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To Go Back

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 Trouble seemed to find Midoriya Izuku like a magnet, this of course was something that him, family, and friends knew to be a fact backed by personal experiences and firsthand witness accounts.

Which is probably why when he and Bakagou are both having a late lunch on the usual rooftop they started this odd tradition on and the building promptly disappears, they don't do much except right themselves as they fall to the ground, Izuku saving the cups of instant ramen that consisted of their lunch without spilling a drop; Bakagou landing beside him with nothing more than a grunt and a deeper scowl than before.

And when it seemed like it had turned noon, blues in the sky instead of the soft pinks of early evening, Izuku does nothing more than give Bakagou his lunch, the other taking it and sitting with his childhood friend on the now empty lot, garnering a few looks from passing civilians.

As any would if two grown men dropped from the sky and just proceeded to sit down on the ground of an empty lot and eat their late (early?) lunch without being disturbed in the slightest.

"Quirk?" Bakugou asks towards his companion, Izuku chewing on his noodles diligently before replying, "Probably." Is his only response before digging back in.

"Time or that alternate universe shit you and dunce face were talking about the last time it happened?"
Izuku was surprised at how the ramen cup could hold up to Bakugou's jabs, wondering if each time he stabbed it would be the time it broke and caused a mess of noodles in the others lap.

"Mmmm maybe, could be both though, it does look about noon right now." Izuku mused, ignoring the looks from gathered pedestrians on the sidewalk.
Bakugou was not so kind.


A few pops from his hands had them scattering, enough so he calmed down and sat back to eat his noodles.

"These noodles taste like shit."

"If someone hadn't gone in all gunho on that last call I could've made katsudon earlier." Izuku muttered, ducking his head as Bakugou attempted to cuff him, the blonde spitting curses as he tried twice more with both attempts unsuccessful.

Fuck Izuku and his ability to know Bakugou's next moves.

He let it be for now, tired of swatting at empty air.
"What do we do now shitty nerd?" Bakugou asked, red eyes side glancing Izuku as he finished off his noodles.

"Probably go to UA, see if this universe has their own Aizawa sensei, get help figuring out who sent us back or has a quirk that could help is get back, find them, get them to get us back, and we live happily ever after."

Bakugou huffed, his own form of an amused laugh leaving him. "Is that all? Easier said than done."
"Thought you were always up for a challenge Kacchan?" Izuku teased, hearing the other get up from where he sat, brushing the lingering dirt and dust from off of the back of his pants.

"Never said I wasn't shitty nerd, you fucking done yet or what? If we hurry the fuck up we can make it to Aunties in time for dinner. I'm not missing her katsudon again because of some fuck up of yours."

"How is this my fault?!" Izuku squawked, hurrying up with his food before scrambling up to Bakugou's side.

"It's always your fault shit like this happens, you're a goddamn trouble magnet."

"That might be true but you didn't have to say it."

"Gotta remind you every now and then, even if it doesn't help." 


"Keep up nerd."

With a loud explosion Bakugou was gone, smoke trail leading up to the rooftop of the building across the street.

With a grin Izuku followed in a flash of green lightning.



Shinsou shot up from the couch, fast enough his head swam for a split second before settling back to his normal, ever present ache. Purple hair stood up in all directions as usual, equally purple eyes darting around the living room, looking around for whatever had bothered him from his nap. Though if he was being honest he'd have to say that it was more of a feeling than an actual physical disturbance.

The living room was still the same as he had left it before he'd dropped like a dead weight on the couch for a nap, jacket discarded over the back of the couch, his drink on its coaster on the coffee table, all eight cats in various degrees of sleep on the floor and living room seats with the ninth cat looking at him with pure, unadulterated hatred from the very top of the bookshelf.

All was as it should have been, though he still felt uneasy.

His sights landed on Todoroki, who was lingering in front of the hall that led back to their bedrooms, looking just as uneasy as Shinsou felt.

"Did your 'Izuku's gotten himself in shit' sense go off too?" Shinsou asked, clear and to the point.

Todoroki nodded, both men having a silent conversation before they moved, Shinsou to get off the couch and hurriedly put on his shoes while Todoroki grabbed the car keys from off the kitchen counter.




A short drive later had them in front of their friend's home, Shinsou rapping his knuckles against the door in a hurried motion with Todoroki standing beside him with...were those phones he had?

"Why do you have two phones Shou?" Shinsou asked, brow arched up at the taller, who had a phone in each hand, thumbs poised above the screens.

"I have emergency services ready on one and Inko-san on the other." Todoroki answered him, his eyes looking back at Shinsou's questioning gaze, "I couldn't decide which one was more important to call in case of an emergency." He explained.

Shinsou ran a hand through his hair, a ghost of a laugh leaving his mouth as they waited for the owners of the home to answer the door. He leaned a shoulder against Todoroki's, the other a solid weight against him as the sounds of someone tripping on shoes and other items to get to the door met their ears.

"You're ridiculous."

"I like the term prepared actually." Todoroki retorted, getting another half laugh from the tired man beside him.

Their eyes met bright yellow as the door opened, a smell sweet like candy hitting them like a wall of scent. Pink hair that had grown out into a full blown afro gently moved side to side like a giant cloud as the owner tilted her head in greeting.

"Hey Shinsou, Todoroki, Izuku got himself into shit again?" Mina guessed, both men nodding, not even surprised that she knew why they might've been here at her house for.

Mina was always the one that kept on top of what the others in their class were doing since they graduated, her penchant for gossip and just knowing things the reason they went to her first.

"Babe!" She called into the house, two voices acknowledging her at the same time in reply. "We got guests!" She yelled out, opening the door for the two and beckoning them inside.

The two followed her in, stepping over various shoes and some dog toys as well.

"Ah, try not to move the toys, Rampage likes to copy what we do and gets in a fuss if they're moved." Mina explained, "It seems to be his new thing now."

Said dog, having noticed the two men and his owner, had started running towards them all, slowing down into full body wiggles as the bully shook excitedly, pressing his large body against the mens' legs in a silent plea for pets and love.

Shinsou was the one to take a knee down, lowering himself to the dog's level for a proper greeting as he scratched at the bully's face and ears. The dog was so excited he nearly lost his footing and fell with how much he was shaking.

"I never would have pegged you for a dog person Shinsou." Mina mused, bright eyes watching the interaction with a hint of amusement.

"I prefer cats, but dogs are good too." He explained, pressing a kiss to the bully's head with an exaggerated smooch, the dog somehow shaking even more at the affection.

"You keep doing that he'll fall in love with you and won't leave you alone."

"Eh, what's a third admirer?" He shrugged, standing up to follow Mina into the living room, where Sero and Kaminari were sitting on the couch playing video games. The two butting into each other to hopefully distract the other and secure a win.

Sero was the first one to notice them, "Oh hey guys! Midoriya got himself into some shit again?"
They really needed to visit their friend's more casually than just when Izuku had gotten himself into trouble, this was ridiculous.


"Why does Todoroki have two phones?" It was Kaminari that spoke, though how he knew Todoroki was here let alone had two phones without even looking away from the game on the tv screen Shinsou didn't know.

Kaminari was just like that.

"One's for emergency services, the other is for Inko-san." Todoroki explained, getting a sage nod from Kaminari.

"Smart man."

"Told you." Todoroki whispered, Shinsou rolling his eyes as he waved the other off.

"Stop enabling him, he gets enough of that with Izuku. Anyways, Mina?"

The pink haired woman looked up towards him, head cocked with an ear to him to show she was listening.
"Heard anything from Izuku's agency? He and Bakahoe were on patrol tonight."

Kaminari snickered at the name, the other's not even batting an eye. At least this time he got two out of the seven letters in his name purposely right this time.

"Nah, it's been quiet, but even if something went wrong Izuku's agency would have tried to keep it under wraps from the public considering that you know, it's Izuku." She explained, sitting on the back of the couch with her arms crossed, Sero settling his head back against the side of her hip.

Shinsou let out a huff of breath, what she said was true, Izuku had been in enough worrying incidents not entirely his fault that his agency had plans in place to keep from causing widespread panic in the public.

"I wouldn't worry about him though, Bakugou's with him right? He'll be fine." Sero cut in.

"If that's supposed to make me feel better you're mistaken." Shinsou deadpanned, channeling his inner Todoroki to give the male on the couch the flattest look he could muster.

Mina slapped Sero upside the head, just enough for him to feel it, "If Bakugou's involved that just means there's two reckless idiots to worry about."

Sero was silent for a few moments, "Damn, you're right."

"Of course I am, Denki can you ring up Izuku's agency and see if he got back from his patrol?" Mina asked sweetly, the blonde using one hand to grab his phone with eyes still glued to the screen.

"I thought they didn't give out that information over the phone?" Todoroki asked, mismatched eyes looking back and forth between the phones he held in his hands, debating on which he should call first.

"Eh, the secretary there has a soft spot for Denki." Mina explained.

"He has strong grandbaby energies." Sero added, dodging a swat from Kaminari who pointedly glared at him.

"Shut the fuck your mou-Hey Miss Georgia!"

Everyone noticed how his voice instantly turned soft and sweet as he greeted the older woman over the phone, a sharp contrast from the biting edge of his earlier remark.

Entirely proving Sero's point.

Everyone waited as Kaminari talked with the woman, Shinsou silently taking the two phones from Todoroki after seeing the man look forlornly at the dog waiting expectantly at his feet for pets. Todoroki sent him a grateful look before kneeling to pet the affectionate animal, his overall demeanor brightening.

"Yeah so..." Kaminari started, phone put up and expression pinched, "Apparently both Izuku and Bakugou have disappeared."

"What?!" Mina was the first to express her surprise, "I get Izuku but how the everloving fuck do you lose Bakugou?!"

"Yeah he's not exactly someone that can disappear." Sero added, directing them to the fact that Bakugou wasn't allowed on anymore stealth missions after the last incident.

"Ah, so emergency services?" Todoroki inquired, having retrieved the phones from Shinsou.

"Yeah, they apparently went clear off the radar, the agency's not picking up their trackers or anything." Kaminari explained.


"Inko-san and emergency services then. Okay."

"Shouto, we agreed Inko was a panic only situation, they might've just got hit with some kind of emp quirk or something." Shinsou reasoned.

"This is a panic situation, I'm panicking Toshi."

Shinsou looked to the ceiling, a heavy sigh leaving his lips as he did so.

Fuck underground hero work, his husbands were going to be the ones to give him gray hairs first.