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Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long were just waking up they were enjoying their moment to be together when Bai Yu reminds that he have two commitments at the time.

"Oh shit why my agent has given me two commitment together"

"Maybe they didn't catch up that it's was the same time"

Then Bai Yu is giving some puppy eyes to Zhu Yi Long and begun to kiss him everywhere "Long... Ge"

Zhu Yi Long knew it's was too difficult to resist him with his puppy eyes and when he began to kiss him everywhere "What is is Xiao Bai?"

"You have nothing to do right today?"

"Huh... Yes"

"Could you please replace me for this and I promise I will make up for you I promise. Please Long-Ge"

And Bai Yu continues to kiss him everywhere "And you can even take the lipstick with you after the promotion so it's win-win, you can keep it, and we can use it like the last time where you have marked me with the last lipstick on the whole body," he said with a grin

"Why I can't lose against you and resist you," said Zhu Yi Long

"Because you love me, darling and I love you too"

And they kiss again where they have made love until their leave for their commitment.
That how Zhu Yi Long has been in the promotional for one lipstick even if it's not his stuff, he totally prefers when it's Bai Yu who do this and after came back with the lipstick or even that he have before the lipstick so they could try it before.

He will be sure he will be reprimand maybe because at how he looks during the event or why it's was him instead of Bai Yu. But he can't resist Bai Yu and also he can't wait to have some revenge soon with maybe the same issue that he will tell to Bai Yu.
And also use the lipstick.