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Unexpected Bloom

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So uhm, yeah. Title and description says it all I guess I dunno. Honestly, I wish I had done this sooner, as I've lost all motivation for this project months ago. I wanted to finish it badly only because I wanted to tell the ending, since that's the one part that I kinda liked the most upon conceptualizing this story. Well that and I also did not want to leave things unfinished. Though with the chapters getting sloppier one after another, I feel like it wouldn't be worth finishing anymore, seeing as how the buildup to everything is not as good as envisioned. And while I could rewrite this entire story from scratch, I'm not only too lazy to do so, but also want to be able to finally move on to writing other projects. So yeah. This fic will no longer be receiving any updates. And while this story will no longer receive any updates, I won't be deleting it either. 


To those who stuck around, thank you. I appreciate you all reading my works. I'm sorry for those who expected more chapters from these but I can no longer push myself to write something I'm no longer having fun writing about. I would not be able to maintain the quality of it if I continued to do that. I guess I will leave the ending to this story up to the interpretation of the readers. Though as some of the tags may have already made obvious, the ending to this was planned to be a rather somber one since the beginning. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, as well as my work. And though I may no longer add to this Rheagard fic, I will still write fics here and there (mostly one-offs, multi-chapter works with fewer chapters). I hope you guys look forward to that and I hope you're all doing well this year!


(Also, on an unrelated sidenote, I decided to change my username. Let's just say that I want to start anew with things in life. Soo yeah.)