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From Midnight to Light

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Arrietty: Walking down the street holding a cup of coffee.

Leo: Driving down the street. Sees Arrietty walking and slams on the breaks. That’s her!

Arrietty: Huh? Head snaps towards the direction of Leo’s car. What on earth…?

Leo: Quickly puts the car in reverse. Rolls down the window and stops next to Arrietty. Hey! Hello!! Hi~!! It’s you!!

Arrietty: Eyes widen for a moment before face turns to an annoyed expression. Raises an eyebrow at Leo. Oh, it’s you . Well bye! Starts walking again.

Leo: H-hey wait a second! Don’t you want a ride?

Arrietty: Stops again and looks back at Leo. No? I walk to school every day. I’m sure I’ll make it there again today.

Leo: Come on~ I’m on my way there… and you’re on your way. So like… you know~ Why not?~

Arrietty: I’m sorry, did I do something to make you think we’re friends? If I did, my mistake. Now if you’ll excuse me. Adjusts messenger bag on shoulder and turns to walk again.

Leo: Slowly follows along with Arrietty in his car. Hey now, come on. I’m on my way there anyway… Hey, whatcha got there?

Arrietty: Raises an eyebrow and slowly walks along with Leo’s car. My coffee? Lots of people drink coffee in the morning you know.

Leo: ...You like coffee?

Arrietty: It’s about 80% of my diet, so yes. Stops walking and looks over at Leo in his car. Stop driving like that, you’re going to get into an accident.

Leo: ...Theeeen let me give you a ride~

Arrietty: …...Would you leave if I say no?

Leo: Nope~

Arrietty: Sighs and eyes Leo’s car with a weary glance. …...Okay fine. Walks over to the car and opens the passenger door. But only because I don’t want you to end up dying in a car accident because of me.

Leo: Thanks~ Glad to know you care about little me~!

Arrietty: Gets in the car and closes the door. I don’t know if that really counts as caring… Looks away from Leo, outside the window. I just don’t want your blood on my hands.

Leo: Starts driving. Well… it’s still nice you decided to let me drive you.

Arrietty: You’re the one giving me a ride… thanks. Sips coffee.

Leo: No problem… you uh… really like coffee huh?

Me: ...Mhmm… Looks down and messes with a strand of hair.

Leo: Hm… What kind? Specifically?

Arrietty: Kind? Glances over at Leo. Um well, I normally just drink regular coffee I buy from the grocery store. I like darker coffee than light though… if that’s what you mean…

Leo: Chuckles a little and pulls up to the school. Parks car and smiles at Arrietty. Hey, hey~ Relax now~ Just asking, you never know~

Arrietty: Oh… we’re already here. Thank you again... for the ride.

Leo: Oh, no problem! Anytime. Looks over at Arrietty and smiles. It was a nice little chat right?

Arrietty: Quickly glances away. Yeah… Puts a hand on the door handle. Bye… Opens the car door and gets out.

Leo: Hey wait!

Arrietty: Stops and looks back at Leo. Yes?

Leo: Um… if you ever need a ride again, I’ll be more than happy to give it to you.

Arrietty: Eyes widen. Oh… no… no that’s okay… You… you really don’t need to do that. But thanks anyway… 

Leo: You suuuure?~ I mean it’s no big deal, drives are fun!

Arrietty: Hesitates for a moment.  Ah… I… have to go to class! Bye! Closes the car door and quickly heads towards the school.

Leo: Laughs softly and gets out of the car. Cute girl~


~~Timeskip to later that day at lunch.~~


Leo: Leaning head into hand and looking around.

Sid: So~ That’s how I discovered Britney Riley was sleeping with Arthur from the baseball team! Sits back with a smug look on his face.

Louis: Rolls eyes. Sid get a life and stop stalking people.

Sid: Hey he wanted to know if his girl was cheating and I let him know! I was being helpful!

Rayvis: It’s not being helpful if you got paid to do it.

Sid: Leans back and folds hands behind head. I think it is~

Alyn: Rolls eyes and looks over at Leo. ...What’s wrong with you?

Leo: Nothing… just thinking.

Anna-Belle: A dangerous hobby~

Nico: Especially for someone like him~

Giles: Oh leave him alone you two.

Alyn: Yeah he’s being quiet, let’s enjoy it~

Leo: Oh hehe, haha. Turns his gaze to the front of the Cafeteria. Eyes widen and face lights up as he sees Arrietty walking in.

Arrietty: Walks into the Cafeteria looking down at phone. Glances up at the long line and sighs. This is what I get for being late. Moves over to stand at the back of the line.

Leo: Huh… Looks around before looking back at Arrietty again. Hmm…

Sid: So anyway! Ooh-

Louis: Another person was having sex with someone on a sports team while being in a relationship? Gives Sid a smug look and drapes arm over Anna-Belle’s shoulders.

Sid: ...Nooo.

Nico: Yesss~ That’s basically all the stories you get.

Albert: It’s highly indecent Sid.

Sid: If you think that’s indecent, you should hear what Troy Macnimara did in the janitors closet with-

Robert: Sid! Not appropriate! 

Anna-Belle: We get it Sid, all you’re good for is a gossip page~

Sid: Excuse you! I also steal test answers and sell them!~

Giles: You did what now?!

Robert: Sid!!!

Leo: Watching Arrietty with head resting in his hand.

Arrietty: Moves up in the line. Grabs a banana and a bag of chips

Sid: Oh nothing, nothing~ Oh hey, Byron! What was that about student council?

Byron: Um… we are looking into doing a fundraiser.

Sid: Let’s talk about that! Go on!

Giles: Sid…

Byron: Um… we are looking into doing a fundraiser… got nothing yet.

Giles: Sid stop trying to change the topic! That’s academic dishonesty!

Sid: ...Louis~!

Louis: No.

Anna-Belle: Rolls eyes. Wow Sid, so pathetic. I don’t know how you haven’t been caught yet. Clearly you can’t do a thing right~

Alyn: Notices Leo looking over at the lunch line. What the hell are you-

Leo: Hey I’m going to grab a bite!

Alyn: What?? But-

Leo: Quickly stands up.

Alyn: Leo-

Leo: I’m just feeling a little hungry sooo~ Yeah!!

Arrietty: Hands items to the cashier to ring up.

Cashier: Will this be all today?

Arrietty: Yeah that’s it.

Cashier: Alright right then, your total is $4.34 honey.

Arrietty: Hands the cashier a five dollar bill and picks up the items. Here you go…

Cashier: Makes the change and hands it back to Arrietty. Thank you, have a nice day.

Arrietty: You to. Takes the items and moves out of the line, heading back towards the Cafeteria door.

Anna-Belle: Leo you never-

Leo: Better late than never right?~ Quickly walks over to where Arrietty is about to leave from.

Alyn: The hell are you doing Leo…

Sid: You wanted drama Louis?~

Louis: I never said that. 

Sid: Looks like we found it~

Arrietty: Walking towards the exit. 

Leo: Acts like he’s walking by as soon as Arrietty is about to walk out. Oh! Hello Arrietty!

Arrietty: Stops and looks over at Leo. Hm? Oh it’s you again…

Leo: Hey~ Funny seeing you here! Oh you got lunch! That looks so good!

Arrietty: Um, yeah. If you'll excuse me.. Moves to walk past Leo.

Leo: Hey wait! Why don’t you come sit with me and my friends?~

Arrietty: Gives Leo a weary look. As much as I would love talking to you more, I think I’ll pass.

Leo: Well a quick hello wouldn't hurt riiiight?~ Wiggles an eyebrow.

Arrietty: Shifts awkwardly in place. I… I don’t think so.

Leo: Come on! Steps closer to her. Just a quick hello and we shall go our separate ways~

Arrietty: Really… that’s… not necessary. Turns to walk again.

Leo: Well then~ That’s fine, I won’t press it anymore~ But you know, I have a lot of fun talking to you~ Do you think maybe I-

Anna-Belle: LEO CRAWFORD!!!

Alyn: Follows after Anna-Belle and rolls eyes. Leo, the hell are you doing?

Arrietty: Jumps at the sudden yell. Phone falls out of pocket and quickly looks over at Anna-Belle. What in the world…?

Anna-Belle: Grabs Leo’s ear and yanks him down. What the hell are you doing?! Are you harassing another girl!?

Leo: Ow, ow, ow! Hey! I-I’m not doing anything!!

Alyn: Looks over at Arrietty. I’m sorry about him, he’s an idiot.

Arrietty: Um… it’s okay… I'll…  just be going now… Turns and heads out of the cafeteria. 

Leo: H-hey wait a second- AHH!!

Anna-Belle: Yanks harder on Leo’s ear. Leave her alone! Come on Leo, go sit down!

Arrietty: Glances back at Leo for a moment before leaving. …..

Leo: H-hey wait A-Arrietty can I- OW!!! Stumbles as Anna-Belle yanks on his ear again.

Alyn: Watches you and turns back to Leo. God Leo what are you doing? I doubt that girl even know who you are... Sighs and heads back to the table.

Leo: Sighs. Damnit..

Anna-Belle: Damnit!? Damnit you, you idiot!! Picking up random girls!! Who even was she?!

Leo: Anna-Belle knock it- Looks down and sees Arrietty’s phone. Reaches down and picks it up. Huh… well what do we have here…


~~Timeskip to after school.~~


Arrietty: Walking out of the school building. Damnit… I hope it wasn’t stolen…

Leo: Walks out of the school and sees Arrietty. Oh! There she is! Quickly runs towards her. Hey there! Wait up a second!

Arrietty: Looks over at Leo and let’s out an annoyed huff. You again? Look nows really not a good time.

Leo: Why? What’s wrong? Stops just next to Arrietty.

Arrietty: ...I lost my phone earlier today…

Leo: What, really? Where do you think you lost it?

Arrietty: Shakes head. I don’t know… that last time I had it was when I went into the cafeteria…

Leo: I see… well funny story, I found this. Pulls Arrietty’s phone out of his pocket and holds it out to her. This wouldn’t be yours would it?~ I found it on the floor of the cafeteria.

Arrietty: Eyes widen. My phone! Takes it from Leo. Oh thank goodness!

Leo: Smiles. Yeah sorry. I noticed it on the floor after you left. I tried looking for you, but I couldn’t find you.

Arrietty: Looks up at Leo and tilts head. Oh, sorry… ah- I mean… thanks…

Leo: Hey, no problem~ All that matters now is your phones back right?~

Arrietty: Nods head. Right… well thank you… again. I’ll… just be going now…

Leo: Hey wait! Would you like a ride?~

Arrietty: Looks back at Leo with a suspicious look. Why? So you can stalk my house to?

Leo: What?! No! I’m just offering since, you know… you can get home faster!

Arrietty: Tilts head back and forth a little. Okay… but this doesn’t mean we’re friends.

Leo: Oh of course, of course. Follow me!~ Starts walking towards his car.  

Arrietty: Follows behind Leo looking anywhere but at him.

Leo: So… how was your day?~

Arrietty: It was... good…

Leo: Good! That’s good! No issues?

Arrietty: Other than freaking out half the day over losing my phone? No.

Leo: Ah, right… but hey, you got it back right? That’s good! No creep stole it!

Arrietty: ...Well~

Leo: Hey!! I didn’t steal it! … Hey wait… and I’m not a creep either!!!

Arrietty: Lets out a small laugh. Sure, sure. Whatever you say~

Leo: Unlocks his car. Hey, I didn’t! But better me than some pervert like Sid!

Arrietty: That's your defense? “Better me than a real creep?” Gets in the car on the passenger side.

Leo: Opens his door and get in the driver's seat. Okay, better me than a stranger?~

Arrietty: Yeahhh, that’s still not much better~

Leo: Oh haha~ Starts the car and pulls out of the school. So, which way should I go?

Arrietty: Leans forward and points down the road. Head down that way, I don’t live far.

Leo: Turns out of the school and drives down the road. Sooo~ What are your plans now?

Arrietty: Um... go home… do homework… sleep… 

Leo: Ah~ I see… sounds eventful~

Arrietty: Um yeah, sure… Looks out the window as Leo drives down the road. What about you?

Leo: Well, I have to do a few things before I go home. Then homework, dinner, probably read, then sleep I guess?

Arrietty: That’s nice. Keeps gaze out the window.

Leo: Dooo you have any errands you need to get done?

Arrietty: Shakes head no and glances at Leo. No, I just need to get home…

Leo: Okay… you sure?

Arrietty: Pretty sure…

Leo: Clears throat. So, I’m sorry about… uh… my friends earlier.

Arrietty: It’s okay… they seemed nice.

Leo: Yeah… though Anna-Belle can be… harsh.

Arrietty: Shifts a little and crosses arms. She seemed cool to me…

Leo: Eyes widen and glances at Arrietty. You think so? Really?!

Arrietty: Well… yeah… 

Leo: Smiles to self. Yeah I guess she’s cool. Like a little fireball though~ Oh, which way now?

Arrietty: Oh right, turn onto this street coming up here. Points to the next street.

Leo: Nods head and makes the turn. Hm~ Nice little place here, isn’t it?

Arrietty: Yeah, it’s a nice neighborhood… I live here as a part of the schools scholarship program… 

Leo: Eyes widen a little. Really?! That’s so cool!

Arrietty: Um yeah… I guess so… Oh! This house is mine. Points to a house coming up on the left.

Leo: Oh cool! Pulls into the driveway and parks. Cute little house!

Arrietty: Thanks… and thank you again, for driving me. Opens the car door. Well… bye… 

Leo: Oh hey no problem! It was on my way home anyway~ So, see you around?

Arrietty: Gets out of the car. Yeah… see you around. Shuts the door and walks up to my house.

Leo: Watches Arrietty go and tilts his head. Mm cute girl~ Not very talkative… but I’m sure I can change that~


~~Timeskip to later that night.~~


Leo: Tapping pencil on desk. Looks over at phone sitting beside his textbook. Hm… Looks between the phone and the book. Ah, I need a break anyway~ Picks up phone and scrolls through contacts until he finds Arrietty’s name.

Text Messages between Leo and Arrietty:

Leo: Hey!

Leo: Nice and simple start…

Arrietty: Sitting on the sofa in her living room, petting her pet rabbit Nutmeg. Looks down at phone when the text tone goes off. Owen? Picks up phone and tilts head. What in the world? Leo? How did he get in my phone… oh he did not!

Arrietty: I don’t remember trading numbers with you.

Leo: Hey what’s up Arrietty! It’s Leo!

Arrietty: Yeah I got that. You stole my number when you had my phone!

Leo: Leans back in chair and chuckles to himself. She’s feisty when she’s angry~

Leo: Whaaaaat?! Meee?!~ Why I would never do such a thing~! It was a lucky guess!

Arrietty: You “lucky guessed” my phone number? Yeah right.

Leo: Yup! So, what’s up?

Arrietty: My new stalker is texting me, that’s what’s up.

Leo: :O Oh no! That sounds so bad!! Are you okay?

Arrietty: Well… it’s not so bad.

Leo: So anyway~ What are you up to right now~?

Arrietty: Just sitting in my house.

Sebastian: Flies over and lands on Leo’s shoulder. Leo flirt? Flirt?

Leo: Smiles and pets his cheek. Maybe buddy~

Leo: I’m hanging out with my best friend.

Arrietty: Then why are you texting me?

Leo: Why not? :) Texting you is fun!

Arrietty: If you say so.

Leo: Sooo, what did you eat for dinner?

Arrietty: I haven’t eaten dinner yet.

Leo: ...WHAT?!

Sebastian: What? What! 

Leo: Why hasn’t she eaten dinner yet…

Sebastian: Dinner! Eat dinner! What?

Leo: What?! Why not?!

Arrietty: Not hungry yet mom.

Leo: ...Do you promise to eat before you go to bed?

Arrietty: Sure strange boy who won’t leave me alone.

Leo: I am not a strange boy! I’m just looking out for a fellow schoolmate!

Arrietty: Eh, you’re a little strange~

Leo: Please I’m as normal as you are.

Arrietty: Now that’s funny.

Leo: Hey I’m normal thank you! You maybe not, little missy!~

Arrietty: Little missy? What are you 40? Would explain the hair~

Leo: ….What about my hair?

Arrietty: Oh nothing, white is a very charming color. For an old person~

Leo: My hair is not white!! It’s platinum blonde!!!

Arrietty: Well that’s a shame, I like white hair~

Leo: … I mean… like white is a sexy color isn’t it?~

Arrietty: Are you trying to get me to call you sexy?

Leo: Noooo ;)

Arrietty: Mhm, right.

Leo: I mean I think I am~

Arrietty: Yeah, you would. Well as fun as this has been, I think this has been more than enough socializing for one night.

Leo: Hey wait! Let’s talk more, this is fun!~

Me: I have homework to do, sorry. Bye.

Leo: Hey we can work on it together! I think we have math together!

Me: I already did my math homework.

Leo: ….English?

Me: Goodbye weirdo~