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Idea 15

Patrick is a royal from another country and also a vampire and like maybe out of all his siblings he is the only like pure vampire and not a halfbreed but he’s the youngest which doesn’t matter in the eyes of the vamp council bc Patrick is 100% vamp and his older bros are like 50% so Patrick is to inherit the throne when daddy-o decides its Patrick’s turn and like good thing vamps live forever bc Patrick isn’t expected to be in charge for a long ass time or is he?

So like he is being trained to take over and he is an actual little shit sneaking out and trying to get out of anything to do with his lessons and chores when it comes to being well brought up to know how to reign properly and Patrick is loved he is a pretty little vampire very smart and literally gives no shits and he vampires really well like not only is he trained in politics and properly ruling over people but also combat and has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with multiple times when people try to either kill him or kidnap him and they don’t live to even touch him like that’s how powerful Patrick is when he is threatened.

And well secrets are always in the royal family and well. Patrick like his father has a thing for humans, it runs in the family. Patrick is also a fertile. 100% pure vampires can only be fertiles if the moon is right and the mother was partially fertile and well Patrick was very ‘fortunate’ to inherit the trait of being able to carry children from his mother but it doesn’t make it easy for him considering he isn’t actually built for carrying a child in itself which is the biggest plot twist ever but you know.

Getting on to Patrick’s thing for dating humans, Petes a lovely human. He met Patrick while the vampire was fully yelling at people for not using the blood banks and feeding off of people. He’s scarier than his father in some cases so let’s send Patrick to threaten the uncooperative vampires and Pete was there hearing the entire thing go down and like he got a boner from looking at Patrick and Patrick was shook by Pete too bc like Patrick felt that click seeing pete and was like ‘holy shit my soulmate’ and Pete sorta felt it to the point where he will only ever be thinking of Patrick but also not knowing what it is. And with that they start dating and Patrick sneaks out a lot more and even during the day. Vampires don’t burn in the sun but it’s irritating and Patrick even on drowsy days will always wear sunglasses and use umbrellas to hide himself. Pete thinks it’s a completion thing bc Patrick is so fucking pale but he ends up finding out about Patrick being a vampire by accident and takes him half a month to come to terms with it after good ole vamp friends joe and Andy kick his arse and tell him everything about vampires and more about Patrick in particular bc well, they’re both soulmates and Patrick is heartbroken bc pete slurred him and that was so harsh. The vampires had never seen the heir so weak and fragile before and it was scary for them.

Pete eventually comes to his senses tho and goes to apologise to Patrick. Patrick isn’t happy and digs into Pete before they forgive and kinda angry sex but also makeup sex and Pete sees Patrick as the vampire he is with his very sexy fangs pushing against his bottom lip and dark black and red vampire eyes that completely engulf the usual baby blue Patrick naturally has when the vampire isn’t showing and Pete is amazed and also in love thank god in Patrick’s case. And Pete was then given a lecture by Patrick’s dad about well, Patrick bc pete needs to know everything essentially. Patrick is the heir he is to be in charge of all vampires when the time comes which means Pete will have to be Lectured on it as well and Patrick is a tutor for him as well and like Petes also told about Patrick being able to carry children bc I like mpregs leave me alone and this isn’t for plot reasons I just like mpregs and mother Patrick.

Pete will eventually have to be turned but vamps don’t take turned vamps lightly. Basically they hate the thought of humans being turned it’s something they see as humans shouldn’t have the right to be blessed with immortality and power but alas. Pete is Patrick’s soulmate and vampires only have one soulmate so they’ll have to get used to just one, Pete. And accept that Patrick needs pete now they’ve bonded and fully committed to each other.

Patrick also gets pregnant, hilarious for Pete bc Patrick is grumpy vampire and not happy with it and being more Fragile and not being able to do anything he was able to before but he secretly kinda likes the thought of growing a child inside him and being a mom. Also the kid is a halfbreed bc pete is human still and needs to be turned and Patrick hasn’t done it yet. But pete isn’t that old rn he’s only like 25 he has time, not dying anytime soon. Pete also questioned Patrick’s age bc he’s a vampire and he was told that born vampires don’t actually reach immortality fully until they’re 18 or in Patrick’s case 16 bc of his royal bloodline. They show traits of their vampirism at age 13 but it doesn’t fully hit them until 16 and finishes at 18. It took a week after Patrick turned 16 to accept it and let his vampire take over partially and bc Patrick and his vampire side have a sort of agreement and he can control it so well for a baby vampire he is a lot stronger than the normal pure blooded vampire. And Pete confused by the term ‘baby vampire’ thinking literally a baby vampire and he was told that any vampire under 100 is a baby and Pete genuinely thought that the age Patrick physically embodies is his real age, it’s not far off Patrick is like 60 or 70 and physically 20 ish and Pete makes jokes and Patrick gets grumpy and sassy about it but what can he do. He didn’t choose to be born like 60 years ago and he’s further ahead in anything that vampires who are like 500 so middle finger to them.

Patrick’s pregnancy is shortened bc the kid really likes to give him hell. Like how can a vampire get ill bc it confused Patrick and Pete, and worryingly it confuses the elders and Patrick’s dad. Maybe bc the kiddo was half human and reflecting into Patrick? Then don’t know but it really weakened Patrick and after giving birth a bit early to their bub he was pretty much human for a week before he went through the same process again when he was 16 turning into a full vampire which confused everyone but Patrick was back to normal instantly and it was forgotten after a month of monitoring the new mother and baby and nothing showing up so maybe it was bc of him carrying a half human child.

Anyway, Pete is in love with his son and also really in love with Patrick. He is still human and the question pops up so many times about when Pete will be turned and also that Patrick’s current heir is a halfbreed and not acceptable to the council. Patrick is in meeting after meeting and gets pissy about the questions while he pumps the little Milk he has for the kiddo bc he’s not wasting it, and he hisses at the Elders more than his should about his hubby and son bc why are they coming under fire for? Patrick isn’t reigning yet and his father doesn’t seem like he’s going to step down anytime soon he’s still young by vampire standards and Patrick isn’t old enough to take over her plus he’s a new mother with a new bond with Pete and he wants to enjoy his family more than trying to run the vampire world. He’s fine with helping Pete learn about the vampires and raising his two month old. Patrick’s dad agrees and when they are back in Pete and Patrick’s place the two vampires discuss their suspicions about the elders but also mutter in their own language so pete doesn’t hear any of it bc it was a bit about him and also private still to humans so unfortunately for Pete he can’t know. And Pete does get the hint about what they’re talking about bc he knows that the elders want to know when he will be turned into a vampire. Patrick can’t turn people at the moment bc of his current fragility after giving birth and it won’t take him too long for him to be able to turn pete. At least that’s what they all thought but five years later was when Patrick successfully turned pete after he tried a few times and couldn’t inject venom which made him question what the fuck. And shortly after that kiddo number two was cooking away, this time a pure vampire conceived after pete was turned but still had a small percentage of human in them.

Also the elders planned on killing Patrick and Pete proving that he is Patrick’s mate and being turned by him automatically made him just as powerful moved that quick when he saw the hitman in the corner of his eye Patrick didn’t know what happened until the dagger was lodged in the other vampires chest and Pete was in full vamp mode. That impressed Patrick and kinda got him horny but also pissed him off and we stormed the Elders hall and demanded an audience, like wtaf. Pete and Patrick’s dad followed both incredibly pissed and the fangs were out. Apparently Patrick has shown weakness and other bullshit but really they wanted to know how quick Pete would react to his mate in danger and they were impressed parodic still wasn’t happy bc his life was put at risk. He doesn’t doubt Pete will stop at nothing to keep him safe by why Did his life and his unborn child’s life needed to be put in danger.

And I can’t think of anything else ngl.