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The full moon is always beautiful; no matter how clear or cloudy the sky would be. The mysterious allure of the moonlight has is something no one, not even the most close-hearted person, could resist. The way it lights up even in the darkest of nights is the true beacon of hope she knows all too well. 


Nights like this always made her wish that the call wasn’t as strong and alluring that it is. 


She watched the blonde young woman sleeping away her troubles through the window. Despite, the call of the moon the Princess stayed asleep with a peaceful smile (probably thinking about her lover). Before she could be satisfied enough to leave the Princess, something catches the corner of her eye. 


A bright crescent moon on her forehead. 


In a panic, she jumps into the room as she hastily closes the curtains cutting off the moonlight. Turning to see the crescent faded, she sighs in relief. She slips out keeping the window open a crack. Before leaving, she whispers into the wind, “Happy dreams, Princess Serenity.”


“Usagi! Mamoru is waiting!” calls Ikuko from downstairs with the scent of breakfast wafting through the house. 


Usagi groans trying to conceal her face with her ocean of a blanket. She peeks through the covers as her mother’s words finally register in her head. Usagi jumps out of bed with a bright smile at the thought of Mamo-chan being there. She quickly gets ready for her school as she finishes the last touches on her signature odango hairstyle. She quickly rushes down the steps as she greets, “Ohayo, MamaAAAAA!”


Usagi trips, but instead of face planting into the usual hardwood her face grew used over the years, she falls right into the ready arms of Mamoru (who looks both terrified and amused at her trip). He helps steady herself as he asks, “Are you alright Usako?”


“Yes, I’m fine. Just got… a little excited is all,” admits Usagi sheepishly with the rub of her head and smile. Mamoru chuckles as he kisses her forehead gently. Usagi grabs a plate and seat before saying, “Itadakimasu!”


She scarfs down the food as Mamoru finishes his coffee when he sees what Ikuko is reading. He asks, “Did Kenji-san find anything new about the Sailor Senshi?”


Ikuko sighs as she answers, “No, finding any information about the mysterious Senshi is giving him and the company a hard time. That girl and the monsters seem to be the only thing anyone will talk about.”


At the mention of monsters, Usagi slows down her eating at the memory of what has happened in just the last year. The monsters and exhausted victims sadly became something of a constant lately in her life. It's like she's a magnet to trouble… or at the very least Naru is. A couple of weeks ago Usagi overheard Naru begging for help over the phone before the line cut off. A monster that resembled a vampire sucked her dry of energy. Luckily before something happened to her, a Senshi arrived to destroy the monster but it never returned Naru's energy. However, she never caught a glimpse of said Senshi


Mamoru catches Usagi's frown look as he asks, "Did you study for your English test, Usa?"


At the mention of the test, Usagi groans, "Mamo-chan! Don't talk about tests while I'm eating ! It almost always makes me lose my appetite!"


Mamoru tries to take a piece of egg off her plate before Usagi blocks it with her own chopsticks as she repeats, "I said, almost Mamo-chan."


Usagi greedily eats the piece of egg in her mouth with a smirk as Ikuko mentions, "Usagi, it's 7:30. You don't want Mamoru to be late do you?"


Usagi shrieks in surprise as she shoves a piece of toast in her mouth as she grabs Mamoru out the door. They both yell goodbye to her as Ikuko smiles as she looks at a blurry picture of a figure in a sailor suit jumping through the night. 


Usagi stretches tiredly under the tree for lunch break. She's never been happier to lunch before. In class, she noticed so many empty desks in her class as Ms. Haruna tries to cheerfully greet her diminishing class. Even if Ms. Haruna wasn't her favorite teacher she still feels bad for, it's not a pleasant feeling knowing that all those people are in the hospital or home recovering. 


At least there's a saving grace with all these attacks. 


"Hey, Usagi!" calls out Makoto. 


"Afternoon, Usagi-chan," greets Ami with a smile. 


Her close friends all been seemingly miraculously untouched by all the attacks. Of course, there have been close calls. Ami has been attacked at her seminar, Makoto been almost ambushed when those ghost brides were, and Rei with the bus. 


"Hey, Mako-chan, Ami-chan," greets back Usagi as they open up all their lunches. 


Usagi gobbles down her food while Makoto watches the guys play baseball eating her lunch in between bites. Ami quietly bites on her lunch as she scrolls her tablet. 


Ami hums in curiosity as lately there's been a lot of photos of the mysterious Senshi on makeshift blogs and websites. Ever since she was saved by the mysterious Senshi or perhaps one of the Senshi. There are several theories on if it was one Senshi or multiple. All the photos only show the basic outfit of a sailor suit. She didn't remember much other than a freezing sensation, but when she came to all that was left was a pile of ash and an abandoned classroom. The topic of the Senshi is something that intrigues her greatly from all the mechanics of how her powers to simply her origin. 


Makoto and Usagi glance at Ami sharing an amused look as Ami has her game face. Usagi finishes her food before turning to Makoto, "Mako-chan, how's Shinozaki-san?"


Makoto smiles as she answers, "A lot better, which is good considering all that blood I gave him. All he needed was lots of rest."


"It's strange how the Senshi were late to defeat that last monster," comments Ami as according to news and witnesses the Senshi finally defeated the monster that harmed him last night."


"I can't blame them. They can't be heroes all the time right? That would absolutely suck!" responds Makoto as she remembers her first "encounter" with the Senshi. 


It was the first day at her Juban Public Middle School. It started out normal until late at night she walked home and got attacked by the rumored ghost bride and a possessed Motoki. Eventually, she started losing her energy before she heard a feminine voice yell in anger. She passed out to see a mannequin and an unconscious Motoki next to her. 


Makoto glances at Ami's tablet as she can't help but envy any of the people that caught those pictures. She was saved by one of those Senshi she couldn't even say thank you to them. Her fingers brush against Ami's tablet as the entire thing sparks as the trio of girls scream before Ami drops it in a haste onto the grass. 


"What's up with your tablet Ami-chan?" asks Usagi fearfully. 


Ami responds in a confused tone, "I guess it must be overheated or too much static electricity. I'm not quite sure."


But Ami intends to find out. 


The trio of girls walk out of school to see Mamoru waiting with a charming smile. Usagi bounces on her heels before bounding straight for him. He catches with her ease as she embraces all the warmth in his body. She sighs with bliss as they all walk to Crown. 


Inside Crown, Rei and Minako already wait in a booth with drinks as Minako waves them over. As soon as they sit (minus Mamoru who wishes to greet Motoki first) Minako raves, "You won't believe this cute guy I saw in school today! He's offering tutoring sessions to students!"


"Really? What does he look like?" asks Makoto with shimmering eyes. 


"He's so tall Mako-chan you'd love him, but I saw him first! His hair is silver like starlight and his eyes are a cool grey that I could stare into for hours. He's the definition of a cool older guy!" fawns Minako with heart eyes. 


"You forgot the best part Minako. Tell them how much older he is," responds Rei in a harsh tone that sent shivers down Minako's spine. 


Minako chuckles nervously as she, "Well, um so Hikaru-chan said that he's a college student at Keio University."


Ami gasps in shock as her entire face goes red whispering as if the very thought scandalized her, "Minako-chan! You seriously aren't going to try to ask him out. He's too old, plus you need to focus on your studies."


Minako giggled impishly. "How do you think I'm going to get to know him Ami-chan?"


Rei scoffs with indignation, "Maybe one look at your grades will send him running."


Minako gasps dramatically as Makoto snickers into her drink. Usagi bites her lip to refrain from, especially since Rei will probably redirect to her mentioning how her grades aren't any better. 


A tall glass of a chocolate milkshake appears in front of her. She smiles ready to thank Mamoru before turning around with a subtle frown. 


It's Seijuro.


"Hello, Usagi-san,” greets Seijuro with a calm smile. “I overheard you like chocolate milkshakes.”


“I do, but Mamo-chan is already getting one for me. Thank you, but no thank you,” responds Usagi as she glances at the girls for some assistance. 


“Maybe you could give it to Natsumi, I’m sure she would like one,” points out Makoto calmly as she possibly could. 


Seijuro glances at the entrance to see Natsumi giving him a glare. Usagi prays he hopefully gets the hint. If not things could either really awkward or really messy. She still feels his presence behind her as the girls try to dissuade him to being so close to Usagi, even to the point Rei bluntly repeats how she has a boyfriend. Usagi tries to shrink down while focusing on any sounds other than the argument like video games or other chatter. Before she could fully immerse herself, another glass appears in front of her. She looks up to see Mamoru glaring at Seijuro before turning to her with a charming smile.


“Sorry, it took longer Usako, Motoki-kun needed to wake up a customer on the bar,” apologizes Mamoru as he slides right next to Usagi with a warm arm right around her shoulders. Usagi curls against his side slurping on her drink with vigor. Eventually, the other glass disappeared from view with an annoyed sigh and a few fading grumblings. 


Usagi finishes with a slurp as she asks, “Were you serious about the sleeping customer?”


Mamoru nods as he explains, “Yeah, don’t worry too much. Motoki-kun is worried that since the girl goes to Unazuki-san’s school and is scared his sister might get attacked.”


“If he’s worried about Unazaki, I can keep an eye on her at school to be sure no monsters attack her,” says Rei with a concerned look to the tired girl she spots in a T.A Academy uniform trying to be woken up by her friends. 


“I’m sure he’ll appreciate that Rei,” responds Mamoru before turning to Usagi. “So, how well did you do on your test, Usa?”


Usagi groans heavily as she gripes, “Oh! I am almost certain I failed! English is so confusing Mamo-chan!”


Mamoru pets her hair calmly as he sighs tiredly before asking, “Was there anything you found really hard Usa?”


“Mainly the converting the sentences to English with the whole grammar thing. Their grammar is so much more complicated!” cries Usagi in sadness as she snatches one of Minako’s fries to cheer her up (she ignores Minako’s yell of offense).


“Did you want some help on that Usagi-chan? We can have a study session at the Shrine before your next test. I could brush up on some subjects too,” suggests Ami with a sympathizing look. 


“Yes! I need to study for a biology test soon and I can’t make heads or tells on cell parts,” agrees Makoto with a cheer. “Can we do one tomorrow?”


“Can’t,” responds Mamoru and Usagi in unison. 


“Mamo-chan and I promised, ugh , Shingo to go to this new Virtual Reality Theatre with Papa tomorrow,” answers Usagi with a pout before looking at Mamoru with a teasing smirk. “Though someone was really easy to convince into going.”


Mamoru shrugs nonchalantly as he points out, “If Shingo didn’t want to go, I would have gone any way with you or Motoki-kun.”


“Oh! Can we join too? I heard there is a fighting style game and I would love to try it,” asks Makoto before a grin graces her face. “Unless you don’t want us to impede your date and catch you two doing something.”


“Mako-chan!” gasps Ami with a scarlet face matching the cheeks on both Usagi and Mamoru.


After a good laugh at Usagi and Mamoru’s red faces, they all dissolve into small conversations with Usagi watching them all talk animatedly. Mamoru goes bright red when Minako explains her college guy pursuit, Makoto laughs heartily over something that happened in history class about a male student to Rei who quietly snickers, and Ami makes comments about little things here about each story. Eventually, the group grows smaller as the afternoon goes on before Usagi and Mamoru start walking to the Tsukino Household.


Usagi holds Mamoru when something felt off to her. She looks around herself as she does not see anything. Everything is normal with people chatting to friends on the streets and cars driving by. Narrowing her eyes, she tries to spot any faces that stand out in the crowd. 


“Everything okay Usako?” asks Mamoru in concern as he holds Usagi a little tighter with a comforting rub against her arm.


She nods as she reassures, “Yeah, I’m fine. I just thought I might’ve forgotten something.”


Mamoru raises a curious eyebrow before accepting the answer. Usagi still can not help, but think something was watching her. 


Makoto runs after recently departing from Crown. She stops in front of a flower shop with a smile. She looks through the window to see beautiful roses and tulips. She sighs in sadness when she saw her favorite flower (Camellia sasanqua) on display as well. 


“Man, I would love to take you home at least,” whispers Makoto sadly. Lately, she found she has more time for interests, but she just doesn’t want to take the chance of these plants taking over her home like a monster as of late. Plus, she can never tell what is a scam or not.


Like the time with the ghost bride. She was simply window shopping with Usagi and Ami when later at the night she got attacked. Of course, she can take care of any enemy or brute that comes her way, but it is so troublesome not knowing what is safe and what isn’t. 


She can’t even go guy hunting as much as she used to. Well, that is sorta an over-exaggeration as she still crushes heavy on plenty of guys. But lately, all her crushes or guys she’s close to have been magnets for trouble. There was the crane game guy, Motoki, and recently with Shinozaki. Then there is just that theory that all monsters are attracted to love which is starting to agree with that ice rink couple, Motoki and Reika, along with Naru and Umino. She’s just lucky that Usagi and Mamoru seem to have this protective forcefield around them to protect them. 


Makoto sighs tiredly as she unlocks her apartment when a sweet scent catches her nose. She follows it to see a brand new vase on her coffee table with a Camellia sasanqua being illuminated by the moonlight. She freezes as she yells, “If someone is in here you better come out and fight me.”


She turns on the light as her entire apartment lights up. She sees her balcony door open. She rushes to close it when she releases a small curse at the heat of the handle. She blows on her hand to cool it down, used to slight heat surprises from all her years of cooking and baking. Growling in annoyance, she looks at the flower debating to trust it when she sees a note. 


“Sorry for breaking and entering. But a cute guy saw you look at this flower and wished he could give it to you. So I lent a hand <3”


Makoto turns the card over to see a restaurant business card reading for a cafe called Cafe Heaven. Makoto blushes brightly as she holds the card close to her chest. Maybe she can visit this place tomorrow. 


In all of Makoto’s euphoria, the thoughts that someone broke in through her balcony completely leave her mind as she smells the flower with vigor and dreams about her mystery man.


Ami rubs her eyes tiredly as she focuses her current theory of the mysterious Senshi. From eye witness accounts, there are at least two Senshi wandering around, but she hardly believes the flimsy evidence of different hair lengths. One witness would say the hair is down to her knees while another would say it’s only chin length. All the witness accounts were ridiculous.


If she needed to figure out who these Senshi are she needs accounts better than minor details like appearances. If this is the only solid evidence than who is to argue that even her closest friends could the Senshi. Plus, who is to say that the mysterious Senshi did not cut her hair or got extensions? Hair is not a valid form of evidence unless you can remember the color clearly. There is not even a solid pinpoint of their power. Everyone just knows that monsters turn to dust by the end of the fight.


Ami turns around her room as she opens a desk drawer as it had Ziploc bags of dust. Each bag is labeled with a different name like “Cram School”, “Urawa”, and “Urawa 2”. These are just a few times she could get a sample of the monster’s dust which came out with dirt and stones like jadeite, zoisite, or beryl. Sadly, none of these are the most recent monsters. She isn’t sure why but she has the feeling that these new monsters are not related to ones from last year. If she can just a sample of one of the new monsters, maybe she can figure out the connection between these monster appearances. 


She leaves the room for a drink of water, but when she returns she freezes. Her bags with the samples are gone. She drops her cup in fear as she looks around her desk thinking it may have fallen off the desk. Then a chill went up her spine. She turns to see her window is wide open. She rushes to close it when she notices specks of dust at the sill. Someone took her samples which means someone is trying to prevent her from finding out the truth. 


Rushing to open her laptop, she sighs in relief to see at least her reports are safe with all the knowledge she did gather from the original samples. After shutting down her laptop, Ami holds it tightly as at least she knows no one can catch touch the knowledge on her screen.


Rei sits right in front of the Great Fire taking deep breaths. She senses something has been off this entire year so far. She would get one vision, but then something changes it like a single pebble creating a large ripple. When she met Usagi is one of the first instances of these rapidly changing visions.


She saw a blonde man grab Usagi on the bus, however, when she went to confront the bus she bumped into someone on the way. Of course, Usagi saw her fall from the run-in went to check on her. Then nothing happened.


The mysterious 6 o’clock bus left by the time her Usagi went to check on her. Usagi was confused as to why she was so determined to find the bus when Rei admitted to her powers. Bless Usagi and her accepting nature, but that vision haunts her. Her powers also were close to the vision at least or at least symbolized something, but this time nothing. 


Then there were other small visions that made no sense. An amusement park that closed down before she could investigate, a cruise ship when she never even set foot on anything bigger than a rowboat, the ghost brides attacking with Makoto only to find Makoto at the scene already unconscious with nothing suspicious, and more.


However, the most aggravating one to date is the vision of her own grandfather being endangered. He was acting unstable and hyperactive out of nowhere. She tried to see what caused it as it lasted a good week, but as if the attitude were a common cold it vanished overnight. 


It angered her.


Her own grandfather was endangered by something she could not help him with. Then he had the gall to say he was protecting her and wanted her to stop trying to help him. He hid something from her and never told her. All he said was the Great Fire told him to look out for her. 


Rei sighs as she exits the fire room as she looks toward the night sky. She watches the stars twinkle as a way to comfort her from afar. She listens to leaves rustle in the night It’s nice to have a calm, serene, qu-


Drip. Drop.


Rei sighs in annoyance as she hopes Yuuichirou didn’t forget to turn off the water. She walks to the bathroom to see it completely dry. 


drip. drop.


Where is that dripping coming from? Rei walks outside as she keeps an ear out for the source. She walks around the shrine as the dripping becomes louder. She follows it at the back of the shrine. She grabs a nearby broom as she jumps out.


Only to see a tiny puddle from the roof dripping to the ground. She sighs in annoyance as she drops the broom in disappointment heading back to her room for some sleep.




Whipping back to the roof, she sees a footprint of water toward the top of the roof.


Someone was here, but who?


That was all too close. 


They’re all getting too close to the truth. 


She looks down at the plastic bags in her hands and wet shoes. She can’t afford for any of them getting to close to their destiny. It’s hard enough stopping Usagi from the call of the moonlight now she has more trouble with the others. Thankfully, Mamoru being with her is keeping both of them occupied.


Ami is trying to solve the mystery when of the existence of the Senshi.


Rei is getting too many visions that eventually there is going to be a day where Rei will be too fast for her.


Then Makoto, thank goodness she is not too far in. But even she is starting to see a pattern with the monsters. Hopefully distracting her with a cute guy will make her forget about this whole thing. 


She needs them to not become a Senshi. They all deserve a normal life after everything in the Silver Millennium. She will make sure they all have this normal life if it’s the last thing she does.