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Accidental Stimulation - shorts

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"Well if you going to hang around for it, make yourself useful, " Oliver said with a clipped tone.
Alice nodded her consent.
"Stand here and hand me my tools", he ordered her.

"Okay, but Oliver..." her voice was soft and gentle. It was the kind of tone he hated as it made him want to seal those soft lips with his own.
"I don't know anything about tools. How will I know which is which?"

"Fine, pay attention." He grumbled at her, then ran her through the names. Pointing them out.
"Now stand there and be quiet if you want to take these guns back to Fenrir."
She was too easy... Really!

To distract himself from having her so close, he threw himself into his work. Ten minutes later he finally managed to insert the little clip. Time to close up.

He held the little spring in place not daring to look away, then grumbled the tool he needed to Alice and held out his hand.
She didn't place it in his hand. Utterly useless, girls where.
So he tapped her urgently with the back of his hand to get her to move.

She gave a little gasp. The sound of it so foreign to him that he automatically looked up. The little spring shot out but he hardly noticed as he frowned at her. Puzzled.
There she was, face as red as a tomato, eyes on the floor, biting her bottom lip... and hoovering in mid air her hand holding exactly the tool he needed.

His frown deepened and he was about to make a snide comment when he noticed it. A smudge of grease - the type he used on  Fenrir's guns - on her white blouse... right over her nipple.

Oliver was stunned. At a loss for words. Her gasp it was... It was... But then it had indeed sounded like she...
Dismissing his thoughts he half yanked the tool from her hand, only to regret being so rough straight away.

His voice was soft. So unlike him. Alice looked up, stunned. God she was beautiful. Oliver stood up, placed the tool on the table without taking his eyes of her and stepped closer.

He could feel his whole body tremble as he slowly brought his face to hers and gentle placed his lips on hers.

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It had been such a busy day, so it was no surprise to him that she fell asleep as soon as the carriage turned the corner at the end of the street.

"Did you find out what you wanted Sirius?" Luka, who was seated across from him, asked.

"Not quite, but it was worth it for intelligence gathering, that's for sure."

"Poor Alice, all that dancing." Luka stared at the girl slumped next to Sirius, who was resting her head against the side of the carriage, her lace covered hands clasped under her chin.
"Mmm.." was all he managed in reply.
Luka turned his head and stared out into the darkness, lost in thought.

Then the carriage shook as it rode over a bumpy part of the road. Alice fell sideways her hand falling into his lap just as her head came to rest against his shoulder.

Startled Sirius looked at her sideways, she was still sound asleep, her eyelashes making two lovely fans on her cheeks. He carefully lifted her hand from his lap and placed it on her own when it straight away slid back down, right between his legs.

He flinched at the touch. He knew it was accidental, but it was still HER hand on his privates. He didn't want Luka to figure out what was happening.

Again he attempted to move her arm, only for it to slide right back again. Her palm was now facing down as he felt himself harden against the warmth and pressure.

Swallowing hard he considered moving it again, but he decided against it. It would only slide back, he convinced himself. So he closed his eyes and tried to calm himself until they'd arrive back. The journey had never taken so long or gone so quick.

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What in all off Cradle is she doing? Jonah wondered as he spotted Alice sneaking up to the door that connected Lancelot bedroom with hers. Was she spying on his king. The ungrateful little miss. Just as he stepped into her room to invite her over for dinner - purely because it was good manners after all. Nothing else. In any case he could not have anyone disturb the king. He would not have it.

With half a dozen steps he'd reached her. Asking her what she was doing as he yanked her back by her arm - giving the door a sweep with the other.

Startled Alice stumbled into him as the door closed behind her. He felt her hand pushing down between his legs briefly, before she lost her balance completely. Down they went in a tumble.

Jonah felt something land on top of him. A softness pressed to his face. When he opened his eyes he saw her chest moving away from his face as she brought her hand to her head. There, straddling him, sat Alice, hair disheveled and with a confused look.

A blush was spreading over her lovely face. He wondered if this position had her flustered ...
"Jonah?! Uhm... Your ..ah. your hand?!"
It was only then that he realised her skirt had flipped up and his hand was slap bang in the middle of her right ass cheek - happily kneading away.

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Alice skipped down the stairs, happily. Today was such a lovely day. She couldn't wait for breakfast. What should she have today? As she flew down the last few steps, someone suddenly walked out of the corridor to the right. It was too late to stop or avoid a collision.

Zero walking calmly towards the dining hall, saw her at the last possible moment. With only enough time to catch her in his arms, spin her around and stop them toppling over by slamming her against the wall - taking as much force out of it as he could.

The impact made her expel her breath, the warmth of it tickling the skin on his throat and chest.

There she was, her legs wide and his hips in between, pressing down on her core. One hand high on her thigh, under her skirt - the feel of her soft skin tantalising him. His breath was deep and quickly from the exertion of dealing with the impact.

A little moan startled him back to reality, as it did Alice. When he gazed at her - the deep red blush and her wide eyes revealing that her reaction had been accidental.

He felt his c*ck throb, the embarrassment of their position and the look on her face exiting him. Quickly Zero put her down, before apologizing and hastily returning to his room.

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Fenrir grinned as he and Alice snuck through hallway. If Sirius found out what they'd been up to, they'd be in so much trouble.

It was hard to to laugh out loud when they heard people coming up the stairs and they had a frantic dash into the nearest empty room, where they hid like two naughty kids behind a curtain.

They pressed against eachother into the corner when he felt it. Her small hand, bumping against his d*ck as she bobbed up and down excitedly. The voices came closer and she froze, holding her breath.

The touch had awoken all his senses. The scent of her was sweet and floral. The blush on her cheeks and the sparkle in her eyes stole his breath away.

His heart beat frantically in his chest on which now rested her hand as she bent forwards to peer around the curtain.
"Fenrir! They're gone."
She looked over her shoulder for a moment only to do a double take.
"Are you okay?"

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Alice was drunk. And it was kinda his fault. He really should not have topped up her cup every time she looked away.

But she had been working so hard and he just wanted her to relax and let her hair down. Although maybe not to this extent.

The king escorted her up the stairs back to her room. Once there he helped her take her boots off and was about to leave her on the bed, when she got up and started taking her clothes off.

"Alice... No!"
"But I'm so hot... Help me, Ray!"
All the buttons were open and her blouse fluttered down a moment later. Ray couldn't help his eyes as they wandered over her breasts held in a lacy pink bra.

Then he saw her reach for the zipper of her skirt and thinking he'd just had about as much as he trusted himself to handle with so much to drink himself - Ray stepped forward to grab her hand and stop her.

At the same time, Alice - after struggling with the zip -  pulled her skirt from her hips, turned her back to Ray and bent down as she pushed it to her ankles.

The moment he realised what was about to happen, it was too late. Momentum carried him forwards as his hips collided with Alice's rear. With a little squeek she tumbled over and he automatically grabbed her hips and pulled her back... Right up against himself.

"Oh... Heck!".

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He sat in her windowsill. He wanted to leave, he really did, but he just... Couldn't. Not when she was sleeping with such an innocent look on her face.

He slid down and stalked closer. Again that feeling he shouldn't bubbled up, and again he ignored it. Too much lured by the soft skin and rosey cheeks.

A minute later he had stripped his clothes, lifted the duvet and slipped under the covers - slipping into her arms. She was so warm, comforting and soft. He purred and placed his head on her chest.

She stirred and mumbled his name. That made him feel slightly better. Maybe she was okay with him doing this. Loki closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Dawn was coming. He knew it because the birds heralding it were making themselves heard to his sensitive ears. This is the moment he normally snuck out of her bed.

Reluctantly he pulled back, lifting his head front he warm embrace and fluffy bedding. He swallowed. In the grey light his whole vision was filled with her.

Her eyelashes resting on her cheek. Her little button nose and soft lips. The line of her neck arching to her collarbones. Down to her chest which gently moved with each breath...

And the beautiful curve of her breast.  there right before his mouth a nipple peeking out from under her top. Her clothing was slightly askew, possibly from where he'd cuddled her through the night.

He knew he shouldn't... he really should NOT do this... But he really couldn't help it. He even bit his bottom lip and his little fangs dung in sharply.

Slowly he moved his head closer. He stuck out his tongue and traced around her nipple. A thrill ran through him. He gave a little lick next, and again, and again. Little gentle tiny licks.

The nub hardened and he gave it a small kiss. Alice stirred slightly. He knew time was up soon. Placing his lips over her nipple completely he sucked, then swirled it around and sucked a little harder.

Alice moaned what sounded remarkably like his name. With regret he untangled himself and slid out of bed. After putting on his clothes he reached out with a long finger and stroked the curve of her breast all the way to the hard little peak.

Again she stirred. He should go. He really should. But when did he ever do what he should?

Loki bent down and placed his lips an inch or two above his finger and sucked hard. A moment later he pulled back - a rose bloomed on her breast. And two sleepy eyes looked at him confused.


Alice blinked. But there was no one there. She sighed. That dream she had of her secret crush Loki was so delicious. She felt warm, loved and sensual - his touch igniting a fire she could still feel

Although she felt disappointed the dream had ended the warm, comfy bedding cocooned her. She didn't want the feeling to ebb away.

Sliding a hand over her breast she gasped slightly - so sensitive already. Her hand dove between her legs and found a pool of wetness on her fingertips.

Stroking her clit she hummed. Pleased to bring action to the desires coursing through her body. Her fingers dipped into her core. Finding the right spot.

Alice softly moaned his name again and again as she felt the tension in her body rise. She pulled her nipple with her other hand and with a gasp and a heady moan she came.


He watched from his perch behind the curtain as the waves of pleasure ran through her body. She was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. And there was no chance in hell he'd listen to the little voice tonight when he'd crawl into her bed once again.

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Kyle admitted he had been a little grumpy. His beloved doctor's bag had a snapped off handle and he now had to make due with this silly fabric bag he'd found in his chest. The only good thing was that it now rested on Alice' lap.

She had been kind enough to assist him today on his rounds and was perked on the seat close to him in the tiny front room.

"... Mmm I think it's sprained. No more playing with swords mister!"
The boy looked at him with sad eyes.
"I'm sorry..."
"It's fine. Look well put this special bandage on that should help your wrist heal, okay?"

The boy nodded and Kyle reached into the bag and rummaged around. But every time he pulled out a bandage it was the wrong one. He plundged his hand in deeper and swirled it around until he heard a stifled gasp.

Kyle looked up, his hand frozen - reaching all the way to the bottom of the new bag. He was shocked by how close her face was to his. Not only that it was bright red and Alice was definitely avoiding eye contact.

She glanced up for a second, then blush deepening, she whispered: "your hand... It's ... It's..."
That was all she could manage.
Kyle frowned as he looked around feeling puzzled.

Then he noticed his right hand reaching down into the fabric bag... The thin fabric bag... Resting on her lap with his hand inside, wegded slightly between her thighs, pushing up against her core.
"Doctor... Are you okay?"

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"Let start."
His face was an unmovable mask when he gave that order. She'd been sent to King Lancelot's bedchamber to practice dancing with him for the ball. Alice curtseyed and stepped forward. The moment he curled his arm around her and pulled her against himself firmly she felt as if lightning coursed through her and she let out a little gasp. For a fleeting second she saw a ghost of a smile on his lips - although she could have imagined it... He was quite scary most of the time, but sometimes she couldn't help the butterflies.

They set off, but three or four steps in and she's somehow already placed her foot where it couldn't possibly go. The momentum of their movement made her overbalance pulling the King with her as they tumbled down in a spin. In a puff of fabric from her dress she ended up sitting on her knees still facing the King who was in a similar position - her hands rested on his shoulders. As the fabric sank down slowly around them she noticed Lancelot's hands on her behind from where he'd tried to catch her as they went down. She also felt another sensation. That's when she realised that her legs where spread open - her knees resting almost on the floor on either side of Lancelot's right leg. The hard muscle of his thigh pressing against her core in a very pleasurable way. She gasped, unable to stop it.

"Your very clumsy!"
The normally stoic King had a hint of a laugh in his voice. Blushing, she looked up at him and mumbled out an apology.
"I-I"m s-so sorry!"
A sly smile appeared on his lips and then she felt his hands pull her up against his leg for a moment whilst at the same time he flexed his thigh muscle.
"Ah!" She exclaimed unintentionally.
Alice felt her cheeks burn.
"Now get off me or I'll do it again."

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Alice frowned slightly as she concentrated. Measuring out the exact amount of flower she needed. All the other ingredients where weighed, lined up and ready.

Nervously she started to combine them into a wet dough. She glanced to the side and there so close they where almost touching was Luka. His gaze was fully on her hands, a keen light in his eyes. He'd been dying to see her make the soft doughy bread he'd come to love. She liked him so much. So much she was willing to share the shops secret recipe.

She startled - Luka had stepped closer and was now slightly behind her. His voice in her ear, his breath ghosting over her neck. Her panicked reaction made her jerk her hands. Wet dough flew around, a big splat hitting her chest.

"Oh no. Did I startle you." Luka remarked surprised. He went to the sink, wetted a cloth and came back. She had turned to him slightly wondering what he was doing when to her shock he started rubbing the stain from her clothes.

"Ah! L-L-Luka!"
He was concentrating so hard on rubbing out the stain he hardly noticed Alice going stiff as a board.
He looked up after a moment then frowned, puzzled by the look in her face. It was as red as a tomato.
She was looking at him with eyes the size of saucers.
Still confused he looked back at what he was doing. There an inch before his nose was MC's very curvy breast. His left hand, forming a big C shape, held it securely. His right hand, still clutching the cloth hovered right above her now hard nipple which was half visible through the soaking wet white fabric of her blouse.
The moment realisation began to dawn, the door to the kitchen swung open with a bang and a laughing Fenrir walked in. He froze when he saw the scene before him, blinked a few times then turned round on his heel and marched straight back out.
Luka looked away from the door and up to meet MC's eyes.

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"I'm so happy, Edgar!"
Bouncing up and down on her tippy toes, Alice peered over the heads in front of her. The crowd was thick and buzzing with excitement a bit like the girl in front of him. Edgar was pleased he'd manipulated her into bringing him. He shivered at the thought of this careless cheerful woman alone in the midst of this lot.

The floats - lit up with magic crystals so they lit up beautifully - passed by one after the other with ohhh's and ahhh's from the spectators. They where pushed together more and more until he felt the need to protectively hold her in his arms - shielding her from the push of the crowd.

His arm circled her waist. And the moment he did something inside him snapped. After so many weeks observing her... Not even admitting to himself that he wanted her for himself. Now, desire washed over him.

The feel of her in his arms, the colour on her cheeks, the smell of her hair - all his senses took her in and his body responded. He felt a thrill rise through him.

He was so focussed on all these sensations he didn't notice the last float had passed, until she turned around and with a radiant smile hugged him, jumping up and down with wild enthusiasm. Rubbing her soft body against him just there.

And right at that moment the crowd decided all at once to turn and go home. Pushing her against him until she was firmly pressed up against him. He knew she'd felt it. Because really how could she not. He was so hard for her. This was confirmed a moment later when after a short, sharp inhale of breath she spoke softly in his ear - her tone betraying a naughty edge he'd never expected.

"oh Edgar..."
She pressed in a little harder.
"It seems you're very happy too..."