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"Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian pokes at his husband, and pinches the tip of his nose. 

Wei Wuxian can’t sleep. Despite having a long day — which involved summoning Wen Ning to do some honest training and teaching the junior disciples all sorts of sword tricks that make Lan Qiren’s temples throb — Wei Wuxian woke up in the middle of the night, exhausted but wide awake. 

He’s not been able to fall back asleep, and he’s not been able to wake Lan Wangji either to entertain him. Even though Wei Wuxian has spent a quarter of an hour tracing patterns across his face and neck, Lan Wangji is as immovable as ever.

Wei Wuxian has been restless for the past couple of days. He’s been waking up alongside Lan Wangji despite sleeping later, and he isn’t too enthusiastic about it. It’s the first time he’s also woken up in the middle of the night though, and it feels bleary. It must be the approaching full moon.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian leans down to whisper in Lan Wangji’s ear. He places his hand over Lan Wangji’s chest, feeling the warmth underneath. “Your husband is in distress.”

There’s no reaction— somewhere in his unconscious state, Lan Wangji must sense that there’s no actual trouble to wake up for. He continues to sleep as properly as one can, arms tucked by his side.

Wei Wuxian flicks the underside of his chin, and there’s not even a twitch. Even a ghost would not be able to disturb him like this. 

He has to think for a moment; he debates sliding out of bed and sneaking out. Maybe he can go summon his friend again, maybe he can play a prank on some junior disciples or bother whoever is on guard. That might wake Lan Wangji up. 

Wei Wuxian tries a different approach, leaning down to brush his lips gently over Lan Wangji’s. All that does is spark a little bit of longing in him, one that has him pressing his mouth a little firmer. There’s still no response, and Wei Wuxian sighs.

“What am I going to do? I can’t sleep,” Wei Wuxian retracts himself, but feels a hand encircle his wrist.

Eyes still closed, Lan Wangji tugs, causing Wei Wuxian to collapse onto his chest. For a moment, Wei Wuxian is delighted that his husband has finally woken up, but Lan Wangji is silent. Nothing happens for a few moments so Wei Wuxian squirms and tries to sit up. 

The hand around his wrist slides to his back and pins him back down. 

“Fine,” Wei Wuxian grumbles, and feels the pressure ease up. He slides off and onto his side, and is about to move off the bed completely when he feels Lan Wangji turn over beside him. 

An arm drapes over him and the movement wakes Wei Wuxian more than it soothes him. Maybe he knows what the source of his restlessness is, or maybe it’s just very easy for him to want Lan Wangji. 

He can’t tell if Lan Wangji is actually alert or not, but he enjoys the weight of being touched under their sheets. Wei Wuxian shifts back, trying to get better contact and Lan Wangji makes a gentle noise behind him. 

“Are you awake?” Wei Wuxian says into the night. The answer to his question is at least a partial yes, but he gets met with silence. Wei Wuxian lets out another long-suffering sigh. The arm over him twitches at the sound, and Wei Wuxian almost misses it.


As gently as he can, Wei Wuxian takes Lan Wangji’s hand. He squeezes it softly, before bringing it forward and pressing one tender kiss after another against the back of it.  He considers twining his fingers through Lan Wangji and letting the hand rest against him, but Wei Wuxian instead decides to lick a stripe against the sleep-warm skin.

Immediately, the hand retracts. Wei Wuxian makes half an amused sound and is about to turn around to annoy Lan Wangji for good, when it returns.

He feels Lan Wangji run his hand over his side, like he’s feeling out Wei Wuxian’s shape under their covers. Lan Wangji drums his fingers over Wei Wuxian’s hips for a moment, before reaching down and tugging gently at the thin sash around his sleeping clothes. There is no way that Lan Wangji isn’t at least a little coherent.

Wei Wuxian lets out an involuntary shiver as calloused fingers reach forward to slip through his robe. Lan Wangji spans his palm over Wei Wuxian’s stomach, rubbing small circles with his thumb. His hand drifts up and Wei Wuxian holds his breath for a moment in anticipation, but Lan Wangji rests his hand against his sternum.

There’s no real intent behind the touch. Not yet. It’s comforting, but an idea has already planted itself in Wei Wuxian’s head. It makes him feel more restless.

He shifts his shoulder, letting his sleeping robe slide off enough to expose it. He wriggles back till he’s closer, till he can feel more of Lan Wangji’s heat radiating against him. 

Lan Wangji barely takes the bait and presses slow and hazy kisses against his skin, like he’s not fully woken up. Maybe he hasn’t. Finally, Lan Wangji speaks.

“I am trying to sleep,” Lan Wangji murmurs in between the kisses, and Wei Wuxian shivers at the feeling of warm breath ghosting over his skin. “Stop disrupting me.” The half-conscious conviction with which he speaks makes Wei Wuxian snort.

“Then sleep,” Wei Wuxian says.“No one’s stopping you.” Lan Wangji doesn’t stop, leaving a wet trail of kisses along the line of his shoulder. 

Wei Wuxian knows if he actually halts it now, Lan Wangji will suddenly be more alert and start to act bereft. He’s enjoying the sleepy teasing though— he’s always buzzing with bright energy that he barely restrains around Lan Wangji but he feels like he gets too loud sometimes. Right now, they’re moving like syrup and it’s letting Wei Wuxian luxuriate in his husband’s presence. 

He moves again, firmly into Lan Wangji’s lap, enough to create some friction.The arm around him tightens as he hears his husband take a light inhale. 

Wei Wuxian takes the hand that’s on his belly and gently raises it to his mouth. He brushes his lips over the knuckles, before uncurling the fingers. He pushes the index finger against his bottom lip, before tracing his tongue around the tip. Lan Wangji stiffens behind him, but Wei Wuxian pays him no attention.

He laps at Lan Wangji’s long and skilled fingers, feels them twitch underneath his touch. For all his lecturing about self-restraint, Lan Wangji has the least, and it’s not long before Wei Wuxian feels him pushing his fingers into his mouth.

Wei Wuxian is more than happy to indulge, and hollows his cheeks. The soft lips against his neck gets replaced by a sharp graze of teeth, and Wei Wuxian tries not to radiate too much smugness. He gets Lan Wangji’s fingers wet, all while contemplating turning around and pushing the sheets away, making room to nestle between his husband’s legs. Wei Wuxian’s feeling a little selfish and really lazy though, so he pulls Lan Wangji’s hand away and nudges it downwards.

He wraps both their hands around himself and gives a generous stroke that has his eyes fluttering shut. He exhales loudly, the contact sending a bright jolt of want through the base of his spine. He’s half-hard already, but the sharp inhale behind him spurs him off. 

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji’s voice is low, rough with sleep, and reverberates across Wei Wuxian’s skin. 

“Go back to sleep,” Wei Wuxian says, giving himself another stroke. Lan Wangji’s hand tightens around him, and he can’t help but buck into it. “Ah, Lan Zhan, you said to not disrupt your rest.”

“And you didn’t listen,” this time, it’s Lan Wangji that moves their interlocked hands around Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian makes a soft and delighted sound at getting him to cave in. 

Wei Wuxian twists to glance over his shoulder, moving enough that he can get a proper look at his husband. Lan Wangji stares back with a half-lidded gaze, lit only by the soft moonlight that pours in through the room. His expression is gentler, less stern now that they’re in bed and it always tugs at Wei Wuxian to see his face like this. Especially when beneath that stoic face, there is a burning intent in his eyes, like a simmering fire. 

It’s even more ethereal in the moonlight and Wei Wuxian is so enraptured he almost forgets who that heated look is directed to. Lan Wangji is so handsome that Wei Wuxian is still gutted every time he remembers that they belong to each other. 

Wei Wuxian isn’t angled properly to surge against Lan Wangji but Lan Wangji takes care of that, leaning in to swoop Wei Wuxian into a kiss. 

It’s intoxicating— Lan Wangji has learned so well how to move his lips in a way Wei Wuxian likes, that it sends heat curling through Wei Wuxian even if Lan Wangji is doing it half-asleep. It’s not long before their tongues are slicking against each other, heavy and weighted in a way that makes Wei Wuxian feel like he’s getting drunk. 

Lan Wangji strokes him again while they kiss, and again and again till Wei Wuxian is moaning softly into his mouth. He tries to fully roll onto his back but meets the solid wall of Lan Wangji’s torso. It’s like he’s been trapped between the other’s hands and his body, slotted in perfectly like he belongs there. Wei Wuxian raises a hand to reach back and grab onto anything. 

His fingers curl into long dark hair and tug, gently enough to spur Lan Wangji on. He wriggles, pushes back against his husband’s lap while their hands tighten around him. Lan Wangji jerks his hand down and squeezes at Wei Wuxian’s base, eliciting a choked sound from him. 

Through their thin sleeping clothes Lan Wangji feels just as interested as he is. In the small amount of space he has, Wei Wuxian tilts his hips and rocks. It has the opposite effect that he hopes for. 

Lan Wangji has the audacity to slow down to a stop on all fronts, and Wei Wuxian tries not to make a frustrated noise. The sheets get pushed down and away and it gets worse when suddenly, there’s no one behind him at all. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whines as he rolls over. “You can’t just leave me like this.”

It’s not that Lan Wangji has gone far— he’s climbing back onto the bed in a split moment, pushing Wei Wuxian back onto his side as Wei Wuxian continues to complain that he needs to take more responsibility. He's gotten ridden of his top robes, leaving him only in crisp white sleeping pants that he’s started to tug down as he manhandles Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji slots himself behind Wei Wuxian again, pushing down Wei Wuxian’s pants and hiking up his sleeping robes. 

Lan Wangji balances a small familiar tin on Wei Wuxian’s hip. Wei Wuxian watches two fingers swirl in the tin, hypnotic before they start to press between his legs. 

“Lan Zhan, what are you doing?” Wei Wuxian says playfully, hiding the hitch in his breath when he feels a slick finger gently slide in. 

“Taking responsibility,” Lan Wangji replies, voice still husky. Wei Wuxian tries to turn and kiss him again but Lan Wangji nudges him and stops him. 

“Cruel,” Wei Wuxian begins but it tapers off into a moan as another finger  pushes in. 

This is slow too, but it drives Wei Wuxian up the wall. Lan Wangji takes his time, moving his fingers in him while he resumes giving an inordinate amount of attention to Wei Wuxian’s neck and shoulders. Being unable to kiss his husband works Wei Wuxian up more, and he can’t even turn to give Lan Wangji his best pouting face. Lan Wangji crooks his fingers and Wei Wuxian stops being able to think. 

The tin is removed, and Wei Wuxian tries to reach back to help Lan Wangji prepare himself. His hand’s swatted away so he doesn’t bother trying again, instead kicking off the rest of his pants. 

Given the hour, Wei Wuxian isn’t too talkative as he feels Lan Wangji’s fingers leave him, replaced with something bigger and more blunt. But it doesn’t stop him from whispering a “please, please, don’t take your time Lan Zhan I’m too tired for that, give it to me, here we go, give it to me,” as his husband pushes in. 

Wei Wuxian breathes through his nose as he gets adjusted to the burn— by the time Lan Wangji is fully seated, he’s squirming, feeling restless again. 

They remain like that for a moment too long, and Wei Wuxian starts to shift his arm back to elbow Lan Wangji and make sure he hasn’t fallen asleep. Lan Wangji pushes his elbow away and hooks a hand into the junction of his hip and thigh. He changes his mind and the hand comes under Wei Wuxian’s knee instead, pushing it up till it meets his chest. Lan Wangji shifts and gives a shallow thrust, and that’s all it takes for Wei Wuxian’s insides to go molten.

Wei Wuxian relaxes into the touch and reaches up to grasp  through Lan Wangji’s hair again. He’s tempted to wrap the other hand around himself but in the end, he cups it over his husband’s, helping him stretch his leg.

The pace is unhurried at the beginning. Lan Wangji digs his fingers into the knee as he moves, thumbing over a scar there while he buries his face in Wei Wuxian’s hair. He drags out slowly before thrusting back in, eliciting a soft noise from Wei Wuxian.

He normally has no compunctions in being loud but this time, Wei Wuxian just exhales and moans quietly as Lan Wangji moves in him. He closes his eyes and lets the feeling of his husband, strong and firm behind him, envelop him.

Wei Wuxian is smitten, overwhelmed like this with the contact and the touch and how Lan Wangji fills and stretches him. No matter how many times they do this, no matter how regularly they do this, Wei Wuxian’s body is always surprised with how big the other is. Sparks flare along his spine and he bites his lower lip in pleasure as Lan Wangji presses his knee back further.

“Lan Zhan, let me kiss you,” Wei Wuxian asks and starts to twist again, expecting to be met with a plush kiss. Instead, Lan Wangji pulls out halfway and lets go of Wei Wuxian’s leg, before snapping his hips up hard.

Ah, not as sleepy as he seemed.

Wei Wuxian lets the force of it shift him onto his belly. Lan Wangji follows him seamlessly, draping over him. Wei Wuxian feels the heat of Lan Wangji’s breath span over him and turns his head to the side, enough to let out breathy hahs as Lan Wangji continues to roll his hips into him, taking his time.

“So quiet tonight,” Lan Wangji teases gently, dipping his head down. Wei Wuxian lifts his head up and allows his husband to capture him in a kiss that’s tenderly biting, trapping his bottom lip between his teeth. 

“No excessive noise in the- ah,” Wei Wuxian’s teasing melts into a groan and he nips back. “I’m just trying to be respectful-”

“Mn,” Lan Wangji says in a way that very much tells Wei Wuxian he doesn’t believe him. He feels Lan Wangji smile the smallest amount when he presses his lips against Wei Wuxian’s. Lan Wangji peppers kisses down his neck, before nestling his face in the divot of his shoulder. He slides his hands under Wei Wuxian’s chest, tweaking and pinching as he starts to move again.

It’s slow and it’s languid and Wei Wuxian lets the weight of his husband sink in, humming contentedly while they take their time. There’s as much desire burning between them now as there is when they’re rough, when they’re fast, when Wei Wuxian’s knuckles go white from how hard they grip the sheets or the edge of the desk or the collar of Lan Wangji’s outer robe while he rides him—

A particularly hard thrust tears a groan from his throat and Lan Wangji must like what he hears, because he does it again, shifting to get the angle right.  He keeps his movements short, slow, grinding instead of pulling out again. 

It’s good, so good and distantly, Wei Wuxian thinks he needs more restless nights. He feels Lan Wangji in a way he hasn’t really gotten a chance to before, and he’s trying to drink in as much as possible. 


Wei Wuxian can already see them finishing quickly, can already see Lan Wangji drifting off after he cleans the two of them up. Thinks there’s a chance he himself might still feel too awake to sleep and decides that that’s a chance that he cannot take. He curls his fingers in the pillow underneath him and arches his back as much as he can under Lan Wangji, and starts to push back.

Lan Wangji grunts, moves a hand to temper Wei Wuxian’s hip but Wei Wuxian puts some more love into it. He squeezes, and it elicits a groan from Lan Wangji. 

“Still sleepy, Lan Zha - ah - an?” Wei Wuxian asks sweetly, and feels Lan Wangji stiffen above him. “Yes? No?”

“Do you have a problem with what I am giving you?” comes the reply, punctuated with a thrust that has Wei Wuxian shifting up the bed.

“If you’re too tired, we can pick this up in the morning,” Wei Wuxian chirps anyways, trying not to sound too happy. “I don’t want you to fall asleep on me–“

“Impetuous,”  there is a heavy tinge of amusement in it, one that only Wei Wuxian would be able to pick out. Lan Wangji’s voice has gained clarity, and Wei Wuxian tries not to preen. 

The hands underneath him slide out and plant themselves on each side of his head. Wei Wuxian knows he’s in trouble when he feels Lan Wangji push up and off Wei Wuxian’s back, sitting back on his haunches and pulling out of him almost completely.  

Wei Wuxian has one brief moment, before the same large hands circle his hips and hitch them up. Heat burns low in him in anticipation of being taken like this— Lan Wangji has the most power, the most intensity in this position, and no self-control.

“Maybe this will suit you better,” Lan Wangji says, voice even as he lines himself up and pushes in again. He gives a shallow thrust, searching at first, and Wei Wuxian can practically hear him thinking as he angles himself differently. 

Wei Wuxian opens his mouth to say something teasing again, but Lan Wangji must have seen it coming because he withdraws halfway, then yanks Wei Wuxian back as he snaps his hips forward.

This tears a short cry from Wei Wuxian, one that’s followed by many more as Lan Wangji repeats the movement over and over again. Wei Wuxian arches, presses his face further into the pillow, tries to feel Lan Wangji deeper within him. He wants to feel full, wants to feel it in his throat, wants to feel it all throughout the day tomorrow till they’re back in bed together again. 

The grip on his hips is bruising, and Wei Wuxian always likes the dark marks left behind by Lan Wangji’s fingers. He likes to count them out and press into them when they’re still there, a reminder that he’s wanted as much as he wants. 

He’s slowly unravelling, feeling himself twitch with the pleasure and yet—

“Ah, imagine what you - ah, Lan Zhan, imagine what you could do if you were fully awake,” Wei Wuxian manages to still tease, despite the fact that he can barely stop his eyes from rolling back in his head.

In response, Lan Wangji shifts his angle just the right amount to fuck into Wei Wuxian in a way that has him almost jumping and seeing stars. 

Wei Wuxian shoots out a hand to grasp blindly in front of him and find purchase as he starts to rock back too, helping Lan Wangji make it faster, harder, more primal. 

Gone is the leisurely pace from before; this is what they know best. Lan Wangji moves a hand to press down between Wei Wuxian’s shoulder blades, pinning him while he takes him, as if Wei Wuxian would want to be anywhere but here. He seems to pick up on it and twines his fingers through long hair instead. Lan Wangji tugs on Wei Wuxian’s hair, making his body curve sharply. 

The sharp prick of his hair getting pulled and used as leverage has Wei Wuxian babbling incoherently, and has any  sort of smart comment dying out before it can even leave his mind. His world narrows down to the sting in his hair and the pleasure coiling tightly in his gut, the two moving in counterpoint. He thinks he starts chanting his husband’s name but that’s nothing new— it’s one of his favourite things to say, and he loves moments like this when it’s the only thing that he can. 

Wei Wuxian thinks he just might have enough coherence to wrap a hand around himself but he also thinks he might be able to come untouched. Before he can make any kind of decision, Lan Wangji reaches underneath and wraps a talented hand around him. 

Lan Wangji strokes Wei Wuxian in perfect time with his thrusts, and Wei Wuxian is gone. There’s no part of his body that isn’t feeling overwhelmingly good from Lan Wangji’s touch and he’s too weak to do anything but groan blissfully. He gets let go and is allowed to drop his head forward, Lan Wangji resuming his original hold on his hips, and Wei Wuxian lets it all wash over him. 

When he comes, he muffles his yell into their pillow, surrounded by the scent of sandalwood and sweat and jasmine. He’s floating as he feels Lan Wangji still use him, still work relentlessly against his sensitive body. Wei Wuxian’s thighs tremble and he whimpers as Lan Wangji’s thrusts grow fast and shallow. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian mumbles at nothing in particular. “Lan Zhan, if you keep using me like this then nothing will be left for tomorrow.”

And that’s a thought that will stick with him for a while, one of Lan Wangji keeping him in bed endlessly, till nothing is left of Wei Wuxian but a content pile of limbs. He thinks he might be able to convince Lan Wangji to do so one day, as long as both of them can ignore their sense of duty. 

He feels sweat prickle at the nape of his neck and Wei Wuxian uses whatever energy he has left to weakly push back against Lan Wangji, till his husband is finally spilling inside of him. Lan Wangji rides it out, makes sure that he gets everything while Wei Wuxian makes over sensitive, over content noises. 

It comes to an end too soon, and Wei Wuxian tries not to sound too bereft when Lan Wangji pulls out. His body finally gives out, and he collapses against the soft linen on the bed. Wei Wuxian lets out a pleased rumble, one that only gets louder once he feels a line of kisses trail up his spine. 

He rolls over to meet Lan Wangji in an earnest kiss, only to find the other has already pushed himself off the bed. He sits up and tries to purse his lips and call out a “Lan Zhan” but finds himself getting hit in the face with a small damp towel instead. By the time Wei Wuxian pulls it off with an indignant look, Lan Wangji is already crawling on top of him again, spreading his legs and pushing him back down. 

Ever the gentleman, Lan Wangji is always insistent in his own silent and firm way that they clean up whenever they make love in their bed. Wei Wuxian used to try and tease out the habit from him but he realized that Lan Wangji does it less to maintain cleanliness and order and more to inspect his work.

Now, he just gives Lan Wangji a knowing glance as his hands slow down between Wei Wuxian’s legs, pressing the cool cloth with no real effort. Lan Wangji looks up and catches it, and his ears grow redder. 

“I’ll stop giving you this look if you kiss me,” Wei Wuxian says playfully and Lan Wangji acquiesces, pressing his lips to the inside of Wei Wuxian’s knee before leaning forward.  

Wei Wuxian happily wraps his arms around Lan Wangji’s shoulders, grinning as he peppers Lan Wangji’s face with kisses. The corners of Lan Wangji’s mouth upturn the slightest and Wei Wuxian kisses those as well before pulling him into one that’s deep and longing. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian breathes in between them moving their lips together. Lan Wangji replies with a tender “Wei Ying, before sliding his tongue over Wei Wuxian’s bottom lip. Wei Wuxian opens up for him and pulls, getting Lan Wangji to drop his weight on him. Ever so fastidious, Lan Wangji sneakily moves the cloth between his legs to get him clean.

Eventually, they let go of each other for long enough to rid themselves of their remaining clothes and arrange themselves in bed, facing each other as they cool down. The sheets lay bunched around their feet and in the morning when Lan Wangji wakes up, it will be to Wei Wuxian’s hair in his mouth and the linen wrapped tightly the two of them. 

For now, Wei Wuxian lets Lan Wangi rest a hand on his hip and pull him close. 

“Sleep,” Lan Wangji murmurs, almost meditative in the way that he pushes stray strands of hair off of Wei WuXian’s face. “We wake at five.”

For the first time in a while, Wei Wuxian feels a bone-deep exhaustion that far outweighs his restlessness. 

He’s still not sure what it was that had kept him up— could be the seasons changing, could be an itch, could be a particularly bothersome ghoul. Whatever it is, he doesn’t feel it now; instead, he’s extremely cosseted. 

For the first time in a while, he’s having a hard time keeping his eyes open.

You wake at five,” Wei Wuxian reminds him. “I will wake whenever my body feels like waking.”

Lan Wangji gives him an imperceptible look. His nostrils flare just enough for Wei Wuxian to know that he’ll let him stay in bed all day and catch up on sleep. He can only hope that Lan Wangji will decide to join him in between his duties. 

“Have it your way,” Lan Wangji says, and pulls Wei Wuxian closer. “If you cannot sleep tomorrow night, I will play for you.”

He presses his lips against Wei Wuxian’s forehead, and Wei Wuxian allows himself to drift off, feeling incredibly content.