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Accidental Stimulation - shorts

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"I'm so happy, Edgar!"
Bouncing up and down on her tippy toes, Alice peered over the heads in front of her. The crowd was thick and buzzing with excitement a bit like the girl in front of him. Edgar was pleased he'd manipulated her into bringing him. He shivered at the thought of this careless cheerful woman alone in the midst of this lot.

The floats - lit up with magic crystals so they lit up beautifully - passed by one after the other with ohhh's and ahhh's from the spectators. They where pushed together more and more until he felt the need to protectively hold her in his arms - shielding her from the push of the crowd.

His arm circled her waist. And the moment he did something inside him snapped. After so many weeks observing her... Not even admitting to himself that he wanted her for himself. Now, desire washed over him.

The feel of her in his arms, the colour on her cheeks, the smell of her hair - all his senses took her in and his body responded. He felt a thrill rise through him.

He was so focussed on all these sensations he didn't notice the last float had passed, until she turned around and with a radiant smile hugged him, jumping up and down with wild enthusiasm. Rubbing her soft body against him just there.

And right at that moment the crowd decided all at once to turn and go home. Pushing her against him until she was firmly pressed up against him. He knew she'd felt it. Because really how could she not. He was so hard for her. This was confirmed a moment later when after a short, sharp inhale of breath she spoke softly in his ear - her tone betraying a naughty edge he'd never expected.

"oh Edgar..."
She pressed in a little harder.
"It seems you're very happy too..."