare and asks, “Something on your mind?” 

Shigeo hums, “I’ve decided to go to U.A.” 

Izuku stares at him for a few minutes before a grin breaks out on his face, “That’s amazing, Shigeo!” He exclaims. 

Shigeo finds himself flustered, fingering a part of his fringe, “N-Not really…” He murmurs in reply. What makes something like that amazing? It’s just a high school, after all. He tells Izuku as such. 

Izuku vehemently shakes his head, “U.A. is one of the top hero schools in Japan, so of course it’s amazing! The fact that you’re aiming for such a top school like that is great, Shichan!” 

Shigeo is about to rebuttal his statement, but he gets interrupted by a call from Reigen. “Hey Mob! Just got a client in, and we’ve got a big one! Meet me at the office as soon as you can, kay?~” 

“Ah, alright.” He hums. Shishou sounds excited, so it really must be a big job for them. Though, he really wishes that Reigen would stop calling him on such short notice. 

“Was that Reigen-san?” Izuku questions, taking another sip of water. 

“Mhm. He said we got a new client. He sounded pretty excited.” Shigeo answered. 

“Oh!~ Let me know how it goes!” Izuku says. He always enjoys hearing about Shigeo’s jobs with Reigen. He doesn’t really know much about the world of psychics like Shigeo does, so he always looks forward to hearing Shigeo’s experience. 

“Sure.” Shigeo agrees, and Izuku cheers.

“Young Midoriya, let’s get back to work!” 

Shigeo sits beside Reigen on the bus. It’s relatively empty, as people are probably still at work and such. Reigen glances over at him, and begins to explain the job, “Our assignment for today is the Honeido Tunnel. I’ve heard a lot of bad rumors about the place, supposedly there was a lot of accidents in the tunnel. Even the magazines mentioned it as a haunted place,” Reigen skims through the papers in his hand. “Huh, there’s even mention of a biker gang accident in the tunnel.” 

Reigen reads through a few more lines, as Shigeo thinks about the job. His thoughts trail to Izuku and what training he’s doing with All Might. It makes him think about his own training with the Body Improvement Club, and his stamina. He should really look into doing more training on the weekends or something, as Izuku has said that U.A.’s entrance exam is hard. Maybe All Might will let him train with them. 

Something about that thought makes Shigeo feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s how overwhelming All Might is up close. Which reminds him...

Shishou ,” Shigeo starts, “I’m going to take the U.A. entrance exam.” He says. 

Reigen stares at him before his whole face moves animatedly as he gasps. “Whoa, Mob, you can’t just say something like that so casually! You want to go to U.A.?! ” 

Shigeo nods. 

Reigen continues to stare at him, still looking shocked. “Isn’t that entrance exam supposed to be super tough?! Are you sure you can handle it?” 

Shigeo hums in contemplation, with the way his stamina is right now...“Probably not,” He answers honestly, “But I think if I train some more, I’ll be able to.” 

Arataka stares at his student in slight surprise. Hadn’t he talked to Mob about being a hero just a few days ago? And Mob already knows what school he wants to go to? ‘Midoriya-kun probably helped him figure it out.’ He thinks. ‘He’ll probably be more occupied at U.A., there’s no doubt he’ll get in...but that means…’ Arataka winces, thinking about how much money he’ll lose. However, he can’t discourage Mob, it wouldn’t feel right. Plus...Arataka hates seeing his disciple look discouraged by him of all people. 

Mob just...has too much belief and respect for a con artist like him. Arataka thinks he doesn’t deserve it, but there isn’t much he can do. He knows the minute Mob finds out that he’s a fraud, Mob will never forgive him, and Arataka will lose the kid for good, most likely. 

So for now, he has to put everything he has into his office, and being a super supportive mentor for Mob! 

Arataka flashes Mob a grin and a thumbs up, “Of course you’ll be able to! You’re the student of,” He does his fancy hand motions before pointing at himself, “Reigen Arataka! The new star of the psychic world!” 

Before either can say any more, the bus pulls to a stop at their destination. “Ah, we’re here.” Shigeo murmurs, dismissing what Reigen said. Reigen looks bothered by Shigeo dismissing him so casually, but he quickly gets over it. He gets up from his seat and Shigeo follows his lead as they get off the bus. 

Reigen walks up to the entrance of the tunnel, and puts his hands on his hips, “Alright, let’s take a closer look. I, Reigen Arataka, the new star of the psychic world, am gonna clean this place up until there’s not a single spirit left!” He declares, before walking inside. 

Shigeo doesn’t follow him, thinking that Reigen can handle it on his own. He squats down to look at a flower that’s growing in the cracks of the road instead. He watches a few ants crawl by as well, putting his bag down. 

There’s the sound of feet rapidly hitting the ground before Shigeo hears Reigen shout, “Mob, what are you doing?! Why are you just sitting there?! This exorcism is gonna be a big one, so come along!” 

Shigeo turns around to look at him, “Oh, you seemed to have it under control, so I figured you didn’t need my help.” He says. 

“What the--” Reigen catches himself, “Well, of course! But this is still an opportunity for you to learn!” 

“Oh,” Shigeo repeats, standing up. “You were right, shishou , there’s a powerful spirit in that tunnel. You know, there are lots of fake haunted places, but this one’s the real deal. If a regular person were to anger the spirits inside, then I don’t think they’d leave the place unharmed.” Shigeo notes, eyes never straying from the tunnel before them. 

Reigen looks back at him, “Well, duh. That’s why we’re here.” He says. “Let’s go.” Reigen leads them into the tunnel, “I’ll go ahead. You support me from behind, okay?” 

“Okay,” Shigeo agrees.

“It’s a bit chilly,” Reigen comments. 


“...and it’s getting darker as we walk in.” 

“We forgot our flashlight.” Shigeo points out. He looks away from his shishou , and to the side, eyes narrowing a tad. “Don’t you sense something, shishou ?”

“Hm? Yeah, it’s getting moist in here.”

“No, I’m talking about spirits.” 

“Oh, you mean that,” Reigen mumbles, “Hm, a little bit, I guess? I’m in bad shape today. Got a stuffy nose,” He says, suddenly sounding congested. 

“I can feel it...there’s a lot., more than that...ah!” He turns around, trying to see in the dark, “We’re completely surrounded. They’re getting ready to attack us.” 

“Alright! You know what to do with these small fries, Mob!” 

Shigeo lifts a finger, psychic energy coiling around it before it shoots off and he attacks the spirits as they attack him. He makes easy work of them, barely breaking a sweat. He hears Reigen shout something, and he glances back, “ Shishou , you’re probably already aware, but there’s one over there that seems to be the evil spirit’s boss. I’d be careful.” He warns. 

Shigeo hears Reigen inevitably anger the large blue spirit further in, and he turns around just in time to see an attack coming for Reigen. He puts up a barrier around Reigen, and then brings it down when the spirit’s attack is done. Reigen takes the moment to dart forward with a fistful of sand, and Shigeo then starts to exorcise the spirit, but he hears the spirit protest, and he stops. 

“We were just being told to do this!” The spirit cries, and it looks around in confusion as it shrinks down to a blue blob. 

Shigeo walks over, and Reigen looks at him, “What are you doing Mob? Hurry up and melt him already!” 

“Hold on, shishou , I wanna hear him out.” Shigeo says. 

The spirit scratches the back of his head, “S-Sure I may act tough, but neither me nor my gang are anything compared to the evil spirit down the tunnel. We’ve been getting orders from him for all these years and that’s why we’ve been scaring people that come here.” 

“Hmph, do you really think you can fool the likes of Reigen with such lies you little speck?” Reigen questions. 

“I’m not lying to you!” The spirit cries. “It’s just…” He holds his head in his hands, “If I were to disappear while being falsely accused, I’d never be able to rest peacefully!” He leans back, arms spread out, “That’s all I wanted to say, now you can make me disappear or melt, or whatever!” 

Reigen sighs, “So your big plan is to make us pity you? Don’t listen to him, Mob. Those are nothing but the typical lies of a con artist.” He does a set of fancy hand movements, “Melt him,”

Shigeo hums, and instead walks past the spirit. “Before that, I’m gonna go have a look. It’s a little weird that the aura I felt before coming in here hasn’t disappeared yet. Something’s still not right.” He walks further in, and that’s when he senses it, the stronger spirit. There’s a strong gust of wind, and he hears Reigen yell. 


Shigeo continues walking. 


He stops walking, and he hears the evil spirit groan. It materializes in front of him, a mess of purples and pinks. It dashes forward and suddenly Shigeo is being gobbled up by it. He wastes no time in activating his powers and the exorcism begins with no trouble. Within seconds the spirit is taken care of with a flurry of colors, and Shigeo is surrounded by pieces of garbage. 

Just as he’s about to return to Reigen, he spots a photo on the ground, and he figures the blue biker spirit would appreciate it. 

He returns to Reigen, and gives the spirit the photo. 

It turns out he was right about it. 

Before anyone realizes, the day of the U.A. entrance exam is upon them. Izuku and Shigeo sit at a nearby ramen shop, as Reigen offered to see them off. Earlier that day, Izuku had finished cleaning the beach and Shigeo had been present as All Might gave Izuku One for All. He couldn’t help but feel bad when Izuku had to eat a strand of the number one hero’s hair. 

But now, Izuku has a quirk, and he’ll become a hero. Shigeo is a hundred percent certain about that. If anyone deserves to become a hero, it’s Izuku. 

Though...Shigeo is a bit worried about his friend. Izuku sits across from him at one of the tables, and he’s all shakes and jitters. Shigeo can tell that Izuku is already freaking out over the exam, and he wishes he knew some sort of way to make him feel better. Alas, words were never his strong suit, but they were shishou’s

Shigeo glances over at the man, and sees that he caught onto Izuku’s nervousness as well. He doesn’t address it just yet, Shigeo figures he’s waiting until they finish their ramen. So he waits patiently, sneaking glances of carefully concealed worry at Izuku. Though, he knows the concern won’t show on his face, no matter how much he may want it to.

Shigeo guesses that’s just an effect of suppressing one’s emotions for so many years. 

Soon enough, the three of them finish their meal, and they begin the trek to the train station. Reigen walks in front of them, one hand in his pocket and the other hanging at his side. “Y’know…” He starts, “I’ve been told by a few friends that U.A.’s entrance exam is incredibly hard.” He turns around to face Shigeo and Izuku, “But you two will be just fine. I fully believe that.” 

Reigen only says a few words, but they help Izuku relax immensely. Shigeo sees his shoulders drop slightly, and a wobbly smile finds its way onto Izuku’s face. “Y-Yeah,” Izuku agrees. “It’ll be just fine!” He declares, and Shigeo nods in agreement. 

Reigen smiles at them, before his face turns serious, “I want you two to remember, even though you may have special abilities, they don’t make you any better than other people.” He says no more, and Izuku and Shigeo understand the message. 

They part with Reigen’s encouraging words, and Shigeo feels nothing but confidence for once. He’s been training with the Body Improvement Club for this very moment, and All Might and Izuku even helped him out too. 

He can do this. 

Shigeo can’t do this .

The written portion of the exam was a complete mess, there’s no way Shigeo got enough points to pass. The whole time he kept worrying over the answers he chose, and the math section. Oh god the math section. 

And now, there’s the practical. Present Mic explained to them that they had to take down robots and they’d earn points. Each robot had a different point value, and the second Present Mic told them to go, the students ahead of him were off. Everyone started destroying the robots so quickly that Shigeo was worried there wouldn’t be any left for him. 

To top it all off, he isn’t in the same area as Izuku, so they can’t work together. Any robot that he’s able to find early on is either already destroyed, or someone snatches the points from him. 

Luckily, he’s able to find a few and he lifts them with telekinesis, and then smashes them to the ground. He feels a little bad about destroying them, it must’ve cost the school a lot to make these robots. 

His luck quickly runs out however, as he doesn’t find enough robots. Most robots he runs across are already destroyed by other students. How many points does he need to pass the exam? Were they told an amount? 

This is not good. Very bad, this is. 

Shigeo is snapped out of his panic induced thoughts as he feels the ground shake beneath him. He looks around in confusion and he looks up only to see a giant robot. 

“Like I said, it’s best to ignore those zero pointers.” Present Mic pipes up, and Shigeo can only stare. The other students around him immediately turn tail and run away, and Shigeo is half tempted to follow their lead. However, he’s wasted most of his stamina trying to find robots to destroy, and for some reason, he feels paralyzed. Why does it feel like his legs won’t move? He’s faced evil spirits way more intense than this giant mass of metal, so why won’t he move?  

“Haha, this is nothing!” Someone exclaims, and Shigeo thinks it’s Bakugou for a split second because of the hair, and the tone of the person’s voice. However, as his eyes land on an obnoxious colored blue tracksuit, and Shigeo knows immediately that that person isn’t Bakugou. 

The robot continues to approach, and Shigeo can’t help but watch as the blond takes a stance (is pushing his knees together like that really such a good idea, Shigeo wonders), and raises his arms up. A golden hue wraps around it, and Shigeo’s eyes widen. 

He’s a psychic, a natural from the looks of it. 

Shigeo watches with newfound fascination as the boy’s hue engulfs the robot, and he tries to lift it. The robot is lifted from the ground, but it looks like the boy is having a hard time controlling such a large object. He then tries to crush it, probably to help lessen the weight or something. 

Subconsciously, Shigeo takes a step forward and opens his mouth to say something. Nothing comes out. The boy staggers and he grunts from the force of his power and the ground shatters beneath him. Shigeo can see the physical strain the boy’s powers are causing him, and he figures the boy can’t hold on much longer. 

His guess is correct when he sees the boy’s aura give out and the robot starts to fall. The boy sinks to the ground, panting and out of breath. 

It overshadows the boy, and Shigeo’s moving before he can think. He raises his hand and stops the robot. The robot then begins to shrink into itself, becoming nothing more than a metal ball. He lowers it to the ground and then goes over to the boy. 

The first thing the boy says as his eyes land on Shigeo is “You’re like me,” 

“Mhm,” Shigeo nods, “Are you alright? It’s dangerous to take something that big on. You could hurt yourself.” He holds a hand out to the boy. 

The boy disregards his hand and gets up on his own. “I’m fine.” He replies, his tone curt and sharp. Shigeo takes a step back once the boy stands up. He then makes eye contact with Shigeo, and Shigeo feels like he’s being analyzed or maybe scrutinized. He feels a bit self conscious as this mysterious boy drills hole into him with just his eyes.

Is he waiting for something? 

Maybe his name? 

Shigeo opens his mouth to say something, but Present Mic suddenly exclaims, “Time’s up!” 

The boy then turns away from Shigeo and he begins to walk away. Shigeo deflates as he realizes that he probably didn’t get enough points to pass the practical, and he had failed at yet another social interaction with someone. 

“Thanks for the rescue, by the way. I didn’t really need it though, I had it under control.” The boy suddenly says, but he doesn’t sound very thankful. “I’m Hanazawa Teruki, it’d be a good idea to remember the name.” Hanazawa calls from over his shoulder. 

Shigeo watches him walk off, a bit confused. Does Hanazawa want to be friends with him? Is that why he told Shigeo to remember his name? 

For now, Shigeo shrugs it off and follows the crowd out of the testing area. 

He hopes Izuku had a better time than he did. 

Chapter Text

When Shigeo receives a letter from U.A., he can only stare at it. He tries his best, but he can’t bring himself to feel anything about it. Ritsu is excited about it, but Shigeo isn’t. He isn’t anxious about it either, not like Izuku is. The best way Shigeo can describe what he’s feeling is indifference. 

He ends up not opening the letter until the next day. 

He’s with Reigen- shishou and Ritsu had insisted to come along as Shigeo was going to open his letter with shishou . Reigen had suggested Shigeo open the letter with him if he was nervous, and Shigeo didn’t feel like telling him otherwise. 

That’s how he finds himself sitting in his seat with the envelope in front of him. Ritsu and Reigen stand in front of him as Shigeo takes the envelope and opens it. A small disk falls into the palm of his hand, and Shigeo stares at it. Suddenly, a screen pops up, All Might appearing on it. 

“Yo young Kageyama! I am here, as a recording!” The pro exclaims. Shigeo jumps in surprise, dropping the disk in startlement. The disk lands on the desk and the video continues playing. “Congratulations, you’ve passed the exam!” All Might leans close to the camera, “With flying colors might I add!” 

Shigeo can hardly believe it, he passed

“Your written exam score was quite impressive young man! All that studying with young Midoriya payed off!” The hero exclaims. His face drops slightly, “ just barely managed to pass the practical exam. But!” All Might’s face brightens, and Shigeo is already exhausted from the constant shift in the mood. “You stood brave against the zero pointer, and saved one of the examinees! The school could never turn away such a heroic young man! So we have rescue points! Young Kageyama, you were awarded fifty rescue points, putting you in first place!” 

“You got in, nii-san!” Ritsu exclaims, his face lighting up. Shigeo looks over at his brother and finds himself smiling a bit. 

“Yeah...I did…” Shigeo murmurs. 

First place !” Ritsu shouts, clearly still excited for his brother. 

“Yeah…” Shigeo murmurs once more. He can hardly believe it.

“That’s great, Mob!” Reigen declares, pride written all over his face. He then looks contemplative for a moment before saying, “Let’s get ramen to celebrate!”

U.A. is bigger than Shigeo expects it to be, though he shouldn’t say he’s surprised. U.A. is the best hero school in the nation after all. Izuku stands beside him, and he can feel the other’s eyes on him as they walk up the stairs to the building. Part of him is still surprised that he even got accepted into U.A. in the first place. 

So together, Shigeo and Izuku walk into the building, looking for their homeroom. The two were incredibly relieved when they found out that they were in the same homeroom. It took some weight off of their shoulders, happy to know that they were together. It was comforting to know. 

The further they get into the halls, the more people they see. Shigeo is somewhat surprised to see so many other students (his middle school wasn’t as big as this), while Izuku is in awe of all the quirks around them. 

As Izuku gushes about some of the quirks, Shigeo tunes in and out. He doesn’t really understand why Izuku is so fascinated by quirks, or why he finds them so cool, but he listens as Izuku rambles. He keeps an eye out for their classroom while Izuku rambles. 

He suddenly walks into someone, wincing as their shoulder crashes into his. Shigeo looks up at the person, stammering out, “I-I’m sorry”, anxious about a possible confrontation. Shigeo hates confrontation with others, it’s scary and nerve wracking. The person he walked into quirks a brow, scoffing as he brushes blond hair out of his face. Shigeo finds himself recognizing this guy. 

“Oh, it’s you..” The boy, (Hanazawa was it?) murmurs. “Tch, so you got in too, huh?” 

“Ah, y-yes, I did.” Shigeo stutters. Something about Hanazawa’s stare rubs him the wrong way and makes him more nervous than usual. 

Hanazawa puts a hand on his hip and flicks his hair, “As long as you stay out of my way we won’t have any issues.” He hums, smiling. 

“Oh, okay.” Shigeo replies, agreeing easily. He doesn’t really plan to get in anyone’s way anyways. He does find it weird that if Hanazawa wants to be friends, why is he telling Shigeo to stay away? 

Hanazawa seems pleased with his response and he walks away. Shigeo watches him go, wondering if they’re any closer to being friends. He hopes so, but he can’t help but wonder if there’s something else going on. 

“That was...weird,” Izuku mumbles, glancing at Shigeo. 

Shigeo looks over at Izuku, “It’s fine.” He hums. “I met him during the entrance exam, he’s an esper like I am, and I think he wants to be friends.” 

Izuku sweat-drops, “That didn’t seem very friendly to me.” Shigeo looks at him for clarification, but Izuku just sighs and shakes his head, “Nevermind that, let’s find our homeroom.” 

Eventually, they stop in front of a rather large door. Izuku wonders if giants go to this school. On the door is 1-A in bold red letters. “This is it.” Izuku says, nervously smiling. Shigeo nods, face blank as always. Izuku reaches out to grab the door, but he stops as Kacchan and that scary boy with glasses from the entrance exam flash in his mind. 

“Izuku?” Shigeo asks, turning to him. 

“Shige, do you think we’ll be okay here?” Izuku questions, feeling anxious. High school is his chance to turn over a new leaf and be the best version of himself, but he’s worried about messing up or worse. 

“Mm.” Shigeo hums, nodding in response. 

His response relaxes Izuku slightly, and he nods. Izuku turns back to the door and opens it. The two stand at the doorway, watching as Bakugou is scolded by the very boy Izuku was worried about having in his class. 

The boy with glasses suddenly notices Izuku and he marches over to him, exclaiming, “My name is Iida Tenya! I’m from--”

“I-I know,” Izuku stammers, wincing as he cuts Iida off. As he sees Iida’s face fall, he hastily adds, “I’m Midoriya’s nice to meet you…” 

“ saw through the test and found the real purpose of are clearly the better student!” Iida declares, and Izuku just blinks. 

“I uh...find that a little hard to believe…” Izuku replies, his eyes trailing over to Shigeo. 

Iida spots the boy beside him, extending a hand, “Hello! My name is Iida Tenya! I look forward to being classmates with you!” 

“Oh um, likewise.” Shigeo says, “Kageyama Shigeo, but people tend to call me Mob.” He introduces. 

Iida seems pleased with his response, and nods. Before they can say anything else, someone behind them exclaims, “I recognize that curly hair!” 

And a few short seconds later, their homeroom teacher walks-- er, slithers in. 

If Shigeo were to explain to someone who his homeroom teacher is, the first thing he’d say is ‘tired’. Aizawa Shouta embodies the very essence of the word from his facial expression, to his body language, even his hair. The man just screams ‘I am tired, let me rest.’ It’s a bit concerning really. 

The class walks out to the field where Aizawa directed them to meet him, they’re going to miss the orientation ceremony, but Shigeo can’t bring himself to care. 

He heard a few boys mumbling about it when they were changing in the locker room. 

Everyone walks across the field, now dressed in gym uniforms. Izuku fidgets nervously beside him, and Shigeo looks at his friend with concern. Truthfully, he doesn’t really pay attention as Aizawa explains what they’re doing. All he gathers is that they’re doing exercises and the person who does the worst gets expelled. 

If possible, Izuku only radiates more anxiety at the mention of possible expulsion. 

“Kageyama,” Aizawa says, and Shigeo straightens up at the call of his name, “You had the highest score on the entrance exam. What was your farthest throw with a soft ball in middle school?” 

“Eh? Um…” Shigeo pauses to think, trying his best to remember. “Two..meters I think..?” He replies weakly. He hears a few murmurs of disbelief, and he can understand why. For a guy that was somehow able to score the most points on the exam, Shigeo doesn’t look like much. His classmates were probably expecting someone like Bakugou, which clearly, Shigeo is not. 

“Alright, try throwing it now with your quirk.” Aizawa says, sounding disinterested. “Anything goes, just stay in the circle.” He adds, tossing a ball to Shigeo. 

Shigeo fumbles with the ball and steps in the circle, feeling embarrassed. He can feel everyone’s eyes on him. It’s a bit nerve wracking. 

For a while, Shigeo does nothing, hesitant to use his powers. What if he accidentally hurts someone with it? Nobody is close enough to him that he’d hurt them, right? He looks around, well, maybe Aizawa is a bit too close…“A-Aizawa-sensei? C-Could you step back a bit?” Shigeo asks nervously. 

Aizawa quirks a brow, but takes a few steps back. Shigeo relaxes a bit as the distance between his teacher and him increase. He then looks down at the ball and he chucks it with all his might. Then, at the last second, he uses his powers and as the ball is engulfed in a blue purple hue, Shigeo pushes it further. 

He’s improved a lot thanks to the Body Improvement Club, so his distance without his powers become five, and with his powers it becomes nine hundred and five. 

When he turns back to face his classmates, quite a few of them are gawking. Izuku has a pleased grin on his face and Bakugou looks pissed. 

Aizawa turns to them, “All of you need to know your maximum capabilities. It’s the most rational way of determining your potential as a pro hero.”

The exercise wraps up fairly quickly after that. Izuku places last, and he feels his heart in his throat. He wasn’t able to use One for All much in fear he’d break himself doing so. He was forced to do the exercises without his quirk backing him. He wasn’t alone in doing this though, as Shigeo did most, if not all, of the exercises without his psychic powers. Shigeo is only a few places above him, having been used to doing the exercises without his powers thanks to the Body Improvement Club. 

Izuku, unfortunately, did not have a Body Improvement Club at his school. 

As Aizawa finishes speaking to the class, Izuku can’t stop fidgeting. He can’t get expelled on the first day of school, he can’t! His eyes trail down to his bruised finger. During the ball throw he had been able to use only a finger to push the ball further with One for All. It was nothing compared to Shigeo’s measure, but it had to be enough for Izuku to stay, right? 

“By the way, I lied about expelling one of you. It was just a logical ruse to get you all to give it your all.” 

Izuku nearly, nearly , screams. 

Shouta dismisses his homeroom class, watching as they all breathe sighs of relief. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he starts walking back to the teachers office, planning on filing information away. As he walks, he finds himself thinking back to a few students that stood out to him. Firstly there was the recommendation students, and the students who placed the highest on the entrance exam. And then there was Midoriya and Kageyama. 

Midoriya had quite the quirk, but it was explosive. He had seen what Midoriya did during the exam, how he had broken himself to save someone else. Shouta was sure Midoriya would repeat this during the exercise, so he stopped him before the boy could do anything. Shouta doesn’t think Nezu and the other judges were rational enough, letting Midoriya pass. 

And then Midoriya proved him wrong. It doesn’t happen often, but Shouta was impressed. ‘That kid is something.’  

There’s also Kageyama. That kid got the highest points on the entrance exam, his quirk is impressive and well suited for heroics. The only problem is it seems Kageyama seems hesitant to even use it. During the quirk exercise, Kageyama barely used his quirk. Shouta has this...feeling about Kageyama. 

Shouta narrows his eyes as he sees two people hovering behind the corner of the school. He decides to ignore both of them as he walks by. 

“Aizawa-kun, you liar!” All Might declares, placing his hands on his hips. 

“Oh, All Might.” Shouta sighs, wishing the number one would’ve just let him walk by. “So you were watching, I take it? You must be free then.” He makes a point to ignore the male standing beside All Might. 

“I’m surprised, Shouta.” Reigen cuts in, making himself known. “You usually aren’t so laid back on your homeroom.” He hums. 

“And you aren’t usually loitering around buildings you aren’t allowed in, but here we are.” Shouta replies dryly. “Speaking of which, how did you get inside the school in the first place?” He questions, feeling a headache coming on. 

Reigen’s lips quirk upward as he smirks. “Hizashi and I are quite close, remember?” He replies cheekily, making Shouta sigh again. Of course Mic let him in, those two are practically attached at the hip. 

That brings up his next question, “Why are you here exactly Reigen?”

“It seems we share a student, so I wanted to check up on him on his first day of school.” Reigen replies. 

Shouta can only stare at him. Reigen has a student? Who’s the poor soul that has Reigen Arataka as their mentor? And why? “And?” Shouta questions, quirking a brow. 

“Well, it looks like Mob is just fine, especially since you’re his teacher.” Reigen hums. “I have no reason to be worried about him, in fact I’m relieved.” 

“Mob?” Shouta questions, running through his students names. He doesn’t have anyone in his class named ‘Mob’. 

“Ah, right, you don’t know him by Mob like I do.” Reigen says, and Shouta feels like there’s some sort of one sided competition between them. 

Shouta sighs, not wanting to feed into his game, but he won’t deny that a small part of him is somewhat curious as to who Reigen’s ‘teaching’. “His name is?” He asks.

“Kageyama Shigeo.” 

Shouta blinks, somewhat surprised. Out of all of his students, he’s a bit surprised Kageyama is Reigen’s student. He has a feeling there’s a long story behind that one, but he doesn’t feel like hearing it. He’s sure Reigen told everything to Mic already, so he’ll most likely hear it later. 

“Young Kageyama is your student, Reigen-kun?” All Might cuts in, reminding Shouta of his presence. It’s almost ironic, All Might is a giant, yet he seems so small right now. 

Reigen turns over to look at the number one, and Shouta finds it amusing. Reigen looks so startled, being innocently questioned by the top hero. “Ah, yes! He is!” The man exclaims. 

They’re about to get into another conversation, Shouta can feel it. He has to stop it before it gets too far. “Shouldn’t you be leaving now, Reigen? Legally, I’m allowed to throw you out for breaching security.” 

“Alright, alright, I get it. Mob looks like he’ll be fine, so I can leave with a good conscious.” Reigen says, turning around and beginning to walk off. He stops, “Shouta, keep an eye on him for me, will ya? He’s a good kid.” 

Shouta is taken aback by Reigen’s sudden serious tone. “My students are my top priority.” He replies. Reigen waves goodbye in response, and he continues walking away. 

“Old friends?” All Might questions as the man leaves.

“More like a constant thorn in my side.” Shouta grumbles, beginning to head to the entrance of the building. He can hear a question leaving All Might’s mouth, but he doesn’t give the pro hero a response as he walks off. 

Shouta rubs his temple, sighing. He definitely has a headache. Great. 

Chapter Text

Shigeo sits at the dinner table with his parents and brother, Ritsu. His father talks about his day, recounting a story about one of the customers he had earlier in the day. Shigeo listens intently, raising a spoonful of rice into his mouth.

The spoon curls in Shigeo’s grasp. 

“There you go again, Shigeo. You really need to fix that habit of yours!” His mother says, shaking her head. 

“Ah, sorry.” Shigeo mutters, looking down at the spoon in his hands. 

“It’s fine, honey!” His dad chuckles to his wife, “It’s just puberty! He should be able to bend a spoon from time to time!” 

His mother sighs, “Don’t spoil him so much, dear.” She turns back to Shigeo, “You need to learn a thing or two from Ritsu, Shige. He’s already starting off the year with perfect scores.”

Ritsu gently takes the spoon from Shigeo’s hand and fixes it. “C’mon mom, anyone can do that.” He says as he hands Shigeo the spoon. Then, addressing Shigeo, “I’m here if you need to talk, nii-san.” 

“Thank you.” Shigeo murmurs, taking the spoon. 

“Don’t you go spoiling him too, Ritsu.” Their mother says in response, pointing her chopsticks at him. 

“Speaking of talking,” His dad says, “How have your first couple days of hero school been, Shigeo?” 

Shigeo hums, pondering the events of his first couple days at U.A. Overall, the first few days have been okay. He likes his classmates so far, they seem nice. He hasn’t really had a chance to talk with any of them, but they seem like good people, hero hopefuls. Their teachers are nice too. Shigeo never thought he’d be taught by pro heroes. School with his best friend is a nice consolation prize, too. 

Remembering his dad’s question, he answers with a mumbled “good”. His dad seems to accepts this answer, humming in approval.

“I’m still surprised you wanted to go for U.A.’s hero course.” His mother says. “Even as a child you weren’t very interested in them.” 

“Hm.” Is all Shigeo replies with. 

“So, how does it feel to be taught by the world’s greatest hero?” His dad questions. When they first found out that All Might would be a teacher at U.A., his dad was ecstatic. He was a huge fan of All Might, like everyone else. 

“It’s cool I guess.” Shigeo replies, shrugging. To him, All Might is just another person. He’s a little overwhelming in his muscle form, but as he and Izuku got to know All Might during those nine months, Shigeo grew very comfortable around him. 

Dinner continues, and it isn’t until his parents start to clean up that Shigeo realizes Ritsu hadn’t said a single word after handing back his spoon. 

When the class comes back from lunch, Izuku is practically vibrating with excitement. Shigeo shares a look with Uraraka and Iida, and shrugs. “He’s...excited I think.” He says, realizing their next class is hero studies. Which is being taught by All Might. 

Uraraka and Iida nod as they enter the classroom and head to their seats. Everyone looks excited about being taught by All Might, but Shigeo doesn’t share in their excitement. Sure, All Might is amazing, but he’s just another person. 

“I am here, coming through the door like a normal person!” All Might exclaims, suddenly entering the room. Everyone looks at him with sparkles in their eyes, except for Shigeo and Bakugou, but Shigeo isn’t really surprised. 

Shigeo listens as All Might tells them to try on their hero costumes, and he winces. His hero costume is rather simple. He grabs his case and waits for Izuku before heading to the locker room. 

He quickly changes, putting his costume on. It’s rather simple in design. His suit is black with a zipper on its front. It goes up to his neck, and he has fingerless gloves. When it came time to design his hero costume, he asked Reigen to help him. Reigen had said the fingerless gloves would add a nice touch to his rather simple design. Along with the gloves, Reigen added a pink belt to keep first aid on him, and he also added a pair of purple tinted glasses. 

Shigeo changes into his costume quickly and struggles with his shoes as Izuku and the others change. “Nice costume bro!” Someone exclaims, and Shigeo looks up at his classmate. He has blond hair with a black streak that’s shaped like a lightning bolt. 

‘Oh, he sits in front of me in class.’ Shigeo thinks. What’s his name again? It starts a K, right? Ka...Kalamari? Shigeo furrows his brows, no, that’s not right. Kamunami? No, that doesn’t sound right either. 

“ good man?” The boy asks, quirking a brow.

“Ah, yes.” Shigeo replies, realizing he was lost in his head again. 

Oh, that’s it! Kaminari is his name! 

“Thank you.” He says, “Your costume is cool as well.” Kaminari cracks a grin and starts talking excitedly about his costume. Shigeo listens as he rambles, used to hearing someone rambling thanks to Izuku. He doesn’t mean to, but he tunes in and out as Kaminari talks. 

Eventually, Izuku is done changing and Kaminari finishes his rambling. Shigeo hums and nods as Kaminari finishes, and then he walks out with Izuku. They join the rest of the class dressed in their costumes. Shigeo fiddles with his fingerless gloves, glancing around. Iida and Uraraka approach them, and Uraraka looks at Izuku’s costume. “Whoa, Deku! Nice costume!” Uraraka exclaims. 

Izuku blushes beneath his mask, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. “Ah, thank you, Uraraka!” 

Shigeo finds himself drawn to the two flaps standing up on Izuku’s mask. “Bunny ears…” He murmurs, drawing their attention to him. 

“Huh?” Iida questions, looking at Shigeo in confusion.

Shigeo points at the flaps on Izuku’s mask, “They look like rabbit ears.” 

Izuku’s face only flushes more, and Uraraka tries not to giggle at Shigeo’s observation. If Iida is going to say anything else, he doesn’t get the chance to, for All Might grabs everyone’s attention and he begins to explain the training exercise they’re going to be doing. 

Shigeo and Izuku stand side by side as the pro speaks. 

And then All Might assigns them partners, and tells them who they’re going against.

Shigeo stands beside his partner, Kaminari, as they watch the first team go into the building. On the screen in front of the class, they watch as the hero team, Uraraka and Izuku, sneak through the building. They seem to be talking, but Shigeo can’t hear anything. 

As he watches Bakugou suddenly round the corner and attack Izuku, Shigeo comes to realize he doesn’t like the exercise very much. 

Bakugou’s attacks are ruthless, and Shigeo watches as Izuku struggles to fight back. At some point, Uraraka runs off to the staircase, most likely Izuku’s doing. He probably told her to go on ahead and not worry about him. Shigeo isn’t surprised if that’s the case, as it’s something Izuku would definitely do. 

He tries not to worry about Izuku, really, he tries. He knows Izuku is more than capable of fighting back against Bakugou, now more than ever, and as he watches Izuku land a few hits, his worry lessens some. 

But still, Bakugou’s cruel in his attacks, relentless. 

Some of Shigeo’s classmates make comments about Bakugou’s attacks, noting how “unmanly” they are, and a couple of them even ask All Might if it’s okay to continue the exercise. 

Shigeo knows he won’t, even as Bakugou fires off an extremely powerful explosion from one of his gauntlets. Even as they watch the explosion rip through the building, and All Might scolds him for it. 

Shigeo knows All Might won’t stop the exercise because this is something Izuku needs to do. This is Izuku’s fight, but it’s a hard one to watch. Shigeo can’t stand seeing his friend get so hurt, and if he wasn’t as close with Izuku as he is, if he had been a different person, he’d probably ask All Might to stop them too. 

But Shigeo is Shigeo, and even if he wants to, he can’t bring himself to speak. 

“Hey man, you okay? You’re crazy tense,” Kaminari suddenly asks, placing a hand on Shigeo’s shoulder. 

Shigeo snaps out of his daze, and slowly, he looks over at Kaminari. He realizes he was clenching his fists and he uncurls them, forcing himself to relax. It won’t do anyone any good if he has an explosion right now. He then looks back at the boy beside him and wordlessly nods. He doesn’t feel entirely okay, but there isn’t much anyone can do. He’ll feel better when Izuku is no longer fighting Bakugou. 

Kaminari offers him a small smile, patting his shoulder before letting go. He turns his attention back to the screen, and Shigeo does the same just in time to see a large blast. He feels panic but forces it down. 

The smoke clears and Izuku’s sleeve is in shambles. He looks bruised and his arm looks burnt, to Shigeo’s horror. There’s a hole above him, and Shigeo sees his lips move before he falls forward, passing out. 

There’s a heavy silence in the room, and Shigeo can’t tear his eyes away from his friend. Bakugou is frozen, arms at his sides, unmoving. 

All Might brings the mic to his mouth, “H...hero team...wins!” 

As Shigeo sees Izuku get rolled off by two robots, he wonders if that can really be counted as a win. He wonders if this is what being a hero is truly all about. 

He wonders if being a hero is all about self sacrifice, letting yourself get beaten black and blue for the sake of other people. Is there a way to be a hero without all of the unnecessary violence? 

Heroes save people, but is there anyone to save the heroes at the end of the day? 

Shigeo steps into the building, following after Kaminari. They don’t exactly have a plan here, and Shigeo isn’t much of a strategizer like Izuku is. However, he’s determined to not use his quirk on either Yaoyorozu or Jirou. 

Kaminari explained his quirk to Shigeo before they went into the building. The two of them are really limited here, as Kaminari can really only use his quirk once before he’s out. “Got any ideas, Kageyama?” Kaminari asks him, and Shigeo shakes his head. Kaminari turns back to look at him, “By the way, you never told me what your quirk was.” He states. 

“Ah, it’s um…” Shigeo trails off. Reigen- shishou suggested Shigeo keep his psychic powers a secret for now, as it could complicate things at school. Shigeo doesn’t really see the point in keeping it a secret, but he trusts shishou . Though, he guesses he can understand as a lot of people think that psychic powers are just made up, or they’re some kind of quirk that people use to fool others into believing they have psychic abilities. “It’ manipulation,” He eventually says. It’s the closest he can get to psychic powers without saying them. 

“Awesome,” Kaminari says with a grin. “Maybe you can just...manipulate the energy stuff around the bomb and bam! We win!” 

“I don’t think it’ll be that easy,” Shigeo murmurs. “I don’t know what Yaoyorozu-san and Jirou-san’s quirks are.” He admits. 

“Oh! Jirou can hear stuff with her earphone jacks, and Yaoyorozu can make stuff.” Kaminari informs him. 

“Ah,” Shigeo replies. Well, that makes things slightly easier. He then notices that the two of them are walking upstairs and they still haven’t been stopped by either girl. “Kaminari-kun, we should be on guard.” He suggests. 

Kaminari glances back at him, nodding. 

They continue walking upstairs until they make it to the top floor. The pair comes across a door, and Shigeo really wishes he can remember the blueprints they were allowed to look at a few minutes before the exercise began. He turns to Kaminari, “Should we go through here?” He asks. 

“Sure,” His partner replies with a shrug. Kaminari steps forward to open the door, but it doesn’t open. “Huh,” Kaminari mutters. He tries again, but it’s like the door gets blocked. 

“They must’ve barricaded the door...which means this is where the bomb is being kept.” Shigeo notes. 

“Alright! Stand back, Kageyama, I’m gonna bust this door wide open!” Kaminari exclaims. He grins as lightning charges around him. 

“Ah, w-wait!” Shigeo tells him. “We don’t know what’s on the other side, we should be careful.” 

“Oh, good point. But how are we going to get through?” Kaminari asks. 

Shigeo frowns, how are they going to get through? He looks around at their surroundings. His eyes land on a nearby window and it clicks. “Over here,” He says, waving his partner over. Kaminari blinks and follows him. “I don’t usually like to use this but…” He points at Kaminari and raises a finger. 

“W-Whoa..!” Kaminari stammers, flailing his arms slightly. Shigeo uses telekinesis on himself as well, and the pair floats out of the window. “This is so frickin’ cool!” Kaminari exclaims. They float to the next floor, and peek over the edge of the window. 

Yaoyorozu and Jirou are a few feet apart. Jirou is crouched by the wall, the jacks from her earlobes imbedded in the wall. She turns over to Yaoyorozu, “I can’t hear them anymore.” 

“Looks like you were right about the door,” Kaminari whispers to him. The door is blocked by different objects that Yaoyorozu most likely created. 

Yaoyorozu, who is standing guard by the bomb, walks over to the other girl. “Well, Kaminari-san and Kageyama-san probably know about our quirks, so I’m sure they’re being careful.” 

“Yeah, but they were right outside the door before, and now it’s like they left the building.” Jirou says. 

Shigeo gets an idea. Using telekinesis, he lifts the bomb over to the window. He and Kaminari keep their eyes trained on the two girls as he does this. 

Things go well until Shigeo starts to feel dizzy. He tries to hold on for as long as he can, but everything starts spinning and Shigeo’s grip on the bomb loosens and to his horror, it falls. Shigeo has to bring both himself and Kaminari into the building. 

Yaoyorozu and Jirou turn around as they hear the bomb, and stare in surprise as Shigeo brings himself and Kaminari in through the window. 

It was a good try, but he and Kaminari lose in the end. 

The class goes back to the classroom for the end of the day, and Shigeo tries to pack up quickly so that he can go meet Izuku in the infirmary. He hopes his friend’s injuries are healing well. His plan gets interrupted by his classmates. Kaminari talks to him, full of excitement. 

“That was so cool!” One of the girls suddenly exclaim, smiling. “I’m Ashido Mina!” 

A boy with red hair suddenly jumps into the conversation, and Shigeo realizes that he’s the one who sits behind Kaminari in class, “Your quirk is awesome, man! Kaminari told me it was energy manipulation? That’s frickin’ cool man!” 

A few other classmates join in on the conversation, Ashido and Kirishima (Shigeo later learns), and they compliment his quirk and how cool he is. 

The compliments make Shigeo a bit embarrassed, as he’s never been complimented like that before. His cheeks gain a soft pink hue, making Ashido and Uraraka (who joined the conversation as well) coo over how cute he is. This only made his blush worse. 

Izuku then comes back to the classroom, and the attention is on him. Shigeo realizes how tense his shoulders had gotten and he relaxes as they all talk to Izuku. They introduce themselves and compliment Izuku, and now it’s Izuku’s turn to get embarrassed. 

“Ah, where did Kacchan go?” Izuku suddenly asks, noticing that the other isn’t in class. 

“I think he left already,” Kirishima answers. 

Shigeo watches as Izuku turns around and heads out the class. Shigeo grabs their bags and follows after his friend but not before bidding his classmates goodbye. He catches up to Izuku just as the other approaches Bakugou. 

“Kacchan!” Izuku calls. 

Bakugou stops walking and glances back at Izuku.

“I...can’t tell you much, but you should know this at the very least!” Izuku begins, looking conflicted and saddened, “I got my quirk from someone else. I er, can’t say who, but!” He stops, staring down at the ground. 

Shigeo wonders if he should say something to stop Izuku from spilling anymore, but then he realizes it. During their fight, Bakugou was probably feeling slighted that Izuku suddenly had a quirk. He kind of understands in a weird way, the kid you’ve known your whole life to be quirkless suddenly gets into one of the best hero schools in the world, and he randomly shows up with a quirk one day. Shigeo guesses Bakugou might have been upset, if the faces he was making during their fight is anything to go by. 

So he decides to stay quiet.

“I can’t even use it right yet...this borrowed power is still pretty useless to me. That’s why...I tried to beat you without it! But I couldn’t, I had to rely on it! I’ve got a ways to go, but I’m going to make it my own someday! And then I’ll be able to beat you with my power!” Almost immediately after saying this, Izuku’s face blanches and Shigeo guesses Izuku didn’t mean to say that part. 

Bakugou just stares at him, before curling his hands into fists and growling, “What the hell..? Borrowed power..? No clue what you’re talking about, but I guess you’re still trying to make a fool outta me, right?!” He exclaims. “I mean, what the hell?! I...lost to you today! And if that weren’t enough...that icy bastard! No way I can measure up to him either!” He slams his palm to his head, “Ponytail girl said it all, really. Dammit!” His hand falls to his side and he throws it up and down, reminding Shigeo of a toddler having a temper tantrum. “Dammit, dammit! Why?! You too...Deku! Bowl Cut! My quirk is way more powerful than yours, so why?! ” 

“Just because your quirk is strong doesn’t mean that you’re special, Bakugou-kun,” Shigeo cuts in with a small frown. “It isn’t about having strong quirks or winning a lot of fights...sometimes people lose fights too, no matter how strong they are.” Shigeo finds himself using the same advice his shishou gave him the first time they met. “You’re still just a kid, Bakugou-kun, you aren’t perfect, no one is. You just have to try harder next time,” 

Bakugou growls at his response, and instinctively, Shigeo takes a slight step back. However, before he can do anything else, All Might appears and intervenes. 

He glances at Izuku. He has a lot of questions for the boy, but Shigeo figures he’ll get answers later. 

For now, he watches as Bakugou storms off, and All Might reminds Izuku that the nature of his quirk must be kept quiet.