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Bai Yu woke up before the sun rises.

He felt the cold air stung his cheek as he tried to chase his sleepiness away, unlike the hot, dry air of the city that he's used too.

Oh, right, he mumbled to himself. He was not in his house in Beijing. He had just awaken deep in the mountain where he was shooting "Guardian".

He needed to pee, he realized.

Bai Yu got out of the comfort of his bed and walked toward his room's door. He went to the toilet and finished his business. He sleepily planned to go back to his room and continue sleeping, but when he passed by the main hall, something stopped him on his track.

The main door of the house was wide open.

The first thing that ran through Bai Yu's mind was, 'a burglar is in the house!' Because they usually would only start their activities after the sun rises. He saw himself one of the staff locked the door last night, and it wouldn't be opened, and certainly not wide open like this, after people were up and about.

Bai Yu was ready to dash to his room (who knows what kind of weapon that burglar might have! ) when he saw something peculiar out of the house through the open door.

A light was flickering on and off in the darkness of the woods that surrounded the house.

It was quite mesmerizing as it made Bai Yu forgot his plan to scramble from there. Bai Yu thought that it must have been a fireflies, but the light was too big to be the tiny insect.

The light kept pulsing on and off, on and off, until without realizing it, Bai Yu walked out of the house toward the light.

He walked through the garden, but as he got closer, the light went further away deeper into the woods.

Some part in his brain noticed how this wasn't a good idea, and how he should turn back and get back to his room, but it felt like he was hypnotized by the light, and that he just have to keep going further into the woods.

And so he kept going, following tge light, through the dark woods, until finally he reached a big lake.

He thought that it was strange to find a lake there, since he knew for sure that there wasn't supposed to be any lake in that mountain.

The light hovered over the water. Bai Yu had wanted to follow the light further, but as soon as his foot stepped into the water, he woke up from his daze.

"Wha... What where am I?" He then sneezed. "So cold!" He said, since he went out just in his tshirt.

In his confusion, he heard a voice of a woman giggling, so he looked up and find a woman in the middle of the lake. Despite half her body being in the water, she does not look cold at all.

"Uh," Bai Yu started confusedly. "Hello?" He greeted out of confusion and habit.

The woman giggled once more, and suddenly something pushed Bai Yu forward and he fell into the cold water of the lake.

Panicked, Bai Yu flailed and tried to step out of the water. Fortunately the lake wasn't so deep, and he could scramble on all four out of the lake.

As he got out of the cold water, he didn't look back even once, but kept running right back to the crew house.

He ran and ran and ran, and only slowed down when he could see the house.

That was when he noticed something strange.

He had been running on all four.

And when he looked down, he did not see his hands, and instead, he saw...

"Cat's paws?" He asked in disbelief.

Even his words came out like meowing of a cat.

"Aa... hello... hello..." he tried his best to formulate words but it still came out like a meow.

Bai Yu looked back and to his amazement, he looked at a cat's tail in his butt. When he willed it to move, it moved. Bai Yu would have been awed if it wasn't for the situation he was in.

"What should I do..." Bai Yu meowed.

Should he went back to the lake and find the woman who did this to him? (For some reason his brain already decided that the strange woman was the culprit) But the thought of going into the dark woods once again did not sit well with him, so he cancelled that idea.

Had he been cursed? Possessed by a vengeful cat spirit? Maybe he should get a shaman to exorcise whatever demon was doing this to him, but how could he get any help if he could not even speak to ask for help? Or maybe he was still sleeping and it was all just a dream? He tried to pinch his cheek but he could not even do that with his cat paws.

Bai Yu sat there in the middle of the hall, meowing sadly. He did not know what to do.

But suddenly, a person came into his mind.

Long - ge.

Suddenly Bai Yu needed to see him badly. It was strange since he was sure Long - ge was very dense about everything that had to do with the supernatural.

But for some reason his mind kept insisting that he needed to see his coworker (his handsome co-worker, his cat brain unhelpfully supplied). His mind insisted that, Long-ge was so awesome, that he must be able to help Bai Yu out of this problem! Just like Shen Wei would!

So Bai Yu dashed to Zhu Yilong's room and meowed and scratched the door until finally, a sleepy Zhu Yilong emerged from the door.

"What is it?" Zhu Yilong asked him. Bai Yu explained the situation to him, but everything still came out as meows.

"Why are you so chatty? Are you hungry? Never seen you around here before." Bai Yu remembered how Zhu Yilong fed every cat around the shooting site.

" This is too early, there's no food in the kitchen yet, let's just go back to sleep." Zhu Yilong picked him up and bring him to bed, and cuddled with him as the older man was trying to sleep again.

Despite of everything, the warm and comfort of Zhu Yilong's embrace lulled Bai Yu into sleep too.

He nuzzled into Zhu Yilong's embrace a bit more, and suddenly, his skin felt too tight, and, "what the..." suddenly he could speak again, and he look down and it was his hands again, not cats paw anymore.

And Zhu Yilong looked at him curiously. Still embracing him.

"That's strange, " he said. I swear five minutes ago you were a cat.

"Yeah, I was a cat. There was this light and a lake and a woman and..."

He saw that Long-ge was looking at him like he was dreaming and all the information clearly gone past through him.

"...Let's just go back to sleep for now." Bai Yu decided and pulled the blanket up. "I agree," Zhu Yilong said as he pulled Bai Yu closer.

Outside, flying lights keep flickering inside the woods.